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Todd R.

Desired Positions: Communications Manager;
PR/Media Specialist; Writer/Editor; Art Director

Type: Full/ Part time, or Retainer

All photos shown below are original


 LeaderForce (The Collaboration)
Branded and Launched Community Foundation. Embarrassed by a
United Way report ranking Phoenix lowest on a national Caring Index, the
owner of the Phoenix Suns Jerry Colangelo put me to work creating the
identity for a community foundation and mobilization program. Wrote and art
directed all website content, collateral materials, and success stories; ran its
first annual Leaderforce conference; created direct mailer, invitations,
banners, posters, PowerPoints, programs, folders, awards, etc.

Results: In three years, a remarkable 54 busy executives have been

matched as pro bono consultants with Phoenix social agencies to build
greater capacity for management and service to broken neighborhoods. See
client success story at www.storycraftinc.com/pdfs/storycraft_web_v2b.pdf

 Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation

PR and Success Story Fundraising to $25 Million.

Wrote, directed and project managed professional
newsletters, annual reports, local and national PR, executive
ghostwriting and photography for eight years to chronicle
the Urban Ventures’ successful development of “Crack Alley”
from a drug-dealing slum to a thriving neighborhood.

Results: Helped brand and raise $25 million to build in south

Minneapolis the Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center and
Cristo Rey High, the nation’s most successful urban high
school. Rallied Best Buy, Target, Wells Fargo, and Allina
CEOs, hundreds of donors, Mayor Rybak, and Governor
Pawlenty, ultimately to the Sears building renovation.
 Williston State College Foundation
Brand Management, Marketing, and PR. Led the
Williston State College Foundation through my 10-
Step process to establish a distinguished identity
and community presence. Included brand message
and pitch, logo, tagline, vision and mission
statements, alumni stories, website, YouTube video,
fundraising “leave behind,” TV ad campaigns, their
first-ever annual report, community newspaper,
fundraising campaign appeal letter, etc.

Results: “Before two years ago WSC Foundation

had done little to make the public aware of its purpose and activities. We set goals to get the
community involved in what the foundation is doing. Todd and his team brought our ideas to life! Their
engaging human-interest stories captured the attention of alumni and donors alike. Todd is a master at
coordinating tasks, from consulting, writing and graphic design to production, printing and shipping.
Under his guidance, we have a complete communications package and we’re so proud of it!”
-- Carmin Klein-Papineau, Office Manager, Williston State College Foundation

 St. Mary’s and St. Clare Hospitals;
Maplewood of Sauk Prairie

Produced PR/ Media. Wrote and pitched news to

local media; wrote professional newsletter features;
directed design for health industry. Conducted staff
and client interviews, researched, and project
managed. Photographed and explained surgical
procedures to prospective hospital patients.
Samples Articles: “New Hip, New Hope in the Life of Gordon Schara”; “Rural Doctor Gives Eye
Surgery New Image”; “Alzheimer’s: Solving the Puzzle of Mental Health”; “Stroke Victim’s Speech
Advances Light Years with Laptop Storyboards”; “Nutrition in Later Life: More than a Balanced Meal”

 Fortune 500 Consultant Ken Jennings with J. Stahl-Wert

Fortune 500 Consultant Ken Jennings with J. Stahl-Wert. Jennings and Stahl-Wert needed a
way to increase visibility, attract more clients, and market their book. I rode the wave of publicity
surrounding the Enron scandal and tapped into the rarely reported hidden desperation of isolated
executive leaders. By the end, national magazine and newswire articles such as “Will Enron
Failings Bring Business Reform?” and “Business Leaders Lonely at the Top” reached more than
one million readers.
 Bethel Lutheran Church
Journey Discipleship Curriculum Writer. Jesus said “Follow me” to 12. Pastor Bill White said the
same to 25 adult members of his 6,000-member church, asking them to show, and me to chronicle,
their faith in daily life. Wrote, created and project managed the resulting adult education curriculum
called “A Journey in Discipleship,” a collection of 19 essays on five classical Christian disciplines --
Worship, Teaching, Fellowship, Evangelism and Service -- published by Bethel. Journey was created to
spiritually nourish 21st century adults seeking “a personal relationship with God,” as a modernized
version of the famous Bethel Bible Series, also created at this Madison, WI church.

 Marketplace of InterVarsity
Co-Author of Pioneering Resource for Workplace Christians. Co-authored with Director and
Radio Host Pete Hammond “The Marketplace Annotated Bibliography: A Christian Guide to Books on
Work, Business & Vocation” (InterVarsity Press, 2002), called by one reviewer “the largest and most
complete resource” for integrating faith and daily life. Used by vocational counselors, professors,
pastors, librarians and laypeople, the book includes reviews of literature in business ethics, career
guidance, time and financial management, leadership, and personal calling, and includes a collection of
over 100 biographies and autobiographies of marketplace heroes.

 Kingdom Oil (now Twin Cities Christian) Foundation

Urban Ministry Consultant and Publicist. Provided communications

consultation to 60 Twin Cities urban ministries, honing missions, and
creating a photo-illustrated book of their outcome-based profiles to present
as a Directory of Worthy Investments to corporate sponsors and individual
philanthropists at the foundation’s two-day inaugural conference at the
Minneapolis downtown Hilton. Created, wrote, did photography, and
directed design to relaunch Kingdom Oil through three core identity

 Hope in Action Newspaper

Newspaper Creator and Reporter. Created all design and content and was managing editor and
reporter for this ecumenical newspaper, including an events calendar and opinion page, on behalf
of ELCA pastor Glenn Zimbelman, to provide a communications vehicle between churches of every
denomination in Madison, Wisconsin.

 Park Avenue Church Teacher

Created and led a weekly class held after each Sunday morning sermon called “Whatcha-gonna-
do-with-watcha-heard?” Lay people applied sermons to their lives and asked for support and
prayer to live pro-actively. Our goal? “How to Thrive from 9 to 5” and not just on Sunday.

 U.S. Dept. of Labor; U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

Communications Consultant and Project Manager for

U.S. Compassion Capital Campaigns. Part of a $2 million
government investment in the nation’s best urban development
agencies; advised nonprofit executives and created marketing
materials that doubled as “grant supplements” for 20 agencies
in seven cities from Pittsburg to Memphis to Dallas to Tacoma.
Designed and wrote the annual report evaluating results and
sharing the most successful strategies for each year-long

 Digital Angel Corporation

Facilitated Resolution; Established Process.
After years of “winging it” with its manuals and
packaging, this international microchip and scanner
business was receiving too many calls from confused
customers. Established a process that resolved
interdepartmental problems that had stalled
production. Maximized team contributions, wrote and
edited their content, directed the design of an
attractive product manual template, the first of many.

 The Capital Times

Revamped religion coverage. When this progressive daily planned to
drop coverage of religious life in Madison, WI, the editorial staff allowed
me, as a freelance religion editor and reporter, to prove that dropping their
“View from the Pew” and upgrading content would reach their audience.

Results: “Of Horns, Honey, Tents and Torah”; “Faith in Foxholes”

(Veteran’s Day); “Churches confront KKK: Interview with KKK National
Grand Dragon”; “Spiritual Walkers” (Why people join Jehovah’s
Witnesses); “Has the Suburban Bishop Vacated the Urban Poor?”;
“Basketball Mission Shows Teen Approach”; “Churches Sound Off on Death Penalty”; “Religion’s Hot
Potatoes”; “Does Faith Belong in the Workplace?”; “Presbyterians Vote No to Guns.” Editorials: “How
Do We Make Sense of Suffering?”; “What Hanukah Can Teach Us All”; “Evangelicals and the
Environment”; “Why the Fascination with Buddhism?” Endorsement: At the end of my tenure, City
Editor Ron McCrae said, “Thank you. You added a third dimension to our paper.”
 The Geneva Forums

Founded and Led the Geneva Forum at the UW-Madison, facilitating dialogue between leaders in
opposing schools of thought on hot topics such as economic justice, the arts, and abortion.
Created and taught a well-attended 13-week class called, “Human Relationships and Sexuality.”

 Wisconsin State Journal

City Desk PR/Media Screener/Reporter. Screened all press releases and calls from the
business community and general public, selecting newsworthy leads and forwarding to news
editors. Wrote and reported. Selected and edited from hundreds of faxed event announcements;
then chose art work for the State Journal’s weekly Rhythm Arts and Entertainment section.

Over a 15-year period Todd has written hundreds of articles published in national magazines, city
newspapers, and professional newsletters: Christianity Today, Prism, FaithWorks, World Christian,
Marketplace (Mennonite Business Journal), Episcopal Life, Wisconsin State Journal, The Capital
Times, the American Association of Microbusinesses, Metier Exchange, and Giggle.


 University of St. Thomas Seminar Leader. Presented
marketing coursework on branding, demographic research,
market positioning, guerrilla marketing, and tips for perfecting
the use of newsletters, brochures and websites.

 Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader. Presented

at Association of Nonprofits Conference: “Tell Your Story
Effectively – How to Pack a PR Punch.” Addressed target
market focus; developing a ‘stock’ message;’ how to
improve writing, photography and speechmaking; creating
compelling newsletters, brochures, annual reports, and
web sites.

EDUCATION University of Wisconsin-Madison B.A. Journalism 1988

EXPERIENCE Owner of Storycraft Communications, Inc. 1998-2009

See portfolio at www.storycraftbiz.com

CONTACT 3342 Oakland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55407

ts@storycraftbiz.com 612-578-2292