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Evidence: Writing my personal statement

Best regard
From a very young age I have always been interested in studying the market behavior in
terms of the consumer and their preferences, my father has been related to sales and the
commercial area for a lifetime, he has motivated me to know why consumers want get the
products. I was growing and interest continued and increased since in the school where I
studied there was no direct approach with the area in which I wanted to work, I decided to
start researching and researching on my own, I have always been characterized by having
excellent grades, I am very applied and perfectionist, in the course of my career several
professors saw the interest that I had in front of the career, so they always assigned me jobs
and charges that no other student was assigned in addition to this they demanded me even
more because they always expected the best from me.
The requirement that they gave me was not only in the university my parents demanded me
a lot so that with effort I managed to reach several scholarships, for this reason I am
interested in this scholarship to travel to Spain, to learn and have a degree in my resume
and one more achievement in my professional life I am characterized by being persevering,
humble, kind, respectful, hardworking, demanding with myself, applied, I have done
several courses in the SENA which have allowed me to strengthen and expand my
knowledge, the being able to speak other languages will open many more doors for me,
english will be one of the main motivations to be able to reinforce it and continue learning
from it.
In the university I signed up as a monitor of several of the subjects of which I had already
seen to be able to help the classmates who had not understood about the topics they were
seeing, one of the most subjects that attracted the most attention was commercial
management because it deals with of the strategies that a manager must implement so that
the company's products gain market positioning, in the university they allowed a study of
some products that were in the market, so analyze the brand Bimbo, Quala and Cloud Ten
to analyze these brands made me increase interest in my career and also enrich my
knowledge and skills.
I am characterized by my hard work and my excellent results, I know how to work in a
team and I have all the skills and abilities to be part of your institution, I will strive to
always be the best and that the results of my work are the reflection of my effort.
I hope you like this document.

Jhonny Alexander Aramburo Ramírez.