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Kathmandu International School

Guheshwori, Kharibot, Kathmandu 10cm area of Δ DEF =

S.L.C. Weekly Test – 2072 35
Subject: Math F.M.: 100 √ 3 cm2
2 .
Time: 3hrs. Class: X P.M: 40
b) Find the volume of a prism with a
(Candidates are required to give their answers in their practicable ways) base of equilateral triangle
All the questions are compulsory. having all the sides of 6 cm and the
height of 18cm.
Group:- A [9x(2+2) = 36]
5 −55×5n−1

1. a) Simplify: 5n+2 +89×5n 2

4 4 6. a) If the area of an equilateral triangle is 9 √ 3cm , find its perimeter.
9 13 −3 9
b) Evaluate: √ 128m n ÷√ 8m n b) Find the total surface area of the solid cone whose radius of base is
7cm and the vertical height is 51cm .
2. a) Solve: 8 + √ 4x−7=13 √
b) If 5 is added to the square of a number and the sum will be 7. a) Find the total selling price of a shirt whose marked price is Rs
30. Find the number. 2700 when 13% VAT is levied?
b) The population of a village is 20000. If the population growth rate
3. a) If ∑ fx = 72 + 8k, X = 6 and ∑f = 16 + k, find the value of k. of the village is 2% per annum, what will be the population after 2
years? Find it.

8. a) In the given figure, area of Δ

LMK = 24 cm2 and IN = 8 cm,
b) Find the third quartile find the length of IL.
class from the given
cumulative frequency

b) In the given figure, O is the centre of

the circle, ∠ BOC and ∠
BAC are center and inscribed angles
standing on the same circumference
4. a) A basket contains 5 yellow, 3 blue and 2 green balls. If a ball is respectively. If ∠ OCB = 30º, find ∠
drawn randomly from the basket, find the probability of not getting BAC.
a blue ball.
b) A bag contains 10 red and 12 blue T, T ball of same shape and
size. Two balls are drawn at random successively without 9. a) In the given figure, O is the centre of
replacement. Show all the probabilities in a tree diagram.
circle, ∠ XOY = 50º, find the value
of ∠ XZY.
5. a) In the triangle DEF, DF = 7cm, EF =
b) In the given figure, O is the
centre of the circle and OQ the 18. The adjoining figure is a square based
tangent where P is the point of pyramid. If its slant height is 13 cm and
contact. If OQ = 25 cm and QR = its total surface area is 360 cm2 find the
18 cm, find the length of PQ. volume of the pyramid.
10. In a survey, it was found that the ratio of the people who liked
modern songs and folk songs is 8:9. Out of which, 50 people liked
both songs, 40 liked folk songs only and 80 liked none of the 19. A and B can finish a piece of work in 20 days and 25 days
songs. respectively. If A left the work after working for 5 days. In how
i) Represent the above information in a Venn-diagram. many days can B complete the remaining work?
ii) Find the no of people who participated in the survey. 20. After giving 5% discount on the marked price of a radio, 10%
11. Find the HCF of the given expression; VAT is charged on it and then its price became Rs 1672. What
a3- 8, a4 + 4a2 + 16 and a3 + 2a2 + 4a. amount of the discount was given?
1 21. The compound amount of a certain sum of money in 2 years and 3
25 years become Rs 8820 and Rs 9261 respectively. Find the sum and
12. Solve:- 5x + 5-x = 25
the rate of interest.
13. Simplify:
3 22. Prove that the triangles standing on the same base and between the
x− y x+ y 2y same parallels are equal in area.
2 2
+ 2 2
− 4 2 2 4
x −xy+ y x + xy+ y x + x y + y
14. A mother says to her daughter,” 5 years ago I was 5 times as old as
you were but 10 years hence I shall be only twice as old as you
will,”. Find the present ages of mother and daughter. 23. In the given figure, if AE is the
bisector of ∠ BAC, prove that;
15. Compute the median from the data given below: MN//BC.
Marks 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-
obtained 80
No of students 13 18 20 27 12 10
24. Verify experimentally that inscribed angles standing on the same
16. A man observes the top of a tower of 80 3 m height from 240m
√ arc of a circle are equal. ( Two circles with minimum radii of 3 cm
far from the foot of the tower, find the angle of elevation. are necessary)
25. Construct a triangle in which a = 7cm, b = 6 cm and c = 5cm and
also construct a parallelogram whose area is equal to the area of
17. The given figure is a triangle ABC and one angle of the parallelogram is 60º.
combined solid made of a
cone and a cylinder. Find its