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High School Week 4

Lesson Day 1 Day 2 (English Day 3 (U.S. History) Day 4 Day 5

Component Language Arts)

Standard Math 9.1.: USH: United States Sci.

Reading/Vocabulary History Studies

Development. Since 1877

Students understand

new vocabulary and USH.11: History.

use it when reading The student

and writing. Students understands the

are expected to: emerging political,

economic, and

9.1.E.: use a social issues of the

dictionary, a United States from

glossary, or a the 1990s into the

thesaurus (printed or 21st century. The

electronic) to student is expected

determine or confirm to:

the meanings of USH.11.A: describe

words and phrases, U.S. involvement in

including their world affairs,

connotations and including the end of

High School Week 4

denotations, and their the Cold War, the

etymology. Persian Gulf War,

(Achieve3000, 2020) the Balkans Crisis,

9/11, and the global

War on Terror;

WH: World History


WH.14: History.

The student

understands the

development of

radical Islamic

fundamentalism and

the subsequent use

of terrorism by some

of its adherents.

Essential How can we describe Why should we

Question something that is question our world

interesting to us? leaders?

Objective I can use new I can describe the

High School Week 4

vocabulary to events leading up to

formulate questions the Vietnam War,

about a text. the causes and effect


Exit ticket Using evidence from “​Describe what

the text, how would happened during the

you describe Vietnam War,

Disney’s Galaxy's including

Edge land? information about

when and why the

Use full sentences war started, who

and write two participated in it,

complete five and how it ended.

sentence paragraphs. Support your

response with

information from

the lesson”



Highest Icon: (​noun) Viet Cong​:

leverage a widely known Vietnamese rebels

High School Week 4

vocabulary/ symbol in the south who

word wall fought against the

Stark​: ​(adjective) southern Vietnam

having a very plain government and the

and often cold or United States

empty appearance Communism​: an

economic and

political system

characterized by the

collective ownership

of property and by

the organization of

labor for the

common advantage

of all members

insurgency​: a

usually violent

attempt to take

control of a

government; a

rebellion or uprising
High School Week 4


y ​(noun)

a notable





having to

do with



that try to

achieve a

goal by


g the

peace or


High School Week 4

the law


r ​(noun)

a person

or thing







Texts for Welcome to Batuu Post WWII:

lessons Thirty-five Years

After The War

Digital Individual 5 step 5 step lesson

High School Week 4

resource lesson

How and Why did

Digital annotation the Soviet Union

key Collapse

Cold war in Asia

crash course

Key points Discussion Questions In April 2010,

To increase rigor, Vietnam marked the

engage students in 35th anniversary of

discussions about the the Communist

Article using these victory in the

Depth-of-Knowledge Vietnam War with a

(DOK) questions. military parade

through the former

(Note that students Saigon, now called

reading the Ho Chi Minh City.

lowest-level Articles The celebration

may not be able to marked the day,

answer all questions. April 30, 1975, that

Consider having North Vietnamese

High School Week 4

them read parts of the tanks smashed

Stretch Article.) through the gates of

the former

What is the name of Presidential Palace

Disney's new Star in Saigon and ousted

Wars lands? (DOK 1) the U.S.-backed

Which of the Star South Vietnamese

Wars attractions government.

mentioned in the Communists say the

Article do you think win was a great

visitors would most military victory.

like to see and/or The fall of Saigon

experience? Why? marked the official

(DOK 2) end of the Vietnam

Compare and contrast War and the

the new Star Wars decade-long U.S.

lands with other campaign against

theme park Communism in the

attractions. (DOK 2) area. The conflict

What inferences can claimed the lives of

you make about some 58,000

Disney's reasons for Americans and an

High School Week 4

creating the new Star estimated 3 million

Wars lands? (DOK 3) Vietnamese

(Achieve3000, 2020). (Achieve3000,


Student Students may still The nuance of the

misconceptio struggle with an on conflicts in Asia

ns level text. Let them from the 1950’s on

know they can might be lost on

change the lexical students. Student’s

level to match a level might not yet

they’re comfortable understand the

in. importance of

questioning their

Students may own government

struggle to and the choices that

summarize key ideas government makes.

in their own words. Teach students to

Students can practice never blindly trust

pairing up and something and to

explaining the article always have

to each other. research from expert

High School Week 4

Students learn the and experience

most when they are sources to reference.

working together and

I have found the

small group re-teach

works well. Nolan

states, “En route to

building mastery,

students often

collaborate on

projects and

presentations, but

each learner moves at

a flexible pace

toward mastery”

(2016). Students

retain more

information when

learning with their

peers. Student’s

favorite part of

school is being able

High School Week 4

to see their friends

every day so

naturally they will

learn best from each


Re-teach/ All Achieve3000 Have students use

scaffolded articles chosen for this ​graphic

learning this curriculum are organizer​ to

available in both organize their

English and Spanish. thoughts and ideas.

Students have the According to ​Paul’s

ability to change the article, ​4 ways to

language settings in give good feedback

their article. Students instructs to,

also have the option “Empower learners

to lower their lexical rather than

levels. This article controlling them by

will be assigned at a giving them access

1080L meeting a 9th to information about

grade reading level. their own

performance and
High School Week 4

teaching them how

to use it” (2013). By

having students

work on their own

graphic organizer

and using the

classroom feedback

key students will

know what they

understand and what

they still need to