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Updated Core Competency Plan

NAME: Cameron Jernigan

Competency Self-Rating & Explanation Intended Outcomes Short-term Plan of Long-term Plan of
(Foundational, (​What aspect will you Action Action
Intermediate, Advanced and focus on within the (within this (before MS
why) competency?) academic year) completion)

Intermediate​ - Because I have a I will focus on my personal Before the year is over, I I will seek to further
core understanding of myself and ethical foundations and how will commit to engaging analyze my ethical
my practice from an ethical and they can be further developed in reflective practices foundations as a means
foundational perspective, I would and used to implement ethical that further inform me of of learning how to better
rank myself as intermediate. I am development among my the ways that my ethical support and facilitate
at a place where my practice is sphere of influence. foundations influence ethical development of
guided by my ethical foundations, my daily practice. I will both my students and
I am aware of where these ethics Additionally, I will focus on do this via weekly fellow staff. I will do this
arrived from and how they maintaining congruence journal reflections and by using my weekly
influence my practice. However, I between my personal ethics meetings with my reflections as a means of
would not say that I am actively and the work I do. supervisor. Additionally, tracking my
PPF creating a culture of ethics within I will practice models of development and
my office, at least not further than ethical decision making practices when it comes
there already is. best fit for my style of to working with students.

Update: I have begun

discussing ethical
foundations with my
supervisors as part of our
weekly 1:1s. I have not
continued to journal but
intend to do this in the
Intermediate​ - I think that through For this competency, I will I will commit to By the completion of my
my past experiences, personal focus on the service engaging in service to program, I will be in a
research and reflection, and component of the competency. my office, department, place where not only am
current coursework, I would rank I think that service is an institution, etc. at least I actively engaging in
myself as foundational. I have an important and integral part of twice a semester. I will service, but I am taking
understanding of the core values the field and the work we do. do this by volunteering leadership roles in
and history of the field, and can my time to the student service opportunities and
critically analyze the ways in run programs I do not becoming more involved
which current events in the field already work with in my nationally. I hope to
are shaped by (and in spite of) our office, including Garnet become more involved
past. and Gold Goes Green in service within the
and Food Recovery Association for the
Network. Additionally, I Advancement of
will begin volunteering Sustainability in Higher
for campus wide Education, as well as
programs and events other professional
such as the Dalton organizations such as
Institute. ACPA.

Update: I have
volunteered in my office
in multiple capacities, as
well as other forms of
service to other student
focused offices within
the institution.
Foundational​ - I have a very For this competency, I will I will work with my In the long term, I will
basic understanding of focus on program evaluation, supervisor and student use the information
assessment, evaluation, and primarily as it relates to coordinators to assess gained to evaluate
research. I broadly understand the learning outcomes and goals. the learning outcomes potential necessary
competency, and have taken steps As I work in an office where for the programs I work change to programs and
to engage with it in the past, but all programs are student run, with on a continuous initiate that change.
do not have a broad understanding understanding and assessing basis. Moving forward, I Additionally, I will work
of it, nor have I made more than the goals and outcomes of will work with the to create a culture of
minute attempts to implement it these programs is important. student coordinators to assessment and
into professional practice. ensure that these benchmarking within my
outcomes are being office.
achieved. This will be
done both via formal
assessment and informal
Update: I have begun
working more with
assessment within my
role as the Eco-Reps
Additionally, I have
started the proposal steps
to complete a research
project about
sustainability and
Foundational​ - I currently have a I intend to focus on law and its I will begin taking steps Before completion of my
beginner knowledge and impact on professional to learn more about degree, I will take EDH
understanding of broader higher practice, as well as the crafting departmental and 5405: Legal Aspects of
education related law and policy, and implementation of institutional policy College to gain a better
such as FERPA and Title IX. institutional policy, both at the through discussion with understanding of the
However, I am less familiar with student and professional level. my supervisor and legal foundations of the
institutional policies and how they personal research. field, the current legal
impact my work. Additionally, I will issues facing us today,
shadow my supervisor as and how to implement
she advises our office’s law and policy within
student government my sphere of influence.
bureau (Office of Additionally, I will read
LPG Student Sustainability) publications like The
as a means of better Chronicle of Higher
understanding how Education to stay up to
students can shape date on current law and
policy on campus. In the policy issues.
future, I may consider
co-advising OSS.

Update: I have started to

shadow my supervisor as
she advises OSS and
have begun to
understand how student
government works
overall. My new role as
the intern for
Homecoming has also
assisted in the
I think I am at a ​foundational I will focus primarily on hiring I will take part in the By the end of my
level in regards to Organizational practices and supervision. hiring of 5 student program, I will have
and Human Resources. Once I Within my assistantship, these positions in my office by taken part in hiring for
become acclimated to an two aspects are most relevant the end of this year. 5-10 student positions in
environment and institution, I to my daily work, primarily as Additionally, I will make my office, as well as the
have a good grasp of how to an advisor to the Eco-Rep it a goal to regularly hiring process for my
manage organizational resources. program. manage the Eco-Rep replacement.
However, I am far from the place budget, not only when Additionally, I will
where I am able to quickly adapt money is being prepared prepare transition
to any environment. to be spent. documents for my
replacement and ensure
OHR Update: Not only did I their transition into my
take part in the hiring role in as successful as
process of undergraduate possible.
student positions in my
office, I assisted in
hiring two open
professional positions in
my office. Additionally,
serving as the advisor for
the Sponsorship
committee for
Homecoming has
assisted in learning more
about managing budgets.
Intermediate​ - I find myself to be For this competency, I want to By the end of this year, I By the end of my
intermediate within the leadership focus on training, will TA my first program, I will assess
competency. Coming from an development, and leadership course (LDR and refine the leadership
undergraduate experience where engagement. While I have 2290: Leadership and framework and outcomes
leadership was an important part worked towards my leadership Sustainability in Action) for Eco-Reps, the student
of my development as a student, development, and have begun as part of my run program I advise. I
as well as a current personal and assisting others in doing the assistantship. I will also will also read
professional interest, I feel I have same, I would like to further attend the Leadership publications like New
a good grasp on leadership and engage in this. Educators Institute as Directions for Student
am able to articulate that. well as potentially Leadership to stay up to
Additionally, I am taking steps present at the date on current issues in
towards further leadership Multicultural Leadership student leadership.
development. Institute.

Update: I have
accomplished all of these
goals, as well as present
at the Multicultural
Leadership Institute this
past semester.
Additionally, I have
begun the initial steps to
complete a research
project about leadership
development of
sustainability students.
Intermediate​ - I have a good I have begun engaging with I will attend the Social I will use my
understanding of social justice SJI at the personal level as Justice Ally Training by assistantship to learn
and inclusion. I attempt to always well as within my sphere of the end of this year. about and engage more
be aware and cognizant of my influence, but have yet to truly While I feel I have a with the social aspects of
biases and privileges, how I may engage at an institutional strong grasp on engaging sustainability such as
be complicit in systems of level. For this reason, I want as an ally when in spaces environmental racism. I
oppression (both in my personal to focus on institutional SJI and positions of power will also bring
life and at the institutional level advancement, engagement, and privilege, I want to conversations and issues
within my professional life), and and education. ensure that I am not into my office, both via
what I can do to change that. becoming stagnant in my everyday interactions
Additionally, I try to create allyship. I will also and programs and
opportunities for others to engage submit a proposal to events, such as a
with these issues. present at the discussion series
Multicultural Leadership facilitated by me or
Institute. using the student
programs I work with as
a springboard.
Update: I presented at
the Multicultural
Leadership Institute in
January. Although I have
not attended the Social
Justice Ally Training, I
have continued to read
about social justice,
especially as it relates to
the field of higher
Foundational​ - I have a beginner I want to focus on taking By the end of the year, I Eventually, I will begin
understanding of student learning theory and implementing it will TA my first course, to analyze and critique
and development theory and have into my practice, both on an where I will be current theories based on
begun attempts to actively individual student level and at introduced to students at my coursework and
practice it within my work. I have the programmatic and varied levels of interactions with
begun to learn more about specific departmental level. development, unlike my students. I will also
theories and have been able to office. I will use this strive to be able to
assess that many of the students in experience to better identify where in
my office, as many are juniors and understand where development students
seniors, are further along in their students are in their are.
developmental processes. development, via in class
interaction and grading
SLD assignments. I will also
read bell hooks’
Teaching to Transgress,
as a means of improving
both teaching and
critiquing theory.

Update: I have begun to

read Teaching to
Transgress and
implement it into my
daily work. Additionally,
working with
Homecoming has
provided me more of a
varied group of students
at different stages of
development to work
Intermediate​ - I have a good I want to focus on educating By the end of the year, I By the end of the
knowledge base and high level of others in regards to technology will teach Peardeck, an program, I will make
comfort when it comes to change and usage. While I am interactive presentation staying up to date on
technology. Additionally, I comfortable with technology, I tool, to the students in technological
anticipate and expect for am less comfortable with my office. Additionally, advancements a
technological changes and am teaching others how to use it I will read Generation Z consistent practice in my
comfortable responding to these and implement it into their Goes to College to learn life, via websites and
changes. practice. more about technological podcasts such as Josie
developments facing the Ahlquist’s Josie and The
TECH students that will come Podcast. I will also make
in the future. conversations with
students surrounding
Update: I have not social media usage an
accomplished the above everyday practice.
goals, however I have
taught a group of
students on LinkedIn and
smartly utilizing social
Intermediate​ - Coming from a I want to focus on advising During this academic By the end of my
background where most of my students who have year, I will work towards program, I will have had
prior experiences included a large experienced trauma and/or learning about an internship (or other
amount of advising with students students in crisis. intentional, trauma professional experience)
(with working relationship and no informed practices when with an office or
relationship with), I feel it comes to working with program serving students
comfortable when it comes to students in crisis. I will in or have suffered from
advising and supporting both also work to further a major crisis (Title IX,
students and student groups. I develop my concept and Dean of Students, etc.) I
have a good deal of general idea of crises in regards will also utilize
student advising and supporting to students to further professional
experience. However, I do not prepare for working with organizations to better
have a great deal of advising and students (as crisis is not understand and use
supporting students in major always a traumatic event, practices in line with
crises and I would like to gain but can be of a more current research and
that. everyday nature). practice.

Update: I have taken part

in trainings related to
suicide prevention as
well as read more about
trauma informed