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Punjab University College Of Information Technology

Wasim Ahmed Khan

Enterprise Application Development

Spring 2020
Assignment 3
Issue Date: February 28, 2020

The objective of this assignment is to:

1. Understand some N-Tier and file handling in C#


1. This is an individual assignment, you are strictly NOT allowed to discuss your
solutions with your fellow colleagues, even not allowed asking how is he/she is
doing, it may result in negative marking. You can ONLY discuss with your TAs or
with me.

2. Send your tasks on submithere1@gmail.com till Monday (March 16, 2020) 5PM.
Late submission will not be accepted.

3. Subject of your email should be your roll number and assignment e.g.
BSEF17M5**(Assignment 4+task 1)

4. If you have any ambiguity post an email at wasim.ahmad@pucit.edu.pk or

bsef16m542@pucit.edu.pk , bcsf16m533@pucit.edu.pk , bcsf16m526@pucit.edu.pk ,

5. Use only C# language to do these tasks. Languages other than C# will not be accepted.

Task 01: [20 Marks]

You have to develop a scientific calculator exactly like one available in windows 10. The
calculator should implement all the functionalities of windows scientific calculator
Example functions are:

• Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mode, Exponent

• Square, Cube, log, ln, factorial • Sin, cos, tan, cot, csc, sec
• Inverse of Sin, cos, tan, cot, csc, sec
• Square root, cube root
• Clear button, Backspace button, pi(3.14) button, point button
• Log with any base, 2^(2 raise to power),e^(e raise to power)
Punjab University College Of Information Technology
Wasim Ahmed Khan

• Inverse of a number x (i-e: 1/x), x raise to power y (x^y e.g : 4^5=1024 where x=4
and y=5)

NOTE: If the implementation of any one function (from original windows calculator) will be
missing, it will result in marks deduction.

• You need to handle exceptions like:

i. Divided by 0
ii. Two operators entered consecutively (2++2 or 3+*6)
iii. Operand missing after operator (2+)
iv. No consecutive decimal points.