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THE PHYSICAL SELF come out, and come in again and

eventually puberty hits.

 refers to the body, this marvelous
container and complex, finely tuned, DEVELOPMENT
machine with which we interface with
 The pattern of movement or change
our environment and fellow beings
that begins at conception and
 it is the concrete dimension, the
continues through life span
tangible aspect of the person that can
be directly observed and examined TWO FACTORS AFFECTING PHYSICAL
Life Span refers to the development from GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT
conception to death. Heredity – the biological process of
inheritance of traits from parent to offspring.
Elizabeth B. Hurlock outlines the stages in
life span. Environment – refers to the factors and
individual is exposed to throughout life which
10 STAGES OF THE LIFE SPAN includes learning experience.
1) Prenatal Period – conception to birth THEORIES OF PHYSICAL SELF
2) Infancy – divided into two periods
a. Partunal Period – from birth to Theory of Physiognomy – person physical
cutting of the umbilical cord characteristics such as facial features and
b. Neonatal period (newborn) – expression and body structures could be
from the cutting of the umbilical related to a person’s character or personality
cord to the end of the second
week (28 days) Five Element Theory – use the element of
3) Baby Hood – 2 weeks of life to 2nd year water, wood, fire, earth and metal as
4) Early Childhood – two to six years archetypes for everything occurring in
5) Late Childhood – six to ten to twelve natural world. Each element is correlated to
years seasons, colors, shapes, sounds as well as
6) Puberty or pre-adolescence – ten to facial features, body types, body major
twelve to thirteen or fourteen years organs.
7) Adolescence – thirteen or fourteen to Theory based on prominence of body fluids –
eighteen years this theory suggest that an excess of or
8) Early adulthood – eighteen to forty deficiency in any of four body fluids (or
years humors) in a person influences their
9) Middle adulthood – forty to sixty years personality, temperament and well-being.
10) Old adulthood or senescence – sixty
years to death 1. Sanguine type has the prominence of
red bile. They tend to be impulsive,
GROWTH cheerful, happy and optimistic.
2. Melancholic has the prominence of
 Refer to increase in height and weight
black bile. They tend to be depressed
and other changes that happen as kids
and pessimistic.
mature. Hair grows, teeth come in,
3. Choleric has the prominence of yellow SEXUAL SELF
bile. They are easily angry and
temperamental.  It is an individual’s evaluation of his or
4. Phlegmatic has excess phlegm. They her own sexual feelings and actions
tend to be sluggish, dull and slow.
Life begins at fertilization.
William Sheldon believes that physical self is
 Fertilization refers to the meeting of
based on physical characteristics.
the female sex cell and the male sex
Body Type Theory cell.
 The sex cell is developed in the
 Endomorphic – body type is soft and reproductive organs called gonads.
plump. They are easy going and  The male cells called spermatozoa
sociable. (spermatozoon) are produced in the
 Mesomorphic – body type is male gonads called testes.
characterizes by strong and muscular.  On the other hand, the female sex cells
They are adventurous and courageous. called ova are produced in the female
 Ectomorphic – body type is tall and gonads known as the ovaries.
thin. They are quiet and artistic.  The fertilized egg cell known as zygote
contains all the hereditary potentials
Body Image - refers to how individual from the parents.
perceive, think and feel about their body
and physical appearance. DISEASES ASSOCIATED WITH THE
Appearance - refers to everything about
a person that others can observed such as Infections are the most common problem
height, weight and skin color. associated with reproductive system in
Self-esteem - person all evaluation of his
 Vaginal infections, prostatitis,
or her own worth.
urethritis, epididymitis,
 Self-care is important to maintain a orchiditis/inflammation of the testes,
healthy relationship with yourself, neoplasms, tumors of the breast and
sometimes call self-love. It produces cervix, prostate cancer
positive feelings, which improves
confidence and self-esteem too.

Tattooing – This injects ink onto the skin to  It refers to parts of the body that are
draw a design. primarily receptive and increase
sexual arousal when touched in a
Body piercing – another body modification sexual manner.
which let people jewelry through different
 It may vary from one person to
piercing in their body.
Cosmetic Surgery – includes surgical and
non-surgical procedures to restore,
reconstruct or alter body parts.
HUMAN SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 2) Plateau Phase – generally of brief
duration. If stimulation is continued,
 It is defined as any activity – solitary, orgasm usually occurs.
between two persons, or in a group 3) Sexual Climax – marked by a feeling of
that includes sexual arousal. abrupt, intense pleasure, a rapid
increase in pulse rate and blood
pressure, and spasms of the pelvic
1. SOLITARY BEHAVIOR muscles causing contractions of the
 Self-gratification means self- female reproductive organ and
stimulation that leads to sexual arousal ejaculation by the male.
and generally, sexual climax. 4) Resolution Phase – the last stage that
 Self-gratification begins at or before refers to the return to a normal or
puberty, is very common among subnormal physiologic state.
young males, but becomes less
frequent or is abandoned when socio-
sexual activity is available. Sexual problems may be classified as
2. SOCIOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR physiological, psychological and social in
 Heterosexual behavior is the greatest origin.
amount of socio-sexual behavior that
occurs between only one male and one  In physiological problems, only a
female. small number of people suffer from
 It usually begins in childhood and may disease due to abnormal development
be motivated by curiosity. of the genitalia or that part of the
 Physical contact involving necking or neurophysiology controlling sexual
petting is considered as an ingredient response.
of the learning process and eventually  Psychological problems comprise by
of courtship and the selection of a far the largest category. They are
marriage partner. usually caused by socially inhibitions,
 Coitus, the insertion of the male maladaptive attitudes, ignorance and
reproductive structure into the female sexual myths held by society.
reproductive organ, is viewed by  Premature emission of semen is a
society quite differently depending common problem, especially for
upon the marital status of the young males.
individuals.  Erectile impotence is almost always of
psychological origin in males under
PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN SEXUAL 40; in older males, physical causes are
RESPONSE more often involved.
 Fear of being impotent frequently
Sexually response follows a pattern of causes impotence, and in many cases,
sequential stages or phases when sexual the afflicted male is simply caught up
activity is continued. in a self-perpetuating problem that can
1) Excitement Phase – caused by be solved only by achieving a
increase in pulse and blood pressure successful act of coitus.
 Ejaculatory impotence, which results  Basal Body Temperature – indicates
from the inability to ejaculate in coitus, the woman’s temperature at rest.
is uncommon and is usually of Before the day and during ovulation.
psychogenic origin.  Cervical Mucus Method – the change
 Vaginismus is a strong spasm of the in the cervical mucus during ovulation
pelvic musculature organ so that is the basis for this method.
penetration is painful or impossible.  Symptothermal Method – a
combination of the BBT method and the
 STDs are infections transmitted from  Ovulation Detection – uses an over-
an infected person to an uninfected the-counter kit that requires the urine
person through social contact. sample of the woman.
 It can be caused by bacteria, viruses, Artificial Methods
or parasites.
 STDs are a significant global health  Male Condom – 82-98% effective at
priority because of their preventing pregnancy and can only be
overwhelming impact on women and used once
infant and their interrelationships with  Female Condom – 79-95% effective; it
HIV and AIDS. keeps sperm from getting into her
 Aside from HIV and AIDS, there are body; can be inserted up to 8hrs
other sexually transmitted diseases in before sexual intercourse
humans. The following list of diseases  Hormonal Methods – prevent the
is based on STDs surveillance 2016 of release of an egg (ovulation) and
the US Department of Health and prevents pregnancy; increases
Human Services Centers for Disease cervical mucus
Control and Prevention.  Oral Contraceptives – the pill is 91-
 Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, 99% effective; contain estrogen,
Chancroid, Human Papillomavirus, progestin, or mix of others
Herpes Simplex Virus, Trichomonas  Birth Control Patch – skin patch is worn
Vaginalis on the lower abdomen, buttocks, or
upper body; 91-99% effective;
NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL METHODS releases progestin and estrogen
OF CONTRACEPTION  Vaginal Ring – ring goes inside vagina
up around the cervix; 91-99%
Natural Method
effective; also releases progestin and
 Abstinence – involves from refraining estrogen
from sexual intercourse.  Birth Control Shot – every 3 months,
 Calendar Method – also known as women get shots; 94-99% effective
rhythm method. It entails withholding  Emergency Contraception – morning
from coitus during the days that the after pill; 75-89% effective
woman is fertile.  Intrauterine Device
 Sterilization – Vasectomy and tubal
ligation or tying tubes
 Consist of things that belong to a The spiritual aspect of self is the inner
person or entities that a person essence, the part of the self that connects the
belongs to; “you are what you have” person to the sacred, the supernatural, and
the universe. The spiritual self enables the
The strong desire for material self-
person to experience a feeling of oneness
possessions could lead to psychological
with a higher being and the universe and
dysfunction such as “Compulsive Buying
gives a deeper purpose or meaning’s one
Disorder” which is characterized by an
obsession with shopping and buying
behaviors that can cause adverse Spirituality – root meaning is taken from the
consequences. Latin word spiritus, meaning breath or life
William James – according to him, the self is
everything that as individual considers being Religion – organized system of ideas about
his or her, not only his or her body the spiritual sphere or the supernatural along
reputations and beliefs with associated ceremonial practices by
which people try to interpret and influence.
Supernatural order – is the original and
1) Body – the inner most part of our
fundamental source of all that exist. It is not a
material self. We are investing in our
part of or dependent upon nature or any
body. We are directly attached to this
natural laws.
commodity that we can’t live without.
2) Clothes – Philosophy of Dress by  Neurotheology- describes the
Herman Lotze; microcosmus. It scientific study of the neural correlates
essential part of us. of religious or spiritual beliefs,
3) Immediate Family – our parents and experiences and practices.
siblings hold another great important
 Hadd- tend to see a hidden agent
part of our self
4) Home – where our heart is; the earliest working behind the scenes, making
nest of our selfhood. Our experiences events unfold the way they do and
inside the home were recorded and perhaps even deliberately hiding its
marked on particular part things in our own tracks.
home.  Natural receptivity to entertain
religious concept
THINGS Concept of Gods in Ancient Greece:
Consumerism – social economic order and 1. Zeus- Lord of the sky
2. Poseidon- Ruler of the sea
Financial Literacy – possession of skills and
knowledge that allows individual to make 3. Hades- Lord of the underwold
informed and effective decisions
In Philippines society Church - also helps shape the ideas of
citezinship and democracy through their
1. Bathala- tagalog
religious teaching values and traditions.
2. Laon- Bisayan
Mass Media - may influence an individual
3. Manama- Manobo political views and beliefs.

4. Kabuniyan-Regions of Cordillera Peers - are also important in influencing the

except Apayao political self. In peer groups, the members
are equal in status, thus, the the construction
 Witchcraft- an explanation of events with peers encompasses the equal
based on the belief that certain distribution of power, rights and previleges.
individuals posses an innate psychic
power capable of causing harm,
including sickness and death.
Anonymity on the web is hard to achieved
Effective way for people to explain a when you have digital presence.
personal misfortune without having to
Online identity - the sum of you
shoulder any blame to themselves. Provides
characteristics and you interactions.
an outlet for feelings of hostility and
frustration without disturbing the norms of Partial Identity - a subset of characteristics
the larger group. that make up your identity.

Persona - partial identity by you to represent

yourself in a specific situation.
Personal Identity - Interpersonal level of self
Political - social institution through which the which differentiates the individual as unique
power is acquired and exercised by people from other.
and groups.
Social Identity – is the level of whereby the
Political is an important of human individuals is identified by his or her group
development because it promotes ideologies membership.
about democracy, citizenship, human
rights, freedom, family, health,and other Self presentation is the “process of
social issues. controlling how one is perceived by other
people” and is the key to relationship
Identity Construction is shaped by inception and development.
societal agencies such as Family, Church,
School, Media, Government and Non Before you post
Government organizations.
Family- heirarchical structure which requires T- is this true?
H- is it helpful?
each member to perform his or her role.
I- is it inspiring?
N- is it neccessary?
K- is it kind?