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COMPUTER CLASS 7th (Chapter 4, 5)

1. Differentiate between the following.

a. Gradient and texture f. Sender and receiver

background fill g. Attach and remove
b. Graphics and animation h. Username and password
c. Video clip and animation i. Sign in and sign out
d. Installed and my j. E-mail address and E-
templates mail account
e. Custom animation and
slide transition

2. Give a brief answer to the following questions.

a. What is multimedia? Explain its element.

b. Define slide and slide show.
c. How can we fill background with different ways?
d. Explain slide layout and its uses in a presentation.
e. What is slide transition?
f. Describe custom transition?
g. What is meant by collecting contents? Explain with an
h. Write the steps to fill background with a picture.
i. Write the types of the templates.
j. What is a slide show?
k. List down the steps to create a new e-mail file.
l. Write down the procedures to compose and send an e-mail.
m. Write the names of different folders in an e-mail account.
n. What is an email address? Give its composition?
o. What is hotmail and yahoo mail?
p. How an e-mail is replied?
q. What is the function of Cc: feature?
r. Write the steps to delete an email.
s. How can we attach a file/photo with an e-mail?
t. Write the web addresses of hotmail and yahoo mail.

3. Define the following.

a. Multimedia f. E-mail account

b. Placeholder g. E-mail address
c. Text h. E-mail service provider
d. Background i. Sign in
e. Animation j. Trash/deleted folder
4. Fill in the blanks.
a. ___________________ is a combination of all or some of the
media elements.
b. Picture is an example of ___________________.
c. The feel of a surface or a fabric is called _______________.
d. A _____________ is a ready-made or pre-defined design of a
e. Placeholders are the boxes with ______________________ borders.
f. _____________ is the gradual progression of colours and
g. A ______________ contains pre-defined settings of fonts,
colours and effects.
h. A _____________ page of presentation created in power-point is
called slide.
i. Slide transition is the movement from one slide to another
in the ____________________.
j. ____________ is a wave or vibration which can be heard by
human ears.
k. Hotmail is popular __________ based e-mail service provider.
l. A _______________ is a secret word, number or both.
m.An email address consists of username and _____________.
n. _____________ Button is use to include a file/photo in an e-mail.
o. Recipient’s e-mail address is written in _______ line.
p. ________________ Line is used to write the description of the
q. To open an e-mail account is known as _____________.
r. A ____________________ and password is required to sign in an e-
mail account.
s. A user can restore deleted e-mails within _________________
t. ___________________ click a received e-mail to read it.
COMPUTER CLASS 7th (Chapter 4, 5)

5. Tick the correct answer.

i. A single page of presentation created in PowerPoint is called

a. Slide c. Text
b. Media d. Slide show

ii. There are ________ elements of multimedia.

a. Four c. Two
b. Three d. five
iii. The combination of letters and numbers is known as ____

a. Alphabets c. Symbols
b. Numbers d. text

iv. Cartoon movies are the example of ________

a. Painting c. Drawing
b. Animation d. photograph

v. The digital representation of context information is called __

a. Sound c. Graphics
b. Video d. animation

vi. The movement of an object is created by using ____ technique

a. Animation c. Motion
b. Presentation d. Execution

vii. The name of the PowerPoint file is seen on the _____ bar.

a. Menu c. Scroll
b. Title d. Status

viii. ____ is the keyword shortcut key to create a new file in the

a. Ctrl + N c. Ctrl + C
b. Ctrl + V d. Ctrl + P

ix. All slide layouts contain boxes with dotted borders called

a. Titleholder c. Box holder

b. Placeholder d. Text holder

x. The presentation of all slides created in PowerPoint is called

a. Slide design c. Slide show

b. Slide view d. Laser show

xi. Slide ___________ are the effects that determine how a slide moves
in and out of the view in the slideshow.

a. Animation c. Layout
b. Transition d. templates

xii. In which tab a user can find slide transition?

a. Home tab c. Review tab

b. Animation tab d. Design tab

xiii. The list of animated effects that a user can apply to selected
object on the slide is called______
a. Smooth animation c. Slide animation
b. Long animation d. Custom animation

xiv. An orderly display of information using different media elements

is known as _______.

a. Multimedia presentation c. Transition

b. Animation d. layout

xv. The arrangement of the objects on the slide is known as slide __

a. Transition c. Design
b. Show d. layout

xvi. Sending and receiving messages and files electronically is known

as ____

a. E-mail c. H-mail
b. F-mail d. C-mail

xvii. Storage area or mailbox supplied by an email service provider is

called ______

a. Inbox c. E-mail account

b. Bank account d. Commercial account

xviii. _____ is a unique name chosen by a user while creating an email

a. Login c. Subject
b. Password d. username

xix. The name of the email service provider comes after _____ sign.

a. $ c. *
b. @ d. #

xx. Can two friends have same email address?

a. Yes d. No idea
b. No
c. May be

xxi. A user has to click on the ____ button to create a new email

a. Sign on c. Sign in
b. Sign out d. Sign up

xxii. Cc: stands for _____

a. Cat copy c. Cool copy

b. Carbon copy d. Can’t copy
xxiii. Incoming messages are stored in a folder known as ____

a. Outbox c. Post box

b. Inbox d. Mail box

xxiv. E-mail are arranged in inbox with respect to ____

a. Names c. Client and server

b. Date and time d. subject

xxv. All replied and sent e-mails are stored in a ____ folder.

a. Draft c. Sent
b. Inbox d. Trash/deleted

xxvi. _____ Folder is used to store the deleted e-mails.

a. Drafts c. Sent
b. Trash d. junk

xxvii. All outgoing messages are stored in _______ folder.

a. Inbox c. Sent
b. Deleted d. draft

xxviii. _________ means to close an e-mail account.

a. Sign up c. Sign in
b. Delete d. Sign out

xxix. To answer a received e-mail is called _____ an e-mail.

a. Read c. Write
b. Reply d. compose

xxx. ______ is a keyboard shortcut key to compose an e-mail.

a. Ctrl + P c. Ctrl + N
b. Ctrl + C d. Ctrl + X