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SECRET/NOFORN ‘UnrTrp STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ‘FeDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION File Number: Ce] Requesting Official(s) and Office(s): eG Task Number(s) and Date Completed: 620096, 11/10/2016 Name and Office of Linguist(s): TAC Name and Office of Reviewer(s): .174c TAC [_——"inta Source Language(s) English ‘Target Language: English Source File Information CCR_OOL.way & CCR_002.wav VERBATIM TRANSCRIPTION Participants: Crossfire Typhoon Confidential Human Source Unknown Male Unknown Male 2 Unknown Female MMi Last Name Unknown, Global Positioning System Declassified by C28W34B64 on 4/1/2020 This redacted version only UL Unintelligible RC Recording/Automated ov Overlapping Voices sc Simultancous Conversation Sie As Stated Italies Foreign Language Special Agent mM [SP], Special Agent IML Time is 1:05 PM. Uh, about to have a consensually recorded conversation between CHS and Crossfire Typhoon [Rustling] UM: [ull - [Chuckling] UM: tun = Chat with you later, have a good weekend Cl [Door shuts] [Restling] {Cell phone sounds} [Sirens in background] [Bathroom sounds} {Flushing sounds] [Hand washing sounds} [Rustling} [Garage sounds] (Car starts] {Music playing] cps: Starting (Out 1 I [SP]. [UI] head north on RN (1) en right on to West [UL]. [Pause] In haifa miletum Tight On (0 TE [Pause] Tom right on to xn BE do un et oo {Cell phone ringing] cus: Hello? cr: Hey CHS, SECRET/NOFORN ‘CCR_ODI.wav & CCR_002.wav What's up brotha? ct: Listen, the, like no parking like in the front CHS: Okay. Yeah. It's-- CT: Because it’s like Halloween and like all the people are out here. CHS: ‘Yeah and all these bozos. cr: ‘Some guy actually just took the last spot right now. CHS: now, all these 6020s out here. cr: Yeah I know. Conformists, man, that’s what I call them. CHS: [Laughs] ct: [Chuckles] [Ut] cus: You know what book I love and adore still to this day? cr: What? cus: ‘You know what book I love and adore to this day? cr: Which one? cris: Euro Centrism I think it's called? ct: never saw it, never tead it. Cus: {twas in one of cr: Buro Centrism, huh? cHis: Pil find it, [ got it on my bookshelf, Il give it to you, ct {UI] iBooks whatever, Are you, are you here by the way? Do you want me to go inside and wait for you or what do you want me to do? CHS: Yeah Pm-P’m-- [Car honking in background] 2 ae of File: SBCRET/NOFORN Recording: CCR_OO1.qwav & CCR_002.wav CHS: ct: cus: cHs cr cus: Ps: GPs: GPs: cr: cH: cr: cus: cr: CHS cr: CHS: ist looking for parking. All these, uh, NM [PE] don’t know how to use the crosswalk and tum and drive. Okay, but you know where itis, right? Yeah Okay PI just wat for you inside Aleight, broth. Altight, bye. Bye. ‘Tum right [Beeping sounds] Jn 250 feet the destination is on your lf. [Voices in background] vi! [Car door shuts] [Rustling] [Voices in background] [Chuckles] Looking like you own the place here. This shirt ‘What is this? This is hilarious. [Laughter] Ma criss. [Laughing] Yeah. mgm already? wy Ob man, SEGRETYNOFORN (CR_O0Lway & CCR_002.wav cr Have you ever been [UI] CHS: No, Tavoid tis place because there's never any parking. Are you walking? cr [UI] Ijust realized it’s Halloween so everybody's out doing ther, 1 don’t know ‘what their trick or treating for around here, cus. Al the businesses have candy, cr Do they give ‘em candy. Do you guys give them candy at yours? cus Where? cr ful) CHS: Tdon’tknow they're, they're all the way out in CT: [UT] where do you work from? cus: a cr No you don’t CHS: ‘Yeah. I got a golden job, man. How do yo: a? cus Whenever I'm not like, next week I'm going t,t, cr: Yeah? CHS: And then, no I'm going (0 Am. next week, cr: {Chuckles} CHS: ‘The week after Pm going (0 i cr What the he’s n ? cus But I'm just going, and nothing. Nothing cr Wewaita minute. Explain to me wht, am? cus: $0. 4 Fi cr: CHS: CHS: cr CHS: cr: cHs: cr cus: cr cus: a Recording: CCR_001.wav & CCR_002.wav Because I, Ihave a, « [UI] my cousins tenant in this building. He works for am Ad hei. ut he’s ike an what does he do? Ault, ike Lor something? But he’s always just traveling to like different plants and stuff and he ‘n0stly NE. So what does that mean 1 IE. ike what do you do? I just st, listen to meetings, do emails What? W's wonderful, [Chuckles] Don’t be jealous. But why do they [UI] a Yeah, but why do they make Ig What do you do when you mmm | just make sure that my team is on their shit, but..for the most part when I used, ‘when | frst started I was doing, 1, am So like did bl What does tht mean? i, ° 5 _——— SL — [OV] So how did you~ | how did you figure all his tue? They put us through 2 is [PH], ycah. Really? Its like a pre-college. Like, I'm like, how the hell you guys hire ca RE ( do" want fo [chuckles | don" a Yeah so [UI] Filey Recording: CHS: cr CHS: cr: CHS: cT: CHS: ct: cus: cr: CHS: cr: CHS: cr: CHS, cT: cHs: CHS: SECRETYNOFORN: OO L wav & CCR_002.wav ~Lhate, [hate doing like, remember ke, a! (1. NNN on all that stufE~ Yeah. hate that shit with a passion ‘And that’s what you do all day? used to, now I don"t, | do MM. | don’t, [don’t even touch ME xcept for my own, Because [- hate gg, {hate ‘Yeah it’s annoying, rm not savy at all [Ul], I mean do you have to do like and all that kind of stufftoo? ee ey, 2 1 50 stupid, Phate it. But i's gm But how do you do it, that seems like tough shit. Yeah I'm not, ike HMMM all. Ican give speeches, I can talk to people, I'm really good at that, but in terms of doing like Immms [UU ‘Yeah your m- you're a manipulative motherfucker. [Chuckles] [Ut] I dont think [UN] doing there, ‘They got gyros here? “They have everything. I'm fucking hungry. Did you eat alteady? No. Ididn’t, Why would I come to lunch if didn’t [chuckles] [OV] Imean did you have breakfast [UI] Ub, Thad a waffle, le: cr: CHS: cr: cus cr cus: cr cus: cr cus. cr cus cr: cus cr: cH: ct: cHs cr: CHS: cr: SBEREWINOFORN as Recording: CCR_OO1.wav 8& CCR_002.wav ‘Oh man, Lasked, ub, SIM if she wanted to make waffles and then she Im Tmade waffles. [Ul] yeah I'm going to get the Poseidon salad [UI]. You're getting a sa- you're getting a salud? Yeath, but it's, its like a Seafood salad. Oh, [Pause] Poseidon? Yeah. I've been craving that, it’s like really good here, ‘Are you, I put, ub, um, baby octopus on the grill. Oh my God that shit’s-- Is it good? amazing. Liove octopus. That’s: my favorite seafood, And scallops. 1 go over down to, ut, I [PHI Yeah. You know where that is~ Yeah. all the way out, ub, west and I grab the baby, because they always have, fresh baby, um, octopus. Let ‘em marinade in lemon and olive oil over night. ‘You know fg [PH is right here. How far [Ut] Right, well Ns, | got 2 ME i fovy uy) YEnext to my house yeah, so. [UI] Yeah no I, { got, I'm trying to get more into like seafood man because then every time Thave meat I'm like constipated like wo [UI]. 1 SECREHINOKORN Fil CHS: cr: cus: cr: Hs: cr: CHS: ct: CHS: cr: cus: cr CHS: cr: CHS: cr: Hs: ct: CHS: cr CHS: cr: SBERETANOPORN ODT wav & CCR_002.wav [Laughing] Constipated up if you have meat? [UT] and we have a lot, {Laughs} (ul) ‘Thats all the souvlaki you've been eating. Yeah man, itis. W's burning in your fehuckles]-- kis, This, What are you going to get? want gyros and fries man, I know it’s uh, [know it’s very cliché, but I've been craving a fucking gyro. (U1 RN 1] gyros [UT Didn't they close NM)? No whats the place they closed aeross the street? (wy Next to that, uh, litle brothel they have? (C1 mm (00. ‘That slum motel on [UN] café though. Dude that transformed. Isn't the best café? How coo! is the IMM, dude? For me it’s like my happy place [UI]. That waitress though, let me tell you. [UT] that’s [UL] waitresses, [Chuckles] Oh my God. tun) CHS: cr: CHS: cr cHs: cr: CHS: cr: CHS: cr CHS: cr: CHS: cr: CHS: cr: CHS: She is phenomenal, She’s obviously here illegally. Mlegally? Yeah, You think so? | know I [PH] family, and NM Was here legally too. She was here illegally or legally? Legally. And INN family that ace still here and [UI]— [OV] Don’t they own that big house in Mor something? [Ul] the thing 1 like [Ul] the dad was a floater. ‘The dad was a waiter. Do you know how much waiters make at busy Iggy) restaurants? A lot. You can make like 400 a night. Annight? MR vcho’s Tike « [UT] from like probably here illegally [Ul] they put him in like NN as a waiter— (J PH). ~after a year and a half I'd say, a year, a year and a half, He has rent to pay with her, food, everything, bills, how much does he have saved up do you think? I'd [UT say & year and ahalf. Pl give him the year and a half [Ul] as a waiter [Ul] his only job, cash saved If you're saying $400 a night. Well not every night. Like, like on a Seturday you get that much...and then don’t forget the winter you're slow too, so you gota... {don’t know, I think if he was being frugal and saved, he maybe saved $20,000, $20,000, A year. That's if he’s frugal. Me? I [UI] SECRET/NOFORN: ew 'CR_ OO Lwav & CCR_002.wav $20,000 a week. cus: A week. ct: No. cHs [OV] Ob I was going say-- cr [UT] as a waiter CHS: Just save, cr: ‘You need no education, you can start at 18. You could literally [UT] what am T talking about [UI] cus: ‘Yeah but if you're a nobody here, yeah. cr: (ull CHS: ‘Yeah bat if you're a nobody here, you don’t have credit you don’t have any of this other shit, what are you going to do? What do you do? CHS: ‘Yeah you can go buy a car cash, you can go buy a house cash, but ct: [Laughs] Well no you just rent. Okay let’s say you're a citizen forget, forget the [UN] you're a citizen at 16 T don’t want to go to college and waste my, or I want to drop out [Ul] because you don’t need an education you do that [UI]. CHS: Well you need to know how to read. [Chuckles] cr Well yeah. You would make more money, I swear, than probably 90% of the millennials, ‘That shocked me, man, Millennials (Ul), cus: Well alot of millemnials ar lazy, they rely on technology, they're, they're relying on their education to get them further in life, but they don’t have the-- cn [OV] But that (UI), cus: they don’t have like work eth-ethic like we-- cr: ‘They don’t have a work ethic you're absolutely right, they don't have that drive. CHS: {don’t think you have a work ethie. File ct: CHS: cr: UF: cr UF: CHS: cr cHs: UF: cH: UF: cus: UF: CHS: cr UP: CHS: cr: CHS: UF: SECRET/NOFORN ODL wav & CCR_002.wav [Gi] man, You're lazy. [UT] put in my, no FIl be honest with you, If I'm motivated to do something, I'l 2020 hours a day. IfT'm not, 'd rather sit at home and [UI] I can’t like [UI] lov Hi Hey how’s it going, hon? Everything good. Have you decided? Yeah (U0 Do you want an appetizer or anything? No, Go straight to it, I don’t want to, 1 saved myself on some calories. Ul do a, a gyro sandwich, Gyro sandwich. Hold the tomatoes. Extra Tzatziki, Thave to charge you for extra Tzatziki ‘That's fine, No tomato. No tomatoes. I want the Poseidon salad, Anything else? You doing, uh, water? ‘Oh ['llgeta drink, you want a drink? Let’s grab a drink at the casino, Alvight that’s fine, We'll just have this, ‘Thank you. CHS: cr: CHS: cr cus ct: CHS: cr: CHS: cr cHS: ct CHS: cr: CHS: ct: SECRETYNOFORN (OOL wav & CCR_002.wav Thanks a lot. [want a, So, s0 that’s, seriously like, I don’t, it's not even a millennial problem, but if Pm rnot motivated like I can’t, I can’t get up and do something. It's nuts. So I really need to [LI] like autistic when it comes fo that shit. If 'm motivated then Pm like into it and I'm, I feel like I'm being productive, I ean do some 20 hours a day. ‘What, what's, what... [OV] Like my, what I’m doing now. Like I love it and [, over like the last six years [UI] like all this political shit so it gets me up and like going. If | wasn’t doing that then is ike Like what about i dives you? It’s interesting man, you get to meet cool people man, and like, wh, like uh politicians and leaders of the world and you really get to find out what's happening inthe word You're, you're not even, what are you no you're — aE 0c yo. Net a [UI] hell's a year. ‘This, [Laughs] why? EE why? or, How? 2 Filey CHS: cr: cus: cr: CHS: cr: CHS: CT CHS: ct: cus: cr: CHS: cr: CHS: cr: SECRETY/NOFORN a Recording: CCR_O0L.wav & CCR_002.wav [Ul] you go through Your NNN, you're like oh my God what am doing with my life is there, and then I was like, oh wait T got a corporate job, I'm cool. {Laughs} [Ul] starts projects in like their, jg some people are in their age is- Ticerally just a number. This isn't like, 1950 where you get the job at Ford all your life, Peaple are really doing different things now. Yeah like- (ul) want money now, [want to [UI like I don’t want to be a 75 year old driving around a Lamborghini; | want to be NM driving around that Lamborghini don’t want to-- [UT] it’s the key. [Ul] how [UT] give me an idea how to make money. I'm right, 'm right behind ‘Well, the [UI] man, like, see I don’t like the so-called safe job. You're always, going to be middle class. ‘Always, And I know that Yeah, No, I’m not talking about you, I'm talking about anybody. Yeah ‘You know and that’s why T always try to stay away from it and it, 've done like risky things you know that some have hit, some haven’t, lot of consulting [UT] a lot of eash and then some that aren’t that much because T want to break through that like nine to five shit. You know, because I guess that’s like what our ‘generation is about, And like you would always talk to me about opening up like your own business, so I'm like that kind of stuff is bad, man. You franchise like a business— I was thinking the other day, I'm like a Jot of Arabs have, uh Nine'to five is— [OV] ~barbershops. ating tobe jst sd, you going to be, your'e ging tobe ike comfortable you 13 SECRETINOFORN: CHS cr: CHS: cr: CHS: cr: cHs: cr CHS: cr: CHS: ct: cHs: cr: CHS: SBCREHINORORN TCR_O0L.wav & CCR_002.wav ‘Think about a barbershop. ‘What about them? Okay, $20 average per person that comes ia Mm-hem, ‘They got lining they get ash- they Is that what its? Roughly. Like in this area it’s 20, but it ‘Yeah, plus tip. So maybe say they're 18 dollars or 20 dollars plus tip. 1d say 20 with tip. And most of these guys are renting out their booths for, I don’t know, 500 a week or something. Are you serious? don’t know. ‘They rent out their booth? Tdon’t know. F-I don't know how m- maybe it’s a month? They, they rent out the chair and all that stuff, Is that what they do? For some people. Oh really? Some people that own it they, so I’m just calculating. I'm like $20 per haircut, you can get 2.done if an hour, that’s 40 bucks, okay you're there for 10 hours. ‘That's $400 bucks, right? Yeah. My, my haircut guy who's right down the street, Turkish guy- And if they tun around quick, if they do four in an hour, h-how long does it take? 14 ‘SBCRETYNOFORN: le cr: cus: cr cus cr cus: cr cus: cr cus. ct: CHS: cr cHs: cr CHS: cr: CHS: Ga — Recording: CCR_O0l.wav & CCR_002.wav Lets say, let's say you could do three in an hour on average you can, that’s 60 bucks an hour. Six hundred dollars a day, 600 a day. Cash, I don’t want to become a barber, 1 ain't cutting nobodys hair, I'd probably slice half the moles I have on my head, but like okay 600 dollars @ day times a month and say they take 2 days off, Or these Arabs they work like dogs, they like, they go and send money back home, they have families, they have mothers, they have grand [UT]. The, the good thing about you is because like you do have like that steady income [UT] you probably have more [UI] than a lot of people have on hand. have zero cashflow. ‘What do you mean zero cash flow Like my money goes to my mortgage bills, eredit cards, done. How much is your mortgage? Es No it’s not oh ‘What do you have a house? | just refinanced it. It used to be gM a month. I know because it’s historically low. ve goth. Now some oft pays for itself. What do you mean? — (ul ‘| How'd you, how'd you spring «mm 15 File: SECRET/NOFORN Recording: CCR_OOL.wav & CCR_002.wav CHS: cr: CHS: cT: CHS: cr CHS: ct: CHS: ct: cHs: cHs: cr CHS: cr: CHS: cr CHS: [got a FHA 203k loan so | bought im. put $150,000 in renovations all within this foan and— What do you mean? ‘The banks loan? Yeah. They gave, so you put 3.5 % down- Yeah ~including, so the ‘What's this called? FHA? FHA 203k. So it’s like putting money, um, from that, taking money out from your loan So you're telling me ifI go into a dilapidated house-- Ub-huh, Teould go to the bank and ask for that loan and they'll say, okay we'll gift you a loan. Yeah. You can buy houses left and right in this, especially in this area, for 150,000 in shit condition, Well why would a bank, [Ui] do you have to have cash up front or only that 3%, “Three and a half percent. That's nothing know, it’s nothing and it's a great investment right now. Like I'm, I hope to buy another INN by next year. T want my credit cards cut down in half and then the banks will start looking at me like oh roy IN making money, I have my credit cards are stable- Do you have like a lot of eredit eard debt or like? ‘So much, because, like half the renovations that I did, I did myself. Like 1 ‘conereted the backyard I just like, did How did you pay that with eredit card though? You find companies that take credit cards, 16 ‘SECRETINOKORN Filey SECRETYNOFORN Recording: CCR_0OL.wav & CCR_002.wav cr: CHS: cr CHS: cr: cHs: ct: cHS: ct: CHS: cr CHS: cr CHS: cr CHS: ct: cus: ct: fea union, you had union guys? No, just find regular companies. ‘And they take credit card like that? Yeah. [UI] my families interested-- [OV] The renovation guys— ~UI] we just give them cash lke a lot ofthese guys-- tun come and do [Ul]. Oh, no, No those are, those guys will be 50% of how much, someone with a, who ‘would charge with a credit card, you know. ‘Yeah, So you would pay double that, that’s what I’m sayin what I did is, my mom, RIE, .901 know and f wanted to help my mom so the money that T gave my mot over the last like gg years, all my money went into that, but I'm like cool with my mother, you get it? That's how, because Yeah. Because she obviously was taking care of things on my debt-- [UN] [wish {had 2, oo, Bu, but you're, but you're NN Cloesn't he? Or [UT]. No. My dad's lowlife scum he ain't got shit, He's at least been-- [UT] business was? 1 HE 10W he's ick 1, TT w20ts to get out thinks it’s [PH] [UT] No. Files SECRETUNOFORN Recording: CCR_O01.wav & CCR_002.wav CHS: cr: CHS: ct: CHS: cr: CHS: CT CHS: cr: Cus: ct: cus: cr: cHs cr: CHS: cr: CHS: Yech All! AT MN | don't now wha, one of | is some shady motherfucker tying (0 Pt! aa 20 HE it over here or something. [UN] so what [UN] your dad is he stil [UT] hey hi 7 They're in a slow area. 1 1old-- s not good. He, itit’s his, it’s his or the uncles? Well he borrowed money from everybody so about 10 people own it. [Chuckles] [U1 Ns 2 very big money. But he's not making any money. He barely has like, I mean, considering maybe ‘here I thet Live in he 2, that they used to go 10, they don’t, they're not going to the gm. They have areletionship with somebody a ME they go there "You have a couple of old I pcop!c gM pcoplc coming in because they're [UI] intrigued, ME 0 10 where, 1 know that’s [U1 You 0 eS (2211? Yeah, Like half'a mile from there. ‘That's not that slow of an area. It's a lot of gm an down there. [OV] They're down, they're down by [NNN and-—- isn't it? That's where No is, uh is on NM [PH] [UT Well, well, what's the, there's like