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In November 2009 Ferrero was considering to partner up with Cadbury

Chocolates, a British Confectionary maker. At the same time other companies, such

as Hershey’s and Kraft Food were offering Cadbury Chocolates bids. Hershey’s

realized that they did not have sufficient financial resources to purchase the

company. Nor did they have publicly listed shares to offer as a currency.

To Ferrero not only did this partnership mean greater global exposure,

but it was an opportunity to expand their product line with Cadbury’s gum. The

company was eager to acquire this product because it would have given them that

extra edge against their competitors. Even though Ferrero was

interested in partnering up with Cadbury Chocolates, the company decided to

withdraw itself, allowing Kraft Food to be able to sign their bid with Cadbury

Chocolates. Kraft Food signed their bid with $18.9 billion, making them the largest

company in a confectionary industry.

In November 2010 Ferrero obtained from the Ministry of Economic

Development and Trade of the Province of Ontario, a grant that will provide the

support needed to invest in industrial plans in Brantford, Canada. This will allow

Ferrero to expand its manufacturing facilities with Nutella. Currently the Brantford

plant has helped to produce in Canadian dollars about 46 tons of their products, this

includes Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Tic Tac mints. This expansion has helped the

company during its peak production season, which allowed the company to give

jobs to about 1,000 people.

Ferrero has recently obtained - from the Ministry of Economic Development and
Trade of the Province of Ontario – a grant that will support the company’s industrial
investments plans in Canada (Brantford).
With this contribution, which was granted under Ontario’s AMIS (Advanced
Manufacturing Investment Strategy) program, Ferrero will be able to expand its
manufacturing facilities for the production of Nutella, a fast-growing product
especially in the US market, as well as invest in automation technologies for
enhanced production process performances.
At present, the Brantford plant produces ca 46,000 tons of sweet products between
Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Tic Tac mints (in addition to the repackaging of Kinder
products), providing work, during the peak production season, for over 1,000