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1. Do you have any convinience stores nearby?

2. Do you think elderly people can deveop depression?

3. Do you prefer queit or loud people?
4. Do you think the government should care about the wellfare of all the citizens?
5. How do you relax after a hectic day?
6. How do you manage to always see the bright side of things?
7. Would you look down on someone that is racist?
8. If you went to a friend s house and it was really messy, would it change anything between you?
9. Do you think you will be a lenient or strict parent?
10. Do you think very naughty children should be sent to a special school?
11. Can you enjoy the view of a height, or you are afraid?
12. Do you think raw chicken meat is disgusting?
13. Would you buy a brand wallet?
14. When you were a child,did you prefer the swings or the slides ?
15. Do you think the virus may not dissappear in summer even though it is much hotter ?
16. Did you use to read a lot as a student?
17. Do you think little children should brush their teeth even though they dont have permanent
18. Do you believe in any myths?
19. Are you bothered by gypsies?
20. Do you think friends that quarrel a lot can last over the years?
21. Do you think it is important for people to seek help if they suffer from depression, or they can
get better on their own?
22. Do you think kids from other religions should play with each other?
23. Did you like to go sledging as a kid?
24. Do you prefer to watch movies or to watch tv shows?
25. Do you think arrogance in someone has much to do with the way they were brought up?
26. Do you think drug addiction is still a problem these days?
27. Would you like to raise money for a great cause in the future?
28. Do you like to sit by the fire and listen to the wood crackling?
29. Do you prefer hoodies or jackets?
30. Do you this gas station workers have an easy job?

31. Who is the most optimist person you have ever met? How do YOU see their optimism?
32. Do you enjoy being with optimist people or do you find them annoying?
33. Are you more of an optimist, pessimist or realist? Are you happy with your attitude or would you
like to change it?
34. Think of a situation where optimism can save you?
35. When was the last time you wished you were more optimist/pessimist?
36. Have ever lost something because of being optimist/pessimist?
37. Optimistically speaking, what will you be doing in 10 years from now?
38. Who do you think is the most beautiful person in your country?
39. Who do you think is the most beautiful person alive today?
40. Who was the most beautiful person in history?
41. Who is the most attractive in your family?
42. Does beauty affect one's success in life?
43. Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?
44. Is it better to be physically attractive or wealthy?
45. Is beauty related to power?
46. Can you think of anyone who is in a position of power that is not physically attractive?
47. Do people spend too much time and money on beauty?
48. How much time should be spent on making yourself look better each day?
49. Who would you say is beautiful that others maybe wouldn't?
50. Do you think people should have cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks?
51. If so what is the minimum age when someone should have plastic surgery?
52. How popular is plastic surgery in your country?
53. What is the most popular feature for cosmetic alteration?
54. Do you think self-esteem affects beauty?
55. Do you think beauty affects self-esteem?
56. How important is beauty in your daily life?
57. Have you ever noticed anyone ever feeling pressured to be more beautiful?
58. What do you think of the proverb, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"
59. Do you have any proverbs or idioms from your country that relate to beauty?
60. What do you think "beauty is skin deep" means?
61. What are some beauty tips that you could share?
62. Do you think people with many tattoos can be beautiful?
63. How many tattoos are too many?
64. Would you ever get a tattoo?
65. Do you have a tattoo?
66. Do you think people with many piercings can be beautiful?
67. What kind of body piercing, if any, do you feel are acceptable?
68. What kind of piercing, if any, do you feel are unacceptable?
69. What personality trait is the most important for inner beauty?
70. How do you define beauty, using your own words?
71. Would you ever date someone who was not conventionally attractive?
72. What makes one person more attractive than another?
73. Do you think people from different countries than you see attractive the same way?
74. Is there someone famous that is considered beautiful, that you think is not?
75. Are beauty pageants good or bad?
76. Should children be entered into beauty pageants?
77. Do you think one gender or group worries more about beauty than another?
78. Would you want your children to be beautiful or talented?
79. What are some of the drawbacks of being beautiful?
80. What do you think about plastic surgery?
81. Would you ever have plastic surgery?
82. If so, what would you change?
83. What do you think of celebrities who get plastic surgery?
84. Do you think it's necessary to have plastic surgery if you are famous in order to be successful?
85. Do you think skin color affects whether a person is regarded as beautiful or not?
86. Do you think that fairer skin makes you more beautiful?
87. What are some advantages of being beautiful?
88. What makes someone beautiful in your country?
89. What differs between that idea and the American idea of beauty?
90. What do you think "beauty is skin deep" means?
91. How many different adjectives can you think of to describe a beautiful woman or a handsome
92. Are young people generally more selfish than their parents and grandparents?
93. Does age make you more aware of and caring for others?
94. Should adults try to teach young people lessons, such as the dangers of drinking too much, taking
drugs or catch the AIDS virus, or should they leave them alone to find out about these things
95. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches?
96. What do you think is the best age to be?
97. Explain your opinion.
98. Most countries give young people rights as they reach a certain age. For example, British people
can legally make love or fight for their country at the age of 16; they can drink, vote and drive a
car when they are 18.
99. Do you think that any of the age limits need changing?
100. Some people think you should give something to society before you have the right to join
101. Should young people have to do some form of military or community service by law?
102. Should people of between 50 and 55 be forced to retire from their jobs in order to make
way for younger workers?
103. If people are still able to (and want to) work, should they have to retire when the reach a
certain age?
104. Explain your opinion.
105. In most countries the legal retirement age for men is five years older than for women,
even though women live longer than men on average.
106. Why do you think this is?
107. Is this fair, or should it be changed?
108. Are there many things that the old can teach the young or are they hopelessly out of touch
by the time they reach a certain age?
109. What things were you taught by your older family members?
110. How have they been useful to you in your life?
111. In most countries, compulsory education is targeted at five to sixteen year olds.
112. Would it be better to offer it to pensioners who want to learn rather than young people
who prefer not to be in school? Explain your opinion.
113. In Russia, China and many other countries, there is a tradition of choosing leaders who
are quite advanced in years.
114. Do you think that older people make better leaders? Explain your opinion.
115. One of Britain's best-ever leaders was William Pitt, who became Prime Minister when he
was 24 and remained in power for 18 years.
116. Could this ever happen in your country? Why/why not?
117. Many elderly people have disabilities which limit their mobility.
118. Do buses, shops and public buildings in your country provide easy access for the disabled
or are your towns and cities designed mainly for the young and able-bodied? Why is this?
119. Should the elderly be expected to pay for residential care out of their own savings or
should appropriate accommodation and nursing be provided by the tax payer? Explain your
120. Some people say that men age better than women, and remain attractive longer. Do you
agree? Explain your opinion.
121. Some people say that men never grow up, they just get bigger. Do you agree? Explain
your opinion.
122. Some people say that young women are usually two to three years more mature than
young men. Do you agree? Explain your opinion.
123. In most countries women live an average of five to six years longer than men. Why do
you think this is?
124. In some countries having children is considered a way of "investing in the future", and
young people are expected to give money to their parents when they get a job, and then to care for
them when they retire.
125. What are the good points and what are the bad points about this system?
126. Many countries are facing the problem of an "aging population", i.e. there will soon be
more old people than young people.
127. What problems will this cause?
128. What can be done to prepare for them?
129. What do you think is the ideal age for each of these stages of your life: (Explain your
130. What age do you want to live to?
131. How do you feel about your parents growing older?
132. If your parents could no longer care for themselves, would you let them live with you or
put them in a nursing home?
133. Are you afraid of getting old?
134. What is your ideal old age to live to?
135. Do you prefer to live in the retirement home or live with young people?
136. Should parents continue to finance their children after the children are 18?
137. Where do you wish to live when you are old?
138. Where do you see yourself when you are 70 years old?
139. Should older people spend their money on themselves, or save it for their children to have
after they die?
140. Where do you wish to live when you are old?
141. What advice would you give to an older person who wants to feel young?
142. Some people say that youth is a state of mind, do you agree?



 You meet your teacher while taking a walk on a chilly day.

 Ask your teacher about the weather.

 You are planning to go back to your hometown for a few days.

 Talk with your teacher about where your hometown is, what it is like, and your favorite
things about it.