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NSE 1 - The Threat Landscape

NSE 1 is the entry-level designation of the Fortinet
Network Security Expert (NSE) program. Who Should Attend?
This course is open for free enrollment for anyone
In this course, you will learn about the keen to learn about the threat landscape and
cybersecurity threats that organizations are facing network security.
today. We refer to this ever-changing set of
dangers as The Threat Landscape. Prerequisites
There is no prerequisites to take this training.
 Self-paced animated videos and quizzes System Requirements
 Fortinet's Quarterly Threat Report (PDF)
If you take an online format of this class, you must
have a computer with:
Agenda  High-speed Internet connection
1. The Bad Actors  Up-to-date web browser
2. CIO Perspectives  Speakers / headphones
3. CISO Perspectives  Either:
4. CFO Perspectives o HTML 5 support or
5. Personal Security Awareness o Up-to-date Flash runtime environment
Wired Ethernet connection (not Wi-Fi)
Objectives recommended. Firewalls including Windows
After completing this course, you will have a Firewall or FortiClient must allow connections
general understanding of: with the online course.
 Who is behind these attacks
 What their motives are Certification
 How some of these attacks are done
This course completes the requirement to obtain
 The impacts on C-level executives
the NSE 1 certification level.
 Key strategies to remain safe on the Internet The NSE 1 certification is valid for two years from
the date of completion.