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Bikash kumar

Creating Database Manually in 10 G

Step 1
Create a folder with database name.


Step 2

Create eight folders inside it.


Cdump Bdump Udump Data Pfile Archive

Adump dbflash

Step 3

Copy Oracle Pfile (init.ora) to your pfile.

Step 4

Make changes in your pfile like-

Db_name= your database name
Background_dump_dest= Address of bdump
Core_dump_dest=Address of cdump
User_dump_dest= Address of udump
Db_create_file_dest= Address of data
Db_recovery_file_dest= Address of dbflash
Audit_file_dest= Address of adump
Step 5

Change the address of Control file

Suppose your database is in C Drive then do like --
control_files= ("C:\bik\data\CONTROL01.CTL", "C:\bik\data\CONTROL02.CTL")

Change Instance_name=Bik

Step 6

Go to command prompt

Bikash kumar
Bikash kumar

C :/> Set oracle_sid=bik

C :/> oradim –new –sid bik –intpwd bik –startmode auto –pfile c:\bik\pfile\init.ora

To delete this service
C :\> oradim –delete –Sid Bik
C :/> sqlplus /nolog
Sql> conn /as sysdba
Connected to an idle instance.
Sql> startup nomount pfile= c:\bik\pfile\init.ora
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 135338868 bytes

Fixed Size 453492 bytes
Variable Size 109051904 bytes
Database Buffers 25165824 bytes
Redo Buffers 667648 bytes

Sql> Create database bik

3>GROUP 1 ('c:\bik\data\log01.rdo') SIZE 15M,
4>GROUP 2 ('c:\bik\data\log02.rdo') SIZE 15M,
5>GROUP 3 ('c:\bik\data\log03.rdo') SIZE 15M
6>datafile 'c:\bik\data\system01.dbf' SIZE 200M
7>sysaux datafile 'c:\bik\data\sysaux01.dbf' size 100m
8>undo tablespace UNDOTBS1
9>datafile 'c:\bik\data\UNDOTBS1.dbf' SIZE 40M
10>default temporary tablespace TEMP
11>tempfile 'c:\bik\data\temp01.dbf' SIZE 20M
12>extent management local uniform size 128k
13>character set AL32UTF8
14>national character set AL16UTF16
15>set time_zone = 'America/New_York' ;

Sql> @C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\RDBMS\ADMIN\catalog.sql


Sql> Create Tablespace users

datafile ‘c:\bik\data\users01.dbf’ size 100m;

Sql> create spfile from pfile=’c:\bik\pfile\init.ora’;

Bikash kumar