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Emergency Assistance Plan for Rental Housing- COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Residential Rental Housing Owner (the “Owner”) will enter into an Assistance Plan for Rental Housing
(the “Program”) with the City of San Antonio (the “City”) or their designated agent providing that
Owner will accept a rent payment made on behalf of resident under a residential lease (the
“Resident”) if the following conditions are met:
a. Contract executed with City or their designated agent providing the following for a Resident
materially affected by the COVID-19 state of emergency:
i. Owner will agree to waive Late Fees and other non-allocated or non-sub-metered
charges and forgive twenty-five percent (25%) of the rent due for a specific month if
the City or their designated agent timely delivers to Owner the specified amount of
rent (75%) for that specific month;
ii. Establishing income eligibility requirements for Residents who qualify to participate;
iii. City will not require the Owner to allow participation by all Residents of a property;
iv. City will not require any additional contractual terms or expand any Owner’s
responsibilities or duties under the residential lease.
b. Owner will provide a completed and signed W-9 to City or their designated agent.
c. Owner will provide banking information to City or their designated agent.
d. Owner will complete a Vendor form either electronically or in writing.
2. Owner will be allowed, at the Owner’s sole option, to intake a Resident’s application for participation
in the Program and will provide the completed application packet to the City or their designated
agent, which will include:
a. The completed City approved Application;
b. Evidence of hardship caused by COVID-19 state of emergency;
c. Income information;
d. Copy of residential lease agreement;
e. Agreement by Owner and tenant stating that Owner will forgive twenty-five percent (25%) of
the rent for a specific number of months during the lease term provided City or its designated
agent timely delivers the specific portion of rent and allocated or sub-metered charges.
3. Owner will forward the completed application to the City or their designated agent for expedited
processing by the City.
4. City or their designated agent will notify the Owner within seven (7) calendar days if the application
is not complete or if the Applicant does not meet the criteria for participating. If the City or their
designated fails to do so within the prescribed time, the application for payment will be deemed to
be approved. City will commence the delivery of the payments to the Owner within fifteen (15)
calendar days after the application is approved and owner is set up as an approved vendor with the
City or their designated agency.
5. The San Antonio Apartment Association and the City will endeavor to set up a fundraising campaign
that will direct funds raised to assist renters experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19
health crisis.