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& The Worlds of 2000 AD


Welcome to the Worlds of 2000 AD! Voyage
into the far future in this versatile tabletop game
of science fiction adventure.

Mutant bounty hunters hunt down the scum of

the universe. The noble houses of a resurgent
imperial Russia use every means at their disposal to
attempt to become the supreme power; using bribery,
assassination, espionage, diplomacy and war. The
solar system is invaded by the Geeks – a hostile alien
race hell bent on the destruction of mankind, on Earth
and her colonies in the solar system. Criminal hitmen
fulfil their contracts, blasting their way though rivals
and bodyguards to achieve their bloody payday. Occult
investigators hunt down demons and restless spirits
threatening both the lives and souls of the people of Britain.

And then there is Dredd. The top lawman in a vast city

of over 800 million citizens. He contends with criminals,
mutant raiders, aliens, rogue robots and enemy agents from
other, hostile, megacities.

This roleplaying game provides the core rules for the science
fiction worlds of 2000 AD. It also provides in depth material
allowing you to create and run adventures in the world of Judge
Dredd. Inside you will find:

// Rules for creating humans, clones, robots, mutants and uplifted

apes. The fun, intuitive life path system allows you to run games
for a group of Judges, perps or citizens.
// A wide array of equipment and weapons from the pages of Judge
Dredd. Use the iconic lawgiver pistol with its six different bullet
types. Use the daystick baton to subdue perps when up close to
them. Ride the lawmaster bike, the two-wheeled king of the road.
// Full rules for running the game, including fast but tactical combat,
environments, and extended scientific, medical and engineering tasks.
// An exploration of Dredd’s world with many key locations of Dredd’s
city detailed along with information on how to use them in games.
// An introductory adventure where you can play as Judges, perps or
citizens. All with very different goals and aims.

Whether you are a street gang looking to make it into the big time with a major
robbery, a task force of Judges trying to dismantle a major criminal organisation
or a group of citizens just hoping to negotiate the Black Friday sales at one of the
massive shoplexes (the most dangerous task of all) this book has you covered!

& The Worlds of 2000 AD


& The Worlds of 2000 AD

Writing: Nick Robinson, Darren Pearce, Rob Schwalb, Russ Morrissey

System Design: Russ Morrissey
Business & Licensing Manager: Angus Abranson
Editing: Russ Morrissey and Nick Robinson
Layout and Graphic Design: Nimrod Jones
Art supplied by Rebellion

2000 AD® is a registered trademark

Judge Dredd® is a registered trademark © 2018 Rebellion 2000AD Ltd.. All rights reserved.
All imagery and characters © 2018 Rebellion 2000 AD Ltd. Artwork used with permission of the copyright holder. www.2000AD.com

The game contains no Open Game Content. This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United Kingdom and of the United States. This
product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organisations, places or events is purely coincidental

Published by EN Publishing under license by Rebellion

EN Publishing, PO Box 1858, SOUTHAMPTON, SO18 6RX

Version 1.2

// CH/1: INTRODUCTION....................... 4 // CH/4: EQUIPMENT ......................... 88
/ JUDGE DREDD ...................................................................... 4 / STARTING MONEY .............................................................. 89
/ THE WORLDS OF 2000 AD ............................................. 5 / EQUIPMENT, SKILLS, & QUALITY .................................. 89
/ RULE ZERO ............................................................................ 5 / GENERAL GEAR ...................................................................91
/ WHAT YOU NEED................................................................. 6 / SERVICES & FOODSTUFFS............................................ 96
/ ABOUT THIS BOOK ............................................................... 6 / WEAPONS ............................................................................ 98
/ EXAMPLE OF PLAY ............................................................. 8 / ARMOUR................................................................................ 106
/ A BRIEF GLOSSARY ...........................................................10 / SHIELDS............................................................................... 107
/ SETTING THE TONE ............................................................. 11 / CUSTOMISING GEAR ...........................................................110
// CH/2: THE WORLDS OF 2000AD ........12 /
DRUGS ....................................................................................112
CYBERNETICS ......................................................................115
/ ABC WARRIORS....................................................................12 / REQUISITIONS AND ORGANISATIONS............................117
/ ABSALOM ................................................................................12 / VEHICLES ..............................................................................118
/ ACE TRUCKING CO ..............................................................12
/ CABALLISTICS, INC .............................................................12 // CH/5: PLAYING THE GAME .............. 122
/ DEFOE .....................................................................................13 / THE ATTRIBUTE CHECK ................................................. 123
/ D.R. & QUINCH ......................................................................13 / COMMON TASKS ............................................................... 128
/ FLESH .....................................................................................13 / EXAMPLE OF AN ENGINEERING TASK...................... 129
/ INDIGO PRIME ........................................................................14 / COUNTDOWNS ................................................................... 136
/ M.A.C.H. 1.................................................................................14 / THE ROLE OF LUCK .................................................... 137
/ NECRONAUTS ........................................................................14 / COMBAT................................................................................ 138
/ NEMESIS THE WARLOCK..................................................14 / INJURY AND DEATH ........................................................ 145
/ OBJECTS ............................................................................. 150
/ NIKOLAI DANTE ....................................................................15 / THE ENVIRONMENT .......................................................... 152
/ THE RED SEAS ....................................................................15
/ ROBO HUNTER ......................................................................15 // CH/6: MEGA-CITY ONE................... 156
/ ROGUE TROOPER .................................................................16 / HISTORY ............................................................................... 156
/ SINISTER DEXTER ...............................................................16 / THE CITY ............................................................................. 157
/ SLÁINE ....................................................................................17 / GAZETTEER ........................................................................ 158
/ STRONTIUM DOG...................................................................17 / GLOSSARY OF MEGA-CITY ONE TERMS .................. 176
/ THE BALLAD OF HALO JONES ......................................17 / THE LAW (CRIME AND PUNISHMENT) ....................... 179
/ THE V.C.S ...............................................................................17 // CH/7: GAMES MASTER ADVICE ........180
// CH/3: CHARACTER CREATION ...........18 /
CAMPAIGNS ......................................................................... 180
PUBLISHED ADVENTURES ........................................... 180
/ ABOUT THIS CHAPTER .......................................................18
/ CREATING AN ADVENTURE ........................................... 180
/ CHARACTER CREATION WALKTHROUGH .....................18
/ STARTING THE GAME ........................................................181
/ TOTAL CHECKLIST ..............................................................19 / THE ONE-SHEET ................................................................181
/ DESCRIPTOR ..........................................................................19 / ORGANISATIONS................................................................. 182
/ ATTRIBUTES...........................................................................19 / ADVICE FOR GAMES IN MEGA-CITY ONE ................ 182
/ GRADE .....................................................................................21 / TYPES OF CAMPAIGNS ................................................... 184
/ SKILLS .....................................................................................21 / TYPES OF SCENARIOS ................................................... 185
/ SPECIES................................................................................ 24 / PLOTS AND RAILROADING ............................................. 186
/ CAREERS IN JUDGE DREDD ......................................... 30 / OPPONENTS ........................................................................ 186
/ CIVILIAN AND PERP ORIGINS ......................................... 30 / REWARDS ........................................................................... 187
/ CIVILIAN CAREERS ..............................................................31
/ PERP CAREERS .................................................................. 42 // CH/8: CRIME BLOTTER ...................188
/ JUDGE ORIGINS.................................................................. 54 / THE MUNCE BUNCH ........................................................ 188
/ JUDGE CAREERS .............................................................. 57 / DROKK THE BLOCK!......................................................... 192
/ THE FAST-BANK FAKERS ............................................. 196
/ SPECIALITY JUDGE CAREERS ...................................... 60 / SCARRED CITY .................................................................. 199
/ UNIVERSAL EXPLOITS ..................................................... 70 / SUPERSLAB SLAM ..........................................................203
/ AGE......................................................................................... 74
/ TRAIT ...................................................................................... 75 // CH/9: STATE OF THE EMPIRE ...........208
/ DERIVED STATISTICS ....................................................... 78 / CRIME BLOTTER: ‘JUDGE’ WHITEY ...........................208
/ CAREERS & DEFENSIVE SKILLS ................................. 79 / ADVENTURE HOOKS .......................................................208
/ STARTING MONEY .............................................................. 80 / EMPIRE STATE TASK FORCE (JUDGES)..................208
/ ATTACKS ............................................................................... 80 / CRIMINAL EMPIRE (PERPS) ............................................ 210
/ PSIONICS ............................................................................... 80 / LITTLE LOST RAY FEY .................................................. 210
/ ADVANCEMENT ................................................................... 83 / THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING .......................................211
/ & OVERCOMING CHALLENGES ...................................... 83 / RICKI ROCCO ...................................................................... 216
/ PLANNING ............................................................................. 84 / KATRICIA BUNG ................................................................. 216
/ COMPLETING MILESTONES ............................................. 84 // CH/10: FOES................................222
/ INCREMENTAL ADVANCES.............................................. 84 / CREATING A MONSTER OR NPC .................................222
/ AGE......................................................................................... 84 / ALL THE PEOPLE............................................................230
/ SAMPLE CHARACTER CREATION .................................. 85 // APPENDIX ...................................248

In 1977, 2000 AD took the world by storm. Unlike other comics, with their
capes and crusaders, 2000 AD offered an anthology of brutal stories about
flawed characters in deadly worlds. Over the years these characters included
Judge Dredd who enforced the laws of Mega-City One, the mutant bounty
hunter Johnny Alpha, the genetically engineered Rogue Trooper, the Celtic
warrior Sláine, plus a veritable menagerie of weird, violent, and colourful
characters in bizarre and often desperate circumstance.
Now it’s your turn! With so many dangerous worlds populated by interesting
and evocative characters, there is ample room for further stories and that’s
where Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD comes in. Using this book,
you and your friends can create gritty new anti-heroes to explore the awe-
some environments torn from the pages of the greatest comic in the world.
The kinds of characters you and your friends create depend on the world you
choose. You might be mutant bounty hunters, genetically engineered soldiers
fighting in the future, warped barbarians searching for plunder, or grim ath-
letes fighting in blood-drenched arenas for your freedom. While the rules in
this book help you tell stories in any of the great worlds of 2000 AD, this
LISTEN UP, CITIZENS! book spends much of its time on Judge Dredd, easily the most popular and
I have been asked to introduce best-known of the anti-heroes populating the amazing comic.
this Justice Department approved
game to you by Accounts Division. JUDGE DREDD
This book is a mistake and will only
cause more lawbreaking; however, It is the year 2099 and the world is much changed from how we know it.
my objections have been overruled. After a disastrous global war, much of the planet has been reduced to a ra-
Heed this warning: Using this book dioactive wasteland, vast stretches of which are uninhabitable, both from
in a proscribed manner will result the radiation and the mutated horrors that make their home in the wastes.
in lengthy cube time. Civilization now huddles in vast mega-cities, conurbations encompassing
massive stretches of land. Three such mega-cities have risen from the ruins
This book does not give you the
of the United States of America; Mega Cities One and Two and their southern
right to enforce the Law! Should you
neighbour Texas City.
attempt to do so you will be looking
at decades in an iso-cube for jimping. The most important mega-city, and the primary setting for the Judge Dredd
stories, is Mega-City One. Although the megalopolis’s footprint eventually
Possession or ownership of this
shrank after a series of devastating events, at its height it spread across the
book will be treated as an aggravat-
entire eastern seaboard of the United States, from New England to Florida,
ing factor should you commit any
and its population reached upwards of 800 million. Much of Mega-City One
other crime, and I will add five years
consists of City Blocks, enormous star-scrapers large enough to home up to
to your sentence.
50,000 citizens. The press of people and widespread unemployment, due
Should this book be banned at to the existence of sapient robots, makes Mega-City One a dangerous and
some point in the future you will re- unruly place, one where people fritter away their time on the current fad or
port to your local sector house for distraction that happens to be taking the city by storm.
sentencing and destruction of the of-
Mega-City One’s size and sprawl makes enforcing law and order difficult, and
fending item. Failure to do so will add
so the city employs special law enforcement officers called Judges to patrol
another five years to your sentence.
the city and police its streets. No simple cops, Judges have complete power to
I hope I am making myself clear, enforce the law by any means they deem necessary, sentencing and convicting
creeps. any criminals they catch, and, rarely, executing them for the most despicable
Finally, on behalf of Justice crimes. Easily recognized by their distinctive helmets and uniforms, Judges
Department, I hope you enjoy your cut impressive figures in Mega-City One, evoking fear, respect and hatred in
game... (more-or-less) equal measure from the citizens they protect. Judges are also
...WHILE YOU CAN! well-equipped to carry out their duties, from the Lawgiver pistols that can fire
up to six different types of ammunition, to their Lawmaster motorcycles which
are armed with an array of weapons and an onboard AI computer that can take
over driving duties when the Judge is otherwise occupied.

Of all the Judges enforcing the law in Mega-City One, the
most feared and respected is Judge Dredd. A dour, often
humourless man; utterly committed to punishing lawbreak-
ers and keeping the peace. Over the years he has brought
justice to some of the most notorious criminals to have
terrorized his city. While he almost always gets his perp,
Dredd is but one man and with the constant unrest and
upheaval making the city a dangerous place; there will al-
ways be a need for fresh recruits to join the fight. It is time
for you and your friends to earn your badges, take up your
Lawgivers and bring the Law to the city. You might die, as
many have before you, but you might also make a name
for yourself, one worthy to stand alongside Dredd’s.

Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD is a tabletop
roleplaying game (RPG). Unlike other kinds of games, much
of the play takes place in your imagination, and you and your face. The players describe how they react to the situation
friends work together to create thrilling stories in the worlds and what methods they use to overcome the obstacles. Using
of 2000 AD. This book contains the rules of the game and a combination of common sense and the rules presented
information about the world you explore when you play. in this book, the GM interprets the players’ stated actions,
decides how they play out in the story, and then describes
This game is similar to many other tabletop RPGs in that how the situation changes; and the plot moves forward. Thus,
one of you becomes the Game Master (GM) and the rest the game plays as a back and forth exchange, with the GM
act as players. Each player controls at least one Player describing the situation, the players responding, and the GM
Character (PC). These PCs become the central characters responding to them with a new situation, and so on until the
in the stories you and your friends tell. As a player, you adventure ends and you have all told a story worthy of ap-
can choose one of the pre-generated characters included pearing alongside those in the pages of 2000 AD.
in this book, or you can use the rules to make a unique
character all your own. When you play your character, you You might play through a single adventure or the GM
decide what your character does and says. In a way, your might connect several adventures together to tell a longer
character becomes your alter ego, allowing you to become story. As the PCs complete adventures, they might find new
someone else; if only in your imagination. equipment, earn money, and, best of all, gain experience
that helps them improve their capabilities over time. To
Anyone can choose to become the GM, though you only manage character development, the game uses experience
need one GM at a time. GMs can have the most fun since points (XP). When the players reach story goals, overcome
they are the architects, the narrators, the interpreters deadly challenges, and defeat foes, the GM grants XP and
of the rules, and the adjudicators of what happens in the then the players can then spend this earned XP to get bet-
game. As the GM, you decide what sorts of adventures the ter at those skills they desire and can develop new abilities.
Player Characters have, determining the challenges and
opposition, what is at risk, and what the PCs can hope to
gain by completing their objectives. You also play all the RULE ZERO
supporting characters in the story, from the extras that As with most roleplaying games, GMs have the final say
stand in the background, the victims of crimes, and the about what happens in the game. So, GMs decide what
criminals themselves. In one adventure, you might play happens when a player describes a particular course of ac-
Call Me Kenneth, the leader of the robot uprising, and in tivity. They might decide the activity happens as described,
the next you might be the terrifying Judge Death. You does not happen — likely because the action is impossible
might control a gang of thugs or a band of mutants who — or might require the player to roll dice. GMs are also the
have managed to infiltrate the city. Finally, as GM, you ad- final authority on the rules. Whenever a question comes
judicate the rules. While the rules tell you how the game up about how the rules work, GMs should interpret the
can be played, you can decide when to use them and when rule in whatever way they feel is fair. GMs can ditch rules
to ignore them. You might change them as needed to im- or invent new ones based on the needs of the stories they
prove the story or give the players a break, or you might help to tell. Of course, it should go without saying that the
use the rules to interpret how to resolve some action at- primary aim of Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD is
tempted by the Player Characters. provide you and your friends with an enjoyable play expe-
When you play Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, rience. To this end, GMs who break or bend the rules do
you and your friends tell a story together. The GM presents not violate some cosmic law. Rather, they work to ensure
the situation and challenges the players characters must you and everyone else has a good time.

WHAT YOU NEED or use a published adventure, such as the one included in
this book, State of the Empire.
Even though this is a complete game, you will need a
few things to play:
» Several six-sided dice. The game refers to these
dice as d6s. This book is a complete game. Inside, you will find out
» A character sheet. You can photocopy the one how to create characters, rules for everything from track-
found in this book, download one from the Internet, ing down a fugitive in the tangled ruins of the Undercity to
or just use a sheet of paper.
conducting a firefight against bloodthirsty killers, and eve-
You might need a token or figurine to represent your char-
rything in between. And if you have elected to be the GM,
acter. Some GMs prefer to use battlemaps to help manage
the action when the bullets start flying. You can grab such the book provides ample advice for adjudicating the game,
figurines at any fine game store, but you can also use any designing adventures, and an overview of some of the most
token or game piece you like to represent your character. iconic settings from the pages of 2000 AD.
If you are the GM, you need to keep this book handy This book has ten parts, each summarized below to
and you will need an adventure. You can come up with an prepare you for the mind-blowing roleplaying experi-
adventure of your own using the guidelines in this book, ence you are about to have.

The Worlds of 2000 AD - page 12

Although this book focuses on Judge Dredd, there are numer-
ous other worlds in the comics, many of which will get their own
sourcebooks. This section provides brief overviews of some of
the major settings such as Nemesis the Warlock, Ace Trucking
Company, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors, and Slaine!


For both players and Game Masters, the section detailing char-
acter creation shows you how to create unique characters for
play in Judge Dredd and includes skills, careers, exploits, and
psionics, along with advancement rules. Best of all, if you need a
character in a pinch, you can just select one of the ready-to-play
characters included in this section so you can start right away!


You want guns, motorcycles, and other gear? You need look no
further than this meaty chapter, for it offers you everything you
need to survive the mean streets of Mega-City One. It includes a
variety of items that perps or citizens can use, along with details
of the special equipment issued to Judges.


Making characters is one thing but how to use them is a bit more
involved. This section covers everything you should know in or-
der to play the game. Whether you are in a shooting war against
bandits on the Moon, scaling the side of a City Block, or chas-
ing Frankenstein 2 down a crowded highway through Mega-City
One, this chapter gives you all the rules you need to resolve the
toughest situations.

The world of Judge Dredd is an exciting and dangerous place. As
dangerous as Mega-City One can be, it is even worse in the Cursed
Earth beyond city limits. This section tells you everything you need to
know to bring the world to life including overviews of the mega-cit-
ies, the radioactive wastelands, as well as lands beyond, from Brit-
Cit, East-Meg One to Luna City on Earth’s moon, and much, much more.


As much fun as being a GM is it can also be a daunting task if you
have never tried it before. This section provides you with a mix of
practical advice on how to create adventures, keep the players
entertained, manage the rules, and other information to transform
you into a kick-ass Game Master.


Adventures are the heart and soul of any roleplaying game as
they provide the frameworks for the stories you and your friends
tell. The Crime Blotter section gives you a series of short, one-
shot adventure hooks. You can run these by singularly or string
them together to play through a longer adventure.


In addition to the Crime Blotter, this book also includes a longer
adventure to get your game started.


Need bad guys? The “Foes” chapter presents an assortment of an-
tagonists torn from the pages of Judge Dredd for use in adven-
tures of your own design.


Here you will find some handy reference materials to make running
Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD even easier, such as
tables, character sheets and an index.

Sylvester, playing the impetuous Judge Kirkwood
kick the
door dow e
and take th
Diane, Karl, Olivia and Sylvester are creeps by
playing in an adventure run by Lena. surprise!
They play a group of Judges: Diane and
Sylvester are Street Judges, Karl is a Tek
Judge while Olivia is a Psi Judge. The team
are in the process of trying to track down
and arrest the infamous perp and all round Wait a
bad guy Spuggy Mullet. They are now in minute! I will use
Rick Astley Block, outside apartment 117BF, my telepathic powers
home of the dangerous Drongo brothers. to scan the apartment so
The Judges earlier arrested and questioned we have some idea who we
are going up against
the eldest of the three brothers, Dag
Drongo, who has confirmed the three are Olivia, playing the more careful Psi Judge Devi
expecting to meet with Mullet in the very
near future…
Olivia (Psi Judge Devi)

Lena Okay, make a We go in on

(the GM) roll and tell me three…
what you get… Karl (Tek Judge Novak)

I use
my passcard
to override the
electronic lock to
the apartment and
let us in. I
roll a
rolls 15, is that
some dice enough?
Olivia (Psi Judge Devi)
Rolls some dice
Yes it is. There
Um, 18. is a slight click and
Pretty good. you can open the
door quietly. There
You can detect both of the is a small hallway I kick the
other Drongo brothers, and you can hear the door down…
Frag and Brag, and a third sounds of voices
individual, who seems less from behind an
clear in your mind. Then you interior door, which is
(Judge Kirkwood)
realise it’s him, it’s Mullet! ajar. You are pretty
certain this leads to
the living room. Everybody
You see Brag Drongo by
the window. It looks like he freeze!!
has just handed something
to a man in a jetpack
hovering just outside the Brag grabs a spit gun and
block. It’s definitely your moves to his left, raising it.
target Spuggy Mullet!
To your left, behind a
kitchenette counter, you I’m gonna kill
glimpse Frag Drongo you jays! Gonna fill
ducking down out of sight. you with lead, and when I’m
What are you all doing? done I’m gonna shoot
you some more.

Sylvester (Judge Kirkwood) Everyone

We can’t let
him get away and You
we need him alive. what?
I charge across the
room and leap at
Mullet to try and Olivia (Psi
grab him in a bear Judge Devi),
hug. I said we go in Karl (Tek Judge
on three… Novak) and Diane the
(Judge Morris) mouth!
Olivia (Psi Judge Devi) simultaneously

Everyone rolls Diane (Judge Morris)
Lena checks the
Okay, I need some dice
22. numbers required Diane and Karl, you
you to all That’s a hit! for the dice rolls fire and both hit the
roll to hit to succeed. perp. Olivia your
except shot goes just wide.
Sylvester. Sylvester, you leap
You need out of the window,
to make a miss Mullet by a good
jumping five feet, and begin to
skill roll plummet towards
to get the ground
hold of
Mullet, who *deep Sigh*
is firing 4. Um.

up his Karl (Tek Sylvester (Judge Kirkwood)
jetpack 12. Is Judge Novak)
and that good (Judge

beginning to enough? 16.
pull away Should be
from the Olivia (Psi a hit.
building. Judge Devi)

Olivia (Psi Judge Devi)

Diane (Judge Morris) Karl (Tek Judge Novak)

I roll for I call for

my damage… ...14 rolls … I get emergency back-up.
dice a 12 for
rolls damage.

Need an H-Wagon
urgently Judge
Kirkwood has fallen

from apartment 117 Bravo

Foxtrot, Rick Astley

Brag Drongo falls to the
ground, looks like he’s oneAAA
for the meat wagon. His gun
clatters to the floor. Olivia
you need to make a roll to
see if you can get help in
time… A AAA
Olivia (Psi Judge Devi)
… I roll aa...
rolls a 14

You hear a
voice over Roj
your radio. that, this
is H-Wagon
113-Delta-Bravo, we
see your Judge,
diving to intercept.
Going to be

Diane (Judge Morris)
Meanwhile Frag
Drongo pops up I grab a
from behind the cushion from Karl (Tek Judge Novak)
counter... any nearby chair
and try to bat the I switch
grenade out of targets and take
the window! down this perp!

Olivia, it is all
happening too
fast and you are
currently on the
radio, so cannot do
anything else just
...and hurls yet.
a handbomb in
your direction. Karl, Diane, roll rolls
your dice. dice
17. Great,
that should 9. Blast, that’s
do it. not going to be good
enough, is it?
Lena rolls

some dice
out of the
players’ sight

Karl, your shot is wide
What will happen now? Will AA AAAAAAA!
Frag Drongo be taken alive so
and smashes into the the Judges can question him
counter as Frag Drongo
ducks behind it again. about the Mullet case? Will the
H-Wagon arrive in time to rescue
Diane, you successfully Judge Kirkwood? And even if they
smash the grenade in do will the grenade, closely
midair with your cushion following him out of the window,
and it sails out of the be scooped up with him as well?
window before plummeting
towards the ground… And will Judge Kirkwood ever
stop screaming?
In play all these questions and
Lena looks … straight more will be answered in their
up and smiles towards game, but for now we will leave
maliciously at Judge
Sylvester Kirkwood! the Drongos, Mullet, and Judges
Kirkwood, Devi, Morris and Novak
to their investigation.

A BRIEF GLOSSARY Career. A career is a temporary building block which helps

form your character’s development. Characters take ca-
The following are explanations of some of the core terms
reers for periods of time during character generation as the
you will encounter throughout this book.
process works its way through his life in what is known as
Attributes. Attributes represent a range of core measurable a “lifepath” system. Each career affects his attributes and
facets of your character in numerical form. These attributes skills. For example, a few years spent working as a bartend-
are STRENGTH, AGILITY, ENDURANCE, INTUITION, LOGIC, er in a shuggy hall might enhance a character’s social skills.
WILLPOWER, CHARISMA, and LUCK plus a couple of optional At any given time, a character will have a current career.
attributes which depend on the campaign. The higher an at- Countdown Pool. A countdown pool is a special sort of dice
tribute, the more your character exemplifies that attribute. pool used to add suspense when racing against an unknown
Attribute Check. Most activities in the game are based clock. It involves periodically rolling a dice pool and removing
around an attribute check. This is a test whereby one of any dice which show a certain value, until the pool is empty.
your attributes determines how many dice you get to roll d6. A “d6” is a regular six-sided dice. Judge Dredd and
to accomplish a task such as shooting at a bandit or lifting the Worlds of 2000 AD is based around pools of dice in
a heavy object. which you roll a number of dice, add up the total, and com-
Benchmark. The difficulty of a task is described by its pare it to a target number known as a difficulty benchmark.
benchmark. This is a descriptive word and numerical value Multiple dice which are rolled and added together are ex-
which an attribute check attempts to roll over. pressed as xd6 – for example, “3d6” means “roll three dice

and add them together”, while “5d6+2” means “roll five Game Master (GM). The GM is the referee of the game.
dice and add them together, then add two to the total”. She describes the universe to the players, and controls the
d66. When the rules ask you to roll a d66, you should roll actions of NPCs and monsters.
2d6 but read them a little differently. Instead of adding them Grade. Your character’s grade is simply the total num-
together, you read the first as “tens” and the second as ber of career grades you have taken. A starting charac-
“units” - for example, if you roll a 3 and a 2, you read that as ter is usually Grade 5. Your grade is important because
32. Rolling a 1 and a 6 gives you 16. This way of rolling dice is it determines the maximum sized dice pool you can form
mainly used by the GM when rolling on random tables. when making attribute checks.
Descriptor. At the top of the character sheet you will Non Player Character (NPC). An NPC is a character
see an area known as the “descriptor”. The descriptor pre-
which is not played by one of the players. Instead, all NPCs
sents a number of fundamental things about your charac-
are played by the GM.
ter in the form of a single summarizing sentence.
Skills. Skills are smaller, concentrated packets of interest,
Dice Pool. A dice pool is the handful of dice you roll
expertise or training. They include things like cooking, pis-
when making an attribute check. It can be formed in vari-
tols, wrestling, poetry, piloting, engineering and many more.
ous ways (adding dice granted by your attributes, skills
Your character will pick up new skills throughout his career.
and/or equipment) and is limited in size by your grade.
The skill list is open-ended and unlimited; a skill kicks in at
Die Bonus/Penalty. If something indicates that it grants
any time your character performs an activity related to it.
or inflicts a die bonus or penalty (usually in the format
“a +2d6 bonus”) it refers to additional dice which can be Species. Your character is one of a number of available
added to (or which must be removed from) your dice pool species (including human). He might be a fierce mutant, an
when you make an attribute check. uplifted ape or a non-living robot.
Experience Points. Characters earn Experience Points
by accomplishing tasks, defeating enemies and completing SETTING THE TONE
adventures. These Experience Points (or XP) can be spent
Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000 AD is designed to
on character improvements.
fit a wide range of science-fiction styles from the comics, from
Exploits. Exploits are individual abilities or benefits. There grand space operas to gritty hard sci-fi. With forthcoming
are different types of exploit – species exploits, career ex- sourcebooks for various popular strips, whatever your favorite
ploits, attribute exploits, age exploits and universal exploits. 2000 AD setting, you should find that you can easily play it
Exploits include things like an android’s immunity to with this game. In the Judge Dredd setting you will be able to
mental attacks, a Tech Judge’s familiarity with vehicles, or run campaigns for a party of perps, as a group of Judges or as
the ability to perform a deadly strike. citizens trying to survive the mean streets of the city.

2000AD has a myriad of different worlds to draw from,
stories that stretch from the beginning of the comic to the
present. Using this rulebook and future supplements it is
possible to run games in these settings. The following are
some of the more popular stories.

The ABC (Atomic. Biological. Chemical.) Warriors are war
machines, with the robots in the story forming a small
elite force. At the end of the Volgan War they are recruited
to tame the newly colonised world of Mars. These robots
must face a Mars which has become a lawless, futuristic
Wild West. Often at odds with their human commanders
the A.B.C. Warriors do the missions that humans are too
ill-equipped (or too apathetic) to do.
In ABC Warriors you can be on the front line fighting against
Volgs, or taking part in the campaign to make Mars safe for the
human colonists. Players can play as robots or as human sol- Ace Garp, GBH the Biffo, and Feek the Freek are the crew
diers, fighting alongside their mechanised counterparts. of the Speedo Ghost, a futuristic merchant spaceship with Ghost
itself being a sarcastic AI. Ace is always looking out for ways to
make his fortune, coming up against hostile aliens, pirates, police,
ABSALOM other truckers and even a hostile planet.
Twenty-first century London is patrolled by Harry Absalom Ace Trucking Company fights hard to get the best contracts,
and his colleagues, a team who police the terms of the dodging the law, other truckers and trouble at every opportunity.
Accord. The Accord is a treaty drawn up between the
Ace has to deal with sworn enemies such as Jago Kain,
British Crown and Hell, so Absalom is kept busy… The
a rival captain, and Cap’n Evil Blood, a vicious space pirate.
world of Absalom is a spin-off from Caballistics, Inc. It is These stories of space trade, humour and misadventure
another dark setting, with the forces of the supernatural are the tip of the spaceberg.
arrayed against Absalom and his team. They have to deal
In this setting you will be able to run your own shipping
with magical powers, possession, supernatural forces, de-
company, or work as ACE Trucking. Prepare for backstab-
mons and rogue entities of all kinds. bing, space-trucking adventures as characters can draw
Player Characters can join Harry’s team or head up a section from a rich and diverse set of alien races.
of their own. They will face the denizens of Hell who would like
nothing better than to shatter the Accord and bring chaos to
Earth. Absalom’s world is not one for the faint hearted. CABALLISTICS, INC
This setting features Department Q, created in 1940
to combat the rise in occult warfare by the Nazis. The
Department Q of the past is not what it once was, and in 2004
the British Government privatises it. The crusty paranormal
historian, Doctor Jonathan Brand, and his assistant, Jennifer
Simmons, now face an uncertain future in the private sector.
The Department was bought by a showy pop star, Ethan
Kostabi, a man with a bank account of millions, who transforms
the Department into Caballistics, Inc. This new team includes
new recruits, notably Hannah Chapter and Lawrence Verse,
who head up the organisation. The role of the Kostabi’s group
is to respond to all kinds of major paranormal threats.
This setting is extremely dark; Player Characters will
face death, insanity and worse on a day-to-day basis. What
is, arguably, worse is that they may not be able to trust
their own allies. In Caballistics, Inc they face dangers that
put their very souls in peril!

Players could find themselves cleaning up after D.R.
& Quinch, or bunking off to join them on their adven-
tures. Run scout camps, start wars, make movies, open
care homes. Whatever you decide to do can lead to the
wildest of adventures, hopefully ending with several
impressive explosions.

In the future, as the population of Earth continues to grow,
the teeming hordes of humanity are unable to get all the
nourishment they need. So they seek to fill their plates
from the distant past. Vast herds of dinosaurs are waiting
for the men from the future to round up, process and ship
out using the latest time travelling technology.
Life on this new (old?) frontier is harsh, and the work
dangerous. In this world lawless townships have sprung up
providing recreation for this new breed of cattleman, as well
as their own dangers. When added to the threats caused by
the great meat eaters and hostile environment an early grave
DEFOE is commonplace. To make matters worse the companies that
work the plains are beyond the control of government and
Join Titus Defoe in the 17th Century, a man who once fought
for the Roundheads and saw action at the Battle of Naseby. safety is never a concern for them. Although the financial
After the Civil War he and his comrades were betrayed by rewards are high will you get to spend your wages?
Cromwell, many being killed or exiled. Titus became disgust-
ed with Cromwell’s actions and left military life, going on to
work carrying a sedan chair around London.
In 1666 a massive comet passed over the southeast of
the country; this started the Great Fire of London and
brought the dead to life. Titus’s wife and children were
among those who lost their lives. Seeking revenge on the
‘reeks’ he entered the employment of the recently re-
turned King and became a zombie hunter.
In Defoe the Player Characters can join the ranks of
the King’s zombie hunters, battling the undead in the
streets of London. They can be new recruits to the cause,
or seasoned veterans who have fought alongside Titus in
the past. With the aid of weapons designed by Sir Isaac
Newton and Robert Hooke, the like of which may never be
seen again, they fight against the reeking tide.


Space is vast, mind-boggling and awesome in every sense. It
is full of majestic creatures, intelligent aliens and monumental
feats of engineering. It is also home to a pair of delinquent al-
ien drop-outs with access to incredible amounts of firepower.
The Universe of D.R. & Quinch gives you the opportunity to
attend the most prestigious of alien establishments, meet hot
alien chicks, dude, and ignore every single scrap of homework.
Instead you can grab the biggest guns you can find, add a big
dose of attitude and steal a time travel machine to create may-
hem across the millennia. Waldo ‘D.R.’ Dobbs and Ernest Errol
Quinch are waiting for you to join them.

Using an advanced form of acupuncture, Probe’s physical
abilities were improved to far beyond their natural limits.
With an advanced computer implanted in his skull, his body
could be fine tuned to accomplish superhuman feats. The
computer also processes tactical information, allowing
M.A.C.H. 1 to calculate the correct angle for a shot or the
right amount of force needed to smash someone’s ster-
num. Join M.A.C.H. 1 and the fight against the enemies of
freedom and unleash your potential.
Player Characters in M.A.CH. 1 are going to be agents en-
hanced by Compu-puncture Hyperpower. Fighting against
terrorists and the agents of hostile nations, in some of the
most inhospitable locations possible, they will be a strike
force without equal.

It is 1926 and the illusionist Harry Houdini places the world
in peril by accident when a new trick goes wrong. He is
almost killed and he awakens the Sleepers. Paranormal
events see both H.P. Lovecraft and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
recruited to Houdini’s cause and the three join forces with
paranormal investigator Charles Fort in New York. Here
they are attacked by entities known as Tcho-Tchos and em-
bark on a dangerous journey.
Player characters in Necronauts will join the likes of
Harry Houdini and company to battle the Sleepers and
their human allies, the Illuminated Ones. Set in the early
part of the 20th Century the Necronauts fight against
If you have the Rembrandt Index, a gene that occurs in one cosmic horror and are drawn from all walks of life. Your
in twelve million people across the multiverse, death is not
agents will be no different, but they will be possessed of a
necessarily the end for you. Welcome to Indigo Prime, an
singular spark that marks them as a cut above the rest.
extra-dimensional agency dedicated to the maintenance
and repair of distortions, breaks and anomalies that exist
across the many alternate realities. You will be given a new NEMESIS THE WARLOCK
body and trained to be one of the agency’s finest. Agents Welcome to Termight, Earth in the far distant future. Aliens
include Sceneshifters (manipulators of the physical world), are everywhere, and Torquemada, the Grand Master of
Seamsters (who deal with time) and Imagineers (who can Termight, despises all alien life. Enter Nemesis the Warlock,
influence minds and dreams). master of Khaos and freedom fighter for alien rights. Join
Player characters start out as people who have died, the Arch-Deviant in his struggle! Fight alongside the likes of
transferred into a new body and trained to do things far Purity Brown against the evil of Torquemada! Foil his diaboli-
greater than they could in life. Armed with your new pow- cal plan to eradicate all alien life in the universe!
ers, you will attempt to repair any rips or tears in the fabric
Player characters can play humans or aliens as they join
of time and space you might find. You may also investigate
Nemesis in his battles against the Grand Master. Players can
and deal with any anomalies that crop up.
play an alien like Nemesis and tear through the terror tubes
in their own Blitzspear, wielding the power of Khaos. Or they
M.A.C.H. 1 could be members of the human underground who wish
In need of an agent with superior physical and mental abili- to see peaceful coexistence with the aliens. Expect battles
ties the British authorities chose John Probe to be M.A.C.H. galore against the tyrannical forces of the Terminators and
1 - Man Activated by Compu-Puncture Hyperpower. plenty of non-stop action as the war rages.

It is the 27th Century and a resurgent Imperialist Russia
has seized control of Earth and known space. Nikolai
Dante is the illegitimate scion of the Romanov Dynasty
— rivals to the Tsar. Using diplomacy, espionage and war
these two great factions look to consolidate their power
while eliminating their rivals.
Dante is a swashbuckling young thief, a ladies’ man,
and bonded to an alien cybernetic device. Dante’s life is
one of adventure, espionage, politics and danger where
friends are in short supply and enemies lurk around eve-
ry corner. Fortunately, as a Romanov, Dante has abilities
beyond most others. He can hack into computer systems,
extrude bio-blades from his hands and is armed with a
deadly weapon from another dimension. With these he
fights back against the evil and corruption prevalent
among the noble families who rule Earth.
Player characters can join be agents of one of the many
factions within the Empire. Perhaps they will fight alongside
the Tsar against his enemies or for the Romanovs, who are, THE RED SEAS
as a rule, every bit as wicked as the ruling family. Or they It is the Golden Age of Piracy and things have never been
may be caught between them, trying to survive against the better. Or worse. Magic and supernatural forces are at
overwhelming power of the two major factions. work; zombies, ghost pirates and werewolves stalk the
seas. This is the world of Captain Jack Dancer, one-time
captain of the pirate ship known as the Red Wench. Jack is
a man who once served in the Royal Navy with honour and
distinction, then one fateful day he mutinied with his crew
against a tyrannical captain. As a result Jack is now on the
run from British justice as a pirate.
The Red Seas mixes Golden Age piracy with magic, legend-
ary figures such as Aladdin and more. Player Characters in The
Red Seas can be members of Jack’s crew or they can be mas-
ters their own vessel. They will seek out the wonders of this
setting where magic, myth and history collide.

In the future, where robots do almost everything for man,
there is little need to work. However, robots mimic human-
ity too well and there are always those that turn bad and
it is the robo hunters who resolve these problems. From
tracking down lost robots to wiping out gangs of rogue
machines that have turned to crime there is plenty to keep
these intrepid humans occupied.
You will learn the tricks of the robo hunters and face off
against a multitude of robot enemies. Robo Hunter takes you
to Earth and beyond as you try to make ends meet, since the
life of a robo hunter is, more often than not, far from lucrative.
Player characters can take on the role of robots in Robo
Hunter, helping, or hindering, the robo hunters in their
work. Or they can join the ranks of robo hunters and help
bring some of the most villainous robots to justice in a
world dominated by machines.

For the Rogue Trooper life is a continuous war, a war Downlode. A vast central European city where crime lords
against the vicious Norts and their ruinous war-machine. use gun sharks; hitmen (and women) who assassinate their
rivals. Finnigan “Finny” Sinister and Ramone “Ray” Dexter
Become a G.I. (Genetic Infantryman), a soldier bred to sur-
are the premier gun sharks in the city. You will be fellow
vive on the poisonous battlefields of Nu Earth. A planet killers, employed by the gangs to ensure they keep their
where biological and chemical weapons have turned a grip on the criminal underworld.
paradise into a hellhole, barely habitable by man. Besides acting as hitmen Player Characters might be
As a G.I. you are faster, stronger and more resilient than bodyguards, help break out criminal figures from prison
or even act as guides for alien visitors. The fact-totem, the
those you face in battle. Even when you die it might not be
gun sharks’ information network, will continually provide
the end for your personality and memories are encoded work for those eager to pick up contracts.
on a chip implanted in your skull. If removed shortly after
death the chip can be inserted into a slot on a G.I.’s spe-
cialised equipment; later on it can be implanted into a new
cloned body. When a chip is part of the item of equipment
it is able to control its functions independently. It can fire a
weapon, retrieve items from a backpack or access tactical
information when inserted into a helmet.
In Rogue Trooper Player Characters can be G.I.s or
Southers joining the fight against the Norts. Expect epic war
action, battles against overwhelming odds and a gruelling
fight against a relentless and clever foe. Player Characters
can engage in a variety of missions from out and out as-
sault to stealth based infiltration. Alternatively players may
be among those trying to eke out an existence among the
devastation created by the two rival powers.

Join Sláine MacRoth, The world of the 50th Century is very different to our own.
with his companion, Halo Jones spends her early life in a giant ring-shaped
Ukko, unleash the floating conurbation known as the Hoop, located off the
powers of the Warp east coast of America. She leaves the Hoop after a particu-
Spasm to help save larly traumatic day, working as a stewardess on a luxury
the tribes of the liner. Later she joins the army, fighting on two of the
Earth Goddess. The worlds where a brutal conflict is occurring.
malevolent Lord
Weird Slough Feg In this setting you will play ordinary people living ordinary
and his minions lives, who become embroiled in the greater events occurring
seek to sink Tir Nan around them. Player Characters could live their lives upon
Og and its people the Hoop, trying to survive as increased-leisure citizens.
beneath the waves Alternatively they might flee Earth and find themselves in
in a cataclysmic the middle of one of the wars raging among the stars.
flood. Become a
hero of the Earth
Goddess and ven-
ture forth, axe in The V.C.s (Vacuum Cleaners) are star troopers battling against
hand, to battle men a terrible alien enemy known as the Geeks. The V.C.s are more
and monsters, most likely to come from one of the space colonies in the solar sys-
notably the de- tem rather than Earth herself. They are humanity’s best hope
monic Formorians of staving off annihilation at the hands of its implacable foes.
and their gods. In the V.C.s the Player Characters are members of an elite
Player Characters can be fierce warriors or druids of the squad, completing missions beyond the capabilities of most
Earth Mother as they fight against the evil Drunelords and other star troopers. Earth’s High Command will send you
their inhuman allies. Steeped in Celtic myth the world of on dangerous missions against the invaders. The cost may
Sláine is rife for barbarian fantasy adventure. be high and you will be the ones who have to pay it should
things not go to plan. You will engage in a variety of mis-
STRONTIUM DOG sions off planet and take the fight to the Geeks.
In 2150 a nuclear war wiped out seventy percent of
Britain’s population. The resulting radioactive fallout
caused mutations, and their numbers increased rapidly.
Life became desperate as the norms became more and
more prejudiced against the mutants until the rise of
Nelson Bunker Kreelman. Kreelman’s solution was to
eliminate the mutants once and for all using starvation,
disease and out-and-out murder. The mutants rebelled
and the bloody conflict saved them, but left them living in
an apartheid system with the rebels banished from Earth.
By 2180 the only job open to them is that of a
Strontium Dog, a bounty hunter, hunting down the
worst of the worst criminals. Join Johnny Alpha and
the Search/Destroy (SD) Agents on their orbital space
station, the Doghouse. Face criminal humans, mutants,
aliens and robots – the scum of hundreds of worlds.
Player Characters in Strontium Dog are usually mu-
tants; it is almost unheard of for a ‘norm’ to join their
ranks. The only job requirement is that your characters
are ready to bring in the bad guys.


Each player in Judge Dredd plays a character – a Judge, a All of these elements are building blocks which contrib-
Citi-Def soldier, a citizen, a Sov spy, a gangster, a mutie, a robot ute towards your character. Although this may seem a lot,
or one of many other possible options. You can choose from a creating a character is actually a very simple process – you
variety of careers to build the character you want to play. will simply choose a species, five careers, a couple of items
This section of the rulebook tells you how to create a like exploits and traits and then equip your character. Once
Player Character. It includes information on attributes, you become used to the process a character should not
skills, careers and exploits. By working through this chap-
take more than a few minutes to create.
ter, you will be able to easily create a fully playable charac-
ter ready for play in a Judge Dredd campaign. All you need
is a character sheet, a pencil and a copy of this rulebook. CHARACTER CREATION WALKTHROUGH
Good luck! The streets of Mega-City One are waiting for you! Follow these steps to create a character.
1. Note your starting attributes (3 for each attrib-
ABOUT THIS CHAPTER ute, except for PSI and REP which start at 0).
2. Choose a species (p. 24).
This chapter on character creation includes the following 2.1. Apply species attribute adjustments.
information. A character, in its basic form, is simply a col- 2.2. Note your SIZE.
lection of three types of elements: attributes (which de- 2.3. Choose three species skills.
fine core capabilities), skills (which define areas of special 2.4. Note all the listed species exploits.
competence or knowledge) and exploits (which are special 3. Choose a hook, and note it in your descriptor (p. 19).
abilities and traits). The rest of the elements listed below, 4. Choose five careers (pp. 30 - 70). For each career
such as careers, age, species and so on, are simply choices grade, do the following:
which determine your attributes, skills and exploits. 4.1. Apply all of the listed attribute adjustments.
» An overall walkthrough of the character creation Choose two of the listed skills and advance
process. each by one point. Note that characters may
» Details about the character’s descriptor and grade. optionally always select a defensive skill in-
» Information about attributes, what they mean and stead of a listed skill.
how they are used.
» A list of over 150 example skills. 4.2. Choose one new career exploit from the
» A choice of character species, along with their de- list shown or choose one universal exploit.
scriptions and abilities. 5. Select aim or feint (free universal exploits) plus
» Over 60 distinct careers which your character may one other universal exploit of your choice for
adopt. which you qualify (p. 70).
» Universal exploits, which are distinct abilities that 6. Choose one trait based on your highest or lowest
can be acquired by any character. attribute and note that in your descriptor (p. 75).
» Details on how to calculate a number of derived
statistics. 7. Calculate your derived statistics (p. 78).
» Nearly 40 traits. 8. Determine your character’s age (p. 74).
» Information on character age. 9. Equip your character with armour, weapons and
» Over 30 psionic exploits. equipment (p. 88).

What you cannot do with the hook is gain a combat
TOTAL CHECKLIST bonus to attack or damage. Hooks like “...who enjoys tar-
When you have finished, you will have chosen: get shooting” or “... who likes boxing” can sometimes be
» 5 career exploits. slipped in by players as sneaky combat bonuses, but sadly
» 10 skill ranks from your careers plus 3 from your
species, making 13 in total. they do not work like that. The boxing hook might help re-
» 20 attribute points from your careers, plus the 24 call a past champion or identify a winner’s belt, but it will
you started with, adjusted by species. not assist a character in throwing a punch.
» 2 universal exploits, including either aim or feint.
» A trait and a hook. The player should assign one attribute to be loosely
linked to the hook; for example, if the hook is a physical ac-
tivity, he might choose STRENGTH. This is called his hook
DESCRIPTOR attribute. Whenever advancing attribute scores through a
At the top of each character sheet is a descriptor. This career choice, the hook attribute may be chosen instead of
is a short introductory character summary. Each player one of the listed career attributes.
should read their full descriptor to the rest of the group
before beginning play. For example, Six Toes Tony reads: // Example Descriptors
A young reckless Mutant burglar » Judge Sera Devi is an alert Human
who has a problem with authority. Psi Judge who cannot tell a lie.
» Judge Terence Novak is an erudite
The descriptor is made up of the following elements, Human Tek Judge who loves
some of which are not always used. celebrity gossip.
» Judge Jessica Morris is a rugged
A[n] [age] [trait] [species] [career]
Human Street Judge who collects
who [hook].
» Trait. The trait is the name of a special ability or » Judge Clayton Halsey is a stoic
quality defined by a character’s lowest or highest Clone Med Judge who always tries
attribute (see p. 75). to impress.
» Age. The age entry is only used if the character is
younger than adult or older than middle-aged. You Each player should read their character’s descriptor
may choose any synonyms for young and old (adoles-
cent, youthful, aged, mature, etc.); age can give you a aloud to the other players before play begins.
free exploit (see p. 74).
» Career. The career entry can be one of two choic- ATTRIBUTES
es. It can be the character’s current career, or it
can be the character’s longest-serving career. If the Player characters are defined by a set of attributes.
longest-serving career is not the current career, it Attributes are a selection of values which help describe
should be prefixed with “ex-” (for example, an ex- a character. They measure things like strength, agility
Street Judge or an ex-Heister). and intelligence; somebody with a higher STRENGTH
» Hook. The hook is a broad background/skill/inter-
est chosen by the player. It can be anything, but it is attribute is stronger than somebody with a lower one.
designed to round out the character with personal- The primary attributes in Judge Dredd are STRENGTH,
ity, interests, or hobbies. For example, a player might AGILITY, ENDURANCE, WILLPOWER, INTUITION, LOGIC,
choose “...who enjoys hard liquor” or “... has a taste for CHARISMA and LUCK. There are also two secondary at-
romance” or even “...who collects insects as a hobby”. tributes called REPUTATION and PSIONICS.
There is no upper limit to an attribute. The human spe-
The hook is chosen early in the character creation pro-
cies is used as a benchmark for “average”, with a score of
cess. It complements career and skill choices as a life-
with 4 in each physical, mental, and personal attribute being
long background aspect to the character, unconnected roughly average for a civilian adult human. An attribute of
to specific vocations and training. 12 typically represents performance exhibited by record-
The hook works as a broad skill. When making an attrib- holding human athletes or scientific geniuses. Einstein and
ute check, if the task is related to your hook, the dice pool Sherlock Holmes exhibit a score of 12 in their LOGIC attrib-
explodes (in other words, any sixes rolled grant an addi- utes, while Winston Churchill and Rasputin have scores of 11
tional die). The hook should provide a frequent reminder or 12 in CHARISMA, although Player Characters and NPCs in
of a character’s background. Judge Dredd sometimes exceed these values.

Monsters, too, are described in terms of attributes. A mighty damage. If you want to break a door down your
tyrannosaurus rex might have a STRENGTH attribute of 20. GM may ask you for a STR check.
Non-human species have different averages and norms to hu- » AGILITY (AGI) measures dexterity and reflexes. It is
mans; this is represented by their different starting attributes. also used to determine ranged attacks and some me-
lee attacks. You might use your AGI to perform a fancy
Attributes will change during character creation and then shuttle manoeuvre or to land safely after a nasty fall.
later through character advancement, as your character em- » ENDURANCE (END) is a measure of healthiness,
barks on new careers. A stint in the Citi-Def might make you a constitution and hardiness. It, along with WIL, is
bit tougher, increasing your ENDURANCE attribute, while years used to determine your overall HEALTH score.
spent as a member of the Wally Squad might increase your An END check might also be used to resist the
CHARISMA. The attributes are described in more detail below. effects of poison or disease.
» INTUITION (INT) measures common sense, percep-
Attributes sometimes combine to create derived sta- tion, empathy and natural instinct. It is used to tell
tistics – for example, the physical attributes can affect a when someone is lying, spot something or sense
character’s MELEE and RANGED DEFENCE score, and the impending danger. Some might refer to it as “EQ”
mental attributes affect a character’s MENTAL DEFENCE or “emotional intelligence”. Animals often have high
score. Other attributes are used to determine how fast INT attributes, especially those with keen senses.
your character can run, how much he can carry, how far he » LOGIC (LOG) is a mixture of reasoning, knowledge
can jump, or how much damage he can take. and education. While IQ is not a great measure of
intelligence, 60 + (LOG x 10) gives an approximate
// Attributes & Dice Pools IQ in the mid-ranges. You would make a LOG check
The actual attribute scores are only used during character to operate a complex electronic device, apply first-
aid or recall specific knowledge.
creation and advancement. During play, you will use your
» WILLPOWER (WIL) is strength of mind and
attributes’ associated dice pools. There is more detail on power of concentration. Along with END it de-
this later, but dice pools are groups of dice which you roll termines your overall HEALTH, and is part of
when your character attempts a task; the more dice you roll, your MENTAL DEFENCE.
the higher you are likely to score. Your attributes determine » CHARISMA (CHA) is a combination of physical
how many dice you can roll. The total that you roll is com- attractiveness, personal magnetism and force of
pared to a difficulty benchmark; if you roll equal to or higher personality. It is the attribute used when interacting
than that benchmark your character succeeds at the task. A with others, whether leading them, negotiating with
benchmark looks something like: Challenging [13] AGI check. them or deceiving them. While physical appearance
is part of the CHA score, it is a minor part at best;
This means that you roll your AGILITY dice pool and if you
far more important are personality and presence.
roll 13 or more your character succeeds. There is much » LUCK (LUC) is an unpredictable force and some
more information on difficulty benchmarks and attribute people are naturally luckier than others. Your LUCK
checks in the section on adjudicating the game. dice pool forms a resource of dice which can be
Attributes grant dice to these dice pools in a granular, ex- added at will to other dice pools in order to improve
panding scale, meaning that each new dice is harder to ob- your chances or which can be spent on other special
tain – for example, an AGILITY of 7 means that your AGILITY actions. This resource replenishes itself every day.
» REPUTATION (REP) is a measure of fame, re-
dice pool is 3d6, while an AGILITY of 10 lets you roll 4d6. spect, influence, social standing and credit rating.
Skills (covered a little later in this book) use the same ex- You can make a REP check to get a loan or see if
panding scale, granting more dice to your dice pool. So a skill somebody has heard of you. Your REP also partly
rank of 3 in pistols gives you 2d6. You would add that to the determines your starting money.
3d6 you might have if your AGILITY score is 7 when taking a » PSIONICS (PSI) measures the psionic potential
shot at a hostile alien, meaning that you get to roll 5d6 in total. of a character. It is used for mental and tel-
epathic attacks and abilities.
Attribute & Skill Scale
1-2 3-5 6-9 10-14 15-20 21-27 28-35
// What Attribute Scores Mean
Though the following terms are not used in the game in any
1d6 2d6 3d6 4d6 5d6 6d6 7d6
meaningful way, they can help you to envisage what your char-
You can also gain dice for high quality equipment. For exam- acter’s attribute scores actually mean. The table above can be
ple, an exceptional quality item gives you another 2d6 to add used as a quick tool to understanding your character’s attrib-
to your dice pool. Equipment is dealt with in detail elsewhere. utes as viewed from a human perspective (although a T-Rex
» STRENGTH (STR) measures physical power, might not consider a human with 12 STR to be powerful!) It
might and brawn. It is used to determine car- does not include all the attributes, but the ones it does include
rying capacity, some melee attacks and melee should give you a reasonable perspective on the overall scale.


1d6 Weak Clumsy Low Street 1-2

2d6 Average Average Average Block 3-5

3d6 Strong Adroit Gifted Sector 6-9

4d6 Powerful Agile Genius City 10-14

5d6 Mighty Remarkable Global 15-20

6d6 Superhuman Superhuman Supra-genius Interstellar 21-27

GRADE Starting characters at grade 10 will be highly competent,

Your grade is equal to the total number of career grades experienced professionals. These characters know what
you have taken; the largest dice pool you can form during they are doing and they are good at it. They may have
play is defined by your grade. A starting character with 5 ca- already maxed out one entire career – they may be highly
reer grades is grade 5, and has a maximum pool size of 5d6. specialised Judges or perps. A grade 10 character has a
Some NPCs, civilians or weak monsters may be lower than maximum dice pool of 7d6.
grade 5 and their maximum dice pool is equal to their grade. The GM can set any starting grade. You may find you
For example (this will be explained in more detail later), enjoy certain styles of game over others and the starting
Kabati has 9 AGI, 4 ranks in swords and an exceptional electro- grade can be a major factor in this. It is recommended,
katana. That would normally give him a dice pool of 7d6 (3d6 however, that all players begin with characters of the same
for his attribute, 2d6 for his swords skill, and 2d6 for his excep- grade so that none overshadow the others.
tional weapon). However, he is only grade 7, which gives him
a maximum dice pool of 6d6. In effect, some of his dice are SKILLS
wasted until he can gain more experience.
Skills represent things your character is good at. Skills
are picked up as a character progresses through his life,
Maximum Dice Pools reflecting their training and background. Some are aca-
demic skills, such as the sciences; others are physical skills
5d6 6d6 7d6 8d6 9d6 10d6 11d6 12d6 like running or climbing. Still others may reflect social
Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade
skills like intimidation, technical skills like engineering or
5 6-7 8-10 11-14 15-19 20-25 26-32 33-40 activities like piloting and forgery.
A skill is not required to attempt a task. Having ranks in
// Starting Grade a skill indicates that you have particular training in that
A typical character begins at grade 5, which includes subject; however, even if you have no ranks in piloting, you
five career grades. However, the GM may wish to start the can still try to land a damaged shuttlecraft and having no
game at a different grade. Starting characters at grade 1 ranks in pistols does not prevent you from taking a shot at
will be young, they will be below average in terms of com- an attacking alien.
petency but have limitless scope to grow. Alternatively, The skill list is open-ended. This means that any ac-
starting at grade 2 can give characters the start of a ca- tivity can be a skill; it does not have to be on the list
reer. A new cadet or a teenaged moisture farmer longing below. You might wish to choose flower arranging, ori-
for adventure might fit this approach. gami or interior decorating. The list below is simply a
A character’s maximum dice pool cannot be reduced to list of examples; feel free to add to it.
lower than 3d6, no matter how low their grade, though an A skill forms part of a dice pool. When making an at-
NPC’s or a monster’s dice pool can. A grade 4 character tribute check, you may add skill dice to your attribute dice
has a maximum dice pool of 4d6, and a grade 3 or lower (you may also add equipment dice) to form a dice pool
character has a maximum dice pool of 3d6. which is rolled against a target difficulty benchmark.

» Academic Skills » Performance Skills
examples: accounting, art, economics, examples: acting, comedy, dancing,
geography, history, journalism, law, fortune-telling, juggling, mime, musical
linguistics, literature, philosophy, politics, instrument, singing, stage magic,
theology storytelling, ventriloquism
» Artistic Skills » Psionic Skills
examples: calligraphy, film-making, examples: biopsionics, clairsentience,
modelling, painting, photography, poetry,
pottery, printmaking, sculpting clairvoyance, ergokinesis, metapsionics,
telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation
» Combat Skills
examples: axes, bite fighting, boxing, » Scientific Skills
brawling, clubs, gunnery, heavy armour, examples: archaeology, astronomy,
heavy weapons, knives, light armour, astrophysics, biology, botany, chemistry,
martial arts, medium armour, pistols, climatology, criminology, ecology,
polearms, powered armour, reactions, geology, genetics, mathematics,
rifles, swords, tactics, wrestling medicine, meteorology, nanotechnology,
» Crafting Skills oceanography, physics, psychic phenomena,
examples: appraisal, basket-weaving, psychology, sociology, xenology, zoology
blacksmith, carpentry, cooking, gem
cutting, stone-masonry » Sporting Skills
examples: aeroball, baseball, basketball,
» Developmental Skills batgliding, boinging, competitive eating,
examples: bravery, concentration, dodgeball, football (gridiron), sailing,
fortitude, hardy, insight, meditation, skysurfing, tennis
perception, resistance
» Gaming Skills » Subterfuge Skills
examples: backgammon, blackjack, examples: appraisal, bribery, cryptology,
checkers, chess, darts, dominoes, disguise, escape artist, forgery,
draughts, gambling, poker, shuggy interrogation, stealth, surveillance,
» Medical Skills
examples: medicine, psychology, genetics, » Social Skills
toxicology, xenology, forensics examples: bluffing, carousing, counselling,
» Miscellaneous Hobby Skills detect lie (birdie), flirtation, intimidate,
examples: brewing, fishing, gardening, linguistics, negotiating, teaching
hunting, ornithology, riddles, sewing
» Technical Skills
» Outdoor Skills examples: communicators, computers,
examples: animal handling, farming, demolitions/explosives, electronics,
mining, survival, tracking engineering, scanners
» Other Skills » Trivia Skills
examples: bureaucracy, hypnotism, local
knowledge examples: astrology, celebrities, historical
period, movies, rock ‘n roll, theatre
» Physical Skills
examples: acrobatics, carrying, climbing, » Vehicle Skills
high-g, jumping, running, swimming, examples: astrogation, driving, gunnery,
throwing, zero-g navigation, piloting, riding, sailing

// Skill Notation Navigation refers to land and sea-based travel. The
Sometimes entire categories of skills are referred to in space-based equivalent is astrogation.
this rulebook instead of single skills. When this happens, Local knowledge is a catch-all term; the skill should
the category is noted in square brackets in order to avoid
actually be the name of a place. Within Mega-City One,
confusion. For example, an entry which says [outdoor] re-
fers to the entire list of survival, animal handling, tracking, this is typically a block or a sector.
farming, mining, and any others. In these instances, it is Weapons. In combat, unarmed fighting and weapon
also appropriate to choose new skills of your own devising, skills all add to relevant AGI, INT or STR attack checks. Me-
as long as they fall within the category’s overall topic – if a lee weapons include categories of weapon type (swords,
career tells you that you may choose a [vehicle] skill, you
axes, clubs, knives, etc.); ranged weapons similarly include
can choose any of the listed examples or you might decide
weapon types, such as bows, pistols, rifles or heavy weap-
instead on ballooning or submarining.
ons. Gunnery refers to vehicle or ship-mounted weapons.
When noting a skill, you do not need to indicate catego-
ries or placeholder titles. You simply note “chess” rather Unarmed combat types include (but are not limited to) bite
than “gaming (chess)”; similarly, you simply note “pistols” fighting, boxing, wrestling, brawling and martial arts.
or “nunchukus” rather than “ranged weapon (pistols)” or Armour. Armour is divided into light, medium, heavy and
“melee weapon (nunchaku)”. powered armour. You can still wear armour in which you
Computers includes use of starship scanners and sen- have no skill ranks, but – as with all equipment – you need
sor/comms systems. skill ranks to benefit fully from higher quality armour.

// Skill Levels Whilst there are a myriad of alien races that exist across
Skills are used to form dice pools in the same way that the worlds of 2000AD, humans, clones, mutants, apes and
attributes are and use the same scale as attributes to robots make up the playable species in Mega-City One.
derive the size of the dice pool. Future supplements will cover a number of alien races and
As a general rule, 1 skill rank is proficient, 3 is con- go into more detail in the cases of robots and mutants.
sidered skilled, and is roughly equal to a bachelor’s
degree; 6 is an expert, and is roughly equal to a doc- // Species Attribute Bonuses
torate; 10 is regarded as mastery, and 15 makes you an Every species is different, and part of this different is
authority on that subject. These ranks correspond to highlighted by their different starting attributes. Gorillas
derived dice pools of 1d6, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, and 5d6. are strong and Orangutans are great acrobats, while
Einstein had a score of 15 (5d6) in physics. Miyamoto Humans are known for their luck.
Musashi had a score of 15 (5d6) in swords. Characters with
skills that high are extremely rare. STR AGI END INT LOG WIL CHA LUC PSI REP

Skill Ranks Skill Level Dice Pool

Human* +2

1 Proficient 1d6 Clone +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

3 Skilled 2d6 Mutant +2 +2 +1
6 Expert 3d6 Robot +2 +2 -
10 Master 4d6 Ape
(Chimp) +1 +2 -1 +1
15 Authority 5d6 Ape
(Gorilla) +2 +1 +1
+1 +3
SPECIES (OrangUtan)

Your character is likely nothing like you. In fact, your *+2 to one other attribute and +1 to a third attribute

character may be a completely different species to you.

All of your attributes start at 3, except for PSI and REP
There are a number of different species to choose from;
they all have different starting attributes representing typ- which both start at 0. Your choice of species modifies those
ical members of their species. Some may be fast or strong, attributes in the form of bonuses and some (rare) penalties.
while others might be extremely intelligent or psionically
gifted. Each species is different. // Humans
The vast majority of those living in Mega-City One, and
Start by choosing a species and sex for your character.
Your species will determine your starting attributes, which elsewhere on Earth, are humans. They can be found in
are the attributes of a small child of that species (human all walks of life, forming the masses of the employed and
adult average is 4 in each attribute). Your gender does not unemployed. Almost all of the Judges are humans, with a
affect your attributes or skills at all. Humans provide the small number being human clones (see below).
simplest, most straightforward playing experience.
» Size: Medium
Once you have selected your species, record your start- » Attributes: LUC +2, +2 to any one other attribute
ing attributes and choose four from the list of available
and +1 to a third attribute
skills. Each species also has natural exploits (such as the
» Skill choices: any
robot’s immunity to mental attacks).
Gender and Ethnicity » Varied. Humans boast more variation within their
Gender has no effect on your character and species than most. Add 2 to any attribute, and add
should be treated as a purely descriptive element. a further +1 to one other attribute (noted above).
Some species may have entirely different genders
or no gender at all. You should feel free to select » Enduring. Humans may not be the fastest or the
from the entire range of gender-identification and strongest, but they are known for their resilience.
sexuality, though these things are unlikely to form
a major part in most games. Humans get +1 to their 1d6 die roll to shake off a
temporary condition.

// Clones A harsh life is the fate of almost all mutants. Mutants are
Some beings are grown in tanks, cloned versions of existing illegal in Mega-City One and any born there are usually
members of their race. In humans these clones emerge into the exiled to the Cursed Earth. Here they spend their youth in
world with the body and mind of a five-year old, and certain al- internment camps. They may leave once they reach adult-
ready instilled skills. The most famous clones are Judge Dredd, hood (assuming they survive the harsh conditions) and
and his brother, Rico, both of whom are clones of Judge Fargo. choose live in the wastelands instead.
While clones draw most of their attributes from their ‘par- Mutants in the Cursed Earth often live alongside normal,
ent’ the scientists who carry out the cloning frequently look unmutated humans (or norms). They can scratch out a living
to create an individual more suited to their future role. As on small subsistence farms, have a nomadic existence hunting
a result clones tend to be uniformly above average in all ar- those few animals that have also survived the disasters of
eas, but do not - initially - excel in any particular attribute. thirty years ago or live in small townships and villages.
» Size: Medium More aggressive mutants often turn to banditry. Groups
» Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, END +1, INT +1, LOG +1, WIL +1 of mutant marauders are a real menace to any peaceful
» Skill choices: [developmental], [physical] folk who live in, or travel through, these lands.
EXPLOITS Mutants within Mega-City One are banned and any dis-
» Ingrained Skill Package. You come into being with ex- covered living there will be rounded up and exiled into the
isting skills and abilities. Choose one category from the Cursed Earth. Should they be guilty of a crime they will
following: [combat], [physical], [academic]. You gain first have to serve any sentence before their exile.
four skills at one rank from your chosen category.
» Fast Healing. Clones heal an extra 1d6 HEALTH » Size: Medium (unless a mutation indicates otherwise).
each day. » Attributes: END +2, WIL +2, REP +1
» Skill choices: bluffing, disguise, running, stealth
// Mutants
Mutants are a varied group of people who have suffered EXPLOITS
genetic abnormalities. These were caused by the radiation » Radiation resistance. You are immune to radiation
fallout caused by the Atomic Wars in 2070, along with the damage.
chemical and biological weapons that were also released » Mutation. Roll on the mutation table to randomly
during that conflict. The end result is that there are people determine your mutation.
born with genetic abnormalities, extra appendages, a de- Mutant characters will be dealt with in more detail in The
pendency on blood or numerous other mutations. Cursed Earth supplement.

D66 Mutation

11 Glowing eyes. You are able to see in darkness as though it were daylight.

Hard skin. Your skin is hard and tough. Roll 1d6. On a 1-4, your skin is like bark - you gain 5 natural SOAK, but
12 are Vulnerable (1d6) to fire damage. On 5-6, your skin is like steel - you gain 5 natural SOAK, but are Vulnerable
(1d6) to electricity damage.

Crystalline structure. Your body is made of crystal. You gain 5 natural SOAK but are Vulnerable (1d6) to
sonic damage. You are also immune to the Bleeding condition.

More than two eyes. You have extra eyes; they might be on the back of your head, in the palms of your
hands, or somewhere else. You gain all-around vision and cannot be flanked.

15 Gills. You can breathe underwater.

Poison fangs. You can bite and deliver a venomous toxin, like a snake. Your unarmed attack increases by
+1d6 and becomes piercing/poison damage.

Toxic exhalation. You can spit a toxic glob or exhale a cloud of gas. Roll 1d6. On a 1-3 you spit toxic glob to
21 a range of 10’ at one target; on 4-6 you exhale a cloud of gas at an adjacent target. Your attack does poison
damage equal to your END dice pool.

Radioactive emission. You can fire a beam of radiation from your hands (1-3) or eyes (4-6). This does 3d6
heat damage, with a range increment of 3.

Regeneration. You can heal wounds that would kill a normal man, and re-grow body parts even if they have
been severed. As long as you are above 1 HEALTH, you automatically heal 1d6 HEALTH per hour.
Increased metabolism. You move a lot faster than normal. Your reactions are increased and the world
seems run at a slower rate for you. You must consume twice the normal amount of food and drink to remain
alive. You have three actions per round, although you may not perform any given action (attack, move, etc) more
than twice.
Extra appendage. You have more than the normal set of appendages - extra arms, legs, more than one nose,
25 or four ears. Arms give you +1d6 STR, legs give you +1d6 AGI, and noses or ears give you +1d6 INT. However, you
also suffer -1d6 CHA.

Psychic Powers. You are born with a range of psychic powers. Gain +2 PSI and one psionic power for which
you qualify.
Vampire. You require blood for nourishment. You also have a greater than normal sensitivity to light/UV. Any
day you do not consume one pint of blood moves you suffer the Fatigued Condition. This is a permanent status
and cannot be shaken off. The only way to remove it is to consume a pint of blood. Additionally, you suffer -1d6
to perception checks in daylight.

Steel teeth. Your teeth are as strong as steel and can bite through things that others simply cannot. Your
teeth ignore 5 points of SOAK.

Bone spikes. You are covered in a layer of spikes which protrude through it from your bones. Your natural
33 damage becomes piercing. Anyone or anything that attempts to attack you unarmed takes 1d6 damage each
time they strike.

Projectile spines. Rather like a porcupine, you have quills covering part of your body. You can also eject
these with some force. Your quills have a range increment of 3 and do your natural damage.

All Seeing Eye. You have a single eye in the middle of your forehead. This eye is immune to illusions that
35 a psychic might create and can see even perfect holograms for what they are. This power is effective to a
distance of 5’ times your INT attribute.
Animal features. You have a variety of animal features. You could have cat’s eyes, a dog’s tail or sharp
bear claws, for example. These features may give you additional abilities - cat’s eyes could give you the
ability to see at night, bear claws could give you an extra +1d6 to unarmed damage, a dog’s tail could attract
condescending remarks from others as to what a good boy you are.

D66 Mutation

Uplifted animal. A talking raccoon, a humanoid bird hybrid, a large lizard-like woman; these mutants are the
41 result of a combination of human and animal. Like Animal Features above the Game Master may agree to allow
an appropriate bonus for the character.
Tentacles Part human, part ‘something’ else. Some part of you has been replaced by tentacles rather than
hands, or feet. Perhaps your whole lower body has been replaced in this way and you have an unusual form
of locomotion. Roll 1d6. On a roll of 1-3, your arms are replaced and you gain +5’ reach; on 4-6, your legs are
replaced and you become immune to the effects of difficult terrain.
Chameleon Your skin has an unusual pigmentation which enables you to change the colour of your skin to
match your surroundings. You gain +2d6 to stealth checks.
Internal Combustion Engine Engine. Being exposed both to intense radiation and chemicals has made you into
a walking firebug. Your internal chemistry is such that it will combust in open air. Fortunately you have control
44 over this and an inferno can be unleashed from your body for up to one minute by spending two actions,
covering your skin in flames. You are immune to fire damage. While you are aflame, any creatures starting their
turn within 5’ of you will take 1d6 fire damage.

Sonic Boom Girl. You can produce a sonic shout that can shatter bone and vibrate structures to pieces in a
sonic wail. Your sonic attack does 2d6 sonic damage in a 15’ cone.
Displaced Organs. You might look human (or not), but your internal organs are not in the same place as non-
mutants. You gain 2 natural SOAK, and you are immune to any exploits which rely on the attacker targeting your
anatomy for extra damage. However, anybody attempting medical assistance on you suffers a -2d6 penalty to
their check.
Taller than normal. Your height is greater than normal, possibly even taller than the tallest member of the
human race. Roll 1d6+6 to determine your height in feet. You are considered large sized.

Dwarfism. You were born smaller than the normal human height and might be mistaken for a child. You are
small sized.

Electrostatic generator
generator. You can generate your own internal electricity, which you can then unleash as
53 a burst of energy. The attack has a range increment of 5, and does electricity damage equal to your END dice
weapon. You can transform parts of your body, usually hands or feet, into sharp blades. This is often
Living weapon
54 done by extruding the bone from underneath the skin, and thanks to the mutation the bone is as strong as
steel, sometimes stronger. You can manifest any one-handed bladed melee weapon by spending two actions.

body. You have stretchy skin and bone and can elongate parts of your body. You take half
Rubberised body
damage from falling, half damage from attacks which do blunt damage, and have +1d6 AGI.

Body. You have something significant and strange about your body. It could be a face in your chest, or a
Odd Body
second head atop your shoulders.

processor. You can breathe in a variety of gaseous atmospheres, surviving in areas that
Atmosphere processor
61 would normally kill humans. You are immune to all gases as long as there is enough oxygen in the air to survive
(in an atmosphere without any oxygen you would still suffer like a non-mutant).

Iceman You are freezing cold. You are immune to cold damage, and Vulnerable (+1d6) to fire damage. Your
natural attack does cold damage and causes the target to suffer the Slowed Condition.

63 Rotating head
head. Your head can rotate 360o. You gain +1d6 to INITIATIVE and perception checks.

Acid blood
blood. Your blood is a strongly acidic. When you are hit by a slashing weapon, the attacker - if within 5’
- takes 1d6 acid damage.

Linguist. You are able to converse with any creature in its language. This does not grant the creature
intelligence it would not normally have.

66 Roll for two mutations

mutations. If you roll 66 again reroll the result.

// Robots // Apes (Uplifts)
Many of the problems faced by Mega-City One can be put Scientists in the 21st Century were to make progress in
down to the huge numbers of unemployed. The major fac- many fields before the Atomic War and since. Some of the
tor causing unemployment is the wide variety of robots that greatest advances were in the structure of the brain and in
can do most work better and more cheaply than humans. the boosting of intelligence. While this had some benefits
Robots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each specifi- for humans the greatest changes were in the laboratory
cally designed for a particular role. Most robots are effectively apes used in the experiments. These apes were given as-
slaves, they have no rights other than those other property en- sorted treatments allowing their intelligence to be boosted
joys (although robot fights, where two robots fight to destruc- to human levels. As soon as it became apparent that these
tion, are banned). It is possible for robots to be free; the robot apes were as smart as their evolutionary cousins the law
in particular must have a sponsor (almost always its current stepped in and freed them all to live as citizens.
owner) and be advanced enough to be sentient. The legal pro-
cess is normally quite lengthy except in cases of service to the Soon the apes began to congregate in a single neighbour-
city, although such cases are extremely rare. Player Character hood within Mega-City One, now known as The Jungle. Here
robots will normally be free robots of this type, or androids they live in relative peace, although the conditions there are
that can pass for human and keep their true nature hidden. less than ideal, with rubbish strewn streets the norm.
Robot characters will be dealt with in more detail in The It did not take long for some apes to realise that they could
Robot Wars supplement. get much further in life by criminal means. The first ape
» Size: Small, medium, or large; robot gangs quickly appeared and were able to take control of The
» Attributes: STR +2, END +2, PSI - Jungle and use it as a base for their criminal operations.
» Skill choices: computers, engineering, running,
Player Character apes can be regular citizens or perps;
linguistics, [technical].
there are no ape Judges.
» Mindless. Robots are immune to any attacks which
» Deterministic. A Robot’s PSI attribute cannot rise Great mimics, the chimps were the first of the apes to start
above zero. A Robot can have a LUC attribute, but copying their human neighbours, most notably by forming their
cannot spend LUC dice to gain bonus dice when
making attribute checks. own criminal gangs in The Jungle. Great fans of old movies,
» Electronic Vulnerability. Robots are vulnerable (1d6) to their mannerisms often resemble those of 1920’s gangsters,
electricity damage and vulnerable (2d6) to ion damage. films about whom they adore. Most, however, are law abiding
» Automaton. Robots do not need to eat, sleep or citizens (or as law abiding as any group of citizens can be).
breathe, and weigh 150% normal. » Size: Small
Choose one of the following modification exploits:
» Attributes: STR +1, AGI +2, CHA +1, WIL -1
» Organic Appearance. The Robot’s appearance is » Skill Choices: acrobatics, brawling, carousing,
uncannily like that of a human (or other species) movies, gambling
although not so alike that it would fool anyone.
» Wheels. The Robot moves on wheels instead of legs. EXPLOITS
This reduces its SPEED to 2 across difficult terrain,
but increases its SPEED by 2 on normal terrain. » Natural Climbers. Chimps gain climbing as a
» Armour. The Robot is plated with armour, giving it natural movement mode, able to climb at their
SOAK 5. The Robot’s weight is 200% normal instead full speed with no checks needed.
of 150% and it suffers a -1 penalty to its SPEED score. » Zero-g. Chimps gain zero-g as a natural move-
» Access Ports. The Robot can “plug in” to a com- ment mode, able to move in zero-g at their full
puter or computerised system, granting it a +1d6 speed with no checks needed.
bonus to computer checks. » Great Leap. Chimps gain +5’ to both horizontal
» Scanner. The Robot has an inbuilt scanner (equal and vertical jump distances, and are able to use
to a hand scanner) which it is always considered to their full jump distances from a standing start.
be carrying. This scanner might be part of its body, » Throwers. Chimps are great at throwing things.
or simply part of its sensory equipment, and may They double the range increment of thrown items
or may not be visible. and do +1d6 damage with thrown weapons.
» Compute. The Robot can absorb a large document » Agile. Chimps are noted for their dexterity.
(the equivalent of a major novel or textbook) in a When taking a new career, a Chimp may option-
minute, or make complex calculations, including FTL ally exchange one of the listed four attribute
calculations which require no check at FTL factors increases for AGI, as long as it doesn’t result in
equal to or lower than the robot’s LOG attribute. a duplicate attribute advancement.
» Weapon. The Robot has an integrated melee weap- » Weak-willed. Chimps suffer a -2 penalty to
on. Choose one weapon worth 100cr or less. MENTAL DEFENCE.

Gorillas » Roar. Gorillas can roar at a single target within 30’,
making a CHA mental attack; on a hit, the target
Due to their great strength, these apes are dangerous becomes Afraid. Any given target can only be af-
foes should they take a dislike to someone. The large fected by this roar once.
silverback males are the strongest of all apes and can be » I am Kang! Because of their large size and physical
quite aggressive. Some gorillas have become the enforcers prowess gorillas inflict an additional +1d6 damage
in unarmed combat.
and thugs of choice in the ape gangs.
» Size: Large
» Attributes: STR +2, AGI +1, INT +1
» Skill Choices: brawling, carrying, interrogation, Superb climbers these apes are generally the most peaceful
intimidation of the three commonest ape species. Less likely to be drawn
into crime than other apes, they can make excellent burglars
due to their natural skills.
» Mighty Load. Gorillas are able to carry great
» Size: Medium
weights. Their CARRY capacity (and their max lift)
» Attributes: AGI +3, STR +1
is double normal.
» Skill Choices: acrobatics, carousing, gambling,
» Thick Fur. Gorilla fur means that they are immune
to cold-based environmental effects and gain natu-
ral SOAK 5 vs. cold damage. EXPLOITS
» King of the Swingers. Orangutans have a natural
CLIMB speed equal to their normal SPEED and do
not need to make checks when climbing.
» Great Leap. Orangutans have double the normal
jump distance, and take half damage from falls.
» Fast. Orangutans get a +1 bonus to their SPEED,
and a +1d6 bonus to INITIATIVE.

CAREERS IN JUDGE DREDD Delinquent [2d6+6 years]
Careers in Judge Dredd fall into three broad categories. » Prerequisites: none
First of all there are civilian careers, available to normal, » Attributes: AGI +1, END +1, INT +1, LUC +1
(mostly) law abiding citizens. As the vast majority are on wel- Skill Choices: brawling, computers, local knowl-
fare most careers reflect their hobbies, rather that an actual edge, stealth, thievery
job. Perps (the term for criminals in Mega-City One) can also There are always anti-social types and their number in-
take the citizen careers. However, they also have access to a cludes many juves. Delinquents will often commit crimes but
large number of extra criminal ones that allow them to be- do not belong to the local gang. They see gangs as some-
come more proficient in certain types of lawbreaking. thing they wish to have no part of (not least because mem-
bers of the gangs are always being harassed or, even worse,
Finally there are Judge careers. These are available solely arrested by the law). Delinquents have both anonymity and
to Judges, and follow a fairly rigid pattern. Judges will find freedom of action; they are more likely to get away with any
themselves working in one of the core divisions where they crime they commit so long as they are not unlucky.
will specialise in gaining skills to help in the fight against Both perps and citizens can take the delinquent career as
crime. As they become more proficient extra career options an origin career. In the latter case they will grow out of their
will open up to them as they rise through the ranks. criminal ways; in the former they are likely to become perps
who are largely independent of any criminal organisation.
Everyone was a juve once, before they became a ‘dult. » Petty Larceny. You are an accomplished little
Starting citizen or perp characters can take one of the follow- thief. You are practiced at stealing things; you can
ing juve origins before moving on to their adult careers. Juve break into buildings and apartments and are capa-
origins include juve, delinquent and juve gang. An origin career ble of acts involving sleight of hand. You gain the
following skills at one rank (this does not increase
can be taken multiple times during character creation. Once a a skill beyond one rank): thievery, climbing, stealth.
character leaves the origin career they can never go back to it. » Vandal. Your frequent acts of vandalism have
taught you how to break things in the most ef-
ficient manner. You ignore 5 points of SOAK when
making a melee attack against inorganic material.

Juve [2d6+6 years]

» Prerequisites: none
» Attributes: INT +1, AGI +1, LOG +1, LUC +1
Skill Choices: [academic], [artistic], local knowl-
edge, [sporting], [trivia]
Being a juve is boring. You have to go to school, where
other juves are. Some become lifelong friends, some you
get to hate for life. When not at school you have no money
to do the things you like, since your parents are almost
certainly on welfare. And the block gangs and bullies has-
sle you whenever you go out where they can find you.
For the most part you behave, you are not malicious.
But you are a juve, and even the best behaved juve likes
to have some fun from time-to-time. Unfortunately the
Judges will clamp down hard on anything remotely illegal.
The volumes of petty regulations means that there is almost
Careers Page References always something the Judges can get you for. So you try to
Careers in Judge Dredd ................................................... 30 avoid anywhere the Judges are likely to look, and as much
Civilian and Perp Origins ................................................... 30 time is spent trying to hide as having fun. Being a juve is bor-
Civilian Careers ........................................................................31 ing.
Perp Careers ........................................................................... 42
Judge Origins .......................................................................... 54 EXPLOITS
Judge Careers ....................................................................... 57 » Speedy. Being quick on your feet is often the only
Speciality Judge Careers ................................................ 60 way to avoid the law and the juve gangs. You are
faster than most! You gain +2 SPEED. This bonus
does not stack with any other SPEED bonuses.

» Juvebunny. You know every detail of your Block — Bat Glider [1d6 years]
you gain +1d6 to all checks when in your block.
» Tough! You have taken your beatings and have shown » Prerequisites: none
you are tougher than most. You gain +2 natural SOAK. » Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LUC +1, REP +1
» Tech Kid. You gain one rank in each of the follow- » Skill Choices: acrobatics, climbing, gliding, jump-
ing skills: computers, electronics, engineering. ing, perception
The onrush of wind across your masked face, the feeling
Juve Gang [2d6+6 years] of sudden freedom away from Judges, crazies and gangs,
this is something to live for in this miserable city! You feel
» Prerequisites: none most at home in the skies above Mega-City One, a devotee
» Attributes: STR +1, INT +1, CHA +1, REP +1
» Skill Choices: brawling, gambling, knives, local of the batgliding craze. You love nothing more than don-
knowledge, running, [trivia] ning the cowl, cape and suit of a bat gliding kit that lets
Every block is troubled by gangs, usually consisting of you become free to soar between the city blocks.
teenagers and young adults. Juve gangs often consist Bat gliding is one of the hobbies that citizens choose to
of a main, criminal group with a feeder gang of younger undertake to relieve the monotony of their boring days.
juves. A single gang will often control an entire city block, Keeping to the specially restricted areas for their own safety
running off all rivals. In many blocks there is a whole it is, for the most part, a safe pastime. Leave the designated
patchwork of small gangs of close friends who might get areas then there is a very real danger of being stuck by a
by dealing in proscribed products or petty larceny. hover vehicle or being arrested (or worse) by the Judges.
As a gang member a citizen might pick up some minor For criminals the hobby allows them to get to other-
skills before leaving for a more respectable life on welfare. wise difficult to access places (useful for burglars) or
Others join gangs as the first step in a long criminal ca- to make a hasty escape…
reer, so civilians and perps can both be members of these
gangs. Most gang members will often do nothing more EXPLOITS
serious than shoplifting or minor vandalism. The hardened » Air Tricks. You have superb control over your
core of the gang are the ones most likely to be involved in Bat-Glider and are able to reverse direction
serious criminal enterprises and to engage in vicious gang 180º with a free action.
fights, called rumbles, against their rivals. » I am the Night. You can use your gliding skill
instead of stealth to sneak through the air using
EXPLOITS your Bat-Glider.
» Wing and a Prayer. You move your SPEED, swoop-
» Shiv. You are adept at violence using improvised ing down and grabbing a medium-sized target part-
weapons. Using objects in your surroundings, you way through the glide and swooping up again.
are always considered to be holding a knife or a club.
When you hit somebody with a knife, you automati-
cally inflict the Bleeding condition. Blocker [1d6 years]
» Stone Cold Stare. You have an intimidating pres- » Prerequisites: none
ence and are able to mess with people’s heads. You » Attributes: INT +1, AGI +1, END +1, LUC +1
can make a REP mental attack against a target, » Skill Choices: carousing, climbing, gaming, local
inflicting the Afraid condition on a success. knowledge, [trivia]
» Me and My Homies (requires Stone Cold Stare). They say there is a whole world out there beyond these
When using your Stone Cold Stare ability, you can
walls, but you have no need to leave the massive build-
affect one target within 30’ for each member of
your own party that is within 30’. ing complex you call home. You live in a huge edifice that
stretches up into the Mega-City One sky, a building known
as a city block. You might have been born in this block,
CIVILIAN CAREERS as your parents might also have been, and might never
The Big Meg boasts a wide variety of things for civilian have left its confines, for you see no need. You might know
characters to do. For example, there is the average Joe nothing of the life outside the block walls, it sounds pretty
Citizen with no job or the individual who works in Resyk. The scary and exciting in equal measure.
unemployed take up many hobbies to fill the hours; such as Life within your block has all you need. Your block has its
Peepers who like to watch their fellow citizens’ daily lives own Judges policing it and there is the Citi-Def too, who are
from the safety of their own apartment, or Jaegers who well armed, helping to protect the city from foreign enemies
spend their time climbing the big city blocks. Then there are (should they dare attack), or, more importantly, protecting the
thrill seekers such as the Sky Surfers or Boingers, who may block from nearby rivals. You know of the other blocks close
risk encubement by taking their hobbies to illegal extremes. by because you hear about them on the block news channels.
For civilian characters the following careers are available. Usually the creeps that live in them are up to no good!

A city block has housing, shops, garages, businesses and » Improviser. In the field, you need to improvise. Using
entertainment areas all within its walls; a small city inside your scientific know-how, you can create a crude ob-
a single building. Living within a block you get to know all ject or device from your surroundings. This requires
the gossip and where to hide in times of danger. And may- a LOG check, with a difficulty value equal to the pur-
be this year you might get to join the Citi-Def and serve chase value of the object, and takes 30 minutes.
your block with honour and distinction. » Modify. You may modify the output of any en-
A blocker career allows a citizen or criminal to have a home ergy weapon or device to any other energy type
turf, where they have friends or associates who might help of your choice. This takes one minute. The de-
them. A Player Character will know where to go for whatever vice operates for five minutes, but breaks per-
they need and where it is not safe within the block. manently when this time is up.
» Weird Science. When you encounter an item of
EXPLOITS technology beyond current human knowledge you
» Home Sweet Home. When in your Block you can are able to understand exactly how to operate it
pause for two actions once per day and get a sec- if you spend an hour examining it. This exploit will
ond breath, recovering half your HEALTH. only work on items from a particular field of study
(examples include time travel, teleportation, inter-di-
» Stash. You find a stash of good items somewhere in mensional travel devices, etc). You can choose when
the Block, something you can sell to make a little cash. you encounter such a device to activate this exploit.
Spend one LUC die to recall a nearby stash containing This exploit can be taken multiple times; each will be
items of a value equal to ten times a LUC check. able to be applied to a different field of study.
» Block Deal. You know a guy who knows a girl, who » Knowledge No Man Was Meant To Know. (re-
knows that there is someone selling that item you quires Weird Science). You are able to duplicate
wanted at a good price. You save 10% on all purchases. and improve upon any item you have examined us-
ing the Weird Science exploit. You will agree to any
Boffin [1d6 years] improvements you wish to make with the Game
Master prior to taking this exploit. This exploit can
» Prerequisites: one [scientific] skill. be taken multiple times but each time it is used it
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, WIL +1, REP +1 can only be applied to a single device.
» Skill choices: computers, perception, [scientific],
survival, [technical]
Boffins are skilled scientists and are some of the most
Boinger [1d6 years]
sought after citizens in the city. Although they can find it » Prerequisites: none
hard to get jobs due to the large amount of competition their » Attributes: AGI +1, END +1, LUC +1, REP +1
lot is better than the run of the mill citizen. A boffin may be » Skill Choices: boinging, bravery, jumping, perception
employed by a major corporation working towards the latest Boing® is the latest and greatest thing, and you have em-
breakthrough, by Justice Department as a civilian employee braced it fully. You are a boinger, a crazy sports aficionado and
or even by the local mobster who needs good chemists to you are addicted to the thrill of the bounce. Boing® is a spray
produce potent designer narcotics for their dealers. that encases your whole body in a rubbery, synthetic hamster
ball. After using it you just leap into the Palais de Boing play
You could fill any of these roles, or might have to work area and try to maximise your score as a human pinball!
alone in a makeshift lab in your small apartment. And you
are always very careful with those potentially explosive Boing® is banned from use outside of the designated
chemicals you work with… buildings. However, some thrill seekers take boinging to its
most extreme, leaping off the top of tall buildings, or high
Scientists are a big part of Judge Dredd; in fact many of the
up on city blocks. The Judges are on the lookout for this
early villains in Dredd were mad scientist types. This career
activity as the boinger almost always spins out of control,
not only makes a great career for a civilian, but also a superb
and while the perp is safely encased within the miracle
one for a perp who wants to have an edge on their rivals.
plastic anyone they hit is likely to end up as a smear.
EXPLOITS It is difficult to stop a boinger; the standard procedure is for
» Scientific Knowledge Base. Choose four [scien- a Judge to use an incendiary round. This causes the Boing®
tific] skills. You gain these four skills at 1 rank (1d6). to melt and become sticky, gluing itself to the first thing it then
This does not increase the rank of an existing skill. strikes. Specialist cutting tools are then used to free the perp
» Analytical Eye. You are able to identify the resist- before the flames engulf them (fortunately Boing® burns
ances, immunities, and vulnerabilities of any creature slowly, so after the initial accelerant in the bullet has been
you can see with a Difficult [16] LOG check; if you used up there is normally time to save the perp inside). A hefty
use a hand-scanner, it is only a Challenging [13] LOG iso- or juve-cube sentence then follows for the perp as Justice
check. This requires two full actions of observation. Department is determined to stamp out illegal boinging.

A skilled boinger can determine their direction of travel. » Like a Commando. If you can get close to an enemy
A skilled perp who has this as a career could use Boing® then you are deadly with a knife. When attacking a
as an emergency escape method from a tricky situation or firearm-wielding foe with a knife, you do +1d6 damage.
to access to an otherwise inaccessible location. » Call in Support. In your own block you can call in 1d6
Citi-Def allies (page 232) to help. They arrive within
EXPLOITS one minute.
» What a Boing®. You can direct your first Boing®, so
that you will bounce to the exact location you want to. Citizen [1d6 years]
» Natural Boing® Killer. After the first Boing®
you can make an AGI (boinging) melee attack to » Prerequisites: none
Boing® into a foe. » Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
» Skill Choices: carousing, [crafting], [gaming],
» Cutting Gear. You escape as a free action once the local knowledge
Boing® has come to a stop. You are one of the multitudes living in Mega-City One
» Quick Spray. You can get boinged up with two ac- who try to keep their heads down to stay out of trouble.
tions rather than the usual full minute. You have your high school diploma in unemployment so are
» Come to a Stop (requires What a Boing® and well qualified for the life that stretches out before you. You
Natural Boing® Killer). You can stop your Boing® dream of the day when fortune smiles upon you and you
at any time after the first Boing®, although this get a job flipping burgers in one of the cheap fast food stalls
will take two boings to come to a complete halt. that pervade Mega-City One. You try to avoid coming to the
attention of the Judges, despite being confused by the over-
Citi-Def [1d6 years] whelming number of laws you could unwittingly fall afoul of.
» Prerequisites: none You could get caught in the middle of a gunfight between
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, WIL +1, REP +1 perps and Judges; and if you are unlucky you could be shot.
» Skill choices: [combat], explosives, insight, local Perhaps you might be brought in for questioning by the
knowledge, perception Judges, convinced you are one of the perps!
You are a proud member of your local Citi-Def unit, the fi- Citizens can also be a goldmine of information for
nal line of defence for Mega-City One in case of an attack by the Judges. Dredd, for example, manages to maintain a
hostile forces. A well equipped citizens’ militia, these groups healthy relationship with a number of citizens and some-
train repeatedly in order to prepare for the day when their times they have even come to his aid.
skills are required. In theory these groups are a great boon
for the Judges. The reality is something else entirely.
Citi-Def units are a regular source of trouble for the
Judges. They are frequently at the forefront of block wars,
when rivalry between two nearby blocks turns into fully
fledged armed conflict. They often go rogue, with live fire
training ‘exercises’ where many citizens are killed, being un-
witting stand-ins for ‘the enemy’. And then there is the equip-
ment itself. With armouries protected by average citizens
they present an attractive target for any perps eager to get
hold of some heavy weaponry and other specialised items.
Both citizens and perps may take a Citi-Def career.
Criminal types who take the Citi-Def career will want
access to the specialist training and equipment these
paramilitary groups provide.

» Combat Hardened. You gain +2 SOAK.
» Level by Level. Citi-Def know their block, they
know every inch and can use these spots for an
ambush. They can also use the layout to gain a
tactical advantage. When a Citi-Def is in their own
block they cannot be ambushed.
» Home Defence. Trained to use their weapons in
the confined spaces of their city block, this ex-
ploit increases firearm damage by +1d6 if within
one range increment.

EXPLOITS » Up at the Crack of Dawn. You can survive on just
» Knowledge is Key. You might actually know a 4 hours’ sleep a night.
thing that will save you in a pinch. Running away
from an Angel Gang member? Maybe you know a Gamer [1d6 years]
shortcut! Spend one LUC die and ask the GM one
yes/no question; the GM will answer truthfully. » Prerequisites: [gaming].
» Face in the Crowd. You are one of those citizens who » Attributes: INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +2
» Skill choices: [gaming], [social], thievery
is so nondescript you can hide in plain sight. If there
is a tap gang working the pedway they will choose Gambling, like many things in Mega-City One, is illegal
someone else to mug. If there are Judges performing but it is second nature to many. The thrill of having a flutter
strip searches on random passers-by they will leave is worth the risk of losing one’s shirt (or kneepad) or even
you alone to pick on some other unfortunate. In a one’s liberty. You have some expertise in games of chance,
crowd you are considered to be invisible, unless you making you more likely to come away with other’s people’s
choose otherwise or act in an unusual manner.. credits rather than losing your own. You count cards, know
» Burger Flipper. You gain a menial job for a while.
You gain +2 REP. the odds and can keep a poker face when bluffing, most or-
dinary citizens have no chance if they gamble with you.
Employee [1d6 years] EXPLOITS
» Prerequisites: none » Lucky Streak. Roll 3d6 and multiply by 100. You
» Attributes: LOG +1, LUC +1, CHA +1, REP +1 gain that many credits. You may repeat this exploit,
» Skill Choices: appraisal, bluffing, bureaucracy, gaining 3d6x100 credits each time.
computers, [crafting], negotiating » Cheat. You know a couple of tricks. In a game of
You are one of the privileged few who have a job; even if it chance, you may reroll any 1s in your dice pool.
might not be the most glamorous work available in the city. » Chancer. You may spend 5 minutes once per day
With most roles now taken by robots, in government, manu- to replenish your LUCK pool an additional time.
» Loan Shark. You are well known among those in-
facturing and service sectors, you are very lucky indeed. While volved in the shadier aspects of gambling. Among
some, such as top scientists or artists of various stripes, have your acquaintances is a loan shark who can get
unique skills most of those who work do so because they are you 2,000cr if you need it quickly. However he
even cheaper than getting a machine to do the job. expects to be paid back twice that the following
It is possible you keep your job secret from all but your week. Alternatively repay his money and perform a
closest friends and family; to do otherwise may create prob- major favour for him…
» Where the Action is. You can find out information
lems with someone overcome with jealousy (you always on any gambling event in the sector, and even some
hear of cases on the news where citizens are killed for hav- of the major events beyond, as long as the infor-
ing a job). To have a job to fill your hours and an income to mation is known about on the street. On a Routine
pay for your needs is something few others ever achieve. [10] CHA check you will find out everything about a
Employee careers can be taken by both citizen and perp specific gambling event: game, location and the in-
dividuals involved. This information can be useful in
Player Characters. It is possible that a job for a criminal tracking someone down, getting inside information
could be nothing more than a front to allow them to show or for anything else the Game Master allows.
they are paid legitimately rather than living off the pro-
ceeds of crime. It is also possible that a job could give Jaeger [1d6 years]
opportunities to commit crimes. The numbers rackets in
Mega-City One are one example, as they rely on corrupt » Prerequisites: none
employees for their existence. » Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, END +1, LUC +1
» Skill Choices: acrobatics, bravery, carrying,
climbing, jumping, running
You have no fear of heights and, honestly, no fear of
» Job Savvy. You have job knowledge that is above and
beyond the norm for someone like you. Use it well. Your death by falling. If you go splat, you know that you will be
ranks in one skill related to your job increase to 6 (3d6). remembered by your friends as a daredevil climber who left
» Extra Responsibilities. You got promoted at work a beautiful, if somewhat red and sticky, mark on the city.
and gain +2 REP. You might feel sorry for the sanitation robot that has to
» Hard at Work. The excitement at having a job clean up the mess, but you have to do this. Climbing sheer
means you have learnt to avoid many of the ef- rockcrete walls in high winds is just too much of a challenge
fects of tiredness. It is like you are on intravenous
synthi-synthi-caf! In any 24 hour period, the first for you not to give it a go. For you there is no better feeling
time you suffer from the Fatigued condition you than standing atop a block which towers a mile or more into
may ignore its effects. the skyline and looking out across the city

To overcome the mind-crushing boredom of having no job A journalist career can help a character in many ways,
and no prospect one citizens turn to a wide variety of pas- for it can open doors and get people to speak more freely
times to fill their days. Some might wash the same dishes than they would otherwise. Even the Judges can be a little
again and again, others may try to head eggs into a bucket, more careful when dealing with journalists, although not
the really weird may read books… block jaeger clubs offer as much as journalists would like…
another option. Here groups of likeminded citizens group
together in an effort to scale the tallest of city blocks. These EXPLOITS
groups are closely monitored by Justice Department for
» Freedom of the Press. The press has some free-
their activities can obviously represent a hazard. However doms that allow them to investigate wrongdoing
many blocks are designed with scaleable walls both on the to the full. As long as they cooperate fully with
inside walls and the exterior of the block. As long as jaegers Justice Department they might be able to get away
keep to these they are left alone by Justice Department. with some minor lawbreaking if it allows the perps
to be exposed. Spend one LUC die to be let go with
a caution if apprehended by a Judge for a crime
» Wallcrawler. You gain a CLIMB speed equal to your with a sentence of one year or less.
regular SPEED.
» Daring Jumper. You gain +5’ to your horizontal » Source. Every Journalist has a source or three. You
jump distance. have one that you really rely on. Create a source
» Get Back Up. You have had your fair share of falls. NPC by simply naming the source and giving them
You may stand from prone as a free action. an occupation. That source will provide you with in-
» Managed Fall. If you fall, you treat the falling formation as long as you are able to contact them.
distance as though it were half the actual distance.. » Press Pass. Need an “in” to that private party, this
» Daredevil! You have no fear of heights. In fact, you is it! Make a REP mental attack versus a bouncer or
have no fear. You are immune to the Afraid condition.
gatekeeper to gain access to a private event.
» Off the Record. You can convince somebody to give
Journalist [1d6 years] you some juicy information - totally off the record of
» Prerequisites: none course, you would never break that sacred bond. Or
Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, REP +1 would you? Make a CHA mental attack; on a success,
» Skill Choices: bureaucracy, carousing, computers, your target agrees to speak with you. If you betray
insight, interrogation, journalism, local knowledge,
negotiation, perception their trust, however, they will never trust you again.
“Excuse me, Judge Dredd, might I have a moment
of your time?”
Those are the words that ring around inside your head as
you hope one day to grab an exclusive interview with the
man. You are a journalist, one of the many who broadcast
on local public channels. If you manage to break a big story
you might become a reporter for the main block channel’s
news, a huge story might get you a spot on the sector wide
news. You dream of such things, but for now it is just you
and your small portable unit. You roam the block and the
nearby area trying to find anything remotely newsworthy
while trying not to get mugged by the local juve gangs.
Of course, like all journalists, you are monitored by
Justice Department. Anything deemed too subversive,
offensive or inflammatory is quickly suppressed, if you
are lucky. If you are less fortunate a banning order
might be imposed or even a spell in the iso-cubes. If you
work for a larger channel they might stifle any exclu-
sives you reveal, so sometimes the best way is to work
on your own, with a small block channel.

King of the Road [1d6 years] Nark [1d6 years]
» Prerequisites: none » Prerequisites: any perp career.
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LOG +1, LUC +1 » Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, REP +1
Skill Choices: carousing, driving, engineering, » Skill Choices: bluffing, bribery, carousing, insight,
gambling, navigation, riding, survival perception, stealth
The smell of oil and the growl of the engine as it labours Throughout history police forces have relied on
under the weight of your mobile home are the things you informants in order to investigate crime and the Judges
live with day-to-day. You live on the city’s roads 24/7 mov-
are no different. Informants, or narks in Mega-City One
ing from place to place, never stopping anywhere long
parlance, are figures often on the fringes of crime - if not
enough to put down roots. You live in mopad, a mobile
petty criminals themselves. While this is not something that
home with all mod cons and this is the life for you. You
get to see more of the city than most people. Sometimes ingratiates them to the Judges the latter do realise most
you are lucky enough to witness a car chase involving the law abiding citizens do not know enough to be useful narks.
Judges on their Lawmasters as they go sweeping past! You are one of these figures. You may have approached
Kings of the Road live in mobile homes. These can be top of the Judges with information willingly in order to be paid a
the range luxury homes or they can be small, barely running, reward. Alternatively you could have provided intelligence
ramshackle vehicles which should be impounded. Your mo- on local criminals in order to have any petty crimes you
pad does not stop in one place for long, it keeps moving and have carried out removed from your record (avoiding a
you avoid the law as much as possible. Besides the Judges spell in the iso-cubes). There are perks to being a nark, if
the greatest threats come from modern day highwaymen and your information is good you will receive some credits de-
wreckers, criminals who cause traffic accidents in order to pending on the value of the information you pass along; as
rob from those caught up in the ensuing carnage. long as the dirt keeps on coming in, you will keep on get-
You probably only trust a few close folks too, because every- ting paid. For you, it is a win-win situation, as long as the
one else on the roads is sure to be looking after number one. local criminal underworld does not find out.
Kings of the Road also make an excellent front for a mobile
A nark might also come from a criminal career path, be-
gang of perps. They are able to slip away from a crime scene
coming an ex-criminal and turn against those they once
with relative ease once they make it back to their mopad.
knew, either to get revenge or to save themselves from the
EXPLOITS iso-cubes. It is a dangerous path to take regardless, because
» Pedal to the Metal. When you need to get the best you are bound to upset someone, if not everyone, you know.
out of your mopad, you can push it harder than
normal, gaining +1d6 SPEED for one round. After EXPLOITS
using this exploit a minute must be spent fixing » Judge Buddy. You have a Judge as a friend and
things before this exploit can be used again.
» Road Warrior. When you are in your mopad you you can call them in to bring bad guys to justice.
fight better. You are the true King of the Road! You Just do not abuse it, because Judges being contin-
gain a +1d6 bonus to attacks when in your mopad. ually called in to resolve minor matters might get
» Stocked and Locked. You have a cache on your mo- tiresome for them and lead to your own incarcera-
pad. Once per day you can pull one small item with a tion for wasting Judge time. Spend a LUC die; the
value of 100cr or less, such as a weapon, food, syn- Judge arrives within 5 minutes.
thetic beer, Boing® or some other thing, from your » Clandestine Observer. You have mastered the art
stash. Your GM has to agree that you have the item of observing people without them really seeing you
when you retrieve it. The item cannot be sold. do it. You gain +1d6 to both perception and stealth
» One Last Mile. Your fuel gauge may show your checks used when operating in plain sight.
tank is empty but it is amazing just how far you » Blind Eye. Sometimes you have to break the law to
can get the mopad to go on those last few drops of help the law catch the bad guys. This is a one-shot
fuel. You may coax one mile out of a vehicle with- get out of jail card per adventure, as long as the
out fuel, but you must refuel to at least half a tank
before you can use this ability again. crime is not too serious (GM’s discretion). Once it
» Road Savvy. You know the Big Meg’s roads really well is used, the Judges are likely to decide you are as
- shortcuts, best routes and places to go to stop for bad as the perps and arrest you.
the night away from road gangs, wreckers and even » What’s the Plan? You need to know the big score
the Law. Once per day, you can spend one LUC die to so you can nark on it good. Make a CHA mental
find a safe place within one mile, avoiding whoever attack; on a success, the villain you have targeted
you are seeking to hide from for at least 1d6 hours. explains his plan to you.

Peeper [1d6 years] Private Investigator [1d6 years]
» Prerequisites: none » Prerequisites: none
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, WIL +1, LUC +1 » Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LOG +1, REP +1
» Skill Choices: astronomy, concentration, insight, » Skill choices: brawling, bureaucracy, driving, in-
local knowledge, perception, stealth, surveillance terrogate, intimidate, law, perception, pistols
Secrets, secrets. Mega-City One is full of them and you There are always people who want information gath-
know those of your neighbours. With your high-powered ered surreptitiously on others, and when they do they
binoculars and your insatiable appetite to stick your eyes often go to a private investigator. These are licensed by
into other people’s business, you are a peeper. The people Justice Department and for the most part are involved in
proving that a spouse is cheating on their partner. Some
you spy upon are as close to a family as you have, you see private investigators specialise in retrieving stolen prop-
their lives through your lens and feel you have a real emo- erty or tracking down missing persons, and their skills
tional link to them all. sets tend to be more impressive.
You are most definitely not a ‘creeper’ peeper though; As a private investigator you are likely to have some
those guys give you a bad name. Always looking through money and a small office in a typical rundown block in the
someone’s window, looking at them as they undress, nasty! middle of a typically crime laden sector. You track your
targets, try to keep out of the way of the Judges and make
You might have accidentally seen some things but you
sure your permits are up to date.
always turn your lens away if you come across them. It is
The private investigator career is one that can provide
just not right to watch in such circumstances!
plenty of leads for a citizen based campaign as there will
Peepers engage in illegal use of surveillance equipment to always be clients looking for help from a professional…
watch their neighbours. The Judges tend to handle peepers
differently than other perps; if they catch one they will offer EXPLOITS
them a deal – they will avoid iso-cube time if they peep for » Troublesense. You are easily able to spot trouble before
it happens. You gain a +1d6 bonus to initiative checks.
the city. Any crimes they see they will have to report so the » Out of Place. You know the signs of suspicious be-
Judges can swoop on the lawbreakers. If they are particu- haviour. You gain a +1d6 bonus to checks made to
larly effective they will start to be paid for the information, spot unusual or criminal activity.
» Anti-surveillance. You are so familiar with surveil-
in order to provide more of an incentive. Often the Judges lance devices, blind spots and avoidance techniques.
will encourage the peeper to invest in superior equipment By moving half your speed, you can render yourself
to help in their efforts, offering them at a discount. invisible to electronic monitoring equipment.
» Quick with your Fists. You move in dangerous cir-
It is a dangerous careers if they are found out since the cles and sometimes the best way to deal with tough
neighbours so beloved of the peeper tend to be unsympa- guys is to be able to hit them harder than they can hit
thetic if they are discovered. you. You gain a +1d6 bonus to all brawling checks.
» Grubby Office. There is little doubt that meeting the
expectations of others can help you get what you
EXPLOITS want. The grubby little office you use for business
» Always Watching. You are always watching; watch- certainly helps you in this regard. You gain a +1d6
ing and making notes. You have excellent percep- bonus to any attribute checks made in your office.
tion and you notice things other people fail to. You
gain +1d6 to perception.
» Surveillance Gear. You gain a surveillance kit
Psyker [1d6 years]
which includes binoculars, trackers, bugs, and oth- » Prerequisites: none
er similar devices. » Attributes: INT +1, LUC +1, REP +1, PSI +1
» Vantage Point. You are comfortable perching » Skill choices: bluffing, concentration, hypnotism,
somewhere high up, and always succeed in your meditation, negotiation, [psionic]
check to access the ambush turn when you do so. Psykers are individuals with psionic powers but are not
» Star Child. You know a lot about astronomy, and members of Justice Department. Justice Department tries to
can navigate without error as long as you can see recruit as many psykers as possible into their Psi Division; how-
the sky. You also gain high quality telescope. ever, many with appropriate talents are unable to be Judges.
» I Know What You Did. Hey, you know that stash Some may be too old to enter the Academy of Law – although
of drugs you are hiding in your basement? Well, the age limit can be raised for those whose powers are re-
would you like the Judges to find out? You gain vealed at a later date there is a limit to this. If powers are first
+1d6 to intimidate or interrogate attempts. spotted in a teenager or adult then they are considered far too
» Blackmailer. You gain 1,000cr. old to become a Judge.

Others may fail in their training and are expelled. EXPLOITS
Despite potential Psi Judges being given a little more lee- » Ghostly Advice. Once per day you may receive ad-
way than other cadets many still do not make the grade. vice from “ghosts” (really lingering consciousness
artifacts) which gives you a +2d6 die bonus to the
Other psykers may not be capable of being Judges, or next attribute check you make within 1 minute.
their psi powers are not considered powerful enough to » Precog. Your natural precognition gives you a +1d6
bonus to INITIATIVE checks as well as checks to
be considered. Then there are immigrants and aliens who access the ambush turn.
could come into the city and are not be eligible to become » Fair Trade. You are able to monitor a negotiation
Judges. The potential number of psykers is large and or bargaining situation with the agreement of both
parties. You immediately sense any falsehood or
Justice Department tries to keep tabs on all those about deception on either part.
whom it is aware. However, there are always some who fall » Speak-with-dead. You have the ability to inter-
through the cracks. rogate a dead body which has been dead for less
than a day. It will truthfully answer three yes/no
Psykers can live life on the edge more than most citi- questions with no PSI check needed.
» Psychic Interrogation. You can make a special PSI
zens. Their powers can make them stand out more and attack vs. a suspect’s MENTAL DEFENCE. Success
constant Justice Department surveillance can cause is- means that they must answer a yes/no question
sues. Most try to live as normal lives as possible. Others truthfully. You can repeat this process, taking -1d6 to
each subsequent question against the same target.
become career criminals, where they use their powers to » Sense Motive. You are able to sense strong
enrich themselves and any gangs they are associated with. emotions within 30’, although you cannot neces-
These psykers are the ones Justice Department keep the sarily pinpoint their location.
» Mind Barrier. You have learned psionic techniques
closest eyes upon and for good reason – for they are often that protect your mind from harm. You gain a +5
among the most dangerous of perps. bonus to MENTAL DEFENCE.
» Sense Other. You can detect the presence of an-
Psykers can take any psionic exploits for which they qualify. other psyker if they come within 30’ of you.

Scavenger [1d6 years] Scrawler [1d6 years]
» Prerequisites: none » Prerequisites: none
Attributes: END +1, INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1 » Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
» Skill Choices: climbing, painting, perception,
» Skill choices: appraisal, bluffing, carousing, stealth
flirtation, gaming, performing, thievery Scrawlers tend to be juves or young adults, although it is
Life in Mega-City One is hard and many do not have the not unknown for older perps to take part in the crime. It is
means to live well and what welfare payments (if any) they possible to stay legal, using only Justice Department ap-
receive are rarely sufficient. Many are forced to live on the proved scrawl walls. But it is more likely you risk the wrath
streets or in shanty settlements on wasteland. In order to of the Judges by sneaking out to where there are no sur-
try and survive many turn to crime while others turn to veillance cameras to (literally) make your mark on the city.
scavenging. In such a huge city there are plenty of things Mega-City One has always had a scrawler problem; ever
that get damaged and thrown out; scavengers sift through since the first block was constructed juves have taken
these mounds of rubbish, grabbing anything that might be it on themselves to ‘redecorate’ them. The problem has
been around ever since the first aerosol spray paint be-
of value in the hope of making some credits.
came cheap enough for any juve to buy with a few bits of
You are a scavenger, one of the people in the city that change. Like other crazes the Judges try to limit the dam-
makes a living by grabbing cast-offs: technology, clothing, age caused and arrest the worst offenders, but it is a prob-
recyclable materials. You take anything and everything lem that has never gone away during the city’s existence.
of potential value that can be found in a skip or dumping There is a hierarchy of scrawlers in the city. There are
ground. You are not viewed as a criminal by the Judges bored juves who may put their tags on a wall whenever they
unless you take things that are from other people’s prop- are at a loss over what else to do with their time. Then there
erty. Despite this the Judges are likely to detain and are artists who create murals, these tend to be the only ones
who always stay legal. The best are often hired by individuals
search you if they spot you carrying something of value.
or businesses to spice up their property with something eye
However, you survive and have the skills to make basic re- catching. Others use public walls set aside for precisely the
pairs and to cannibalise spares. Where you live is likely to be a purpose of letting scrawlers use them. Then there are the
mess of spare parts scattered around. You might even live in juve gangs who spray their gang marks to let everyone know
a city block and fill your tiny apartment with junk, a real pack- their territory. Finally there are those who aspire to be king,
rat. One day you will make enough money to be able to afford the top scawler in the city. From time-to-time two or more
a lock-up to store your valuables. Until then you are happy scrawlers will try to outdo each other with acts of derring-do,
placing their tags in more and more prominent places.
enough to live among the piles of other people’s trash.
» Trapeze Artist. Scrawlers often try to out do each
» Unseen. You know how to blend in so that nobody other by placing their scrawl high up on local land-
pays any attention to you. You gain a +1d6 bonus marks. The ability to climb to the heights is a must.
when attempting to do so. You can perform any normal action without penal-
» It’s Not All Junk! You have collected a vast ties when climbing.
amount of other people’s rubbish over the years » Anti-surveillance. You do not remain a scrawler
and some of it is even useful. If you spend one hour for long unless you can remain undetected.
rifling through your stash you have a chance of You know all the local blind spots to be able to
finding just the thing you need. The item cannot be avoid being caught on camera. By moving at half
speed, you can remain undetected by electronic
very valuable (50cr or less) and you need to make
a Challenging [13] perception check to find it. » Art Savant. You can spray paint really well, you
» An Eye for the Unusual. Spending so much are a natural, and you got Joe Dredd’s chin just
time looking through the trash means you have right! You have extra kudos in the local scrawler
become adept at spotting anything unusual that community. You are more likely to get positive re-
would otherwise remain hidden. You gain a +1d6 actions in any social situation with juves and juve
bonus to all perception checks. gang. Gain +2 REP.

» Spraygun Combat. You can use your spray cans in You move in higher circles although this has its own
a fight. Use your painting skill to attack with your problems. The uncouth masses resent your wealth so you have
spray can. It only does 1d6 poison damage, but it hirelings to keep them away from you. Worse than this are the
causes the Blind condition. Some scrawlers like to criminals; thieves, fraudsters and kidnappers who threaten
perfect a dual-wielding spraygun style. your wellbeing. Worse still are rivals in society, who have
enough power and influence to cause polite society to shun
Skysurfer [1d6 years] you, almost the worst fate imaginable and why you are likely to
belong to a clique of your own for protection. Worst of all are
» Prerequisites: none the Judges, of course, who are liable to lock someone up on
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LUC +1, REP +1 the flimsiest of excuses and even take all their money in fines.
» Skill Choices: acrobatics, bravery, jumping,
perception, skysurfing Life is good, but you must always be on the lookout for
threats to your comfortable existence.
You live for the thrill of surfing your board across the skies
of Mega-City One. The feeling of achieving a high-speed ma- EXPLOITS
noeuvre is unlike anything else and as long as you keep to
» High Class. You are at home when in high class
the heights the Judges leave you alone. The greatest kudos social gatherings. In such environments, you
among your peers, and the greatest thrills, are to be had with gain a +1d6 bonus to all social attribute checks.
dangerous street level skysurfing. Here every move could Unfortunately, you are less comfortable – or welcome
lead to death or injury, and the Judges do not take prisoners. - in lower-class environments, and suffer a -1d6 pen-
alty to all social interactions in such situations
There are tournaments, both for legal skysurfing and » Home Protection. The problem with belonging to
illegal street level races, and if you hone your skills you higher social circles is that the city’s criminal ele-
may be able to enter them one day. Until then you will ments are all the more likely to target you. As a re-
stick to the heights and practice (or, at the very least, sult you have had installed in your home a licensed
that is all you claim to do to the authorities). home protection system, with a pair of automatic
sentry guns guarding your home. Built in safe-
Skysurfing has a small but growing following among guards protect you and all valid visitors, but any
sports fans. Some of these illegal races are beginning to burglar or rioter is going to get a big surprise! Two
get coverage on the underground vid channels. These rac- spit guns are fitted to your home, with a 5d6 dice
es are considered a major hazard by the Judges who often pool to hit any intruders. Taking this exploit again
shoot first and ask questions later. can either add two more guns or increase the dice
pool by +1d6 for two pre-existing guns. This exploit
EXPLOITS can be taken a maximum of four times.
» Small Inheritance. A distant aunt has died. It is
» Big Time. You have gained fame in the skysurfing very sad. Gain 1,000cr. You may repeat this exploit
circuit. Gain +2 REP and 500cr. You can take this and gain an additional 1,000cr each time.
exploit multiple times.
» Need for Speed. By tinkering with your board
and constant practice you are able to get more Sportsperson [1d6 years]
out of it than your average skysurfer. You gain » Prerequisites: [sporting] or [physical].
+2 ACCEL on your board. » Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, END +1, REP +1
» Superb Balance. If a foe or other effect is able to cause » Skill Choices: carousing, flirtation, [physical],
you to dismount or knock you prone when on your [sporting], [unarmed combat]
board you may spend a LUC die to remain standing. This is a catch-all category for any kind of sports person-
» Powerboard. You gain a powerboard. See page 121 ality in Mega-City One. Aeroball is one of the major sports
for statistics.
with teams competing in small stadiums based in city
blocks although there are more popular major teams. The
Social Elite [1d6 years] most famous team the city has produced is the celebrated
» Prerequisites: [social]. Harlem Heroes, an old team that has its own museum.
» Attributes: CHA +2, REP +2 Old time sports are also still practised. The Olympics is
» Skill choices: [social] a major event occurring every four years. It now includes
In a world where most live off welfare you are one of the such future events as mountaineering, staring, human taxi-
lucky ones. You have managed, by dint of great effort or dermy and sex, in addition to the older, more boring sports.
great luck, to live a life among the elite. You attend all the American football still draws huge crowds with its violence,
best social functions that happen in the best blocks in the with most players having some bionic implants. For the less
sector. You are highly unlikely to have any real interaction athletic there is shuggy, a game with some similarities to
with the masses of poor (or even with the Judges who rule pool, but the best players are quite well known. With its his-
the city, other than paying their taxes). tory of gambling on games it has a shady reputation.

There are also out-and-out illegal events. The Mega-City » Criminal Contacts. Criminal figures are always
5000 is an illegal motorcycle road race where vicious gangs on the periphery of professional sports. This can
terrorise the streets, causing mass civilian casualties. Then be in the form of crooked gamblers looking to fix
there are the underground low-level skysurfing competitions. an event or individuals who will provide perform-
With the carnage these can cause bringing severe penalties on ing enhancing drugs. The sportsperson’s contacts
competitors and organisers alike should they be apprehended. in this shady world indicates they have a source
Sportspersons can go on to represent their city against var- for illegal items that will not be found out by the
ious other mega-cities, the bigger names get to travel quite Judges. This does not mean the source will have
far and they can become household names. That is the kind everything the athlete wants, but there is a good
of fame you really want to aim for. You could then move from chance they will be able to get hold of anything
your small city apartment into a penthouse in one of the new reasonable (no time travelling devices!) if given a
luxury blocks and live the kind of life you know you deserve. few days to do so and if they are paid the going
rate. You also gain +2 REP.
» Athletic. Choose four [physical] skills. You gain Star [1d6 years]
these four skills at 1 rank (1d6). This does not in-
crease the rank of an existing skill. » Prerequisites: [performance]
» Runner. You gain a +2 SPEED bonus. » Attributes: CHA +2, LUC +1, REP +1
» Fit. You gain a +5 HEALTH bonus. » Skill choices: carousing, [performance]
» Signing Bonus. You are signed to a team and gain ‘Ladies and gentlemen, let me present your vid-host
a 1,000 credit signing bonus. You may repeat this for tonight. Dafyd Leitermen!’
exploit, signing to a new team each time.
» Coach. Every sportsperson is part of a team. Even in Entertainers are a big part of Mega-City One life, with many
individual sports where this team can include the ath- stars having legions of fans. Stars come in all types, shapes
lete, their coach, psychotherapist, nutritionist, physio- and sizes. They could be talk show hosts, rock stars in a band,
therapist and whatever other support roles there may comedians, movie stars and so forth. You belong to that part
be. As a result the sportsperson learns how to get the
most effort from any group they are part of. By spend- of Mega-City One society that is outgoing, flamboyant and of-
ing one LUC the athlete can allow every other member ten has more money than sense. You are going places. Soon
of their party to add a +1d6 bonus to their next check. someone outside your block will come to your show!

You get to decide what kind of entertainer you are in this will not. You have learnt how to survive, rather than facing
career. Fame is fleeting, however, so the next time you take a the slow death that the unprepared have waiting for them!
different career you will be less likely to be recognised on the Many blocks have survivalist clubs. They recreate surviving
street. Hopefully your royalties will still be coming in, though. in difficult conditions by going on expeditions into the sewers,
Whatever your future life throws at you, you can handle the Undercity or anywhere else where they can practice their
it. You are, after all, a star. newly learnt skills. The skills learnt are useful for any charac-
ter who strays beyond the comparative safety of the streets.
» Triple-threat. You gain the skills singing, dancing, » Stronger Together. You work well with others,
and acting at 1 rank (1d6). This does not increase and know the value of a group. You gain +1d6
the rank of an existing skill. INITIATIVE when within a group of 4 or more al-
» Gigs. You can make money by playing at bars and do- lies with 30’ of you.
ing local performances. You can automatically make » Survivalist’s Stash. You gain 1,000cr worth of
gear, but no single item worth more than 100cr.
an amount equal to a CHA check x 10cr per day by do- » Survival Skills. You have a really good knowledge
ing this. This exploit cannot be used during downtime. of how to survive in the Big Meg, as well as outside
» Captivating. You have the ability to captivate people it. You gain 1 rank in each of the following skills:
with your musical ability. You can use songs or musical survival, tracking, carrying.
instruments to inflict the Charmed condition on a tar- » Gun Nut. You love guns, you love guns a lot. You
know that having a weapon in a crisis would be the
get within 30’ by making a CHA or REP mental attack. difference between life and death. You gain four
» Lullaby. Your music can bring about sleep and firearms, none of which can be worth more than
lethargy. You can use songs or musical instruments 100cr. One of them becomes a high quality firearm.
to inflict the Sleeping condition on a target within » Stuffed Pockets. You can pull something useful
30’ by making a CHA or REP mental attack.. from your pockets, something that you or the party
might need in a pinch. Spend a LUC die to produce
» Your Biggest Fan! All stars have their fans. Some any single item worth 50cr or less.
can be quite problematic to deal with and their
attentions can be quite trying. One of your fans
is quite besotted, though, and is willing to do any-
thing for you. They will even admit to a crime you Crime is big business in Mega City One and even though
committed, getting you out of trouble with the the Judges are able to send millions of perps to the
Judges! Obviously if they do this you will lose their morgues or iso-cubes every year there are always too
ability to help you out in future until they are re- many crimes to be able to do much more than keep a lid
leased from the iso-cubes. on things. Perp careers are for citizens who, for one rea-
son or another, choose to commit crime and pursue it as a
» Red Carpet. While fame has its downsides it cer-
way of life. Although many only flirt with crime, and some
tainly has its benefits as well. Whenever you make stop offending after the first time they are caught, most
your presence known in a legitimate business (res- are repeat offenders. Many of these will get more accom-
taurant, club and so on) you will get special treat- plished and more difficult to catch as they gain experience.
ment for you and your entourage. This can get you
rushed past security screening, for example, or a There follows a selection of perp careers, from burglars
table right next to the stage in a club when it would to hitmen, pickpockets to mob bosses. All could potentially
otherwise be considered to be full. be taken at some point by perp Player Characters as they
continue their criminal lives…
Survivalist [1d6 years]
» Prerequisites: none
Blackmailer [1d6 years]
Attributes: AGI +1, END +1, WIL +1, REP +1 » Prerequisites: none
» Skill Choices: axes, carrying, climbing, hardy, » Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, REP +1
knives, survival, swimming, tracking » Skill choices: bluffing, bribery, computers, insight,
When the nukes start falling again you are determined to perception
be ready, whether the danger will come from Sovs, muties Blackmailers are some of the most despicable of perps,
or aliens. You have a stock of ammo and food, all you need for they prey on the weakness of their fellow citizens and
to keep you going when society eventually tumbles into their victims’ fear of the Judges. Blackmailers deal in
chaos. With the last atomic war the Mega-Cities survived compromising information – if it can show their target in a
more-or-less intact; perhaps in the next great disaster they negative light they will try their best to cash in.

Different targets can have wildly different secrets and
will pay for dozens of different reasons. To keep an affair
from the knowledge of a spouse (and those enormous di-
vorce fees that could ensue), to hide illicit drug use from
the Judges, to keep knowledge of a mutation from the
authorities, to avoid incarceration for a crime; these and
more can be reasons for paying off a blackmailer.
A successful blackmailer needs to be able to get the informa-
tion he requires. He can do this by bribing those who may have
witnessed an indiscretion (an employee, perhaps), hack into
the target’s computer or robot, plant a surveillance device or
even fabricate evidence. They will also need to ensure they do
not push the target too much, not making unrealistic promises
and keeping payments at a level that they can afford.
A character who takes on this career will learn some of
the tricks of the trade and may be able to get a regular
income from their targets. Just remember to pick those
targets carefully and to not get too greedy!
A blackmailer can expect a sentence of between two and stealing anything that they can sell for a profit. While
thirty years, depending on the severity of the offence. these gangs are often tied to organised crime, there are
street gangs who will carry out less well thought out raids
EXPLOITS in order to steal whatever is not nailed down. Industrial
» Gossip. You can gather local gossip and information burglars as well as those targeting high-end penthouses
simply by spending an hour in a bar or other water- tend to be more skilled than the run of the mill thief.
ing hole, effectively giving you the local knowledge If you choose to take Burglar as a career your charac-
skill wherever you go as long as you are able to re-
fresh your knowledge at a local bar weekly. ter is likely to be well informed on the latest anti-intruder
technology, have a solid knowledge of electronics and
» Hard Choice. You can blackmail anybody into giv-
ing you information with a REP mental attack. even some skill at hacking for A.I. controlled apartments
or blocks. You are likely to have tools that aid you in this.
» Dirty Secrets. By examining a room/penthouse
apartment/mansion you are able to automatical- Besides full time burglars there are also those who dabble
ly surmise something about any secret(s) being from time-to-time. Even members of organised crime may
kept there, with an affair or some criminal activ- get involved in burglary if they deem the rewards sufficient.
ity being the most common. Hitting the homes of the super rich or business premises can
» Identify Target. When watching a vid of something result in large paydays and professional criminals will always
untoward you are able to identify at least one of consider any method of getting their hands on more credits.
the guilty parties. You met them at a party, saw
them in a vid show or news broadcast, etc. The sentence for burglary can be as little as one year to
as many as twenty-five. A repeat burglar who robs an oc-
Burglar [1d6 years] cupied home while armed is likely to suffer a very heavy
sentence. A first time perp who burgles an empty office
» Prerequisites: stealth. while unarmed is likely to get away with only a short stint
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LUC +1, REP +1
» Skill choices: acrobatics, appraisal, climbing, com- in an iso-cube if caught.
puters, escape artist, jumping, stealth, thievery
Burglars are common in Dredd’s world. Punk gangs will
break into apartments when their occupants are away. » Locksmith. You gain an exceptional quality
lockpicking kit.
There are batgliding specialists who target the highest of » Catburglar. An expert at climbing, you do not take
penthouses. Opportunists who enter a property to pick up any die penalties in combat while climbing.
what they can scavenge after a crime blitz on the occu- » Sixth Sense. You have a sixth sense when it comes
pants has led to their inevitable arrests. to traps and gain a +2d6 bonus to spot them and a
+1d6 bonus to avoid or disarm them.
Then there are industrial burglars. These target busi- » Climber (requires Catburglar)).. Your climbing
nesses after the working day, rifling through safes and speed becomes equal to your regular SPEED.

» Grand Heist. You achieve a great robbery that » Engine-tuner. As a skilled mechanic you are able to
will be remembered for years to come. Gain a improve a vehicle upon which you are working by
bonus 3d6 x 100cr. You may repeat this exploit, increasing its SPEED by 1. This does not stack with
gaining 3d6x100cr each time. other chop shop mechanics should others be present.
» Passkey. Most of the more modern blocks have » Robot Repair. Using basic engineering equipment,
apartments fitted with electronic, rather than me- you can heal 1d6 points of HEALTH to an adjacent
chanical, locks. These represent a real barrier to robot as a single action. Any given robot can only
thieves. Fortunately for you Justice Department has benefit from your repairing in this way once per day.
mandated a backdoor entry by insisting their pass- » Exceptional Robot Repair. Your Robot Repair abil-
keys open any and all of these locks. You have either a
stolen passkey or one that has been copied, which will ity increases to 2d6 points of HEALTH.
mean these locks are no longer an obstacle to you.
» Good Fence. You know a really good fence, one who Cursed Earth Smuggler [1d6 years]
provides you with better deals than you can get else-
where. Increase the amount of credits you get from » Prerequisites: driving.
» Attributes: AGI +1, CHA +1, LUC +1, REP +1
selling stolen items on the black market by 10%.
» Skill choices: appraisal, bluffing, carousing,
driving, navigation, pistols, thievery
Chop Shop Mechanic [1d6 years] The Judges have their laws, often they are to stop citizens
» Prerequisites: engineering. having things they desire as the Judges deem them too
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LOG +1, REP +1 dangerous. Smugglers know the law of supply and demand.
» Skill choices: computers, driving, electronics, If people demand a product it does not matter if it is legal or
engineering, mechanics, robotics
The roads of Mega City One are clogged with millions upon not; whoever can supply this demand will make a huge profit.
millions of cars, bikes, buses, trucks, mopads and more. Most You risk life and limb, as well as your own personal free-
of these are worth considerable sums to criminals, especially dom, to get contraband into Mega-City One. The Judges
if they did not pay for them first! Those perps working in ban or strictly control so many substances that there is a
chop shops process stolen vehicles, taking them apart for whole host of things you can smuggle into (or out of) the
spares for sale on the black market. This is a skilled, techni- city. Sometimes it can be worth the risk of smuggling in
cal trade, knowing how to disassemble a vehicle quickly and items if it causes any customs duties due to be avoided.
identify those parts that make the most profit is a talent. Coffee, tea, antiques, sugar, old comics and that old stand-
Chop shop is a catch-all phrase that covers criminal en- by, narcotics, are all brought into the city. The laws against
terprises that disassemble large valuable items into small- these items only succeed in driving up the demand for them
er portable parts that can then be sold on in the black and you try to keep that demand satisfied. Then there are
market. Often these parts are shipped overseas where perps on the run who wish to escape the city using the
shady businesses will process them as legitimate goods. services of perp runners. They need someone to get them
Most chop shops work on cars and similar road vehicles. away and this can allow the more enterprising smugglers to
Some specialise in robots, aircraft or industrial machinery. earn credits on both their inward and outward trips.
If there is enough profit in it there will be criminals who
As long as there are prohibitive bans on items there will be
will take advantage of a market for illicit spare parts.
smugglers drawn to the lucrative world of circumventing those
Chop shop mechanics will work as members of a gang, bans. Although most smugglers are part of organised criminal
more often than not part of larger criminal networks.
gangs there are also individuals who will bring items through
Although considered as lowly hirelings by gangsters
the usual customs checks illicitly for their own personal gain.
they are often some of the most skilled and intelligent
members of their organisations. A smuggler may have a big arsenal of weapons to deal with
roving gangs of hijackers and the like when they leave the city
Being caught with stolen merchandise in a chop shop
limits. These tend to be legal, as the Judges are aware of the
is likely to get a perp a sentence of between three
months and five years. problems shipping companies have in the lawless badlands.
As a smuggler the best weapon in your chosen profession
EXPLOITS is the sheer volume of trade into and out of the city. Vast
» Toolkit. You gain a set of high quality tools. amounts of illegal goods are taken in and out and the Judges
» Fixer. You gain a +1d6 bonus to any attempt to can only intercept a small fraction, so the chances of a Judge
repair something.
» Technical Knowledge Base. Choose four [techni- picking up a particular smuggler are very small indeed. You
cal] skills. You gain these four skills at 1 rank (1d6). can mingle with the legitimate traffic and hopefully will not be
This does not increase the rank of an existing skill. singled out for a detailed check by the Judges on customs duty.

Alternatively you might be a mule, someone who car- opportunity ripe for dunks to exploit. Dunks will also often
ries items through the spaceports, transatlantic tunnel or have a contact network of sorts; a few friendly fences who
other means of entry into the city. What you carry might can shift the things they take that need converting to credits.
be concealed in your luggage, in your vehicle or in your A dunk will see a six month to five year sentence if caught.
person. The inventiveness of smugglers like you make the
Judges’ task a nigh on impossible one. EXPLOITS
A smuggler can expect a hefty sentence of between » Unseen. You know how to meld into a crowd so
eight and twenty years. that nobody pays any attention to you. You gain
a +1d6 bonus to any attempt to pickpocket some-
EXPLOITS one when attempting to blend in.
» Best Route Finder. You can find the quickest route for » Daily Dip. You get a weekly income of 100cr
your smuggling run, reducing the chances of meeting from picking pockets. This does not apply during
rival criminals who may rob you or the forces of law and
order. You reduce the time of any journey by 2d6%. downtime.
» Sweet Deal. You can buy the best stuff and you » Palm Item. You can sneakily palm any item in a flash
know a contact who can get you good deals on any- without observers noticing. This can include items
thing you want. You pay 3d6% less for equipment. such as keys/passcards, identity cards, small valuables,
» Hammer Down. If necessary you have no issue flash drives (or their equivalent). If nobody is specifi-
about ditching your vehicle so are willing to push cally looking out for such activity, you automatically
its engine beyond its limits. You can get an extra succeed. If someone is watching out for such a move
burst of +2 speed for one turn when you need it
whatever road vehicle you are in. Once used, you opposed checks will be needed as normal.
cannot use this ability again until you spend ten » Switch Hitter. You can replace an item with another
minutes re-tuning the engine. without others noticing (say a full briefcase or de-
» Transporter. You undertook an epic smuggling run. signer bag with a cheap duplicate). Useful when the
You gain 1,000cr. dunk is targeting someone specific for their loot.
» Smuggle. You know how to hide objects, either
about your person or in a location. You gain a +2d6
bonus to attempts to hide items. Fence [1d6 years]
» Seat of your Pants. Smugglers rely a lot on old- » Prerequisites: appraisal.
fashioned luck and bravado. They can recharge » Attributes: INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1, REP +1
their LUCK pool an extra time per day. » Skill choices: accounting, appraisal, bribery,
bureaucracy, carousing, [crafting], forgery, law,
Dunk [1d6 years] local knowledge, [social]
» Prerequisites: none Without the services of a good fence many perps would not
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1 be able to make much of a living from their crimes. Like other
» Skill choices: ambidexterity, concentration, types of criminals fences come in many types. They could be
stealth, thievery
a dodgy geezer operating out of a run-down apartment or a
Dunks are those who rely on sleight of hand to commit
small shop owner who trades in ‘second hand’ merchandise.
crimes. Dunks are, in Mega-City jargon, pickpockets; as a
There are also major exporters who can move large volumes
career they could also commit other, small offences such
as shoplifting, where quick hands are needed. of stolen goods overseas or to off planet locales where the
stolen nature of their goods is less likely to be apparent.
As a dunk you know the subtle art of misdirection, the
dip is as easy as breathing for someone like you. You are Fences can deal with a small number of specialised cli-
a particular kind of perp who operates in plain sight; mis- ents or can buy and sell to anybody who wants to make
direct the mark’s attention with your left hand, dive into a deal. The former often have mob connections and are
their pockets with your right. In the crush of an elevator more difficult to trace. The latter are so numerous that the
the removal of a purse can go unnoticed. safety of numbers makes it unlikely they will be arrested
Dunks often work in teams, the one who steals may pass on by the Judges in any given week.
the stolen items to an accomplice who will quickly disappear. If you choose this as a career the deal is in your lifeblood,
As a result there will be no evidence of a theft if an accusa- it is not a case of taking money out of the till and passing
tion is made and a search carried out by a nearby Judge. it over the counter for things you are given to sell. No, you
You just need to make sure the Judges do not catch you with have to be careful how to shift the goods that various crimi-
your hand in someone else’s pocket. Others in a gang may nals bring to you. If you are not cautious you could end up
create a brief disturbance so a crowd will form, creating an caught in a Wally Squad sting facing serious cube time.

You will have numerous contacts and you can sell large
or small items to the right person as long as your client is
Hacker [1d6 years]
willing to wait. If a client wishes to push the timeframe you » Prerequisites: none
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, WIL +1, REP +1
are able to charge more. Rush jobs are more dangerous so » Skill choices: computers, electronics,
you expect to be paid better for the extra risks you run. mathematics, robotics
A fence career can work well as an excellent addition to You are a hacker. You are someone who likes nothing bet-
a crime gang or big syndicate. Fences can be used to shift ter than to try and overcome a computer system’s security
the goods that the Player Characters want to move quick- to see what secrets it was protecting. What you do with it will
ly, although their cut from any item is going to be far less vary depending on your own goals. Perhaps you are driven
than the amount it is nominally worth. by nothing more than innocent curiosity. Perhaps you are a
Possession of stolen goods is likely to get a fence a sen- conspiracy theorist wanting to prove you are right. It could be
tence of between three months and five years. A fence you are working for a corporation and trying to get industrial
secrets from a rival’s system. Or perhaps you are part of a
with a record of such offences is likely to be given a sen-
hacktivist group, political idealists who wish to change the
tence closer to the upper limit of this range.
world, or at least Mega-City One, for the better.
EXPLOITS Hackers can be either heroes or villains; you might walk
» Sale of the Century. You worked hard on a great the line between both. You motivation might be to rob from
deal, and it netted you 1,000cr. You may repeat this the rich to feed the poor, to rob everyone, or to steal data
exploit, gaining 1,000cr each time. and ruin lives for the fun of it. You are likely to have a small
» Haggler. You know how to get a good deal. You reduce portable system on you at all times, with a better, more pro-
the cost of any purchase by 2d6%. This does not stack tected, set-up elsewhere as your base of operations.
with any other exploits which reduce purchase costs.
» Profit, Not Loss. If you fail any kind of roll that if Hackers are perps who often have little to do with the
successful would have given you a good deal you rest of the criminal fraternity. Many work on their own or
can use this exploit to try again. You can spend a in small groups, often only aware of the online identity of
LUC die to reroll any negotiation. their comrades. A few will work for larger organisations,

criminals are well aware of the potential rewards a good force to get what they want. They are usually highly profi-
hacker on the books can bring. cient – either from experience or from extensive planning
The sentence for hacking carries anything from a one year and training for a particular job.
sentence to a life term, depending on the seriousness of an A heister team will often need top of the range equip-
offence. Trying to break into the Mega-City One laser defence ment. Las-cutters to cut through the walls of a plastisteel
screen protocols will get a hacker a life sentence, for example. vault, a high performance getaway vehicle to outrun any
pursuit and some serious artillery if the pursuit catches
up with you. Not all heisters are violent; some might en-
» Remote Location. You are able to make it appear
your online activities are being carried out a long ter a bank vault outside of opening hours and disable the
way away. Perhaps Canadia or Oz. Or Mongolia. security and then steal what they came for - making their
This makes it a lot more difficult for your enemies escape before anyone is any the wiser. For the most part,
(well, the Judges) to track you down. though, heisters are raiders. Their best chance for escape
» Code Monkey. Complex code is well in your
grasp, you are not just a hacker - you are a mas- is to be long gone by the time the Judges arrive.
ter of 1’s and 0’s. You get a +1d6 bonus on any Heisters will receive a sentence of between eight and
computer use roll or hack. thirty years. The severity of sentence depends on how
» Robot Man. You can make a LOG attack vs. a ro-
bot’s MENTAL DEFENCE (the robot’s usual immu- heavily armed they are and whether any violence was used
nity to mental attacks does not apply here). With a in their robbery attempt.
successful attack, you use your portable computer
system to hack into the robot and make it obey EXPLOITS
your instructions for one round. You can only do
this once to any given robot. » Hustle. Your SPEED increases by 2.
» Getaway Driver. Increase the speed of any vehicle
you are driving by +2.
Heister [1d6 years] » Safecracker. You gain +1d6 to pick locks.
» Prerequisites: stealth » Favoured Weapon. Heisters are proficient in violent
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LOG +1, REP +1 acts and you are no different. When you are using your
» Skill choices: [combat], demolitions/explosives, favoured weapon inflict +1d6 extra damage. You must
driving, intimidation, running, thievery note what this weapon is on your character sheet.
Get in, get what you want, get out. As a heister you will
always be looking for that major payday, when with daring Henchman [1d6 years]
and firepower you will make enough creds to blow this » Prerequisites: none
lousy city, this lousy planet and retire someplace warm » Attributes: STR +1, END +1, INT +1, WIL +1
where the Judges have no power. » Skill choices: [combat], hardy, intimidate, thievery
Most heisters form violent, criminal gangs that rob well For every mob boss there are dozens of less accom-
protected targets using superior firepower and hit-and-run plished perps. Some of these will go on to become major
tactics. They will rob gatherings of the rich and famous, crime figures while the rest will toil away in anonymity (or
banks, jewellery stores, drug warehouses or security vans. will end up in the iso-cubes or worse). Henchmen are mem-
Indeed, anything that is likely to be both well guarded and bers of criminal gangs, they can be in a ‘gang’ of just two
have a rich payout should everything go to plan. or one with hundreds of members. No matter the size of
Heisters are well equipped and prepared to use deadly the gang they will always have someone leading them.

These perps are competent, they have enough experi- ing their rivals. Most hitmen will be involved in organised
ence to be able to handle most day-to-day criminal enter- crime, looking to take out rivals, witnesses or narks (or
prises. They will also happily be part of a team that hijacks even, on occasion, particularly troublesome Judges).
a mopad, heists a security van or kidnaps an heiress. Many While it is often normally members of a gang who carry
will have taken the muscle career previously and having out the killings sometimes it is better to use a profession-
proven themselves moved up the criminal hierarchy. al; a criminal who specialises in assassinations.
Most henchmen are in the employ of the mobs, the organ- Then there are everyday citizens not normally involved in
ised gangs that keep the Judges continually busy. Those crime who might hire a hitman. They might hire a killer to
who perform well and are not imprisoned or killed always get eliminate a business or love rival or even to kill them-
have the opportunity to progress further up the ranks. selves as a form of surprise suicide – not knowing when it
Others are part of small teams of professional criminals. As will happen is seen as a plus. All of these individuals are
their experience grows they may become specialists in par- likely to turn to a professional killer; there are always ways
ticular type of crime, such as heisters or kidnappers. to contact them through the local criminal underworld.
If you choose hitman as a career you might be an expert
EXPLOITS shot, be deadly with the edge of a knife or know how to break
» It’s Just a Flesh Wound. Henchmen are expected someone’s neck with a single blow. You will have a high price
to ignore injury and discomfort when ordered to do to carry out a contract killing and even Judges can enter your
something. Within 30’ of their boss, a henchman
gains +3 SOAK which stacks with any other SOAK sights as long as someone pays you well enough. You may
they may have.. even be skilled at making kills look like accidents, protecting
» Close Mouthed. When interrogated (by the Judges your clients from being implicated in any death.
or, even worse, perps belonging to a rival gang) Blitz agents are a specialised form of hitman. Always tied to
your steadfastness means you gain +2 to your
MENTAL DEFENCE. organised crime they are fitted with an explosive device wired
to their brain. Should they think they are about to surrender
Hitman (Blitz Agent) [1d6 years] to a Judge it will activate. This leaves nobody to question and
the mob boss controlling them safe from justice. This is an ex-
» Prerequisites: [combat], stealth, tracking treme form of hitman and is unlikely to appeal to players!
» Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, INT +1, REP +1
» Skill choices: [combat], disguise, intimidate, per- Hitmen are likely to get the heftiest of sentences. In
ception, stealth, thievery cases of multiple murder a life sentence is the likely
In a city of such wealth and poverty there will always result of being caught. A single contract hit will lead to
be those who wish to advance their cause by eliminat- thirty years in an iso-cube at the very least.

EXPLOITS Mob Boss [1d6 years]
» Mr Accident. You can easily conceal that a murder
has taken place when carrying out a killing. It will » Prerequisites: REP 8+
either be put down as an accident or a suicide. You » Attributes: INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1, REP +1
can even leave evidence of a murder but implicate » Skill choices: bribery, carousing, [combat],
some patsy to take the fall. interrogation, intimidate, leadership, negotiating
» Killing Blow. Any attack you make during the am- A mob boss is the man at the top of an organised crime
bush turn gains a +2d6 bonus to attack. outfit. They can be the head of a powerful city-wide group or
» Ambush. You gain +2d6 to rolls made to access of a small crew operating within a single city block. Whatever
the ambush turn.
» Weak Point. Once per enemy you may ignore any the case they will have plenty of lesser perps and non-crim-
SOAK score he possesses by targeting a weak spot. inals working for them. Besides having individuals willing to
» Sneak. If nobody is actively looking for you, break legs for them mob bosses will have accountants and
you are able to move silently and unseen at half lawyers whose job it is to keep them out of the cubes.
your normal speed. You are effectively invisible.
However, if anybody is actually looking for you, Mob bosses are among the highest priority perps that
they may make INT checks as normal to spot you. Justice Department targets, only the best protected avoid
» Danger Senses. You cannot be ambushed. During incarceration in the face of a determined investigation.
the ambush turn, enemies cannot target you. Sometimes an iso-cube sentence is avoided by having
plenty of lesser perps taking the fall for any crimes com-
Kidnapper [1d6 years] mitted, keeping the mob boss in the background. Other
» Prerequisites: none bosses rely on a team of highly priced lawyers to keep the
» Attributes: STR+1, AGI +1, CHA +1, WIL +1 Judges at arm’s length. Some even try to avoid the prob-
» Skill choices: brawling, disguise, driving, intimi- lem altogether by keeping their true identities secret.
date, piloting, pistols, stealth, tactics
Kidnapping is a most dangerous game. Not only do A mob boss will live in a mansion or penthouse, the lat-
you have to snatch someone for whom a ransom will be ter rarely being in a slum block unless it represents the
paid but you need to be able to get the creds without the whole of their territory. They will own a spacious home
Judges catching you. Of course it is best to scare those with excellent security, eat the best food, ride in the latest
who pay so much they will not call in the Judges, but even hover limos and enjoy the best that Mega-City One has to
that is risky. Scare them too much and they might not offer. They also make the most dangerous deals and have
trust you enough to pay… the most ruthless enemies. These include mob bosses, up
and coming rival gangs, Justice Department and the more
Kidnappers as a group tend are looked upon with a
ambitious of their own underlings…
special kind of contempt by many Judges. Those in-
volved in a kidnapping can expect little in the way of Player Characters who achieve this
leniency should they be caught. level of success in crime are going
However the payoff can be huge. Kidnappers have a
wide array of skills that they can use in the commission
of their crimes. As such it is a flexible, if dangerous,
career a perp character could take.
Kidnapping is an odious crime and is punished accord-
ingly with iso-cube terms of between thirty years to life

» Impersonate. You are easily able to imperson-
ate any job role which you have had opportuni-
ty to observe within the past day, even briefly.
You gain a +1d6 bonus if you have been able to
observe and mimic an example.
» Hidden Den. You have a place to stash your latest
victim, all mod cons, shackles, cages and even a
robot guard dog. No location discerning checks or
abilities can find you there unless you want them to.
» Knock Out. When using a club, you automatically
cause the Dazed condition with a successful hit.

to get noticed by the Judges and sooner or later they will face approach to their role and this can garner them much re-
the close scrutiny of Justice Department. Until they do, how- spect among their peers.
ever, they are likely to be able to enjoy their time at the top. Like their mob bosses, mobsters can expect any arrest-
Judges will try to find anything they can to lock up a ing Judge to give them the maximum sentences possible
mob boss, and will always look to give the heftiest sen- for whatever crimes they commit.
tence allowable under the law. Anything from breaking fire
regulations, illegal parking or sugar possession can see EXPLOITS
sentences adding up to significant amounts. » Back Up. If within your own territory you can sum-
mon 1d6 juve gang members to back you up. They
EXPLOITS arrive within 5 minutes.
» Back Up. If within your own territory you can sum- » Anti-surveillance. You are so familiar with surveil-
mon 1d6 henchmen to rapidly back you up. They lance devices, blind spots, and avoidance techniques
arrive within 5 minutes. that, by moving half your speed, you can render your-
» The Boss’s Cut. Everybody who wants to work in self invisible to electronic monitoring equipment.
your territory has to give you your cut. Failure to » Earner. You have proven to other notable perps
do so can have severe consequences for their abil- that you know how to make money. Gain +2 REP.
ity to walk. Gain 1,000cr and +2 REP. » That Smile. You rely on your charm a lot more
» Get Him Boys. While within 30’ of you henchmen than the lower ranks of the gang does. Gain one
and thugs under your command gain +1d6 to their rank in three [social] skills.
damage rolls.
» Justice Department Mole. What can be better
than having a dirty Judge in your pocket? Spend
Muscle [1d6 years]
a LUC die to obtain information you require from » Prerequisites: intimidate
Justice Department. This takes one hour. » Attributes: STR +1, INT +1, CHA +1, REP +1
» Skill choices: driving, intimidate, pistols, thievery
Mobster [1d6 years] Sometimes you need to be tough to get things done.
And for criminals this usually means having big, scary
» Prerequisites: REP 4+
» Attributes: INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1, REP +1 men threatening others into doing what they want (hand-
» Skill choices: appraisal, bribery, [combat], leader- ing over their car keys, opening the bank safe, leaving the
ship, negotiating premises and so on). The muscle career reflects this need;
Mobsters are members of organised crime and as such your character has decided to beef up in order to threaten
tend to be proficient perps. These criminals have been both others so they get what they want in life.
good enough at their business, and lucky enough to survive Muscle can operate as loners, be part of a small gang
the attentions of both Justice Department and rival perps, to or work for organised crime. In the latter case organised
have risen to positions of responsibility. They will likely have
crime has a pecking order and they are on the bottom of
a small group of underlings beneath them who will carry out
the ladder, doing the jobs that the other members of the
their orders as far as criminal activities are concerned.
syndicate delegate to them. They are the brute force of the
As members of various mob outfits mobsters will also organisation and they enforce the will of the people above
have superiors who they report to – the mob bosses. The them. Which is pretty much everybody else in the mob.
more ambitious will want to become a boss themselves.
They break legs or anything else that needs breaking.
Perhaps they will achieve this by becoming the heir to the
They lie, steal, cheat, murder and rob for themselves or
current chief or through the simple but dangerous method
of eliminating their leader.
To become a mobster you character must be an experienced
criminal and will have some ties to organised crime. You will
not necessarily be fully integrated into a criminal ‘family’, but
may be a well respected associate who has control of an allied
group. However you will be expected to ‘offer’ your assistance
to the local boss should it be required from you.
A mobster can choose to delegate much of the rough
work to their Muscle or Henchmen followers. A high rank-
ing mobster will be able to command other mobsters
depending on their position within their organisation. Of
course many are more than happy to take a hands-on

their superiors. They are not pleasant individuals. Should tence by mimicking someone else you have been
they perform their tasks adequately as part of a crime able to watch filling this role.
group they might find themselves rising up through the » Quick Change. You are able to don a quick disguise
in one round instead of five minutes. This must be
criminal ranks. Show some real talent and they could go far, a disguise you have successfully used before.
as long as they are not taken out by rivals or the Judges. » Beguiling. You are able to temporarily beguile
Muscle characters are likely to be caught putting the and captivate a target with your words as a CHA
hurt on some poor victim. The injuries they cause to their vs. MENTAL DEFENCE check. A successful check
victim can lead to a sentence from one to ten years. charms the target until they shake off the condi-
tion. The target must be able to understand you
EXPLOITS and have a LOGIC attribute of at least 2.
» Intimidating. Intimidation is your way of life, espe- » The Long Con. You are a master of doing cons that
cially in the criminal underworld. When attempting take a long time to set up, the longer the con the high-
to intimidate a criminal, you gain a +1d6 bonus. er the bonus you get when you roll tasks associated
» Leg Breaker. You do +1d6 damage when brawling. with it. You gain +1d6 for each full day of planning, to a
maximum bonus equal to your LUCK dice pool.
» Helpful Friend. You have a buddy you can call in
Pongo [1d6 years] for a scam. They play roles like call-centre opera-
» Prerequisites: bluffing tors, delivery men and so on. Spend one LUC die to
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, LUC +1 gain a temporary benefit.
» Skill choices: appraisal, bribery, disguise, forgery, » Instantly Forgettable. Even some Judges have a
[gaming], [social] hard time remembering just who you are. Are you
Conman. Con Artist. Hustler. Grifter. There are many that perp who maybe had red hair? Make a CHA
terms for fraudsters and pongo is the one most often used mental attack; on a success, the target has no idea
on the streets of Mega-City One. Most pongos are small who you are and cannot give a good description of
time, working small cons that are designed to empty the you to the authorities.
wallets of passing marks before moving onto another vic-
tim. They are a constant thorn in the side of the Judges Punk [1d6 years]
who know what to look out for and come down hard on » Prerequisites: none
those working the quick con on the streets. » Attributes: STR +1, END +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
Then there are those who conspire to create the long » Skill choices: brawling, clubs, intimidation, knives,
con. They often target a wealthy victim in order to get a big pistols, running
payout, spending days if not weeks setting up the mark be- Many, if not most, of the more troublesome juves in the
fore getting them to part with their credits. These perps are city become punks as they grow older. This is a catch-all
far more difficult to track down since the victims are often phrase which has within its definition the older street gang
drawn into scheme that would be illegal itself if it were real. members and other frequently offending young perps who
Should the Judges find out about it; the marks will be in al- are just setting out on a long and pointless criminal career.
most as much trouble with the law as the pongo. Punks lead lives filled day-to-day with all sorts of vice
Both types of pongo use similar skill sets to make their living. and very little virtue - violence, thievery and drugs are all
It is just that those involved in the long con are more selective commonplace. Some may want to get away from it all, but
in their work and generally better rewarded by their activities. many love every second of it. They might consider them-
Pongos can work alone or as part of a team. The long selves as rebelling against ‘the man’ or they may give little
con tends to have more likelihood of there being a team thought as to any meaning to their lives. At least their (of-
involved, rather than just a single perp. Most pongos work ten short) lives are not boring.
outside of the organised crime rackets. There are some
Punks dabble in all sorts of crime until they find some-
who specialise in marks with huge payouts – these can
work in tandem with the mob, who provide a measure of thing they are reasonably proficient at. Or end up on a slab
protection should the mark come gunning for revenge. in the morgue or with a long, bleak future in an iso-cube.
Confidence tricksters can expect a sentence from two to Most who live lives of criminal endeavour were punks at
five years for their crimes. one time, a tradition that sees little sign of abating.

» Impersonate. You are easily able to impersonate » The Filth! You have developed an uncanny abil-
any job role which you have had opportunity to ity to detect Judges. When attempting to spot
observe within the past day, even briefly. You gain a nearby Judge or similar authority figure, you
a +1d6 bonus to convince others of your compe- gain a +1d6 bonus.

» Street Tough. Life on the streets is tough. You single operative working under deep cover, possibly for dec-
gain a natural +2 SOAK. ades, until they receive their activation code to begin their
» Bully! You are a master of intimidation; you get a +1d6 mission. Or they could be running assets, using everyday
bonus when you intimidate those weaker than you. It citizens to collect information – some are willing traitors
does not work on those who are bigger and stronger. while others will be blackmailed into action. There will even
» Buddy System. Punks work in gangs. For every be those who will be blithely unaware that what they are
allied punk within 10 feet of you, you gain +1 to all
DEFENCEs. doing could be part of an intelligence operation.
Terrorists use similar skill sets to spies. They can have
Spy / Terrorist [1d6 years] cover identities, work in small teams (making exposure of
their wider organisation almost impossible) and be skilled
» Prerequisites: none in surveillance and counter-surveillance and much more.
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
Terrorists work against the ruling government, seeking
» Skill choices: interrogation, law, [subterfuge skills],
computers, pistols, [social], [gaming] to cause political change through use of violence and the
Espionage is as old as civilisation and it still thrives on threat of violence. They can be supported by rival govern-
the streets of the future. Professional intelligence agents ments or be autonomous, both are equally likely. Terrorist
groups that survive any period of time tend to have many
try to uncover the secrets of Justice Department for
highly skilled operatives. If they were not so skilled the
foreign governments. Spies working for private organisa-
Judges would quickly eliminate them.
tions attempt to gather data in acts of industrial espio-
nage. A spy could be working for Justice Department, be Life sentences for active terrorists and spies are a mini-
mum, death sentences can also be meted out. In the case of
a freelancer, work for a private security organisation or
spies they may end up being exchanged for friendly agents
a foreign power. Some may pretend to be one of these
captured by their employers. Those who commit acts that
while concealing who their real masters are.
support terrorism are likely to receive harsh sentences for
Spies can be part of a tight knit team working in the city the type of offence they are committing. For example, a
in order to perform a particular goal – assassination, sur- perp who printed illegal pamphlets supporting a terrorist
veillance, the gathering of intelligence, etc. They could be a group may look forward to a fifteen year sentence.

EXPLOITS very little chance of getting caught this time is enough of
» False Identify. You are able to create a false identity, an incentive for taps to keep plying their trade.
complete with background records, in one day. This Tap carries a sentence of between three to fifteen years.
identity is good enough that people can look you up
on various databases and the details will match.
» Off the Grid. You know how to disappear without EXPLOITS
trace, dropping off the grid completely. No location » Sense the Wealth. You can automatically tell when
discerning checks or abilities from further than a somebody has items worth stealing.
mile away can find you unless you want them to. » Prey. Choose a target. That target is now your
» Safe House (requires Off the Grid). You can use a “prey”; you gain a +1d6 bonus to attempts to track
safe house on any populated planet to grant your or trail your prey. You may only have one prey at a
off the grid ability to your entire party.
» Monologue. Once per day you can make a CHA time, and once you designate one, you cannot des-
mental attack against an enemy. If successful, your ignate another for 24 hours.
target explains their plan with a short monologue.
» Miraculous Escape. Once per day you may auto-
matically succeed in one attempt to escape hand-
Wrecker [1d6 years]
cuffs or other restraints. » Prerequisites: engineering
» Hidden Weapon. You have a holdout weapon, hid- » Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LOG +1, REP +1
den somewhere on your person at all times. You are » Skill choices: local knowledge, [combat], climbing,
always considered to be carrying a knife or pistol. carrying, running, throwing
» Quick Change. You are able to don a quick disguise
in one round instead of five minutes. This must be Wreckers are criminals who rely on the chaos they cause
a disguise you have successfully used before. in their vicious attacks to avoid getting caught by Justice
Department. Wrecker groups tend to be informal networks
Tap Artist [1d6 years] that collaborate in certain sectors. There they cause multi-
» Prerequisites: intimidate ple road traffic accidents, usually by the simple expedient
» Attributes: STR +1, INT +1, CHA +1, REP +1 of shooting up a large vehicle, causing the driver to lose
» Skill choices: local knowledge, intimidate, disguise,
control. With the high speed vehicles prevalent on the road-
brawling, clubs, knives
You are a Tap Artist, a mugger, and you make your ways these pile-ups tend involve dozens, if not hundreds, of
money from quick hit and run affairs. You usually avoid vehicles. Once the accident is over the wreckers move in,
leaving a corpse behind along with the unwanted atten- robbing the accident victims of anything they have of value.
tion a murder would bring. Large, more luxurious mopads are a favoured target of
Muggers, or taps as they are known in the city, are vio- wreckers as these will often have a wide variety of valuable
lent criminals. They attack citizens on the streets in order consumer goods in them. Outside of such goods jewellery,
to take whatever valuables they can quickly grab and hand-held electronic devices and wallets as all are easy to
run off before the law arrives. This is a favoured method carry off and sell on to fences, where necessary.
for juve and punk gangs to get a few credits and there Wreckers are not normally part of any organisation, just
are also teams of professional taps who target areas
groups of perps who will work together to increase their
where they believe there will be no interference from the
Judges. Taps often attack several targets in quick succes- chances. They are violent and dangerous, but at the first
sion before splitting up to return to their base of opera- sign of the law will flee down well rehearsed escape routes
tions where they divide their loot. Taking the tap career in an effort to avoid justice. Organised crime may use
means you have picked up a few tricks of the trade in wreckers to conceal their own activities, or perhaps stage
your efforts to get a few credits. a wrecker attack themselves to hide the fact they were af-
You will use whatever weapon you feel most comfortable ter something or someone very specific.
with. Knives, guns, cudgels, fists, electro prods. All can Wreckers can expect a ten to twenty-five year sentence.
quickly lead to a victim handing over their wallet without
a fight. Sometimes you give them a beating anyway, es- EXPLOITS
pecially if they are not carrying many credits. The Judges » Ambush! You are skilled at ambushing traffic.
are always keen on cracking down on this crime, but there For the first 5 rounds after an ambush has been
are just too many taps out there for them to make a real sprung you get a +1d6 bonus to all checks.
difference. Sooner or later all taps serve time in the iso- » Best Laid Plans. You gain +2 SPEED when being
cubes. However, the thought of getting a few credits with pursued.

All starting Judges have spent years training at the
Academy of Law, where they go through strict training in
order to prepare them for the streets of Mega-City One.
A starting Judge must take the basic Cadet origin career,
and two Academy of Law Advanced Programs, followed
by a year as a Rookie, and then a starting division career
of their choice (Street, Psi, Med or Tek) once.

Cadet [18 years]

» Prerequisites: Human or Clone
» Attributes: STR +1, END +1, WIL +1, LOG +1
» Skill Choices: clubs, conviction, intuition, law, light
armour, perception, pistols, riding, tactics
You were enrolled in the Academy of Law, the toughest
school on earth, at a very early age. At five years old, you took
the oath and you swore to uphold the law. After passing the
entry examinations, to ensure you were intelligent, healthy
and fit enough to have the potential to become a Judge, you
left your family permanently behind for your new life.
From the age of 5, you spent 13 years as a Cadet Judge
and, together with your classmates, underwent rigorous
physical, mental and psychological training. You were
pushed to your limits on a day-to-day basis, being taught
unarmed combat, ranged combat, the law and how to kill
without remorse when necessary. Justice Department has
no use for a Judge who cannot or will not pull the trigger
to put down a perp when they have to.
A starting Judge character has to take this career once.

» Academy of Law Curriculum. You gain one rank
in each of the following skills: law, pistols, riding,
light armour, clubs. You are also able to use law as
» Lawmaster Kick. You can knock down a fleeing
// Academy of Law Advanced Programs perp using a well timed kick as you sweep past
The Academy of Law offers advanced programs to pre- on your Lawmaster. From a moving Lawmaster
pare the cadets for their years on the streets. Each pro- (or any other motorcycle), make an unarmed me-
gram is one year in length. Most Judges take two of these lee attack against an adjacent target using your
courses. Each course offers a small selection of specific riding skill rather than an unarmed combat skill.
skills, and a choice of two or more exploits. On a successful attack, the perp takes your un-
armed damage and is knocked prone.
Advanced Driving School [1 year] » Cling Net. Used mostly by Judges on flying bikes, the
» Prerequisites: Cadet cling net can entrap a perp when thrown over them.
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, WIL +1, LUC +1 Like a Lawmaster Kick it is useful if the Judge has no
» Skill Choices: driving, engineering, gunnery, time to stop. Make a ranged attack; on a success the
law, riding target is Restrained.
Led by Judge Tutor Kelso the ADS provides Judges with » Emergency Stop. As an action, you can stop your
the best training in using their vehicles. Very popular with Lawmaster bike safely and almost instantaneously.
Street Judges some of the techniques it teaches are con- » Agile Turn. The turning circle on your Lawmaster
sidered essential among many Senior Judges. is reduced by 1 square (to a minimum of 1 square).

Applied Violence [1 year] Citizen Manipulation [1 year]
» Prerequisites: Cadet » Prerequisites: Cadet
» Attributes: STR +1, END +1, AGI +1, WIL +1 » Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, REP +1
» Skill Choices: brawling, clubs, hardy, law, tactics » Skill Choices: law, [social], tactics
For cadets this is an ever popular specialised training dis- The actions and motivations of the average citizen are large-
cipline at the Academy of Law. Here future Judges can learn ly a mystery to the Judges. However the Academy does allow
advanced melee techniques designed to make them more the cadet to learn techniques that will enable them to interact
than a match for any street punk armed with a laz-knife. with them successfully. At the very least enough fear will be
instilled in a citizen to get them to cooperate with the Judge.
» Painful Strike. Instead of causing damage with EXPLOITS
a melee attack, you can inflict the Pain condition » Voice of the Law. You know how to speak with an
instead. authoritative voice which citizens and perps alike
» Pacification. It is not Judge brutality; it is efficient respond to. By making a CHA mental attack, you can
pacification measures. You do +1d6 damage when make a target who can hear you perform one action.
using a baton or club. That action cannot be directly harmful to the target or
» Take it on the Chin. You have learned how to take another individual. You might order a perp to freeze
a blow. You gain +2 SOAK to melee attacks. This or to drop his weapons, or you might order a civilian to
stacks with any other SOAK. move aside. If you fail in the attempt your target can-
not be affected by you using this ability in future.
Basic Mechanics [1 year] » Intimidate. You know exactly how to install fear
into others. With a successful CHA mental attack
» Prerequisites: Cadet you a target within 30’ one suffers the Afraid con-
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LOG +1, LUC +1 dition. If you fail in the attempt, your target cannot
» Skill Choices: law, [technical] be affected by you using this ability in future.
Being able to repair damaged equipment or jury rig a de- » Crowd Control (requires Voice of Law or
vice can be a very useful talent to have. Although a course Intimidate). Your Voice of Law or Intimidate at-
mostly taken by Tek Judges there are plenty of Street Judges tacks can now affect all targets within 30’ of you.
who have benefited from the skills taught on this course.
Combat Range [1 year]
EXPLOITS » Prerequisites: Cadet
» Quick Repair. Using your toolkit you can spend » Attributes: INT +1, AGI +1, WIL +1, LUC +1
two actions to quickly repair a vehicle, robot or » Skill Choices: law, perception, pistols, rifles, tactics
other mechanical object. You restore 2d6 HEALTH Putting in extra hours at the combat ranges under the tu-
to the object in question. telage of Judge Tutor Gonzalez is popular among Academy
» Performance Tweak. You can increase the SPEED cadets. Here there are firing ranges and combat zones (some
of a vehicle by 2 by spending one minute tweak-
ing its engine and throttle. The increase lasts for with pop-up targets, the more advanced use robot ‘perps’ as
one hour, after which the vehicle operates at half opposition). It all adds up to very combat savvy cadets.
SPEED until an hour is spent restoring it.
Basic Psionics [1 year] » Perfect Aim. The bonus you gain for the Aim
exploit increases to +2d6.
» Prerequisites: Cadet, PSI 1+ » Good Position. Enemies do not get ranged attack bo-
» Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, PSI +1, CHA +1 nuses against you when they have you in a crossfire.
» Skill Choices: clairsentience, law, telepathy
You have psionic potential and have been placed into the Hot Dog Run [1 year]
Basic Psionics course for Psi Judges.
» Prerequisites: Cadet
EXPLOITS » Attributes: END +1, WIL +1, LUC +1, REP +1
» Skill Choices: hardy, law, navigation, pistols, riding,
» Psych 101. You gain 1 rank in insight, psychology, and survival, tracking
any two [social] skills. This also gives you the ability In the tenth year at the Academy of Law cadets can be
to use clairsentience or telepathy as a DEFENCE skill,
able to see attacks before they happen. sent out to patrol the Cursed Earth, the vast radioactive
» Sense Emotion. You can automatically sense wasteland that exists beyond the city limits. Led (and eval-
strong emotions in those you can see. uated) by two senior Judges they will patrol the badlands.

Often these patrols will have a particular objective in mind, » Emergency Trauma Procedures. You can auto-
perhaps to eliminate a roving band of mutant raiders or to matically stabilise a creature reduced to less than
track down some perp who has fled the city. zero HEALTH with two actions, ending its death
countdown pool. No creature can benefit from this
The cadets are given a Lawgiver and a Lawmaster of
healing more than once per day.
their own before being briefed on their mission. On leaving
the city the patrol is more-or-less on its own, in one of the
most inhospitable place known to man, alien or robot.
Rookie [1 year]
All the time the cadets are on their patrol the two » Prerequisites: Cadet, two Advanced Programs
» Attributes: Any four attributes at +1.
Judges leading the patrol test them to ensure they reach » Skill Choices: brawling, interrogation, intuition,
the expected standards. The exercise tests their knowl- law, perception, pistols, riding, running
edge, characters and abilities to the full; any mistake could After fifteen years of hard work, slogging through test
get them killed or expelled from the Academy (for some after test and mastering the Hot Dog Run, the cadet will
the latter is perhaps the worse fate of the two). This field progress to become a rookie. Partnered with a senior
training exercise sharpens the cadets and brings home Judge a rookie will be put through their paces to ensure
just how dangerous their lives will be once they become they have the ability to become a Judge. With their white
Judges. The lessons learnt in the Cursed Earth are as valu- helmet and half-eagle badge they enter the violent and
able as those taught in the classroom.
crime-ridden streets of Mega-City One. Only two in seven
The Hot Dog Run can only be taken as one of the starting cadets make it this far and, if they survive this final obsta-
careers of a Judge. It can be taken once or not at all should cle, they will have earned the right to be called a Judge.
other career options be preferred. This career cannot be
The streets are the test and the citizens and perps are the
taken again after character generation has been completed.
obstacles that could cause the rookie to fall at the last hur-
EXPLOITS dle. Under the watchful eye of their supervisor the rookie
» Wasteland Direction. Your time in the Cursed will have to show they have the ability to investigate crimes
Earth gave you an innate sense of direction. You properly. They will use textbook procedures to bring the
always know which way the cardinal directions are might of the law to bear upon lawbreakers. Usually they will
and you never get lost in outdoor environments. have to overcome at least one highly dangerous situation,
» Cursed Earth Survivor. You needed to scavenge,
hunt, and learn to survive in the Cursed Earth. as well as many minor offences. A slip up here would be
You are always able to find enough food in the a waste of all the years invested in them, but if they have
wild to feed yourself. made it this far they are likely to be successful.
» Less Rads. You gain SOAK 5 (radiation). A starting Judge character has to take the Rookie
» One Eye Open. You learned to sleep with one eye
open. When you are asleep, you gain the benefits career once.
of a full rest but you are considered to be awake
for all other purposes. EXPLOITS
» Obey the Law. You have learnt the art of enforcing
the citizens (and many perps) into completing any
Trauma First Aid [1 year] commands you give to them. You gain three ranks
(2d6) in intimidate; this does not increase your in-
» Prerequisites: Cadet timidate skill to more than three ranks.
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, WIL +1
» Skill Choices: insight, law, medicine, perception » Ride Your Luck. Once per day you can recharge
your LUC pool by spending five minutes resting.
Those who wish to become Med Judges choose to take
» Only Knocked Out. One time only, when you would
these classes so they are fully prepared for their future normally have been killed, you are simply knocked
roles. However, there are just as many future Street Judges out. You wake the next day with 1 HEALTH. Once
who take advantage of this course. Over the years these you have used this ability, it is permanently gone.
Judges have saved countless lives proving the course’s » Dodge This. You are nimble; you gain +2 to your
worth, with Judges, citizens and perps all benefiting. RANGED DEFENCE score.
» Distinction. You passed your rookie assignment
EXPLOITS with distinction. You gain +2 REP.
» On Your Feet! You can heal an adjacent creature » Hardened. Your time as a cadet toughened you
1d6 HEALTH with two actions. No creature can ben- physically and emotionally. You gain +2 to both
efit from this healing more than once per day. MENTAL and VITAL DEFENCE.

JUDGE CAREERS and vital, roles that can be called upon to fill at any time.
If there is one thing that the Citizens of Mega-City One fear Med Judges man clean up squads where they often have
more than the gangs, organised crime and rampaging robots to deal with vast numbers of injured citizens, perps or even
that threaten their way of life, it is the Judges. The law in the Judges. They can handle almost anything that comes their
city, Judges are the police of the future armed with high tech way. They heal injuries caused by bullet wounds, chemical
weapons and equipment, dispensing justice in an instant. A burns or radiation with a variety of high-tech treatments.
Citizen who breaks the law in the city can find themselves on There are other, less visible, roles that a Med Judge will
the receiving end of a fine, iso-cube imprisonment or exile. perform. One example are the mobile autopsy units, vital for
Justice Department provides the government of the me- early detection of crime or an outbreak of a deadly disease.
tropolis, with the Chief Judge making all the most important Then there are Med Division psychologists who help Judges
decisions. Beneath him is the Council of Five, which he heads, deal with the grim realities of the streets and treat unfortu-
that advises and can make some decisions by a vote. They nate citizens suffering from a variety of dangerous ailments.
head an organisation that is highly bureaucratic, and split into There is still plenty of room for Med Judges on the streets,
many divisions. The four most prominent are Street, Med, Tek though. Having specialist experts to hand has helped many
and Psi. All of these are options characters can take. Once a major investigations. Med Judges are no weaklings, and if one
character chooses their division they will find some careers has to make a call to put a bullet into a perp’s head to save
become barred to them unless they later change division. lives, they do not even think twice about it.

Med Judge [1d6 years] » Weak Point. You know just where to shoot to cause
» Prerequisites: Rookie pain and massive bleeding. Instead of doing dam-
» Attributes: END +1, INT +1, WIL +1, LOG +1 age, you can choose to have a successful hit inflict
» Skill Choices: biology, genetics, law, medicine, the Bleeding condition on the target.
psychology » Medical Savant. You can automatically alleviate
While Street Division enforces the law in the city it is often a temporary condition, removing it, on an adja-
Med Division that has to deal with the consequences. Street cent creature. A creature can only benefit form
Judges are able to treat their own, minor injuries with a vari- this once per day.
ety of Justice Department medical kits and sprays. You keep » Drug Bag. You have one dose each of each me-
the street Judges in action when their wounds are too severe dicinal drug listed in the Equipment section. Once
for them to self-treat. While a Med Judge can patrol along- used, a drug is gone. You can replenish the bag
side their colleagues they have a wide variety of additional, fully by taking this exploit again.

» Exceptional Healing Hands. Using basic medical the explosion in the numbers of psychics recruitment was
equipment, you can heal 2d6 points of HEALTH ramped up and in a few short years the first psychic opera-
to an adjacent creature as a single action. Any tives were active and, not much later, the first Psi Judges.
given creature can only benefit from your heal- You were plucked from your home at a very early age;
ing in this way once per day.
the citywide testing regime had indicated you were a pos-
» Diagnosis. You gain a +1d6 bonus to all scans
sible candidate for Psi Division. Finding you fit the require-
made with a medical scanner, and a +1d6 bonus to
identify and treat diseases. Make a Difficult [16] ments you were enrolled into the Academy of Law, where
LOG check. If you succeed, you discovered a new in addition to your normal studies your latent powers were
disease or illness which is named after you; you nurtured until you were ready to hit the streets.
also gain 1 bonus REP attribute point. Now you serve Mega-City One and the Judges against
» Merciful. You are proficient at using your both mundane and supernatural threats. You could join
Lawgiver’s electrical stun-charge setting, and dou- the elite Exorcism Division or train to become a spe-
ble the range increment when doing so. cialist to make your powers more potent. Or you could
» Emergency Procedures. You can expend LUC dice become a powerful Psi Judge who patrols the streets,
(choose how many) to restore HEALTH equal to a roll where your powers are most needed.
of those LUC dice in an adjacent creature. This is not
limited by the usual restriction that a creature can only EXPLOITS
benefit from a given source of healing once per day. » Precog Shot. If you fire at a perp before they get
to act, you get +1d6 to the attack roll.
Psi-Judge [1d6 years] » Psychic Battery. You have vast reserves of psy-
» Prerequisites: Rookie, PSI 1+ chic power. Roll 3d6. You gain that many additional
» Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, CHA +1, PSI +1 Power Points.
» Skill Choices: clairsentience, insight, law, [social], » Mental Conditioning. You have tougher mental de-
telepathy fences than most. You gain +4 MENTAL DEFENCE.
» Precog Defence. You instinctively sense attacks
The Atomic War destroyed much of the world. It also
before they happen. You gain +2 to both MELEE
marked the point where psychic powers became widespread. and RANGED DEFENCE.
The Judges were already prepared, having set up Psi Division » Psionic Power. You gain one psionic power for
some years before to investigate the paranormal. With which you qualify.

Street Judge [1d6 years] » Freeze! You can compel a target to “freeze!” with
a CHA mental attack (your intimidation skill can be
» Prerequisites: Rookie used to support this). If successful, the target stops
» Attributes: STR +1, END +1, INT +1, REP +1
» Skill Choices: brawling, climbing, clubs, conviction, in his tracks and is Dazed. The target must be able
hardy, interrogation, jumping, law, local knowledge, to understand you and have an INT attribute of 2 or
pistols, riding, rifles, running, tactics more. You can only do this to a given target once.
You are a Judge at the front end of the struggle against » Lawmaster Savant. Your riding skill increases
crime. You have a near encyclopaedic knowledge of ‘the to 6 ranks.
law’ and you can withstand punishment that would send » Fist of a Judge. You are trained in close quarters
an ordinary citizen to Resyk. You are ever vigilant to crack combat. Your unarmed damage increases by +1d6.
down upon the slightest infraction that a citizen commits, » Bouncer. You are used to dealing with drunkards.
You gain a +1d6 bonus to all checks versus an in-
ready to hand down fines, iso-cube sentencing or even ex-
toxicated creature.
ecute a particularly dangerous individual.
» Troublesense. You are easily able to spot trou-
Most street Judges patrol Mega-City One on their ble before it happens. You gain a +1d6 bonus to
Lawmaster bikes, sometimes singly and on other occasions INITIATIVE checks.
as part of a larger group. You spend most of your time on » No Collateral Damage. Holding a human shield is
the streets fighting crime. You will return to the local sec- pointless when you are around. You will fire any-
tor house to drop off prisoners, complete interrogations or way. You suffer no penalties when firing into melee.
paperwork, get some sleep in the sleep machines and to » Collateral Damage (requires No Collateral
replace damaged or expended equipment. Damage). Sometimes it is worth the price. When
Street Judges excel at the day-to-day challenges that face firing into melee, you can choose to hit an ally
them. Their superior equipment and training makes them (or human shield) as well as the intended target.
deadly opponents; a single experienced Judge is often more Perhaps you shoot straight through your ally’s
shoulder. You do normal damage to your ally but
than capable of dealing with entire gangs of perps.
double damage to the perp.
EXPLOITS » Get On With It. Your fellow Judges do not have
much patience for whining about minor injuries.
» The Law. You are the LAW and perps know this. Your
intimidate skill increases to 6 ranks. Once per day you can pause for two actions and
» Judge Backup. You can call for backup when with- recover 2d6 HEALTH.
in your city. Within 3d6 minutes, 1d6 Street Judges » Lawgiver-Adept. You can use your free action to
will arrive to help out. change your Lawgiver’s ammunition type.

Tek Judge [1d6 years] EXPLOITS
» Technical Knowledge Base. Choose four [techni-
» Prerequisites: Rookie cal] skills. You gain these four skills at 1 rank (1d6).
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, AGI +1, LUC +1 This does not increase the rank of an existing skill.
» Skill Choices: driving, law, riding, [technical]
» Diagnostics. You can automatically tell what’s wrong
You are a Tek Judge and are responsible for keeping the with a machine very quickly. This works on any ma-
Judges’ technology functioning. From a simple canister of chine, computer, electronic device, robot or vehicle.
stumm gas to the complex firing mechanism that helps the » Explosives. You can create explosives from com-
Lawgiver deliver the right kind of ammunition at the right mon items and surroundings. The explosive takes
time, you can maintain, and even improve upon, these items. 30 minutes to make and causes 3d6 heat damage
to all within 5’. The explosive can be stored, but
When a Judge rides out on their Lawmaster they know that only for up to two hours.
the bike can be trusted to deliver the performance they need; » Improvised Repair. You can temporarily repair and
it will not let them down. They know that the Tech Division jury-rig a broken item of size Medium or smaller by
Judges have made sure this will be the case. Every Judge spending five minutes with it. The item will operate
in every division relies on their equipment and it is the Tek for a number of minutes equal to your LOG check.
Judges who ensure it works at its peak efficiency. If you spend one hour with it, it will operate for a
number of hours equal to your LOG check. If you
You have a vast knowledge of electronic, engineering, spend one day with it, it will operate for a number
computer and tech systems that is almost as encyclopaedic of days equal to your LOG check.
as Dredd’s knowledge of the law. In your role as a Tek Judge » Performance Upgrade. You can improve a piece of
you may find yourself on the streets, testing the latest your own kit, and others, but this causes stress to
equipment or using your specialist skills in an investigation. the device. It takes you one minute to perform the
Alternatively, you might be part of a forensics team, sifting upgrade, which makes the device one quality cate-
gory higher, but after an hour the device will break.
through vast amounts of items to find the vital clue that » Saboteur. You are able to disable any mechanical or
breaks a case wide open. The roles available to Tek Judges electronic device to which you have access. This ex-
vary widely and your work is just as important, if not more ploit does not open a locked door (disabling the lock
so, than that of Judges from other divisions. just means it remains stuck in whatever configura-
tion it is currently in). This takes you five minutes.
» Robot Repair. Using basic engineering equipment,
you can heal 1d6 points of HEALTH to an adjacent
robot as a single action. Any given robot can only
benefit from your repair in this way once per day.
» Exceptional Robot Repair (requires Robot
Repair). Your Robot Repair ability increases to
2d6 points of HEALTH.
» Boom-boom. When using a Lawgiver’s hi-explosive am-
munition type, the burst radius increases from 1 to 2.
» Weak Point. You can spot the weak point in a
Robot, and can consequently ignore its SOAK by
expending a LUC die.


As Judges become more experienced they can pro-
gress towards a more nuanced career in the Justice
Department. These careers are extremely varied and
take into account both the mundane and the more eso-
teric sub-divisions of Psi Division.

// Advanced Training Refresher Courses

Judges are always able to return to the Academy of
Law to perfect their skills. Any of Advanced Driving
School, Applied Violence, Basic Mechanics, Citizen
Manipulation, Combat Range or Trauma First Aid may
be taken as a career. Psi Division Judges can take any
of these courses plus Basic Psionics.

Block Judge (1d6 years)
» Prerequisites: local knowledge, at least one divi-
sion career as a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
» Attributes: INT +1, CHA+1, WIL+1, REP +1
» Skill Choices: counselling, insight, interrogation, law,
local knowledge, negotiating, perception, running
City blocks are massive edifices that can house tens of
thousands of citizens and include all the facilities they
need to live out their lives. Most blocks have a Judge or
two assigned to them permanently, dealing with the local
perps and gangs, while the largest and most troublesome
may have an entire squad stationed there.
As a Block Judge you know every inch of your patch, you
know all the ‘local characters’ and their quirks. Any other Block
Judges stationed with you are trusted comrades, you will have
made many arrests alongside them. While letting a Judge be-
come familiar with his territory is a benefit to the rule of law
the local perps can become familiar with their resident Judges.
If they are able to spot a weakness then they will exploit it to
the full, which can cause greater problems down the line.

Air Patrol (H-Wagons) (1d6 years) » Runner. Block Judges do not have Lawmasters;
this means they have to run a lot more. You gain a
» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a +2 SPEED bonus.
Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge , piloting » My Block. You know this block really well, all the
» Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LUC +1, REP +1 hidden places and can use shortcuts to get the
» Skill Choices: astronomy, electronics, gunnery, drop on perps. Designate your block. You can make
law, navigation, piloting spend a LUC die at any time to recall a short-cut.
Justice Department has a vast array of different » Oh, She Lives There. You know who lives where in
your block, so if you need to find a citizen you can
H-wagons at its disposal, the largest have a crew of dozens use this to track them down quickly.
and are powerful war machines. Most of these larger craft » All for One. When working together with other
are kept in reserve against the threat of foreign aggres- Block Judges as a squad in an encounter all Judges
with this exploit are is able to share their LUC pools.
sion, although they can see use against major dangers » Weapons Armoury. You have a secure weapons
within the city. Smaller vehicles can fulfil a host a roles, cache, useful if there is a block war, invasion or other
from sweeping down to save suicidal leapers to providing major incident. The cache includes a complete set
of spare weapons for every Judge assigned to the
surveillance from a distance. Their speed and flexibility al- block, plus a full set of spare ammunition. If this ex-
lows them get to a crime scene quickly in order for their ploit is taken a second time the cache also includes
crews to deal with any perps far more quickly than ground secondary weapons for every Block Judge, either a
based units. scatter gun or Lawrod for them all, plus ammunition.

Air Patrol is a vital aspect of Justice Department and Bodyguard (1d6 years)
has multiple peacetime roles. In times of war they pro-
» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a
vide ground support, reconnaissance and target acqui- Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
sition for ground units. » Attributes: STR +1, END +1, INT +1, WIL +1
» Skill Choices: brawling, club, concentration, driving,
EXPLOITS hardy, law, perception, pistol, reactions
» Need for Speed. You can push your H-Wagon to In a city as massive as Mega-City One there are always
the limit, adding +2 to its SPEED. going to be those in need of specialist protection. Bodyguards
» Turret Gunner. You gain +1d6 to your checks when are Judges trained in the procedures and skills necessary to
using the main weaponry of an h-wagon. keep their charges alive. The techniques mean you have to be
» Evasive Flying. When you are flying an H-wagon it always alert to any risks, not prone to distractions that may
gains +4 DEFENCE. be staged, and be an expert in combat and driving.

A bodyguard might be protecting an important foreign EXPLOITS
dignitary, a defence contractor, high ranking city official » Clues. If there are clues to be found at a crime
or a member of the Council of Five. In all cases he has a scene, you locate them within 5 minutes.
solemn duty to prevent harm from coming to those he pro- » Identify Substance. You can identify by sight any
tects, even at the cost of his own life. mineral or metal based substance automatically.
» Inspiration. Once per day you can ask the Game
EXPLOITS Master a question about the case you are working
on; it must be a question which can be answered
» Take A Bullet. You can take a bullet (or any other at- yes/no, and the Game Master will answer truthfully.
tack for your charge). If you are within 10’ of an ally who
has been hit by an attack, you may, as a reaction, move
adjacent to your ally and take the damage for him. Cursed Earth Circuit Judge (1d6 years)
» Scanning the Crowd. You are very hard to am- » Prerequisites: at least one division career as a
bush. Those attempting to ambush you suffer a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
-2d6 penalty to their checks. » Attributes: STR +1, END +1, WIL +1, REP +1
» Durable. You are tough, trained to take damage. » Skill Choices: animal handling, botany, law, sur-
You gain +2 natural SOAK. vival, tracking, zoology
» Scrapper. You can fight with improvised weapons,
hand-to-hand, and daysticks with great skill. You You bring law to the lawless and are free from the day-
gain +1d6 to attacks with any of these. to-day reports and volumes of regulations that is part of
» Outnumbered. When you are outnumbered, you get being a Judge on the streets of Mega-City One. You hunt
better. The more the odds are against you, the great- down the criminal bands and outlaws who haunt the dev-
er you are able to use the enemies’ numbers against
them. For every multiple of your party, you gain astated wastelands of the Cursed Earth.
+1d6 to attribute checks. For example, if your party Within the wastes are regions which are extremely fertile.
consists of four Player Characters, you gain +1d6 to Using the latest techniques these areas provide vast amounts
attribute checks when faced by eight foes, and +2d6 of the food by Mega-City One. However, the ranches and aqua
when faced by twelve to a maximum of +3d6..
farms are susceptible to attacks by savage mutant bands,
deadly Cursed Earth fauna, outcasts from the city and the
Crime Scene Processor (1d6 hours) dreaded Gila Munja. In addition to these outposts of civilisa-
» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a tion there are small townships that will on occasion request
Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge aid; if they are capable of providing it the Judges often will do
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
» Skill Choices: chemistry, forensics, insight, law, so. These outposts can, after all, save an injured Judge out
perception, tracking on patrol or help in the recovery of a lost Hot Dog Run patrol.
You are a Crime Scene Processor, a Judge trained to the
highest degree in forensic techniques when compared to
the average Street Judge. Equipped with a selection of
high tech equipment you get results from a scene almost
instantly. The evidence you gather is much more accurate
than the crime labs of yesteryear. You cannot help but pity
those who came before you, their methods providing them
with a very slim insight into crime.
Often there is no need in taking samples back to the lab
for analysis. Your portable equipment can analyse any
DNA evidence and compare it with the huge reams of data
kept by PSU (Public Surveillance Unit). With a near com-
plete record of the 800 million citizens who call Mega-City
One their home positive matches can be made within a few
minutes of processing a crime scene.
You have a solid combination of Judge skills, instinct (gut
feelings) and an analytical mind that lets you break down a
scene. Using data from a scene holographic images can be
produced, recreating the events and revealing important
facets of the crime. From ballistics to the number of perps
and the relative positions of all those involved (perps and
victims alike) - all can be mapped out in seconds.

Depending on the manning situation in the city Cursed Earth
Judges are often those seen as the most expendable. Their at-
titudes might be seen as lax, their Judgement occasionally too
lenient. A stint in the wastes is sometimes seen as a cure for a
good Judge with odd notions of what their role represents. If
they foul up there at least it will not be anybody else’s problem.
A tour of duty in the Cursed Earth can also provide vital
intelligence for Justice Department on any threats that
are emerging in the wastes. Often a Judge on the spot can
eliminate a problem before it becomes dangerous.
Other Circuit Judges are volunteers or have been sta-
tioned there due to an increase in the problems from that
quarter. It is likely you were assigned to a punitive expedi-
tion to deal with a specific threat.

» Radiation Resistance. You gain +5 SOAK (radiation).
» Cursed Earth Hazards. You gain a +2d6 bonus to
spot hazards and traps.
» Hostile Terrain. You do not suffer movement pen-
alties for moving across difficult terrain.
» Last Stand Weapon. You have access to a power-
ful weapon, such as the Widowmaker 2000. You
gain one weapon worth up to 5,000cr. it using MAC. Gains a bonus dice whenever using
» Monster Hunter. You specialise in taking down MAC for any activity requiring a roll to be made.
the most dangerous creatures that inhabit the » It’s Who You Know. You can always get an audi-
Cursed Earth. When you are fighting a mutant or ence with a superior ranking Judge if there is
a creature of size large or larger, you can spend cause to do so. This can be as simple as getting a
a LUC die to do double damage to it. message through to a watch commander about
a case to secretly informing the SJS of suspect
behaviour in a fellow Judge. This cannot be used
Desk Judge [1d6 years] frivolously or maliciously. If this happens the ex-
» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a ploit cannot be used for a lengthy period of time
Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge afterwards. How long this period lasts is up to the
» Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, LOG +1, CHA +1 Game Master’s discretion, but it certainly will not
» Skill Choices: [academic skills], bureaucracy, be available the next time the player tries to use it.
computers, concentration, negotiating
Many Judges are not fit for the streets and end up in Exorcist (1d6 years)
support roles, many performing administration tasks as » Prerequisites: Psi Judge, PSI 6+
Desk Judges. These dedicated Judges ensure prison- » Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, PSI +1, REP +1
ers are processed, interrogation booths are booked by » Skill Choices: clairsentience, law, paranormal,
telepathy, theology
investigating Judges and supplies are kept at optimum
Psi Judge Exorcists are the most at risk group of Psi
levels, among many other tasks. They may not be heroes
Division operatives. They come into contact with all sorts
and their efforts are certainly unsung, but without Desk
of supernatural forces and are the first and last line of de-
Judges the entire system would soon fail. fence against such phenomena.
It is possible for active service Judges to work as Desk Ghosts, hauntings, possessions and other dark forces all
Judges but with the need for manpower elsewhere this is seek to wreck havoc in the city, and can tear minds apart.
not something that is encouraged. But the Exorcist Psi Judge can purge these threats and fight
back with immense reserves of psychic and mental power.
Only experienced, powerful Psi Judges will be recruited
» Play the System. You know how to deal with
the bureaucracy of requisitions. You have dou- into Exorcist Division, and even then they have to have shown
ble your normal requisition cap. some ability against the supernatural. While there have always
» Systems Familiarity. Whenever data needs to be been folktales about malignant entities it is only in recent
analysed the Judge knows the best way to go about times that tangible evidence has proven their existence. Indeed

the amount of supernatural events is multiplying, perhaps of equipment, trying to turn off the source of the
in response to the increased numbers of psykers and this is radiation or sealing the bulkhead door to prevent a
one of many worries for Justice Department. Other theories fire from spreading, for example.
abound as to the cause of this increase, one even suggesting » Desperate Times. If death appears almost certain
the existence of the Exorcist Judges as the driving factor… and the Judge has already used his LUC dice he may
use all his LUC dice once again in one last desper-
EXPLOITS ate attempt to save the day. If they are successful in
whatever action they use these special LUC dice for
» Out, Out Damn Spot. You can force supernatural
entities out of their possessed victims more suc- they suffer a permanent loss of 1 LUC from now on.
cessfully than other Psi Judges . Make a CHA men- » Elite Team. You can use LUC to help another play-
tal attack (you can use your paranormal skill). On a er try and complete a task, but every LUC is worth
success the possessing entity is forced out of the two dice, not one. Can only be used once per day.
victim. This takes two actions.
» I’ve SEEN Things. In any 24 hour period, the
first time you suffer from the Afraid condition
you may ignore its effects.
» Eldritch Eyes. Your eyes are attuned to the spirit
world; you see it over the top of the mundane. You
gain the ability to spot phantoms, astral projec-
tions and other psychic phenomena whenever they
are within your normal field of vision.
» Ghostbuster. Your psychic power can be used to trap
spirits for a short time. By making a CHA mental attack
you can render a spirit Restrained.
» Sense Evil. You can automatically sense the pres-
ence of malevolent, supernatural entities within 5’
per point of INT. You do not learn the exact location
of the entity, only that it is present, and can detect it
even through walls and other physical obstacles.

Holocaust Judge [1d6 years]

» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a
Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
» Attributes: STR +1, END +1, INT +1, LUC +1
» Skill Choices: hardy, heavy armour, [physical
skills], piloting, resistance
Life for most Judges is dangerous and every day Judges die
in the course of duty. However there are some roles that are
far more dangerous than others. The most deadly is a position
within the Holocaust Squad, a tight knit team that can be sent
into deadly situations with little or no chance of survival. Interrogator (1d6 years)
Extensively trained for extreme conditions the Holocaust » Prerequisites: insight, at least one division career
Squad can be expected to deal with manmade and natural as a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
disasters. Their specialist equipment allows them to com- » Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, LUC +1, REP +1
plete all but impossible missions. » Skill Choices: bluffing, concentration, insight, in-
terrogation, intimidate, law, perception
To become a Holocaust Squad Judge is considered a
You have conducted hundreds, if not thousands, of inter-
death sentence. Few volunteer, and those who do are rig-
rogations and have shown a knack for them. As a result
orously tested to check they do not merely have a death
wish. The vast majority are transferred in, often having you are often called upon to perform interrogations at
failed in some duty and are expected to make up for that your sector house, using your skills on recalcitrant perps.
failure by placing themselves at extreme risk. All Judges are trained in the use of the basic birdie lie de-
tector, but you are far better in its use. You also can use more
EXPLOITS advanced machines that can be found at sector houses or at
» One Last Turn of the Screw. When receiving the Grand Hall of Justice. When attached to a team question-
enough damage to be knocked unconscious the
Judge gets to make one last, heroic action. This ing a perp you are more often than not the one to detect the
can include shooting at an opponent, using a piece half-truth or to break the will of the interrogated suspect.

EXPLOITS Maintenance (1d6 years)
» Confessional. Your insight into the minds of others en-
ables you to draw confessions from them. Make a CHA » Prerequisites: at least one division career as a
mental attack; on a success, your subject will blurt out Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
a truth. This only works once on a given target. » Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, LOG +1, LUC +1
» Interrogation. When interrogating a subject, time » Skill Choices: computers, law, [technical]
intervals are dropped by one category. You always had that knack with equipment, from the latest
» Recognise Lie. You are an expert at spotting lies. invention from Justice Department’s R&D labs to already es-
If your subject does not have the bluffing skill, you tablished technology used every day on patrol by the Judges.
automatically spot untruths. You have specialised in the repair of equipment and have learnt
» Enhanced Interrogation. You can use dubious some invaluable skills that you can use out on the streets.
methods to extract information from a subject.
Choose a number of dice and roll them; you gain While your role is unglamorous it is vital. You repair damaged
that number as a bonus to your attribute checks equipment (and there is a lot of damaged equipment to repair!).
to interrogate, but you also cause that amount of Guns can jam and brakes fail without proper maintenance; most
damage to your subject. of your work is to overhaul equipment so that it will not let their
user down when it counts. The checks you carry out can spot
Lab Rat (1d6 years) faults before they become dangerous, by replacing a worn part
you can prevent something more serious going wrong.
» Prerequisites: any [scientific]., at least one divi-
sion career as a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge EXPLOITS
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, WIL +1, LUC +1
» Skill Choices: computers, law, [scientific] » Half the Time. You can always halve the time it
takes to do any kind of repair.
You work in a laboratory, carrying out research or testing » Fault Tester. When a machine does not work you
new designs. The might of Justice Department is built on know automatically what the problem is.
the foundation of its superior technology, were it to fail then » Quick Repair. You can repair any machine in five
the perps would take over and chaos, not law, would reign. minutes, restoring half its total HEALTH score.
» Constant Maintenance. Choose one item. That item
There are many different roles your research can take. » is under constant maintenance from you. It counts
From the mundane that could improve a weapon by a as one quality level higher than it actually is. You can
small fraction to discovering a cure for a new disease. The change the item for another at any time (this takes
number of potential fields is vast and you will specialise in an hour), but only one item at a time can qualify.
one or two related areas.
Areas of research you may become involved in include
Manta Patrol [1d6 years]
biological weapons (both their development and methods » Prerequisites: driving, at least one division career
as a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
of combating them), weapons development (the legendary » Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, CHA +1, REP+1
Lawgiver is the result of years of design and trials), time » Skill Choices: computers, driving, gunnery, law,
travel, inter-dimensional technology, psychic phenomena navigation, tactics
(alongside Psi Division) and space phenomena. Introduced in 2106 the Manta Patrol tank is one of the
The skills and knowledge you gain as a result will result in most versatile weapon platforms available to Justice
you being one of the first to be called in when a case might Department. Its heavy firepower is enough to quell most
involve your area of expertise, making for an exciting life! serious incidents but it also carries a team of street
Judges with their Lawmasters. This allows rapid deploy-
EXPLOITS ment where circumstances dictate.
» Scientific Knowledge Base. Choose four [scien- The manta is a large hover-tank that can be used in riot-
tific] skills. You gain those four skills at 1 rank (1d6). control, dealing with large juve gang rumbles and block
This does not increase the rank of an existing skill. wars as well as wartime combat roles. The crew usually
» Modify. You are able to modify the output of any
energy weapon or device to any other energy type consists of Tek Judges, with a squad of four Street Judges
of your choice. This takes one minute. The device also assigned. The exact make-up of the crew does vary
operates for five minutes, but breaks permanently with some manta variants performing casualty evacuation
when this time is up. roles with Med Judges instead of Street Judges and one is
» Analytical Eye. You are able to identify the resist- even held in reserve in case the Judges of Exorcist division
ances, immunities and vulnerabilities of any creature need to get somewhere fast in a powerfully armed vehicle.
you can see with a Difficult [16] LOG check; if you
use a hand-scanner, it is only a Challenging [13] LOG This career is not available to Judges unless the current
check. This requires two full actions of observation. year is 2106 or later.

EXPLOITS » Traffic Cams. You access the city’s traffic and sur-
» Quick Start. If your tank is within one move incre- veillance cams, run facial recognition software, and
ment of you, you can move to it, start the engine, attempt to locate a target. Make an INT (surveil-
and move away at the vehicle’s SPEED all with just lance) vs. AGI (stealth) check to locate your prey.
two actions (one turn). » Surveillance Records. You access historical sur-
» Hot Pursuit. You can push a tank to extreme veillance data. Choose a public location in the city;
speeds, increasing its SPEED by 2. you can see into the past up to one week. If you
» Evasive Driving. When you are driving a tank, it take this exploit again, you can go back one month.
gains +4 DEFENCE. » Observant. You spot things really well, picking out
» Damage Control. You are trained to put out on- the tiniest clue. You gain +1d6 to perception checks.
board fires and mitigate damage. You can spend an
actions to repair your tank by 2d6 HEALTH. Riot Squad (1d6 years)
» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a
Public Surveillance Unit (PSU) (1d6 years) Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a » Attributes: STR +1, END +1, WIL +1, REP +1
Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge » Skill Choices: brawling, clubs, hardy, heavy ar-
» Attributes: INT +1, AGI +1, LOG +1, WIL +1 mour, law, resistance, shields, tactics
» Skill Choices: computers, electronics, insight, law Judges are often seconded to the Riot Squad where they
local knowledge, perception, stealth, surveillance have to deal with all manner of events. They can face boister-
PSU provide the Judges with the ultimate in surveil- ous crowds at orchestral concerts, marches protesting about
lance. They collate and record everything that the cameras not enough bad weather, juve gang rumbles and block wars.
under their control see, and even those that are nominally Judges who excel in using their daystick against such mobs
in private hands. They can use their recordings to track a are often noticed and put on special duty for a while.
gang of perps to their hideout or call in units to deal with Having joined the Riot Squad you are on call, ready to don
any situation they uncover using their cameras.
your own heavy amour and eager to take on the worst that
Data is an ever changing and free flowing commodity Mega-City One is capable of throwing at you. The Riot Squad
in Mega-City One. At PSUs’s secret headquarters, this has specialised equipment to deal with crowds. The most nota-
information is collated, put it in context and thousands ble being the immobilising riot foam and the sometimes deadly
of cameras delivering countless of hours of footage are stumm gas. The latter is only to be used in an emergency
observed. Every single member of the 800 million strong where many more fatalities would otherwise be expected.
population of the city is collated in numerous ways, from
The Judges of the Riot Squad can expect to be called
DNA to transactions, Big Brother is watching them 24-7
up from their normal duties several times a week. It is not
and, for the most part, they remain unaware.
work for the faint-hearted!
You are responsible for keeping tabs on perps, important
citizens and watching for pro-democracy activists, those EXPLOITS
agitators who would bring down the rule of the Judges » Gas Attack. You can withstand gas for a longer
and as such are near the top of your watch list. time without a respirator. You ignore the effects of
PSU algorithms can predict crimes and potential criminals, toxic gases for one round per point of END.
» SMACKDOWN! You make a daystick sing in your
their activity leads to a data footprint and their transactions
hand, and can knockout perps with ease while using
can point to evidence. A specific group of items bought togeth- it. On a successful attack you can, instead of causing
er on one day, with a seemingly innocuous household chemi- damage, choose to cause the Dazed condition instead.
cals and a basic electronic device can be a cause for alarm and » Shieldbrother. When adjacent to another character
further investigation. Many crimes are foiled by PSU, although in a riot shield wall, you get +2 DEFENCE. If adjacent
their sterling work is rarely recognised; other Judges often look to two or more in the riot wall, you get +4 DEFENCE.
» Good Arm. You could play aeroball; you can throw fur-
down upon them. Except when their help is needed, of course. ther than most Judges or people. The distance you can
throw a grenade or other object is increased by 50%.
» Camera Hound. You always have some kind of con- Senior Judge [1d6 years]
cealed surveillance equipment running. Anything
you witness can be played back at will, and is » Prerequisites: REP 10+, at least one division ca-
stored on a remote server. reer as a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
» Network Search. You can use a networked com- » Attributes: LOG +1, WIL +1, CHA +1, REP+1
puter to answer any question to which the informa- » Skill Choices: bluffing, bureaucracy, concentra-
tion would be known. This takes one minute, and tion, law, leadership, local knowledge, negotiating,
can be performed once per day. politics, teaching

You have done your time on the streets of Mega-City gain a SOAK bonus of +2, which stacks with any
One and then some. You can barely remember your days other SOAK you have.
as a cadet or rookie, and few of the citizens and perps you » Platoon Leader. You grant your entire party a +1d6
have dealt with over the years. You have shown yourself INITIATIVE bonus as long as they are within 30’ of you.
» I Am The Law! (requires The Law). You can
more than competent and have garnered praise from your strike the fear of the the law into crowds. Make
superiors, becoming a Senior Judge. a mental REP attack against each target within
While your day-to-day duties can be little different to 30’. On a success, the target is Dazed.
those of most other Judges in your division you have ex-
tra responsibilities. You might get an assignment to lead Sharpshooter [1d6 years]
a crack team to bring a particularly troublesome perp to » Prerequisites: rifles, at least one division career as
justice or to ensure the latest craze among the citizens is a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
suppressed should it get out of hand. You might have to » Attributes: INT +1, END +1, WIL +1, LUC+1
take over a more senior supervisory role, such as a watch » Skill Choices: climbing, concentration, law,
commander, due to some unforeseen circumstance, your perception, rifles, stealth
superiors possibly viewing this as a permanent move. Your target’s life can be distilled down into a single mo-
ment, a deep breath held for what appears to be an impos-
You also gain the responsibility of supervising rookie
sibly long time. A squeeze of a trigger and the perp’s head
Judges every once in a while. You examine their abilities and
blossoms into an explosive shower of bone and grey matter.
judgement and eventually make a decision as to whether
they are worthy to take the full badge and eagle of a Judge. Excellent scores at Justice Department’s firearms training
program, especially in long range engagements and tactical
You have the battle scars to show the life you have led.
fire support classes, has led you to this specialised career.
Your logbooks are full of the arrests, convictions and the
dreaded paperwork that you have had to fill in over the You are a sharpshooter, a Judge who excels at killing
years. You are still far from the Long Walk though, there perps with sniper fire. You make precision takedowns on
remains plenty of work to be done to keep order on the targets that may be heavily armoured, robotic in nature
streets and you are more than willing to impart what you or just too difficult for anybody else to deal with. You have
know to the next generation of Judges. access to the best long distance firearms that Justice
Department can supply and you are an expert on guns.
EXPLOITS You are often deployed supporting a group of Street
» Rookie. You are accompanied by a Rookie Judge, Judges, covering them from an H-Wagon or high vantage
who you are mentoring and evaluating. The Rookie point. You excel tracking moving targets and you can pick
will obey your orders. Create a Grade 4 Rookie..
» Mean Streets. You have survived longer than most out a target in a crowd from hundreds of metres away.
Judges do, so you have a much better knowledge Sharpshooters are the backbone of a Judge tacti-
of Mega-City One. You can recall the details of any cal assault unit and are an advanced Judge Player
citizen, corporation or location with a LOG check Character career. They make an excellent addition to a
using the table below.
group of Player Character Judges who prefer using a
Information Required About Difficulty tactical approach to eliminating their targets.
Location Difficult [16]
Organisation / Corporation Demanding [21]
» 360 No Scope. Any rifle you use is considered to
Perp Strenuous [25] have a scope, even when it does not, adding 50%
Citizen Severe [29] to the weapon’s range increment. If it has a scope,
then it is considered to have an advanced scope
» One Heck of a Shot. When using your lawgiver you instead, adding 100% to the weapon’s range incre-
do +1d6 damage. ment. If it has an advanced scope, you suffer no
» Lawmaster Stunt. You and the bike are one. You can penalties at all for range increments (although you
jump twice the distance on your Lawmaster, or per- can still only fire out to five increments).
form other stunts while on the Lawmaster as though » Target Lock. Once you spot a target, you can track
you were in a Stunt Area, even when you are not. them, even if they go out of sight for a while. You
» Commanding Voice. You have a really command- spend an action to Aim (using the Aim exploit);
ing voice, one which rookies fear and awe. Your from now on, until you aim at another target or
intimidate skill increases to 10 ranks. leave your position, you are considered to be per-
» Battle Scars. You have received so many battle manently aiming at that target, gaining the +1d6
scars that you sometimes do not notice injury. You Aim bonus without having to spend any actions.

» Vantage Point. You gain an additional +1d6 to at- EXPLOITS
tack with a ranged weapon if you are at least 30’ » Zero-G Born. You treat zero-g as a natural move-
higher than your target. This stacks with the regu- ment mode, moving at your full SPEED.
lar +1d6 bonus for high ground. » Acclimatised. Missions into hostile environments
make you used to changes in gravity. Your move
Space Corps (1d6 years) speed in high and low gravity (but not zero-g) is
equal to your regular SPEED.
» Prerequisites: at least one division career as a » Bridge Officer. If you are commanding a starship,
Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge all bridge officers gain a +1d6 bonus to starship op-
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, REP +1 erations from your presence.
» Skill Choices: astrogation, gunnery, law, piloting,
starship tactics, survival, xenology, zero-g
The Space Corps projects the power of Justice
Special Judicial Squad (1d6 years)
Department into the Solar System and beyond. With a fleet » Prerequisites: at least one division career as a
of powerful ships it protects trade with other worlds and Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
» Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, REP +1
species, and will track down perps fleeing into the vastness » Skill Choices: insight, intimidation, law, perception,
of space. It also protects the city, indeed all of Earth, from [subterfuge]
alien threats and there are many of those. The Special Judicial Squad, the SJS, are an elite within
You have been assigned to join the corps for a tour of Justice Department. They have to be for the perps they
duty which allows you to be selected for dangerous off- have to deal with are the most dangerous of all – rogue
world missions. You are trained in Zero-G combat tech- Judges! You have been recruited into the SJS and have
niques and all manner of survival skills that allow you to gained the responsibility for keeping tabs on your fellow
function in the hostile regions of space. Judges. No one is safe from scrutiny, not even Joe Dredd.
You might help administer Random Physical Abuse Tests
You must deal with alien, off-world and colony threats. and try to break a Judge in a variety of ways.
The Space Corps Judges excel at this, for they are a mili- If there is evidence of a bad apple in the ranks it is
tary arm of Justice Department. Many members of the almost always the SJS who perform any investigation.
corps are pulled out of the Academy of Law at an early They will gather the evidence and if the suspect is guilty
age, usually because they show an aptitude and interest in they will be sent to the most isolated and harsh prison
the types of skills needed. available – the Titan penal colony.

Every sector house will have a pair of SJS Judges to convictions and no major black marks against your name. You
ensure any investigation can have local assistance. Others may be called upon to lead teams of Judges created to deal
form task forces to root out the most cunning of the with specific problems or crises. You might even be given tem-
rogues. You have been seconded to the SJS for a period porary command of a watch or even a sector house to see how
and now can draw on that experience in the field; especial- well you perform. One day you may find yourself unable to
ly should you uncover evidence of corruption. One thing work the streets but having experience in a command position
uniting most SJS Judges is their belief that the worst
means there could be a future for you once your reflexes slow.
criminal offenders are those who disgrace the badge.
There is no obstacle they will not overcome to bring the EXPLOITS
worst of the worst down.
» Tactical Expertise. You gain +1d6 to initiative
Who watches the watchers? You do! checks and checks to ambush..
» Advanced Tactics (requires Tactical Expertise).
EXPLOITS You grant your Tactical Expertise bonus to all allies
» Intimidating. Intimidation is your way of life, especially with 30’ of you.
when dealing with corrupt Judges. When attempting » Listen Up! You can bolster the morale of those
to intimidate a Judge, you gain a +1d6 bonus. under your command that hear you give a mo-
» Resources. Rogue Judges are a top priority and there- tivational speech. All allies within 30’ heal +1d6
fore the SJS have access to pretty much every bit of HEALTH. No creature can benefit from this ability
equipment and all pertinent records. You can requisi-
tion double the amount of gear that other Judges can. more than once per day.
» Implacable. SJS Judges have to be tough to deal » Still Got It. Once per day when you fail an interro-
with their targets and are even less likely to balk at gation or intimidate check you can spend a LUC die
obstacles than other Judges in their investigations. and choose to succeed instead.
» Local Crime Data. Among other duties the SJS pre- Wally Squad (1d6 years)
pares the briefing tapes for every sector on local and
city wide events. An SJS Judge who produces these » Prerequisites: bluffing, at least one division career
will have superior knowledge of all local crime at a as a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
sector level. You gain local knowledge at 6 ranks. » Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
» Knowing Smile. You know they are lying, and you » Skill Choices: law, [social], [subterfuge]
can force them to tell you one thing they have been
keeping secret from you. Make a REP mental attack, Sometimes, despite all the technology available to them,
and if successful your target reveals a secret. the Judges cannot get the evidence they need. To arrest
» Sniff Out Corruption. Detecting crime is one thing; major criminals they may have to resort to undercover
corruption in those who enforce the law has its own work. Any Judge can perform these duties but the experts
smell, though. Make an INT mental attack; if success-
ful, and the target is a corrupt official, auxiliary or are the members of the Wally Squad. These are Judges
Judge, you know it. You do not know the details, but who can meld into the criminal underworld in order to get
you know for sure that they are guilty of something. at the worst scum in the city.
Wally Squad operatives are specialist Judges, many of
Supervisor (1d6 years) whom go undercover so long that they develop very odd
» Prerequisites: REP 10+, at least one division ca- behaviours. They are considered a necessary evil by the
reer as a Med, Psi, Street, or Tek Judge
» Attributes: STR +1, END +1, INT +1, WIL +1 Justice Department, despite often disturbing their more
» Skill Choices: bureaucracy, law, leadership, uptight, uniformed colleagues. They take on a variety of
negotiating, politics, tactics roles, from simps, to gang members and even masquer-
Justice Department is always looking out for those with lead- ade as crime lords. Some Wally Squad Judges become so
ership skills. If a senior Judge shows these they may become
entrenched in their roles that they do lose their way. As a
a Supervisor, often taking a prominent role in major investiga-
result the SJS monitors all Wally Squad operatives and op-
tions. As they get older many Judges gravitate to these posi-
tions. Their years of experience ensures things run as smooth- erations with an increased level of scrutiny.
ly as possible, making up for the loss of experience at the front Most Judges will only pass though their ranks briefly
lines. This is often a necessary change in role as their ability to before returning to the streets. Some, however, will nev-
perform physically at very high levels diminishes with age. er be able to fulfil any other role again so they remain
You are a Supervisor, highly respected, highly trained and hidden among the citizenry; looking to topple the perps
the best at what you do. You have a long list of arrests, kills, no one else can get close to.

» Confusing Smile. You can use your smile to
Universal exploits are distinct exploits a character has
help you make others uncertain of your in-
tentions. You can make a CHA mental attack learned; any character can learn a universal exploit as long as
against a target within 10’; if successful, the tar- he qualifies for it. A universal exploit can also be purchased
get suffers the Confused condition. directly with Experience Points (see the Advancement rules).
» Gossip. You can gather local gossip and informa- Characters begin play with one free universal exploit of their
tion simply by spending an hour in a bar or other choice plus either Aim or Feint. Characters also gain universal
watering hole, effectively giving you the local exploits when they repeat a career for which they have al-
knowledge skill (ranks equal to your CHA score) ready chosen all the available career exploits.
wherever you go as long as you are able to refresh
your knowledge at a local bar weekly. Once per turn. A character may use a given exploit once
» Impersonate. You are easily able to impersonate per turn and is free to combine multiple exploits into a
any job role which you have had opportunity to ob- single manoeuvre or combination. For example, a soldier
serve within the past day, even briefly. You gain a might choose to disregard cover, stand out in the open
+1d6 bonus to fool anybody observing you that you (Reckless Attack) and take careful aim (Aim) in order to
are performing the job competently.
disarm an opponent (Disarm). He gets +3d6 to his attack
» Off the Grid. You know how to disappear without
trace, dropping off the grid completely. No loca- rolls from the recklessness and careful aim, and -3d6 for
tion discerning checks or abilities from a mile or the disarm attempt. However, his opponents get a +2d6
more away can find you unless you want them to. bonus to attack him for the next round. Another common
» Quick Change. You are able to don a quick disguise combination is a Charge and a Knockdown.
in one round instead of five minutes. This must be However, once the character has used an exploit (or a
a disguise you have successfully used before.
» What a Wally. You are an excellent example of why multiple exploit combination) he cannot use that exploit
other Judges would rather gnaw off their own leg again until his next turn begins.
than spend time with you. You exemplify the Wally Costs. Some exploits modify existing actions or attacks,
Squad; you are so deep undercover that you gain a but they carry a cost. The character deducts (“pays”) the
bonus skill outside of your normal skill set. This skill
is chosen from the cover you are trying to emulate, indicated number of dice from his dice pool to gain the ef-
and has a number of ranks equal to your CHA score. fect of the exploit. Multiple exploits may be stacked on a
If your cover changes, your skill is re-chosen. single action by paying the combined cost.

Pre-requisites. Most exploits have prerequisites in terms drops any items in that hand, and cannot use that arm
of attribute scores or previous exploits. In order to purchase a until he escapes. You may move at half SPEED, taking your
universal exploit, a character must meet those pre-requisites. victim with you. If you apply this twice, the attacker gains
the second Restrained condition.
Bearhug (requires STR 8+). When you successfully
Paying For Effects grab a foe, you grab your target with both arms, squeezing
The concept of buying effects with your him. You can only bearhug a target of your size category
attack dice is fundamental to the combat or smaller. The target gains the Restrained condition, and
system of Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD. takes 1d6 damage at the start of each of his turns. You
Without “buying” extra damage dice or desired may move at half SPEED, taking your victim with you.
effects, a successful attack will tend to do Blinding Attack (requires AGI 6+). You throw sand into
very little damage. High damage, therefore, is your opponent’s eyes, cover him in a cloak, pull his helm
achieved by a large attack dice pool being down, or gash his forehead; on a successful hit your target
partially spent on damage and effects. gains the Blind condition.
For example, a massive robot might have Blindfighter. Skilled at using senses other than sight for
enormous strength and lots of training, and as such combat, you may ignore blindness and the Bind condition
has a big attack dice pool of 8d6 with its giant las track for melee combat.
saw. Normally, it only does 3d6 damage. However, Blind Shot (requires LUC 5+). While in full cover, you
it can spend some of that pool, exchanging some may pay 2d6 to take a shot without looking at what you
of those 8d6 for extra damage or an effect such as are shooting at or exposing yourself. You use your LUCK
Knockdown. The robot has exchanged some of its attribute instead of your AGI or IT for this shot.
to hit potential for damage potential. Brush Off (requires STR 8+). You contemptuously
brush aside a melee attack, gaining the effect of cover
from one melee attack from a creature of your size cat-
Achilles Heel (requires LOG 5+; Aim; any [scientific] egory or smaller.
skill). Identifying a weakness in your target, you pay 2d6 Burst of Speed (requires piloting or driving skill). Your
and bypass its soak score. This exploit can only be per- mount, ship, or vehicle gains a speed boost of 2 hexes or
formed once per target. Alternatively, you may grant this squares for the turn.
bonus to one ally who must use it within one round. Charge. When making a melee attack, move up to your
Aim. This is identical to the Feint exploit, but for ranged speed in a straight line and then attack at the end of it and
combat; it grants +1d6 bonus to an attack roll taken in the pay 2d6. You gain +1d6 damage to your attack. You must
same turn. The attack action must come immediately af- move at least 10’.
ter the aiming action. All characters get either the Aim or Cleave (requires STR 8+). When using STR as your at-
Feint exploit for free. tack attribute, you follow through in one mighty swing, and
Always Prepared (requires LOG 8+). You have a bril- make an additional attack at -1d6 against an adjacent foe if
liant tactical mind, and are always prepared. You may de- the first one hits.
clare a single action which you took prior to the encounter Counterhack. When an opponent is attempting to access
(even if you didn’t know the encounter was going to take your systems using the system override exploit, you may
place) which helps you in this exact scenario. This must be make an immediate opposed LOG check to block the attempt.
an action you were capable of. Crippling Strike (requires AGI 5+; Deadly Strike). You
Analytics (requires LOG 6+). Studying your target’s expertly target your opponent’s legs, causing a wound
behaviour, you notice a pattern to its actions. You grant all which inflicts the Slowed condition upon him.
allies within 30’ a +1d6 bonus to attack the target until the Dart In (requires Charge). You move your Speed, make
start of your next turn. This costs one action. a melee attack at –1d6, and then move your Speed back
Arm Lock (requires AGI 8+, martial arts skill). When again to your starting position. You cannot combine this
you successfully grab a foe, you place your target in a exploit with other exploits, not can you dart in while on dif-
painful armlock. The target gains the Restrained condition, ficult terrain.

Deadly Strike (requires AGI or STR 5+). You inflict an Flying Kick (requires AGI 8+; martial arts skill). You
additional 1d6 damage with a successful hit. For a ranged move up to your speed and issue a flying kick at the end of it,
attack, this is likely a headshot. This can only gain you one dealing your martial arts damage with a bonus 1d6 damage.
bonus damage die. Fortitude. You gain a permanent +2 MELEE DEFENCE,
Death From On High (requires Charge). You pay 2d6 able to shrug off many attacks
and drop down on your opponent from at least 5’ above Hunker Down (requires END 6+). Cover grants you one
him. This counts as a charge but knocks your opponent extra die of cover.
prone and does 2d6 extra damage instead of 1d6. Jury-rig (requires LOG 6+; engineering skill). You
Die Hard (requires WIL 8+). While at negative HEALTH modify a weapon (yours or an adjacent ally’s) to either
you are still conscious, and can take one action per round. increase its range by 50% or its damage by +1d6 until the
You still form the death countdown pool as normal. If you start of your next turn.
take any further damage, you fall unconscious as normal. Improviser. You are adept at using bar stools and other
Dive for Cover (requires AGI 7+). If a ranged attack items as weapons. You suffer no attack penalties for im-
misses you, you may immediately move half your speed provised melee weapons.
and either throw yourself prone or get behind cover if it is Iron Will. You gain a permanent +2 to MENTAL
in range. This is an immediate reaction DEFENCE, able to shrug off many mental attacks.
Dodge (requires AGI 6+). You may use a reaction to Knockback (requires Knockdown). When you use a
dodge one attack you are aware of, as long as you are not Called Shot to move a target, you do not have to pay the
in cover. State your intention before the attack roll. The 2d6; however, for each 1d6 you choose to pay, the target is
attacker suffers a -2d6 penalty for that attack. pushed one extra square.
Double Tap (requires AGI 7+; Aim). Once per turn you Knockdown (requires STR 5+). When you use a Called
may fire two quick shots at your target at the cost of just Shot to knock a target prone, you do not have to pay the
one action, paying 2d6. 2d6; additionally, the target gains the Downed condition
Draw a Bead (requires INT 5+). You do not pay any (making it unable to stand until that condition has been
penalty for firing into melee, as long as your target is at shaken off).
least 10’ away from you. Leadership (requires CHA 8+). You are able to donate
Expert Disarm (requires AGI 6+). When you use a Called one or more of your available LUC dice to another char-
Shot to disarm a target, you do not have to pay the 2d6. acter as a free reaction to their attempting an attribute
Far Shot. You increase range increments by 50%. check. You must declare this before they roll the dice.
Feint. This is identical to the Aim exploit, but for melee Leaping Attack (requires AGI 8+, Charge). You leap into
combat; it grants +1d6 bonus to an attack roll taken in the the air as you make a melee attack. You gain +1d6 damage,
same turn. The attack action must come immediately after but if you miss your opponent gets a free attack against you.
the feinting action. All characters get either the Aim or Lightning Reflexes. You gain a permanent +2 to Ranged
Feint exploit for free. Defence, able to dodge many ranged attacks.

Lucky Escape (requires LUC 6+). You may avoid all Ricochet (requires INT 8+; Aim). You can pay 4d6 to
damage from one attack as a free reaction. You can only “bounce” a ranged attack off of one surface in order to hit a
do this once per day. target to whom you would not normally have line of sight. This
Lunge. You increase your reach by 5’ for one attack at a does not negate the target’s cover bonuses; it merely creates a
cost of –1d6. line of sight to a target where there previously was none.
Mighty Blow (requires STR 8+). When using STR as Roll With It (requires AGI 5+). By voluntarily falling
your melee attack attribute, you may use all of your ac- prone, you reduce damage by 2d6. You cannot use any
tions to make one gigantic swing. If you hit, you do double instant-stand exploits in combination with this exploit.
damage (the combined total of the damage you would
have done had they been separate attacks). Scattershot. When using a shotgun, you can attack two
adjacent targets within 15’ of you with a single attack action.
Mighty Sunder (requires Sunder). Half the damage from
your sunder also applies to the target weapon’s wielder. Sidestep (requires AGI 8+). When charged by an attacker,
Opportunist Stomp. You can stomp on an adjacent you casually step aside, causing him to rush past you. If the at-
prone opponent as a free action. This is an unarmed attack tacker’s attack misses, he continues onwards in a straight line
and uses your natural damage value. to the extent of his movement, unless something blocks his way.
Opportunity Strike. You can make an attack as a free If he collides with a solid object, he takes 1d6 blunt damage.
action attack against a foe who disengages from melee Spinning Kick (requires AGI 8+, martial arts skill). With
combat with you. a quick turn your foot lashes out to strike your opponent. This
Pep Talk (requires CHA 6+). You can spend your ambush attack is a free action. You do your normal unarmed damage.
turn (if you have access to it) giving your allies a pep talk. They Spray. When using a weapon with the auto trait you
all gain a +1d6 bonus to initiative in the ensuing combat. may spend all your actions to spray a 30’ cone, making
Piledriver (requires STR 8+, wrestling skill). You grab one attack against every target not in cover within the
your opponent, lift him, and then drop to the ground, driv- cone. Make one attack roll and apply it to the RANGED
ing his head into the ground. Both you and your opponent DEFENCE of all within that area.
end up prone. The exploit costs 2d6 and, if successful, the
target takes double damage and gains the Dazed condition. Stop Right There! Enemies which try to move past you
(move within your reach) are subject to a free action at-
Point-Blank Shot. You get +1d6 to hit ranged targets
within 10’. This does not stack with the +1d6 from using a tack, which stops their movement if successful.
sidearm against an adjacent foe. Strafe. When using a weapon with the auto trait you may,
Predictive Reflexes (requires INT 6+). You are good at as a single action, spray an area 15’ x 15’ with fire. Everyone
reading the situation. You gain a permanent +1d6 bonus to in that area takes 1d6 damage of the appropriate type. This
your INITIATIVE checks. is the only attack you can make with this weapon this turn.
Protector (requires END 5+). You can take an attack Sunder. You target your opponent’s weapon or shield
meant for an adjacent ally. If the attack hits your ally, you with the intention of breaking it. The weapon has same
take the damage instead. If you have a shield, the ally also MELEE DEFENCE as its wielder; you take –2d6 to strike a
benefits from your shield’s defence bonus. weapon and no penalty to strike a shield.
Quickdraw (requires AGI 6+). If you are disarmed, you Systems Upgrade (requires Robot). Choose one of the
may immediately draw another weapon as an immediate
Robot’s modification exploits, such as Wheels, Armor, or
reaction as long as you have one available.
Compute. You gain that exploit.
Quickstand (requires AGI 6+, martial arts skill). Once per
turn you can stand immediately from prone as a free action or Taunt (requires CHA 8+). You taunt your target, en-
reaction and you are immune to the Downed condition. raging it, and make a CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENCE attack.
If successful, the target focuses all its attacks on you
Quickstep. You can move 5’ as a free action.
until the start of your next turn.
Reckless Act. You gain +1d6 to ranged attacks as long
as you are not concealed, in cover, or using a shield. If you Throw (requires STR or AGI 7+; Trip or Knockdown).
use Dodge, or any other exploit which protects you, you When you use a Called Shot to knock a target prone, you also
lose this bonus for one minute. move the target two squares and do your unarmed damage.
Reinforce Shield (requires LOG 6+; computer operation Throw Anything. You suffer no attack penalty for impro-
skill). Until the start of your next turn, one shield (forward, vised ranged weapons (including throwing melee weapons,
aft, port, or starboard). becomes reinforced. It gains +2 SOAK. which normally count as improvised when used in this way).

Trip (requires AGI 6+). When you use a Called Shot to Young. Once per day, when rolling a dice pool, you
knock a target prone, you do not have to pay the 2d6; ad- may declare it to be an exploding dice pool. Any 6s that
ditionally, the target gains the Downed condition (making you roll may be rolled again, the new roll adding to the
it unable to stand until that condition has been shaken existing 6. If you roll a 6 again, repeat, until you roll less
than a 6. Example synonyms: young, youthful, adoles-
off). You still do your normal attack damage. Additionally,
cent, childish, teenaged, juvenile.
if you are a smaller size category than your target, you
gain +1d6 to your attack.
Utilikit (requires LOG 7+; engineering skill). You are
Aging In The Future?
Life-expectancy in Mega-City One would
able to turn one device into another device of equal val-
have dramatically increased due to medical
ue or lower. For example, you can modulate your scanner
advancements, surgery, and anti-ageing drugs and
to use as las-pistol, or enable your laser knife to operate
procedures. However, so many citizens die young
as a lock pick. The device only functions in this way for at the hands of perps and the Judges that most
a single action before becoming permanently useless. It do not live to enjoy this potential.
takes 10 minutes to make the change. You will note that the age exploits list does not
Whirlwind Frenzy (requires AGI 6+). You attack all adja- include any penalties (either physical or mental).
cent targets, but only do 1d6 damage to each. You must still Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD allows you
make an attack roll against each target. Any targets you hit to develop interesting traits based on your stage
are pushed back one square, clearing a space around you. of life, but does not impose limitations on older
characters. The Game Master will need to decide
whether any particular physical transformation
takes place as a character ages, and whether a
Your age is determined by the total of your character’s character dies after becoming venerable or simply
years in each career. Age falls into three broad bands – continues in that age category.
young, adult, and old. Consult the table below to find out Characters should age normally, but for those with
which band you fall into, based on your species. access to, and who take advantage of, top medical
If you are young or old, choose any synonym for that facilities this is slowed down considerably. This
includes the Judges many of whom are still able to
word and insert it into your descriptor. It is up to you what
perform their duties into their sixties and seventies.
adjective you choose. If you are adult, you do not need
One of the core species, the robot, does not age
to add it to your descriptor. Some example synonyms are
at all. This is because any wear and tear on a
listed below, but you should feel free to create your own. robot’s body can be easily repaired by replacing
If you are a Judge starting with the five normal ca- the worn out components with new ones, even
reers, your age will be 21 plus 1d6 years. If you are not a its personality and memories can be saved by
Judge, your age may vary more. transferring them onto another robot brain.
Some alien species may be incredibly long lived,
// Adding Years immortal, or posses regenerative abilities. In the
Players may always add extra years to their age at char- long run, it is up to the Game Master how ageing
acter creation or during downtime with no corresponding works with aliens in their campaign.
advancement. This allows players to play older characters Finally there is the anti-ageing wonder drug,
stookie. This is banned in Mega-City One by the
without unduly high attributes. Non-Player Characters may
Judges as its production involves the murder of
similarly have years added. In cinematic mode (see p. 77),
a sentient alien race so the adifax glands, where
adult characters gain an additional LUC die, and old charac- stookie is found, can be extracted. Stookie not
ters gain a further LUC die, representing experience. only prevents ageing, it can actually reverse it. It
is expensive to buy and carries harsh penalties.
Young Characters Repeated, regular doses are required or otherwise
the user will begin to age rapidly. Many users
Young characters are characterized by curiosity and
have to turn to crime should their funds run out to
brashness. You gain the following exploit. You lose the prevent this, often fatal, fate.
exploit when you are no longer categorized as young.

Old Characters Attribute Highest Attribute Lowest Attribute

Old characters are characterized by experience. You gain [1-2] Massive, [3-4] [1-3] Feeble, [4-6]
the following exploit. athletic, [5-6] brawny tottering

Old. Once per day, when rolling a dice pool, you may declare [1-2] Nimble, [3-
[1-3] Clumsy, [4-6]
AGI 4] deadeye, [5-6]
it to be a careful dice pool. Any 1s that you roll may be re- ambidextrous

rolled, with the new roll replacing the 1. If you roll a 1 a second
[1-3] Rugged, [4-6] [1-3] Coughing, [4-6]
time, however, you must keep the 1. Additionally, the bonus END
tough as nails asthmatic/anaemic
gained from your hook increases to +2d6. Old characters can
no longer improve physical attributes (STR, AGI, END) through INT
[1-3] Empathic, [4-6]
[1-3] Naive, [4-6]
career advances or experience expenditure, although they
may do so via other means (magic, cybernetics, etc). Example LOG
[1-3] Brilliant, [4-6] [1-3] Illiterate, [4-6]
erudite forgetful
synonyms: old, elderly, mature, venerable, aged, aging, hoary.
[1-2] Alcoholic, [3-
[1-3] Stoic, [4-6]
WIL 4] reckless, [5-6]
Age Categories By Species
[1-2] Commanding, [3] [1-2] Unwashed, [3-4]
The following table lists age categories according to species. CHA inspiring, [4] suave, disfigured, [5-6]
[5-6] persuasive obnoxious
Species Young Adult Old [1-2] Egotistical, [3-4]
REP well known, [5-6]
Human 1-25 26-59 60+ flamboyant

Clone 1-25 26-59 60+

Robot - - -
Alcoholic. You are usually drunk. While this can impair
your judgment, it also enables you to shrug off injury.
Mutant 1-15 16-35 36+
You gain +2 SOAK when intoxicated.
Chimp 1-15 16-49 50+
Alert. Constantly aware of your surroundings, you gain +1d6
Gorilla 1-15 16-44 45+ to INT perception checks, and you always win INITIATIVE ties.
Orang-Utan 1-15 16-40 41+
Ambidextrous. You do not suffer the usual -2d6
penalty to attacks made while dual wielding a double
TRAIT weapon or a secondary offhand weapon.
A character’s trait is a dominant characteristic based on Asthmatic/Anaemic. Your poor health often pre-
vents you from undertaking extended physical exertion.
his attributes. It provides an ability or quality related to
However, you have developed coping strategies which en-
either his highest or lowest attribute. Traits include things
able you to recover quickly from hardship. Once per day
like rugged, massive, alcoholic, inspiring and so on. If you may use one action to gather your strength and deter-
someone were to describe your character, this is then first minedly recover 1d6 HEALTH.
word they’d use - “Sasha? You mean that reckless punk?” Athletic. Brawny and strong, you are able to plough through
or “Joey-Joe Longface is quite the illiterate mutant”. difficult terrain. Difficult terrain does not reduce your speed.
Choose either your highest or lowest attribute (both will give Brawny. You gain a +40lb carrying capacity.
you an advantage; choosing the lowest does not give you a dis- Brilliant. Your mind is honed, sharp and analytical.
advantage – for example, a low WIL allows you to choose alco- Once per day you may replace any other attribute check
holic, which gives you a bonus SOAK score when intoxicated). with a LOG check.
Choose a corresponding trait (or roll for it if you prefer a little Clumsy. You often stumble or drop items. You are so used to
randomness). Your trait forms part of your descriptor. falling that you take less damage than most from a fall. Reduce
Judge characters will always choose a trait correspond- the height fallen by 10’ when calculating falling damage.
ing to their highest attribute, any Judge showing a lowest Commanding. You have presence, and people listen to
attribute and the corresponding trait would never have suc- you. By spending two actions (a full turn) you can give an
cessfully made it through the Academy of Law’s training. ally within earshot an immediate single free action.
Your trait should be noted on your character sheet as Coughing. Your constant coughing elicits sympathy from
part of the descriptor. For example: onlookers who are hesitant to attack an obviously ill person,
and even if they do they underestimate you. You gain a +4
Sasha is a reckless human punk who... DEFENCE bonus against anyone you have not yet attacked.

Deadeye. Once per day you automatically hit with a
ranged shot within two range increments as long as you
do not exchange any attack dice for damage dice or
combine it with another exploit.
Disfigured. Your appearance is memorable. However,
it serves to instil fear when you need it to. You gain a
+1d6 bonus to intimidation attempts.
Distracted. Your attention is always somewhere else
and can be a cause of frustration for others. However, a
non sequitur can sometimes prove useful; once per day,
as an ally is making an attribute check, you can make a
completely random comment which jogs their memory
and grants them a +2d6 bonus to the check.
Egotistical. You have a very high opinion of yourself, Illiterate. You cannot read. Instead, you have learned
which manifests itself as extreme confidence and surety. to memorize common words which you need to recog-
You gain a +4 MENTAL DEFENCE bonus. Unfortunately, nize often. You have a fantastic memory and can auto-
you sometimes ask “don’t you know who I am?” matically recall information you have been exposed to.
Empathic. You are able to easily understand how others Inspiring. You are able to instil positive emotions in people
feel. Once per day as an action you can attempt to adjust an- with your words, using an action to give one ally a +1d6 bonus
other’s mood with a CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENCE check. If you to their next attribute check if they are within 30’ feet of you.
succeed, they gain either the Angry or Manic condition. You Lame. You have a limp and move slowly, possibly with a
must be able to converse with your target to do this.
cane. This causes people to underestimate you, granting
Erudite. You remember a vast catalogue of knowledge. you a +1d6 bonus to INITIATIVE checks.
At any time you may make a LOG check in place of any
CHA check to interact with someone by recalling a piece of Massive. You are enormous and solid. You are im-
trivia of interest to them, although only once per target. mune to knockdown and knockback effects by anything
of your size category or smaller.
Feeble. You are physically weak and frail, which has
taught you the value of brains over brawn. Once per day Naive. Naiveté can be an endearing trait in some; it can also
you may use an LOG check in place of a STR check and ac- act as insulation from the horrors of the world. Once per day
complish your goal through cunning and ingenuity. you may completely ignore a fear based effect or condition.
Flamboyant. Your style and flair make you both notice- Nimble. You gain a climb speed equal to your regular SPEED.
able and memorable. You can distract with ease, gaining a
Obnoxious. Your personality really repels people. You
bonus +1d6 when using the Feint exploit.
are an expert at insults, and can use an action to make a
Forgetful. You constantly forget and misplace things; LOG vs. WIL check to enrage and distract others, causing
often they are still about your person. Once per day, as
them to gain the Angry condition. As usual, repeated use
an action, you may produce an item you didn’t know you
increases the severity of the condition.
were carrying. The item can be any type of item, can have
a value in credits up to the result of your LUC check and Persuasive. You are adept at negotiating with others.
be something you would have had reasonable access to When you purchase anything under 1 MCr in value, you are
without use of theft or subterfuge. able to save 3d6 percent.

Reckless. Your poor judgment often lands you in
trouble, but it leads to a certain confidence. If you com- CINEMATIC MODE
pletely ignore cover, you gain a +1d6 attack bonus as In cinematic mode, adult characters also gain an
long as you are not using a shield. additional LUC die, and old characters gain a fur-
Rugged. You are tough and shrug off hardships. Once ther LUC die, representing experience. Combat in
per day you can spend two actions (a full turn) to recover Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD is a quite
to half your normal maximum HEALTH. deadly affair, especially if you are accustomed to
Spendthrift. You lack self-discipline and spend your heroic fantasy games. Often an advanced charac-
money on trivialities and things you don’t need. This can ter can be downed by just one or two shots.
have its advantages, however; once per day as an action For a more heroic feel, the Game Master can opt
you can pull a small item from your pocket that you forgot to use Cinematic Mode. In Cinematic Mode, charac-
you’d bought, retroactively spending up to the value of ters and creatures also roll a LUC dice pool when
your LUC check in credits. calculating their total HEALTH. Lucky characters
can be very resilient, though not necessarily de-
Stoic. You are able to hide pain and discomfort. Once
liberately so! In cinematic mode, adult characters
per day, when you would normally be reduced to zero
also gain an additional LUC die, and old characters
HEALTH, you are reduced to 1 HEALTH instead.
gain a further LUC die, representing experience.
Suave. Once per day a CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENCE at-
tack can be used to give a target the Charmed condition.
Unwashed. Your unkempt appearance causes others
Tottering. You find it a struggle to stand and require the
to overlook you. You can hide in plain sight using INT in
use of a wheelchair which gives you a +1 SPEED bonus on
place of AGI.
normal terrain.
Tough As Nails. You gain a +2 natural SOAK bonus Well Known. You are famous; people recognize you, for
which stacks with any other SOAK scores you may have. good or ill. You have learned to use this reputation. Once
Unflappable. You are not easily distracted or surprised. per day you may substitute your REP attribute for any
The Feint exploit does not work on you. mental attribute in order to make an attribute check.

Derived statistics are values which are calculated based You need to determine your regular SPEED, and your
on existing statistics. You will need to calculate each of the CLIMB speed. Note that this process also applies to SWIM
derived statistics in the section below, and record them on and other forms of movement.
your character sheet. All derived statistics increase or de- Your SPEED is equal to the size of your STR dice pool
crease if their underlying statistics change through char- plus your AGI dice pool. You may also add your running
acter advancement or for other reasons. dice pool if you have that skill.
For climbing, swimming, zero-g and high-g replace the
running skill and halve the final total unless a career
Skills & Derived Statistics tells you otherwise. You only need to note these if you
HEALTH hardy have the skill – otherwise, it will work out to half your
SPEED (without the running bonus). Small (or smaller)
SPEED running, climbing, swimming characters suffer a -1 penalty to SPEED.
CARRY carrying
INITIATIVE Reactions, tactics This is the distance and height you may jump automati-
cally without making any kind of attribute check. It should
acrobatics, dodging, be recorded on your character sheet in units of feet, not
foresight, [melee skills] squares (unlike SPEED) in the format 7’/4’. These values as-
sume a 10’ run-up. From a standing start, they are halved.
bravery, concentration,
conviction, discipline,
Your horizontal jump is equal to twice your AGI
MENTAL DEFENCE leadership, meditation, attribute in feet. Your vertical jump is equal to your STR
psychology, religion, attribute in feet, but cannot exceed your horizontal jump.
rulership Jumps exceeding these figures require attribute checks
equal to the number of feet jumped horizontally or three
Vital Defence resistance, fortitude times the number of feet jumped vertically.

For each attribute and each skill, record the derived dice Carry
pool on your character sheet. These are noted on the char- Your basic carry increment is equal to STR + END mul-
acter worksheet for convenience. They are as follows: tiplied by 10. Record the value in pounds. If you have the
carry skill, you may add this (the raw value, not the dice
pool) before the multiplier. Each carry increment inflicts a
Dice Pools -1d6 penalty to physical attribute checks and -1 to SPEED.
1-2 3-5 6-9 10-14 15-20 21-27
1d6 2d6 3d6 4d6 5d6 6d6
Initiative measures how quickly you can react in combat
situations. It is equal to your INT dice pool. You may also
The actual attribute scores are not needed during play; add your tactics or reactions dice pools.
you need only refer to the dice pools. The attribute scores
are used during character creation to provide an expand-
ing granular scale to attribute development.
You have four DEFENCE scores – MELEE DEFENCE,
DEFENCE. All four scores have a minimum value of 10.
Health is a mixture of physical and mental stamina. Roll These scores are pre-calculated dice pools; because they
an END dice pool, a WIL dice pool. If you have the hardy are used frequently, the average value is used and noted
skill, you may roll that also. Record the total as your on your character sheet. For each score, form a dice pool
HEALTH. If the total is less than 10, then increase your consisting of attribute, skill, and equipment, as normal
HEALTH to 10. When you are hit, you take damage; when (and subject to the normal dice pool limit). Use the follow-
you reach 0 HEALTH you are unconscious. ing elements to form the dice pool:

ATTRIBUTE (USE ONE) Adjust the final score according to your SIZE.
» For MELEE DEFENCE use the highest of your
Tiny Small Medium Large Enormous Gigantic Colossal
STR and AGI.
» For RANGED DEFENCE use your AGI. +4 +2 +0 -4 -8 -16 -32

» For MENTAL DEFENCE use the highest of WIL

and CHA. The minimum value is 10.
» For VITAL DEFENCE use your END. Finally, adjust MELEE and RANGED DEFENCE for shields
and armour.
Small shields give +1, medium shields +2, and large
» For MELEE and RANGED DEFENCE, you may use shields +3.
acrobatics, dodging or foresight. Medium armour inflicts a -2 penalty, and heavy armour
» For MENTAL DEFENCE you may use concentra- a -4 penalty. Light armour inflicts no penalty.
tion or meditation.
» Skill with a melee weapon or unarmed combat ap- Small shield +1
plies to MELEE DEFENCE, but not ranged attacks.
Medium shield +2
» For VITAL DEFENCE you may use fortitude, resis-
Large shield +3
tance or survival.
Light armour +0
» If you double move in a round, you may use run-
ning for DEFENCE for that round only. Medium armour -2
Heavy armour -4
» For MELEE DEFENCE, the quality of your weapon
or shield can be used in your dice pool (although CAREERS & DEFENSIVE SKILLS
you cannot benefit from more equipment quality As noted earlier, any time you take a career skill you may
dice than skill dice; see page 123). take a DEFENCE skill instead. These are not specifically
» For RANGED DEFENCE, the quality of your armour called out in the careers, but all DEFENCE skills are always
or shield can be used (again, you cannot benefit available to all careers.
from more equipment quality dice than skill dice). The following skills (remember anything can be a skill -
feel free to invent your own!) are defensive skills:
Having formed your DEFENCE and MENTAL DEFENCE
dice pool(s), consult the following table to determine the
corresponding static score. This is an average roll of the MELEE/RANGED
Acrobatics, Dodging, Foresight
dice pool, and is used to speed up play (you could, theo-
retically, roll it as an opposed check each time). bravery, concentration,
MENTAL conviction, discipline, leadership,
DEFENCE meditation, psychology, religion,
The value below is the size of your dice pool multiplied by rulership
an average roll of 3.5, rounded up. Remember that the dice
pool itself is capped by your grade, so for a starting grade 5 Fortitude, Resistence, survival
character, the maximum dice pool is 5d6, resulting in a score
of 18. Adjustments for size, etc., are applied after the cap.
Additionally, melee skills like boxing or swords (if armed
with a sword) apply to DEFENCE against melee attacks (as
Pool 1d6 2d6 3d6 4d6 5d6 6d6 7d6 8d6 9d6 does weapon quality), but not against ranged attacks. You
need to train to increase DEFENCE; otherwise you will get
DEF. 4 7 11 14 18 21 25 28 32 hit a lot. It is as important as training in weapons. You should
aim to get your DEFENCE pool to at least 4d6 if possible.

Requisition Caps. Judge characters do not need money. Like all exploits, psionic exploits are available to anybody
They are provided all their equipment by the Justice who qualifies for them.
Department. However, they should still make the above roll.
Some psionic careers offer a number of psionic exploits in
Instead of representing cash, this represents the value of
the form of career exploits. In some cases, these same ex-
gear they can requisition at any given time. When leaving for
a mission, they may “spend” this amount on additional items ploits are also available below as universal exploits; in other
which are returned when they next check in to headquarters. cases they are unique to that career or superior to the uni-
Note that Judges gain a Lawmaster, Lawgiver, daystick, versal version. This enables certain careers to gain certain
boot knife, uniform and helmet, handcuffs, and birdie for psionic abilities without having to meet the same prerequi-
free. Med Judges also get a free medikit and Tek Judges get sites that those accessing them via universal exploits do.
a free engineering toolkit. Checks and attacks. Most psionic powers operate auto-
For perp and citizen characters roll your total CREDITS in matically, with no attribute check being required. However,
d6s based on your REP dice pool and multiply this by 20. You if a psionic power affects an unwilling target or creature,
may also add your LUC dice pool before the multiplication. If a PSI vs. RANGED, MELEE, VITAL or MENTAL DEFENCE at-
the final total is less than 100cr, increase your starting money tack is always required.
to 100cr. You should now peruse the Equipment chapter and
Skills. Exploits are divided into categories (biopsionics,
purchase weapons, armour and other equipment for your
character. Record this on your character sheet. clairsentience, clairvoyance, ergokinesis, metapsionics, teleki-
nesis, telepathy and teleportation), each of which is a psionic
ATTACKS skill which can be learned and applied to dice pools as normal.
Finally, note down your attacks. You should have two or Cost. The cost in psionic energy points (PP) to use a
three, depending on your equipment. The first is an unarmed power is equal to the PSI score prerequisite. Thus, if a pow-
attack (boxing, brawling, martial arts, wrestling, depending on er has a prerequisite of PSI 6 it also costs 6 PP to use.
skills) and the others might be a melee and a ranged weapon. Boosting. Psionic exploits are often more powerful the
An attack is recorded in this format: more psionic energy points (PP) you use. Many powers
Laser pistol 3d6 (2d6+2 heat damage; range 12; notes) indicate that numerical elements such as range or damage
The first value (3d6 in the example) is your attack roll. are dependent on the amount of power used. You cannot
This is a dice pool formed as normal from attribute + spend more psionic energy points per turn than the value
skill + equipment. of your PSI attribute. A character with a PSI attribute of 10
Melee attacks use STR or AGI. cannot spend more than 10 PP per turn.

Ranged attacks use AGI or INT. Some psionic exploits allow you to boost more than one
numerical element. To boost both of these additional PP
The damage value, range, and any notes are found in the
have to be spent for each of them.
weapon’s entry in the Equipment chapter (p. 88).
Maintenance. Powers which last until your next turn can
Unarmed damage is 1d6 plus the number of dice in your
STRENGTH dice pool for size Medium and smaller crea- be maintained continuously by spending an action each
tures, plus 1d6 for each size category above Medium. For round. If the power requires an attack roll, then this must
example, a medium sized human with STR 4 does 1d6+2 be made each round unless otherwise stated. The power
unarmed damage, and a large mutant with STR 10 does cost must be paid every round.
2d6+4 unarmed damage. Power. Roll your PSI dice pool and your WIL dice pool and
add the two together. You have a pool of psionic energy
Size Unarmed Damage points (PP) equal to this roll. If your PSI or WIL dice pools
Small - Medium 1d6 increase, roll the extra die and add it to your pool. Once a day
you may meditate to recover PP equal to a WIL check.
Large 2d6
The following exploits are universal exploits and require
Enormous 3d6
a single action to use unless otherwise noted.

Psychic Healing (requires PSI 6). You can
heal 1d6 per HEALTH by touch, +1d6 per extra
6 PP you spend. Any given creature can only
benefit from this power once per day.
Psychic Leap (requires AGI 6, PSI 6). You
channel your psionic energy into a mighty leap into
the air. You leap up to 3’ vertically, + 3’ per addition-
al PP you spend, and up to 5’ per PSI horizontally.
Psychic Resuscitation (requires PSI 6).
You may stabilize a dying creature by touch by
spending two actions.

// Clairsentience
Hypercognition (requires PSI 8). When you use
this power everything appears to slow down for
you. For 1 round, +1 round per extra 4 PP you spend,
you gain an extra action each round. Using this pow-
er is a free action.
Necrophony (requires CHA 6, PSI 10). You are able
to ask questions of a dead creature. You must be able to
touch the corpse and it must have died within one hour, +1
hour per extra PP you spend. You may ask it a single ques-
tion, which it will answer to the best of its knowledge.
Combat Precognition (requires PSI 4). Your natural
precognition gives you a +1d6 bonus to INITIATIVE checks,
+1d6 per extra 4 PP you spend, as well as checks to access
the ambush turn. This does not cost an action, and the PP
are spent when the INITIATIVE check is made.
Retrocognition (requires PSI 12). You can see into the
past up to 1 hour ago, +1 hour per extra 2PP you spend, un-
til your next turn. Your view is of your current location as
though you were there at the time.

// Clairvoyance
Clairaudence (requires INT 4, PSI 4). You can hear a
location you have seen before until your next turn. You
hear it as though you were physically present.
// Biopsionics
Adrenal Dash (requires PSI 4). You use psionic energy Clairvoyance (requires INT 6, PSI 6). You can see
to gain a burst of speed, dashing up to twice your SPEED. and hear a location you have seen before until your next
turn. You see it as though you were physically present,
Adrenalise (requires PSI 4). You can channel positive
and do not gain additional sight powers (so if it is dark
energy into somebody, granting them a +1d6 die bonus, +1d6 there, you do not gain darksight).
per additional 4 PP you spend, to all physical attribute checks
for one minute. This process is draining, however, and causes // Ergokinesis
you 1d6 psionic damage for each 1d6 bonus you grant. Cryokinesis (requires PSI 6). You freeze a creature or
Biofeedback (requires PSI 4). You psychically harden object you can touch, doing 1d6 damage, +1d6 per extra 2 PP
your skin, gaining SOAK 1, +1 per additional PP you spend, you spend. Water freezes solid, and size medium or smaller
until your next turn. creatures become slowed until they shake the condition off.

Cryrokinetic Blast (requires END 6, PSI 6; // Telekinesis
Cryokinesis). You blast an opponent with a range in- Flight (requires PSI 10, AGI 8; Levitation). As
crement of 10 with an icy cold wind. Make a PSI vs. Levitation, but you can also move horizontally.
DEFENCE attack; if you succeed, you do 1d6 cold dam-
Psychokinesis (requires PSI 9; Telekinesis). Your tel-
age, +1d6 per additional 2 PP you spend.
ekinetic control is so refined that you can effectively take
Electrokinetic Blast (requires INT 6, PSI 6). You blast an any action or make any attribute check that you would
opponent with a range increment of 10 with a bolt of focused normally be able to do were you standing next to the tar-
electricity. Make a PSI vs. DEFENCE attack; if you succeed you get from a distance of 5’, +5’ per additional PP you spend.
do 1d6 electricity damage, +1d6 per additional 2 PP you spend.
Levitation (requires PSI 8; Telekinesis). You telekinetically
Electrokinetic Fork (requires PSI 10). You let loose a 5’ lift yourself off the ground until your next turn. You can only
cone of crackling, forked electricity, which increases by 5’ move directly up and down, and may do so at a speed of 5’, +5’
per extra 2 PP used. Make a PSI vs. DEFENCE attack against per additional 2 PP you spend. If the power fails, or you do not
each creature in the area; if you succeed, you do 1d6 elec- maintain it, you fall from whatever height you are currently at.
tricity damage, +1d6 per additional 2 PP you spend.
Summon (requires PSI 4). You can telekinetically call a
Pyrokinestic Burst (requires END 8, PSI 12). You let loose
Small or smaller object within 5’, +5’ per additional 2 PP you
a burst of fire in all directions. Any creature or object within 5’,
spend, to your hand by using two actions. If the object is held
increasing by an extra 5’ per additional 4 PP used of you takes
by someone else, it will require an opposed PSI vs. STR check.
1d6 fire damage, +1d6 per additional 6 PP you spend.
Pyrokinetic Blast (requires AGI 6, PSI 6). You blast an Telekinesis (requires PSI 5; Summon). You can freely
opponent with a range increment of 10 with a cascade of telekinetically move and manipulate single objects of size
fire. Make a PSI vs. DEFENCE attack; if you succeed you do Small or smaller within 5’ of you, +5’ per additional 1 PP you
1d6 fire damage, +1d6 per additional 2 PP you spend. spend. You may only manipulate one such object at a time.
Telekinetic Shield (requires PSI 4). You gain +3
// Metapsionics DEFENCE with an additional +1 per additional 4 PP you
Cannibalise (requires END 6). You are able to recover spend, from the telekinetic shield until your next turn.
psionic energy by drawing from your body’s other energy re-
serves. Choose any number of d6s and roll them; you gain that // Telepathy
much psionic energy, but take the same amount of damage. Empathy (requires PSI 2). You can automatically sense
Fast Recovery You recover twice as much psionic energy strong emotions in others within 30’. No action is required.
during your daily meditation. This acts as a trait and simply Mind Control (requires PSI 16; Psychic Suggestion).
modifies your psionic recovery with no action required. You control another being within 5’, +5’ per additional
Mind Shield (requires WIL 6, PSI 6). You shield your PP you spend, until your next turn by making a PSI vs.
mind from psionic intrusion, gaining +10 MENTAL DEFENCE MENTAL DEFENCE attack. The creature will act as you di-
until your next turn, +1 per additional 5 PP you spend. rect; however it will not perform an action which causes it
harm. If you spend an action to maintain this control over
Sense Psionics (requires PSI 2). You can sense the multiple turns, it lasts 1 round per PP.
presence of psionics within 20’ of you, +5’ per additional
Mindprobe (requires PSI 12; Mindread). As Mindread, but
2 PP you spend.
you gain access to inner thoughts and secrets. This technique
Shield Other (requires WIL 8, PSI 8; Mind Shield). You is painful to the target, who takes 1d6 psychic damage.
shield another’s mind within 10’ of you, granting them +8 Mindread (requires PSI 10; Empathy). This invasive
MENTAL DEFENCE until your next turn, with an additional technique enables you to read another’s mind. Make a PSI
+1 per additional 4 PP you spend. vs. MENTAL DEFENCE attack against a target within 1’, +1’
Suppression. You are able to weaken the psionic pow- per additional PP you spend. If you succeed, you are able
er of a target you can see. Choose any number of PSI to read uppermost thoughts until your next turn.
points; both yours and your target’s PSI attribute are Mindwipe (requires PSI 14; Psychic Suggestion). You
reduced by that amount until your next turn if you make are able to erase your target’s memory for up to 1 hour per
a successful PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENCE attack. PP. Make a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENCE attack.
Mind Fortress (requires WIL 8, PSI 10; Shield Other). Perception Filter (requires PSI 5). You render yourself
As Shield Other, but it affects everyone you choose hard to notice with a telepathic effect which causes others to
within 2’ of you, +2’ per additional PP you spend. They simply ignore you. Perception filters work automatically on
must remain within that distance to stay protected. those with an INT attribute of less than your PSI score, while

more intuitive creatures will notice you immediately. If you Teleport (requires PSI 16; Dimensional Step). You teleport
make an attack, the effect ends immediately. Creatures aware any distance up to 1AU to a location you have physically seen,
of you cannot thereafter be affected by the perception filter. not including locations seen by remote viewing devices.
Psi-blast (requires PSI 2). You can use an action and make
a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENCE attack to blast an opponent with
a mental burst which does 1d6 psychic damage, +1d6 per addi-
tional 2 PP you spend, and has a range increment of 10. Throughout a campaign, characters will advance. They gain
or improve skills, acquire new exploits and increase attributes.
Psychic Cone (requires PSI 8; Psi-Blast). You pro-
Characters have two ‘currencies’ to spend on advancement.
ject a 5’ per PP cone of psychic energy which causes
1d6 psychic damage to all in the area of effect, +1d6 Time. A character can take a new career grade by spending
per additional 4 PP you spend. the required time (usually 1d6 years, but the career itself will
provide specific information). This type of advancement re-
Psychic Suggestion (requires PSI 8; Telepathic Message).
quires downtime – periods in which a character’s activities take
You can momentarily influence the thoughts and actions of
place in the background - and it advances a character’s age. If
another creature within 5’, +5’ per additional PP you spend, by
time is spent, no experience points expenditure is needed.
making a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENCE check. On a success, the
creature will perform one action as directed by you; however it Characters can always spend more than the minimum
will not perform an action which causes it harm. time indicated - the indicated time is an optimum ad-
venturer hero progression. Additionally, NPCs may take
Telepathic Message (requires PSI 4; Empathy). You
much longer to progress; it is not unusual to see old
develop the ability to freely send short telepathic mes-
NPCs with only a few career ranks.
sages to other intelligent creatures with whom you have
spent time. This is a free action.
// Experience points
// Teleportation The Game Master awards experience points (XP) for over-
Blink (requires PSI 10, AGI 8; Dimensional Step). As coming challenges, defeating enemies and completing mile-
a reaction to an attack, you may instantly teleport up to stones. These XP can be spent on new career grades. The XP
10’ to avoid it. This grants you a +10 DEFENCE bonus and cost of a career grade is equal to 10 times the new grade – de-
moves you to any location within 10’. duct the XP from the character’s total when he spends them.
If XP are spent, no time expenditure is needed.
Dimensional Step (requires PSI 10). You teleport
up to 10’ away, +10’ per additional 4 PP you spend, to a Advancements are accessed via career grades, and
location within sight. contextualize any given improvement.

Attribute Advancement
The core advancement assumption is that you need to de-
1 3
feat or overcome 10 encounters of Medium difficulty to ad-
2 6 vance to the next grade. The XP requirement for each grade
3 9 is equal to ten times the next grade. For a Medium difficulty
4 12 encounter characters gain XP equal to their own grade.
5 15 The Game Master evaluates how difficult the players
found the encounter and awards XP accordingly. Round
6 18
down when calculating half grade values.
7 21
8 24 Difficulty Slow Fast
9 27 Trivial 0 No XP

10 30 Easy 2 Half grade (round down)

11 33
Medium 5 Equal to grade
12 36
Hard 10 Two times grade
13 39
Extremely hard 15 Three times grade
14 42

Game Masters are free to set different advancement AGE
rates. Changing the speed of character advancement can
affect the tone of a campaign, and the Game Master should Each character’s age should be tracked. Characters
be sure to inform the players before play what the cam- are categorized as young, adult or old. For more infor-
paign’s advancement rate is. To set a different advancement mation see the aging rules.
rate, simply increase or decrease the cost of a new career Once a character reaches old age their physical attrib-
grade from 10 XP per grade to a higher or lower value.
utes (STR, AGI, END) can no longer be increased by non-
supernatural, non-technological means. Career advances
PLANNING which would normally increase those attributes no longer
If the Player Characters research and plan to the extent do so and incremental increases to those attributes can no
where they make a supposedly difficult encounter into
longer be purchased.
easier encounter by virtue of their preparations and fore-
thought, they are awarded XP for an encounter level higher
(e.g. an encounter which turned out to be Easy because of
good planning becomes a Medium encounter for the pur-
poses of XP awards). XP awards for good planning requires
the Game Master’s discretion and ensures that players are
not penalised for thinking their way around a problem.

The Game Master awards XP for completing major storyline
milestones. Milestones are major non-combat challenges or
obstacles which have required substantial effort to overcome
on the part of the characters. This award is equal to the char-
acter’s existing grade (the same as for a Medium encounter).
A grade 5 character, therefore, receives 5 XP for completing
a milestone. Milestones are fairly arbitrary but a good guide-
line is to include one in every session of play.

Sometimes a character increases just her STR attribute
by working out, or just her pistols skill at the shooting
range. To do this, the character needs to spend XP. The
cost of the increase is equal to three times the new score
– so an increase from 9 to 10 STR costs 30 XP, while an
increase from rank 2 to rank 3 in pistols costs 9 XP. The XP
is deducted from the character’s total XP.
A universal exploit (but not a career exploit) can be pur-
chased for half the price of a new grade.
You cannot spent time to make incremental advances;
you must spend XP. Only full career grades can be pur-
chased with time. Incremental advances take place in
the background at the same time as regular activity, and
are assumed to have involved current and prior training.
Therefore a character gains the benefit of an incremental
advance immediately upon spending the XP.
Incremental advances are not as cost effective as ca-
reer grades, but they allow for fine tuning and granular
advancement. Note, however, that a character’s maximum
dice pool is always based on his overall grade, so incre-
mental advancements should always be viewed as a sup-
plementary advancement method.

Typical point values & advancement cost
Attribute Max Dice
Grade Skill Ranks Exploits XP Cost Total XP*
Points Pool
0 24 3 2 3d6 0 0
1 28 5 3 3d6 10 10
2 32 7 4 3d6 20 30
3 36 9 5 3d6 30 60
4 40 11 6 4d6 40 100
5 44 13 7 5d6 50 150
6 48 15 8 6d6 60 210
7 52 17 9 6d6 70 280
8 56 19 10 7d6 80 360
9 60 21 11 7d6 90 450
10 64 23 12 7d6 100 550
11 68 25 13 8d6 110 660
12 72 27 14 8d6 120 780
13 76 29 15 8d6 130 910
14 80 31 16 8d6 140 1050
15 84 33 17 9d6 150 1200
16 88 35 18 9d6 160 1360
17 92 37 19 9d6 170 1530
18 96 39 20 9d6 180 1710
19 100 41 21 9d6 190 1900
20 104 43 22 10d6 200 2100
*cumulative total of spent XP to reach this grade


Or not. The first
Having lost his previous choice Sylvester
Player Character Judge in makes is for Judge
a rather dramatic fashion, Halsey to be a clone.
Sylvester decides he
wants to try a slightly
different character as his
replacement. He chooses
to play a Med Judge, since
the other major roles
are already present in the
party (Street, Tek and Psi
Judges). And so Judge
Clayton Halsey is born… Being a clone Judge Halsey gains
+1 to the following attributes:

He has three skills

available from the
[developmental] and
Sylvester then gains the [physical] lists.
Ingrained Skill Package
and Fast Healing as his
initial exploits.
He chooses
insight and running.

e s : S TR 4 ; AGI 4; END UC 3;
Attribut ;L
IL 4; CHA 3
From the
Ingrained Skill
; L O G 4 ; W
Package exploit INT 4
0 tion Sylvester then decides on his
Sylvester must
choose from REP 0; PSI 1, chemistry 1, concentra g 1 new character’s hook: Judge
y in
Skills: biolog ight 1, psychology 1, runn
Halsey is a clone Med Judge
the [academic], who always tries to impress.
1, genetics 1, in Healing, Ingrained Skill
[combat] and
[physical] lists.
Exploits: Fa
He adds ranks in Package Before his first
Career choice
biology, chemistry,
genetics and Judge Halsey
psychology. has these abilities.

Sylvester chooses
law and perception.

As his character is to be The solitary exploit

a Judge his first Career available is Academy
choice has to be Cadet. of Law Curriculum.
This represents the First of all his
years of education and STR, END, WIL and
training from a young age LOG attributes all He then chooses two Halsey gains
at the Academy of Law. increase by 11. skills from clubs, additional ranks in
conviction, intuition, clubs, law, light
law, light armour, armour, pistols
and riding.
perception, pistols,
riding and tactics.
e s : S T R 5 ; AGI 4; END 3; REP
; W I L 5 ; C HA 3; LUC For his next two careers Sylvester
INT 4; LOG has to choose two advanced Academy
of Law courses.
0; PSI 0 h e m is t r y 1, concentrat
y 1, c
After his Skills: biolog s 1, insight 1, law 2, light 1, As he wishes to This adds +1 to his
tic gy
1, clubs 1, gene ption 1, pistols 1, psycholo
first Career, INT, LOG, WIL and
Sylvester’s be a Med Judge,
rce he naturally CHA attributes. He
now looks armour 1, pe decides that chooses to add both
g1 , insight and medicine
running 1, ridin emy of Law Curriculum
like this! Trauma First
Aid is what he as additional
Exploits: Ac ngrained Skill Package
needs most. skills from those
Fast Healing
Finally he Judge Halsey now
INT 5; s: STR 5; AGI
L 4;
0; PSI 0 OG 6; WIL 6; CH END 5;
chooses the looks like this!
On Your Feet!
exploit. A 4; LUC
Skills: bio 3; REP
logy 1, ch
1, clubs 1, emistry
g 1, c
armour enetics 1, insight oncentration
1, medicine 2, law 2,
psycholog 1, lig
y 1, runnin perception 1, pist ht
Exploits g ols 1,
: Academ 1, riding 1
Fast He y of Law
ali C
Your Fe ng, Ingrained Skil urriculum,
et! l Packag
e, On
Wishing to maximise
his potential as
This time he adds to his
medicine and perception INT 6; s: STR 5; AGI
LO 4;
a Med Judge, skills. Finally he adds 0; PSI 0 G 7; WIL 7; CH END 5;
Sylvester again the Emergency Trauma A 5; LUC
chooses the Procedures exploit. Skills: bio 3; REP
Trauma First Aid logy 1, ch
1, clubs 1, em
advanced course. genetics istry 1, concent
armour 1, r
Halsey now 1, medicine insight 2, law 2 ation
psycholog 2 , lig
has these y 1, runnin , perception 2, pis ht
abilities. Exploits g tols 1,
: Academ 1, riding 1
Emergenc y of Law C
Healing, I Trauma Proced urriculum,
n ur
Feet! grained Skill Pack es, Fast
age, On Y

s : S T R 5 ; A GI 5; END ; REP
Attribute UC 4
7; CHA 5; L
Judge Halsey Judge
then takes the
O G 7 ; W I L Halsey now
Rookie Career. INT 7; L has these

1; PSI 0 m is t r y 1, c o ncentration abilities.

Finally y 1, che t
he adds Skills: biolog s 1, insight 2, law 3, ligh 1,
tic ls
the Only
Knocked 1, clubs 1, gene ine 2, perception 3, pisto Ready to
armour 1, me ing 1, riding 1
hit the
Out exploit streets
runn ,
psychology 1, emy of Law Curriculum
to round Judge
off this Halsey,
A c a d Fast
Exploits: u m a Procedures, our naturally
y T r a enough,
This boosts his INT, AGI, LUC and
in e d S k il l P a ckage, On Y takes
REP by one each. He also decides to Healing, Ingr cked Out the Med
Feet!, Only
increase both his law and perception
skills from those available. Career.

Sylvester can complete his character by

calculating the various derived statistics
The END, INT, WIL and such as movement rates and DEFENCE
LOG attributes all values. As a Med Judge he has a standard
increase by 1 and he set of equipment which is noted on his
chooses medicine and character sheet. After his final starting
law from the available Career Judge Halsey now looks like this:
skills. He also gains
the Exceptional
Healing Hands exploit.

Attributes: STR 5; AGI 5; END 6;

Sylvester feels INT 8; LOG 8; WIL 8; CHA 5; LUC 4; REP
certain that this will
be very useful on the 1; PSI 0
dangerous streets of Skills: biology 1, chemistry 1, concentration
Mega-City One.
1, clubs 1, genetics 1, insight 2, law 4, light
armour 1, medicine 3, perception 3, pistols 1,
With the With the Looking at his three
careers now character highest statistics he
psychology 1, running 1, riding 1
finished Judge now almost chooses WIL and rolls Exploits: Academy of Law Curriculum, Aim,
Halsey gains complete a d6, getting a 3.
two additional Sylvester Checking the trait table Emergency Trauma Procedures, Exceptional
exploits. He now has to he finds that Halsey
decides to determine which has the Stoic trait,
Healing Hands, Fast Healing, Ingrained Skill
choose Aim and trait Judge something that will help Package, On Your Feet!, Only Knocked Out,
then Reckless Halsey has. to keep him alive.
Act from the Restless Act
list of possible
Trait: Stoic
Judge Jessica
Morris started
strapping on her Next she got out her
shoulder pads. belt and began going One-by-one she
through it; she worked examined every
through each pouch piece of equipment
in turn, ensuring to see if there was
everything she needed anything missing or
Left, was there. some damage that
then might cause it to
right. fail in the field.
Birdie lie Handcuffs
detector - - check.
One of the
Silencer bleepers had
She always kept
Spare ammunition for - check. a nick in its
to the same
her lawgiver - check. casing, Morris
routine - first
put it aside.
her uniform
She would need
went on over her
Stumm grenades, pollution meter, to go to stores
underwear, then
pass-card, flashlight - check. to requisition a
the padding.

Once she was She picked up

satisfied she the loaded Then her bootknife
put the belt ammunition and daystick.
around her clips, double
waist and checking each
moved on. in turn.
Finally the
helmet. She
gave the
She took out reflection in
Her badge
her Lawgiver All were the locker’s
clipped into
from the as they mirror a
locker and should quick once
double- be; she over to
checked it. fed them ensure
Her boots into her she looked
slipped over gun then ready for
her feet. Everything slid the duty before
was fine. weapon she walked
into its towards the
holster. motor pool.

Then she went through Having satisfied

the same routine for herself she
her Lawmaster bike. Today was no went to stores,
different but picking up a
still she still replacement
always checked. bleeper.
everything was
working okay. If she was
ever let
down by her
That every bit of equipment was stowed she knew she She handed
away and in good order. It all was - could end in the faulty
the teks in the motor pool knew their up losing one to an
job well and always were thorough her life out auxiliary so
and efficient. there on the they would
streets. check and
repair it.

Morris nodded at a
few of the others
Her day was
Other Judges from and exchanged some
less than an
her watch were small talk as she
hour old and
there as well. walked towards the
her watch
briefing room.
her routine was was about to
not her own. begin…

Every day in the Academy they

had taught them that a Judge
who failed to ensure her Example Salaries
equipment was fit for duty was The examples below are for reference only; most citizens will be on welfare.
unfit for duty herself.
Player Characters will typically not have a monthly salary - they earn their credits
during play. An NPC will usually only carry 5% of his monthly salary on their person,
A character’s skills and attributes and have access to an amount equal to their monthly salary in the form of savings.
are only part of the full story. On top
of all that, characters need equip- Occupation REP Monthly Yearly Carry
ment. Most characters outfit them- Bank teller, tourist guide, admin 2 (1d6) 950 11,400 50
selves with weapons, armour and CEO, medium company 15 (5d6) 16,500 198,000 825
other supplementary gear. Cleaner, fast-food server 1 (1d6) 500 6,000 25

In this chapter you will find details Factory labour, cargo handler 3 2d6) 1,500 18,000 75

on spit guns, lawgivers, birdie lie detec- Reporter, local network 4 (2d6) 1,800 21,600 90

tors, medkits, vehicles and many other Scientist, lab technician 3 (2d6) 1,500 18,000 75

items from the world of Judge Dredd. Scientist, team leader 5 (2d6) 2,500 30,000 125

In addition there are rules on drugs, Security guard, private 2 (1d6) 1,000 12,000 50

cybernetics, equipment quality and de- Waitress, retail clerk, cab driver 1 (1d6) 800 9,600 40

tails on how to upgrade or customise Welfare 1 (1d6) 400 4,800 20

equipment, weapons and armour.

wealth is a function of his REPUTATION attribute, an at-
STARTING MONEY tribute which encompasses credit ratings, assets and other
All Judges have a set amount of equipment assigned to measures of wealth (as well as fame, rank, notoriety and
them for patrol. This may vary depending on their speciali- other less quantifiable factors).
sation, but every Street Judge on patrol will start the day To determine a character’s starting money, roll a REP
with almost exactly the same set of equipment as every dice pool and a LUC dice pool and multiply the total by
other Street Judge (Lawgiver, Lawmaster, daystick, boot 20. If the total comes to less than 100cr, increase it to
knife, uniform & helmet, handcuffs and birdie). The only 100cr. You may spend this starting cash on equipment,
exceptions to this are if they have some special duty or weapons, armour and other gear.
investigation they need something extra for.
Requisition Cap. Every judge has a Requisition Cap which EQUIPMENT, SKILLS, & QUALITY
allows them to use additional gear supplied by Justice Throughout this chapter, prices and information are
Central. This is determined in the same way as a non-Judge’s presented for the basic or standard version of each item
starting money (see below) but does not represent actual of equipment, whether that is a pair of binoculars, a laser
cash. Instead, a Judge may “spend” this amount at the quar- rifle or a suit of clothing.
termaster when leaving Justice Central. This equipment is Sometimes equipment is of a higher quality. Such items
handed back when they return, so a Judge can requisition are more expensive, but grant the user bonuses to attribute
different gear for each mission up to their Requisition Cap. checks made while using them. Equipment contributes to
Every other character’s starting assets need to be deter- a dice pool if it is of high quality or greater. Performing the
mined before any cash is spent on equipment. A character’s action already assumes you are using appropriate basic tools.

Wealth & Credits Improvised Equipment
In Judge Dredd games the standard unit of Standard quality equipment allows you
currency is the credit (denoted as “cr”). Large to perform an action without suffering any
purchases (starships and the like) are sometimes penalty for improvisation.
priced in Megacredits (Mcr), each of which is equal If you do not have basic equipment, you can
often still attempt an action by improvising. For
to one thousand credits.
example, lacking lockpicks, you might try to use
The credit is a basic unit of currency in Mega- a wire hanger as a lockpick. When improvising
City One. The unit of currency for interplanetary you suffer a penalty of -2d6 to your dice pool.
trade is the Galactic Groat.
Depending on career choices, a starting character This same rule applies in combat. When trying to attack
typically begins play with 200-1,000cr to spend somebody, the character rolls a dice pool made up of an
on equipment - enough to buy a basic weapon, attribute, a skill, and sometimes equipment bonuses. When
armour and a couple of items of equipment. Some Anna Patchy fires her laser pistol at a rival punk she nor-
careers also grant free bonus starting items to the mally rolls 4d6, which includes her attribute and her skill.
character. If she picks up a high quality laser pistol, the number of
Typical monthly salaries (as a point of comparison) dice she rolls increases to 5d6.
can be 500cr (for the lowest paid jobs) to 2,250cr An item cannot change quality or be upgraded to a
for an average middle-management style occupation. higher quality.
The table below details the various quality levels.
Standard equipment does not contribute to the dice Dice Pool. This indicates the contribution to a dice pool that
pool; it merely allows you to perform the action without high quality equipment grants (subject to minimum skill limits).
suffering any penalties for improvised equipment. For Rarity. This is an indication of how common high
example, a rifle allows you to shoot somebody, a lockpick quality equipment is.
allows you to pick a lock and a medical kit allows you to Minimum Skill. Effective equipment quality is limited
perform emergency medical aid. by skill level – you cannot gain more dice in your dice pool
from equipment than you have from skills. If you have 2d6
To gain an equipment bonus, you need high quality equip- in your dice pool from your lockpicking skill, you cannot
ment or better. A high quality laser sword gives you +1d6 to gain an additional 3d6 from mastercraft lockpicks.
your attack dice pool, a high quality lockpick gives you +1d6 Q This applies to all equipment, including gear, weapons,
to your AGI dice pool when picking a lock and so on. and armour. If the user does not have the minimum skill level
You can also improvise equipment if you do not have required to benefit from equipment’s quality, then the quality
of the equipment is effectively reduced to match the user’s
the right tools available. This inflicts a -2d6 penalty to skill level. For example, a character with 3 ranks (2d6; skilled)
your dice pool. You can use a hairpin to pick a lock, but in light armour treats artisanal light armour as exceptional
that is an improvised item. and only gains the benefits of exceptional light armour.

Dice Minimum
Quality Price Rarity Upgrades Armour Vehicle
Pool Skill

Improvised - - -2d6 - - - -

Standard Normal Common - - - - -

1 (1d6;
High quality x3 then +100 Uncommon +1d6 +1 +2 SOAK +1 SPEED
x5 then 3 (2d6;
Exceptional Rare +2d6 +1 +4 SOAK +2 SPEED
+250 skilled)
x10 then 6 (3d6;
Mastercraft Very rare +3d6 +2 +6 SOAK +3 SPEED
+500 expert)
x100 then 10 (4d6;
Artisanal Very rare +4d6 +2 + +8 SOAK +5 SPEED
+1,000 mastery)
x1,000 then 15 (5d6;
Legendary Unique +5d6 +3 +10 SOAK +10 SPEED
+2,500 authority)

Upgrades. Weapons and armour can be upgraded, add- specialist stores which keep accurate records of their custom-
ing new features. The upgrade capacity is given by its size ers. They can also be found in outlets who may sell them under
(for weapons) or type (for armour). Higher quality weap- the counter, running the risk of judicial attention. For many
ons and armour gain additional upgrade slots. items, such as weapons, ownership without a licence will result
Armour. High quality armour gains a SOAK bonus. in an iso-cube sentence. For some, such as for goldfish, the
penalty will be a fine and a requirement to purchase the rel-
Vehicle. High quality vehicles gain a SPEED bonus.
evant license then and there from the officiating Judge.
// Availability Proscribed. These items are banned by Justice
Every item is listed along with an availability code and Department for one of a number of reasons. Usually it is
some have a date from which they become available. either because they are too dangerous in the hands of citi-
These codes indicate the legality of items and whether or zens or there are health and safety considerations.
not they are freely available in the city. The codes are: Military. Weapons and equipment that are designed for
Legal. These items can be found in relevant retail outlets military use are proscribed. Citi-Def units are legally al-
throughout the city. There are no restrictions to ownership. lowed to be equipped with them and trained in their use.
Restricted. These items require a licence of some sort in Judicial. These items of equipment can only be used
order to purchase and own them. They are legally available in by members of Justice Department or those who are
working as their agents. For anyone else there are stiff
Item Quality in Context penalties for possession.
Exceptional quality items are rare, and those of Alien. This technology is not available to buy and
mastercraft quality and above should seldom be even Judges will not have access to it. All such items
encountered in a campaign. Generally speaking, are automatically proscribed. There is no knowing what
characters should not be able to easily purchase will happen if ignorant citizens start fooling around with
items of higher than high quality, and those of such technologically advanced items!
mastercraft quality should require considerable
effort to obtain (also, given that they grant a +3d6 GENERAL GEAR
bonus to attribute checks, only characters with 6
or more ranks in a related skill will be able to fully General gear consists of a variety of basic, universal
benefit from them). Items of artisanal or legendary equipment types. The availability of general gear varies,
quality are items spoken of in awe and never seen with some items only available from less than legal sources.
by regular people. Acetylene torch. A device able to cut through metal and
In 20th to 21st century terms, as a point of powered by a single fuel cell. Settings allow for welding
comparison, a standard new automobile might or cutting metal. It can be used as an improvised (-2d6)
cost $20,000; a luxury car would be considered weapon which does 2d6 heat damage.
high quality at $60,000; a high-end sports car is Alarm sensor. An alarm sensor can be placed near a door-
exceptional at $100,000; mastercraft vehicles at way, or multiple sensors can be placed around the perimeter
$200,000 would include the average supercar. of an area. Each covers an area 30’ across. When the area is
Artisanal automobiles, therefore, are priced in the breached (they can be set to ignore certain people or species,
region of $2,000,000 - the very best cars in the and to distinguish by size category) they set off an alarm. The
world, such as the Bughatti Veyron in 2014 (also alarm can be audible or it can privately alert an individual.
in 2014, the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster cost It is a Difficult [16] check to detect an alarm sensor and the
around $4,000,000, and only nine were ever made), same difficulty to sneak past or disable it.
and legendary cars would be unique vehicles
worth something in the region of $20,000,000 - the
sort of vehicle only bought and sold in private Out of Time
auctions. Out of Time is an optional rule.
These real-world examples should give you an Characters operating equipment not from
idea of what the equipment quality categories their own era (archaic, modern, or future)
mean and help give a sense of perspective on suffer -1d6 to attribute checks.
what it means for a character to run around in This applies to futuristic characters using
an artisanal set of armour. archaic equipment or vice versa.

Bat glider suit. With bat gliding such a popular activity the Birdie. A small, portable lie detector. Used by Judges to
common bat glider suit is to be found for sale throughout the question suspects on the streets it provides a +1d6 bonus
city. A skilled user can remain aloft for considerable periods to any checks to detect whether someone is telling the
of time, riding the updrafts caused by the city blocks. truth or not. A birdie is far from infallible, but it is a useful
aid to Judge investigations. Many a perp has blurted out a
Beacon, emergency. A unit which, when activated,
confession when faced with a Judge using one of these.
broadcasts an emergency signal on multiple emergency fre-
quencies. Most beacons have a range of up to 1,000 miles, Bleeper. A tracking device used by Justice Department.
although some have a much shorter range. Emergency When activated it sends out a continuous signal, enabling
its location to be tracked by Justice Department out to a
beacons tend to be carried in civilian aircraft that fly long
range of 20 miles. It is attached to a vehicle or object us-
distances as well as military and Justice Department craft.
ing a powerful adhesive that makes the bleeper difficult to
Belliwheel. The belliwheel allows the extremely obese remove. Similar devices are available for sale and are of-
to move far quicker than would normally be the case. A ten used by private detectives, although users need to be
belliwheel will increase the speed of a fatty by 2; however licensed or they face arrest for their use.
some are so large that they require more than one belli- Boing® Cutters. Without these specialist tools it is al-
wheel just to be able to move. most impossible to safely remove an individual encased in
Binoculars. Binoculars enable the user to see long distanc- Boing®. Cutters are often carried in Justice Department
es; most are electronic, and can have enhancements which h-wagons to deal with criminal boingers who have found
enable larger ranges of the EM spectrum to be viewed. A themselves trapped within the substance.
standard pair enables scenes up to a mile distant to be seen Boing® Spray Can. In a single can there is enough
clearly. A high quality pair includes light-intensification which Boing®, the miracle spray, to encase a single individual in the
allows them to be used in the dark, and an exceptional quality substance. An individual so cocooned is nearly impervious
pair encompasses a wide spectrum from infra-red to X-rays. to harm and has the ability to bounce of any object they hit.
The use of Boing® is banned from use anywhere outside a
Palais de Boing with severe penalties for those using it else-
where. Anyone encased in Boing® gains a SOAK of 20 and
becomes immune to all falling damage (unfortunately the
same cannot be said for anyone or anything hit by a boinger).
It is extremely difficult to control a Boing® for any length of
time. The first bounce requires a Difficult [16] AGI check to
move 30’ in the required direction; each subsequent bounce
increases the difficulty by one benchmark. A failure means
movement in a random direction (use the hand bomb chart
on page 103). Only the most skilled boingers can hope to
do much more than simply go on an uncontrolled thrill ride.
Breaching charge. A device designed to blow holes in walls
with a directed blast. It is attached to a wall, a timer is set
and the charge blasts a man-sized hole in the wall. Breaching
charges are extremely powerful, and can penetrate almost all
materials, or even ship hulls, up to 1’ in thickness.
Bug. A bug is a surveillance device. A basic bug can
record and transmit high quality holographic audio and
visual data within 30’ up to a range of 200 miles.
Bugsweeper. A bugsweeper is used to find bugs by
measuring radio frequencies and wavelengths.
Carilot. A backpack typically holding up 60 lb of equip-
ment. It grants the wearer a +20lb carrying capacity bonus.
Clothing. Clothing comes in various prices and quality.
As with many things, you get what you pay for, and high
quality, exceptional quality, mastercraft and artisanal
clothing can be obtained for the appropriate prices. Higher
quality clothing can include smart fabrics which resist
stains and remain perfectly clean.

Communicator. Communicators are basic voice-based com-
munication devices. Standard versions are hand-held items,
while exceptional quality versions consist of a voice-activated
badge on the exterior of the user’s clothing. Communicators
are able to talk to anybody on the same planet or in orbit,
while long-range communicators can reach up to 1 AU.
Computer, personal. A common item in the home, these
slim devices encompass a flat touchscreen, voice com-
mands and speakers. Additional components can be add-
ed, such as the rather old fashioned keyboard. Most such
computers are portable and access the citywide computer
web. This is closely monitored by Justice Department who
are always alert for illegal activities.
Cryostasis unit. A cryostasis unit is an enclosed bed or
“coffin” into which a wounded or ill patient can be placed.
The unit maintains their exact condition. These units can
also be used for long-term travel and occupants do not
age, nor does time pass for them in any other way. Justice
Department uses these units in the vaults across the city to
hold badly injured perps. Civilian units will hold the terminally
ill or elderly who wish to extend their lifespan by paying to be
frozen until a cure can be found for their condition.
Dressing, spray. A spray dressing is a basic, liquid
bandage and local anaesthetic which restores 1 point of
HEALTH. Spray dressings typically have 20 uses before
they are exhausted. The spray only heals 1 HEALTH; multi-
ple sprays cannot be used to heal more. This device is the
equivalent of a small bandage.
EMP. A device as small as a bag of luggage or large
suitcase, an EMP immediately deactivates all unshielded Handcuffs. Ubiquitously used worldwide in a variety of
electronic devices within 20’. The device attacks each item styles and designs, these metal clasps are chained together
with a 3d6 vs. the item’s DEFENCE, and on a success the and made to only open when a specific type of key is insert-
device shuts down for 3 turns. Robots are not deactivated, ed within. A Strenuous [25] STR check or Demanding [21]
but they do suffer 1d6 ion damage from a successful attack AGI check can free a person from a pair of handcuffs. Every
and are stunned. An EMP can only be used once. level of quality a pair of handcuffs has increases the difficul-
Generator. A generator is the size of a suitcase and is able ty to break out of or escape from them by one benchmark.
to provide enough power to run portable equipment, re- Hologuise. A hologuise is an electronic holographic dis-
charge power packs or maintain a small habitat for one week. guise kit. With a flip of a switch, the wearer can appear as
Grappling harness. A grappling harness can be disguised somebody else entirely, with an entirely holographic set of
as suspenders and a belt or within a bulky outfit. Once teth- clothing, hair and appearance, and even voice alteration.
ered or anchored, the wearer can ascend at a speed of 20’ The disguise is convincing enough to grant a +3d6 bonus
a round or rappel down as fast as 60’ a round. Once used to disguise attempts, although robots see straight through
to ascend or for controlled descent, a grappling harness be- the disguise as though it was not there.
comes unusable until rewound, which takes one minute. Holoprojector. A holoprojector can create convincing three-
Gravbelt. A gravbelt is used to assist in low and high dimensional images within a 10’ radius. Standard models are
gravity environments, effectively negating the environ- used for entertainment purposes, but high quality holoprojec-
mental effects for the wearer. There are two types of grav- tors are so convincing that viewers need a Challenging [13]
belt - one for high, and one for low gravity environments. INT check to notice that they are not real, and superior quality
Gravbelts do not assist in zero-g situations, however. holoprojectors require a Difficult [16] INT check.

Holosuit. A skin-tight outfit which allows the user’s stand in direct line of sight of a viewer without being seen
clothing and appearance to change at will. The occasional (although olfactory and auditory senses work as normal),
glitch and shimmering mean that anybody with INT 4+ can gaining a +4d6 bonus to any check made to hide.
see that a holosuit is being worn, although it can be such Jetpack. A jetpack is mostly used for recreational pur-
a normal thing that nobody pays attention to it. A scanner poses, with the sport of aeroball requiring their use. It can
also automatically reveals a holosuit. also be used by perps as it allows a quick escape from the
Holowall. A holowall is portable holographic unit de- scene of a crime, leaving any on foot far behind. It has a
signed to project a single image; originally designed for range of about 1 hour, although an additional thruster add-
advertising purposes, holowalls can be used as privacy on can be purchased (5 lb, adds 2 hours). Use of a jetpack
screens, concealment for secret entrances or even for requires a Difficult [16] AGI check.
mere ornamentation. Holowalls can have their transpar- Lightstick, chemical. A chemical lightstick can be shaken to
ency set upon activation – anything from 0% to 100%. The give off a 30’ radius glow for one hour before it is exhausted.
area covered by a holowall is 10’ wide and 5’ high. Magboots. Magboots are used in zero-g environments.
Homing pill. This oral pill has a resilient electronic chip On metallic surfaces (like those within any starship), they
inside of it, one capable of remaining intact and operating magnetically ‘stick’ to the ground, artificially nullifying the
while within the digestive tract. The chip transmits a radio effect of zero-g for the wearer. However, SPEED is reduced
signal detectable by bug sweepers and anyone that knows to half normal while wearing them.
the frequency (which reaches to a range of 5 miles). Microchip. A microchip operates as a homing pill but
Infrared Goggles. Popular with both Citi-Def units and has a range of 1 AU and is undetectable to scanners.
perps who prefer the cover of darkness; these allow an in- Furthermore, it can be used to watch a creature’s vitals,
dividual to see clearly in darkness up to 100’away. telling both how much damage the subject has taken and
Invisibility suit. An invisibility suit uses advanced their emotional state (calm, agitated or panicked).
cloaking technology, refracting light and even thermal Miniature EMP. A tiny device, a miniature EMP immedi-
signatures, to render the wearer completely invisible. ately deactivates all unshielded electronic devices within 30’.
The effect is so potent that not even the faint shimmer The device attacks each item with a 5d6 versus the item’s
of usual cloaking technology is present. The wearer can DEFENCE, and on a success the device shuts down for 3 turns.

Robots are not deactivated, but they do suffer 2d6 ion dam- Riot Foam Cutters. Riot foam is almost impossible to
age from a successful attack and are stunned for 1 round. A escape from without the use of these specialised tools.
miniature EMP can only be used once. The device does not Ownership of them is banned by Justice Department who
work on items of advancement level 10 or higher. do not want perps to be able to escape by using them. Use
Miniature Robot. Miniature robots come in a wide va- of cutters allows an entirely encased individual to be cut
riety of designs, but most are tiny (1’ in size) non-sentient free in minutes, without them the process can take hours.
wheeled robots which perform basic tasks according to Robot. While advanced AI robots are created using the
verbal instructions. This is largely limited to the carrying character creation rules, more simple task-specific robots
of small objects and messages, being sent ahead on recon- can perform navigation, domestic, repair and other func-
naissance tasks or simply being the first to go through tions. Robots are voice controlled, can respond verbally
a potentially trapped doorway, although many purchase and are able to move at a speed of 4. Robots have a total
these robots as “pets” or as toys for children. One recent dice pool of 6d6 in one specific skill/attribute combination;
innovation has been to use specialised miniature robots as tools are built-in to the unit. Robots are not sapient. Some
pest control in the city’s rare rooftop gardens. Miniature common robot types, with their associated skill, include:
robots have 5 HEALTH, 18 DEFENCE, and a SPEED of 6.
» Robodocs (medicine)
Musical instrument. The list of musical instruments is » Protocol robots (linguistics)
vast, especially taking into account the many alien cultures in » Maintenance robots (engineering)
the universe. A musical instrument works much like a toolkit – » Domestic robots (cooking)
it offers bonuses to related checks depending on its quality. Scanner. There are four basic types of handheld scanner –
Parachute. There are many different designs and varia- science, medical, military and mining. Science scanners scan
tions of parachutes. When properly packed and correctly for energy sources and substances; medical scanners scan
deployed, a parachute can reduce a falling object’s rate for life forms and act as diagnostic tools; military scanners
of descent by 15 feet (for earlier parachutes) to as much are more robust, and focus primarily on the location of life
as 30 feet (for modern parachutes) a round, to a mini- forms without needing to gather additional data – they de-
mum of 20 feet a round. Navigating in the air while using termine the presence, number and location of life forms, but
a parachute requires AGI checks (for calm conditions, cannot determine other details. Mining scanners locate sub-
Challenging [13]), as does landing without falling prone. stances, but cannot scan for life forms or energy sources.
Passcard. An electronic device that opens most elec- Scrambler. A scrambler can jam any electronic commu-
tronic locks in the city. Possession of these items is highly nication within 30’. An expert can overcome the jamming
illegal with hefty sentences for any perp carrying one. with a Difficult [16] LOG check.
Their obvious usefulness for burglars make them highly Seismic mapper. This screened-gadget affixes to a safe
sought after on the black market and they carry a high or radial lock and after four rounds, creates a small three-
price. A very few, trusted private investigators are allowed dimensional map of everything within the next 6” of solid
to use these. Most of these individuals are former Judges material. A Challenging [13] INT check reveals the combi-
who left Justice Department for personal reasons. nation of any mechanical lock scrutinised this way.
Personal transmat. A personal transmit device is a Sonic tool.; Sonic tools are able to unlock doors, deacti-
short range teleporter technology. Resembling a thick vate systems, and perform a variety of scanning functions,
bracelet, it enables the wearer to teleport as a single ac- although they do not work on wood. A sonic tool operates
tion up to 30’ to a destination within line of sight. as an exceptional quality science scanner combined with
Psi-scram helmet. A Psi-Scram Helmet (or psionic scram- thieves’ tools, and can operate any electronic control (activa-
bler) is used when psionic opponents are expected. The tion control, toggle) at a 30’ range with no check required.
helmet boosts the wearer’s MENTAL DEFENCE by 4, but Speedheal. Able to heal major trauma quickly the use of a
completely prevents the use of psionic powers by the user. speedheal can cause broken bones and soft tissue damage
Rad counter. A rad counter detects the presence and to be healed in minutes rather than weeks. Used by Justice
strength of radiation. Note that all scanners are able to Department medical and emergency response teams they
do this, also. can get a Judge or citizen back on their feet in almost no
Respirator. A respirator is a small mask which is time. The device, about the size of a briefcase, restores
strapped to the face, and allows the user to breath in vac- HEALTH to the patient at a rate of 2 points per turn up to
uum (or toxic atmospheres) for one hour. High quality res- a maximum of 16 points; the patient must remain still dur-
pirators are much smaller mouthpieces, and exceptional ing this process. The speedheal is only effective against
quality respirators take the form of tiny nasal plugs. physical trauma - it cannot regenerate damage from poison,

disease, radiation or mental/psionic damage. Use of the re- to uncover any clues left behind by a perp, such as
generator is a skilled operation and requires a Demanding chemical residues, scents, DNA, etc.
[21] LOG check to set up and commence the regeneration » Thieves Tools — Thieves tools in the future often
process, although no further checks are needed. resemble those of the past. Electronic and sonic
lock-picks, tiny engineering tools designed to dis-
Spray paint aerosol. Used by individual scrawlers and juve able traps, miniature hacking devices, laser knives
gangs to mark their territory. Possession without being able and plasma saws, microvision goggles, sound
to show a valid use can see a custodial sentence imposed. dampeners and more.
Squad tactical computer. Designed for Citi-Def training » Climbing Gear — Climbing gear includes laser pi-
tons, hand-help harpoon guns, ropes and more.
and operation, an STC (Squad Tactical Computer) analyses » Survival Kit — A survival it includes a compass,
a battle situation and devises tactics with a high probabili- electronic mapping devices, emergency rations, a
ty of success. This information is displayed to the users via small selection of 10 spray dressings, 10 chemical
a tactical HUD integrated into a set of goggles or helmet, lightsticks, and a portable laser stove. Such kits are
depending on the model of the unit. An STC facilitates 4 taken by almost all who enter the Curse Earth or
connections, granting a +1d6 INITIATIVE bonus to up to 4 the Undercity for any length of time, whether they
people simultaneously. are Judges, perps or citizens.
Translation Unit. An advanced piece of equipment that
Tac-com network relay. An alternative to the STC, a
TAC-COM relay allows squad members to benefit from when its user speaks their voice is transmitted into any
the tactical routines and procedures of the squad leader. language and allows the user to hear a foreign or alien lan-
TAC-COM relays allow each member to effectively posses guage as if it was their own. These units are highly sought
the same tactics skill that their squad leader has. The TAC- after by diplomats and traders.
COM requires a full helmet with audio and visual input, and
can support up to 4 squad members.
Temporal resonator. A temporal resonator is an ex-
tremely advanced device. With a single activation, it slows The following are the costs for a variety of common ser-
down time around the user for up to a minute, enabling vices found in Mega-City One.
him to continue to take actions. It can, however, be used to
escape a tricky situation or to heal. Service Cost (cr)
Tent. A tent is designed to protect against extreme ele-
Drink, beer 2
ments. Most tents are pressurised shelters which are ther-
Drink, synthi-synthi-caf 1
mally insulated, and can provide safety from all but the
most extreme of conditions including light radiation and Drink, spirit, common 3
toxic environments. Drink, spirit, exotic 10
Toolkit. A toolkit is an important piece of equipment. Hotel, average, per day 40
Almost any specialised technical activity uses a toolkit (a
Hotel, cheap, per day 10
medikit is a medical toolkit). A toolkit allows you to un-
dertake the activity with no improvisation penalties; high Hotel, luxury, per day 100
quality toolkits grant bonuses to your dice pool. Limousine, per mile 2
» Medikit — A medical pouch, medikit or field kit con- Meal, cafeteria, diner 5
tains various items, including a laser scalpel, spray
dressings (50 sprays), various drugs, hypospray, Meal, fast food, synthetic 3
and other basic medical equipment.
Meal, restaurant, typical 7
» Engineering Toolbox — An engineering toolbox
includes mini-fabricators, hyperspanners, laser Meal, restaurant, luxury 25
wrenches, coil spanners, flux couplers, gravitic cali-
Public transport, per mile 0.5
pers, interphasic compensators, laser welders, ener-
gy converters and a hammer, amongst other things. Taxi, per mile 1
» Forensic Kit — A forensic kit is used to survey
crime scenes, take and test samples, and look Theatre, play or show 20
for clues. It includes DNA scanners, microvision Theatre, movie 10
goggles, sampling kits, and more, allowing a large
amount of forensic work to take place at the scene. Shuttle, to/from orbit 100
Justice Department forensic kits include the snuf- Shuttle, to/from moon 200
fler, a very precise tool that adds +1d6 to any check

Cost Weight Cost Weight
Item Avail. Item Avail.
(cr) (lb) (cr) (lb)

Acetylene Torch 100 8 L Jet pack 2,500 10 R

Alarm sensor 250 3 L Lightstick, chemical 5 0.5 L

Bat Glider Suit 300 10 L Magboots 1,000 2 L

Beacon, emergency 40 10 R Microchip 5,000 - R

Belliwheel 50 10 L Miniature Robot 2,500 20 L

Binoculars 50 2 L Musical instrument 75 4+ L

Binoculars, electronic 100 2 L Parachute 350 18 R

Birdie 400 1 J Passcard 3,000 - P

Bleeper 200 - R
Personal Transmat 22,500 0.5 A

Boing® Cutters 50 1 R
Powerboard 3,000 2 R

Boing® Spray Can 100 5 R

Psi-scram helmet 4,500 1 M

Breaching charge 500 4 M

Rad counter 200 4 L
Bug 200 - R
Relay, tac-com network 8,000 2 M
Bugsweeper 500 2 R
Respirator 100 0.5 L
Carilot 4 2 L
Robot 9,000 200 R
Clothing 10 4 L
Rope, 50’, hemp 4 10 L
Communicator, long-range 75 0.5 L
Rope, 50’, nylon 20 5 L
Communicator, planetary 30 0.5 L
Scanner, medical 400 2 L
Computer, personal 750 5 L
Scanner, military 300 2 M
Cryostasis unit 5,000 500 R
Scanner, mining 200 2 L
Dressing, spray 50 1 L
Scanner, scientific 400 2 L
EMP 5,000 18 M
Scrambler 300 5 M
Generator 1,500 55 R

Seismic mapper 650 16 P

Grappling harness 2,000 15 L

Sonic Tool 70,000 0.5 A

Gravbelt 2,500 4 R

Speedheal 10,000 10 R
Handcuffs 30 1 L

Spray Paint Aerosol 5 0.5 R

Hologuise 8,000 - A

Holoprojector 5,000 5 R Squad tactical computer 2,800 8 M

Holosuit 1,200 5 A Temporal Resonator 150,000 1 A

Holowall 1,000 4 R Tent, 2-man 50 50 L

Homing pill 100 - R Tent, 7-man shelter 350 200 L

Infrared Goggles 100 1 R Toolkit 75 4 L

Invisibility suit 12,000 2 P Translation unit 200 0.5 R

WEAPONS Damage Types
There are many weapons available to a character – me- Every bit of damage caused to a creature or object is of
lee weapons, ranged weapons, archaic weapons, modern a certain type, whether that be heat damage, blunt dam-
weapons, large weapons, small weapons, laser weapons, age or any of dozens of other damage types. A laser does
sonic weapons and more. The following sections list a heat damage, a projectile weapon does ballistic damage,
number of common weapons and their statistics. and a sword does slashing or piercing damage. The list of
damage types is an open-ended set of keywords. Any giv-
// READING THE WEAPON TABLES en weapon can have multiple damage keywords associated
Damage. This entry tells you how much damage a with it (although most only have one). These damage types
weapon does to a target on a successful hit. Damage may are listed in the weapons tables. Damage type also deter-
be reduced by SOAK values often found in armour or large mines which condition is inflicted on a target when it suf-
creatures. Most weapons do at least 2d6 damage. fers a critical hit (triple-sixes on a successful attack roll).
Because damage type is a keyword system, there is no
If the wielder has skill with a weapon type, the size of the
finite list of damage types.
dice pool may be added to the damage. For example, skill of 6
(3d6) in knives adds 3 to a las-knife’s damage, resulting in a to- However, you will find a list of some common types below.
tal of 2d6+3 heat damage rather than the listed 2d6 damage. Blunt. Blunt damage comes from falls, heavy blunt
In the case of melee weapons and unarmed attacks, the size of weapons and most unarmed combat.
the STR dice pool may alternatively be used if it is higher. Crushing. Crushing damage can be caused by large
objects or gravity weapons and effects.
When damage is completely negated by SOAK, any 6s in
the damage roll always cause 1 point of damage each anyway. Ballistic. Projectile pistols and rifles tend to do
ballistic damage.
Type. This is the type of damage the weapon does, such
Cold. Cryo weapons are uncommon, but cold is a com-
as piercing, heat or sonic. Sometimes different armours
mon environmental damage type.
have different SOAK values against different types of dam-
age, or certain creatures or objects might be vulnerable Electricity. Electricity damage can come about in a num-
ber of ways, including booby traps; robots are vulnerable
to certain damage types. This also determines what type
1d6 to electricity damage. Electricity weapons often have
of effect occurs when a critical hit (rolling triple-sixes on a
the stun trait, meaning that a target reduced to 0 HEALTH
successful attack roll) occurs. with the weapon is knocked unconscious but is not dying.
Cost. The cost in credits to purchase a standard ver- Force. Force is a type of energy damage.
sion of this weapon.
Heat. Heat damage is caused by fire, lasers and other en-
Size. The size of the weapon (tiny, small, medium or ergy weapons. It is sometimes referred to as fire damage.
large) can be used to determine one or two-handed use of Ion. Ion damage is designed to damage electronics and
a weapon, eligibility for two-weapon use and more. Size is a shields; robots are vulnerable 2d6 to ion damage.
relative term – the table indicates a weapon’s size as com- Piercing. Piercing damage, like slashing damage, can be
pared to a human, but larger or smaller species will adjust caused by swords and knives.
the (relative) size up or down. For example, a Klegg, which
is size Large, using a longsword, which is size Medium, con-
siders it to be a Small weapon. Similarly, a size Small being
considers a shortsword (a Small weapon) to be size Medium.
Weight. This is the item’s weight in pounds. A pound is
just less than half a kilogram (0.45kg).
Range. In the case of ranged weapons, this indicates a
range increment. Range is noted in 5’ increments (squares
on a battlemap), so a range increment of 8 is equal to 40
feet. For each range increment, an attacker takes a 1d6 pen-
alty to his attack roll. Unless otherwise noted, weapons can
be used out to five range increments, although an attacker
will suffer a -4d6 penalty to attack rolls at that range.

Resistance & Vulnerability Robots and electronic objects are vulnerable to
ion damage. A vulnerability entry will generally note
RESISTANCE how vulnerable the target is - typically 1d6 or 2d6
Some armour, creatures, objects or materials have - and that entry tells you how many extra damage
SOAK values based on a damage type. This means dice to roll when affecting the target. A robot, for
that they are particularly good at resisting damage example, has vulnerability 2d6 (ion) which means
of that type. Fire-resistant armour, for example,
that an ion weapon which normally does 2d6 ion
might have a SOAK entry which reads SOAK 5 (heat).
damage would do 4d6 ion damage to a robot.
Many creature stat-blocks will also list resistances
(and, in some cases, immunities) to certain damage Vulnerabilities cannot more than double the
types. A SOAK value is the amount by which damage damage taken. If an robot takes 4 ion damage,
of that type is reduced when it affects the target. its 2d6 vulnerability to ion damage cannot
SOAK only applies to attacks which target DEFENCE increase that to more than 8 damage.
(not MENTAL DEFENCE). When damage is fully SOAKed, Targets suffer from vulnerability if the keyword is
some may still get through - any sixes in the listed amongst a weapon’s damage types.
damage roll automatically do 1 point of damage
Targets benefit from resistances only if they are
regardless of SOAK. This means that it is always
resistant to all listed damage types. A target resistant
possible to damage a target, even if it is just a little.
to heat damage does not benefit from resistance to
VULNERABILITY a weapon which does heat/sonic damage. The target
Conversely, something might be particularly would need to be resistant to both damage types.
vulnerable to a damage type. Crystalline creatures Note that natural SOAK does not work against
are vulnerable to sonic damage, and wood and a damage type the creature is vulnerable to, but
paper are vulnerable to heat damage. armour SOAK works as normal.

Poison. Poison damage can come about from gas, bioweap- Burst. The burst trait represents explosive blasts, shrap-
ons, atmosphere, radiation, food, stingers, bites and more. nel or a large volume of projectiles saturating an area.
Psionic. Psionic damage is caused not only by psionic When a burst weapon hits its target it can cause damage to
powers, but also by some specially designed weapons. others nearby. A burst weapon will be in the format Burst
Psionic damage cannot normally be SOAKed without spe- X, where X is the number of 5’ increments from the target
cial abilities or equipment. where additional targets could take damage. The attacker
Slashing. Swords and other slashing weapons do applies his attack roll to all potential targets within the burst
slashing damage. area, and the additional targets will benefit from any cover
Sonic. Sonic damage is caused by sound waves; armour between them and the original target.
does not soak it unless noted.
A Lawgiver’s Hi-Ex round has Burst 1 (or 5’), while a gre-
Special Traits nade typically has Burst 2 (or 10’).

This column indicates any particular properties or notes Combust. Weapons with the combust trait, such as the
associated with a weapon or item. Lawgiver’s Incendiary Round, set their target on fire, automati-
Anti-Vehicle. Anti-Vehicle weapons have a value cally inflicting the Burning condition on a hit. A critical hit from
which multiplies the amount of damage caused to a ve- a weapon with this trait inflicts a severe Burning condition,
hicle when it is hit by a weapon. requiring a roll of 6 to remove it.
Auto. Automatic weapons are better at suppressive fire. Double. Double weapons are melee weapons treated
They give an additional die of cover to protected allies. as though they were two weapons, one in each hand.
Beam. Beam weapons, such as lasers, project a visible This typically means that the attacker will gain an ad-
continuous line of energy at their target. For this reason, ditional attack per turn with it but will suffer penalties
they can, at the operator’s choice, operate as tracers by to the attack roll unless she has access to ambidexterity.
spending two actions firing (see tracer rounds, below). Ambidexterity is attained as an attribute trait.

Heavy. A heavy weapon is difficult to use. You
need a STRENGTH of 8 to use it without penalty, oth- Melee Weapons & Size
erwise you take a -1d6 penalty to your attack rolls. The size of a melee weapon is indicated
Additionally, a heavy weapon can only be fired once in the weapons table. Weapons can be
per round, and requires two actions to reload. increased or decreased in size to make
oversized or undersized versions suitable for
Reach. A reach weapon is a longer melee weapon. It can at-
larger or smaller creatures.
tack opponents up to 10’ away, unless a longer reach is noted.
An oversized weapon is one size category
Restrains. A weapon which restrains does so on a larger, weighs twice the regular weapon and
successful hit, inflicting the Restrained condition on does an extra 1d6 points of damage. Oversized
their target. weapons cost three times the regular price.
Sidearm. Weapons designated as sidearms gain a An undersized weapon is one size category
+1d6 bonus to hit at point blank range (when adjacent to smaller and weighs half the regular weapon.
their target) and do not suffer a penalty for firing at an The wielder of a weapon must use two hands
adjacent target in melee. to use a weapon one size category larger than
himself, and must use his STRENGTH attribute for
Single. A weapon with this quality can only be used once attacks even when the regular sized version
per round, even if the user is able to make multiple attacks. offers an option to use AGILITY. Weapons two
Stun. Stunning weapons (including some electricity sizes larger cannot be used.
damage and psionic damage) do non-lethal damage.
Lethal and non-lethal damage are essentially the same Axe, battleaxe (axes). This is a two-handed axe de-
up until the shot or blow which takes the victim down to signed for combat. Many variations on the battleaxe exist.
zero HEALTH. At that point, the victim falls unconscious
Boot Knife (knives). A Judge’s backup weapon should all
as normal but is not considered dying, does not have to
else fail. This knife is highly durable, extremely sharp and
form a death dice pool and wakes up automatically 5 min-
usually resides in a scabbard attached to the Judge’s boot.
utes later with 1 HEALTH.
Club (clubs). A simple wooden or metal stick or bat. This
“Stun” is a weapon trait. The weapon still does its nor-
includes baseball bats, cricket bats, tire-irons, and other
mal damage type (heat, electricity and so on), but that
crude blunt weapons.
damage is non-lethal. Otherwise stunning weapons work
exactly like regular weapons. Daystick (clubs). The Judges’ version of the truncheon
has a titanium core and is nigh-on unbreakable. It hits hard
Some weapons have a stun setting. The wielder may and is ergonomically designed to be easy to wield in combat.
choose which setting to use when firing the weapon;
changing settings is a free action. Electro-prod (knives). Originally designed for use by
law-enforcement or security personal it is now one of the
Thrown. A melee weapon with this trait can be thrown with weapons of choice used by taps. An electro-prod is a short,
the noted range increment. For example, a weapon with the stabbing, cylindrical weapon with a rubberised handle and
trait “Thrown (3)” has a range increment of 3. The default deals electricity damage to the target. See the section on
value of a thrown item is 3. If a weapon is denoted as Thrown stunning weapons for more information.
but has no value in parenthesis, the range increment is 3
Hammer, light (clubs). A light hammer is heavier than a
squares. Without this trait, a thrown weapon counts as impro-
standard tool, but lighter than a sledgehammer.
vised (inflicting a –2d6 penalty to the attack roll).
Hammer, warhammer (clubs). A warhammer is designed
// MELEE WEAPONS especially for battle. Warhammers weigh about the same as a
You might expect melee weapons to fall out of favour in sledgehammer, although some designs are larger and heavier.
a world full of energy weapons, laser rifles and explosives. Hatchet (axes). A much smaller, one-handed axe com-
However, this is not the case – hand-to-hand combat still pared to the battleaxe, this weapon can also be thrown.
an important part of any conflict and a sword is just as Its primary function is for cutting wood, although it
deadly as a bullet or a laser beam when it skewers you in makes an efficient weapon.
the eye. Judges have both the boot knife and daystick for Knife/dagger (knives). Knives and daggers range from
use in melee, while juve gangs will have little access to kitchenware to ceremonial blades.
more advanced weaponry and many will use knives, las- Las-knife (knives). A las-knife is composed of a handle
knives and clubs in their gang rumbles. In the Cursed Earth with a blade composed of energy. Las-knives are com-
many mutants will use melee weapons due to the limited monly used by taps and juve gangs, although they have
supply of ammunition for any guns they have access to. engineering and culinary uses also.

Net, Cling (nets). Used to capture perps without injur- Trident (polearms). A trident is a three-pronged
ing them, cling nets are used by Judges who will throw spear; originally designed for fishing it was quickly
them over fleeing perps as the Judge rides past on their adopted as a military weapon.
Lawmaster or Zipper bike. A target hit by a cling net Whip (whips). A whip is a melee weapon with a 10’ reach.
gains the Restrained condition. Skilled practitioners can perform tricks with a whip.
Net, energy (nets). An energy net is thrown at a target in
order to restrain him. The filaments are not hot, but they do // RANGED WEAPONS
have an electric charge which causes discomfort to the victim. Firearms are plentiful and common in the future, and come
Nunchaku (martial arts). Nunchaku are a primitive martial- in a wide variety of types. Lasers, disintegrators, sonic weap-
arts weapon, descended from a farming implement. They are ons and ballistic weapons are just some of the many variants
popular with certain gangs and with martial-arts hobbyists. of pistols, rifles, grenades and other deadly tools available.
Quarterstaff (polearms). A quarterstaff is a six-foot Ammunition and power is optionally tracked in the Judge
staff, often made of wood, but sometimes of metal. Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD roleplaying game system.
Extendible versions exist (these cost 50cr). If you choose to incorporate this element of resource man-
Sap (clubs). A sap is a small, blunt object used to render a agement into your game, an ammo pack, power pack or clip
target unconscious. It does little damage, and that damage typically costs one-twentieth the cost of the original weapon
is non-lethal (stunning) damage. It is a weak melee weapon, and contains 20 shots. It is a free action to reload a pistol, an
but if the target is unaware of the attack he must made a action to reload a rifle or two actions to load a heavy firearm.
Difficult [16] END check or be stunned for two rounds. Antique Pistol (pistols). Antique pistols are old weapons,
Spear (polearms). A spear is a long stick with a dating from the twentieth century or earlier; many millions
point. It can be thrown. are in the hands of private citizens. Ownership is quite legal
Sword (swords). Various types of sword exist. Rapiers, scimi- and these weapons are favourites among the juve gangs and
tars, shortswords and longswords are all one-handed weapons. other low level perps due to their low cost and ease of use.
Twobladed swords feature blades protruding in both directions Antique Rifle (rifles). A weapon that mostly dates from
from the pommel and count as double weapons. the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, antique rifles
Sword, laser (swords). Laser swords or sabres are elegant, find most use in the Cursed Earth. They are heavily regulated
dangerous weapons. Technically, laser swords are not lasers; outside of Citi-Def use. However, it is an impoverished block
they are made of plasma contained in a magnetic field. that would equip their militia with such outdated weapons.

Antique Automatic Rifle (rifles). Military grade weapons effective. Each shot’s cost is listed below and inflicts the
that were plentiful prior to the Atomic War they are now noted condition. Darts cannot make critical hits – they au-
strictly controlled. Still in use with many Citi-Def units they tomatically inflict statuses on a regular hit.
are also commonly found in the ranks of mutant raiders.
Bike Cannon (gunnery). A powerful twin cannon which Tranquilliser (150cr) Sleeping
is the most used armament on the Lawmaster bike.
Tranquilliser, Heavy (1,500cr ) Sleeping (severe)
Bow, Energy (bows). An energy bow (usually in the form
of a crossbow) fires bolts of plasma at a target.
Poison (150cr) Sick
Crossbow (crossbows). Crossbows are horizontal,
mechanical weapons which shoot bolts or quarrels. Paralysis (1,000cr) Restrained
Crossbows are rarely found in the city but are quire com-
mon among some groups in the Cursed Earth. Hand Pain (175cr) Pain
crossbows are small, light items, easily concealed. Heavy
crossbows do more damage and have a longer range. Hallucinogen (200cr) Confused
Crossbows can only be fired once per round.
Crossbow, repeating (crossbows). A repeating crossbow
Disintegrator (pistols). The disintegrator comes as a
uses a cunning automation system to string the bow and
place the bolt, allowing it to be used much more rapidly. It cumbersome, heavy pistol and is designed for use in min-
mounts a “magazine” which typically holds 6 bolts, and it can ing and some heavy industries. When turned against an in-
be fired twice per round, rather than once like most cross- dividual it is deadly, reducing the target to little more than
bows. Reloading the magazine takes a full turn (two actions). fine ash that blows away in the slightest breeze. Highly
regulated they are obviously useful for perps, who could
Cyclops Laser (gunnery). Mounted on the front of
use the weapon to both kill their enemies and remove the
the Lawmaster bike, the Cyclops Laser is the most effec-
tive weapon a Street Judge would normally have for use evidence of doing so simultaneously.
against vehicles and other large targets. Electro Beam (rifles). A weapon developed by the Sovs in
Dartgun (rifles). A dartgun is a type of rifle that can order to defeat heavily armoured opponents. The gun shoots
be used to fire a small needle via compressed air. The a beam that causes an explosion at a set range, penetrating
needle does not inflict damage, but can be used to deliver any cover or armour the target may have. Extremely effec-
chemicals including tranquillisers and poisons. Roll the tive against stationary targets, such as troops hiding behind
dart’s damage (1d6) as normal, however, to see if it pen- cover or fortifications, the weapon is almost useless against
etrates the target’s SOAK, remembering that a 6 always rapidly moving forces. Any target moving at a speed of 4 or
penetrates SOAK. These injections are expensive but very greater can be considered to be immune to the weapon.

Flame Thrower (heavy weapons). A horrific weapon Roll to hit the square you are aiming at. If you miss, roll
that shoots out a jet of fire, the petrochemical mixture it 1d6 to determine which square you hit instead using the
uses sticks to the target and causes it to catch fire. Only the chart below. Apply damage to any within the hand bomb’s
most psychotic of perps would use this as a weapon and area of effect. Hand bombs cannot be combined with
the penalties for using a flame thrower, or even being in the ranged exploits unless otherwise noted.
possession of one, are severe.
Grapple Gun (rifles). The grapple gun allows a user to 1 2 3
shoot a grapple that will imbed itself into plasticrete and 4 * 5
many other construction materials. A line is attached and
can support the weight of an individual. It can be used to 6
fire at a person, although it is a clumsy weapon, suffering
a -2d6 penalty when used in this manner. Las Cannon (rifles). The term las cannon applies to a
high powered laser rifle. The weapon finds favour with
Hand Bombs (throwing). The Mega-City name for
those seeking something which can cause massive injuries
a grenade. Hand bombs come in various shapes and
at the expense of ease of use.
sizes, with variant timers and detonation methods with
other modifications possible. Laser Cannon (gunnery). The laser cannon is a heavy weap-
on, most often deployed as a stationary gun mount. It can also
Hand bombs come in different forms, from old-style be mounted on a gimbal or be used in a vehicle’s turret. They
fragmentation hand bombs (the default hand bomb listed) are often found in the arsenal of Citi-Def forces and thousands
through sonic, gas and pulse hand bombs which cause of these weapons protect the city from nuclear attack.
sonic, poison and force damage respectively. It is even pos- Heavy Laser Cannon (gunnery). A more powerful variant
sible to get cryo and electro hand bombs (cold and elec- of the laser cannon. Justice Department uses these weapons
tricity damage). Stumm gas is a knock out gas used by the on its heavy vehicles, such as h-wagons. They are also a sig-
Judges. On average Stumm Gas kills one person in every nificant part of the city’s laser defence screen.
250 caught in the cloud. Usually its use and deployment
Lawgiver Pistol (pistols). The standard issue sidearm
is banned in open areas except in extreme circumstances. used by the Judges of Mega-City One, the Lawgiver pistol
It finds most use in hostage situations or where prisoners is a versatile combat weapon. It has a switch that controls
are required for questioning. its operation, allowing it to fire a selection of specialised
Hand bombs affect any creature within Burst 2 (10’) ammunition types tailored for the day-to-day hazards that
of the target square (make an attack roll against each a Judge might encounter out in the field. It takes one ac-
creature individually). An empty square is typically tion to change ammo type.
DEFENCE 10 to hit, and the range increment of a hand All Lawgiver pistols have both the Automatic ID-Matched and
bomb is 3 squares (15’). The standard frag hand bombs Explosive Booby Trapped (3d6 damage) customisations. They
costs 50cr as listed; other types cost as follows: use a palm-print recognition device locked to the Judge whose
print is programmed into the gun’s memory. If the wrong user
Frag (50cr) 2d6 damage attempts to operate the weapon, it will self-destruct with a
powerful explosion. This system is linked to a Judge’s gloves,
Incendiary (150cr) 2d6 heat damage
which have the same recognition system built into them.
Sonic (100cr) 2d6 sonic damage The standard loadout for a Lawgiver is 100 Standard
Execution rounds, 5 Amour Piercing rounds, and 1 of each of
Gas (75cr) 3d6 poison damage
Rubber Ricochet, Incendiary, High-Explosive, and Heat Seeker.
Cryo (200cr) 2d6 cold damage However, the wielder may expend a LUC die at any time to gain
another shot of a particular round, or expend requisition credits
Electro (100cr) 2d6 electricity damage at a rate of 100cr for each round (except Standard Execution).
1d6 ion damage Note that the Lawgiver’s ammo is particular to the weapon.
Ion (250cr)
(note that robots are vulnerable)
The current, typical load of a Lawgiver pistol is as follows:
no damage, target area has full
Smoke (40cr)
concealment for 2 rounds

Dissolver (250cr)
2d6 acid damage; the gas cloud Ammunition Types
lingers for 1 minute » Standard Execution (Dum-dum) Rounds. This is
Stun (150cr)
2d6 force damage; damage is stunning the standard round fired by the Lawgiver. It is highly
damage (see Stun, page 100) effective against normal perps.
Stumm Gas (200cr)
3d6 poison damage; damage is stunning
damage (see Stun, page 100)
» Rubber Ricochet. A round designed to bounce off solid
surfaces and still penetrate flesh. A Judge using this kind

of ammo type can easily take down a perp who is using Mark II Lawgiver (pistols). Introduced in 2119 the Mark
a human shield or is behind cover. It is highly effective if II was generally considered a slight upgrade to the Mark
fired into an enclosed space (such as an armoured ve-
Is with an inbuilt stun charge for incapacitating perps.
hicle or small bunker) of less than 10’ diameter, gaining a
+2d6 bonus when firing into such an area. Unfortunately it was manufactured by a corporation con-
Targets do not get the benefit of cover against a trolled by the Frendz criminal organisation. The Mark II
ricochet round, and the Judge does not need a line- had an inbuilt fault, causing the self-destruct charge to ex-
of-sight to fire on the target as long as he knows the plode even if the correct user was using the weapon once
target’s location and there is a potential route to it had received a coded signal. This led to one of the many
the target by ricocheting off one or more surfaces. crises that Mega-City One has faced over the years…
However, the Judge suffers a -1d6 penalty for each
surface the bullet needs to bounce off. Mark III Lawgiver (pistols). A weapon with the same capabil-
» Incendiary. A dangerous round, this is exceptional at ities as the Mark IIs, but without the sabotaged components. All
creating diversions by setting targets alight. Use against Mark III lawgivers are exceptionally balanced and count as high
human perps is discouraged due to the horrific injuries quality weapons (+1d6 to all ranged attacks). They are still in the
this round causes. Repeated use of incendiary rounds experimental stage, so are generally not issued as standard.
against such targets where alternative rounds are avail- Lawrod Rifle (rifles). This is the standard rifle carried by
able is grounds for an SJS investigation. On a hit, the Street Judges in a side-holster of their Lawmaster cycles.
target automatically gains the Burning condition. It is a highly accurate long-range rifle capable of great
» Armour Piercing. Armour piercing rounds are de- penetration and accuracy. The Lawrod is replaced by the
signed for use against targets that have some sort of Widowmaker 2000 in 2114.
armour protection. These rounds ignore 10 points of
SOAK, but do half damage. Lazooka (heavy weapons). A powerful anti-vehicle weap-
» High-Explosive (HI-EX). The HI-EX round packs a on, it is cumbersome to use but can cause a large amount of
real punch and is highly effective in targeting ve- damage to any vehicle or building it targets. This is another
hicles and robots, blasting them into smaller pieces. weapon that is popular among units of the Citi-Def.
It has a Burst 1 (5’ radius) burst area and does double Longbow (bows). A longbow is a tall, wooden weapon
damage to robots and inanimate objects. When using which fires arrows at the enemy. Typically 5–6 feet in
a HI-EX round, choose the target square and make height, bows are used for both hunting and warfare. The
a ranged attack against the VITAL DEFENSE of each use of these bows is largely restricted to various Cursed
target within the burst area. Earth groups, although a few citizens own them to practice
» Heat Seeker (Hot Shot). Heat seeker rounds lock-on to the ancient skill of archery.
targets via their heat signature, enabling the Judge to
target fleeing perps accurately in low-light conditions, or Machine Gun (heavy weapons). An older weapon, often
those hiding behind cover. This gives a +2d6 bonus when dating from the Twentieth Century. Still popular among
firing but cannot be used in the first range increment or Citi-Def units and Cursed Earth bandit gangs as it is capa-
against a target with alternative targets within 10’. ble of tying down large numbers of enemies.

Magnon Pulsar (rifles). An ion weapon designed for use Spit Gun (rifles). The spit gun is very similar to an as-
against robots, although it is effective against human tar- sault rifle; it can throw out a rapid stream of bullets and
gets as well. The weight of the weapon reduces its popu- often is favoured by criminals and cartel mobs. Many
larity among those who use it. Citi-Def units are equipped with this weapon as standard.
The series 3 variant was introduced in 2115 but suffered However, perps do try to raid Citi-Def armouries, eager to
from unreliability problems, with the weapon regularly fail- get their hands on these powerful weapons.
ing to discharge its blast, putting the user at risk. The se- Spit Pistol (pistols). The smaller brother to the spit
ries 4 started to replace this faulty model in 2117, with the gun, the spit pistol has a high rate of fire and decent ac-
last version 3’s taken out of circulation the following year. curacy for a small firearm. This weapon finds favour for
Missile Launcher (heavy weapons or gunnery). Missile those likely to find themselves in combat within buildings
launchers can be man portable or can be sited as a fixed and other enclosed areas.
battery. In addition vehicles can be fitted with these weap- Stump Gun (rifles). The stump gun is a shotgun com-
ons. The missiles these fire are guided, the guidance sys- monly owned by citizens. In addition to solid shot rounds
tems can be varied. Some are heat seeking, others are radar it can deliver a short range, wide dispersal hail of deadly
or laser guided; still others are fitted with cameras that projectiles and can be reloaded fairly quickly.
allow them to see and track their targets. Unless counter
Sucker Gun (rifles). Designed to shoot a sucker and
measures are deployed a missile using an appropriate guid-
line, much like a grapple gun would. The sucker is power-
ance system gives a +2d6 bonus to its user.
ful enough to support the weight of an individual and is
Rocket Launcher (heavy weapons or gunnery). Rocket normally used by Citi-Def units to gain access to otherwise
launchers can be single shot man-portable heavy weapons, difficult to enter areas. If fired at an individual it is unlikely
fixed crewed weapons or are mounted on vehicles. Fixed and to cause much damage, although it can certainly injure a
vehicle mounted variants can include multiple launchers capa- target. However, it is a clumsy weapon, suffering a -2d6
ble of firing multiple rockets simultaneously in a single barrage. penalty when used in this manner.
Usually it takes two turns to reload a single rocket launcher.
Widowmaker 2000 (rifles). Introduced in 2114 the
Scatter Gun (rifles). A riot gun used by the Judges Widowmaker is a replacement for the venerable Lawrod. It
it can either fire similar rounds to the stump gun or has the capability of firing scatter gun rounds and stumm
stumm gas grenades. grenades, in addition to regular ammunition. It is also an
Shortbow (bows). A shortbow is a hunting bow, more automatic weapon and is highly effective in eliminating
common in the Cursed Earth than the longbow. larger groups of enemies.
Sling (slings). A sling is used to fire a stone or bullet. It Zip Gun (pistols). A tiny hand gun and an ideal con-
is comprised of a pouch between two lengths of cord. The cealed weapon. Zip guns tend to be underpowered but are
sling is swung in an arc above the head so that the stone better than nothing in a fight.
or bullet is released at the apex of the swing. Its use is
quite common among young Cursed Earth inhabitants for Special Ammunition
hunting small prey animals and vermin.
Special ammunition can be obtained for projectile weap-
Solar Rifle (rifles). A powerful weapon that is powered
ons in clips of 20 rounds (weight of 1lb) at the indicated
by the sun, it concentrates sunlight to send out a tight
price. A weapon can only hold ammo of one type at a given
beam that is both accurate and lethal. It is rarely used
time unless otherwise noted. Switching ammo counts as
weapon since it is useless at night, inside buildings or if the
reloading. Only projectile weapons which do ballistic dam-
weather is not sunny, as well as being more expensive than
age can use special ammunition.
its alternatives. Its main advantage is that in good weather
conditions it will never run out of ammunition. Armour-Piercing (100cr). Armour-piercing rounds ig-
nore 10 points of armour SOAK, but do half damage.
Sonic Cannon (gunnery). The sonic cannon is a heavy,
crewed weapon that can be mounted on vehicles or positioned Hollow Point (100cr). Hollow point rounds do extra dam-
in gun emplacements. The sonic cannon has a wide-beam ef- age to unarmoured targets. They increase the damage of a
fect and is especially effective in destroying electronic compo- projectile weapon by 1d6, but double the target’s SOAK.
nents. It is used in gun emplacements protecting the city and a Riot Shot (100cr). Used by stump guns and scatter guns
large number of individual blocks, manned by members of the these are highly effective rounds up close, but rapidly lose
local Citi-Def. It can also fire a cone that alters human behav- their potency over distance and have a very short range.
iour (long term effect) or can pacify people (short term). Damage beyond half the round’s range is halved (round down).

Rubber Bullets (100cr). Rubber bullets can be used to bulkier and more protective than the basic version. Anti-
cause non-lethal damage to the target (see Stun on page blast suits have military scanners built in.
100). They are popular with bounty hunters seeking to Anti-Mugging Suit. The anti-mugging suit is designed
take their prey alive. to protect the wearer from taps. In addition to its protec-
Tracers (100cr). Highly visible rounds which assist in tive abilities it is also covered in large spikes that make it
aiming, directing fire, and marking targets at the expense of hazardous to any who approach too closely. Any melee
revealing the gunner’s position. Using tracer rounds causes attack that hits will cause as much damage to the attacker
a 1d6 penalty to any cover or concealment bonus enjoyed as to the wearer of the suit, without the attacker benefit-
by the gunner, but grants a +1d6 bonus for one round to all ing from the suit’s SOAK value. The anti-mugging suit is
ranged combatants firing on the same target (a successful hit currently banned in Mega-City One since large numbers of
is not required to grant this bonus). Note that beam weapons citizens ended up injured in accidents caused by them, in
can act like tracers if the operator so chooses. Using tracer addition to the large numbers of dead taps. However there
rounds (or a beam weapon as a tracer) requires two actions. are those, in the more desolate areas of the city where
Judges rarely go, who will still use them for protection.
// Vehicle Mounted Weapons Environmental suit. Environmental suits protect the wear-
Vehicles can be armed with an assortment of weapons er from extremes of temperature, toxic environments, radia-
and in many cases the person operating the vehicle is also tion and more. The suit regulates the wearer’s temperature
the one who uses the weapons. Where the operator of a to a comfortable level and provides breathable atmospheric
vehicle is using such weapons they may substitute their
support. The suit is suitable for hazardous planetary envi-
piloting, driving or riding skill instead of their skill with the
ronments, underwater and deep space. Environmental suits
weapon. The most common example in Mega-City One is
make the wearer immune to radiation and radiation damage.
when Judges use their Lawmaster bikes; they can use their
riding skills for both their bike cannons and Cyclops Lasers. Holocaust Suit. The heavy holocaust suit provides ex-
ceptional protection to the Judge wearing this. It can keep
a Judge alive for the precious minutes it takes for him to
ARMOUR deal with the current emergency, able to withstand intense
Even in the far future, armour is one of the most effective heat, acid or radiation. Although not overly effective
ways to protect you. The technology may have improved from against weaponry it provides double its SOAK value for
the days of chain-mail and plate armour, but the principle is any environmental damage and makes the wearer immune
largely the same: wearing something resistant to damage in to radiation and radiation damage.
the hope that it will absorb any incoming damage before it
Judge Uniform. The Judge uniform provides good pro-
gets through to you. Some armour types are less effective
tection from the dangers they will face in the line of duty.
against certain damage types - for example, flexible armour
Additional padding is provided for Judges on Lawmasters,
usually does not help the wearer against blunt damage and reducing damage still further should they fall from their
metallic armour may be vulnerable to electricity damage. bikes. A Judge uniform includes a helmet with a radio and
Anti-Blast Suit. Anti-blast suits are specifically designed respirator incorporated into it. Without the helmet, the Judge
for soldiers, providing protection, integrated communica- uniform has a SOAK of 4; the helmet adds an additional 1
tions and scanning equipment. The heavy version is a little SOAK, giving the full uniform a SOAK of 5.

Kevlar, vest or long coat. Kevlar is a fibrous, high Ineffective. The armour does not offer any SOAK towards
strength fabric originally designed to withstand ballistic damage of this type. This is not the same as Vulnerability
damage. The vest covers the upper torso, while the long (which means that the target takes additional damage). All
coat is a distinctive kevlar-lined trench-coat. armours are ineffective against following damage types un-
Leather armour. Hard-boiled leather, fashionably sewn less otherwise specified: psionic, radiation, sonic.
or bonded together, leather armour is designed more as a Powered armour. Powered armour counts as one cat-
fashion statement than it is for utility. egory type lighter (heavy, medium, light, none) for the
Mesh lining. This is a jacket or other garment lined with purposes of determining DEFENCE penalties. If the power
a thin, flexible mesh layer of hardened plastic. is removed, it operates as its normal category.
Riot armour. This armour is the type typically worn by Note that armour, like all equipment, is limited in quality
Judges, designed to allow movement while offering maximum by the wearer’s skill level in the armour type. Armour skills
protection. Riot armour includes padding, blast vest, kevlar include light, medium, heavy and powered armour.
pads on the arms, legs and knees, and, typically, a helmet.
Synthetic weave. A very thin, subtle layer of armour SHIELDS
worn under clothing. The same thickness as an undershirt,
it does not provide great protection, but it can mean the Shields are not common in futuristic environments, although
difference between a killing shot and a wound. Many mili- they are carried by some riot police or shock trooper types.
tary uniforms incorporate a synthetic weave. Shields are not considered part of a Judge’s uniform unless
Padded armour. Padded armour is a very basic tunic or vest they are assigned to special riot control duty, and so cannot
filled with special foam designed to protect the wearer. Padded normally be requisitioned by a Judge. Shields add to the wield-
armour is the equivalent of the quilted cloth of medieval times, er’s DEFENCE rather than acting as a damage soak. A shield
although modern versions are designed to last years. requires a free arm, and so cannot be used with two-handed
Powered combat armour. This heavy armour boosts the weapons. Shields are most commonly made of duranium.
wearer’s physical capabilities. Extremely expensive, this Duranium shield. A small shield is about two-feet across,
armour is not common. Powered combat armour boosts he a medium shield is about three-feet across, a large shield
wearer’s STR dice pool by +1d6. is three-feet across and four-feet in height, while a tower
Radorak. One of a number of similar clothing items for shield is five or more feet in height. Shields are typically
use in areas not benefiting from weather control. The ra- made of duranium, although other materials are possible.
dorak is made of strong synthetic fabric to withstand the Energy shield. An energy shield is a wristband which
rigours of the Cursed Earth and protecting against radia- projects a circular shield of weightless energy upon com-
tion. Other than keeping out the rain it has very little ad- mand. It is wielded just like a medium shield.
ditional protective benefit.
Forcefield. A forcefield is a small device which clips to a belt.
// READING THE ARMOUR TABLE It can be activated with a single action and protects the wearer
SOAK. This is the most important part of an armour’s with a globe of transparent force. Forcefields can operate for
entry. It tells you how much damage it is able to absorb. up to one hour per day before needing to be recharged. They
Usually this is expressed as a simple number (SOAK 5, for do not protect the wearer from environmental effects.
example). Sometimes, however, a damage type might be Gauntlets. Duranium gauntlets grant the wearer a small
noted also – so a SOAK 5 (heat) entry means that the ar-
amount of extra unarmed damage, but do not allow the
mour soaks five points of heat damage, but cold or blunt
use of claws. Duranium gauntlets inflict a -1d6 penalty to
damage is unaffected. An armour type can have multiple
SOAK entries for different damage types. intricate hand-based AGI checks (to pick locks and similar
tasks). Gauntlets are small items.
Cost. This is the cost in CREDITS of a standard example
of this armour type. Helmet. Helmets grant extra protection at the cost of
a small amount of spatial awareness. A helmet with a
Type. This indicates whether the armour is light, medium
or heavy, which can affect things like available upgrades and blast shield allows the wearer to switch between open and
upgrade slots. Heavy armour enforces a -4 DEFENCE penalty. closed status as a free action. Helmets are small items.
Medium armour enforces a -2 DEFENCE penalty. Powered ar- Judge Helmet. The standard helmet for Judges both pro-
mour counts as one category lighter Skill ranks in each type vides protection and has other features incorporated into it.
is required to benefit from higher quality armour. A respirator and radio are both incorporated in the helmet.
Weight. This is the weight in pounds of the armour. The SOAK from the Judge Helmet is already incorporated
Armour can be heavy, and exceeding your CARRY value into the SOAK 5 of a Judge Uniform. Without the hemet, a
can have negative effects. Judge Uniform only has SOAK 4.

Basic Melee Weapon List
Cost Weight
Weapon Damage Type Size Avail. Special
(cr) (lb)
Axe, battleaxe 3d6 Slashing 10 M 6 P -
Bootknife 2d6+1 Piercing 15 T 1 R Thrown
Club 2d6 Blunt 1 M 3 L -
Daystick 2d6+1 Blunt 20 M 3 R -
Electro-prod 2d6 Electricity 100 M 3 R Stun
Hammer, light 2d6 Blunt 1 S 2 L -
Hammer, warhammer 3d6 Blunt 12 M 5 P -
Hatchet 2d6 Slashing 6 S 3 L Thrown
Knife/dagger 2d6 Piercing 2 T 1 L Thrown
Las-knife 2d6 Heat 40 T 1 L -
Net, Cling 0 - 100 L 2 J Restrains, Thrown
Net, energy 1d6 Electricity 200 L 2 P Restrains,Thrown
Nunchaku 2d6 Blunt 4 M 2 R -
Quarterstaff, extendible 2d6 Blunt 50 L 4 L -
Sap 2d6 Blunt 1 S 2 P Stun
Spear 3d6 Piercing 3 L 6 P Thrown
Sword, rapier 2d6 Piercing 20 M 2 P -
Sword, scimitar 2d6 Piercing 15 M 4 P -
Sword, shortsword 2d6 Piercing 10 S 2 P -
Sword, longsword 3d6 Slashing 15 M 4 P -
Sword, two-bladed 2d6 Slashing 100 L 10 P Double
Sword, two-bladed, laser 2d6 Heat 1,000 L 8 P Double
Sword, two-handed 4d6 Slashing 25 L 7 P -
Sword, laser 3d6 Heat 400 M 2 P -
Trident 3d6 Piercing 15 L 4 P Reach
Whip 2d6 Slashing 12 M 2 L Reach
Whip, energy 2d6 Force 100 M 2 L Reach

Ranged Weapons
Cost Weight
Weapon Damage Type Range Size Avail. Special
(cr) (lb)
Antique Pistol 1d6+2 Ballistic 10 75 S 3 L Sidearm

Antique Automatic Rifle 2d6+2 Ballistic 20 200 M 6 R Auto

Antique Rifle 2d6+3 Ballistic 25 150 M 5 R -

Bike Cannon 2d6+3 Ballistic 20 2,000 L 30 M Auto, Burst 2

Bow, energy 2d6+2 Heat 20 200 M 3 R -

Crossbow, hand 1d6 Piercing 6 75 S 3 R Single

Crossbow, heavy 2d6+4 Piercing 15 50 M 10 R Single

Crossbow, light 1d6+2 Piercing 10 50 S 5 R Single

Crossbow, repeating 1d6+2 Piercing 10 100 M 12 R -

Cyclops Laser 2d6+4 Heat 30 2,500 L 50 J Anti-Vehicle 3, Beam

Dartgun - - 5 75 S 1 R -

Disintegrator 4d6 Heat 2 5,000 S 12 R Anti-Vehicle 3

Electro Beam 2d6+2 Heat 8 3,500 M 12 P Ignores all SOAK

Flame Thrower 2d6 Heat 4 200 M 25 J Combust 2, Heavy

Grapple Gun 2d6 Piercing 10 150 M 10 R -

Las Cannon 2d6+4 Heat 15 2,300 L 5 R Beam, Burst 1, Heavy

Ranged Weapons
Cost Weight
Weapon Damage Type Range Size Avail. Special
(cr) (lb)
Laser Cannon 2d6+4 Heat 80 15,000 L 100 M Anti-Vehicle 3, Beam
Anti-Vehicle 4, Beam,
Heavy Laser Cannon 2d6+4 Heat 100 20,000 L 200 M
Burst 2
Laser Pistol 1d6+4 Heat 10 100 S 2 R Sidearm, Beam

Laser Rifle 2d6+3 Heat 20 250 M 5 R Beam

Laser Sniper Rifle 3d6 Heat 40 1,000 M 7 R Beam

Lawgiver Mk I: - - - 2,000 S 3 J Sidearm

Standard Execution 2d6+2 Ballistic 12 - - - - -

1/ SE Half damage;
Armour Piercing 2 Ballistic 6 - - - -
Ignores 10 soak
Incendiary 1d6 Heat 8 - - - Combust
-1d6 for each surface
Rubber Ricochet 1d6+2 Blunt 6 - - - -
bounced off
Burst 1; double damage to
High Explosive 2d6 Heat 8 - - - -
robots and inanimate objects
+2d6 but not in first
Heat Seeker 2d6 Ballistic 10 - - - -
range increment
Stun Charge 2d6 Electricity 3 - - - - Stun

Lawrod 2d6+3 Ballistic 30 300 M 5 J -

Anti-Vehicle 3, Burst 1,
Lazooka 2d6 Heat 35 2,000 L 15 M
Longbow 2d6+2 Piercing 18 60 L 4 R -

Machine Gun 2d6 Ballistic 15 250 L 20 M Auto, Heavy

Magnon Pulsar: 1d6 Ion 10 1,000 M 12 J -

Version 3 2d6 Ion 10 2,000 M 10 J (2115) -

Version 4 2d6 Ion 10 3,500 M 15 J (2117) -

Missile Launcher 2d6 Heat 50 2,000 L 20 M Burst 3, Heavy

Rocket Launcher 2d6+2 Heat 30 800 L 20 M Burst 3, Heavy

Shortbow 1d6+2 Piercing 12 20 M 3 R -

Sling 1d6 Blunt 8 5 S - P -

Scatter Gun: - - - 250 M 8 J -

Solid Round 2d6 Ballistic 8 - - - - -

Riot Shot 4d6* Ballistic 2 - - - - -

Solar Rifle 3d6+3 Heat 40 1,000 M 7 M Beam

Sonic Cannon 2d6 Sonic 80 15,000 L 250 M Anti-Vehicle 2, Beam, Stun

Sniper Rifle 3d6+2 Ballistic 35 500 M 5 R -

Spit Gun 2d6+2 Ballistic 20 1,000 L 9 M Auto

Spit Pistol 2d6 Ballistic 10 75 S 3 M Auto, Sidearm

Stump Gun: - - - 150 M 6 L

Solid Round 2d6 Ballistic 8 - - - - -

Riot Shot 3d6* Ballistic 2 - - - - -

Sucker Gun 1d6 Blunt 10 200 M 10 R -

Widowmaker 2000: - - - 3,000 L 10 J (2114) Auto

Standard Execution 2d6+3 Ballistic 35 - - - - -

Riot Shot 4d6* Ballistic 4 - - - - -

Zip Gun 1d6+2 Ballistic 5 100 T 1 L Sidearm

*Damage beyond half the round’s range is halved (round down).

Armour SOAK Cost (cr) Type Weight Ineffective Availability
Radorak 1 20 Light 2 - L
(5 radiation)
Synthetic weave 2 30 Light 5 Blunt L

Padded 3 20 Light 10 Heat L

Mesh lining 4 50 Light 8 Blunt L

Leather 4 35 Light 15 - L

Judge Uniform 5 150 Light 20 - J

Kevlar vest 5 100 Light 30 Piercing L

Kevlar coat, long 6 200 Medium 50 Piercing L

Environmental suit 4 500 Medium 40 Piercing L

Anti-Mugging Suit 7 400 Medium 50 - P

Holocaust Suit 7 15,000 Heavy 80 - J

(14 area)
Riot armour 7 1,000 Medium 50 - J

Anti-Blast Suit 8 2,000 Heavy 60 Electricity M

(16 area)
Heavy Anti-Blast Suits 9 3,000 Heavy 65 Electricity M
(18 area)
Powered combat armour 10 10,000 Heavy 60 Electricity, ion M

Shield Cost (cr) Weight Availability Special

Forcefield 2,000 1 A +3 DEFENCE

Gauntlets, duranium 50 1 L +1 unarmed damage

+1 unarmed damage; damage
Gauntlets, duranium, spiked 150 1 P
becomes piercing
Gauntlets, kevlar 60 1 L +1 unarmed damage

Helmet, blast shield 180 6 L Special

Helmet, closed 175 5 L +2 SOAK, -2 DEFENCE

Helmet, Judge 250 3 J +1 SOAK

Helmet, open-faced 70 2 L +1 SOAK, -1 DEFENCE

Shield, energy 1,200 1 A +2 DEFENCE

Shield, large, duranium 2,000 50 L +3 DEFENCE, -1 Speed

Shield, medium, duranium 900 20 L +2 DEFENCE

Shield, small, duranium 400 12 L +1 DEFENCE


Weapons and armour can be customised and upgraded Accelerated (10,000cr). An accelerated weapon is one
with additional features. These range from simple additions which is designed with special materials and even warping
technology to allow the user to strike faster with it. These
such as telescopic scopes or auto-loaders to advanced tech-
weapons are always melee weapons, and the user gains an
nological enhancements like phasing or seeking ammuni-
additional free attack with the weapon if he has already
tion, booby-trapped weapons which identify the wielder, or
attacked twice with it this turn.
methods to conceal weapons from scanners.
Ammunition booster (500cr). An ammunition boost
The number of customisations a weapon or set of armour refers to actual ammo, power cells or charges. The ammu-
can support is based on its size and quality (see page 89). nition boost doubles the capacity of the weapon.
A customisation must match quality with the item Bioactive (1,500cr). Bio-active weaponry is the far fu-
being upgraded, along with standard attached quality ture equivalent of poisoned darts. Biological warfare, while
price increases - if an exceptional quality rifle is being disdained, is not uncommon. A bio-active weapon (either
customised the cost of each upgrade is multiplied by 5 melee or ranged) is designed to emit small amounts of
with an additional 250cr on top. bioactive material onto the ammunition or striking edge of

the weapon. Only weapons which fire projectiles (such as Miniaturised (2,000cr). A miniaturised weapon is a
bullets or arrows), or melee weapons which do slashing or very compact, easily concealable version of a weapon.
piercing damage qualify for a bio-active upgrade. The bio- Only ranged weapons can be miniaturised in this fashion
active agent adds the poison damage type to the weapon’s (melee weapons lose their damage dealing capacity by
damage (e.g. changing a pistol to ballistic/poison damage). miniaturising them). A miniaturised weapon is reduced by
Booby trapped (1,000cr). A booby trapped weapon will ex- two size categories (minimum is tiny) and inflicts a -2d6
plode, shock, or otherwise harm the wielder if an unauthorised penalty on anyone searching the owner for it. Its capabili-
user attempts to use it. There are two levels of booby trap – ties are not affected in any other way.
manual activation (which requires the authorised user to enter Phasing (12,000cr). A phasing weapon uses high ad-
a code to activate the weapon safely) or ID Matched activation vanced transporter technology to negate cover. A micro-
(which automatically recognises an authorised user). chip calculates the exact moment to phase the ammuni-
» Manual activation: manually activating a booby trapped tion to the other side of a barrier. This can only be applied
weapon requires an action. Attempting to use the to ranged weapons which fire projectiles. The weapon ig-
weapon without activating it will trigger the booby trap. nores any cover penalties to hit the target within the first
» ID Matched activation: the weapon must also have range increment, once per round only.
the ID Matched upgrade applied to it. No action is Scope (100cr). A scope is one of the most basic, common
required to use activate the weapon. Unauthorised
users will automatically trigger the booby trap. additions to a ranged weapon. It enables the wielder to more
The trigger for a booby trapped weapon is an attempt to easily hit targets at greater range increments. A scope adds
50% to the range increment of a ranged weapon.
use it. In the case of a firearm it is pulling the trigger; with
a laser sword or other similar technological melee device » Advanced scope: an advanced scope (500cr) adds
100% to the weapon’s range increment instead of 50%.
it is activating the power control. There are two common » Night scope: a night scope (300cr) allows the user
types of booby trap available: to operate a ranged weapon in complete darkness.
» Explosive: the weapon explodes. It causes 2d6 heat Seeker (15,000cr). A seeking weapon is a highly ad-
damage to the user (large weapons cause 3d6 heat vanced piece of technology. Integrated computer chips with
damage). The weapon is destroyed. enhanced target-finding AI instantaneously calculate the
» Shock: the weapon gives the user an electric
shock. The user takes 2d6 electricity damage exact distance and direction of the target. Seeking weap-
and drops the weapon. ons grant a +2d6 bonus to attack rolls with a ranged weap-
Combined weapon (price varies). A combined weapon is on above and beyond that granted by the weapon’s innate
one which incorporates the features of one or more weap- quality. However, they can only be fired once per round.
ons. This could be as simple as a rifle with a bayonet (spear) Stealthy (500cr). A stealthy weapon is one composed of
on the end or a weapon with an inbuilt grenade launcher. materials which do not register on security scanners. The
Highly advanced weapons might include the features of mul- weapon will not, however, bypass a visual inspection.
tiple weapons, able to access each on command. Suppressor (250cr). A suppressor is used to silence or
A combined weapon costs the price of each of its com- muffle a weapon by emitting a frequency-calculated sonic
ponent weapons multiplied by the number of component pulse designed to nullify the weapon’s own noise. Any weap-
weapons. Each component must be of the same quality; on with a suppressor attached emits no sound when used. A
you cannot combine an exceptional quality weapon with an sonic weapon with a suppressor is rendered non-functional.
artisanal quality one – they are incompatible. Transporting (20,000cr). A transporting weapon is able
You are able to switch between the different modes of to be called to the user’s hand. The basic type of transport-
a weapon as a free action in your turn, though you may ing weapon must be stored in a special permanent unit on a
only do so once per turn. starship or in a building, and is recalled using a special glove.
The range is 1 mile. Recalling the weapon is an action.
High damage (1,000cr). The weapon has been modified to
A more advanced transporting weapon contains its own
make it more deadly. Perhaps a baseball bat has spikes on it, or
transporting unit and can be concealed anywhere. This up-
a firearm uses an advanced propellant. It does +1d6 damage.
grade is more expensive, however, costing 50,000cr.
ID-matched (500cr). An ID-Matched weapon can only be
used by a single designated individual – usually its owner. // FUTURE ARMOUR CUSTOMISATIONS
The system uses a variety of biometric data to determine Augmented Reaction (1,000cr). This functionality
the user’s identity and will not function for any wielder other can only be built into medium or heavy armour, and in-
than that individual. This upgrade cannot be applied to simple cludes a heads-up-display, proximity alert systems and
weapons like clubs or swords; the weapon must have electron- other electronic devices designed to improve the reac-
ic components which require activation. An ID-Matched weap- tion time of the wearer. Augmented reaction armour
on can also be Booby Trapped; this is a separate upgrade. grants a +1d6 bonus to Initiative checks.

Ablative (500cr). Highly effective, ablative armour Thrusters (5,000cr). Thrusters built into heavy armours
absorbs damage by vaporizing when hit. Ablative ar- can enable spectacular jumps. With an action, the wearer can
mour starts with 2 additional points of SOAK. Its SOAK safely jump 30’ up or across with no attribute check required.
value reduces by 1 point with each hit and the actual
weight of the armour lessens by 5lb.
Cloak (10,000cr). Cloaking technology is expensive and
uncommon. It renders the wearer almost invisible (+3d6 Substances can have direct effects on those who imbibe,
bonus to checks made to hide), although a perceptive inject, drink or inhale them. They are used legally by medi-
viewer can make out a slight shimmering. cal professionals and illegally by others who seek to gain
Gravitic (4,000cr). Gravitic armour is used in high, an advantage. Penalties for the misuse of drugs are se-
low or zero gravity situations using artificial gravity field vere, with the Judges always looking to lock away addicts
generators. The wearer of gravitic armour is unaffected by and suppliers in the illegal drugs trade.
zero, high or low gravity.
Kinetic (1,000cr). Kinetic armour is able to sense when // ADDICTION
the wearer is in freefall and reduce his falling speed to ensure Every drug and concoction has an addiction class.
a gentle landing. The wearer does not take falling damage Each time the drug is taken, the user must make a WIL
but must still make an AGILITY check to land on their feet. check to avoid becoming addicted. The WIL check in-
Reflective (400cr). Reflective armour is a cheap, effi- creases by 1 each time the drug is used.
cient way to deflect beam weapons. However, it is highly vis- An addicted character suffers a side-effect every day that
ible and not suitable for stealth-based operations. Reflective he or she does not use the addictive substance. The effect
armour grants 5 SOAK vs. heat damage but inflicts a -2d6 begins when the character wakes that day and continues un-
penalty to checks made to hide. Reflective armour cannot less the substance is used. If the substance is used the side-
be combined with camouflage or chameleon properties. effect goes away until the next morning. The side effect can
Silent (2,000cr). Silent suits add sonic dampening tech- be randomly determined (see below) or assigned to the drug.
nology in the form of miniature field generators. These field
Removing an addition requires a character to refrain
generators cannot be used on heavy armour. Silent suits
from use of a drug for the time indicated below (suffering
grant a +1d6 bonus to AGILITY checks to be stealthy and, as
the side effect for that period of time).
a side-effect, provide 5 SOAK versus sonic damage.
Spikes (80cr). This medieval looking adjustment looks // SIDE EFFECTS
intimidating and exotic; however their primary purpose is Some drugs are noted as having side-effects. Side- ef-
to cause damage to opponents who attempt to grab the
fects also occur when drugs are combined. Side effects
wearer. Any attempt to grab the wearer of spiked armour
last for one day. Side effects manifest as a condition,
causes the attacker 1d6 piercing damage.
starting as a mild condition and increasing to severe
Thermal (250cr). Thermal armour both protects and extreme if no action is taken.
against cold environments and also grants 5 SOAK vs.
cold (cryo) damage.
Camouflage (300cr). Camouflage armour is an easy and 2d6 Side Effect
cheap way to blend into the surroundings. Camouflage can 2-3 Forgetful
be applied to any armour and must be selected for a specific
terrain (desert, snow, jungle, night). Wearing the correct cam- 4-5 Confused
ouflage armour for the terrain grants a +1d6 bonus to checks
6 Afraid
to hide. This does not stack with the chameleon property.
Chameleon (5,000cr). The ultimate in camouflage, 7 Fatigued
chameleon armour uses nanotechnology to rapidly
8 Sick
change colour to react to its environment. Chameleon
armour grants a +2d6 bonus to checks to hide. This 9-10 Angry
does not stack with the camouflage property.
11 Dazed
Nanorepair (5,000cr). Nanorepair armour is able to
repair itself and is especially useful when combined with 12 Blind
ablative armour. It repairs itself by 1 point every turn.

the drug is mildly addictive itself, which means it only gets
prescribed for addiction classes III and IV. Taking the drug
reduces an addition difficulty value of a particular addic-
tion by 1 point. The drug only works once per day.
Appetite Inducer. Used in training by those involved in
professional eating sports it is banned in actual competition.
A drop or two can help the eater consume far larger amounts
than would be normal. A larger dose can cause the individual
to eat non-stop in a manic frenzy until they drop dead.
Boosters, street. Boosters are a basic, cheap drug
which grants the user a temporary burst of strength,
stamina, or even intelligence. The word “booster” is
merely slang for an enormously wide range of chemicals –
adrenaline shots, neural exciters, smart drugs, stimulants,
performance enhancers, and more. A booster gives the
user a +1d6 bonus to an attribute for one hour. Boosters do
not stack with each other – taking two does not increase
the bonus to +2d6. Boosters typically have street names
like Azrael, Berzerk, Brilliance, Candy, Drive, Hype, Nectar,
Snap, Stims, Venom or Whiz.
Boosters, strong. Strong boosters are rare, expensive
and addictive. They grant a +2d6 bonus to an attribute,
but for five minutes only, and that same attribute suffers a
-2d6 penalty for an hour thereafter.
Boosters, ultra. Ultraboosters are a class of very rare,
often experimental drugs which frequently have some
form of side effect (roll once on the side-effects table).
They are highly addictive, extremely expensive, and grant
Generic Drugs a +3d6 bonus to an attribute for one hour, but that same
attribute suffers a -3d6 penalty for six hours thereafter.
Most drugs can come in injected (in future settings this
is a hypospray) or pill form. Some drugs have less common
Addiction Remove
administration methods, including inhalation, eye-drops, Class
Description WIL Check
gels and more, and in archaic settings concoctions can
I Non-addictive - -
take the form of ointments, soups and other mixtures.
II Challenging [13] 1 day
The drugs in the table opposite are listed by type. caution required

However, they may be known by specific brand names. III Highly addictive Difficult [16] 1 week

Amnesia drug. Amnesia drugs are used to remove memo- IV

Demanding [21] 1 month
ries. Developed for trauma victims to help them forget certain
events, less beneficial uses were soon found. The user gets a HealJel. An antibiotic jelly which can treat small injuries.
Difficult [16] WIL check; on a failure, the last day’s events are Application of HealJel cures 1 point of HEALTH. However, a
forgotten. There is a risk that more will be lost: roll 1d6, and on person can only benefit from it once per day. HealJel is a
a roll of 6 the user loses one skill rank from a random skill. common brand name, but there are many more – Medi-Gel
Antidote. Antidotes work to counteract slow-acting tox- and JelAid are two other well-known ones.
ins. They grant a bonus die to a poison dice pool. Immunity booster. Immunity boosters are used as pre-
Anti-addiction. With the prevalence of addiction, it was ventative drugs; they increase the user’s resistance to dis-
only a matter of time before a drug to counteract that very ease. An immunity booster gives the user a 2d6 bonus to
thing was developed. The unfortunate side effect is that disease dice pools for one day.

Metabolic depressor. Metabolic depressors slow the me- Pain relief, strong. Extremely strong painkillers work much
tabolism and life signs for one hour. One application can like regular ones. They are more expensive, and more addic-
be enough to hide from scans, inflicting a 2-dice penalty to tive, but give a temporary 2d6 boost to HEALTH for one hour.
the detection difficulty. Reaction enhancers. These increase cognitive pro-
Metabolism stopper. An extremely potent form of meta- cessing, awareness, and reaction speed. They add 1d6 to
bolic depressor, this injection completely halts metabolism INITIATIVE checks for one hour, and are mildly addictive.
and life signs for 4 hours. The user is completely invisible to Regenerative. Regeneratives are a powerful form of drug
scans and detection equipment, and appears dead to a curso- which endows the user with rapid healing. The drug increases
ry visual inspection. The user is unconscious during this time. daily natural healing by 3d6 HEALTH for the day it is used.
Mood enhancers. These common drugs are used to cre- Stookie. In Mega-City One the secret to halting ageing
ate a feeling of well-being or happiness for four hours. has been found; unfortunately it involves the removal of
They are used recreationally by many, and are easily avail- the adifax gland from stookies, a sapient alien species.
able, though mildly addictive (and thoroughly illegal if not This process is fatal for the aliens and as a result the drug
prescribed by a doctor). The most common street versions is banned with stiff penalties imposed on those smuggling,
are Okay, Glee, Equinox and Allswell. selling, producing or using the drug. This drug is taken
Oxygenation. Injections such as TriOx can enable a crea- weekly, and each application effectively reduces the user’s
ture to operate normally in a zero oxygen environment for age by 1d6 years until they reach their mid-twenties.
5 minutes, or a low-oxygen environment for one hour. If an application is missed, the user rapidly ages 3d6 years
Pain relief. Painkillers can be used to grant temporary every hour (but will not age beyond their actual, natural
HEALTH – however, the effects wear off, and the tempo- age). Stookie is an expensive drug and many of its users
rary HEALTH wears off at the same time. A basic pain re- eventually run out of funds to support their habit, most
lief pill grants 1d6 temporary HEALTH for one hour. then turn to crime adding to their already heinous crimes.

Drug Cost (cr) Delivery Addiction Class

Amnesia drug 500 Pill I
Antidote 50 Injection II
Anti-addiction 3,000 Injection II
Appetite Inducer 500 Drink solution I
Boosters, street 100 Pill II
Boosters, strong 500 Pill III
Boosters, ultra 5,000 Injection IV
HealJel 50 Gel I
Immunity booster 500 Injection I
Metabolic depressor 200 Injection I
Metabolism stopper 2,000 Injection I
Mood enhancers 25 Pill II
Oxygenation 100 Injection I
Pain relief 10 Pill II
Pain relief, strong 50 Pill III
Reaction enhancers 250 Pill II
Regenerative 1,000 Injection III
Stookie 1,000 Pill II
Survival compound 200 Pill III
Tranquilliser, medium 100 Injection/Pill II
Tranquilliser, large 250 Injection/Pill II
Tranquilliser, huge 500 Injection/Pill II
Tranquilliser, enormous 1,000 Injection/Pill II
Truth drugs 1,000 Injection I
Zziz 50 Inhale powder III

Survival compounds. These pills ward off the need for A creature which has fully allocated its available cybernetic
food and water for 24 hours. They are highly addictive, but allowance changes its type to robot. A robot creature is vulner-
are fortunately so much more expensive than actual food able (1d6) to electricity damage and (2d6) to ion damage. Ion
and water that they never became a societal problem. damage is specially designed to attack electronics and robot.
Tranquilliser. Tranquillisers are used to put a patient (or
victim) to sleep. These are used by hunters, police and also by // Cybernetic Alterations
patients who have trouble with insomnia. The imbiber makes Not every cybernetic alteration “takes”; some people are
a Difficult [16] END check or falls asleep for 5 minutes. simply unsuitable candidates for a particular process. As
Truth drugs. Truth drugs compel the imbiber to talk an optional rule, the Game Master may require minor cy-
truthfully. In reality, they are not a guarantee – the user can bernetic alteration to succeed at a Difficult [16] END check,
resist with a Difficult [16] WIL check. The drug wears off and major alterations a Demanding [21] END check. A fail-
after just 20 minutes. Stronger truth drugs are available to ure means that that alteration cannot proceed.
the Judges, for each benchmark increase for the WIL check Artificial Limbs. Artificial arms and legs interface di-
to resist the drug’s effects 1d6 damage is caused.
rectly with nerves and work exactly like a regular limb – al-
Zziz. A synthetic recreational drug that is the most popular beit stronger and faster. Arms add to STRENGTH, and legs
street drug in the city. A hallucinogenic, the drug has no legiti- increase AGILITY (cumulatively, so for a human a full set of
mate medicinal use. Possession or involvement in its distribu-
four limbs adds +2d6 STR and +2d6 AGI).
tion in any way an automatic iso-cube sentence if caught.
Clawed artificial limb. Adds +1d6 to STRENGTH. Also
increases natural damage by +1d6. Decreases all skill
CREATING DRUGS checks where a piece of equipment needs to be held
One dose of a drug can be created by performing a ma- and used by this arm by -2d6.
jor chemistry extended task with a difficulty equal to 20 +
Cranial reinforcement. A major cybernetic implant.
one percent of the drug’s value. Such a drug is unlicensed,
Increases brawling damage by at least +1d6, has multiple
cannot be legally sold, and spoils after one day.
settings that can increase this bonus damage to +2d6,
+3d6 or +4d6. Adds 10 SOAK to head. Also halves cur-
CYBERNETICS rent LOG and makes increasing LOG no longer possible by
The science of cybernetics is the alteration of organic crea- any means. Highly illegal, no self respecting cybernetics
tures with artificial parts. These parts can be electronic, bio surgeon would ever perform the necessary operation and
electronic, or mechanical in nature. A heavily modified crea- only a psychopathic maniac would want to see this implant
ture is known as a cyborg, a combination of organic and arti- put into themselves or anyone else.
ficial parts (as opposed to a robot, which is wholly artificial).
Digiclaws. These sharp metal talons are hidden within the
Cybernetic modifications can enhance or improve fingertips and release or detract as a reaction. A creature
natural capabilities, compensate for injuries or grant en-
with digiclaws increases its natural damage by +1d6 and may
tirely new capabilities. Anything from an artificial arm to
inflict slashing or piercing damage. Characters or creatures
retinal targeting implants to reinforced skin can be ac-
with natural claws cannot benefit from this enhancement.
complished through the science of cybernetics. Even the
mind can be altered, with improved cognitive functional- Durarmour/sub-dermal plating. Durarmour is a more
ity or extended data storage and memory. substantial, advanced form of duraskin - an actual layer
of armour under the skin. Flexible layers of resilient dura-
// ORGANIC LIMITATIONS nium increase a character’s natural SOAK by 5.
A Player Character or creature cannot continue adding
Duraskin. Duraskin is a skin transplant. The material is
cybernetic modifications indefinitely. The body can only
tougher than regular skin, as well as being fairly fireproof.
take so much foreign matter before it starts to reject it.
It has a slight yellow tinge, however.
The number of cybernetic modifications allowed is equal
to the subject’s ENDURANCE attribute. Some cybernetic Exosuit. Exosuits are old-fashioned, almost primitive
modifications increase ENDURANCE. In these cases, the forms of cybernetics. They consist of frameworks on the
original (unmodified) attribute is used to determine the outside of the body which tap directly in to the wearer’s
limit of cybernetic alterations. For the purpose of calculat- nervous system, almost like an integrated suit of power
ing this limit, a minor alteration counts as one modifica- armour. A partial exosuit covers just the upper half of the
tion, and a major alteration counts as two alterations. body, while a full exosuit includes the legs.

Hormonal Regulators. A character with hormonal Olfactory Sensors. This cybernetic alteration laces
regulators is able to expel gathered hormones of vari- the character’s nasal cavities with a mesh of metal that
ous types for the appropriate situation. Three times vastly increases its sense of smell, granting a +1d6 bonus
per day the character may add +1d6 to a social attrib- to relevant checks (if the creature already has a scent-
ute check with another living creature. based bonus, this is cumulative).
Injector Implants. An injector implant stores a chemical Psionic Scrambler. This crude cranial implant helps pro-
or drug for rapid deployment as a free action. The implant tect the user against psionic attacks. However, someone
stores three uses of the drug before it needs to be refilled. with this implant automatically has a PSI attribute of 0.
Input Jacks. These attachments allow you to interface with Retinal Implants. These implants grant permanent pow-
any electronic system (so long as it has an output), granting a ers of enhanced vision. A basic implant grants one ability
+1d6 bonus to computer operations and cracking checks. from the list below (a character can have a different im-
plant in each eye). More advanced implants offer multiple
Memory Chip. Memory chips increase a characters LOG abilities in one device at the cost of the total value all the
attribute. Multiple chips can be implanted, which work abilities multiplied by the number of abilities.
cumulatively, but every two chips reduces the character’s » Night vision — This enables the user to see in
WIL dice pool by 1d6 as his sense of self is gradually erod- darkness for 60’. Grants an environmental die in
ed. Skill implants count towards this total. darkness or lowlight.

Enhancement Type Cost (cr) Effect

Artificial arm Major 100,000 +1d6 to STRENGTH dice pool

Artificial leg Major 125,000 +1d6 to AGILITY dice pool

+1d6 to STRENGTH dice pool. +1d6 natural damage. -2d6 to all

Clawed artificial arm Major 150,000
skill checks when using equipment operated by this arm.
+1d6 to +4d6 head butt damage, halve LOG, LOG can no longer
Cranial Reinforcement Major 100,000
be increased. 10 SOAK for head.

Digiclaws Minor 100,000 +1d6 natural damage

Durarmour/sub-dermal plating Major 200,000 SOAK 5

Duraskin Major 50,000 SOAK 2, SOAK 5 (fire)

Exosuit, partial Major 75,000 +1d6 to STRENGTH dice pool

Exosuit, full Major 175,000 +1d6 to STRENGTH, +1d6 to AGILITY

Hormonal regulators Minor 30,000 +1d6 to social interactions three times per day

Injector implant Minor 18,000 One drug type, injects as a free action

Input jacks Minor 50,000 +1d6 to computer operations

Memory chip Minor 25,000 +1d6 to LOG dice pool

Olfactory sensors Minor 25,000 +1d6 to smell-based INT checks

Psionic scrambler Minor 50,000 +5 MENTAL DEFENCE

Retinal implant Minor 15,000 Night, telescopic, magnifying, infra-red

Skeletal reinforcement Major 110,000 +1d6 to ENDURANCE dice pool

Skill implant Minor 15,000 1 new skill at 1d6

Static dynamo Major 50,000 Discharge energy as an attack

50,000 Plus
Weapon integration Major -
price of weapon

Voice Synthesiser Minor 25,000 -

Wavelength receiver Minor 50,000 Sense/read/hear energy/radiation wavelengths

» Telescopic — This doubles the user’s visual range and Organisations have REPUTATION attributes, just like
increases range increments on weapons by 50%. characters do. This helps determine the resources at the
» Magnifying — This enables the user to see tiny de- organisation’s disposal, the amount of gear that charac-
tails, increasing the chance to spot clues by a +1d6
ters can requisition from the organisation, as well as the
bonus to any checks.
» Infra-red — This is a little like night vision, but has a organisation’s fame and influence.
longer range and only reveals objects or creatures When an organisation is in play characters do not use the
which give off heat. Grants an environmental die in normal rules for wealth and equipment. Instead, equipment
darkness, but not low-light.
is requisitioned from the organisation itself. The total amount
Skeletal Reinforcement. This lengthy and painful
procedure fortifies a character’s entire skeleton, brac- of gear that a character can requisition from the organisation
ing bones with layers of duranium. The result is that the is noted by the Requisition Cap in the table below.
character’s stamina is increased overall, as well as the Once this cap is reached, the character can requisition
ability to withstand physical damage. no further equipment until the previous allotment has
Skill Implant. A chip similar to the memory chip, a skill im- been returned.
plant gives a character a brand new skill. Implants only grant This has the advantage of giving starting characters
a basic level of proficiency in the skill. Multiple chips can be access to better equipment; however it means that char-
implanted, with different skills, but every two chips reduces acter wealth and upgrading gear becomes a less impor-
the character’s WIL dice pool by 1d6 as his sense of self is tant part of the game.
gradually eroded. Memory chips count towards this total. The size category names are military themed, but an or-
Static Dynamo. A character with this modification is capa- ganisation does not have to be military in nature. A large
ble of storing up an impressive charge of energy. Three times corporation may have many thousands of employees and
per day, when hit with a melee attack, they may release some uses the same classifications. A single supermarket may
of this energy on their attacker, dealing an amount of dam- have 200 employees, making it a Company, while a wealthy
age equal to the character’s total number of career grades. multi-national corporation may have 80,000, making it a
Voice Synthesiser. A voice Synthesiser enables a char- Corps. The organisation itself will not use these terms (un-
acter to use fake voices. When doing so, the character less it actually is military – and even then different military
gains a +1d6 bonus to CHA checks made to deceive others. structures exist) and might call itself a corporation, a cell, a
Wavelength Receiver. This implant affects the cerebral gang, a league, an agency, a church or a militia.
cortex, causing it to generate complex organic structures Reputation. An organisation’s REPUTATION score indi-
in the vision centre of the brain that allow a creature to cates a number of things – its wealth, the resources at its
perceive wavelengths of energy. As a reaction a creature disposal, how easy it is to find the organisation and more.
with a wavelength receiver can tune it to detect magnetic, This is how well known an organisation is and how likely
radio, cellphone or radar (and any other type of energy people are to recognise its name or importance. Larger
field the Game Master sees fit). organisations are better known, and depending on its ex-
Weapon Integration. A character with an existing cyber- ploits an organisation may only have a reputation among
netic limb can have a weapon integrated into it. The weapon certain circles like investigators and criminals, the military,
operates as normal, but cannot be dropped or disarmed. The or occultists and so on — but remain hidden from the public
weapon must be two size categories smaller than the charac- at large (it can be a bit hard to attain galactic domination
ter, and must be paid for in addition to the integration. when anybody can find and foil your schemes, after all).
Being a member of an organisation gives a character access
REQUISITIONS AND ORGANISATIONS to the organisation’s REP attribute rather than its own once
Some characters are part of a larger organisation which per day. An organisation may also provide access to specific
has greater resources than the character might have in- careers or exploits. Note that an individual has access only to
dividually. Whether part of the crew of a starship or other the REP of their sub-group, not the organisation as a whole.
military outfit, a secret intergalactic espionage agency, or Locate Info. When attempting to gain information about
the complement of a sector house, characters who are part or locate an organisation of which they are not a member,
of an organisation can requisition gear for use in missions. characters make an attribute check (typically LOG or CHA,
If organisational requisitions are used, all characters depending on the methods used); the difficulty of the check
should be part of the organisation. is noted in the Locate Info column in the organisation table.

Size Members REP Locate Info
Cap Example Organisation
Team 1-8 4 (2d6) Superhuman (37) 700
The organisation below is a criminal
group. Gang members can be
Squad 8-12 6 (3d6) Herculean (33) 1,100
outfitted with equipment, armour and
Section 12-25 8 (3d6) Severe (29) 1,100 weapons up to a value of 1,800cr.
Platoon 25-50 12 (4d6) Strenuous (25) 1,400
The Outsiders
Company 50-250 16 (5d6) Demanding (21) 1,800
Size: Company (167 members);
Battalion 250-1,500 20 (5d6) Difficult (16) 1,800
REP: 16 (5d6)
Regiment 1,500-3,000 25 (6d6) Challenging (13) 2,100 Locate Info: Demanding (21)
Requisition Cap: 1,800cr
Brigade 3,000-5,000 30 (7d6) Routine (10) 2,500
A typical street gang operating in
Division 5,000-25,000 40 (8d6) Easy (7) 2,800
and around Albert Camus block; the
25,000- Outsiders operate a wide variety of
Corps 50 (9d6) Trivial (-) 3,200
rackets within their territory. Led by
Service 60 (10d6) Trivial (-) 3,500
500,000 Marie ‘Ma’ Salt the gang has a formidable
500,000- reputation. Gang members are known
Force 70 (11d6) Trivial (-) 3,900
to act as guns for hire for one or more
Administration 100 (13d6) Trivial (-) 4,600
5,000,000 of the more powerful organised crime
Empire 5,000,000+ 130 (15d6) Trivial (-) 5,300 syndicates operating within their sector.

Requisition Cap. This is the maximum amount by Organised crime provides numerous organisations often
which an organisation can outfit all its members for mis- opposed to each other. Perp Player Characters might be
sions. Usually, this will replace the money available to a part of a larger criminal syndicate run by mobsters, or a
character for equipment. lower level street gang. They may also be completely inde-
Sub-groups. Large organisations are composed of multi- pendent of any larger group, preferring to stay out of the
ple smaller organisations – one does not normally encoun- limelight where possible. However they are still likely to
ter the entirety of a megacorporation at once, or an entire have to make deals with larger groups of perps.
army. The sub-groups have REP attributes according to
Citizens can be a part of numerous types of groups. They
their size, which tend to escalate in larger and larger sub-
may all work for the same corporation (although this will be
groups until the final group is the whole organisation. For
example, while a group of Player Characters may be part rare, given the rates of unemployment in the city), be mem-
of Justice Department, their actual organisation is a single bers of their block committee, Citi-Def unit or club of some
watch within a sector house. sort (such as a block jaeger club or survivalist group).

// Player Character Organisations VEHICLES

Within Mega-City One
The most important organisation within Mega-City One Vehicles are used for transportation of people and goods or,
is Justice Department, and any group of Judge Player in many cases, for sport and pleasure. Archaic vehicles – most
Characters will be members. Justice Department is also of which use internal combustion engines – are rare, but there
the government of the city so employs millions of citizens is a niche market for them amongst enthusiasts and collectors.
and robots as well as Judges in a wide variety of roles. Many everyday vehicles use antigrav technology and hover
Player Character Judges will be part of one of the numer- across the ground, skimming at a height of about five feet.
ous sub-groups within Justice Department. They are most
A character inside a vehicle benefits from the SOAK
likely to be assigned to a single sector house where they
will form part of a watch. However, they might also be a provided by that vehicle until the vehicle is reduced to half
team assigned as block judges, part of a special task force HEALTH, at which point it is considered broken (although
set up to crack down on a particular criminal group or be not destroyed). The occupant of a vehicle uses their own
directly controlled by one of Justice Department’s divi- DEFENCE or the DEFENCE of the vehicle, whichever is high-
sions (Street Division or the Wally Squad, for example). er. Note that vehicle DEFENCE increases with higher speeds.

All but the most ancient of road vehicles have the ability pinpoint accuracy. Much smaller than the heavier h-wag-
to drive themselves. Curiously many taxi companies still use ons they are of an exceptional quality, adding +2d6 to the
human drivers as customers prefer to have a real human to dice pool of all crew when using the craft or its equipment.
talk to on their journeys. Assume vehicles can operate with The Gunbird comes equipped with a pair of laser cannons
a 3d6 dice pool when driving themselves. For Lawmaster to eliminate any threats it encounters.
bikes a 3d6 dice pool would also be appropriate when using H-Wagon. The H-Wagon is a generic term given to a broad
their weaponry while on automatic (although they can only variety of flying vehicles in use by the Justice Department. The
use them if ordered to do so by a Judge). larger H-Wagons are formidable fighting machines, equipped
with twin banks of four laser cannons each. A large number
// Using Vehicles of these fighting craft form a bomber force equipped with nu-
Actions. Controlling the vehicle uses one action on the clear missiles as a deterrent against Mega-City One’s enemies.
part of the driver. Other actions can take place at any Smaller H-Wagons are often used for surveillance and
point during the vehicle’s movement that turn. for the rapid transport of personnel.
SPEED. The occupants of a vehicle gain the vehicle’s Heavy. The most formidable weapon in the Justice
SPEED, and move with the vehicle automatically. The vehicle Department armoury. These massive tanks are extremely
must move its full current speed once on the driver’s turn. well armoured and carry a real punch with their weaponry.
ACCEL. The ACCEL score tells you how much the vehicle Usually they come with a turret, equipped with several
can accelerate or decelerate each round, and the SPEED heavy laser cannons, and secondary weapons elsewhere.
score tells you its maximum speed. The vehicle must move Used by the military arm of the Judges they are rarely
its current speed each round. The driver declares any called into action, usually only being deployed during the
speed change at the start of his turn. direst of emergencies
SOAK/DEFENCE. A vehicle’s occupants gain the higher K2001 Land Raider. A wheeled vehicle designed for the
of their own SOAK and DEFENCE scores to the vehicle’s. The rigours of the Cursed Earth, only a limited number avail-
driver only gets the SOAK benefit in an enclosed vehicle; a able in the Justice Department armoury. Armed with a
Lawmaster or other bike does not grant SOAK to the rider. A flame thrower and two machine guns it can be attached to
vehicle’s DEFENCE score is based on its current speed plus a the Killdozer to make a formidable fighting machine.
modifier for its overall size, with a minimum value of 10. Killdozer. A large, heavily armoured vehicle it is an ideal
HANDLING. Turning up to 45-degrees is free as part of a fighting machine for the wastes of the Cursed Earth. Its im-
forward movement as long is it less than that allowed by a pressive all terrain drive allows it to climb near vertical surfac-
vehicle’s current turning circle. A turn (of up to 45-degrees) es. Armament includes the Nemesis rocket launcher system,
is always combined with a forward movement. Vehicles can- two laser cannons and a 20mm cannon, similar in effect to the
not rotate without forward motion. A vehicle’s turning circle is Lawmaster’s bike cannon. It can also carry a pair of Lawmaster
equal to its current speed multiplied by its HANDLING, divided bikes for the use of its crew, normally the Quasar variant.
by 5 (round down to a minimum of 1). The turning circle value Lawmaster. The iconic bike of the Judges, the
simply represents the number of squares in a straight line that Lawmaster motorbike is a formidable piece of equipment.
a vehicle must move before turning up to 45-degrees. Armed with the Cyclops Laser and bike cannon it provides
Chases. When engaged in a chase or race scene, sim- a Judge with enough firepower to deal with almost any
ply roll multiple opposed AGI (driving, riding, or piloting) situation. The bike’s computer allows it to run indepen-
checks. Such things are more a test of skill than the vehi- dently, so it can be used as a decoy or even to tackle perps
cle’s raw speed. However, if the vehicle is moving at SPEED head on while its rider can concentrate on other tasks.
10 or higher, add +1d6, plus an additional +1d6 for every 10 Manta Prowl Tank. The Manta replaced the aging Pat-
thereafter (so a vehicle moving to SPEED 32 adds +2d6). Wagon in the arsenal of Justice Department from late
2105. At almost forty metres in length and with a crew of
Justice Department Vehicles eighteen it is an impressive fighting machine. The Manta’s
Catch Wagon. Catch wagons are used to transport pris- crew includes four street Judges with Lawmasters as
oners. They move perps between iso-blocks and sector part of its compliment, and is a highly flexible Justice
houses, as well as picking up prisoners from the streets. Department asset. It is armed with riot foam and stumm
Here they will either be in the custody of the arresting gas, like its predecessor, and the laser weaponry is seri-
Judge or be handcuffed to a holding post. ously upgraded, with two forward firing laser cannons and
Gunbird. A specialised anti-grav gunship. The gunbird is a heavy laser cannon in its turret. The amount of armour
a fast, agile craft armed with lasers that can be fired with protection is also significantly increased.

Specialised Mantas can include forensic labs, surgical bays, Most are electric although a small minority of wheeled
holding pens for prisoners, surveillance equipment or other vehicles run on petroleum, notably some marquee brands
facilities. The mere presence of a Manta is often enough to and antiques. Besides standard, family vehicles there are
cause those involved in riots and gang rumbles to flee. roadsters (sports vehicles), buggies (small one or two per-
Meat Wagon. Normally crewed by Justice Department son vehicles), luxury limousines, trucks and motorcycles.
auxiliaries, meat wagons transport dead bodies between Jugger. Massive trucks that travel at high speed
locations. The largest can hold dozens of bodies, the along the major roadways of the city. Often they have
smallest only a handful. no human operator, running on automatic between the
various factories they service.
Pat-Wagon. The Pat-Wagon is a patrol wagon, armed and
equipped to deal with large scale events and disturbances, Mopad. Millions of citizens live their lives travelling the
including block wars. Pat-wagons come in both wheeled roads of the city and they live in mopads. Mopads come
in all shapes and sizes and some of them can have two or
and hover variants and have a crew of three. Armament in-
more families on a single trailer. Others are large, luxury
cludes a laser cannon, riot foam and stumm gas.
vehicles with all the facilities a person could desire.
Quasar Bike. The Quasar bike is a variant of the Lawmaster
Powerboard. Used by skysurfers, a powerboard uses anti-
that is better suited for the rugged terrain of the Cursed Earth.
grav technology to allow the rider to fly. The skysurfer stands
While it does not have quite the speed of the standard model
upright upon the board in a similar fashion to a skateboarder.
it has improved handling abilities, adding +1d6 to all driving
When successfully attacked, a powerboard rider must make an
checks it user has to make over rough terrain. AGI check vs. the amount of damage taken to avoid falling off.
Zipper. The zipper is an armed hover bike used by the
Judges. This is the primary vehicle used on the Luna-1 colony; Other Vehicles
within Mega-City One it is used to patrol the airspace between
Strato-V. The Sov equivalent of the H-Wagon, the Strato-V
city blocks. Equipped with both bike cannons and a Cyclop
is a formidable fighting platform. Larger than the Justice
Lasers, like the Lawmaster, it is a highly effective vehicle.
Department equivalent it can carry an impressive cargo of
materiel for war, including hundreds of troops, war robots or
Civilian Vehicles even a small number of heavy armoured fighting vehicles. In
Automobile. There are numerous types of cars on the addition to a bank of four laser cannon the Strato-V usually
roads of Mega-City One, both wheeled and hover varieties. has a sonic cannon as its secondary armament.

Cost Weight
(Mcr) (lb)
Justice Department
Catch Wagon 65 8,000 2 14 2 4 90 15 +8

Gunbird 6,000 200,000 4 90 8 1 445 21 +2

H-Wagon (light) 100 12,000 2 50 8 2 110 17 +7

H-Wagon (heavy) 3,000 500,000 8 75 6 4 705 21 +2

Heavy 1,000 450,000 5 8 1 5 670 25 +2

K2001 Landraider 3,500 30,000 2 15 3 3 175 19 +8

Killdozer 8,000 60,000 4 10 2 4 245 25 +2

(combined) 11,500 90,000 6 10 2 4 - - +2

Lawmaster 500 650 1 30 5 2 25 10 +12

Manta 3,000 200,000 18 33 3 3 445 21 +2

Meatwagon 60 8,000 2 14 2 4 90 15 +8

Pat-Wagon (hover) 1,200 55,000 3 40 4 3 235 19 +2

Pat-Wagon (wheeled) 800 45,000 3 14 3 4 210 19 +2

Quasar Bike 600 600 1 35 4 1 25 17 +12

Zipper 800 500 1 40 8 1 20 15 +12

Car 13 5,000 5 15 3 3 70 15 +9

Roadster 30 4,000 2 22 4 2 65 15 +10

Buggy 12 3,000 2 12 3 2 55 13 +10

Light Truck 15 8,000 3 9 2 4 89 15 +8

Heavy Truck 30 16,000 3 9 2 5 125 15 +6

Limousine 30 8,000 10 12 3 4 95 17 +8

Motorbike 1.5 500 2 18 4 1 22 5 +12

Mopad 30 10,000 5 9 2 5 95 15 +8

Mopad (deluxe) 65 20,000 8 12 2 5 140 17 +4

Car 15 4,000 5 30 5 3 63 15 +10

Roadster 50 3,500 2 40 6 2 55 15 +10

Buggy 13.5 2,500 2 25 5 2 35 13 +10

Light Truck 20 6,000 3 30 4 3 90 15 +9

Heavy Truck 40 15,000 3 25 4 4 120 15 +6

Limousine 40 7,500 10 30 5 4 85 17 +8

Hoverbike 8 1,000 2 35 6 1 30 5 +12

Mopad (deluxe) 120 30,000 12 30 4 4 175 15 +3

Powerboard 1 15 1 20 5 1 4 5 +12

Jugger 50 45,000 3 30 4 5 210 15 +9

Strato-V 5,000 70,000 24 70 6 3 265 21 +2

*The DEFENcE of a vehicle is equal to its current SPEED plus the DEFENcE modifier show above. The minimum DEFENcE score is 10,
as always. An occupant gains their own DEFENcE or that of the vehicle, whichever is higher.

One of the Gamemaster’s primary functions is that of Combat. Combat is a common occurrence in the game,
referee. He or she needs to adjudicate the result of actions whether it is exchanged gunfire at range or Judges using
by using the rules found in this book. This section is the
their daysticks to break up a riot. This section shows you
core of the Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD role-
how to move, attack and perform other actions in combat.
playing game system. While other chapters show you how
to create a character or buy equipment, this chapter tells Combat in the Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD
you how to play the game. To that end, you will find the game is a tactical skirmish system where position and
following sections in the pages to come. cover are very important.
The Attribute Check. This is the core mechanic of the Injury & Death. It is a dangerous world and harm
game. Almost everything revolves around the attribute can befall any character. Such harm takes three forms:
check. When you know how to make and adjudicate an at-
HEALTH damage, conditions and diseases.
tribute check you know how to play most of the game. This
section includes guidelines on assigning difficulty bench- Objects. This part of the book explains how objects can
marks, running opposed or extended tasks, and details be broken or damaged, how to break down a door, or how
some common situations including medicine, chases, scan- much damage a computer console can take. It details vari-
ning, engineering and more. ous materials, from wood to tritanium.
Countdowns. Countdowns are a special type of dice The Environment. The environment affects many
pool which deplete as time passes. They are used in any
things. Variations in gravity, severe weather, slippery sur-
race against time, such as a ticking time bomb or a dis-
ease, when the amount of time available is not known. faces and many other environmental traits can be applied
Countdowns are used to help create suspense and tension. to areas both big and small. Fighting in the corridors of a
The Role of Luck. LUCK is a special attribute which pro- damaged starship as the artificial gravity fluctuates and
vides characters with a dice pool that can be replenished. fire rages all around is very different to fighting on a fro-
This can be drawn upon at will to assist in various tasks. zen planet in the midst of a blizzard.

Whenever a character attempts an action in a Judge Dredd To make an attribute check, the player must form a dice
and the Worlds of 2000AD game where the outcome is not pool. Each attribute’s associated dice pool is noted on the
certain, dice are used to randomly decide whether or not the player’s character sheet. For example, if a character at-
attempt succeeds. This process is called an attribute check. tempting to hack an electronic lock has a LOG of 6, his
You do not always need an attribute check. If your char- LOG dice pool is 3d6.
acter is merely opening a door, reading a computer screen To this, the player may choose to add a skill. This is up to
or performing some other routine task he can do so auto- the player to choose and – if necessary – justify. It would
matically. However, if the GM feels that the outcome is in be hard to justify adding botany when trying to hack an
doubt, she may call for an attribute check.
electronic lock, but it would be easy to justify thievery or
Attribute checks are the central mechanic of this game. computers. The GM may disallow any skill which she feels
Everything hinges around them, whether you are trying to
is not a justifiable use of that skill.
pick a lock, lift a heavy log, shoot at a bandit, treat an ill-
ness or win a hand of poker. To add the skill, simply locate the associated dice pool
The GM is the final arbiter of whether or not an attribute for the skill (just like with the attribute) and add those
check is required. dice to the dice pool. If the above character has thievery
3 (2d6), he adds 2d6 to the existing 3d6 dice pool. This
// MAKING AN ATTRIBUTE CHECK makes his dice pool 5d6.
When the GM decides that an attrib-
ute check is required, she first needs Example Tasks Attribute Example Skill
to decide which attribute is applicable. Appraising an item’s value INT appraisal
Breaking down a door might require Breaking down a door STR –

STRENGTH, balancing on a tightrope Calming a spooked animal CHA animal handling

Climbing a wall AGI Climbing
might rely upon AGILITY, while deci-
Deciphering a code LOG cryptology
phering a code might need LOGIC. Diagnosing an illness LOG Medicine
Secondly, the GM must decide how Driving an automobile AGI Driving

difficult the task is. Some tasks, es- Hacking into a computer system LOG computers

pecially during combat, have inbuilt Hiding from a guard AGI Stealth
Holding your breath END swimming
difficulties, while others call for some
Holding your drink END carousing
adjudication by the GM. The difficulty Landing a shuttle AGI piloting
will be determined either by a static Lifting a heavy rock LOG carrying
score, such as a creature’s DEFENCE Making a speech CHA leadership
scores, or by a difficulty benchmark Modifying a device LOG engineering

chosen by the GM, such as Routine, Painting a picture INT painting

Picking a lock AGI thievery
Challenging or Difficult. Each of those
Playing chess LOG chess
benchmarks have an assigned static Playing poker CHA card games
score (Challenging is 13, for example). Plotting space travel coordinates LOG astrogation
The GM calls for the attribute check, Recalling a specific law LOG law

naming the required attribute and Recognising a language LOG linguistics

Recognizing an alien species LOG xenobiology
the difficulty level if appropriate;
Remembering historical information LOG history
for example she might say “Make a Repairing an engine LOG engineering
Challenging [13] STR check” when a Riding a horse AGI riding
character tries to move a boulder. Running a marathon END running

The player then forms a dice pool, Spotting a forged document INT forgery
Spotting a hidden door INT perception
as described below, and rolls the dice.
Swimming a river STR swimming
If the total is equal to or greater than Tracking a suspect INT tracking
the difficulty score, the character suc- Treating an injury LOG medicine
ceeds at the task. If it is less than the Using a disguise CHA disguise
difficulty score, the character fails. He Using a handheld scanner LOG computers

fails to move the boulder, break the Using an unfamiliar computer system LOG computers
Walking a tightrope AGI acrobatics
code or shoot the bandit.

Attribute/Skill Dice Pool
Indirect Skills
Sometimes a skill is only indirectly related to 1-2 1d6
the activity at hand. Skill in chess helps a little 3-5 2d6
when playing draughts, but not as much as 6-9 3d6
specific skill in draughts would.
In these situations the GM may choose to 10-14 4d6
allow a skill but declare it an indirect usage; 15-20 5d6
the die contribution to the dice pool from an 21-27 6d6
indirect skill usage cannot exceed 1d6.
28-35 7d6
So if a player wants to use geology to help
climb a cliff, the GM is free to rule it an indirect 36-44 8d6
usage and limit the skill to 1d6. 45-54 9d6

ASSISTING ANOTHER Equipment contributes to the dice pool, in addition to
the contribution attributes and skills. Standard equipment
CHARACTER simply allows you to attempt an action normally – a pistol
Usually, an extended skill task is used when
allows you to shoot at a guard, a hand scanner allows you to
multiple characters are contributing to an scan for life forms, and a lockpick allows you to pick a lock.
activity. Three (or sometimes more for longer
tasks) successes are required, and multiple If basic equipment is not available, improvised equip-
characters can make checks of various kinds. ment inflicts a -2d6 penalty. Using some bent wire to
Sometimes, when the task is very simple, and pick a lock instead of an actual set of lockpicks reduces
the combined efforts of the characters would the dice pool by 2d6.
be merely additive, you may allow characters The number of dice that equipment contributes to a dice
to add their attributes together and see what pool can never exceed the number of dice that skills contribute
die pool the combined figure would allow. In to it; you need a certain degree of expertise to fully benefit
other words, if two characters (STR 5, and STR from higher quality equipment. If the equipment dice exceed
6) are trying to break down a door together, the skill dice, reduce the equipment dice to equal the skill dice.
you would treat that as a single character This includes armour (skill in light, medium, heavy or
with STR 11 and allow them a 4d6 STR dice pool. powered), weapons (skills in swords, bows, rifles, staves,
Strength-based tasks are the most pistols, etc.), and general equipment for which an associat-
common types of simple additive tasks. ed skill might be relevant (skill in meteorology when using
Generally, cooperative tasks will not be ship’s sensors to analyse an atmospheric fluctuation).
additive, and will require multiple checks
from one or more characters.
Equipment Quality Dice Pool
Note that when performing a simple additive
task, only one skill from one character applies to Improvised -2d6
the dice pool. Choose the most appropriate one. Poor -1d6
Standard -
Finally, the character chooses what equipment to use. High +1d6
A standard item of equipment allows him to attempt the
Exceptional +2d6
action with no penalty. A high quality or better item may
grant extra dice in his dice pool – a high quality set of Mastercraft +3d6
thieves’ tools grants an additional 1d6 to a dice pool, bring- Artisanal +4d6
ing our erstwhile thief’s dice pool up to 6d6. Legendary +5d6
The GM has already determined that picking this lock is
a Difficult [16] task. The player grabs his dice pool of 6d6 // MAXIMUM DICE POOLS
and throws it, scoring 19. This is higher than the target of The size of a dice pool is limited by a character’s grade. When
16, so he succeeds in picking the lock! forming a dice pool, the pool cannot exceed this amount.
A character’s grade is simply the number of careers
DICE POOL he has taken. A starting character, therefore, is typically
Attribute + Skill + Equipment grade 5, with a maximum dice pool of 5d6.

The following table shows the maximum dice pool allowed
for characters of various grades. If a dice pool exceeds the Die Penalty Or
maximum size allowed, it is simply reduced to match the Increased Difficulty?
limit. If our example thief was grade 5, he would not be able Some GMs might wonder whether to apply a die
to use that full 6d6 dice pool – he would only get to roll 5d6. penalty or increase the difficulty of the task.
Mathematically, both are roughly the same -
Grade Max Dice Pool
increasing a task’s difficulty benchmark by one
stage (say, from Challenging to Difficult) is about
5 5d6 the same as applying a -1d6 die penalty.
6-7 6d6 Generally speaking, die penalties are applied
8-10 7d6 on-the-fl y as the result of adjudication, while
higher difficulties are simply the same thing
11-14 8d6
calculated in advance.
15-19 9d6 When running a published adventure, for
20-25 10d6 example, the text might tell the GM that scanning
26-32 11d6 the interior of the shielded duranium safe is a
33-40 12d6 Difficult [16] check. The adventure has done the
maths in advance; this is the same as a Routine
Remember, the maximum dice pool limit only applies
to the initial attribute + skills + equipment dice
[10] check with a -2d6 die penalty for the two
pool. Exploits and LUC can exceed that limit once complications (shields and duranium). Including
it has been formed. them in the difficulty benchmark in advance simply
saves a little work for the GM.
// DIFFICULTY BENCHMARKS However, removing dice reduces the chances
Sometimes a difficulty benchmark is determined by an ex- of a critical success.
isting static number. In combat, the target’s DEFENCE scores
indicate the difficulty benchmark which must be reached by
rolling a dice pool. Combat is dealt with in greater detail later. Benchmark
In other situations, the GM may need to decide on an ap-
propriate difficulty benchmark. This is done by choosing a Trivial -
Breaking a window, lifting a
heavy book
difficulty level such as Routine, Difficult or Impossible. Each
of these difficulty levels has a difficulty score assigned to it. Easy 7
The benchmark names are from the perspective of an
average human; what is impossible for the average citizen Routine 10
Climbing a tree, building a
might not be for the heroes of galaxy! campfire, landing a shuttle

The most commonly used benchmarks are those shaded Challenging 12 Climbing a cliff
in the table – Trivial, Routine, Difficult, Strenuous, Herculean,
and Impossible. The white rows provide the GM with more Picking a lock, swimming
Difficult 16 a fast flowing river,
granularity if needed, but they are an optional level of detail. climbing a brick wall

Climbing a smooth metal

Demanding 21
The Maths
The maths behind difficulty benchmarks is fairly Strenuous 25 Walking a tightrope
simple. Each benchmark represents a roughly
50% success chance for a given dice pool size. Severe 29
An Easy [7] benchmark is about a 50% success Bending a steel bar,
rate for a 2d6 dice pool; a Routine [10] bench- Herculean 33 repairing a warp engine
with medieval tools
mark is about a 50% success rate for a 3d6 dice
pool; a Challenging [13] benchmark is about a 50% Superhuman 37

success rate for a 4d6 dice pool, and so on. Lifting an automobile,
Each successive benchmark represents one ex- Impossible 40 calculating hyperjump
coordinates in your head
tra die in the dice pool.
To put this into perspective, a starting grade 5 Legendary 42

character with a dice pool of 5d6 will succeed

on a Difficult [16] check about half of the time. Mythical 45 Building a time machine

// COMPLICATIONS benchmark with his own attribute check – in other words
Complications typically inflict a -1d6 die penalty to a both make an attribute check and whoever rolls highest wins.
check. These are cumulative – two complications apply a Each participant forms a dice pool as normal. If our thief is
-2d6 die penalty. When scanning an area in strong atmos- trying to sneak past a guard, he might roll a dice pool made
pheric conditions, shooting at a target in cover or crossing up of his AGILITY (3d6) and his stealth skill (2d6). The guard
a tightrope in a storm, the GM simply applies a -1d6 pen- would roll his INTUITION (3d6) and maybe another 1d6 for
alty for each complication (note that in combat, common his high-quality integrated scanning visor. The thief rolls 5d6,
complications like cover, firing into melee, prone targets the guard rolls 4d6 and if the thief beats the guard’s roll he
and so on are called out for convenience). sneaks past unnoticed. If he does not the guard sees him.
Below are some examples of opposed checks. Suggested
// CRITICAL SUCCESSES skills are noted in parenthesis.
If a triple-six is rolled while making an attribute check,
and the check is one which succeeds, a critical success
takes place. This means that an additional or extra-ordi-
Arm-wrestling STR vs. STR
nary benefit occurs – the task is accomplished to a much
higher degree. The GM should devise this benefit (although
CHA (bluffing) vs. INT
in the case of a combat attack roll the benefit is predefined Bluffing a guard
with inflicting a condition upon the target). The more dice
being rolled the higher the chances of rolling a triple-six.
Bribing an official CHA (persuasion) vs. WIL
» A critical success results in an extraordinary suc-
cess level for the task at hand. For example, when
trying to access a computer system’s alarm proto- Disguising yourself
CHA (disguise) vs. INT
cols a hacker gains access to the entire system. (perception)
» If there is no obvious extraordinary success level
for a given attribute check, the character gains a Foot racing
STR or AGI (running) vs.
bonus LUC die in his LUC pool instead. STR or AGI (running)
» In an extended task (see below) a critical success
counts as two wins but has no other effect. Interrogating a captive