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ePGPX 01 – Term III

End Term Examination

Marketing – 3

Maximum Time: 3 hrs Maximum Marks: 50

HBP Brief Case: Wiikano Orchards by Benson P. Shapiro, Katherine B. Hartman (9-

All Questions are compulsory. An Excel sheet with Exhibits 6 & 7 has been provided for
conducting various analyses. Participants are required to submit the answer sheets as well as
the excel sheet with analyses.


1. Describe the farming and juice production industries. What are the most important
characteristics of these industries?
(5 Marks)

2. Conduct a SWOT analysis for Wiikano Orchards. What are the most serious issues
related to the company? What are the most serious issues related to the market conditions
—e.g., industry, consumers, channels of distribution, and/or competitors?
(10 Marks)

3. Describe Wiikano’s revenue and cost structure. Are there areas that can be modified
(10 Marks)

4. Summarize the proposal. To what extent do you believe each component of the proposal
solves the issues you identified in the SWOT analysis?
(10 Marks)

5. Calculate the financial impact of the various alternatives. Assess the likelihood of success
of each. Which is most/least attractive? Which do you believe is appropriate given the
case information?
(15 Marks)