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Muhib Ur Rehman


Home Address: Near Gate No. 2 kamra cantt

Tehsil Hazro, District Attock.
E-mail: Muhib.khan068@gmail.com
Cell: (+92)3155368813
PEC Registration# ELECT/66968

Organized and practical Electrical Engineer with 3+ years of
experience in PLC/SCADA system design and testing. Skilled in
installation and testing of Inverters, PLC, Servo/Stepper motors and
ABOUT ME 3-phase LT/HT Panels.
Self-employed: Also providing services as a PLC/SCADA Engineer to
Learning to be a good different sectors e.g. manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power,
Engineer. Wanted to secure Packaging and glass.
a position within a well-
established organization with
a stable environment that will
enable me to use my skills
1. Assistant Engineer Electrical and Instruments (November 2019—Present)
and abilities to work well with
peoples. aimed to help out Ganj Glass Pvt. Ltd Mano Nagar Hassan Abdal
the organization for better
Outcome with all of my
 Responsibilities
sincerity.  Execute preventive maintenance programs for electrical
panels and motors.
PERSONAL  Conduct instrumentation testing, commissioning and
troubleshooting of inverters as well as software/program
INFORMATION development for PLC, HMI and SCADA system.
Status: Married
Domicile: Punjab (Attock)  Ensure conformance with environmental, safety and energy
savings commensurate with executing required instrument
maintenance or replacement activities.
 Plan, coordinate and supervise the activities of repair,
Seeking Automation
installation and testing of inverters, 3-Phase panels, Motors
field (PLC, HMI, DCS &
SCADA System) related
and sensors in assigned areas/facilities.
Knowledge, provide  Installation of protective devices in panels i.e. SSR, EMR,
trainings to the Phase Failures, Thermal overload Relays, Electronic
youngsters & attend Overload Relays, timer, magnetic contactors and Circuit
workshops related to the breakers.
Automation and Control.  Supervise to perform installation of three phase motor control
circuits i.e. Star delta, reverse forward and DOL.
 Develop electrical drawings and schematics for 3-phase and
1-phase electrical system using AutoCAD software.
2. Management Trainee officer (MTO) (August 2017-- November 2019)
Infinity Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd Lahore (50001:2011
 Responsibilities
 Implement effectively all applicable ISO 50001:2011
standards requirements in the respective areas.
 Energy Monitoring devices installation with machines and
Electrical panels.
 Plan Predictive maintenance for industrial system (Motors,
Transformer, Bearings, Panels, Compressed Air system,
Water pumps).
 Installation of PLC panels and its complete programming for
Servo motors, steppers motors, Inviters and also design their
HMI screen
 Perform parameters setting of inverters.
 Ensuring all production activities related to electrical system
aimed at achieving good and consistent quality products,
Certifications minimize complaints & non conformances and quick
Programmable Logic response to fulfill planner demands.
Controller & Energy  Conduct energy audits to identify where system and
Efficiency Managements operational changes can be made to decrease the
property’s energy consumption and Plan Preventive
Maintenance. Using instruments;
o Three Phase Analyzer (Harmonics, Voltage and
current Unbalance detection, Power factor
measurements, Phase sequence detection)
o Ultrasonic detector (Air and steam leakage
detection, Motor Bearings checking)
o Thermal imaging Camera (Thermography of
transformer, motors, building, cable trays, Power
Panels, Compressors, Furnaces, Boilers, Heat
o Earth tester (Checking Earth Point)
o Data logger (Air Pressure, current, Voltage, Electrical
Powers and Power Factor Monitoring)
o LUX meter (Lighting system Audit)
o Megger for cable and motor testing
3. (PLC/SCADA Engineer) (December 2017—Present)
Automation Services Provider
 Responsibility
o Development of PLC program and HMI designing equipping
with PLC/HMI according to client’s requirement.
Projects Completed
o PID base Temperature control system using thermocouple.
o Develop HVAC system control and Monitoring through cell
phone (LAN/WAN).
o Develop Complete program for Automatic Needle assembling
machine (Al-Badr Pharmaceutical Company)
o Needle Assembling machine (Injection System
Pharmaceutical Company)
o Complete Programing of Blister Machine (Unisa
Pharmaceutical Company.
o Troubleshooting of Blister Machine (Solaugh sun
pharmaceutical Company)
o Printing Machine troubleshooting
o Injection Molding Machine
o Turbine Monitoring (Infinity Engineering Lahore)
o Paper Cutter Machine
o Brush Punching Machine

 SCADA screen designing for Allen Bradley, Siemens and
Delta PLC using ignition and Wincc software.
 Electrical and Control Systems Drawings development using
 Hand on experience of installation, testing, commissioning
and parameter settings of different inverters e.g. Delta,
Mitsubishi, ABB, Danfoss, Kinda and Altivar.
 Hand on Experience of installation of 3-Phase Panels, Star
Delta starter, DOL, Reverse forward circuits and Relay
logic Circuits.
 Hand on Experience of designing PLC program for
temperature control through PID using RTD and
Thermocouples (J-type, K-type, S-type and R-type).
 Hand on Practical experience of programming, installation
and troubleshooting of Different PLC brands such as
o Delta (ES2, EX2, SS2)
o Siemens (S7 1200)
o Allen Bradley (Micro Logic 1400)
o Mitsubishi (FX1S-20MT, FX1N, FX 2U, FX 3U, FX
3G and o LG (Master K 300s), Fatek FBs-60MAR
FX 5U) o Xinji PLC
 Hand on Experience of installation and testing DA/AD Card,
Proximity sensor, Limit switch, Encoder, PT module, TC
modules, Invertors, Pneumatic Valves.
 Hand on Experience of Servo drives (Delta, Mitsubishi,
Yokogawa and Panasonic).
 Experience of control system network protocol design
including Modbus Communication, TCP.
 Practical Hand on experience in HMI Designing and
Installation that includes different brands such as;
Delta, Weintek, Siemens, Fatek, Kinco.
Expertise include:
o Alarm Setting
o I/O’s Monitoring
o DATA logging
 AutoCAD software
 Arduino software
 MS Excel (Filters, Pivot Table, trend and forecasting, Solver)
 Ignition (SCADA Software)
 WPL software, ISP software (for Delta PLC)
 DOP software (for Delta HMI
 GX developer / GX Works 2 / GX Works 3 (for Mitsubishi
 Easy Builder Pro software (EB 6000, EB 8000 for Weintek)
 Sematic Step 7 software (Siemens)
 WinProladder software (Fatek PLC)
 FvDesigner software (Fatek HMI)
 RS Logix 500 (Allen Bradley PLC)
 KGL WIN software (for LG PLC)
 ASDA software (for Delta Servo Driver)
 Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Visio)
 E-draw Max (Layout Designing)
 Proteus (for PCB designing)
 Power simulator (Power System Analysis)
 Prepared following organizational documents as per ISO
29990:2010 standard:
•Weekly report (Obeya Meeting)
•Monthly reports (KPIs Meeting)
•Documents regarding additional scope
Single handedly
maintained all
documents in hard and
soft form.

 Excellent work ethic and time management.
 Strong critical thinking ability to assess and diagnose issues.
 Flexibility to work non-traditional hours when required.

BSc Engineering in Electrical Power (3.03 CGPA)
HITEC University Taxila Cantt
DAE - Diploma of Associate Engineer in Electrical (A+ Grade)
Punjab Board of Technical Education
Matriculation in Computer Science (A Grade)
Rawalpindi Board