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1. It is an act providing individual an atmosphere where he/she develop physically, mentally and
a. Republic Act no. 2032
2. It states that every child has the right to a well-rounded development where she/he fined herself/himself
to be happy.
a. Presidential Decree no. 603
3. This Philippine document provides benefits, privilege and incentives and prohibitions on verbal and
non-verbal vilification for disabled person.
a. Magna Carta for Disabled Person, Republic Act no. 9442 amending R.A no. 7277
4. This Presidential Decree entitles an emotionally disturb individual shall be treated with sympathy and
shall give competent care.
a. Presidential Decree no. 603 Article 1
5. Physically and mentally handicapped child shall be given treatment inclusive and care required by his
a. Presidential Decree no. 3, Article 3
6. This Philippines document states the provision of providing the needs of special people through formal
a. Philippines Constitutions; Article 14
7. This article states the provision for quality education in all levels to everybody.
a. Section 1, Article 14 of the Philippines Constitutions
8. Provides training in civic, adult education and vocational training to out of school youth, adult citizens
and disabled person.
a. Section 2, Article 14 of the Philippines Constitutions
9. Republic Act no. 9442 amending Republic Act no. 7277 in known as:
a. Magna Carta for Disabled Person
10. This Philippines provide privileges and incentives and provision of verbal and non-verbal ridicule and
vilification against person with disability administration.
a. Republic Act no. 9442
11. The gifted child shall be given opportunity encouragement to develop.
a. Presidential Decree Order no. 603
12. This Philippine document stated provides the provision of providing the special needs to the disorder
person responsibility to give special needs for disabled person.
a. 1897 Philippine Constitution Article XIV
13. Provides adult education and out of school youth, adult citizens and disabled person.
a. Section 2, Article 14; 1987 Philippine Constitution
14. It is an act to promote the education of the blind in the Philippine provided for the formal training of
SPED Teachers of blind children at the Philippine normal college.
a. Republic Act no. 3562
15. An act providing a ten (10) year for Teacher Training Program of special and Exceptional Children.
a. Republic Act no. 5250
16. This act provide education regardless of age, sex, socio-economic status, physical and mental
a. Batasan Pambansa no. 232
17. The law states that provide needs with special children.
a. Education for All Handicapped on the Children Act
18. States that no individual shall make mockery to persons with disability.
a. Republic Act no. 9442
19. Provides special need of person with disability which culturally different from so called ‘normal.’
a. Batasan Pambansa no. 232, Section 24 Special Education Services
20. The states shall establish a special agency for disabled person for their rehabilitation, self-development
and self-reliance and their integration into the mainstream of society.
a. 1897 Constitution of the Philippines; Article 13, Section 13
21. An act to enhance the mobility of the disabled person by requiring certain buildings, institutions,
establishments and public utilities to install facilities and other devices.
a. Batas Pambansa no. 344
22. An act providing strong deterrence and special protection against child abuse, exploration and
discrimination providing penalties for its violence and other purposes.
a. Republic Act no. 7610
23. It is a communication disorder where a child has developmental delays and problems in spoken
a. Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder
24. It is a communication disorder where in a child has a hard time espressing words clearly pass a certain
a. Expressive Language Disorder
25. It is type of communication disorder where in that starts in childhood that can last through out life.
a. Onset Childhood Fluency Disorder
26. It is type of communication disorder where in a child has trouble with verbal and non-verbal
communication that is not cause thinking problem.
a. Social Communication Disorder
27. It is the most prevalent cause of communucation disorder in a child.
a. Gene Problem
28. He discovered the braille for the blind.
a. Louie Braille
29. It is a condition wherein the person experience a color discrimination.
a. Color Blindness
30. A problem with the eye that prevents a person from seeing clearly.
a. Astigmatism
31. It a pathological condition wherein the retina is separated from the underlying pigment.
a. Retinal Detachment
32. It is a refractive error characterized by the inability of an eye to focus sharply.
a. Astigmatism
b. Cataract
c. Color Blindness
d. Glaucoma
33. It a characterized by a cleft or defect in normal continuity of a part of the eye.
a. Coloboma
34. It is a pathologic condition and this characterized by opacity or cloudiness of the crystalline lens.
a. Cataract
35. It is a type of eye disorder which the person may not be able to discriminate colors.
a. Color Blindness
36. It is a pathologic condition characterized by the increase intraocular pressure resulting in damage to be
optic nerve and retinal nerve fibers.
a. Glaucoma
37. It is a tactile writing system use by people who are visually impaired.
a. Braille Instructions
38. Defined as speech affliction where the patient is unable to have the capacity to speak.
a. Muteness
39. According to _____ it was conceptualized as the loss of voice.
a. Physical Impairment
40. According to ____ it was conceptualized as the loss of sound.
a. Mental/Psychological Impairment
41. A disease that affects the nervous system and causes people's muscles to become weak and their arms
and legs to shake.
a. Parkinson's Disease
42. Causes people to slowly lose their memory and mental abilities as they grow old.
a. Alzheimer's Disease
43. Serious and often deadly disease in which an outside layer of the brain or spinal cord becomes infected
and swollen.
a. Meningitis
44. Teaching a fish to climb a tree
45. Imagination is important to information.
46. It provides the forms supports stability and movement of the muscular sketetal system.
a. Musculoskeletal system
47. Medical doctor who specialized the bon structure of the body.
a. orthopedic
48. It a hereditary disease cause by defective or defficient collagen production and marked by extreme
brittleness of the long bones and a bluish color of the white of the eyes.
a. osteogenesis
49. An example of this is celebral pulsy.
a. Neuromuscular Disability
50. It is disability resulting to brain damage before during after and shortly after delivery.
a. Cerebral Palsy
51. Is specialized treatment or programme that prepares the clients to live successfully in his/her own family
and society.
a. Occupational Therapy
52. A therapy such as exercises and electrotheraphy based from the client's needs.
a. Physiotherapy
53. Done or made for the sake of appearance.
a. Cosmetic surgery

Essay type:
1. Explain and discuss "Health is Wealth".
2. 'Your baby is what you eat.'

a. An ounce of prevention is better that a pound of cure.

b. You are what you eat.