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Dear ML'Mel" Gentry, 8:32 PM (21 hours ago)


You have added another business partner to your Xedia T.E.A.M. Remember that Together Everyone
Achieves More. They have made a commitment to work with you and are surely expecting that you will help
them get their Xedia business started in the right direction.

They have received an email with a link to download a training series. You should download it as well and
walk them through it and hold them accountable to go through all of the points. Success is not a mistake,
like Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

Xedia Training Series: http://www.myxedia.com/pdf/training/02_xedia_training_course_01.pdf

Help your people get started and it will have a profound and positive impact on your self to cover that
material. You will also gain joy from seeing people become successful.

Your new business partner’s information is:

jamie a. prine
Home: 8373120935
Work: same

Contact them now and let them know you are there for them. Encourage them to download the checklist
and let them know that you will work with them to be successful in Xedia.

The Xedia T.E.A.M.
(512) 218-4100
Order at www.myxedia.com/branson

[Then Click on Products tab; XPOWER square,3 phase]

XpowerSQUARE patent pending design is uniquely engineered for proven electrical

saving performance. XpowerSQUARE is specifically designed for use in commercial
applications. By fine-tuning the electrical lines using near exact calculations for
determining the ideal capacitance that is needed to optimize inductive loads to unity for
maximum savings.

XpowerSQUARE fine tunes the electrical system from the inductive equipment back
through the utility company's KVA electric meter, kilowatt hour meter (kWh) or demand
meter. This fine- tuning slows down the operation and therefore reduces electrical
consumption, while conditioning the lines noise characteristics for better efficiency.

XpowerSQUARE also stores the reactive power for creating the electromagnetic field
(EMF) around the inductive windings to further stablize “voltage sag” of a motor. By
stabilizing ‘voltage sag’ also improves the performance and consistency in an inductive

As motors operate, reactive power is "pulled" and "pushed" to and from the
XpowerSQUARETM by the motor at 60 cycles/second.

The XpowerSQUARE stores and releases what the motors need to function more
efficiently. This unique approach serves to reduce the heat generated on the lines,
reducing the strain placed on all the electrical components. Electricity, that would
normally be pushed back through the power distribution lines, is reclaimed and recycled
by the XpowerSQUARE.

The XpowerSQUARE reclaims, stores, recycles and supplies power to all inductive
loads, while also reducing noise factors that would normally disrupt the operation of
motor, causing unacceptable load shifts and over-heating, shortening the life in
equipment and appliances.

XpowerSQUARE Installs Easily In ANY Single or 3-Phase Service Panel

XpowerSQUARE system is attached to the top breaker on a 100, 200 or 400 amp single
or three phase service panel. By installing XpowerSQUARE in this location, you are
optimizing both sides of the busbar in your panel and insuring whole facility energy
savings and protection. XpowerSQUARETM can be installed outdoors or indoors, at the
main breaker panel or a subpanel.For larger three phase motors, the preferred location of
XpowerSQUARE is at the motors' disconnect. This creates the largest savings and

Businesses can now dramatically reduce the cost of determining how much capacitance is
required to optimize each inductive load at their facility. The XpowerSQUARE achieves
this by eliminating the typical electrical engineering, design, and manufacturing costs.
This precision technology fine-tunes each motor to unity for immediate savings with a
quick ROI. Installation is fast and simple.

The Problem? Up to 25% of the billable electricity consumed in homes and businesses is
non-productive and unusable. Most AC motors operate at 70 to 80% efficiency under a
full load. The efficiency drops dramatically at lower loads. This non-productive energy
wastes money and also shortens the life of inductive equipment such as motors, HVAC
equipment, pumps and major appliances.

"Over $16 billion dollars of electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the U.S."
U.S. Dept. of Energy

"The adequacy of North America's electricity system will decline unless changes are
made soon ...demand for electricity is expected to increase over the next ten years by 19
percent in the U.S., but confirmed power capacity will increase by only 6 percent."
North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC)

Why XpowerSQUARE? XpowerSQUARE fine tunes electrical systems to reduce non-

productive and wasted electricity, giving you cost-effective energy!

• Return on investment is rapid

• Power savings are immediate and average up to 25%
• Savings guaranteed
• Reduces power surges
• Increases motor and applicance life
• Reduces the harmful effects from electro-magnetic fields
• 5 year warranty
• 25 year life expectancy

Order at www.myxedia.com/branson

[Then Click on Products tab; XPOWER square,3 phase]

Your greatest savings/ commissions are ordering as a “Director” wholesale.