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1155 Mill St. F 775-982-5933

Reno, NV 89502


Dear Colleagues,

As we all can attest to, 2020 has become a challenging time for our community, our families, our
colleagues, collaborators, and our medical group. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be immense.
In the next few weeks, our community will need us more than ever, in ways that were unimaginable just
a few weeks ago. As we plan for the COVID-19 pandemic, we will face unknown challenges anchored in
unprecedented medical successes and disappointing failures. We stand together to meet the defining
challenge of our lifetime. The Renown Medical Group leadership thanks you, and wants to clarify our
commitment to you, your families and our community.

First, thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. This is a partnership, and appreciate your
opinions and perspectives. We have heard you and will continue to solicit your feedback. For some,
patient volumes and workloads have dropped significantly or almost disappeared-literally overnight; for
others the impending volumes of patients who will need care are daunting. Your RMG leaders have been
meeting several times a day for the last three weeks to create a solution to our collective challenges: to
meet the needs of our patients and the increasing patient volumes, stabilize the economic uncertainties,
and preserve your health and wellbeing. The following Four Principles have guided our decision-making:

1. Ensure we have the resources to support you, and the needs of our community, now and
for the future;
2. Ensure no deficits accrue if your compensation was based on a productivity-model;
3. Provide you with opportunities to advance your career, to make a genuine difference in
the lives of others, and give you work that sustains and motivates you;
4. Prepares you, your family and our organization for a successful recovery, post this

To deliver on these commitments, we, as one Renown Medical Group, must now work as a fully
integrated team. We simply will not make it if we continue working ‘as usual’.

You must also make a commitment. You must be willing to be redeployed to assist with emerging and
critically-needed work in other areas. You must…

• Help your RMG colleagues in serving an extraordinary number of people- friends and
neighbors, who will need treatment and care for the COVID-19 virus over the next several
weeks and months;

Renown Medical Group P 775-982-4100
1155 Mill St. F 775-982-5933
Reno, NV 89502

• Help triage, manage and care for people and their families as patients in our hospitals-
both within our walls and in our community, when and where you are needed.

In response to COVID-19, Renown Medical Group will provide you with a Pay Protection Program
through June 30, 2020.

1) For those RMG providers on a productivity-based compensation model, Renown will now
provide you with financial security by protecting your income at the national midpoint (50th
percentile) for your specialty. This program guarantees that you will be paid this rate of pay
and will not fluctuate based on volume/RVUs.
2) For those RMG providers on a salary-based compensation model, Renown will protect your
current rate of pay and salary through June 30, 2020.

This Pay Protection Program will be offered through June 30, 2020. Once patient and practice volumes
return, we will evaluate volumes and needs of the organization to determine future changes
(productivity or salary).

This temporary change to your employment contract requires your signature by April 3, 2020, on the
CARTS form that will be sent to you separately for electronic signature via DocuSign.

Renown’s dedicated staff are focused on the mission-critical work of caring for our patients, each other
and our communities. This pay protection program is Renown Medical Group’s commitment to you, so
we can keep patients safe and do what’s best for you and those who rely on you. We thank everyone for
stepping forward to rise to this unprecedented challenge.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please speak with your medical director or reach out to
one of us.

Dr. Rahul Mediwala Dr. Max Coppes

Interim CMO, Renown Medical Group Chair of Children’s Hospital

Dr. Derek Beenfeldt Dr. Christos Galanopoulos

Chair of Primary Care and Urgent Care Chair VP & Chair of Dept. of Surgery

Renown Medical Group P 775-982-4100
1155 Mill St. F 775-982-5933
Reno, NV 89502