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Revision Questions for the Strategic Human Resource Management Course -


1.According to Hall and Goodale, Define HRM as “The process through which an
optimal fit is achieved among the employee, job, organization and the
environment so that employees reach their desired level of satisfaction and
performance and the organization reaches its goals”
a) What puts the above definition in a class of its own?
b) To what extent do you agree or disagree with Hall and Goodale definition of HRM?
Justify your position.

2. a) Differentiate between Employee Engagement & Commitment

b) As a consultant of ESAMI, you have been asked to give a talk to your
colleagues on ‘What can we do to increase commitment?’ Draft your
presentation and highlight al the key areas to be put in consideration with
relevant examples.
c) What are the characteristics of commitment and which two are the most
important? Give reasons why?

3. a) What are high performance work systems (HPWS)?

b) What are the characteristics of a performance culture?
c) How would you develop a high performance work systems (HPWS)?
4. a) Explain Strategic HRM and its aim
b) Explain what is meant by Strategic fit in SHRM.
c) What could be the challenges encountered by your organization as it strives to
attain a strategic fit?

5. a) Give a detailed definition of a strategy.

b) Explain the main elements of a strategy.
c) Explain the steps taken when formulating a Strategy.

6. a) Explain the HRM strategy areas given below and highlight the importance of each
of them.
 Human Resources Planning
 Recruitment and Selection
 Training (Learning) and Development
 Performance management
 Management/Labour Relations
 Employee reward
 Employee wellness

b) Given the unique nature of your organization, what are the critical HRM issues?
8. a) What is bundling?
b) What could be the challenges of bundling in your situation? Discuss

9. Write short notes on the following and explain the relevance of each to your
 The Best Fit Approach
 Perspectives on SHRM
 The Best Practice Approach
 The Resource Based View

10. a) What are all the HR strategies and their purpose?

b) State and explain the main types of HR strategies.
c) How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the HR strategy?

11. a) Discus the current HRM roles.

b) What are the likely challenges in managing a big work force?

12. a) What are HRM Policies?

b) Explain are the factors influencing HRM Policies.
c) How would you evaluate the effectiveness of HRM Policies?
13. a) Explain the concept of performance in HRM
a. “Do HR practices make a positive impact on organizational performance?
c) “The Resource Based View (RBV) expresses the belief that it is the range of
resources in an organization, including its HR, that produces its unique
character and creates competitive advantage”
Explain the relevance of the expression above to your organization