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Valdecantos, Enkeli S.

TH7B 8:30-10:00
BSN2B March 17, 2020

1. What happening right now is that there is a pandemic occurring as of this
moment and it is much more likely called as Novel Corona Virus 2019 or COVID – 19.
This life threatening virus widely affects every person in the world right now and
everyone is concerned about it. Over 180 countries are struck by this virus and it has
bad effects on people physically, emotionally and mentally.
Also, COVID – 19 widely affects the economic state of a country and as long as
this virus is living and destroying lives, the government on each country still needs to
focus on the much bigger thing and that is taking care and saving lives of the people
within their country and the economic state of their country is just a second priority.
COVID-19 produces two floods of virus. The first is an ailment based infection
that can overwhelm residential medicinal services and social assurance frameworks,
just as disabled person laborers and processing plants through unfavorable wellbeing
results. The second kind of disease alludes to the "chilling impact" of COVID-19 on both
the monetary interest and supply sides of a developing number of nations, strikingly
those in "processing plant Asia." Adequate and intelligent approach reactions on the two
fronts will be important to keep this wellbeing emergency from transforming into a
considerably greater financial emergency.
Philippines, one of the high-chance nations from the Wuhan coronavirus flare-up,
recorded the principal passing outside China. The administration has declared lock-
down of Metro Manila, trailed by the whole Luzon island and is thinking about
progressively confined lock-downs. The Philippines government announced a condition
of catastrophe in the nation for a half year on 17 March.
The Philippines government began declaring nearby lock-downs (home isolate)
following the expansion in worldwide coronavirus cases. The whole Luzon island is
secured influencing in excess of 50 million individuals. The lock-down denies individuals
from going outside their homes with the exception of getting fundamental necessities.
Metro Manila lock-down was declared on 12 March and will proceed until 14
April, while comparable isolate measures are normal in Bohol and Cainta regions.
Davao City has forced travel limitations.
Isolating (lock-down) will be forced in the Philippines barangays, districts/urban
areas and regions if in any event two COVID-19 coronavirus cases are recorded in two
unique families in the individual areas.

2. The people involved in this pandemic that is happening right now is everyone.
The virus does not choose who and what will it be affected and everything just happens
in chain effect because once a person is infected, the sign and symptoms does not
occur the same day that he got the virus and the carrier can spread it without him know
and the people around him/her can also receive the virus without any major or obvious
signs. The infected might be young or old, male of female, and any race.

Each and every Filipino is involved and responsible for everything that can and
will happen starting in this point and time and also, the government is widely involved in
taking care and saving the lives of every Filipino inside and outside the country.

3. In our current situation, if we will observe further, the only thing that gains from
this pandemic, is the nature. Because the people who are used to be on the streets,
polluting everything, using their cars and emitting all kinds of pollution was lessen is just
a span of a week and not just in the Philippines but also all around the world, mother
nature finally took a breath to regain its’ strength. The foggy skies cause by too much
pollution was gone, the ozone is regaining its normal form, the world is healing and
every good news about the nature was circling all over the globe.

Inside long stretches of the COVID-19 episode, the World Health Organization
proclaimed a worldwide pandemic, which has since spread far and wide.
Notwithstanding loss of lives, the infection has upset society and retired the worldwide
economy. Then, endeavors to contain the infection by confining the development have
had a momentous natural effect.

But on the other hand, humans are the only one who loses in this pandemic
because it is taking so many innocent lives, many people will also die soon if this
problem is not yet given any solution in any way. Animals is saved from this pandemic
although the virus came from them, specially, bats. Only humans are the affected by
this virus.

In recent weeks, we have seen the huge monetary effect of the coronavirus on
money related markets and defenseless businesses, for example, producing, the travel
industry, neighborliness and travel. Worldwide the travel industry, travel and
neighborliness organizations shutting down influences everyone all around. This, thusly,
influences numerous individuals, ordinarily the least generously compensated and those
independently employed or working in casual situations in the gig economy or in low
maintenance work with zero-hours contracts.

A few governments have declared financial measures to protect occupations,

ensure wages and bolster the independently employed, yet there is an absence of
clearness in numerous nations about how these measures will be executed and how
individuals will deal with lost salary for the time being.

4. The situation is giving us people a hard time on every aspect of our way of living
specially on our health because the virus targets our health, specially on our respiratory
system. As per the WHO, the most widely recognized side effects of Covid-19 are fever,
tiredness and a dry hack. A few patients may likewise have a runny nose, sore throat,
nasal clog and a throbbing painfulness or looseness of the bowels. A few people report
losing their feeling of taste or potentially smell.

5. You can get COVID-19, regardless of how bright or sweltering the climate is.
Nations with sweltering climate have detailed instances of COVID-19. To secure
yourself, ensure you clean your hands as often as possible and altogether and abstain
from contacting your eyes, mouth, and nose.
The majority of the individuals who get COVID-19 can recuperate and dispose of
the infection from their bodies. On the off chance that you come down with the ailment,
ensure you treat your manifestations. In the event that you have hack, fever, and trouble
breathing, look for clinical consideration early – however call your wellbeing office by
phone first. Most patients recoup on account of steady consideration.
The continuous spreading of the virus in the air has a long amount of time staying on it
and it does not come out or fall out easily. That is why it is preferably to wear mask and
always wash your hands or always keep an alcohol handy whenever you touch any
metal surfaces. It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a
surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or
possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are
still learning more about this virus.


1. I feel bad about the situation right now because many people are suffering and
many of the not affected by the disease are starving with no source of income because
of the Enhance Community Quarantine made by the government. But on the other hand
I feel good about the current situation for the nature because it is having the time to
rebuild and heal from all of the pollution that has happened from the previous years.
I also feel bad because individuals of any age can be contaminated by the new
coronavirus (2019-nCoV). More established individuals, and individuals with prior
ailments, for example, asthma, diabetes and coronary illness give off an impression of
being progressively helpless against getting seriously sick with the infection.

2. Yes, because I can imagine myself being the needy and the one who needs most
of the help. I experienced to have nothing that’s why I know how and what do the needy
feel right now. Feeling what the others feel in this kind of situation is rare and it makes
us more woke on what is happening on our surroundings.
Me and those who are involved feel very pity about ourselves because although
the government is giving its help, it is still not enough because of the number of people
who are the most in need. It is hard to be put on this kind of situation and still not have
any assistance or help.

3. From my perspective, I think that, mass testing should be done as soon as

possible because knowing the numbers of infected should be prioritized in order to
know the right move and decisions for better situations. The government also needs to
give more attention to the needy, poor, and hungry because they need most of the help
and if they give more attention to them, the violence will be lessened if they would treat
them properly and feed them properly. It’s not that they are just hoping for the
government to do something for them, it’s just that the poor, needy and hungry needs
most of the help.
It’s hard to be needy and hungry at the same time. Not all Filipinos have the
same state of living or income, that is why they should on it and most specially on the
medical needs to heal and recover everyone who is infected by the virus.

4. My faith is based on doing good to others and helping the poor and the needy. At
this point all I can do is pray and be a voice for them, for the government to hear what
do the people needs and the flaws and the wrong doing of the administration. Praying
for them is a way to help them and give hope for the needy because God is bigger than
this that is why I’m trusting everything to Him.
As coronavirus closes houses of worship, synagogues and mosques around the
world, strict pioneers are taking confidence online to guarantee God's statement gets to
the millions marooned by the pandemic. Administrations are being gushed on
Instagram, petitions posted by video connect and immortal writings shared on
cellphones to carry profound help to the countless devotees precluded a spot from
securing love.

5. This pandemic is phenomenal in our advanced times. Yet, presently with COVID-
19, we're compelled to go computerized. It's an alternate inclination. It's awkward,
however like such a significant number of different misfortunes, we'll win. Furthermore,
similar to all organizations, our clients, the pharmaceutical business, have needed to
make changes in accordance with their method for directing business and executing on
their systems.

Not the sci-fi kind, the truth that a solid computerized technique and capacity to
quickly execute will give marks the most ideal chance to arrive at doctors while
investigating potential approaches to treat their patients. For the security and prosperity
of their groups and everyone around them, numerous associations are ordering their
field sales reps to working basically.

With get to diminishing and the basic idea of diagnosing deadly sicknesses
expanding, maybe this is a change in perspective. The new standard in how the
business connects with suppliers. One of non-individual contact and preventative
measures to forestall the spread of novel infections without relinquishing the productivity
of arriving at the correct doctors at the perfect time with the correct treatment choices.


1. We need to make more action to ease everything that is happening right now.
With the right help from the government and the right people, this issue will be resolved
in no time and also if everyone inside the community is putting out their help to resolve
this issue. A ton of fundamental imbalance has been uncovered as the real factors of
the pandemic reaction set in. It's simpler for certain individuals to manage the
emergency than others. So it was extraordinary to see regular folks and some nearby
governments increase through different determination.
Use simple social distancing tactics like replacing hugs and handshakes with
alternatives. If we all do our best to stop the spread, we can flatten the curve. It’s also
very important to keep ourselves and our family healthy in this time of the COVID-19
2. The actions that we should take is just common sense and obey what the
government tell us to do because it will be the best choice but, to do that we also need
the government to do what they are entitles to do and they should fulfil their promises
and responsibilities.
Our health workers are the current heroes of the world. They put their lives and
safety on the line for all of us. The last thing that we could do is add more burden and
risk to their well-being, and as health professionals, they should be accorded full respect
and utmost concern. So the least that we can contribute is to abide by protocols. We
should never assert our social status and political positions if only to beat around the

3. First, we should involve ourselves in every action that we are going to take
because it is us who will be responsible for every action the we are going to take.
Everything that we will be doing, must be taken with care because it can lead to a
bigger problem, this issue is not just a simple issue, this is a delicate and dangerous
one, for this problem already taken so many lives.

Fundraising platforms can help you organize, but word of mouth, email and text
are also tried and true ways to do some grassroots fundraising in support of someone
affected by things like missing work, paying for childcare because of school closures, or
extra medical costs.

Second, the government should partake from this problem because they are the
most responsible for everything, starting from the medical actions upon to other actions
that are needed to be done in order to make everything settled in and for the country to
bounce back from the setback that happened. DOH is further strengthening its capacity
in hospital preparedness, rapid response, risk communication, and information
dissemination with full support from UNICEF Philippines. UNICEF is working with DOH
to take appropriate measures for the continuous delivery of other essential public health
services including access to water, sanitation and hygiene, mental health and
psychosocial support, and nutrition. 
4. We can situate ourselves where the people is responsible for their own actions
and by helping others those who are in need and also the poor. In this way, the actions
that needs to be done can be made in no time and it will be a big help at this kind of
situations. With the community quarantine, that’s all what we can do because we might
risk ourselves because of it.