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Volume 5

Faculty & Staff Edition

Issue 8

Library News April 2020

From the Director Library Hours

After seeing or hearing the word “unprecedented” at least 150 times in the last month, I The library building is closed
swore I would never use the term again. Here in this unpr- uh, disorienting time you do for the rest of the semester,
not need anyone else to tell you how unusual it is. You need answers to know what we but you can still contact the
are doing about it and how that affects you. So this issue is all about what will change for librarians for assistance with
you in terms of library services provided by your Bryan College Library (BCL) for the rest your classes. Virtual refer-
of this semester. For the most up-to-date information, watch the BCL web page to learn ence service hours are
what’s new and how to get what you need for your research assignments. We are still available at these times:
here and available to help you. You are not on your own! Contact us at 423-775-7307 or
libdesk@bryan.edu! See what we can do for you during this unprec- er, this time when Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm (email &
we’re all online! phone)
Sun.-Th. 6pm-9pm (email
— Dr. Gary Fitsimmons
Email us at
Help Your Students Succeed libdesk@bryan.edu or call
us at 423-775-7307

Success Center
Tutoring is still available
VIRTUALLY! Encourage
your students to get help
with subject tutoring, writing
papers, and test prep. Send
students here to make an
appointment. For more info
on virtual tutoring, see here.

FREE Faculty Resources During COVID-19

Faculty, many instructional resources have been made freely available to you to help ease the transition from classroom
to online learning. Click here to see a growing list of what’s available. Also, many publishers and research databases
have provided their services free to your students! Check out the “Free for a Limited Time” subject guide to know what
has been made available to them; you will most likely find much of these resources useful to you as well. Free resources
are being added regularly!
Below is a glimpse of some of the free resources available to you!

 Ideas on how to implement Films on Demand into your online instruction: Distance Learning Solution

 EBSCO’s Faculty Select - Search more than 12,400 Open Educational Resources, and copy/paste links to relevant
materials into your classes in Moodle or send links to the material directly to students to access.

 iClicker - A classroom engagement tool. Increase participation, facilitate quizzes, measure performance, and more.