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The making of our play which entitled "Golden Chain" wasn't that easy, along the way we've
encountered hurdles and obstacles some us were hesitant if we could still make it and yet I
remain sage and erudite enable for me and my group mates to build a good plot of our story,
some of my colleagues kept on saying that we need to build a peculiar nor distinct story just to
stand out and to showcase to the people that we are driven with will and urge. Personally what
I had in my mind before when were still in the process of making it, is I really want to touch
their lives. I wanted to gave a one of a kind story where these people could possibly gain or
grasp a moral from our story. On the other hand as time traverse we've build our plot and that
is because of the substantiality within our group. We have chosen to make our own version of
'Kadenang Ginto' we adopted the title but we made our own concept and twists about the play.
While we are in the process of making the whole story I cannot deny the mere fact that we
have encountered such problems, nonetheless I taught my self to be more solid and to take all
the risks that we may encounter for I believe that as long as we have the unity we could make
our performance in a better way.

One huge problem that I could consider is the hearsays coming from different people
specifically when we were doing our shooting in Onay beach, going back into our shoots the
setting was in Onay beach the scene their was intended for our trailer, the reason why we still
need to make a trailer is that it would be better to put a first view or to tease the audience
another thing is that we could give a very detailed flows if we put a trailer before the
presentation which I think is this is the best way for the spectator to understand deeply the
whole story of our group. Plus this trailer plays a huge role in the whole play since it serves as a
bridge for the further understanding about the plot. However these hearsays didn't affect our
relationship as a group we've faced this as one we remain strong though its too hard for me to
accept this, I did for I knew that these were just an ingredients of our story as a group who's
willing to abnegate just to give our spectators a beautiful story. During the shooting in Onay
beach we've heard some mean words, they kept on saying that "Hoy, an pageskuwela dire
dihan sa onay! for me they don't even know what we're doing that moment they're just
criticizing us just because of the facade view whom they are talking that moment. I can't even
blame them for the fact that during the shoot most of us in our group were wearing our school
uniform and it might be the reason why they've thought that we're just in their for bonding
and not for the real intent of our group. Just to make the story short we've done shooting the
whole scene and by just ignoring what those people are talking, another thing that we
experienced was during the making of the trailer we had one scene where in it should be in a
mansion and we're kind of struggling for looking for a place to shoot on an then because we
have a lot of suggestions we came up into one decision and that is to shoot the scene in the
mansion of sevillana's residence, because of its natural captivating look we had our shoot on
that mansion, another thing is that the occupant of the mansion letted us to have our shooting
on their place, they are hospitable and nice, I even think before when we're asking them to
have our shooting in their place that they will not agree nor they will not allow us yet they did.
Apart from these problems that I have mentioned we also encountered small stuffs such as
lacking for the materials in making our props and what we did is to contribute as possible as we
could each of us had contributed the materials and because of this kind of strategy we
accomplished making the props. The schedule also was one of our problems we're kinda
struggling on how we could possibly make our practice since it's finals week and it is expected
that it's kind of a hell week, a busy days for the preparation for the final examination in every
subjects and yet we did not give in into this small stuffs our unity as a group dominated these
problems were just part of our journey in making out this play, before we are not that confident
to say we could present our play as better as we have expected. We just let those things to fall
into it's own designated place. I have realized that it's not only about the problems for it's
about considering the welfare and listening to different instincts because at the end of the day
you and your colleagues will be the one to stand and to present to everyone the product of
hardships that you've been through a lot. All those hurdles would never be easy to go through
yet, if you have a faith in him,trust in your instinct and a trust as well to your colleagues then
you can do a lot and I think it fostered within our group and it's the reason why we made it for I
know that it's not easy yet it would be if you are sonorous to play your part.
The play which entitled Golden Chain is not only a story, for me it's a history that I have to
engrave, I will foster and cultivate this. We have been through a lot in the making of the whole
story and because of the perseverance to present our masterpiece we had shattered all the
problems that comes along on our away, because we are driven and strong our ingenuity
taught us how to make it and now I'm proud to say this "I made it because I'm with my GOLD