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Wednesday | April 1, 2020

One dead in officer-involved shooting in North Columbus

No officers injured; incident followed chase with suspect Officers with
Lowndes County
Sheriff’s Office
BY ISABELLE ALTMAN pened after a chase with a suspect.
and Columbus
Officers with both Lowndes County Police Department
Sheriff’s Office and Columbus Police respond to the
One person has died in an officer-in- Department were on scene. LCSO Chief scene of an offi-
volved shooting in North Columbus this Deputy Brent Swan said no law enforce- cer-involved shoot-
morning. ment had been injured. Neither he nor ing along a stretch
The shooting occurred shortly before CPD Chief Fred Shelton would release of railroad tracks
8 a.m. on a stretch of railroad tracks near further information by press time, in- near the intersec-
the intersection of Waterworks Road cluding whether it was a city or county tion of Waterworks
and 22nd Street North. Lowndes County officer who shot the deceased individu- Road and 22nd
Coroner Greg Merchant confirmed that Street North early
this morning. Mis-
an individual died in the shooting, but Officials with Mississippi Bureau of sissippi Bureau
did not release further details by press Investigation will investigate the case. of Investigation is
time. The Dispatch will update this story investigating the
Columbus Public Information Officer online throughout the day as more infor- shooting.
Joe Dillon confirmed the shooting hap- mation becomes available. Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff


State Farm
agent, CRA
chair dies
Acker, 48,
instrumental in Burns
Bottom, Lee Middle
redevelopment efforts

John Acker, chair-

man of the Columbus
Redevelopment Au-
thority and longtime
State Farm agent,
died Tuesday eve-
ning from an appar-
ent medical condi-
tion. Acker
Lowndes County Coroner Greg
Merchant said Acker, 48, had a
medical issue that caused him to
lose control of his vehicle some-
Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff
Courtney Kyle walks her dog, Polly, in a North Columbus neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. Kyle got Polly when she found her time between 7 and 8 p.m. on Min-
on the side of the road and rescued her. “I thought I was going to find her a good home, ... but she ended up staying with nie Vaughn Road in south Lowndes
me,” Kyle said. “She’s a little diva now.” County.
“His medical issue caused him
to run off the road, but there was no
damage to the vehicle,” said Mer-
chant who pronounced Acker dead
at the scene.

Case of COVID-19 confirmed in Starkville nursing home Acker was perhaps best known in
the community as the driving force
behind the Columbus Redevelop-
ment Authority. He was selected as
Statewide cases rise above 900 the chairman of the five-member
CRA board when it formed in 2014.
ialtman@cdispatch.com The board was charged with devel-
oping and implementing the city’s
A Starkville nursing home has a patient redevelopment plans, most prom-
with a case of COVID-19 coronavirus. inently the Burns Bottom project,
Judy Otts, director of Carrington Nursing which calls for a conversion of a
Center, confirmed Tuesday there is one case five-block section of the city just
of the virus in the facility, which is located on east of the Columbus Soccer Com-
Reed Road. Like most area nursing homes and plex. The project was launched in
assisted living facilities, Carrington has been 2015 and is still in progress, with
on lockdown for the past few weeks. the aim of converting the blighted
“We have and continue to follow the CMS area to higher-value residential de-
(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Ser- velopment.
vices) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control He was also instrumental in bro-
Tess Vrbin/Dispatch Staff
and Prevention) guidelines,” Otts said. Officials confirmed Tuesday there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 coro- kering the Columbus Municipal
Those guidelines include isolating patients navirus at The Carrington Nursing Center on Reed Road in Starkville. As of School District’s sale of Lee Mid-
with COVID-19 from others in the facility, Tuesday, the Mississippi State Department of Health had confirmed 937 dle School to local developer Scott
See COVID-19, 8A cases statewide, including 20 deaths from the illness. See ACKER, 8A


1 Which of the four major golf tournaments ON NEWS MEETINGS
has the richest purse at $12 million, as of ■ Many April 6: Lowndes
2017? COVID-19 corona- County Board of
2 Which state, famous for its gooey mud pies, virus related sto- Supervisors, 9
is the birthplace of Jim Henson and B.B. King? ries are changing a.m., Courthouse
3 What soundtrack to a Kevin Costner flick extremely quick- April 7: Columbus
was the top-selling album of the 1990s in the
U.S.? ly, sometimes City Council, 5
Cameron Miskel as soon as we p.m., Municipal
4 Which rarefied magazine has published over
Second grade, Heritage publish a print Complex
80,000 cartoons since its founding in 1925?

69 Low 43
5 What singing, clawing Australian actor edition of the April 13:
High starred in “Les Misérables” and also hosted paper. We want Columbus
Mostly sunny
the Tony Awards multiple times? to assure our Municipal School
Answers, 8B readers that we District Board of
Full forecast on
page 3A. are making every Trustees, 6 p.m.,
attempt to print Brandon Central
accurate, timely Tommy Smith is a sports fan from Services
INSIDE news. Online sto- Columbus. He played basketball and April 17:
Classifieds 7B Food 5B ries are updated baseball at Lee High School and East Lowndes County
Comics 3B Obituaries 4A throughout the Mississippi Junior College (now EMCC) School Board,
Crossword 8B Opinions 6A day at cdispatch. and later coached both sports while 12:30 p.m.,
141st Year, No. 18 Dear Abby 3B com. working at schools in Caledonia. Central Office


2A WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Trump: ‘Life and death’ at stake in following guidelines

‘This is going to be one of the roughest two would soon see a “light at the
end of the tunnel” in a pandemic
“There’s no magic bullet,”
Birx said. “There’s no magic
It’s not only social distancing
that could make a difference
or three weeks we’ve ever had in our country. that in the United States has in-
fected about 190,000 people and
vaccine or therapy. It’s just be-
haviors. Each of our behaviors,
but also the frantic efforts by
hospitals around the country to
We’re going to lose thousands of people.’ killed about 4,000, according to translating into something that prepare for an onslaught of seri-
figures compiled by Johns Hop- changes the course of this viral ously ill patients. The better pre-
President Donald Trump
kins University. pandemic.” pared hospitals are, the greater
BY AAMER MADHANI, KEVIN across the country bear down “I want every American to be Fauci called the numbers the chances of lives being saved.
FREKING AND RICARDO on keeping their distance from prepared for the hard days that “sobering” and urged Ameri- There’s also a wild card when
one another. lie ahead,” Trump said. cans to “step on the accelerator” it comes to treatment: whether
The Associated Press
“We really believe we can do “This is going to be one of with their collective mitigation the experimental drug combi-
a lot better than that,” said Dr. the roughest two or three weeks efforts. nation Trump has touted — a
WA S H I N G - we’ve ever had in our country,” “We are continuing to see medicine for malaria and an
TON — President Deborah Birx, the coordinator
Trump added. “We’re going to things go up,” Fauci said. “We antibiotic — will actually make
Donald Trump of the White House coronavirus
lose thousands of people.” cannot be discouraged by that a difference. That combination
warned Ameri- task force. That would require
The jaw-dropping projections because the mitigation is actual- is already being used on thou-
cans to brace for a all Americans to take serious-
were laid out during a grim, two- ly working and will work.” sands of patients, and Fauci said
“hell of a bad two ly their role in preventing the hour White House briefing. Of- Birx said pandemic forecasts he would want to see a rigorous
weeks” ahead as spread of disease, she said. ficials described a death toll that initially predicted 1.5 million to test of its effectiveness.
the White House Added Dr. Anthony Fauci, in a best-case scenario would 2.2 million deaths in the U.S. Trump’s comments came af-
Trump the government’s top infectious
projected there likely be greater than the more But that was a worst-case sce- ter he announced Sunday that
could be 100,000 to 240,000 disease expert, “This is a num- than 53,000 American lives lost nario, without efforts to slow he was extending to April 30
deaths in the U.S. from the ber that we need to anticipate, during World War I. And the the spread of the coronavirus the social distancing guidelines
coronavirus pandemic even if but we don’t necessarily have to model’s high end neared the through social distancing. She that advise Americans to cease
current social distancing guide- accept it as being inevitable.” realm of possibility that Ameri- added that states that have not large gatherings, work from
lines are maintained. Trump called it “a matter of cans lost to the virus could ap- yet seen a spike in cases as New home, suspend onsite learning
Public health officials life and death” for Americans to proach the 291,000 Americans York has could take action to at schools and more in a nation-
stressed Tuesday that the heed his administration’s guide- killed on the battlefield during flatten the curve of rising hospi- wide effort to stem the spread of
number could be less if people lines and predicted the country World War II. talizations and deaths. the virus.

What you need to do to get your

government stimulus check
Payments part of the $2.2T rescue taxes to calculate your
payment and determine
I didn’t use direct
package aimed at combating the where to send it. It can deposit on my taxes,
use your Social Security what can I do?
economic ravages of the coronavirus benefit statement as well. The government will
default to sending you the
BY SARAH income and who has a I don’t usually have to check by mail if you did
SKIDMORE SELL Social Security number not use direct deposit.
AP Personal Finance Writer will receive a $1,200 pay- file taxes. Do I still get However, IRS and
The IRS and the Trea-
ment. That means mar- a payment? Treasury say that they
ried couples filing joint Yes. People who are will develop an online por-
sury Department say not required to file a tax tal in the coming weeks
returns will receive the
Americans will start re- return — such as low-in- for individuals to provide
full payment — $2,400
ceiving their economic come tax payers, some their banking information
— if their adjusted gross
impact checks in the next senior citizens, Social Se- so that they can receive
income, which what you
three weeks. curity recipients, some the payments immediate-
report on your taxes, is
The payments are part veterans and people with ly instead of in the mail. It
of the $2.2 trillion rescue under $150,000.
The payment steadily disabilities — will need to has not yet set a deadline
package signed into law for updating that informa-
declines for those who file a very simplified tax
last week by President tion.
make more. Those earn- return to receive the eco-
Donald Trump aimed at
ing more than $99,000, nomic impact payment. It
combating the economic
ravages of the coronavi- or $198,000 for joint fil- provides the government Where do I do this?
ers, are not eligible. The basic details including The IRS and Treasury
rus outbreak.
thresholds are slightly a person’s filing status, say the website irs.gov/
Most people don’t
different for those who number of dependents coronavirus will soon pro-
need to do anything to
file as a head of house- and direct-deposit bank vide information about
get the money. But some
hold. information. the check, including how
— including senior cit-
Parents will also re- people can file a simple
izens and low-income
people who might not tra- I haven’t filed my 2018
ceive $500 for each quali- 2019 tax return.
ditionally file tax returns fying child. or 2019 taxes. Will I I need more time to file
— do need to take action. still get a payment?
People behind on filing What do I have to do to Yes, but the IRS urges my tax returns. How
their taxes might also get the check? anyone required to file a long do I have to get
want to get caught up. For most people, noth- tax return and has not yet the payment?
The IRS and Treasury ing. done so for those years to The IRS says people
have provided more de- The money will be file as soon as possible in concerned about visiting
tails on how to ensure directly deposited in order to receive an eco- a tax professional or lo-
you get paid. Here are
your bank account if the nomic impact payment. cal community organiza-
the basics:
government has that in- Taxpayers should in- tion in person to get help
formation from your tax clude their direct-deposit with a tax return should
Who is eligible for the return. If you haven’t banking information on not worry. The economic

The Dispatch
payments? filed your 2019 taxes, the the return if they want impact payments will be
Anyone earning up to government will use in- it deposited in their ac- available throughout the
$75,000 in adjusted gross formation from your 2018 count. rest of 2020.

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Local businessman, antebellum homeowner joins CVB board

board member Mark Castleber- Once the place is restored, pervisors were present to take of her time there.
County appoints Joe ry, who resigned from the board Beckett said he would live in it the vote. Leroy Brooks and Jeff “I don’t think she could get
Beckett to replace a few months ago due to his relo-
cation to Starkville. That unex-
and plan to open it for tours.
Beckett said he applied for
Smith, supervisors from dis-
tricts 4 and 5, were absent.
the time in (to serve on the
board),” Sanders said.
Mark Castleberry pired term will end in February
the position due to his passion
about Columbus’ past and pres-
Harry Sanders, county
board of super-
Holliman did not answer
several inquiries from The Dis-
BY YUE STELLA YU Beckett, who moved to Co- ent. visors president, patch by press time.
syu@cdispatch.com lumbus in 1989, worked for Al- “I’ve just always been very said he voted A total of nine members sit
pha Insurance in Columbus as involved and interested in town for Beckett be- on CVB’s board, including four
L o w n d e s a claim manager for three to activity involvement,” he said. cause District 3 city appointees, four county
County Board of four years. He now owns Beck- “I love the old homes and the Supervisor John appointees and one jointly ap-
Supervisors vot- ett Construction, an adjusting history. ... One of my passions Holliman recom- pointed by both the city and
ed Tuesday morn- company managing homeowner is to try to make it a place mended Beckett county. City and county offi-
ing to appoint Joe claims and liability claims. where everybody just wants to to the board. Sanders cials have now filled all vacan-
Beckett, local The businessman also pur- come and visit.” Sanders said cies on the board.
businessman and chased the Haley Reeves Home, Beckett said he hopes to he does not know much about The CVB promotes tourism
antebellum home- a circa 1838 antebellum home bring his knowledge of the in- Beckett other than that he’s throughout Lowndes County
owner, to the Beckett on Seventh Street South, a few surance industry and his con- a home remodeler and ante- through marketing a support
board of the Columbus-Lown- months ago, he said. nections through the job to bellum homeowner. However, for events. It is funded through
des Convention and Visitors Bu- “I had a chance to work on help boost Columbus’ tourism. he said, the other candidate a portion of a 2-percent sales
reau. it,” he said. “I’m gonna restore it At the Tuesday board meet- Kathy Howell owns a home in tax collected from restaurants
Beckett will replace former back to its 1838 day.” ing, only three of the five su- New York and spends the bulk in the Columbus city limits.

Reeves issues stay-home order for 1 of 82 counties

Gov.: Lauderdale County, on the state
line with Alabama, has seen a recent Mississippi alters probation check-in because of coronavirus
release Tuesday that instead of go- provide their name, Mississippi De-
rapid increase in positive tests THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
ing to an office, people under su- partment of Corrections identifica-
for the highly contagious virus JACKSON — The Mississippi
Department of Corrections is tem-
pervision should check in by phone,
email or video chat between 7 a.m.
tion number, address, phone num-
ber and other relevant information.
BY EMILY Byers, said a nursing porarily stopping in-person check- and 6 p.m. weekdays. The change “You must call,” Gutherz said. “If
WAGSTER PET TUS home there is considered ins for people on probation, parole, is in effect from Wednesday until at you don’t, you will be considered as
The Associated Press a hot spot for the virus. house arrest or other forms of com- least April 17. non-reporting.”
They would not release munity supervision. It’s part of an Deputy Commissioner Christy Community supervision also in-
JACK- the name of the nursing effort to control the spread of the Gutherz said in the release that peo- cludes earned release supervision,
SON — Mis- home but said employ- new coronavirus. ple are not required to speak with conditional medical release and in-
sissippi Gov. ees, residents, families The department said in a news their assigned agent. They must terstate compact.
Tate Reeves and others who have
issued his been in contact with the ton, a Democrat, said ing rooms unless they’re nesses to continue only hub in largely rural east-
first stay-at- home have been notified. Tuesday on Twitter. able to keep 10 or fewer their necessary opera- ern Mississippi, with peo-
home order Byers said the Health De- The state Health De- people, including staff, at tions such as security, ple from Alabama also
Tue s d ay partment is also working
Reeves partment on Tuesday least 6 feet apart. Reeves payroll and health insur- driving there to work and
against the to identify people who updated Mississippi’s said it is OK for cities and ance administration and shop.
new coronavirus, but it is have been in contact with confirmed coronavirus counties to set tighter to let employees work Asked if he is con-
only for one of the state’s those testing positive for caseload to at least 937 restrictions, and several from home. It tells people cerned that Lauderdale
82 counties. the virus and is asking people and 20 deaths. have done so. to cancel or reschedule County residents will
Reeves said Lauder- them to self-quarantine. Neighboring Louisi- Reeves’s order for all nonessential gather- ignore his stay-at-home
dale County, on the state Reeves said he could
line with Alabama, has ana has one of the fast- Lauderdale County al- ings of 10 or more peo- order and go shopping in
issue more stay-at-home est-growing caseloads in
seen a recent rapid in- lows essential business- ple. It also eliminates the other parts of the state,
orders for other parts of the U.S., and people com-
crease in positive tests Mississippi if test results es such as grocery stores limited dine-in option for Reeves said: “I am confi-
for the highly contagious mute between the two and pharmacies to re- bars and restaurants in dent that Mississippians
show other hot spots de- states.
virus. veloping. main open, and it allows the county. are smart enough, are pa-
The mayor of Gulf- Because testing re- people to leave home to Lauderdale County is triotic enough, are paying
“There are those who mains limited as the out-
port, meanwhile, set what believe that government go to those places. The home to a naval air sta- attention to what we are
he calls a “safer at home” break grows, many peo- order tells other busi- tion and is a commercial saying.”
ought to take over and
order for his own coastal ple moving around their
run everything,” said
city, saying that people communities may not
Reeves, a Republican.
have “selfishly” ignored know they’ve contracted
“There are those of us
recommendations not the virus until well after
who are going to take a
to congregate in large they’ve infected others.
data-driven approach.”
groups. Reeves said Byers and Most infected people
“We can choose to en- the state health officer, experience mild or mod-
dure 4-6 weeks of debil- Dr. Thomas Dobbs, have erate symptoms, such
itating hardship, or 6-8 recommended that he as fever and cough that
months of devastating evaluate which parts of clear up in two to three
quarantine,” Gulfport the state are seeing fast- weeks, but a fraction of
Mayor Billy Hewes said er growth in cases as he people suffering more
in a statement Tuesday. decides whether to put severe illnesses can re-
“Based upon trends more limits on people’s quire respirators to sur-
around the country, movements. vive, and as the caseload
matters are likely to get A mayor in northeast rapidly grows, hospitals
worse, before they get Mississippi, Jason Shel- are bracing for a wave of
better. While this ‘incon- ton of Tupelo, criticized patients.
venience’ has cramped Reeves for issuing an or- Reeves issued an exec-
our style, the sad fact is, der that affects only one utive order last week tell-
it’s likely to start killing county. ing people to avoid gath-
our friends and neigh- “The businesses in erings of 10 or more and
bors. It’s that serious.” Lauderdale County are broadly defining which
The governor’s order simply losing customers businesses are so “essen-
for Lauderdale County to surrounding counties tial” that they can remain
begins at 10 p.m. Tuesday and BTW covid doesn’t open. That order said
and lasts for two weeks. stop at the county line restaurants can offer car-
Reeves and the state ep- ... the hodgepodge ap- ry-out or delivery meals
idemiologist, Dr. Paul proach is baffling,” Shel- but must close their din-

Autopsy set for

inmate who died
in Mississippi

JACKSON — An in-
mate has died at South
Mississippi Correctional
Institution, and the state
Department of Correc-
tions said Tuesday that no
foul play is suspected.
The inmate’s name
was being withheld until
relatives are notified. The
death occurred Monday SOLUNAR TABLE
The solunar period indicates
night, and the department peak-feeding times for fish and game.
Wed. Thur.
said an autopsy would be Major 7:28a 7:57p
Minor 1:02p 2:05p
done. Major 7:28a 8:26a
Mississippi’s prison Minor 2:52a 3:47a
Courtesy of Mississippi Department

system is under investiga-

of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

tion by the U.S. Justice De-

partment because several
inmates died during out-
bursts of violence late last
The Dispatch
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Should you wear mask in public

if not sick with coronavirus?
President: General public shouldn’t be competing believed to spread mostly through
droplets from coughs or sneezes,
with hospitals, health workers for scarce masks and thus the main advice has been
to keep your distance — staying 6
BY LAURAN NEERGA ARD mask helps lessen the chances of in- feet away — in addition to frequent
AP Medical Writer fecting others. In places where rela- hand-washing and not touching
tives care for the sick at home, the your face. Health workers who may
WASHINGTON — If you’re be doing procedures that generate
World Health Organization also has
not sick with the new coronavirus, tinier particles are supposed to get
recommended they wear a mask.
should you wear a mask in pub- high priority for tight-fitting filter-
But “there is no specific evi-
lic? Global health authorities say ing masks.
no. Amid a shortage of masks, the dence to suggest that the wearing of
“Seriously people - STOP BUY-
U.S. is sticking with that advice but masks by the mass population has
ING MASKS!” Surgeon General
Tuesday, President Donald Trump any particular benefit,” Dr. Mike
Jerome Adams wrote in a Febru-
suggested people who are worried Ryan, the WHO’s epidemics chief,
ary 29 tweet. “They are not effec-
wear a scarf. told reporters Monday. tive in preventing general public
That shortage is so severe that “In fact, there’s some evidence from catching #Coronavirus but if
the Joint Commission, which ac- to suggest the opposite,” he added, healthcare providers can’t get them
credits U.S. hospitals, said Tuesday noting risks from an improperly fit- to care for sick patients, it puts them
that if facilities can’t provide proper ted mask or touching the face while and our communities at risk.”
masks, health workers are allowed taking it off or putting it on. Trump said Tuesday that his sci-
to bring their own from home. For months as the COVID-19 entific advisers made clear the gen-
Front-line health workers have crisis grew and masks disappeared eral public shouldn’t be competing
the greatest need for masks. And from store shelves, U.S. health of- with hospitals and health workers
when people are sick, wearing a ficials have agreed. The virus is for scarce masks of any type.

Twister slams Alabama neighborhood during virus quarantine

Allen H. Mapp
BY JAY REEVES down inside because of near the Country Club of at home, but it wasn’t,”
The Associated Press the coronavirus outbreak, Alabama. The area was Tibbs said in a telephone
as storms caused damage left littered with pieces interview.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. from Mississippi to Geor- of about 15 houses and Tibbs said there was
— An apparent tornado Allen Howell Mapp, Jr. 82, of Macon, MS
gia. trees, but Mayor Jack “no doubt” a twister was
slammed into an Alabama passed away Saturday, March 28, 2020 at
Near the Ala- Tibbs said only one minor to blame based on the se-
neighborhood, shatter- Trinity Healthcare Nursing Home. A private
bama-Georgia line in injury was reported. verity of the damage, and
ing more than a dozen Eufaula, a midday twist- “I was really expecting forecasters said photos
family graveside service was held Wednesday,
homes Tuesday while er pulled the roofs off it to be worse with the and radar showed a torna- April 1, 2020 at Shuqualak Cemetery with Bro.
people were hunkered homes in a neighborhood coronavirus with people do in the area at the time. Payton Myers and Bro. T.J. Jennings officiating.
Memorials can be made to Baptist Children’s
Village, 114 Marketridge Drive, Ridgeland, MS
39157 or Elon Baptist Church. P.O. Box 128,
Macon, MS 39341. Cockrell Funeral Home is
honored to be entrusted with arrangements.
AREA OBITUARIES Allen Howell Mapp, Jr. was born April 7,
1937 to Allen Howell and Elma Triplett Mapp in
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the late Adine Sprouse Mr. Kennard was Crawford, MS. He graduated from Brooksville
OBITUARY POLICY to Shirley and Kelyse Baswell. Mavis was born May 6, 1918, in
Obituaries with basic informa- High School and later from William Carey
tion including visitation and
Freshour. He was a formerly employed at McCool, to the later University in Hattiesburg, MS. Allen worked for
service times, are provided lifelong resident of a local garment plant Thomas Arthur and Noxubee Welfare Department for several years.
free of charge. Extended obit- Starkville and graduat- in Millport and was a Mayme Boswell Ken- He met and married Jeanette Daniel on June 30,
uaries with a photograph, de- ed from Starkville High member of Millport nard. He was a gradu- 1963. He went to the University of Tennessee
tailed biographical information School in 1992. Jimmy Church of Christ. ate of Starkville High where he received his master’s degree in social
and other details families may was employed as a culi- She is survived by School. He was for- work.
wish to include, are available
nary artist. her husband, John C. merly employed on his Mr. Mapp served as a bi-vocational pastor
for a fee. Obituaries must be
submitted through funeral
In addition to his Black; daughter, Mari- dairy farm in the Oktoc for fifty years, serving churches in Noxubee,
homes unless the deceased’s father, he is preceded lyn Ann Black Rector; Community. Lowndes, and Winston counties. He had a
body has been donated to in death by his stepfa- brother, John Dewey In addition to his passion for helping people and made several
science. If the deceased’s ther, Clovis Neal; both Baswell; half-sister, parents, he was preced- mission trips out of the country. He was an active
body was donated to science, maternal and paternal Jimmie Nell McDaniel; ed in death by his wife, member of the Macon Lions Club and several
the family must provide official grandparents.
proof of death. Please submit
stepsister, Mary Helen Margaret; siblings, civic organizations. At the time of his retirement,
all obituaries on the form pro-
In addition to his Blaylock; stepbroth- Ruth Kennard McKin- he was Regional Director for Vocational Rehab
vided by The Commercial Dis- mother, he is survived er, Paul Johnson; one non and Everett Authur for the Blind. He was an active member of Elon
patch. Free notices must be by his wife, Brenda granddaughter and Kennard. Baptist Church, serving as pastor there for a
submitted to the newspaper Freshour; children, three great-grandchil- He is survived by his number of years. He is preceded in death by his
no later than 3 p.m. the day Brittne Mann of dren. sister, Mayme Ken- parents, and sister, Elma Hugh Murphy.
prior for publication Tuesday Starkville, Jessica nard; children, Thomas Mr. Mapp is survived by his wife of 56 years,
through Friday; no later than 4
Huckaba and Hunt- Thomas Kennard Arthur Kennard, Ev- Jeanette Mapp; two daughters: Mary Randazzo
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday
edition; and no later than 7:30
er Freshour, both of STARKVILLE erett Boswell Kennard (Vince) and Cynthia Campassi (Dave); six
a.m. for the Monday edition. Starkville; and one — Thomas Bowsell and David Montgom- grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; a
Incomplete notices must be grandchild. Kennard, 101, died ery Kennard; seven sister: Elsie Ruth King of Brooksville, MS; and a
received no later than 7:30
March 30, 2020, at his grandchildren; seven brother: James C. Mapp of Brooksville, MS.
a.m. for the Monday through
Friday editions. Paid notices
Mavis Black residence. great-grandchildren; Paid Obituary - Cockrell Funeral Home
must be finalized by 3 p.m. for KENNEDY, Ala. — A private family and three great-great-
Mavis Caleena Baswell graveside service will great-grandchildren.

Colen Caraway
inclusion the next day Monday
through Thursday; and on Black, 84, died March be held at Oddfellows Pallbearers will
Friday by 3 p.m. for Sunday 29, 2020, at her resi- Cemetery. Welch be his three sons,
and Monday publication. For dence. Funeral Home of Jason Honnoll, Keyes
more information, call 662- Colen Paul Caraway, age 66, of Columbus, MS,
There will be a Starkville is in charge Kennard and Wesley
328-2471. passed away March 27, 2020, at his residence. A
private family service of arrangements. Kennard. memorial graveside service will be at Friendship
Thursday at Dowd-
Dorothy Pierce Cemetery with military honors for all family and

Lonnie Jackson
le Funeral Home in friends at a later date. Memorial Gunter Peel Fu-
SOUTHHAVEN — Millport, Alabama.
Dorothy Pierce, 89, neral Home & Crematory 903 College St. loca-
A graveside service tion is in charge of arrangements.
died March 30, 2020, will be held at Shiloh Lonnie Hoyt Jackson, 82 of Columbus, MS
at Lifepoint Village As- Mr. Caraway was born September 5, 1953, in
Cemetery near Vernon, passed away Sunday, March 29, 2020, at his res-
sisted Living in South- Meridian, MS, to the late Maurice Brazier and
Alabama. idence.
haven. Rosa Etta Riley Caraway. He was a graduate of
Mrs. Black was born A family funeral service will be Thursday,
A family only grave- Meridian Junior College and served in the Unit-
Dec. 19, 1935 in Ken- April 2, 2020, at 11:00 AM in the Lowndes Fu-
side service will be held ed States Marines. Mr. Caraway worked as a
nedy, Alabama, to the neral Home Chapel with Bro. Kenny Gardner
3 p.m. at Memorial Gar- deputy sheriff for the Lauderdale County Sher-
late Oscar Baswell and officiating. Friends may view at www.lowndesfu-
dens in Columbus with iff’s Department for a number of years. He re-
neralhome.net. Interment will be at North Mis-
Steve Blaylock officiat- tired after 41 years as an engineer for the Kansas
sissippi Veterans Cemetery in Kilmichael, MS
ing. Lowndes Funeral City Southern Railroad working out of Artesia,
with Lowndes Funeral Home directing.
Home is entrusted with MS. In addition to his parents, Mr. Caraway was
Mr. Jackson was a proud veteran who served
arrangements. Friends preceded in death by a brother, Mike Caraway.
over 35 years in both the US Navy and US Air
may view graveside Survivors include his wife, Julie Caraway of
Force. He was a staunch patriot. He also served
service at www.lown- Columbus, MS, children, Jason Caraway (Rox-
many more years as a Fire Fighter. Starting out
desfuneralhome.net. anne) of Maben, MS, Shawn Caraway (Carla)
as an EMT he worked his way through the ranks
of Polk City, FL, Karie Miller (Michael) of Lau-
becoming Deputy Fire Chief in Mt. Prospect, IL
derdale, MS, Lauren Holley (Charles Schippel)
John Acker and Fire Chief of Besenville, IL. He was active
of Columbus, MS, Jonathan Holley of Columbus,
COLUMBUS — John in the International Fire Inspectors Association,
MS, Sophia Odom of Knoxville, TN, and Christa
Acker, 48, died March taught at the National Fire Academy and worked
Odom (David Beals) of Charleston, SC, brother,
31, 2020. on the special Space Shuttle Recovery Teams
Donald Caraway (Glennie) of Dalewood, MS, sis-
Arrangements are around the world. He was dedicated to enhanc-
ters, Christie Rainer (Larry) of Hickory, MS, and
incomplete and will be ing public safety and Fire prevention throughout
Cindy Dearman (Raymond) of Meridian, MS,
announced by Lown- the world. Mr. Jackson was a member of Colum-
and grandchildren, James Caraway, Olivia Car-
des Funeral Home of bus Christian Center, Columbus, MS.
Columbus. Colen Caraway Mr. Jackson is survived by his wife – Carol Ma-
away, Jade Caraway, Madison Miller, Cleveland
Graveside Services: Caraway, Matthew Miller, Eva Caraway, Jase
A memorial graveside service will rie Henrich Jackson, Columbus, MS; daughters
be held at a later date.
Caraway, Summer Beals, Lana Beals, Trinity
Jimmy Freshour – Kimberly (Mark) Tobias, Kelly Wood, Kathy
Friendship Cemetery Beals, Alyssa Beals, Logan Beals, Landry Schip-
STARKVILLE — College Street Location
Flood, Karen (John) Meury, Kristen (Greg) Ax-
pel, and Andrea Schippel.
Jimmy Scott Freshour, tell, and Kendra (Michael) Mask; grandchildren
47, died March 27, – Katie, Rebecca, Andrew, Michael, Christopher,
Brian, Rachel, Allyson, John Jr., Amanda, Isabel-
la, Jackson, Gabriella, Alexander, and Christian;
A memorial service
and 10 great-grandchildren.
will be announced at a Sign the online guest book at
Memorials may be made to St. Jude Children’s
later date. Welch Funer- www.memorialgunterpeel.com
Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis,
al Home in Starkville is 903 College Street • Columbus, MS
TN 38105.
entrusted with arrange- memorialgunterpeel.com
ments. Compliments of
Mr. Freshour was Lowndes Funeral Home cdispatch.com
born Dec. 7, 1972, in www.lowndesfuneralhome.net
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 5A

Those without broadband

struggle in a stuck-at-home nation
The FCC puts the number of Americans without email. She’s gotten texted photos of
her newborn grandchild, but forget
broadband at 21 million, but its data is faulty and about a Zoom call to see the baby.
“I feel very withdrawn, isolated,
most likely undercounts the problem alone,” she said.
There are no definitive numbers
BY TALI ARBEL of people are still left out, largely on those without broadband. The
AND MICHAEL CASEY because phone and cable compa- FCC puts the number at 21 million,
The Associated Press but its data is faulty and most likely
nies hesitate to invest in far-flung
rural areas. Government subsidies undercounts the problem. An inde-
NEW YORK — In Sandwich, pendent group called Broadband-
in the billions haven’t fully fixed the
New Hampshire, a town of 1,200 Now pegs it at 42 million. The digi-
best known as a setting for the mov- tal divide disproportionately affects
ie “On Golden Pond,” broadband is Many more simply can’t afford
broadband. U.S. broadband costs rural areas, African Americans,
scarce. Forget streaming Netflix, Latinos and Native Americans on
much less working or studying more than in many comparable
countries — an average of $58 a tribal lands.
from home. Even the police depart- Phone and cable companies have
ment has trouble uploading its re- month compared to $46.55 across
29 nations, according to a 2018 Fed- pledged not to cut people off if they
ports. can’t pay bills and opened their Wi-
Julie Dolan, a 65-year-old retir- eral Communications Commission
Fi hotspots to the public. Some are
ee in Sandwich, has asthma. Her report.
expanding low-cost programs for
husband has high blood pressure. Such disconnected people “al-
poor people and lifting data caps so
Dolan doubts her substandard ready have to work harder to tread
more people can get and stay con-
home internet could manage a re- water,” said Chris Mitchell, who ad-
mote medical appointment, and vocates for community broadband Millions of Americans working
these days no one wants to visit service at the Institute for Local from home are learning to use on-
the doctor if they can help it. That Self-Reliance. “I don’t think people line video in place of face-to-face
leaves 19th-century technology — appreciated the magnitude of the meetings, but that’s not an option
her landline phone. “That is all I problem.” for those with only a trickle of data
would have,” she says. Even in cities, the high cost of service.
As schools, workplaces and pub- internet access means many go Brie Morrissey, who owns a
lic services shut down in the age without. Low-cost local alternatives building outfitted with broadband
of coronavirus, online connections such as libraries and cafes have in Dublin, New Hampshire, would
are keeping Americans in touch shut down. prefer to maintain social distance
with vital institutions and each oth- In St. Louis, Stella Ashcraft, by working from home. But she
er. But that’s not much of an option 63, lives from check to check and keeps heading into the office for the
when fast internet service is hard to can’t afford internet. Her senior connection, and as a result, is con-
come by. center, where she plays bingo, does stantly cleaning the place — wiping
Although efforts to extend puzzles and gets lunch five days a down door knobs, the bathroom
broadband service have made prog- week, is closed. So is her church sinks and “every inch of the build-
ress in recent years, tens of millions and the library where she checks ing,” she says.

In shadow of COVID-19, Army Field Band plays on for America

Virtual concert series has attracted The unit includes
the concert band, a cho-
makes it a little more dif-
ficult to, you know, kind
more than 4.3M viewers in just 10 days rus, jazz band and other
smaller ensembles. It
of like physically play off
with each other if there’s,
BY ALLEN G. BREED and YouTube, they quickly broadcasts from the con- like, a gag bit or some-
AP National Writer set up a studio space from cert band rehearsal hall, thing that’s supposed to
which to live stream. which now looks more be sort of funny.”
For members of the The result: a daily “We like a television studio. Normally, the unit’s
U.S. Army Field Band, Stand Ready” virtual con- Like other Americans, 150 musicians and sup-
it has never been merely cert series that has attract- band members have been port personnel spend
about the music. Yes, they ed more than 4.3 million ordered to socially dis- about 100 days a year
wanted to please the ear, viewers in just 10 days, tance — something that crisscrossing the country
but they played for the said Master Sgt. Brian T. poses unique challenges and globe, performing in
Army. For America. Sacawa, a Concert Band for musicians. concert halls, veterans’
So earlier this month, saxophonist for 17 years. Singing lead with the homes, school gymnasi-
when concert dates evap- Music “has the power unit’s barbershop quartet, ums and, sometimes, the
orated with the spread of to make incredibly deep Sgt. Maj. Rob McIver is theater of war.
COVID-19 and the band and meaningful connec- used to standing cheek- There are benefits to
was ordered back to Fort tions,” said Sacawa, a na- to-jowl with his comrades. staying at home. Sgt. Maj.
George G. Meade in Mary- tive of Schenectady, New “It is a little strange to Erica Russo, an alto in the
land, there was never any York. “It inspires people. sing barbershop quartets Soldiers’ Chorus who was
question: The band would It heals people. It unites and sing them at a dis- recently named the unit’s
not stand down. The mu- people. And what better tance of 6 feet or greater director of operations,
sic would not stop. time than now to send that from your colleagues,” can view the concerts
With an already faith- message to the American said McIver, an Owens- with her 7-year-old son,
ful following on Facebook people?” boro, Kentucky, native. “It Thomas.

Consumer confidence sinks as virus begins having impact

BY MARTIN CRUTSINGER 132.6. It was the lowest index reflects rising con- “March’s decline in
AP Economics Writer reading since the index cerns about the damage confidence is more in line
was at 117.3 in June 2017. the virus will cause and with a severe contraction
WASHINGTON — The steep decline in about the sharp declines — rather than a tempo-
U.S. consumer confi- March reflected rising in stock markets. rary shock — and further
dence tumbled this month worries about the coro- “The intensification declines are sure to fol-
to its lowest level in nearly navirus during the sur- of Covid-19 and extreme low,” Franco said.
three years as the impact vey period of March 1-18. volatility in the financial Both a sub-index the
of the coronavirus on the Economists say confi- markets have increased covers consumers’ view
economy began to be felt. dence is sure to fall fur- uncertainty about the out- of current business and
The Conference Board ther as the virus’ impact look for the economy and job market conditions and
reported Tuesday that its takes a bigger toll on the jobs,” said Lynn Franco, another sub-index that
confidence index dropped economy. senior director of econ- covers expectations of
to a reading of 120 in Analysts said the sharp omist indicators at the future conditions fell in
March from February’s drop in the confidence Conference Board. March.
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Precautions aren’t prevention
ou’ve probably heard the idea the claim was well-intentioned, if not tist Medical Group, says that “magic In those instances, precaution is
that if you repeat a lie often accurate. number” just seems to have material- sometimes equated with prevention.
enough, it becomes true. For the past few weeks, our atten- ized out of the ether. That is not always true. In fact, in
It’s a delicious bit of irony, of tion has been narrowly focused on “I think, maybe, governments and some cases, precautions, wrongly un-
course, because that statement itself COVID-19, and the idea that some municipalities have to make rules and derstood, can make us vulnerable.
isn’t true. things are accepted as fact applies that’s the number that was arrived There is the danger. Wearing a
What’s true is true and what’s false here, too. at,” Threlkeld said. “Certainly, there’s mask does not make you immune from
is false, regardless of popular opinion. At the national, state and local level, no magic formula. You can contract the virus. Neither does limiting your
But there are, indeed, many cases health and government officials have coronavirus from a group of two, if one interactions in groups of 10 or less. No
where something is repeated so often consistently pleaded with us to avoid of those people has the virus. There one is bullet-proof. Those precautions
by so many that it generally becomes gathering in groups of 10 or more as a was a report that six family members improve your odds, but they do not
accepted as fact and no one ever both- precaution against the virus. went on vacation and all six contract- eliminate the threat.
ers to probe its veracity. State and local governments across ed the virus. If there had been 10 Staying away from crowds doesn’t
One example comes from a state- the country have written it into their family members, it’s very likely that mean you can touch your face all you
ment often repeated around Super policies and ordinances. the number of those with the virus want. Wearing a mask doesn’t mean
Bowl time: That incidents of domestic It’s just something we accept. would have been 10. The number, in you don’t have to wash your hands.
violence skyrocketed on Super Bowl The question no one seems to have and of itself, doesn’t matter. The real That’s important to understand.
Sunday. asked is this: Is there some magical message is that the exposure goes up Certainly, we should take all the
For years, it was accepted as fact health benefit associated with the with the number of people. That’s the precautions health experts recom-
until, finally, a reporter was curious number 10? Are groups of nine safe, message.” mend. But remain vigilant. Make no
enough to check the data. It turns out, but groups of 11 dangerous? Why and In light of that, another question assumptions.
domestic violence is no more prevalent how did the number 10 become the de may emerge: “So what?” Taking a head count doesn’t make
on Super Bowl Sundays than on other facto tipping point? The answer is that making an you safe. Avoiding unnecessary con-
Sundays. Faced with that data, do- Dr. Stephen Threlkeld, an infec- assumption based on an arbitrary esti- tact with people is a far better strategy.
mestic abuse advocates admitted that tious disease specialist with the Bap- mate can create a legitimate problem. That requires no math at all.


Voice of the people
Comparing COVID-19 and H1N1
In his March 26 letter Raymond Gross argued that
Vice-president is a poor choice as a nominee for Pres-
ident by the Democrats. Mr. Gross pointed to Biden’s
role in the Obama administration’s handling of the new
H1N1 virus a decade ago as an example of this, pre-
senting accurate statistics from the CDC: 60.8 million
cases, 274, 000 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths over
a 12-month period from April 2009 to April 2010. Not a
pretty picture, no argument from me.
But is that H1N1 response worse than the Trump
administration’s response to COVID-19? If the metric of
that, as Gross implied, is simply the number of deaths,
then let’s compare. For COVID-19, I’ll use statistics
from the University of Washington’s Institute of Health
Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) obtained at ‘https://
IHME forecasts ranges for 3 metrics: total hospi-
talizations, deaths per day, and total deaths. They use
projections from models based on certain assumptions
about how much testing will be done and how much
social isolation is practiced to make these projections,
run the models thousands of times (each outcome is
independent and different) and report the median values
with the minimum and maximum values — shown below
as ‘median (min; max):
Total hospitalizations on the projected national peak
on April 14: 232,000 (116,000; 466,000) - that’s just on
April 14.
Deaths on April 14: 2,340 (1126; 4827) — 17% of the
total H1N1 deaths over a 12-month period — on April
14th alone. COVID-19 deaths are projected to equal total
H1N1 deaths (12,500) on April 7, one week from now.
Total number of deaths from COVID-19 period:
81,000 (38,000; 162,000). Even the low end of that range
is more than 3 times higher than the total deaths from
H1N1 in slightly over half the time. LOCAL VOICES
Thoughts about today
The model assumptions I mentioned above have been
modified to reflect current reality so the forecasts have
changed. The best-case scenario is now 100,000-200,000

deaths which assumes a national shut-down not yet in
place. Without one right away we may see 1-2 million rying to think of ment just arrived at 11:05 from Jackson because
deaths. something that a text indicated his ETA was 11:05 when he was
Part of the problem is the tepid federal response compares to our leaving. We sat over eight feet apart; he recorded
which, instead of establishing a coordinated national current situation has our meeting and will send me a copy.
response in testing and PPE production, has states com- been difficult. Tomorrow we have a job interview using
peting not only with each other but with FEMA! I do not I recall in the ‘60s Zoom. Someone I know was just interviewed
know in what world this makes sense — but it is not this watching the evening and hired over the telephone. An appointment
one. Imagine a WWII scenario in which FDR took the nightly news in black and last week with a medical team took 15 minutes
same approach after Pearl Harbor. I doubt the US would white, Walter Cronkite that 60 days ago took over three hours including
have survived. or the Huntley-Brinkley travel, just for the patient.
Had the Trump administration begun coordinated Report with my parents. The current situation will increase our ability
production of PPE and testing in January when first The body count from to work remotely and communicate without be-
Chris Morrow
advised of the seriousness of this outbreak our best-case Vietnam was like getting ing face to face dramatically. This will be a game
scenario now could well have been the worst-case. a score. If the enemy, changer, but it seems to work. The current gen-
If I were Mr. Gross, I think I’d steer clear of the H1N1 whoever or whatever they were had a greater eration is way ahead of me already, once again.
argument. All Presidents get dealt crises. They differ
body count than the USA things must have been I lost my investment several years ago with a
in how they respond. Even now it is clear that President
going better for us than them. home grocery delivery start up. It was too early.
Trump’s ham-fisted handling of this crisis will result in
Now it seems we watch the newest numbers Now it makes sense. Restaurants are learning
thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of need-
less deaths. for cases of COVID-19 vs. deaths. The world vs. more about and appreciating their overtaxed
Paul Mack the USA, the USA vs. other countries. The Mis- drive thru windows and take out options. In
Columbus sissippi State Department of Health has an app. the UK I thought it strange they called it “take
One can click to see the latest numbers county away.” Big box stores for food and other items
by county. Not surprisingly, counties with the have recently been countered with smaller local
highest populations and nearest higher popula- options. The initials DG and their yellow signs

tion centers seem to have the most cases. are everywhere the local roof top population will
A MOMENT OF CALM A friend told me that during WWII his mother support one.
moved in with his grandparents for survival. Now it gets scary due to the unknown. Will we
They had some land and some livestock. His still need academic, dormitory, school, church,
Smiles from the threshold of the year to
soon-to-be father was assumed to be a casualty and office buildings? Will we work and meet face
Whispering ‘it will be happier’... of war. One day his future father came walking to face or in groups? Someone said, “Of course
— Alfred Lord Tennyson down the road after having been a POW. My we will always need a church building, where
friend was born 9 months later. will we have weddings and funerals?” I suspect
Very little communication was once the this already points to the lack of a building’s
Social distancing norm. Letters read, “I hope to visit with you next intended use and maybe value.
is affecting us all spring.” The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fish-
in different ways. Things worked out. eries, and Parks also has a turkey app. At the
We want to hear Today we stay in constant touch with friends time I am writing this, 6,524 turkeys have been
how you’re doing.
The Dispatch has
and family. We are also annoyed and disturbed harvested in 2020. This I can understand, one
set up a voicemail by the same technology that allows this. My was mine, finally. It took a lot of social distancing
so our readers can contemporaries and I complain about the current to accomplish this as well.
share their thoughts and feelings during this unique time. If you want generation avoiding face to face contact and the We will get over this, there will be changes,
to share, please call 662-328-2424 and dial extension 101. You can ancient telephone call. Wrist watches aren’t worn but I am glad to be alive and live in Mississippi at
leave a message 24 hours a day. Certain messages will be selected to much anymore either. Problem solving is relegat- this time.
print in the paper. Even if we don’t select yours, know that someone is
ed to a search engine or a chat room. YouTube Chris Morrow is a Columbus resident and
out there listening and you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.
has saved me many times, I admit. An appoint- founding architect at PryorMorrow.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 7A

Some Instacart, Amazon

workers strike as jobs get riskier
Instacart and Amazon
say they are working Amazon fires New York warehouse
to equip their workers
with sanitation gear
worker who staged walkout
and have taken steps AP Business Writers

to increase pay and NEW YORK — Amazon fired a worker who organized a walkout at
a New York warehouse to demand greater protection against the new
extend paid sick time coronavirus, saying the employee himself flouted distancing rules and
put others at risk.
BY ALEX ANDRA OLSON New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered the city’s Commission
AND MAE ANDERSON of Human Right to investigate whether the dismissal was retaliatory.
Associated Press Writers New York Attorney General Letitia James called on the National Labor
Relations Board to investigate and said her office is also considering
NEW YORK — Some Instacart legal options.
and Amazon warehouse workers “It is disgraceful that Amazon would terminate an employee who
walked off the job Monday demand- bravely stood up to protect himself and his colleagues,” James said in a
ing greater safeguards against the statement.
coronavirus, even as both compa- Amazon said the worker, Christian Smalls, received several warn-
nies are speed-hiring hundreds of ings for violating social distancing guidelines. Amazon said Smalls
thousands of new workers to handle showed up at the protest at the Staten Island warehouse Monday despite
a surge in delivery orders. a order to remain home for 14 days with pay because he had come into
The one-day strikes had little im- contact with a co-worker who had been diagnosed with the virus.
pact on consumers, but the unrest But Smalls said his contact with the infected worker was limited and
called attention to mounting discon- felt Amazon put him on leave to get him out of the way.
tent among low-wage workers who
are on the front lines of the pandem- teed,” said Shanna Foster, a single said it is nearing its goal of hiring
ic, serving the needs of those who mother who stopped working her 300,000 more workers — more than
can keep safe working from home. Instacart gig two weeks ago out doubling its workforce — to fulfill
Whole Worker, a workers group for of fear of contracting the virus. “It orders it says have surged by 150
Whole Foods employees, called for wasn’t worth the risk.” percent over last year’s levels in the
a nationwide “sick out” on Tuesday. But a rush of hiring is likely to di- past weeks.
Many workers in high demand lute any attempts by existing work- In the past week, Instacart said
are part-time or contracted employ- ers to organize walk-offs. Many 250,000 people have signed up to
ees, lacking in benefits such as paid people are applying for the new work as full-service shoppers —
sick time off or health care. In ad- jobs as layoffs surge in restaurants, “gig” workers who make multiple
dition to demands for more protec- retail, hospitality, airports and oth- trips a day to groceries stores to get
tion against coronavirus, workers er industries that have shut down. and deliver groceries that people
are citing longstanding grievances Nearly 3.3 million Americans ap- order on its app. The company said
over practices that keep wages low plied for unemployment benefits about 50,000 of those workers have
and part-time workers from getting last week, almost five times the pre- actually started shopping.
more hours. vious record set in 1982. It said the strike had no impact
Online grocery-delivery service While many Instacart workers on its operations Monday, with 40
Instacart and Amazon say they said they would stop taking orders percent more shoppers using its
are working to equip their workers Monday, other, newer workers were platform compared to the same day
with sanitation gear and have taken reluctant to give up a source of in- last week.
steps to increase pay and extend come at a time of mass layoffs. Instacart workers are demand-
paid sick time. Instacart said Sun- “I’m grateful to have some way ing $5 in hazard pay per order and
day that it would make hand sani- to make money,” said Summer Coo- a tip default on the app to at least
tizer available to its workers upon per, 39, who started working as an 10 percent. The company instead
request and outlined changes to its Instacart shopper in the Tampa announced Sunday that it would
tip system, but strikers said it was Bay, Florida, area recently after change the tip default to the amount
too little too late. losing her position as a server at a last paid by the client, saying work-
“They need to give us hazard pay hotel restaurant. ers are seeing a surge in tips amid
right now and it should be guaran- San Francisco-based Instacart the pandemic.

Census Day arrives with US almost paralyzed by coronavirus

Virus has forced Census Bureau to on the statute’s Dec. 31
deadline for apportion-
ing stay-at-home orders
to slow the virus’s spread,
suspend field operations for a month ment counts and popu-
lation counts. We will
greatly hindering in-per-
son rallies, meetings and
BY MIKE SCHNEIDER also has delayed the start continue to assess all of door-knocking by activists
The Associated Press of counts for the homeless our operations to see if to raise awareness about
and people living in group there are any changes that the 2020 census.
ORLANDO, Fla. — quarters like college need to be made,” Michael Experts say connecting
Census Day — the date dorms and nursing homes, Cook, chief of the Public with trusted community
used to reference where a and has pushed back the Information Office at the leaders in person is the
person lives for the once- deadline for wrapping up U.S. Census Bureau, said best way to reach people in
a-decade count — arrived the head count from the Tuesday. hard-to-count groups that
Wednesday with a nation end of July to mid-August. The head count started may be wary of the federal
almost paralyzed by the The Census Bureau is in late January in rural, government.
spread of the novel corona- required by federal statute native villages in Alaska, “There is the issue of
virus. But census officials to send the president the but the rest of the coun- attention. Certainly when
vowed the job would be counts that will be used try wasn’t able to start an- folks are anxious about the
completed by its year-end to carve up congressio- swering the questionnaire public health issue, and
deadline. nal districts — a process until the second week of kids are away from school,
The virus’s spread has known as apportionment March when the Census and they’re being away
forced the U.S. Census Bu- — and draw state legisla- Bureau’s self-response from work, it’s a concern
reau to suspend field op- tive districts by Dec. 31. website went live and peo- that the census isn’t on top
erations for a month, from Some groups are suggest- ple received notices in the of people’s mind as you
mid-March to mid-April, ing that the deadline be mail that they could start would want it to be,” said
when the hiring process pushed back, though it’s answering the questions. Thomas Saenz, president
would be ramping up for currently mandated by But that was only a week of the Mexican American
up to 500,000 temporary federal law. before many governors Legal Defense and Educa-
census takers. The bureau “We are laser-focused and mayors started issu- tional Fund.
8A WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

2nd Mississippi rep resigns over pension and pay dispute

Governor Tate Reeves will have to set a tem. He said the Republican
House speaker, Philip Gunn,
In late 2019, the pension
board finalized a rule that went
apologized to his House con-
stituents for leaving office.
special election to fill the District 87 seat, “has blocked that effort.”
Andrews represents Dis-
along with Hood’s legal opin-
ion. It said Mississippi govern-
“The failure of our state
leadership to implement a pol-
located in Forrest and Lamar counties trict 87 in Forrest and Lamar
counties. Republican Gov. Tate
ment retirees can continue col-
lecting pension benefits while
icy allowing PERS retirees to
serve has denied legislative
BY EMILY WAGSTER PET TUS publican Rep. Ramona Black- Reeves will have to set a spe- also being paid to serve in the service to over 100,000 cur-
The Associated Press ledge of Laurel stepped down cial election to fill that seat for Legislature. rent retirees and over 100,000
Jan. 31. the rest of the term. Gunn said in January that
JACKSON — A Mississippi members who are still active,”
Andrews is a retired Lamar The Mississippi Public Em- he disagreed with Hood’s in-
lawmaker is resigning as of Andrews wrote. “The change
County Court judge. In his let- ployees Retirement System had terpretation of state law. Gunn
Tuesday because he will not be will come — but not until Gunn
ter resigning from the House, a longstanding rule that said also said that if legislators
able to collect his state govern- state elected officials could not want to change the law that has and other leaders stand up and
ment pension while serving in he wrote that he qualified to do what is right.”
receive salaries and pension been in place for decades, they
the state House. run for the House based on the benefits simultaneously. In No- should file a bill to do so. A bill Andrews and Blackledge
Republican Rep. Billy An- belief that he could serve for vember 2018, then-Mississippi was filed and was killed during were among the four retired
drews of Purvis is the second less than full legislative pay Attorney General Jim Hood, a a hastily called House commit- public employees — all Repub-
House member to resign for and still receive his pension Democrat, issued a nonbind- tee meeting after he said that. lican — who were elected to
this reason since the four-year through the Mississippi Public ing legal opinion contradicting In the resignation letter the House in November. The
term started in January. Re- Employees Retirement Sys- that rule. submitted Thursday, Andrews other two remain in the House.

Louisiana spillway may open

for record third consecutive year
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS river’s rush past New Orleans, keeping it
below 1.25 million cubic feet per second.
NEW ORLEANS — A major flood But opening the spillway has environ-
control structure on the Mississippi Riv- mental effects, sending river water and
er may have to soon be opened up to ease the pollutants it carries into brackish
pressure on New Orleans levees, federal Lake Pontchartrain north of New Orle-
authorities said Tuesday.
ans and the Mississippi Sound, dropping
The river is expected to crest above
their normal salinity levels.
17 feet at a key New Orleans gauge as
early as Friday, the U.S. Army Corps of Two extended openings of the struc-
Engineers said in a news release. ture last year were blamed by Missis-
That would likely lead to the opening sippi authorities for feeding toxic algae
of a structure that diverts water through blooms and killing oysters, dolphins and
the Bonnet Carré Spillway. It would be other sea life. The U.S. Commerce De-
the first time the structure has been partment declared an economic disaster
used three years in a row to keep the riv- in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama
er from damaging New Orleans’ levees. because of “extreme flooding events in
The spillway was created to limit the the Gulf of Mexico.”

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Berry in 2018. The school Developer Mark Cas- voice of the Patriots bas-
had been closed since tleberry, one of the origi- ketball program.
2011, and is now being re- nal CRA board members, The news came as a
developed as a mixed-use said Acker was the person heavy blow to the Heri-
project with high-end loft who did most of the work tage Academy family, said
apartments and commer- for the group. Greg Carlyle, the school’s
cial space. “We (the board) would headmaster.
“Last night Columbus meet and come up with “We’re just trying to
lost one of its best with ideas, but John was very get our heads around it
the passing of John Ack- much responsible for im- now,” Carlyle said. “His
er,” Columbus Mayor plementing everything two daughters, Mary and
Robert Smith said. “John and doing the hard work, Anna, graduated from
was a leader among lead- everything from paying
Heritage and his son, Eli,
ers. He was respected as the bills and managing
is a senior this year. We’re
smart and determined to the finances to the legal
getting prayer groups to-
those that knew him. John work and managing the
has been the only chair- land purchases,” Castle- gether and we’ll be sup-
man that Board has ever berry said. “He was a very porting the family any
had since its formation. I good person to work with. way we can.”
don’t know of anyone with It’s a shock. He died way Eli Acker is an Ole
the skills and determina- too soon.” Miss football commit-
tion to accomplish what Acker was a father of ment for 2021, where he
he has done in that lead- three, all of whom attend- will join his sisters who
ership for our city. Colum- ed Heritage Academy. He are students at Ole Miss.
bus is stronger and better was an active supporter of Acker was with State
for John’s willingness to the school, particularly its Farm for 25 years, the last
serve others and I am sad- sports programs, where 20 as an agent in Colum-
dened with his passing.” he served as the radio bus.

Continued from Page 1A
according to the CDC’s the website said. Among website, though none are
website. the total numbers are 17 from the Golden Triangle
As of Tuesday, the Mis- cases in Oktibbeha Coun- area.
sissippi State Department ty, 11 in Lowndes County, Nationally, about 4,000
of Health reported there four in Clay County and people have died from
are now 937 confirmed three in Noxubee County. COVID-19, while more
cases of COVID-19 coro- Additionally, 20 peo- than 185,000 people have
navirus statewide. ple have now died from been diagnosed with the
Ninety new cases were the virus in Mississippi, virus, according to na-
reported Monday alone, according to MSDH’s tional media outlets.

Get promoted? Win an award?

Send us your business brief.
subject: Business brief


to transfer

sippi State guard Jayla Hem-
ingway is potentially on the
According to a source
with immediate knowledge
of the situation, Hemingway
has entered
the transfer
portal. The
Te n n e s s e e
Player of the
Year in 2019,
she finished
her fresh- Hemingway
man season
averaging 1.6 points and one
rebound per game. She can
still return to MSU if she so
This marks the second
player since November to
leave the program after
former three-star recruit
Bre’Amber Scott transferred
to Arkansas-Little Rock.
While Hemingway’s de-
parture leaves MSU with just
12 players returning from
this season’s squad, incom-
ing top-100 recruits guard
Madison Hayes and forward
Deyona Gaston will join the
mix next season.
The Bulldogs finished
their 2020 season 27-6 with
an appearance in the South-
eastern Conference Wom-
en’s Basketball Tournament
Finals. The Bulldogs were
expected to host a regional
Austin Perryman/MSU athletics
before the NCAA Tourna-
Mississippi State’s David Dunlavey will have a tough choice looming to decide if he wants to re-join the Bulldogs for the 2021 season. ment was canceled due to
the outbreak of COVID-19.
BY BEN PORTNOY look at what the 2021 ros- Westburg physically — Depends on the draft dan, both have a string of
bportnoy@cdispatch.com ter could look like: should move to short- question marks when it
stop, though it remains
While Westbrug, Fos-
cue and Ginn are safe comes to their pro pros- MSU earns
Probably gone to be seen who gets slot- pects. Allen has played
Mississippi State’s 2021
baseball roster got a lit- While another year
of Jordan Westburg and
ted at second base.
bets to be drafted no
matter how short it may everything from first
base to outfield since
JT Ginn is also a like- be, it remains unclear
tle more crowded Mon-
day as the NCAA offered Justin Foscue in the mid-
dle of the MSU infield
ly MLB Draft casualty. when fellow juniors Josh
Hatcher, Tanner Allen
he arrived at MSU, but
it’s still unclear what his
ment from
extra eligibility to play- Ginn was a first round
ers affected by the out-
break of COVID-19.
sounds like a thrill, both
will almost assuredly be
pick out of high school and Rowdey Jordan are
taken, if at all.
true position is. His bat
mitigates those concerns
4-star QB
before he spurned the
Following the NCAA’s
ruling, the Bulldogs
selected in the MLB’s
First Year Player Draft.
Los Angeles Dodgers Hatcher was primed
for a breakout campaign
a good deal, though find-
ing some better foot- Sawyer
to play at MSU. After
could have as many as
50 players returning to
Though it’s only slated to
be five rounds, Westburg
a string of shoulder is- after he hit .311 with
four doubles, two home
ing in the outfield as a
fourth-year junior could Robertson
sues muddied an other- entice MLB teams even
Starkville for next sea- is a likely first round runs and nine RBIs in 16 BY DISPATCH STAFF
pick, while Foscue’s pop wise brilliant showing more.
son. And while it’s ex- starts. Despite that, it’s
at second base makes in parts of two years for a small sample size and That said, Jordan is
pected a handful of play- STARKVILLE — Mike
ers will depart, coach him a prime second or the Bulldogs and a sea- MLB ball clubs may want the more flawed of the
Leach has secured his sec-
Chris Lemonis should third round selection. son ending surgery end- to see what he can do in pair as his lack of plate
ond quarterback recruit
have a loaded roster With Westburg and ed his 2020 campaign, a full season as a regular discipline can get him
since being hired at Missis-
heading into his third Foscue gone, freshman he should still be taken starter in the Southeast- behind in counts. He did
sippi State in January.
season at the helm. Kamren James — who’s in the draft’s first two ern Conference. still hit .308 with 20 hits
Four-star signal-call-
With that, here’s a a virtual carbon copy of rounds. As for Allen and Jor- See BASEBALL, 2B er Sawyer Robertson an-
nounced his pledge to MSU
via Twitter Tuesday night.
Robertson, a prolific pros-
pect on the diamond as

Virtual tours could be next on the horizon well, will also play baseball
for the Bulldogs.
“A special thanks to
Coach Leach and Coach

as MUW’s recruiting efforts take new shape

(Chris) Lemonis and the
entire football and baseball
staffs at Mississippi State
for believing in me and giv-
BY THEO DEROSA three hours touring the son recruiting contact it was when kids were sense,” Wolfenbarger ing me this opportunity,” he
tderosa@cdispatch.com university grounds, eat- — including on-campus still on campus and we said. “We’re trying to wrote.
ing lunch and learning visits — through April were able to have visits Robertson comes to
show them as much of
Matt Wolfenbarger, about the school and the 15 amid the COVID-19 on campus,” Wolfenbarg- Starkville as the second
the campus as we can, as
the head baseball coach baseball program — the coronavirus pandemic. er said. quarterback in Leach’s 2021
if they were there with us
at the Mississippi Uni- questions and the hang- That led to a new idea He said the video will class after Liberty Chris-
in the golf carts and we
versity for Women, often ups tend to fade away. the school recently came include footage of dorm tian product and fellow Tex-
were giving them a tour.”
has to dispel misconcep- “A lot of times, once up with: a virtual tour rooms, the school’s din- an Daniel Greek pledged to
MUW men’s basket-
tions when he’s talking they get there and they to be filmed and sent to ing and athletic facilities the Bulldogs Feb. 2.
ball coach Brian Merkel
to players he wants to see everything that hap- recruits in every sport. and the rest of the cam- With his commitment,
said he’s seen other col-
become future Owls. pens, the campus kind of Wolfenbarger said MUW pus. It will also provide Robertson becomes the
leges employ a similar highest-rated quarterback
“Sometimes they sells itself,” Wolfenbarg- will hold a staff meeting information about all tactic for recruiting. recruit to commit to MSU
don’t even know that we er said. Thursday to discuss the Owls’ sports teams What the Owls are do- since Omar Conner in 2003.
have sports, or they don’t Lately, though, he and the idea further, but the and links to reach out ing, he said, is an at- A native of Lubbock, Tex-
even know that we have his fellow coaches can’t school’s plan is to film to coaches and current
a male baseball team, tempt to succeed during as, his home town is also a
rely on that tried-and- the video professionally, players, as the school
or they don’t even know a “unique situation.” place Leach called home for
true method to sell the potentially using a drone aims to capture the feel-
where Columbus, Mis- “Anything helps at 10 years as the head coach
school to recruits who for aerial footage. ing of an in-person tour
sissippi, is at,” Wolfen- this point, and that cer- at Texas Tech.
can’t come to campus “I know our staff and for recruits who don’t
barger said. and fall in love with the the rest of the coaches at know when they might tainly is a resource that As a junior, Robertson
But when Wolfen- school. The W, a provi- The W, we’re all utilizing be able to come to town. we will use and look to completed 257 of 407 pass-
barger brings in players sional NCAA Division everything we have to “We’re trying to do help expedite the pro- es for 3,914 yards, 44 touch-
on recruiting visits — III member, is currently get by and to make it just that without being able cess,” Merkel said. downs and just eight inter-
where they spend two to prohibited from in-per- as presentable a place as to do that, if that makes See MUW, 2B ceptions.
2B WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

The countdown clock is clicking again for the Tokyo Olympics

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS new dates. the same. We always had David Wallechinsky, timates range between an tended until next year, we
Mori, an 82-year-old those problems so we will the president of the In- added $2 billion-$6 billion. would like to ask them for
TOKYO — The count- former Japanese prime be prepared for those is- ternational Society of And Japanese taxpayers extensions. I’m not hear-
down clocks have been re- minister, also recalled sues.” Olympic Historians, said will pick up most of the ing they have any specif-
set and are ticking again there’s no guarantee that Though the interna- the Olympics in 2021 — bills, as they have for most ic objections to this. And
for the Tokyo Olympics. the coronavirus pandem- tional sports federations they will still be officially of the preparations so far. whether we would like to
The model outside ic will be under control a went along with the new called the 2020 Olympics Muto promised trans- ask them for more con-
Tokyo Station, and oth- year from now. That in- dates, some of them, like — could become a symbol parency in calculating the tributions — nothing has
ers across the Japanese cludes the new dates for the International Triath- for a world pulling togeth- costs, and testing times been decided.”
capital, were switched on the Paralympics now set lon Union, preferred the er after the pandemic. deciding how they are di- The Switzerland-based
almost immediately after for Aug. 24-Sept. 5. cooler spring during Ja- “I see this postpone- vided up. International Olympic
organizers announced “This is a prayer that pan’s cherry blossom sea- ment as more of an op- “There will be costs Committee is contribut-
the new dates — July 23 we have and I do believe son. But that was overrid- portunity for the Olympic and we will need to consid- ing $1.3 billion to the To-
to Aug. 8, 2021. that someone is going den by the easiest route to Movement, rather than er them one by one,” Muto kyo Olympics, according
The clocks read 479 to listen to our prayers,” lining up venues. a setback,” he said in an said. “I think that will be to organizing committee
days to go. That seems a Mori said. “We are having discus- email to The Associated the tougher process.” documents. The IOC’s
long way away, but also After cursory talk sions with all the venues at Press. Japan is officially contribution goes into the
small and insignificant about an Olympics in the the moment,” said Toshiro He said an outright can- spending $12.6 billion to operating budget.
compared with the world- spring, the new summer Muto, the CEO of the or- cellation, rather than post- organize the Olympics. The IOC had income in
wide fallout from the dates overlap perfectly ganizing committee. “At ponement, probably was However, an audit bureau the latest four-year Olym-
coronavirus. with the same time slot this point we don’t have a not feasible. of the Japanese govern- pic cycle of $5.7 billion,
Then again, it’s not that was picked for 2020. final decision. However, “From a financial point ment says the costs are and 73% was from selling
much time to reassem- Organizers are hoping some problems have al- of view, cancellation was already twice that much. broadcast rights with 18%
ble the first Olympics to to overlay the old plans ready become apparent.” not a viable option,” he When it won the bid in from long-term sponsor
be postponed since the with new plans, keeping Muto said organizers said. “The repercussions 2013, Tokyo said the revenue. American broad-
modern games began venues in place, securing haven’t yet heard from would have been complex Olympics could cost $7.3 caster NBC makes up half
124 years ago; not for thousands of rooms in the any venues saying the re- and widespread.” billion. of the IOC’s broadcast rev-
11,000 Olympic athletes Athletes Village, deploy- scheduled Olympic events The Olympic flame, All of the spending is enue and pays more than
and 4,400 Paralympic ing the same volunteers, can’t be staged there next which arrived from public money except for $1 billion for the rights to
athletes, and not for spon- and letting people who year. Greece on March 12, will $5.6 billion from a pri- each Olympics.
sors, broadcasters, the bought tickets keep them. “There are a lot of ven- stay temporarily in the vately funded operating The IOC also has al-
fans that have already The summer date also ues that can’t make a de- northeastern prefecture budget. About $3.3 billion most $2 billion in reserve
bought tickets and Japa- avoids conflicts with the cision yet. So we have to of Fukushima. The Olym- in that budget has been funds and insurance to
nese organizers and tax- crowded North Ameri- negotiate with them,” he pics were supposed to raised from local spon- cover emergency situa-
payers who have spent can and European sports said. “If we have to make a focus on that area’s strug- sorship deals driven by tions.
billions and will have to schedules. But summer change to the venues, then gles from the earthquake, Dentsu Inc., Japan’s giant “NBC, in particular,
come up with billions in Tokyo also means grap- we might have to change tsunami and the meltdown advertising and public re- has a lot to say,” Walle-
more to pay for the set- pling with intense heat the competition schedule of three nuclear reactors lations company. chinsky said. “That’s why
back. and humidity, the major as well. in 2011. But the flame’s That sponsorship the games are scheduled
“I believe that these worry for games organiz- “I personally don’t symbolism next year is amount is almost three for the summer, which is
Olympics are going to ers before the pandemic. think there are going to likely to shift to recovery times more than any pre- not ideal for athletes com-
have great historical sig- “Obviously in the be many major changes to from the pandemic. vious Olympics. peting in outdoors sports.
nificance,” Yoshiro Mori, summer there might be the (competition) sched- Mori and Muto have “The current sponsor The 1964 Tokyo Olympics
the president of the Tokyo typhoons and the heat ule,” he added. “But our both acknowledged rejig- contracts will expire this took place in October,
organizing committee, problems,” Mori said. discussions haven’t gone gering the Olympics will year,” Muto said. “And when the weather was
said after confirming the “However, this situation is that far yet.” incur “massive costs.” Es- since the games will be ex- more favorable.”

Continued from Page 1B
But video tours aren’t “Any time you recruit, Wolfenbarger said. ing at AAU tournaments, Merkel said. experiencing. It’s not just
the only thing MUW is do- whether you see them He was optimistic but not this year as high As the Owls continue Division III or Division II;
ing to keep up the recruit- or not, you kind of take about the 2020 season, school sports have been to adjust to their new style it’s Division I as well.”
ing process in a world of a gamble,” said Wolfen- which the Owls started similarly disrupted. of recruiting, Merkel For now, he and his
uncertainty. With a ban barger, who pointed out 7-4 as they played just 11 “I feel for high school offered a reminder that fellow coaches will keep
on in-person contact, that a high school player games of the 39 on their seniors right now, be- things have changed for doing what they can in a
coaches are relying on who stands out with a col- schedule. With many of cause not only is the every team and every rapidly changing environ-
traditional means of com- lege coach in the stands his players planning to
recruiting process dif- sport in every stage of col- ment.
munication: phone calls, may never have a game apply for an extra year
texts and emails. While that good in college. “It’s ferent, but they don’t get legiate competition. “We’re just kind of tak-
of athletic eligibility —
the latter often wind up in all a gamble, whether you already granted by the to finish out their senior “It’s new for every- ing it day by day and try-
a recruit’s spam folder or see a kid or you have vid- NCAA — Wolfenbarger year on campus — dif- body,” he said. “It’s some- ing to make the best out
go to a mistyped address, eo of a kid or you take a thinks next year could be ferent things like that,” thing that every level is of it,” Merkel said.
a text or phone conver- coach’s word for it.” even better.
sation can take less than He said several re- “We know the way we
five minutes and inform a cruits had pledged to at- were going and where we
player about their poten- tend Owls home games at were headed this season,
tial collegiate destination. Columbus High School, and I just hope and I have
“It’s a good chance for but with the spring sea- confidence that we’re gon-
you to kind of sell your- son on indefinite hold and na pick up right where we
self and to gauge a kid’s “highly unlikely” to re- left off a couple weeks ago
interest and try to see if sume, those plans are off. and start bringing it Day
it’s a place the kid would “It will hurt a little bit, 1 in the fall,” he said.
like to come play as well,” but if you do your job right Merkel, whose season
Wolfenbarger said. and you’ve established ended a few weeks be-
Unable to come to that connection with the fore the virus began to
games to watch potential kid and you’ve recruited spread in the U.S., said
targets finish out their them in every other way, the spring is usually a
senior year, he has had to coming to one of your top time for basketball
rely on highlight videos games at this point hope- recruits to come to cam-
sent by players and coach- fully shouldn’t make or pus. Normally, he’d be
es in order to evaluate break whether they de- hosting players on their
players. cide to commit or not,” second visits or out scout-

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and six RBIs in 16 starts in 18 games as a junior in his second season un-
this year, but another but hadn’t seen action der pitching coach Scott
season in the leadoff spot yet in 2020. He would Foxhall’s guidance. With
vacated by Jake Mangum give MSU a talented left- a fastball that can reach
could do wonders for his hander out of the bullpen the high-90s, Cerantola
stock. if he comes back. could skyrocket up draft
In a normal year, both boards in 2021 if his com-
Allen and Jordan are
assuredly off the pro-
The returning core mand continues to im-
While there will un- prove.
fessional ball. Instead, doubtedly be some ros- Freshman Landon
they should return to ter moves despite the Sims and former Itawam-
Starkville next season NCA A’s extension of el- ba Community College
while still maintaining igibility, MSU is primed product Houston Hard-
bargaining power due to to again be among the ing were stellar in lim-
their extra year of eligi- nation’s elite next spring. ited action. Freshman
bility. The aforementioned reliever Will Bednar also
Kamren James showed a seemingly found his foot-
Should they stay or solid glove and a smooth ing as soon as the season
should they go? stroke at the plate in his was canceled and could
move into the weekend
While the junior class first season in Starkville.
has ample professional Expect him to be a star as rotation.
prospects, it’s murky as soon as next year. In addition to the
to whether MSU’s five- Fellow freshman Lo- current roster, the Bull-
man senior class returns. gan Tanner also had his dogs welcome the No.
Graduate transfers moments both at catcher 13 ranked recruiting
David Dunlavey and Car- and at the dish. class according to Per-
lisle Koestler — fifth and Perhaps more im- fect Game. Top prospect
sixth-year seniors this portantly, two-thirds of Blaze Berry should be
season, respectively — MSU’s weekend rotation one of the first 10 play-
could both theoretically should be back in 2021. ers to hear his name in
come back as neither Christian MacLeod has the MLB Draft and likely
should be taken if the been billed as a potential won’t make it to MSU, but
draft drops to five rounds. first rounder down the the bulk of the Bulldogs’
Spencer Price and Ri- line and his four starts haul should help round
ley Self were in the midst this season backed it up. out next year’s squad.
of major bounce-back Totaling an ER A of 0.86 Assuming Allen and
years, but both boast long in 21 innings pitched, Jordan come back too,
injury histories. If they MacLeod allowed just MSU will have an expe-
hope to continue playing, nine hits while striking rienced core as college
another year at MSU in out 35. baseball rosters across
major roles would be- Hard-throwing right- the country are loaded
hoove them should they hander Eric Cerantola with as much talent as
stay healthy. flashed an improved com- the game has never seen
Jack Eagan appeared mand of the strike zone before.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 3B

NFL team owners vote to expand playoffs to 14 teams

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS was unanimous, football States to permit playing weekend in the past. The air on Nickelodeon. nity. I like it, though.”
operations chief Troy Vin- a full season that that will seventh seed will play No. NBC, its new stream- Team presidents and
The NFL is gearing up cent said. be the case for our interna- 2, the sixth will visit No. 3 ing service Peacock and owners were advised of
for a normal season and As for opening the sea- tional partners as well. Ob- and the fifth will be at the Spanish-language Tele- current plans for conduct-
playoffs — with two addi- son on Sept. 10 as sched- viously, that’s something fourth seed for wild-card mundo will broadcast the ing the draft on April 23-
tional wild-card teams in uled, NFL lead counsel Jeff that we’ll have to work games. other new game on Jan. 25.
the Super Bowl chase. Pash said: “All of our focus closely with the authori- Three games are set for 10 at approximately 8:15 Peter O’Reilly, who
NFL team owners vot- has been on a normal tradi- ties, public health and oth- Saturday and Sunday, Jan. p.m. EST. oversees organization of
ed Tuesday to expand the tional season, starting on er government authorities 9-10 — pending the NFL “It’s definitely going to major events such as the
playoffs by one team in time, playing before fans in in those other countries schedule going forward be different,” Washing- Super Bowl and draft,
each conference for a total our regular stadiums and to make sure it’s entirely as planned; that schedule ton Redskins linebacker said all of the NFL’s
of 14 next season as they going through our full 16- safe.” likely will be released on Thomas Davis said. “It’s preparations have been
continue to plan for the game regular season and a Contingencies are be- May 9, according to Brian going to be weird. Essen- designed to “ensure
2020 season to begin on full playoffs.” ing discussed for all poten- Rolapp, the league’s chief tially, the second team (in the selection process is
time. That would include the tial interruptions caused media and business offi- each conference) is be- sound.” That means eq-
During a conference two stadiums still under by the coronavirus. cer, to give the NFL “flex- ing penalized for being a uitable arrangements for
call to discuss league busi- construction in Las Vegas As for the first expan- ibility.” good football team. every team; “celebrating
ness after the annual meet- and Los Angeles, plus in- sion of the postseason field CBS will broadcast one “It just makes it more and welcoming” draft-
ings were canceled due ternational games in En- since 1990, when the NFL of the new games on Jan. competitive, it adds more ees to the league; fan in-
to the new coronavirus, gland and Mexico. went from 10 qualifiers to 10 at approximately 4:40 teams in and it allows volvement “providing an
the owners also awarded “I expect that interna- 12, only the teams with the p.m. EST. The game will teams that are hot late in escape for our fans and
one of those extra games tional games will be part of best record in the AFC and also be available via live the season like the Titans perhaps allowing virtual
to CBS and one to NBC. our schedule for this year,” NFC will get a bye under stream on CBS All Access. to be able to make a run — fan access”; and as a fund-
Three-fourths of the 32 Pash added. “We’re opti- the new format; the top A separately produced tele- a team that might not nor- raiser for people and com-
owners needed to approve mistic just as we expect two teams in each confer- cast of the game tailored mally be in the playoffs munities affected by the
the change, and the vote conditions in the United ence skipped wild-card for a younger audience will are getting that opportu- pandemic.

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: AWKWARD IN makes a mistake. I am joking
My father ARKANSAS when I blame Daffy, but my wife
has been DEAR MORE: and Daffy don’t find it funny.
mostly absent I don’t think you Am I wrong to make a joke, or
from my life. We are selfish. You should I not blame Daffy? (Daffy
reconnected when have good reason told me to write this letter.) —
I was an adult. I to be hurt and PANDA-MONIUM OUT WEST
have always had disappointed. DEAR PANDA-MONIUM: It
feelings of aban- Your father is appears there are not one, but
donment, and remaining true three “daffys” in your house-
because of this, to character, but hold. If you can’t “bear” what’s
I have constantly your friend has going on, stop joking.
tried to build a betrayed your P.S. You must think I’m daffy
ZITS relationship with trust. You may to believe this letter is legit.
him and allow him need the help of a DEAR ABBY: How do you
to have one with licensed therapist address a letter to three doctors
his grandchildren. to move beyond who are in a domestic partner-
Dad met my Dear Abby this, and that is ship? Two are married to each
friend of 10 years, what I recom- other and have the same last
“Danielle,” two mend you do. name. I addressed it as, “Drs.
months ago when I threw him Believe me, you have my Jane and John Doe and Joe
a birthday party. Since then, he sympathy. But you can’t change Brown,” but I wanted to be sure
and Danielle have begun a rela- your father or Danielle. You can, for future correspondence. —
tionship on the sly. The problem however, change the way you re- THREE’S COMPANY IN ATLANTA
is, Danielle tells Dad things I act to them, and a therapist will DEAR T.C.: Surrounded by
confided to her over the years, help you do that more quickly so many doctors, you must be
and he is coming back to me than you can do it on your own. receiving excellent health care!
with whatever she has told him. DEAR READERS: On April 1, The correspondence should be
GARFIELD Dad has been separated for
14 years, and Danielle insisted
I like to share a few of the more
offbeat letters I receive. Here
addressed to “Drs. Jane and
John Doe and Joe Brown, M.D.”
that she wouldn’t date him are three: Joe earned his degree and
under those circumstances, DEAR ABBY: For more than deserves that title — even if he
but she did. Since the start of 50 years, my wife has had a is coming in third.
this, my relationship with my close relationship with a stuffed DEAR ABBY: When I put
dad is even worse, and my long panda bear she received when my hand on my wife’s knee at
friendship with Danielle has she was 8 years old. His name the dinner table last night, she
been ruined because I know is Daffy, and he sits by our fire- blurted out the name of another
I can’t trust her. Dad spends place and pretty much rules the man. What do you make of this?
all of his time with her and her house. She makes him “talk” — CURIOUS IN CALIFORNIA
child now and hasn’t begun and takes him places. DEAR CURIOUS: Unless
to build a bond with me or his When I make a mistake, the name she blurted was
own grandchildren, which has like not hanging up my jacket, Alfredo and you were eating
been the story of my life, and I say that Daffy told me not to pasta, I suspect you may have a
my friend knows this. Abby, am I do it. She gets mad, and I get a problem.
CANDORVILLE being selfish? What do you think lecture from Daffy about how HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY,
I should do? — MORE THAN he isn’t to blame and he never EVERYONE!

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (APRIL in the race but what you do with infuse the moment with feeling.
1). You’re a rebel, a dreamer, a it that matters. Too much of it is like too much
creator and a fighter. You fight TAURUS (April 20-May 20). honey in the tea. It becomes so
for yourself, your family and the Giving your loved ones the best overly sweet that the other fla-
health of the world. You fight of you will be a lot easier when vors become indistinguishable.
in small daily actions, votes, you don’t feel deprived. Just LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
purchases, in the people you because you choose to serve Hands-on is the quickest way to
choose and in the way you show others doesn’t make you their learn. As for today’s interesting
your love and respect. By your servant. Make sure the roles work, you wouldn’t want to do
next birthday, you’ll look back are balanced. it all of the time, but having
BABY BLUES amazed at the difference you GEMINI (May 21-June this experience enriches your
made. Leo and Capricorn adore 21). Well done is better than perspective.
you. Your lucky numbers are: 5, well said, except in a case like VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
33, 40, 21 and 6. today, when you’ll be presented There are legends of people
ARIES (March 21-April 19). with a possibility that you just living to be hundreds of years
Sometimes, you’re behind your don’t feel like doing. Then well old. The truth of them is doubt-
friends and colleagues. and said is better, and thing to say ful, and yet, certain practices
sometimes you’re ahead. Both well is “no.” make you feel like you’re getting
ways have benefits and deficits. CANCER (June 22-July 22). younger. You’ll do more of those
In the end, it’s not your position A drop of sentimentality can today.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
The impression you get when
you meet someone new will be
like a line drawing in a coloring
book. You’ll fill in the colors with
BEETLE BAILEY subsequent visits, but the initial
form will remain.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). Don’t worry about making
anyone like you, convincing
the skeptics or pleasing the
audience. When you do what
you’re interested in doing, a
team will emerge quite naturally
to support you.
21). Not every idea you have is
worth following, but the good
ones will keep coming back to
mind. Some of them have per-
MALLARD FILLMORE sisted for years, and you’re just
now giving them their due.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Moods are conveyed in fa-
cial expressions and fonts, body
language and lighting, music
and weather. Close your eyes
and try to see the mood inside
you. Don’t let its message be
muffled by the external world.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). Much about who you are
was forged by others when you
were too small to make your
own decisions. Now that you
FAMILY CIRCUS are able to control some of your
circumstances, you’re forging
your character out of choice.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). Since regret never moved
things forward, you’ll use what
you’ve learned to make new
choices. An excellent one will
have the sort of quick outcome
you can immediately build upon.

Wine and cheese party

4B WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

A photo exploration of life

FOCAL POINT inside the Golden Triangle

The Days of
Part I
In a very short amount of time, ways of life were changed
in the Golden Triangle. Schools, churches, clubs and local
businesses closed with uncertain prospects for reopening.
People quickly started working from home and spending
less time in the public. Social gatherings came to a halt while
social distancing became the new norm.
For many, the pace of life slowed dramatically.
Days once filled with the sound of cars and machines are
now brimming with voices and chirping birds.
Last week Dispatch employee and freelance photographer
Deanna Robinson made her way across Lowndes County with
her camera. She found families playing together, couples
spending time having real conversations, children learning
outdoors and people working from home.
She described it as a calming experience in an uncertain

Photographed by Deanna Robinson/Dispatch Staff

TOP: Lily Dunn, 17, sits in her bedroom during the COVID-19
quarantine. She is a senior at New Hope High School. “This
was supposed to be the best year of my life. Instead, we’re all
stuck at home, missing out on all the senior activities we’ve
anticipated since kindergarten” Lily said. She is the daughter
of Jenny LeBlanc. TOP LEFT: Ellis, 8, Robby, Marlee Cate, 4,
and Anna Hudson play Uno on the front steps of their home
in New Hope. Robby teaches Cyber Foundations at New Hope
Middle. Anna works at outpatient speech therapy at Baptist
but due to the low caseload during this time, she is taking
temperatures in the outpatient pavilion. MIDDLE LEFT: Cooper
Goodman, 14, Landry Allison, 13, and Isabella Allison, 13,
use sidewalk chalk to make a mosaic on the driveway of their
grandparents’ home in New Hope. Cooper is the son of Dean
and Shilo Goodman. Landry and Isabella are the children of
Sam and Erika Allison. BOTTOM LEFT: Heather, Dow and
Hannah Frances Ford enjoy some fresh air as they catch up on
some work on their front lawn on 12th Avenue North in Colum-
bus. COVID-19 has landed each of them at home until further
notice. Heather teaches Kindergarten at Annunciation Catholic
School. Dow is an assistant manager at Zachary’s. Hannah
Frances is a Junior in nursing school at Spring Hill College in
Mobile, Alabama. ABOVE: Rebecca Jo McCormick reads her
bible while her husband, Fritz McCormick, enjoys the peace-
ful day on their porch on Military Road in Columbus. “I am so
grateful to God and our President Trump for giving us hope.
Stay safe and stay home,” Rebecca Jo said.
Jan Swoope: 328-2471

An Easter toffee
Here’s a great snack to have on
hand for everyone staying at home
more these days.

Turn to a
tart, sweet

hen snack time comes
calling, here’s an easy
option that’s ready to go
in your refrigerator and is perfect
during a break from working or
studying at home. These mini
fruit tarts require just a handful of
common ingredients and can be
refrigerated until cravings strike
for something sweet.
Find more snack ideas at culi-


Serves: 24

1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese,

1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
24 prebaked mini tart crusts
Assorted fruit, for garnish (optional)

n In large mixing bowl, beat cream

cheese and sweetened condensed milk
until smooth. Add lemon juice and vanilla Jan Swoope/Dispatch Staff
extract; continue mixing until blended. Meredith Fraser holds a plate Tuesday of Easter saltine toffee she made at her home in Columbus. Saltine crack-
n Spoon cream cheese mixture into pre- ers, chocolate chips, brown sugar and butter go into this sweet-and-salty snack topped with colorful candies.
baked mini tart crusts. Top with assorted
fruit, as desired. Refrigerate 2 hours

Columbus cook shares a treat to enjoy and share

before serving.

BY JAN SWOOPE there are numerous ways families “My mother was like a gourmet
jswoope@cdispatch.com can keep it special, spiritually as cook; anything she put her hands

well as when it comes to adding to was just divine. Everything she
eredith McClanahan Fraser a festive touch for the young and made was wonderful, from shrimp
admits she is “a sucker and grits to fried quail,” said Fraser.

ways to rethink
for new recipes.” So when
“I think children would like In reminiscing about Easters
she went on the hunt for something
helping put the M&Ms and sprin- past that stand out in memory,
different for Easter, a saltine toffee
kles on this,” said Fraser, who Fraser shared, “My maternal grand-

favorite recipes
treat topped with the pretty pastels
plans to make up plenty of toffee parents always had an Easter egg
of spring caught her eye. She found
the recipe at twopeasandtheirpod. for her three grandchildren. “Since hunt at the house for me and my
com. In short order, she made a big we can’t all be together like we siblings and our friends. We would
FAMILY FEATURES normally would, I’ll just make this be dressed in our Sunday best.”
sheet pan of it and shared some with

neighbors. and maybe drop it off on their front As the egg hunters got older,
reshen up family dinners by doorstep and wave to them through Fraser’s mother carried on the
adding new ingredients like “Sometimes my neighbors end
up being the guinea pigs,” the Co- the window. tradition, but with a twist.
pecans, with natural richness “As we became adults, we started
lumbus cook said with a smile. “Of course, I’m sure if my broth-
and subtle sweetness coupled with er reads this, he’ll expect some at having three-legged hunts, just
irresistible crunch. “I was looking for something that
might be fun for kids to help make, his doorstep, too,” she laughed. like we used to do the three-legged
Kitchen staples are being used Cooking is “like therapy,” for races for field day at school,” Fraser
especially since we’re quarantined,”
to add twists to traditional dishes, Fraser, who credits her mother, Joy explained. “It’s a wonder no one
said Fraser. “With COVID-19, it
so finding an item you can use to looks like there won’t be Easter McClanahan — a Dispatch Cook of broke any bones trying to hunt eggs
mix up classic family recipes is gatherings.” the Week in 1962 — and her grand- that way. We would laugh until we
key. Pecans pack flavor, texture While Easter observances will mother, Erma Baynham, for passing cried. We still have 3-legged hunts.”
and nutrition all in one bite, and certainly be different this year, on a joy of it. See EASTER TOFFEE, 6B
they have a long shelf life. Shelled
pecans can be kept in airtight con-


A chicken in every pot

ook, I know dumplings. I start- and dumplings is supposed the chicken down with a garlic added a couple cloves of garlic
it’s far too ed off using drop to thicken itself. No “cream butter seasoning blend and put and a tablespoon of bullion
warm outside dumplings made of” soup or separate step it in the air fryer at 350, breast and cooked the whole shebang
to be chicken and from the recipe required. side down, for about an hour. for about four hours on high.
dumplings weather. on the back of the Enter: this version. I tried I flipped it over and continued When it was done, I poured
However, we all do Bisquik box; then, combining a biscuit recipe that to air fry for about 15 more the broth through a colander
have more time at realizing I almost I found in an America’s Test minutes to brown the breast. and into a large cooking pot. I
home than usual, never have Bisquik Kitchen cookbook with my We ate it with sautéed zuc- tossed the solids and kept the
and groceries are on hand, I tried usual chicken and dumplings chini, rolls, roasted potatoes, broth to make into this recipe.
a little harder to several rolled-out method, and it was just easy and dessert the first night. I realize that sounds like a
come by than usual scratch dumplings. enough that I think I could (That’s important: if you want lot of steps. It is a lot of steps,
... which means we Amelia Plair The first batch was pull it off even on a regular to have leftover chicken meat, but the steps are also really
are definitely in the tough, and the sec- weeknight. you must serve plenty of sides quick. Most of the work is
midst of a chicken ond was gummy. I Plus, it made use of a chick- with the chicken on the first hands-off. And let’s face it:
and dumplings season. returned to drop dumplings, en carcass, enabling my family night.) you’ll be home anyway.
Plus, we could all use a little but the versions I tried also re- of five to get our protein from a After dinner, I stripped the I hope you try this recipe
extra comfort right about now, quired thickening the chicken single roasted chicken for two bones clean. I put the leftover and enjoy it. Stay safe, friends.
couldn’t we? And nothing says stew in a separate, extra step. meals, plus leftovers. That’s meat in one ziptop bag and the Amelia Plair is a mom
comfort better than chicken No. Just, no. What is this the kind of meal I need when carcass in another. and high school teacher in
and dumplings. strange madness? Did they going to the grocery store is a The next day, I popped the Starkville. Email reaches her at
I’ve tried probably half a have a Yankee create these twice-a-month adventure. carcass into my slow cooker mamabadgerplair@gmail.com.
dozen recipes for chicken and recipes? The stew for chicken The first night, I rubbed and covered it with water. I See BUTTER TOGETHER, 6B
6B WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Easter toffee ‘America’s Test Kitchen’ has

Continued from Page 5B

Recipe tips
the recipe to hit season 20
When making saltine AP Television Writer
toffee, Fraser stressed,
“When it says to keep LOS ANGELES — There are cooking shows
stirring continuously, hosted by celebrities, some of whom may know a
keep stirring! And when it fricassee from a frittata, and shows that feature
says boil for three or four arrogant chefs and bad cooks. There’s an upcom-
minutes, don’t boil it any ing digital series in which blindfolded chefs get
longer.” smacked in the face with a dish and compete to
After the toffee has identify and make it.
had eight minutes in the Then there’s the gimmick-free “America’s
oven, be at the ready, she Test Kitchen,” in its 20th season of expertly guid-
advised. ing viewers through well-vetted steps for savory
“As soon as you bring sauces, perfectly grilled fish and flaky pie crusts,
it out, spread the choco- among the 1,000-plus recipes it has demystified
late chips on it. As soon to date. Also on the menu are reviews of a range
as they melt, you need to of ingredients, from anchovies to baking choco-
spread all the chocolate late to pasta, as well as cookware.
chips over the saltines.” No need to sample more than a half-dozen
Different candies can styles of yogurt, including Australian and Bul-
be substituted as desired, garian, because “America’s Test Kitchen” has
and decorations could Jan Swoope/Dispatch Staff done it for us. Being practical, not trendy, has its
be adapted to different Easter saltine toffee requires only 20 minutes of prep and cook time, but allow benefits: It boasts of being the longest-running
holidays, Fraser noted. about two hours for the chocolate to set.
U.S. cooking series. (Japan’s “Today’s Cooking,”
Although her work life which debuted in 1957, has it beat international-
unstable times, particular- late candies chips evenly over the top of
has yet to alter signifi- Sprinkles, if desired crackers. Let chocolate chips ly.)
cantly due to COVID-19 ly for the children around
sit for 2 minutes so they have The show’s unwavering focus explains its
(there are a limited us, plan for an Easter ■ Preheat oven to 350 F. Line a chance to melt. Spread
you will long remember success, said Jack Bishop, chief content officer
number of people in the a large baking sheet with a melted chocolate with a knife
for America’s Test Kitchen and on-screen host of
office space, and everyone as meaningful. It can be Silpat baking mat, parchment or rubber spatula. Sprinkle with
done. And a sweet-and- paper or aluminum foil. If using candy and sprinkles, if using. the product comparison segments.
is easily able to maintain foil, spray lightly with nonstick ■ Let toffee sit for about 2 “There’s a lot of food content on television
distance), Fraser is sensi- salty toffee can’t hurt.
cooking spray. Place saltines in hours or until the chocolate and on video platforms, especially in either the
tive to changes affecting a single layer, touching, on the hardens. You can refrigerate competition genre or in the travel genre,” Bishop
her Golden Triangle EASTER SALTINE TOFFEE baking sheet. Set aside.
■ In a medium saucepan, melt
toffee for an hour, or freeze for
30 minutes. When chocolate is said. With the public TV series, “it’s first and
community. Prep time: 5 minutes
foremost the content and the utility of the show,
Cook time: 15 minutes butter and brown sugar to- set up, break toffee into pieces
“Please stay safe, and gether over medium-high heat. and serve. that it helps people cook.”
Total time: 2 hours, 20
support local businesses minutes Bring butter and brown sugar (Note: You can top toffee with
because they’re really go- Makes 20 servings mixture to a boil. Boil for 3-4 chopped pecans or almonds.
ing to be the ones that are minutes, stirring constantly. Toffee will keep up to 2 weeks
going to take the toughest 40 saltine crackers Pour mixture evenly over sal- in airtight container in the
1 cup unsalted butter tine crackers. Bake 8 minutes fridge, or in the freezer for up
knocks,” she urged. 1 cup brown sugar or until topping is bubbling. to 2 months.)
As we all seek ways 2 cups chocolate chips ■ Remove pan from oven and (Source: twopeasandtheirpod.
to maintain stability in 1 cup M&Ms or other choco- immediately sprinkle chocolate com, via Meredith Fraser)

Butter Together
Continued from Page 5B
on the edges, not a rolling boil). Taste a teaspoon or small cookie scoop to
CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS broth and add salt and pepper as needed. drop dumplings over the top of the stew.
3 cups chicken broth (made from chicken In the meantime, place flour and whipping Do not stir. Cover the pot. (This is an
carcass, garlic, water, and chicken cream into a mixing bowl. Mix with a
bouillon) important step. If you do not have a lid,
large spoon just until the dough comes use a plate or cookie sheet. The pot
About 2 cups cooked, diced chicken together; if it appears too dry or shaggy,
2 cups self-rising flour add more cream, about a tablespoon at a must be covered for the dumplings to
1 cup heavy whipping cream time. (If you really like dumplings, you can cook properly.) Simmer, covered, for 15
easily increase this recipe. Just maintain minutes. Do not peek. When you lift the
■ Pour chicken broth into saucepan and the proportion of two parts flour to one lid, some of the dumplings will have fallen
bring to a boil. Add cooked chicken and part cream.) apart to thicken the chicken broth. Serve
turn heat down to simmer (just bubbling ■ When chicken broth is bubbling, use immediately.

Continued from Page 5B
tainers in the refrigerator 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
for about nine months (optional)
1 cup finely chopped fresh
and for up to two years in pecan pieces, divided
sealed plastic bags in the
freezer. n Heat oven to 400 F. Line
While pecans are be- baking sheet with parchment
loved in classic desserts, n In large bowl, mix ground
like pecan pie, they also chicken, spinach, lemon juice,
offer a variety of nutri- egg, garlic, onion powder, pa-
tion benefits that can be
added to nearly any meal.
prika, salt, pepper, cayenne (if
desired) and 1/2 cup pecans Correction
until well combined. The incorrect Sudoku puzzle appeared in the Sunday
They are among the n Roll chicken mixture into 1
highest in “good” mono- tablespoon- sized meatballs.
edition of The Dispatch. The correct puzzle and its
unsaturated fats, contain n Place reserved pecans in answer appear below. We apologize for the error.
3 grams of plant protein bowl. Roll meatballs in pecans
to coat then place on prepared
per serving and are a baking sheet.
source of fiber, flavonoids n Bake 20-30 minutes until
and minerals like manga- meatballs are cooked through.
nese, which is essential n Serve warm with sauces for
for metabolism and bone dipping or over pasta.
Nearly two decades of CHINESE CHICKEN
research document the
heart-health benefits of
Prep time: 15 minutes
pecans. In fact, accord- Cook time: 10 minutes
ing to the U.S. Food and Servings: 4
Drug Administration, sci-
entific evidence suggests 1/4 cup pecan butter
but does not prove that 1 tablespoon rice vinegar
eating 1 1/2 ounces per 1 tablespoon honey
day of most nuts, such as 1 teaspoon toasted sesame
pecans, as part of a diet oil
1 1/2 teaspoons soy sauce
low in saturated fat and 2 tablespoons warm water, familyfeatures.com

cholesterol, may reduce plus additional as needed To add variety to home meals, mix up some standards, 3/28 Difficulty Level

the risk of heart disease. (optional) like these meatballs, by incorporating pecans. 9 3 8 2 4 1 7 6 5
2020 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

One serving of pecans Sudoku is a num- 7 1 5 6 9 3 2 4 8

bread pan and use spatula to
(28 grams) has 18 grams
4 ounces dried thin rice PECAN BANANA BREAD smooth down top. Sprinkle ad-
ber-placing puzzle
based on a 9x9 grid
2 6 4 7 5 8 3 9 1
of unsaturated fat and noodles Prep time: 15 minutes 4 7 9 1 8 6 5 2 3
Cook time: 60 minutes ditional pecan pieces on top. with several giv-
only 2 grams of saturated cold water
5 8 3 9 7 2 4 1 6
Servings: 8 n Bake banana bread on en numbers. The
fat. 4 cups chopped romaine top rack 60 minutes until
1 2 6 4 3 5 9 8 7
lettuce object is to place the
Add crunch to this 4 cups chopped iceberg 10 ounces gluten-free baking toothpick comes out with few numbers 1 to 9 in
6 5 2 3 1 4 8 7 9
Chinese chicken salad lettuce flour mix crumbs but not completely the empty spaces so
8 9 1 5 2 7 6 3 4
with pecans by swap- 1/4 cup toasted and chopped 1 teaspoon baking powder clean. that each row, each 3 4 7 8 6 9 1 5 2
pecans 1/2 teaspoon baking soda n Remove from oven and al- column and each
ping out croutons, use 1/2 teaspoon sea salt Answer
2 scallions, finely chopped low to cool 10 minutes in pan. 3x3 box contains
chopped pecans as a fla- 2 flax eggs
1 cup bean sprouts Hold sides of pan and flip onto the same number only once. The difficulty level
vorful and nutrient-dense 1/2 cup crispy wontons 1 cup organic brown or coco- wire rack. Allow bread to cool
nut sugar increases from Monday to Sunday.
coating for pecan chicken 1 cup mandarin oranges completely. Slice as desired.
meatballs and bake this 2 tablespoons sesame seeds 1/2 cup coconut oil
2 cups rotisserie chicken 1/2 vanilla bean
pecan banana bread as a 1/2 cup vegan yogurt
breast, chopped
nutritious and kid-friend- 3/4 cup mashed bananas,
ly breakfast or snack n To make dressing: In medi- ripe
to fill your home with a um bowl, whisk pecan butter, 1 cup raw pecan pieces,
rice vinegar, honey, sesame oil chopped, plus additional for
delicious scent. topping
Discover more nutri- and soy sauce until smooth.
n Add 2 tablespoons warm
tious recipes at Ameri- water and whisk until incorpo- n Heat oven to 350 F.
canPecan.com. rated. Add additional water, 1 Prepare 9-by-5-inch banana
teaspoon at a time, if desired, bread pan.
until dressing reaches pour- n In medium bowl, sift flour
PECAN CHICKEN able consistency. mix, baking powder, baking
soda and sea salt; whisk to
n To make salad: Cook rice
MEATBALLS noodles according to package combine.
Prep time: 10 minutes instructions. Once cooked, n In mixer bowl, mix eggs,
Cook time: 30 minutes drain and transfer to bowl sugar and coconut oil 2 min-
Yield: 9 meatballs with cold water to keep from utes on medium-low speed.
sticking. n Scrape vanilla bean and
1 pound ground chicken n In large bowl, toss romaine add to mixture. Add vegan
1/4 cup spinach, chopped and iceberg lettuces, pecans, yogurt and mashed bananas;
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice scallions, bean sprouts, crispy mix 2 minutes on medium-low
1 egg wontons, mandarin oranges speed.
1 teaspoon minced garlic and sesame seeds. n Remove bowl from mixer
1/4 teaspoon onion powder n Divide salad among four and fold 1 cup raw pecan
1/4 teaspoon paprika plates; top each with 1/2 pieces into batter until evenly
1/4 teaspoon salt cup chicken and serve with distributed.
1/4 teaspoon pepper dressing. n Add batter to banana
SHAWN YOUNG, TERICA SIPPI DEPARTMENT OF REVEN- demn by eminent domain cer- County, Mississippi, 39743,

YOUNG, KATHLYN HARGROVE UE, MIDLAND FUNDING, LLC, tain real property, being Lot 4 Latitude: 33 19 14.96 N, Lon-
SMITH, PAUL HARGROVE, GOLDEN TRIANGLE WASTE of Square 34, Fishermans Addi- gitude: 88 37 34.54 W. The
Ads appear in The Commercial Dispatch,
tion, North of Main, located at
617 4th Street North, Colum-
bus, Mississippi. The property
Federal Communications Com-
mission (FCC) Antenna Struc-
ture Registration (ASR, Form
The Starkville Dispatch and Online
is necessary to renew and re-
development blighted condi-
tions in accordance with the
854) filing number is

Bottom) of the City of Colum-
bus, Mississippi.
To place ads starting at only $12,
terested persons may review
the application
call 662-328-2424 or visit ads.cdispatch.com
You are summoned to appear
by entering the filing number.
SISSIPPI, THE UNKNOWN KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- and defend against the com- Environmental concerns may
HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES VISEES OF ANNIE B. HAR- plaint or petition filed against
you in this action DISPATCH
9:30 n be
raised by filing a Request
Environmental Reviewn WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 n 7B
UNKNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND AT-LAW AND DEVISEES OF o’clock a. m. on the 5th day of (www.fcc.gov/asr/environment-
DEVISEES OF LULA D. HAR- GENEVA HARGROVE, THE UN- May, 2020, in the second floor alrequest) and online filings are
GROVE, THE UNKNOWN HEIRS- KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- courtroom, Lowndes County strongly encouraged. The mail-
AT-LAW AND DEVISEES OF VISEES OF ROSETTA HAR- Courthouse in Columbus, Mis- ing address to file a paper copy
Legal Notices Legal Notices
sissippi, and in case of your Legal
is: FCCNotices
Requests for Environ- Legal Notices

GROW, THE UNKNOWN HEIRS- PERSONS OR ENTITIES CLAIM- failure to appear and defend, a mental Review, Attn: Ramon
SIPPI KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- BEING LOT 4 OF SQUARE 34, other things demanded in the SIPPI
Call us: 662-328-2424 IN THE MATTER OF THE ES-
complaint or petition. HISTORIC PROPERTIES EF-
FECTS – Public comments re- IN THE MATTER OF THE ES-
TATE OF CHARLES MCILWAIN AT-LAW AND DEVISEES OF 617 4TH STREET NORTH, You are hereby further given garding potential effects on his- TATE OF ROBERT L. PROFFITT,
Legal Notices HOLCOMB, SR., DECEASED ROSETTA HARGROVE-ALEXAN- COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI DE- notice that not less than ten toric properties may be submit- JR., DECEASED
DER, AND ALL PERSONS FENDANTS (10) days prior to the date of ted within 30 days from the
LOWNDES COUNTY INDUSTRI- CAUSE NO. 2020- 00058-JNS OR ENTITIES CLAIMING A LEG- the trial, you are required to file date of this publication to: NO. 2020-0062-PDE
AL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY AL OR EQUITABLE INTEREST IN NO. 2020-0007-ED2 the Statement of Values pursu- MPH (RE: EBI #6120002406),
P.O. BOX 1328 DEBRA HOLCOMB HIX, PETI- REAL PROPERTY, BEING LOT 5 ant to Miss. Code Ann. §11-27- 21 B Street, Burlington, MA JOHN CAMPBELL PROFFITT, EX-
COLUMBUS, MS 39705 TIONER OF SQUARE 34, FISHERMANS SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION 7, which shall be treated as 01803, 504-458-4444, mhous- ECUTOR
ADDITION, NORTH OF MAIN, pleadings in this action. The ton@ebiconsulting.com.
TER TREATMENT PLANT COUNTY OF LOWNDES DEVISEES OF JUNIOUS HAR- and address of the attorney for IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF been granted and issued to
NO. 2020-0006-ED2 GROVE, DECEASED, THE UN- the Plaintiff is Martha Bost LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- John Campbell Proffitt, Execut-
ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Letters Testamentary have KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- Stegall, P. O. Box 7120, Tu- SIPPI or of the Estate of Robert L.
been granted and issued to the SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION VISEES OF LULA D. HAR- pelo, Mississippi 38802. Oth- Proffitt, Jr., deceased, by the
Sealed Bids for the construc- undersigned upon the Estate of GROVE, DECEASED, THE UN- er than the Statement of Val- IN THE MATTER OF THE ES- Chancery Court of Lowndes
tion of the Manufacturer’s Charles McIlwain Holcomb, Sr., TO: SHAWN YOUNG, TERICA KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- ues you are not required to file TATE OF MICHAEL LEE County, Mississippi, on the 23
Drive and Access Road to Deceased, by the Chancery YOUNG, BENNIE COLBERT, JR., VISEES OF JOSEPH HAR- an Answer or other pleading MRAVICH, DECEASED day of March, 2020. This is to
Wastewater Treatment Plant Court of Lowndes County, Mis- BRITTANY ALEXANDER, THE GROVE/HARGROW, DE- but you may do so if you de- give notice to all persons hav-
will be received by the Presid- sissippi, on the 16th day of UNKNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND CEASED, THE UNKNOWN sire. NO. 2020-0051-PDE ing claims against said estate
ent and Board Members of March 2020. This is to give no- DEVISEES OF JUNIOUS HAR- HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES to Probate and Register same
Lowndes County Industrial De- tice to all persons having GROVE, DECEASED, THE UN- OF ANNIE B. HARGROVE, DE- Issued under my hand and the NOTICE TO CREDITORS with the Chancery Clerk of
velopment Authority at the of- claims against said estate to KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- CEASED, THE UNKNOWN seal of said Court, this 12th Lowndes County, Mississippi,
fices of Lowndes County Indus- probate and register same with VISEES OF LULA D. HAR- HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES day of March, 2020. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all within ninety (90) days from the
trial Development Authority loc- the Chancery Clerk of Lowndes GROVE, DECEASED, THE UN- OF GENEVA HARGROVE, DE- persons having claims against date of first publication of this
ated at 1102 Main Street, County, Mississippi, within KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- CEASED, THE UNKNOWN TERESA BARKSDALE, CLERK the Estate of Michael Lee Notice. A failure to so Probate
Columbus MS 39701 until May ninety (90) days from the first VISEES OF JOSEPH HAR- HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES SPECIAL COURT OF EMINENT Mravich, Deceased, that Let- and Register said claim will
1, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at publication date of this Notice GROVE/HARGROW, DE- OF ANNIE B. HARGROVE, DE- DOMAIN, ters Testamentary were gran- forever bar the same.
which time the Bids received to Creditors. A failure to so pro- CEASED, THE UNKNOWN CEASED, THE UNKNOWN LOWNDES COUNTY, MS ted the undersigned, Barbara
will be publicly opened and bate and register said claim HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES M. Vlahakis, Executor of said THIS the 23 day of March,
read. The Project consists of will forever bar the same. OF ANNIE B. HARGROVE, DE- OF ROSETTA HARGROVE-ALEX- BY: Ann Marie Langford, D.C. estate, by the Chancery Court 2020.
constructing Manufacturer’s CEASED, THE UNKNOWN ANDER, AND ALL PERSONS OR of said County on the 5th day
Drive and Access Road to This the 17th day of March HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES ENTITIES HAVING OR CLAIM- Publish: 3/18, 3/25, & of March, 2020, and all per- /s/ John Campbell Proffitt
Wastewater Treatment Plant. 2020. OF GENEVA HARGROVE, DE- ING A LEGAL OR EQUITABLE IN- 4/1/2020 sons holding claims against John Campbell Proffitt, Execut-
CEASED, THE UNKNOWN TEREST IN CERTAIN REAL that estate are hereby notified or
Bids will be received for a Debra Holcomb Hix HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES PROPERTY, BEING LOT 4 OF Cellco Partnership and its con- to have same probated and re-
single prime Contract. Bids DEBRA HOLCOMB HIX, Exec- OF ANNIE B. HARGROVE, DE- SQUARE 34, FISHERMANS AD- trolled affiliates doing busi- gistered according to law by OF COUNSEL:
shall be on a lump sum and/or utrix CEASED, THE UNKNOWN DITION, NORTH OF MAIN, LOC- ness as Verizon Wireless (Veri- the Chancery Clerk within
unit price basis, with additive HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES ATED AT 617 4TH STREET zon Wireless) proposes to build ninety (90) days from the first John W. Crowell, MBN 7906
and/or deductive alternate bid PUBLISH: 3/25, 4/1, & OF ROSETTA HARGROVE-ALEX- NORTH, COLUMBUS, MISSIS- a 286-foot self-supporting lat- date of publication of this no- Crowell Gillis & Cooper, PLLC
items as indicated in the Bid 4/8/2020 ANDER, AND ALL PERSONS OR SIPPI tice communications tower. An- tice; otherwise, such claim or Post Office Box 1827
Form. ENTITIES HAVING OR CLAIM- ticipated lighting application is claims not so probated will be Columbus, MS 39703
NOTICE TO QUALIFIED PUBLIC ING A LEGAL OR EQUITABLE IN- You have been made Defend- a medium intensity dual forever barred. The first date of PHONE: (662) 243-7318
The Issuing Office for the Bid- UTILITY CONTRACTORS AND TEREST IN CERTAIN REAL ants in a lawsuit filed in this red/white strobes. The Site loc- publication of this Notice to FAX: (662) 328-6890
ding Documents is: Calvert- SUPPLIERS PROPERTY, BEING LOT 5 OF Court by the Columbus Re- ation is 11693 Highway 45 Creditors is March 11, 2020. jcrowell@cgclawpllc.com
Spradling Engineers, Inc.; SQUARE 34, FISHERMANS AD- development Authority to con- South, Crawford, Lowndes
7085 Highway 45 North Altern- FRANKLIN TELEPHONE COM- DITION, NORTH OF MAIN, LOC- demn by eminent domain cer- County, Mississippi, 39743, This the 5th day of March, PUBLISH: 3/25, 4/1 &
ate, Suite 5; P.O. Drawer PANY, INC., ATED AT 617 4TH STREET tain real property, being Lot 4 Latitude: 33 19 14.96 N, Lon- 2020. 4/8/2020
1078; West Point, MS 39773. DELTA TELEPHONE COMPANY, NORTH, COLUMBUS, MISSIS- of Square 34, Fishermans Addi- gitude: 88 37 34.54 W. The
Prospective Bidders may exam- INC., SIPPI tion, North of Main, located at Federal Communications Com- /s/ Barbara M. Vlahakis
ine the Bidding Documents at CELLULAR SOUTH, INC., 617 4th Street North, Colum- mission (FCC) Antenna Struc- BARBARA M. VLAHAKIS, Ex-
the Issuing Office on Mondays TELEPAK NETWORKS, INC. You have been made Defend- bus, Mississippi. The property ture Registration (ASR, Form ecutor of the Estate of Michael
through Fridays during regular ants in a lawsuit filed in this is necessary to renew and re- 854) filing number is Lee Mravich, Deceased
business hours, and may ob- Notice is hereby given pursu- Court by the Columbus Re- development blighted condi- A1159642.
tain copies of the Bidding Doc- ant to Section 77 3 16 of the development Authority to con- tions in accordance with the Michael D. Tapscott, Esq.
uments from the Issuing Office Mississippi Code of 1972, as demn by eminent domain cer- Urban Renewal Plan (Burns ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS – In- Hillen, Wicker & Tapscott, P.A.
tain real property, being Lot 5 Bottom) of the City of Colum-
as described below. amended, (Act) by each of the
of Square 34, Fishermans Addi- bus, Mississippi.
terested persons may review
the application
322 Jefferson Street (38804) All notices must be
above named companies (to P. O. Drawer 409
Printed copies of the Bidding the extent they are covered by tion, North of Main, located at (www.fcc.gov/asr/applications) Tupelo, Mississippi 38802- emailed to
Documents may be obtained said section) to each qualified 617 4th Street North, Colum- You are summoned to appear by entering the filing number. 0409
from the Issuing Office, during contractor and supplier who de- bus, Mississippi. The property and defend against the com- Environmental concerns may Telephone: (662)842-1721 classifieds@
the hours indicated above, sires to have its name added is necessary to renew and re- plaint or petition filed against be raised by filing a Request Facsimile: (888)559-0138
upon payment of a non-refund- to the separate list maintained development blighted condi- you in this action at 9:30 for Environmental Review Solicitors for Executor cdispatch.com.
able deposit of $150.00 for by each utility of contractors tions in accordance with the o’clock a. m. on the 5th day of (www.fcc.gov/asr/environment-
each set. Checks for Bidding and suppliers qualified to per- Urban Renewal Plan (Burns May, 2020, in the second floor alrequest) and online filings are Publication Dates:
Documents shall be payable to form contracts within the scope Bottom) of the City of Colum- courtroom, Lowndes County strongly encouraged. The mail- March 11, 2020
Calvert-Spradling Engineers, of proposed utility projects bus, Mississippi. Courthouse in Columbus, Mis- ing address to file a paper copy March 18, 2020
Inc. Upon request and receipt covered by said Act to advise sissippi, and in case of your is: FCC Requests for Environ- March 25, 2020
of the document deposit indic- the particular public utility You are summoned to appear failure to appear and defend, a mental Review, Attn: Ramon April 1, 2020
ated above plus a non-refund- above named of said desire by and defend against the com- judgment will be entered Williams, 445 12th Street SW,
able shipping charge, the Issu- a writing mailed certified mail, plaint or petition filed against against you for the money or Washington, DC 20554.
ing Office will transmit the Bid- return receipt requested, to you in this action at 9:30 other things demanded in the
ding Documents via delivery such utility at the addresses o’clock a.m. on the 5th day of complaint or petition. HISTORIC PROPERTIES EF-
service. The shipping charge shown below. Any requests to May, 2020, in the second floor FECTS – Public comments re-
amount will depend on the be added must clearly identify courtroom, Lowndes County You are hereby further given garding potential effects on his-
shipping method selected by the legal name of the contract- Courthouse in Columbus, Mis- notice that not less than ten toric properties may be submit-
the prospective Bidder. The or/supplier and its mailing ad- sissippi, and in case of your (10) days prior to the date of ted within 30 days from the
date that the Bidding Docu- dress and the utility or utilities failure to appear and defend, a the trial, you are required to file date of this publication to:
ments are transmitted by the to which said request is direc- judgment will be entered the Statement of Values pursu- MPH (RE: EBI #6120002406),
Issuing Office will be con- ted. Further, each request against you for the money or ant to Miss. Code Ann. §11-27- 21 B Street, Burlington, MA
sidered the Bidder’s date of re- must include a brief descrip- other things demanded in the 7, which shall be treated as 01803, 504-458-4444, mhous-
ceipt of the Bidding Docu- tion of the contractor or suppli- complaint or petition. pleadings in this action. The ton@ebiconsulting.com.
ments. Partial sets of Bidding er, a detailed description of the date of the filing of the Com-
Documents will not be avail- services offered and appropri- You are hereby further given plaint herein is the 18th day of PUBLISH: 4/1/2020
able from the Issuing Office. ate references which establish notice that not less than ten February, 2020, and the name
Neither Owner nor Engineer will its ability and qualifications to (10) days prior to the date of and address of the attorney for
be responsible for full or par- perform contracts for construc- the trial, you are required to file the Plaintiff is Martha Bost
tial sets of Bidding Documents, tion, extension and/or repair of the Statement of Values pursu- Stegall, P. O. Box 7120, Tu-
including Addenda if any, ob- facilities of the public utility ant to Miss. Code Ann. §11-27- pelo, Mississippi 38802. Oth-
tained from sources other than within the scope of said Act 7, which shall be treated as er than the Statement of Val-
the Issuing Office. and for which it desires to be pleadings in this action. The ues you are not required to file
listed. date of the filing of the Com- an Answer or other pleading
Official bid documents can be plaint herein is the 14th day of but you may do so if you de-
downloaded from Central at Send requests to be added to: February, 2020, and the name sire.
www.centralbidding.com. Elec- and address of the attorney for
tronic bids can be submitted at Utility Contractors and Suppli- the Plaintiff is Martha Bost Issued under my hand and the
www.centralbidding.com. For ers List Manager for Stegall, P. O. Box 7120, Tu- seal of said Court, this 12th
any questions related to the (Insert name of Company to pelo, Mississippi 38802. Oth- day of March, 2020.
electronic bidding process, which directed) er than the Statement of Val-
please call Central Bidding at Attention: Mrs. Whitehead ues you are not required to file TERESA BARKSDALE, CLERK
225-810-4814. 1018 Highland Colony Parkway, an Answer or other pleading SPECIAL COURT OF EMINENT
Suite 700 but you may do so if you de- DOMAIN,
Bid security shall be furnished Ridgeland, MS 39157 sire. LOWNDES COUNTY, MS
in accordance with the Instruc-
tions to Bidders. with a separate copy mailed Issued under my hand and the BY: Ann Marie Langford, D.C.
direct to the President of each seal of said Court, this 12th
Sponsor: Lowndes County In- company to which the request day of March, 2020. Publish: 3/18, 3/25, &
dustrial Development Authority, is directed as follows: 4/1/2020
By: Thomas Lee, Sr. President SPECIAL COURT OF EMINENT
Title: President (Insert Name of Company) DOMAIN,
Date: March 26, 2020 1018 Highland Colony Parkway, LOWNDES COUNTY, MS
Suite 700
Publish: April 1, 2020, April 8, Ridgeland, MS 39157 BY: Ann Marie Langford, D.C.
PUBLISH: 4/1/2020 Publish: 3/18, 3/25, &
Golden Triangle 2520 5th INENT DOMAIN
Street North Columbus, MS LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS-
39705 is requesting that the SIPPI LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS-
Mississippi State Department SIPPI
of Health support a J-1 Visa COLUMBUS REDEVELOPMENT
foreign residency requirement AUTHORITY PLAINTIFF
of a Hernan A. Sanchez-Trejo, VS.
MD in exchange for the pro- VS.
vider providing healthcare ser- MARY HARGROW, MARGIE
area, an underserved area of GROVE, TERRY YOUNG, TER- SMITH, BENNIE COLBERT, JR.,
the state, if approved by the ITA YOUNG, TARA YOUNG, BRITTANY ALEXANDER, MISSIS-

Service Directory
1700. Any interested party has ALEXANDER, MISSISSIPPI DE- GROVE, THE UNKNOWN HEIRS- Promote your small business starting at only $25
21 calendar days from the date PARTMENT OF REVENUE, MID- AT-LAW AND DEVISEES OF
of this publication to submit LAND FUNDING, LLC, GOLDEN LULA D. HARGROVE, THE UN-
Automotive Services Carpet & Flooring General Services General Services
tained from the Office of Rural SISSIPPI, THE UNKNOWN KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- WHO ALE New & Used Bucket truck & stump $545 plus Filing Fee
Health and Primary Care at the HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DEVISEES VISEES OF ANNIE B. HAR- Tires removal. Free est.
Mississippi State Department OF JUNIOUS HARGROVE, THE GROVE, THE UNKNOWN HEIRS- Maintenance Serving Columbus CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY
of Health. UNKNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND AT-LAW AND DEVISEES OF Brakes since 1987. Senior All Attorney Fees Through The Plan
Insurance citizen disc. Call Alvin @ Jim Arnold, Attorney




AT-LAW AND DEVISEES OF VISEES OF ROSETTA HAR- 662-605-5125 242−0324/241−4447
"We’ll go out on a limb for 662-324-1666 • 601-656-6914
JOSEPH HARGROVE/HAR- GROVE-ALEXANDER, AND ALL 7596 Hwy 45 Alt N • West Point 104 South Lafayette Street, Starkville
Building & Remodeling UPHOLSTERY
VISEES OF GENEVA HAR- & Bonded. Carpentry, minor
AT-LAW AND DEVISEES OF 617 4TH STREET NORTH, work, painting, storm insulation, painting, LAWN SERVICE
1 Room − $50 demolition, gutters Mowing, cleanup,
DER, AND ALL PERSONS 2 Rooms − $70 cleaned, pressure washing, landscaping, sodding,
FENDANTS Free estimates.
OR ENTITIES CLAIMING A LEG- 3+ Rooms − $30 EA landscaping, cleanup work, & tree cutting.
40 years experience. Rugs−Must Be Seen

662−570−3430 Car Upholstery
Cleaning Available
moving help. 662−242−

or services?
You can’t always do
662−722−1758 SAM’S LAWN SERVICE
it all on your own.
No lawn too large or too
NO. 2020-0006-ED2




GROVE, DECEASED, THE UN- Quality Childcare Services E Starkville, MS

TO: SHAWN YOUNG, TERICA KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- Are Available For The 662-268-8058

Find it in the
662.343.8386 or
GROVE, DECEASED, THE UN- Inquiries Only, Please!!
Just for Ladies
classifieds! providers in the
Grow your
KNOWN HEIRS-AT-LAW AND DE- CEASED, THE UNKNOWN Are you a painter? Mossy Oak Mall • West Point
Advertise here! 662-492-4221 • Mon.-Sat.
8B WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com
Medical / Dental Transportation

Visit www.cdispatch.com
for a printable copy of
these puzzles.

Houses For Sale: Other Sudoku YESTERDAY’S ANSWER

Sudoku is a number-
placing puzzle based on
Yesterday’s answer
a 9x9 gridis witha several
num- 6 7 5 3 9 4 1 2 8
given numbers.puzzleThe object 2 9 1 5 8 7 4 6 3

2020 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

based onthe
is to place a 9x9
numbers 4 3 8 2 6 1 5 9 7
1 to 9with
in theseveral
empty spaces 3 8 7 4 5 9 6 1 2
so thatnumbers.
each row, eachThe 9 6 4 1 3 2 7 8 5
column and each 3x3 the
is to place box
numbers 1 5 2 8 7 6 9 3 4
contains the1same to 9 number
7 1 3 9 2 5 8 4 6
the empty spaces so
only once. The difficulty 8 4 6 7 1 3 2 5 9
that each row, each
level increases from
column and each 5 2 9 6 4 8 3 7 1
3x3 boxtocontains
Sunday. Difficulty Level 3/31

the same number only once. The difficulty level

increases from Monday to Sunday.

Medical / Dental

Houses For Sale: New Hope Motorcycles & ATVs

16 WIDNER IN NEW HOPE 2017 Harley Davidson CVO

Newly remodeled. 3BR/ Street Glide Special
2BA home. Approx. 1,500 Starfire Black. Beautiful
sq. ft. Has 25’x30’ wired Bike with 2 luggage racks
metal shop w/ roll−up front and saddle bag inserts.
& side door. $154,500. Excellent Condition.
662−549−9298. $25,500.00
Lots & Acreage

1.75 ACRE LOTS. Good/ 2015 Harley Davidson

Bad Credit Options. Good VROD Night Rod Edition.
credit as low as 10% down, Dark Red with 8,000 miles.
$299/mo. Eaton Land, Excellent Condition.
662−361−7711. $8,500.00
Cherry Street. $5,000. 2014 Harley Davidson CVO
Call 662−328−5063 or Limited. Silver and Sunset
662−436−6238, Orange, approx. 20,000
leave message. miles, new front and rear
tires and battery.
Excellent Condition.
662−574−9663 1 Foolish
5 Like some tea
Apts For Rent: Other Houses For Rent: Other 11 Clarinet’s
Ads starting at $12
Employment HOUSE NEAR MUW W/
APARTMENT. 323 13th St. Farm Equipment & Supplies Community cousin
12 Compare
N. 3 Blks from MUW. LR, 13 Brightly
Call us: 662-328-2424 DR, 2/3BR−3BA, lg den w/ JOHN DEERE MODEL M Ads starting at $12 colored
fire place, kitchen, laundry, TRACTOR. A set of one row 14 Made a quick
General Help Wanted outside fenced patio, cultivators w/ hydraulic lift, Travel & Entertainment
screened side porch & has been repainted, looks thrust
CARPENTER NEEDED w/ at work room & ATTACHED good & runs good, $3500. 15 Building wing
least 4 yrs. of experience. APARTMENT: 1BR/1BA, Call 662−436−2037. PUBLIC CATFISH POND 16 Move like a
Ideal candidate will have an living room/kitchenette @ 130 Hillcrest Drive. moth
eye for detail, be depend- area. NO HUD. Ref req. Furniture Open Wed, Thur & Sat.
Dep req. $1075/mo. 7am−6pm 17 One-masted
able, have good communic-
ation skills, reliable trans- 662−386−7506. LIVING ROOM SET For rates call sailboat
portation & basic tools. We Loveseat & chaise for sale. 662−386−8591 19 G-man’s org.
specialize in home remod- Mobile Homes for Rent NEW!! $300. 22 Energy
662−242−2884. Leave a
els & new construction. 24 Arose
Call 662-570-9464 for info. RENT A CAMPER!
Looking for 26 Sneaker DOWN 22 Wedding
Utilities & cable included, General Merchandise
a new pet? problem
27 Seep
1 Finished
2 Cain’s brother
23 Notion
from $145/wk − $535/mo
WANTED FREON R12. 28 Fuses
Columbus & County School
We pay CA$H. 3 Iron pyrites 25 Grabbed
locations. 662−242−7653 30 Recital
or 205−442−2011. R12 R500 R11. 4 Top rating 29 Like most
Ads starting at $25 Convenient. highlights 5 Phone greeting bread
Certified professionals. 31 Feeling down 6 Rigs 30 Getz’s instru-
RefrigerantFinders.com/ad 32 Plumbing 7 Litter’s littlest ment
RENTALS East or West Columbus or problems 8 Sack 33 Contest form

near CAFB, Caledonia 34 Source of bad
schools. 601−940−1397. 9 Stopped 34 Green gem
1 BEDROOM WHITE POSTER luck fasting 36 Region

BOARDS. 35 Small rug 10 Was a 37 Office worker
2 BEDROOMS Office Spaces For Rent 24"x23"
38 Major effect pioneer 38 Schedule C
Apartments & Houses
$0.50 each
100 in stock 41 Flight cost 16 Gift tag word org.
LEASE. 1112 Main St., Visit 516 Main Street 42 Corporate 18 Lady’s man 39 Guidebook
1 Bedrooms
© The Dispatch

Five Questions:
Ste. 5. 3700 sq. ft. or call 662−328−2424
DEPOSIT 19 Two-move feature
2 Bedroooms
Plenty of private parking.
43 Article chess outcome 40 Diner dessert
AND 662−327−9559.
44 Swift
20 Doofus 41 Fragrant tree
45 Harvest 21 Midmonth day
Furnished & Unfurnished
662-329-2323 Real Estate 1 U.S. Open
1, 2, & 3 Baths Ads starting at $12
Lease, Deposit 2411 HWY 45 N Ads starting at $25
& Credit Check COLUMBUS, MS
2 Mississippi
Campers & RVs
viceinvestments.com Houses For Sale: East

2012 JAYCO EAGLE 5th
Commercial Property For Rent WHEEL, 39ft, 4 slide−outs.
3BR/1BA @ 1521 2BR, 48" TV & 27" TV.
Shepherd Rd. $26,500. 662−386−9605.
3 “The
FOR RENT LOCATED NEAR Sold as is, needs work.
Apts For Rent: Other DOWNTOWN. 3,000 sq. ft. Serious inquiries only,
truck terminal, 9,500 sq. 769−274−4110. For Sale: 2004 Sierra
1ST MONTH − RENT FREE! ft. shop & 3,200 sq. ft.
1−2 BR Apt: $350−435 5th Wheel Camper. 34 ft.
office/shop. Buildings can One slide. $3000.
1−2BR TwnHm: $625−650 be rented together or
Lease, Dep, Credit Check. separately. All w/ excellent Call 662−242−2570.
Coleman Realty access & Hwy. 82 visibility.
662−329−2323 Motorcycles & ATVs

4 The New
Houses For Rent: North VOYAGER XII Only 25,500
CH&A, 1 story, W/D, miles. Runs & looks good.
historic district, 1 block HOUSE FOR RENT No problems. $3000 OBO.
from downtown. 2−3 Bedroom w/ 1.5 Bath Can be seen local.
$575/mo. + $575 dep. Fenced in yard. $675. BARGAIN: 2BR/2BA in 501−545−7750.
NO PETS. 662−574−8789. 662−549−9555. Columbus. LR, DR/KIT &
Peaceful & Quiet area. Ask for Glenn or text. step down den. Large lot.
Needs work but is livable.
extra tires & gears, 5 Hugh
Read local.
Price reduced. Must sell. $2,500. Call between
cdispatch.com $9,500. 662−574−2617 8a−7p, 662−328−0028.