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Question And Answer

Question 1: What is the main challenge to shift the campus? And how they
allocate everything in the best way?

Answer: The main challenge is the short time to shift everything in the permanent campus
which was 90% done, and give the comfort to the students that they can continue their class and
lessons properly.

The allocation of students in different class in buildings is so important. At first, they set that
under playgroup to STD II will be continuing their classes in one separate building and STDIII to
STDXII will be in other building. Those are named by junior and senior building. Assigning
classes and separating areas in each floor of the new grounds, dispensing spaces for instructors
and determining the rooms to the individual educators was an undertaking. In the start of the
moving their principle center was to guarantee the best solace to the understudies and the
educators mulling over the impediments for instance, around then climate control systems were
not introduced, various rooms were feeling the loss of the entryways or the locks of entryways,
all the human asset administrators needed to oversee working in one room, 13 supervisors were
working from the outset in one clogged room.

Question 2: What is their job requirement system?

Answer: Job requirements for teachers are the most important thing to school authority. The
reputation of school is depends on how the teachers are guided or cared their students. Student’s
performance on public exam and others activities are increased or decreased schools reputation.
So selection of teachers in Playpen is a critical job for HR.

As Playpen is a reputed school, the number of students is increasing day by day. The
convenience is accomplished presently by multiplying the quantity of areas for every particular
class, for which enlisting more educators began from the old grounds requiring an adjustment in
the general enrollment process. Beforehand Playpen favored selecting new competitors
considering the reference of the working or old representatives which was trailed by the
accommodation of the cv, a composed test, a viva with the supervisory group and afterward a
solid viva with the Principal, though now when their yearly turnover is determined from almost
30 workers various changes came into the enrollment procedure. To note it down there is not
really any substitution of the old representatives which makes 60% of the workers of Playpen
working for over 15 years, the turnover checks this much in view of the opening of new
opportunities and a few substitutions of recently utilized instructors. For the best applicant, they
are gathering cv’s in email through distributing the promotion in the site of BD Jobs.

A gigantic change right currently was definitely an unprecedented test for the HR office and it
started to process step by step from the old grounds to meet the basic needs in the new grounds.

Question 3: What types of struggles HR department faced?

Answer: Shifting school from one point to another point is creating a big problem like as
student crisis in junior department. Student crisis may down school’s reputation and also about
finance. So HR department struggled to solve this problem. Tough they didn’t advertise for the
school but they made some leaflet sessions that it may fulfill the demand. Or then again perhaps
the HR expected to fight with the understudy screening process also.