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In the city of _______________ , the ________________ (day) ________________ (month) ________

200___, before the presence of the witnesses who sign at the end of this document, appeared by one side,
________________________ "THE LESSOR", and ________________ "THE TENANT", in majority, able
to agree and obligate themselves and they said that is their will, free of any coercion, to celebrate this lease
agreeement, which is subject to the following:


First. "THE LESSOR" gives in lease and "THE TENANT" receives as such concept, in perfect conditions of
use and at his/her/their whole satisfaction, the following real state ________________________________,
which will be exclusively for INHABITED HOUSE.

Second. The duration of this contract will be of ________ months, as it takes legal effects the ________ (day)
________ (month) 200___, ending the ________ (day) ________ (month) 200___; so in the expiration date,
"THE TENANT" shall return the possession of the real state object of this agreement in the same good
condition that he/she/they received it, with its improvements and accessions, to "THE LESSOR". "THE
TENANT" expressly renounces to the right of prorogation under to the article 2043 of Civil Code in the state
of Jalisco.

Third. "THE TENANT" shall pay as lease the amount of $ ________________ to the "THE LESSOR",
during the whole force of this agreement, it means, by the period between the ________ (day) ________
(month) 199____ to the ________ (day) ________ (month) 200___; this amount shall be paid in advance
________ monthly payments the days ________ of each month, by the value of $ ___________ each one, in
"THE LESSOR" address that is: ________________________. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, during the
force of this agreement; the lease shall increase each six months according to "Indice Nacional de Precios al
Consumidor" (National Price Index) pointed out by "Banco de México" (Mexican Central Bank) for the
previous last semester in the lease of real states item and for the Center North region.

If "THE TENANT" does not return the real state without "THE LESSOR" authorization at the end of the
force of this agreement; situation that will be valid only if the parties celebrate a new written agreement.
During this time he/she/they will pay as lease concept in advance monthly payments and in the address
pointed out in the first paragraph of this clause the amount of $ ________________________, each month
which shall be increased each semester in the terms pointed out in the first paragraph of this clause. This lease
amount does not implicate a penalty for "THE TENANT" as it is only a lease amount agreed in advance in
case of the above mentioned hypothesis. In other case this lease amount shall be demanded too during the
corresponding eviction proceedings.

Fourth. If "THE TENANT" does not vacate the real state leased and he/she/they do not give it back at the
end of the force of this agreement to "THE LES SOR", he/she/they shall pay a penalty equal to 100% of the
lease amounts that had to be paid during the force of this agreement and this situation does not implicate the
prorogation or renewal of this agreement. This penalty will be effective only in the delay of the return of the
real state leased and it is apart from the lease amount stated in the Third clause.

Fifth. All the reparations, mending and replacements of glasses that are needed in the real state leased during
the force of this agreement shall be paid by "THE TENANT"; in conclusion, "THE TENANT" will be
responsible for the reparations of the damages that he/she/they made during the force of this agreement at the
moment of vacating the real state leased; "THE LESSOR" shall be responsible for the latent defects of the
leased property.

Sixth. In case that "THE TENANT" delays in the partiality monthly payments agreed in order to pay the total
lease payment established in the time and place agreed in this contract, he/she/they shall pay an interest of 6%
six percent each month on the amounts that he/she/they do not pay on time to "THE LESSOR", from the date
that these amounts should be paid until the date he/she/they really pay them and the payments on account, if
they are accepted by "THE LESSOR", will be firstly added to the interests and then to the principal,
according to the article 1609 of the Civil Code in the state.

Seventh. The consumption of electric energy, water and the use of telephone and the payments done to the
Neighbors Meeting or Neighbors Association in relation with the real state leased, will be paid by "THE
TENANT". At the moment to vacate the real state leased, "THE TENANT" shall demonstrate with the
necessary papers the fulfillment of these payments to "THE LESSOR". The electric energy service will be
contracted by "THE TENANT" on his/her/their own name before the corresponding offices and he/she/they
shall finish the respective contract when he/she/they vacate(s) the leased real state.

Eighth. "THE TENANT" gives as a deposit to "THE LESSOR" who receives it when he signs this
agreement, the amount of $ ________________, in order to guarantee the payment of the lease, the penalty,
the services above mentioned in the Seventh clause and damages made to the leased real state. This amount
without interests will be returned by "THE LESSOR" to "THE TENANT", one the last person mentioned has
vacated the real state object of this agreement; "THE LESSOR" has received in conformity the aforesaid real
state and previous demonstration of the fulfillment of the lease payments and all of the services mentioned in
the above clause, as well as all the legal consequences derived from the obligations of "THE TENANT"
agreed in this contract. If any of these concepts are not totally paid, as well as the penalty agreed, the amount
deposited shall be applied to the payment of those concepts and if there is any difference in favor of "THE
TENANT", this money will be back to him. How ever, if there is any amount due by "THE TENANT", "THE
LESSOR" will claim it by separate according to the law. The deposit referred in this clause will increase each
time and in the same proportion or percentage in which the lease payment increases, in order to always have
as a warranty an amount equal to ________ months of lease payment in force. This adjustment shall be done
within the following five natural days to the increase of the lease payments. If "THE TENANT" is in arrears
in this concept, he/she/they shall pay interests according to the terms of the Sixth clause.

In case that "THE TENANT" wants to terminate on advance the force of this agreement, it is agreed that
he/she/they have/has the obligation to pay the total of the lease payments mentioned in the Third clause of this
contract to "THE LESSOR" according to the article 2010, part I and II of Civil Code in the state. This
situation is apart from "THE TENANT" obligation of doing the payments of the services established in the
Seventh clause.

Ninth. "THE TENANT" receives the leased real state with electrical and hydraulic installations and all the
services in a proper form. Any damage or breaking shall be paid by "THE TENANT".

Tenth."THE TENANT" renounces to the right of preference established in the article 2025 of the Civil Code
in the state of Jalisco, in case that at the expiration of this agreement "THE TENANT" pretends still leasing
the mentioned real state. He/she/they renounce(s) to the right of preference established in the article 2026 of
the aforesaid Civil Code, in case that "THE LESSOR" wants to sell the leased real state.

Eleventh. This agreement may be rescinded if:

a) If "THE TENANT" designates a different purpose to the leased real state from the one established in
the First clause.

b) If "THE TENANT" does not pay the lease payments, increases and interests in the form and terms
established in the Third clause during two consecutive months.

c) If "THE TENANT" changes the leased real state, even to improve its character without the previous
written consent given by "THE LESSOR".

d) If "THE TENANT" keeps, preserves or has explosive or inflammable materials inside the real state.

e) If "THE TENANT" has animals inside the leased real state.

f) If "THE TENANT" is against the moral, decency and good customs.

g) If "THE TENANT" makes damages to the leased real state.

h) If "THE TENANT" does not pay in advance the water service of the leased real state.

i) If "THE TENANT" subleases, transfers the leased real state or assigns the rights of this agreement,
as well as the accessions and improvements done to the leased real state.

j) If "THE TENANT" gives reason to the rescission of this agreement as he/she/they incur(s) in any of
the above mentioned causes, law causes of rescission and he/she/they do/does not pay in time the lease
payments, in the place and time agreed, will be enough to demand the payment of the penalty agreed in the
Fourth clause, which will take effect only with the delay of the obligation performance and these effects are
from the date in which he/she/they had done the violation or respective failure.

Twelfth. "THE TENANT" shall be responsible of the expenses and Attorney Fees originated from any trial in
relation with the interpretation or performance of this agreement, in judicial or extrajudicial way.

Thirteenth. "THE TENANT", except "El Impuesto Predial" (Real State Tax) and "Impuesto sobre la Renta"
(Income Tax) that shall be paid by "THE LESSOR", shall pay all the expenses and taxes that are originated
by the performance of this agreement.

Fourteenth. ________________________________________ who also is present at the execution of this

agreement constitutes himself/herself/themselves in "GUARANTOR" of "THE TENANT" in favor of "THE
LESSOR". "THE GUARANTOR" is jointly and together obligated to the fulfillment of all and each of the
obligations herein granted by "THE TENANT", so the "GUARANTOR" becomes direct debtor of "THE
LESSOR" and he expressly renounces to the benefits of priority, discussion and division, referred in the
articles 2433, 2425 and 2437 of the Civil Code of the state of Jalisco. "THE GUARANTOR" accepts that
his/her obligation shall be in force for the duration of "THE TENANT'S" obligation, until the devolution and
delivery of the real property leased and the full payment of the lease, interests, taxes and all the consequences
established in this agreement, renouncing to the benefit established in the articles 2143, third paragraph, 2460
and 2460 of the Civil Code of the state of Jalisco.

"THE GUARANTOR" says, UNDER PROTEST OF SAYING THE TRUTH that they/he/she is/are owner of
the following real state: ________________________, that is free of any encumbrance and accepts to warrant
with that property the fulfillment of the obligations granted in this contract. He/she/they is/are also obligated
not to ________________________ until "THE TENANT" vacates the leased property and pays the full debt
to "THE LESSOR". In case of default, "THE GUARANTOR" shall be penalized according to the Penal Code
of the state of Jalisco and shall pay all the damages caused to "THE LESSOR", and all the consequences that
shall have repercussions according to the applicable laws.

Fifteenth. The parties hereto select the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of _______________ ,
waiving any venue privilege to which the parties may be entitled because of their domiciles or for any other

Sixteenth. For any notice regarding to this agreement, the parties point out the following addresses:

"THE LESSOR": ________________________________________________

"THE TENANT": ________________________________________________

"THE GUARANTOR": ____________________________________________

Seventeenth. The leased property has the following telephone lines: ________________, that belong to
"THE LESSOR", so the payment for that service, during the force of this agreement shall be done by "THE
TENANT", who at the termination of the same shall demonstrate that he has paid that service, accepting that
the deposit shall be given back to him two months later, to verify that there is not any charge against him for
the use of the telephone lines. If the telephone lines are cancelled for considerations imputable to "THE
TENANT", he /she/they shall restitute them to "THE LESSOR" by the payment of the necessary amount for
the contract of new lines with TELEFONOS DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V., at the price established at the
moment of the contract of the new lines.

Eighteenth. The parties declare that they recognize the character of each other for the execution of this
agreement, as it has been duly justified to their satisfaction.

The parties read this agreement aloud and they were informed of the significance and legal value of the same,
they agree with its content and sign it to prove its acceptance.

_______________ , ________ of ________________ 200___.


________________________ ________________________

________________________ ________________________