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Gender Discrimination


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M.Sc Criminology
4th Semester
Gender Discrimination

What is Discrimination?
Discrimination: The unjust or treatment of different categories of people,
especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

What is Gender Discrimination?

Definition: Discrimination based on person’s gender or sex.
Gender Discrimination


Gender discrimination can effects both genders but it mainly effect females/women.
It effects women in different fields of life. At dark times many peoples discriminate

In 1881 an American organization “American Association of University Women” its

struggle to finish gender discrimination by helping women.

Member of the Taliban's

religious police beating an
Afghan woman in Kabul on
August 26, 2001. State
violence against women is
a form of discrimination.
Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination In Education

Gender Discrimination In Parenting And Child Marriages
Gender Discrimination And Islam
Gender Discrimination at Education

“If You Educate A Man, You Educate An Individual But If You

Educate A Women, You Educate A Family.”

Gender Discrimination at Education

How Females Are Becoming Victim Of Gender Discrimination ?

At Home
Transport System
Difference In The Number Of Education
Gender Discrimination at Education

Causes of Gender Discrimination

Geographical Areas
Financial Problems
Gender Discrimination at Education


In Bringing Up Kids
Problems For Widows
Less Female Teachers
Gender Discrimination in Parenting and

In Parenting:

Past: People use to burn and buried their live daughters

Present: Now a days people do not burn their daughter but they give priority to
Gender Discrimination in Parenting and

In Marriages:

People do discrimination in marriages as well by give authority to male for

selecting their life partner by his own choice and taking this authority from
females. In many societies, they burn widows with the dead bodies of their
husbands. And in some societies they are force to live life of slaves.
Gender Discrimination and Islam

Importance of Woman in Islam:

In Islam Men and Women are considered equal but not same.

In Islam men are supposed to be the in charge of household. Because they

are supposed to take care of home. While women do not enjoy this right. But
they also do not have any responsibilities of household.
Gender Discrimination and Islam

Quranic verses:

“O mankind! Fear your lord who(initiated)your creation from a single soul,

then from it created its mate , and from these two spread (the creation
Of) countless men and women”
Gender Discrimination and Islam

Hadees of Prophet Muhammad (SAW):

“The best of you are those who are best to their wives”

Note: There are no women Messenger of ALLAH in prophetic history. This is

due to the demand and physical suffering associated with the role of
messengers and prophets are not because of any spiritual inferiority.
Gender Discrimination


Islam is for elimination of gender discrimination. It provide opportunities for

women, commands to proceed ahead along with the men in every walk of
life. Islam regards women a complete legal personality.
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