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Sl Author Title of the Year Objective of the Methodology Findings

no. research paper research

Penta Cross-Cultural 2010 To understand 1. Descriptive 1.Employees in
1 Chutian Human Resource the CCHRM in a Study. younger age have
Laser Management better and clearer 2. Qualitative fewer language
way. Study. and cultural
3. Quantitative problems.
Study. 2.Employees who
have more and
richer international
experiences have
fewer language
and cultural

Diwakar Managing Cross- 2011 1. The concept of 1.Secondary To achieve

2 Singh cultural Diversity: culture, diversity Data. organizational
Issues and and their 2. Secondary goals and avoid
Challenges in importance in Sources: potential risks, the
Global global Journals, managers should
Organizations organizations. internet, Books, be culturally
2. The issues and white papers, sensitive and
challenges of websites promote creativity
cross cultural dedicated for and motivation
diversity. culture and through flexible
3. Recommend diversity, leadership.
the necessary magazines etc.
strategies to
manage culturally

3. Abdel The Effects of 2012 1. To identify the 1. Descriptive 1. High employee

Moneim Cross Cultural factors that affect Study. performance
Elsaid Work Force the workforce 2. Questionnaire relates positively
Diversity on diversity towards Used. with variables such
Employee employee’s 3. Sample Size as gender and
Performance in performance in -300 education
Egyptian organizations. 4. Non- background.
Pharmaceutical 2. To study the probability
Organizations relationships of Sampling used.
gender, age, and 5. Multiple
education Regression
background on analysis was
overall employee used.
performance in 6. correlation-
an organization. co-efficient

4 DR. Managing Cross 2012 1.To study and 1. Descriptive 1. The differences
PARUL Cultural review the Research. in culture and
SAXENA Differences For challenges and 2. Secondary value systems,
Organizational issues in Data. many issues and
Effectiveness managing 3. Secondary concerns are
cultural Sources: HRM global.
differences journals, 2. Aspiring Global
2. To review and research papers, managers have to
suggest strategies newspaper be mentally ready
for managing publications, to cope with
cross cultural magazines and surprises,
strategies. websites. mistakes,
and even blunders
in their cross
5 Priscilla The impact of 2013 To examine the 1. Interview An organization
Dike workplace diversity different ways of method. use in integrating
on organizations dealing with 2.Qualitative diversity and
work place research. inclusion, values
diversity and practices.
6 Mohamma Impact of 2013 To find out the 1. Qualitative Organizational
d Jasim Organizational impact of culture Research. culture have
Uddin & Culture on of employees on 2. Interview significant positive
Rumana Employee their Method. influence over the
Huq Luva& Performance and performances. 3. 32 interview performance of
Saad Md. Productivity: A taken. organization.
Maroof Case Study of
Hossian Telecommunicatio
n Sector in
7 Shreelatha Workforce 2014 Aim is to 1. Exploratory 1. The acceptance
R. Rao & diversity and investigate the and descriptive to gender diversity
Dr. M. M. management: An relationship research. is negatively
Bagali. emphirical study on between 2. Questionnaire correlated to
relationship acceptance of used. obstacles to gender
between diversity gender diversity 3. Sample size diversity.
management among -300 2. The acceptance
practices, obstacles employees, 4.Primary data of gender diversity
and acceptance of diversity collected from is positively and
gender diversity practices and IT company. significantly
among employees programs adopted 5. Pearson‟s correlated to
in IT industry; by the correlations 2. gender diversity
Bangalore. organizations and Chronbach‟s management
obstacles to alpha for programs and
gender diversity. reliability test 3. practices.
analysis used
8 Godson The Impact Of 2014 To access the 1.Interview and It was found that
Ahiabor Corporate Culture impact of questionnaire respondents were
On Productivity Of corporate culture used. moderately
Firms In Ghana: A upon the 2.sample size- impressed with the
Case Of Vodafone productivity of 100 customer service
Ghana firms in Ghana. 3. 5-point likert and culture of
scale. Vodafone.
4. Weighted
mean calculated.
9 Ankita Workforce 2014 To analyses the 1.Theoritical An organization’s
Saxena Diversity: A Key to workforce Study. major objective is
Improve diversity and its 2. Literature to earn profit and
Productivity impact on Review Studied to enhance its
productivity of an productivity
10 Rajapaksha The impact of cross 2015 To explore the 1. Questionnaire Culture is an entity
culture on factors affecting and Interview by which people in
employee cross-culture of method used. it are sharpened
performance in the employees. 2. Sample size- and shaped in
multinational ii. To assess the 100. order to make
companies in Sri impact of factors 3. Simple perceptional,
Lanka on employee Random attitudinal and
performance. sampling used. behavioral changes
4.Mean is in their life

11 Kabelo Impact of 2015 Assessment of 1. SPSS 1. Majority of the

Kelepile Organizational the relationship software used. respondents are
Culture on between good 2. Chi-square trustworthy of the
Productivity and organizational and factor communication
Quality culture and analysis test message are
Management: a productivity in were used. effective.
Case Study in Diamond 3. Structured 2. The relationship
Diamond Operations Unit questionnaire between the
Operations Unit, used. authorities to make
DTC Botswana decisions is
significant to
towards the
Operations goals.
12. Bradley L. The Impact Of 2016 To examine the Mean, SD There is a positive
Kirkman Team Members’ reason of failure ANNOVA test, relationship
Cultural Values On by SMWT to act F-test and co- between cultural
Productivity, as per relation co- values and
Cooperation, And expectation in efficient used. productivity.
Empowerment In countries of
Self-Managing USA.
Work Teams

13 Kerlyn The Impact of 2016 Aim of this 1. Quantitative 1. Diversity is

Ohenewa Multicultural research is to Research. important in every
Gyebi Working examine the 2. Questionnaire organization.
Environment on importance of Used. 2. Teamwork is
Employees at having 3. Sample Size- also a great plus to
Workplaces. multicultural 70. every organization.

14 Angel Does Cross-Culture 2017 To ascertain 1. Descriptive There is a strong

Umubyeyi Human Resource whether cross- Study. positive correlation
Ruzagiriz Management culture human 2. Questionnaire between Cross
Affect Performance resource Used. Culture Human
of International management 3. Sample Size Resource
Organizations? positively 300. Management
Evidence from influences (CCHRM) and
Rwanda. organizational organization
performance in performance
operating in
Brian The Influence of 2017 The main 1. Spearman The cross-cultural
Mawira cross-cultural purpose of this correlation and management
Miriti. management study was to regression practices that used
practices on establish the equations. were recruitment
organizational influence of 2. Stratifies and selection,
performance: a cross-cultural Random training and
study of management Sampling. development and
multinational practices on 3. Means, employee
corporations in organizational standard participation.
Nairobi. performance of deviations, and
multinational 25 percentages.
corporations in 3. Correlation
Nairobi County. and Regression
analysis used.

17. Pu Jing Cross-cultural 2010

human resource