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Commands used

su -     - Use this to become root.

cd     - Use this to change your directory.
chmod u+x     - This will change a files permissions.
./     - This will allow you to run a script


1. Click on Applications.
2. Navigate to "System Tools".
3. Type "su -" and press enter.
4. Enter your root password and press enter.
5. Type "cd /home/*your username*/Downloads" and press enter.
6. Type "wget http://chrome.richardlloyd.org.uk/install_chrome.sh" to download the install script.
7. Type "chmod u+x install_chrome.sh" to change the files permissions.
8. Type "./install_chrome.sh" and press enter, allow the script to run.
9. Type "yes" when asked to intall the dependencies.
10. Go to Applications > Internet > Chrome to find and start chrome.1. Update yum

su -

yum update

2. Cai dat java

Kiểm tra phiên bản hệ điều hành : uname –a

Download java SDK tương ứng với HDH, download Apache Tomcat

Cài đặt Java :

[root@srv6 ~]# mkdir /usr/java //tạo thư mục java

[root@srv6 ~]# cd /usr/java

[root@localhost java]# cp /home/light/Downloads/jdk-7u51-linux-x64.tar.gz /usr/java

[root@localhost java]# tar -xzf jdk-7u51-linux-x64.tar.gz

[root@localhost java]# JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_51

[root@localhost java]# export JAVA_HOME

[root@localhost java]# PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

[root@localhost java]# export PATH

[root@localhost java]# sudo vi ~/.bash_profile

Cài đặt Tomcat:

[root@localhost ~]# cd /usr/share

[root@localhost Downloads]# md5sum apache-tomcat-7.0.50.tar.gz

[root@localhost share]# tar -xzf apache-tomcat-7.0.50.tar.gz

[root@localhost share]# cd /etc/init.d

[root@localhost init.d]# vi tomcat

# description: Tomcat Start Stop Restart
# processname: tomcat
# chkconfig: 234 20 80
export JAVA_HOME
export PATH
case $1 in
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.sh
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/shutdown.sh
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/shutdown.sh
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.sh
exit 0
[root@localhost init.d]# chmod +x tomcat
[root@localhost init.d]# chkconfig --add tomcat
[root@localhost init.d]# chkconfig --level 234 tomcat on

Cài đặt telnet : [root@localhost /]# yum install telnet telnet-server –y

[root@mr666 ~]# vi /etc/xinetd.d/telnet

[root@mr666 ~]# service xinetd start

[root@mr666 ~]# chkconfig telnet on

[root@mr666 ~]# chkconfig xinetd on

Tắt filewall trong centOS: [root@localhost ~]# service iptables save

[root@localhost ~]# service iptables stop

[root@localhost ~]# chkconfig iptables off

Bật filewall : [root@localhost ~]# /etc/init.d/iptables start

[root@localhost ~]# chkconfig iptables on

Cài đặt IntelliView: [root@localhost ~]# cp -r /home/light/Desktop/IntelliView_linux_1.2.123 /root/

[root@localhost IntelliView_linux_1.2.123]# chmod +x install.sh

[root@localhost IntelliView_linux_1.2.123]# ./install.sh IntelliView-1.2-


Khởi động lại IntelliView : service IntelliView stop

service IntelliView start

Mở firewall cho IntelliView : [root@localhost sysconfig]# sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables

-A INPUT -p tcp -m state --state ESTABlISHED,NEW,RELATED -m tcp --dport 8080 -j


[root@localhost sysconfig]# iptables -vnL --line-numbers //check lại policy