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Annotated Bibliography for Camus the Stranger

Sumption, Jonathan. “Poisonous relations”. French 1930-1932 General OneFile. Web. 17 Dec.


France's interest in the defeat of Britain was always as much emotional as political. It was
important for what remained of the country's self-esteem.


I choose this because somehow it is reminding me have some interest that forces them to do
something. As Meursalt back to the time he saw the two Arab men, its made him want to revenge
and kill them.

MacQuarrie, John. "Existentialism." Encyclopedia of Religion. Ed. Lindsay Jones. 2nd ed. Vol.
5. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2005. 2924-2927. Gale Virtual Reference Library.
Web. 9 Dec. 2010.


The criticism is sometimes made that there is something morbid in the existentialists'
preoccupation with anxiety and death, and this criticism also impinges on those Christian
theologians who have used these ideas to urge the need for faith and dependence on God.

Important Quotes:

“Making Christ's cross one's own."


This quote shown us that when Meursault back I the jail, the magistrate was believe in God, and
he was witnessing Meursault to believe in Christ, and follow that he will has the eternal life.

Korb, Rena. "The Middleman". Literature of developing nations for students: Presenting
Analysis, context, and criticism on literature of developing nations. Ed, Elizabeth Bellalouna,
Michael. Vol.2. Detroit: Gale group, 2000. From Literature Resource center.


The immigrants are a Jew who from Iraq. Living in India.

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Important Quotes:
My fresh new citizenship is always in jeopardy. My dealings can't stand toomuch investigation”.


Describing us the time that Meursault was in the jail. Facing close to the death, imaging the day
that he will get execute and hoping every one will attend, greet him with a full crie of hate.

Alice J. "Camus's 'The Stranger.' (author Albert Camus)." The Explicator. (Vol. 56). .1 (Fall
1997): p36. Literature Resource Center. Gale. Malden High School. 8 Dec. 2010


Describing the way that Meursault communicate to Marie, and how Meursault has given
Marie different types of mood.

Important Quotes:
“I said it didn't make any difference to me and that we could if she wanted to. Then she
Wanted to know if I loved her. I answered the same way I had the last time, that it didn't mean
anything but that I probably didn't love her.... Then she pointed out that marriage was a serious
thing. I said, "No." She stopped talking for a minute and looked at me without saying anything.
Then she spoke. She just wanted to know if I would have accepted the same proposal from
another woman, with whom I was involved in the same way. I said, "Sure." (41-42)”.
Meursault is willing to agree to marriage but he is unwilling to feign enthusiasm for it,
even to please Marie. The conversation consists of repeated attempts on Marie's part to evoke
even a minimal expression of interest from Meursault in favor of marriage.

"Urban forms and colonial confrontations: Algiers under French rule." Urban History
Review 26.1 (1997): 59-60. Gale World History In Context. Web. 8 Dec. 2010.
Document URL

This is all about the Algiers under the France rule. Most of the people live establishment
of a bidonville. And a group decided to house Algerians in rise.

Important Quotes:
Nguyen 3

Celik shows how architecture contributed to the success of the rebels against French rule,
as Algerians achieved independence in the early 1960s.


Meursault is the person like to do his own thing, and this article talk about the rebels. It
could be helpful to demonstrate “The Stranger”.

Bilgere, George. “At the Vietnam Memorial.” Poetry Out Loud. 17 Dec 2010.


George was describing himself and his partner at the Vietnam’s war, also the last breath
of his partner when he got shot.

Important Quotes:

“At the Vietnam Memorial”

By George Bilgere

The last time I saw Paul Castle

it was printed in gold on the wall
above the showers in the boys’
locker room, next to the school
record for the mile. I don’t recall
his time, but the year was 1968
and I can look across the infield
of memory to see him on the track,
legs flashing, body bending slightly
beyond the pack of runners at his back.

He couldn’t spare a word for me,

two years younger, junior varsity,
and hardly worth the waste of breath.
He owned the hallways, a cool blonde
at his side, and aimed his interests
further down the line than we could guess.

Now, reading the name again,

I see us standing in the showers,
naked kids beneath his larger,
comprehensive force—the ones who trail
Nguyen 4

obscurely, in the wake of the swift,

like my shadow on this gleaming wall.

George metaphor between his friend and Meursault and Raymond, they were best friend;
they were protecting each other as George protecting his friend at the battle field.

Salbi, Zainab. “Zainab Salbi: Women, wartime and the dream of peace.” T.E.D. July 2010. 17
Dec. 2010.