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Pursuing Professional Excellence in ELT

Proceedings of the 17th Annual KOTESOL International Conference

Seoul, Korea, October 24-25, 2009

Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

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Proceedings of the 17th Annual KOTESOL International Conference
Seoul, Korea
October 24-25, 2009

Edited by Korea TESOL

Proceedings Supervising Editors

Maria Pinto Dr. David Shaffer
Dongguk University Chosun University
Gyeongju Campus Gwangju

KOTESOL Publications Committee Chair

Maria Pinto, Dongguk University, Gyeongju Campus

Proceedings Editorial Staff

Sarah Emory Margaret Zeddies

Dongguk University Dongguk University
Gyeongju Campus Gyeongju Campus

Elliott Walters Lisa Levine

Dongguk University Soongsil University
Gyeongju Campus Seoul

References Editor
Dr. David Shaffer
Chosun University

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Conference Committee
of the
17th Annual Korea TESOL
International Conference

Louisa T. C. Lau-Kim
Conference Committee Chair

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Jake Kimball John Phillips Robert Dickey

Chapters & SIGs Liaison National Technologies Chair Advisor / Acting OP Liaison

Tory Thorkelson
National KOTESOL President

The 17th Annual Korea TESOL International Conference was held at Sookmyung
Women’s University on October 24-25, 2009. Nearly 1,400 international and
Korea-based attendees gathered in Seoul, South Korea, for a weekend of teacher
development under the conference theme of Pursuing Professional Excellence in
ELT. The two-day Conference offered plenary sessions by David Nunan, Rod Ellis,
Kathleen Bailey, and Tim Murphey as well as nine featured speaker sessions by
Scott Thornbury, John Fanselow, Jill Burton, John Flowerdew, Jerry Gebhard,
Jeannette Littlemore, Stephen Andrews, Scott Miles, and Marc Helgesen. Prof.
Helgesen was also the banquet speaker. In addition, the Conference included
more than 170 concurrent sessions of various formats including research paper
presentations, workshops, and colloquia.

This volume includes twenty-three papers, which fall into fourteen categories:
classroom management, conversation/pronunciation, course/materials design,
cross-cultural/intercultural communication, learning preferences/styles, multiple
skills, reading/literacy, research methodology, second language acquisition, teacher
development, technology-enhanced instruction, testing/evaluation, video in the
classroom, and vocabulary.

Within these fourteen categories, papers range from teaching very young learners
to teaching adults, from teaching low-proficiency to high-proficiency students, from
teaching the unmotivated to teaching the highly motivated. There are papers that
deal with honing testing instruments and others that propose test-light assessment.
Papers on technology-heavy instruction deal with CALL and video, both
commercials and animation. There are papers on Extensive Reading, scaffolding,
and L1 use in the classroom. There are even research papers on research: on
collecting and interpreting data and on analyzing Likert scale data.

The range and the depth of the papers presented in this volume of KOTESOL
Proceedings 2009 is testimony to the time and energy that EFL practitioners invest
in the pursuit of professional excellence. What appears in this collection is but a
sampling of the presentations that were presented at the 2009 KOTESOL
International Conference, but we feel that it is a strong sampling.

It is our pleasure to present to you this volume of KOTESOL Proceedings 2009.

We would like to thank the authors of the papers collected here for their
cooperation and patience with the editing process, and of course, for making their
contributions to this volume. We hope that you will enjoy reading the papers in this
publication in your own pursuit of professional excellence.

Maria Pinto
David Shaffer
Supervising Editors
KOTESOL Proceedings 2009

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՘պշիխխլձնկջ շծ ռհխ ԹԿռհ Չննսթմ Փ՗՜Ս՛՗Ք Ցնռխպնթռձշնթմ Ջշնծխպխնիխ

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Finding Focus for Less-Than-Motivated Learners 13

John Daniel Marland and Holly-Lynn Hunsberger Marland

Creating an Interactive Atmosphere in the Collaborative ESL/EFL

Classroom with Purposeful Seating Charts 21
Patrick Rates

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Teaching English to Kindergarten Students in a Korean Kindergarten 33

Michael Drummond

Relationship Between Comprehensibility and Foreign Accent in

EFL Speech 43
Huei-Chun Teng

Frxuvh 2 Pdwhuldov Ghvljq

Scaffolding in a Productive Skill Lesson 55

James Brawn

Creating Materials in a CALL Classroom: Students’ Turn 67

Raymond Wong

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Combating the Hegemony of English with Democratic Praxis 81

Barbara Waldern

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Style and Substance in the EFL Classroom: Bridging Student and

Teacher Perspectives at Korea University 91
Athena Pichay

Pxowlsoh Vnloov
Student Presentations in TOEIC Pedagogy 109
Paul Spijkerbosch and Bruce Lander

Uhdglqj 2 Olwhudf|

Children’s Literature as Comprehensible Input in the University

Classroom 125
Adriane Geronimo

Exploitation of IT to Enhance Students’ Extensive Reading Skills:

A Case Study of Fourth-Year Business English Major Students 133
Amporn Srisermbhok

Does Extensive Reading Always Assist TOEFL Scores? 147

David Williams

Uhvhdufk Phwkrgrorj|

Making Sense of Surveys: Analyzing Likert Scale Data 161

David Leaper and Jeffrey Durand

Data: What It Is, How It Is Used, and Potential Problems 173

Shannon Tanghe

Vhfrqg Odqjxdjh Dftxlvlwlrq

A Functional Analysis of Korean in the EFL Classroom 181

John McGaughey

Whdfkhu Ghyhorsphqw

Sensemaking in Higher Education 193

Sarah Louisa Birchley

Whfkqrorj|0Hqkdqfhg Lqvwuxfwlrq 2 FDOO 2 FPL

Corpora: Valuable Teaching and Research Tools 207

Will Lingle

Whvwlqj 2 Hydoxdwlrq

Comparing Teacher and Student Evaluations of Error 219

Sean Mahoney

The Minimal English Test: A Revised Version 225

Hideki Maki, Sarenqimuge, Juri Yoshimura, Yuki Makino,
Megumi Hasebe, Kenichi Goto, Takane Ito, Yoko Yumoto,
Satoshi Oku, Michiyo Hamasaki, Yukiko Ueda, Kosuke Nagasue,
Hironobu Kasai, Takashi Munakata, and Jessica Dunton

Ylghr lq wkh Fodvvurrp

Not Just a Commercial: Narrative That Demonstrates

Communication Dynamics 235
Philip L. McCasland

Establishing Student Schemata in a Media-Based ESL/EFL Course 245

Patrick Rates


Coordinating a Curriculum-wide Vocabulary Program 261

Charles J. Anderson, Jeffrey Stewart, and Luke Fryer

On the Strength of L2 Lexical Knowledge 269

Atsushi Asai

Frqihuhqfh Ryhuylhz

Presentations of the 17th Korea TESOL International Conference 281