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Circular /CBS/ 15 /2010-11 Date : 20-08-



In Core Banking, carrying out the branch operation in secure

environment assumes top priority to prevent perpetration of frauds. In
most of the branches, the security aspects have not been accorded due
importance and the attention has also not been paid thereby exposing
the bank to grave risk. The laxity in these matters poses a major risk to
the Bank and can lead to serious repercussions.

2. In this connection, we advise you hereunder some of the precautions

to be adopted to ensure the safety operations of the branch in secure

 All temporary capability changes made should be recorded in user

administration register

 User IDs of users who have proceeded on leave should be disabled

for the leave period and the same should be recorded to prevent
the user ID being misused by any one. The option for disabling
user IDs is available at the branch level to authorized officer.

 User forced lock out register should be maintained by branches

which should have all the necessary details about user ID, time,
reasons of lock out, signature of locked out user and signature of
the officer who has released locked out user etc.

 Resetting of the password of the users should also be recorded in

the register under authentication of authorized officials.

 Ensure password of all users in the branches is in alphanumerical

with special character (Optional) and the password is changed at
regular periodical intervals for maintaining secrecy.
 Branches are advised to ensure installation of Anti Virus as and
when the existing server and nodes are formatted and new nodes
are installed.

 System room or surroundings of the server/nodes should be free

from stacked computer stationery, computer print outs and
unnecessary material.

 Users should lock their desk tops when they are away from the
system even for a short duration.

 Branch users are advised not to keep important papers/files on the

branch server and desktops and such files may be kept in a folder.

 The branch manager is advised to maintain a record of branch

network and IP address of the branch.

 Software license register should be maintained by the branch. The

register should contain details of software such as key for
operating system so that tracking of legal software will be easy..
 Back up of reports should be taken on CD so that in case of
emergency they can be used. Back up CDS should be properly
protected and serial numbered.

 Users should be aware of security risks associated with password

sharing, simple passwords, unlocked desktops and security
incidents related to desktops compromise and virus attacks

3. The above precautions are not exhaustive but only an illustrative. The
instructions issued in this regard should be followed in latter and spirit
without any exceptions. All the users should understand the implications
of non compliance of security precautions and take due care to follow
the instructions to avert any untoward incidents and protect the interest
of the Bank.