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Quality Notifications

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

™ Create a notification for:

9 Internal Complaint
9 Customer Complaint – With Assignment
9 Vendor Complaint

™ Change notification and add detail data

™ Release tasks and add activities to a notification

™ Complete a successful notification

Purpose of QM

™ SAP R/3 QM module will be a strategic management tool from quality

planning to quality evaluation.

™ The positioning of QM is an integral component of all logistics


™ Quality Management will be used to store and manage quality related

data throughout the supply chain.

™ The QM module will handle the traditional tasks of quality planning,

quality inspections, quality certificates, quality notifications, and
quality control.
The QM Process Overview

Quality Quality Usage Quality Reporting

Planning Inspection Decision Notification & analysis

; Basic data - ; Inspection lot ; Accept or ; Notification ; SAP reports

building blocks creation Reject decision created
; Material master ; Results ; Stock postings ; Defects
; Vendor Master recording ; Activate ; Tasks
; Inspection ; Defects Notifications
recording ; Activities
; Material plan
Functions in the QM Component

z Quality planning Record and process internal

and external problems that
z Quality inspection are primarily caused by poor-
quality goods or services.
z Quality certificates

z Quality notifications

z Quality control Quality notifications covers:

•Defect analysis
z Test equipment •Complaint against a vendor
management •Customer complaint
•Problems in production
Logistics Chain

Procurement Production Sales & Dist

z Complaints against z Problem notifications z Customer complaints

the vendor

Continuous process improvements

Quality Problems
Problem Management

™ Continuous process improvement

™ Document quality related problems
™ Document defects and causes
™ Corrective actions to eliminate the reason
™ Preventive tasks to overtake similar problems
™ Monitor the problem solving process and preventive process
Problem Management

‹ tasks
‹ results

Solutions ‹ defects
‹ caused by...
Structure of the Notification
Roles used in the Notification processing


The Author is the person who will create the Internal Problem Notification.
This will be for example the Shift Operator or the Quality Inspector in the


The Coordinator is the overall person responsible for the notification. He

must track the notification and make sure that all Tasks in the notification
are carried out successfully.

User Responsible:

The User Responsible is any person required to carry out correction tasks
and corrective actions.
Procedure for Problem Solving


External Internal
Quality notification


Defect analysis Immediate tasks

Research into cause Immediate actions

Corrective tasks

Corrective actions
Notification Processing

™ Customer Complaints

9 Customer Complaint Against Product

9 Complaint Received by QA
9 Notification Generated in SAP
9 Preventive Task Recorded and Clearly Identified
9 Corrective Actions Recorded and Clearly Identified
9 Notification Completed Only When Customer Satisfied
Notification Processing

™ Production Complaints

9 Sample Quality Does Not Meet Specification

9 Notification Generated in SAP
9 Corrective Action to Fix Internal Problem
Notification Processing (Cont).

™ Vendor Complaints

9 Some Purchase Materials Subject to Quality Inspection

9 Any Deviation in Quality, Notification Generated in SAP
9 Vendor Informed
9 QMIS updated on Completion of Notification
Practice the following transactions

™ QM01 - Create Quality Notification

™ QM02 - Change Quality Notification
™ QM10 - Display List and Process Notifications
™ QM02 - Release and Add Activities to Notification
™ QM02 - Complete Notification
Course Summary

You should now:

™ Have become familiar with the process steps involved
in Quality Notifications performed in SAP
™ Be able to create different types of notifications with
™ Be able to change a notification
™ Be able to release / add activities to a notification
™ Have completed / closed a notification successfully