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1333 meadow creek dr  Irving, Texas

641.451.3321  rajiv.mhrz@gmail.com

Skilled software engineer and programmer with over 5 years of hands-on experience as a core member of
development teams for diverse web and mobile application projects. Demonstrated knowledge of all stages of the
development lifecycle, including requirements gathering and analysis, feasibility, systems design, programming and
code review, testing, and implementation. Excellent troubleshooter and problem solver ensuring application quality.
Implemented several applications using Java/JEE, Python, Scala, Spring, Hibernate, and Django.

Web Application Development  Java Programming  Android / Mobile Application Development  UI Design
Requirements Analysis  Unit Testing & Debugging  Technical Implementation  Troubleshooting

Languages: Java, Python, Scala, PHP, C, C++

Databases: MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle SQL
Tools: Intellij, Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse, Netbeans, Sublime Text 2, Turbo C, Dev C++
Platforms: Windows 7 / 8, Linux
Web: AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, JSP, JPA, JQuery, Servlets, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Web Services: REST, SOAP
Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, MyBatis, Flask, Django, Cocos2d-JS, Cocos Studio, Kivy
Version Control: Git
Design Patterns: MVC, Singleton, Factory,Template, Builder
SDLC: Agile, Waterfall, Iterative
Project Management: JIRA, Asana
CI Tools: Jenkins

CAREER NOTE: Completed on-campus studies and currently taking distance education courses to complete a
Master's Degree in Computer Science (Working for full-time, W-2 employment).

Vastika Inc., 1200 W Walnut Hill Ln # 2200, Irving, TX 75038  Feb 2016 – till now
This is an IT service augmentation and consulting company that provides cost effective, quality IT and Software
Engineering services to the clients.

Design, build and test Java-based software using current software engineering techniques and technologies.
Provided business solutions by developing simple to complex systems. Found ways to eliminate waste and
deliver applications efficiently following DevOps principles and Agile methodologies.

Upveda Technology Pvt. Ltd, Lalitpur, Bagmati, Nepal  Jan 2012- Feb 2015
Nepalese software firm working with diverse businesses to provide quality software development services.
Delivered a wide range of website and application projects, contributing throughout the development lifecycle.
Conducted requirements analysis. Handled programming, testing, and debugging. Designed and implemented
compatible user interfaces aligning with client requirements. Prepared application packages. Collaborated with
colleagues to provide clear, comprehensive technical information.

Previous roles with Upveda Technology include a Jan 2012- Mar 2012 internship, with involvement in Python
programming, library / framework implementation, and version control.

RAJIV MAHARJAN  Page 2  641.451.3321  rajiv.mhrz@gmail.com

 Auction System Project, Maharishi University of Management: Programmed a web based application allowing
users to register and bid on available items. Implemented administrative functions to edit users, products, and
categories, as well as managing the full application. Developed using Spring MVC, JPA, Spring Data, Spring
Security, Spring WebFlow, HTML, CSS, Tiles, Internationalization and MySQL.
 MUMScrum Project, Maharishi University of Management: Built a web-based SCRUM management tool,
enabling simplified Agile project management and development – featuring user stories, sprints, and assignation of
user stories to developers and test personnel. Implemented burn down chart generation with daily work progress.
Handled the full project lifecycle, from requirements and feasibility to system design, architecture, database
design, user interface, and unit testing. Programmed with Java, Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse, MySQL, Bootstrap,
HTML, and CSS.
 NerdLuv Project, Maharishi University of Management: Delivered an online application for an online dating site
capable of matching users by personality type and OS favorites. Created with PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX,
Javascript, and MySQL.
 Dictionary Live Search: Conceptualized, coded, and implemented a dictionary web application with definition
retrieval and keypress without page refresh. Built with PHP, HTML, jQuery, and Ajax.
 Library Management System, Maharishi University of Management: Created a desktop application enabling
online library management, with book inventory entry and updates, checkout / check-in, member management,
and fees. Implemented a user-friendly UI. Contributions include requirements and feasibility, user interface design,
backend design, and unit testing. Programmed in Java, JavaFX, Eclipse, and MySQL.
 Shopping List, Maharishi University of Management: Designed a desktop application providing a shopping list to
record and track intended purchases. Handled requirements analysis, feasibility studies, user interface design, back-
end design, implementation, and unit testing. Programmed with Java, Swing, Eclipse, MySQL, and Windows 7.

Master of Science in Computer Science
(In progress via distance education; expected completion December 2018)
Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa
Key Courses
Modern Programming Practices  Web Application Programming
Algorithms  Software Engineering  Web Apps: Architecture and Frameworks
Operating System  Database  Networking  Enterprise Architecture  Big Data
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (2011)
Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur, Bagmati, Nepal
Creative, Serious & Playful Science of Android Apps
Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems
 nd
Placed 2 in DevFest 2015 for the Agroveda web-based application, connecting farmers and dealers. Used Java,
Spring, and Hibernate.