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Timothy V. Corrigan Douglas B. Monger M.

Elizabeth Melton
District I District II District III

March 29, 2020

Dear Routt County Building and Construction Community,

During this unique time in our community and state, we all need to play a role in containing the
COVID-19 virus. We have gotten many questions from the construction and building industry,
and concerned property owners and citizens, and would like to make some clarifications and
some requests.

Our overall goal is to contain the virus. Our public health officials have told us that their main
concern is when Routt County residents leave the county and travel to other locations as well as
when visitors come from other locations come to Routt County. It is difficult to contain the
spread and shorten the duration of this threat if we have people coming in and people going out
and coming back.

We need you to do our part. At this point, we are issuing a guidance but if the need arises and
our COVID positive cases increase to a dangerous level, we will issue additional Public Health

Our guidance at present:

• Any construction that is not essential to public health, safety, or infrastructure that can
feasibly be put on hold for the time being should be. Some examples of such projects
may include construction of a second home or other properties that will not be a primary
residence or a part of critical community infrastructure when they are complete.

• Construction projects that limit the total number of workers on site at any given time to
five or less, maintain constant six-foot separation and have a COVID-19 Safety Site Plan
posted on site and on file with their construction documents.
• If you have a construction crew working, they must maintain physical distancing of six

• We are concerned about crews coming from outside Routt and Moffat counties. We ask
you to use local crews only, which do not leave for other counties, states or countries.

• Construction workers can stay in local lodging, per the Routt County Public Health Order,
and can be classified as local workers. These workers should remain in the county and
not travel somewhere else and return (e.g., weekend travel). We have attached a
voluntary form suggested by the State of Colorado that construction workers can use
when traveling.

• The governor asked all businesses to reduce employees and staff by 50%. Construction
and affiliated businesses need to do the same.

We appreciate your support in keeping our community safe and reducing the spread of this
deadly virus.

Together we will get through this!

Commissioners Tim Corrigan, Beth Melton, and Doug Monger