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During my first semester in Eller, I have been
evaluating my professional persona by taking
self-assessments, working in a team, and
receiving constructive feedback from my
peers. This professional brand narrative is
used to analyze my results from my self-
assessment and Outside Leadership
Communication Evaluation.

In this document, I will be able to identify how

my network perceives me and how I perceive
myself, which will help me to be a more
professional and credible person.
People's Style
Based on the results from my self-assessment,
I was classified as amiable. However, my
survey results indicated that I am a mix of
expressive and amiable. Figure 2 & 3. Pie charts showing my people's style results.

In my culture, we tend to be very expressive

with our emotions. I am more talkative and
sociable when I am with my family and friends
in my home setting.

However, some survey respondents also

classified me as an amiable. This could have
been my manager and my Eller teammates.
When I am in a group setting or
Figure 1. Scatter plot showing composite responsiveness and communicating with peers who have
assertivness results. authority, I present myself as a relaxed,
As seen in the graph above, my scatter plot friendly, and soft-spoken individual. Even
depicts that I am expressive. This shows that I though it may seem I am very reserved, by
scored as more assertive and responsive in my nature, I am an inward thinker vocalizing when
survey, which were different results that I got it is most necessary and appropriate.
from my self-assessment. Cultural Map
As seen below in Figure 4, it depicts my
As seen in Figure 2 and 3, the results classified results from my Cultural Map assessment and
me more as an expressive rather than amiable. shows the different results between my self-
This response could have been from my assessment and survey. This is supposed to
friends and family at home. help me understand how I prefer
communicating across cultures.

J A C Q U E L I N E TtoH
see that my survey responders perceive me
the same way.


Figure 4. Bar chart showing eight cultural map scales. The dark
red is survey results and light pink is self assement results.

Persuading Figure 5. Word Cloud of reoccurring words from my survey

After evaluating my results, I believe that I
The common improvements from my survey
identify more with my survey respondents.
respondents are to not be hesitant and to trust
When convincing others, I tend to offer
myself. I did not find this response surprising
tangible examples. This is because when I am
because, at times, I believe that I do hesitate
persuading someone, I like to give realistic
to speak up. This is the most important lesson
outcomes from my personal experiences.
that I learned from my brand narrative
because I want others to perceive me as
This aspect of the cultural map is to measure
someone who is confident and does not
how disagreements are addressed. My survey
second guess herself.
respondents classified me as someone who
avoids confrontation. I believe that I identify
The survey respondents recommend to be
more with my survey results because I tend to
more open and to lead with more authority.
refrain from arguing and like to keep the
To improve, I will be more collaborative, be
disagreements I have with others private.
outspoken, and generate more of my ideas
Scheduling and thoughts in a group setting. Moving
This aspect of the cultural map measures my forward, implementing these
time management. In my self-assessment, I recommendations will help me to develop my
identified as someone who prefers structured professional persona.
timelines. I believe that I identify more with my Conclusion
survey respondents because I tend to get my The professional brand narrative gave me
responsibilities done faster when there is a insight into my professional persona. Even
strict deadline for an assignment or project. though some of the results were different from
Survey Responses how I perceived myself, I was able to obtain
The most reoccurring words that my survey feedback from my peers to help me better
respondents described me as were understand my personal communication
hardworking, creative and reliable. These style. This report has helped me to identify
words are how I described myself in my self- how I can improve in order to be an effective
assessment. I was very surprised to see that professional .