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» All our efforts revolve around quality

Moulded components manufactured in rotation processes

» The cradle
of good containers
Speidel is specialised in the production of
containers for agriculture, municipal services,
industrial enterprises in general and the beverage
industry in particular. Due to more than 100 years
of experience in the field of container construction,
we know exactly what matters in the manufacture
of premium-quality products.
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» Nothing we do
comes out of the blue
Our four rotation devices allow us to be highly
productive and flexible at the same time. We are able
to offer an outstanding price-performance ratio and
guarantee delivery in variable lot sizes which perfectly
fit into the production cycles of our clients.
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Where standard containers
are something special

» We offer diversity in abundance

Even so-called standard containers 1 AGRICULTURE
can be extraordinary. At least when Multi-purpose casks for water,
they are manufactured by Speidel. UAN and brine as well as spray
We do our utmost to fully satisfy or tanks, seed containers, rinsing
exceed our clients’ expectations at containers / flushing vessel to
all times. We offer real know-how mention but a few.
and close collaboration right from
the development stage. We know 2 TECHNOLOGY
that this claim is being raised FOR MUNICIPAL SERVICES
almost everywhere nowadays, but Brine containers in all sizes and
we, in fact, do manage to provide types, grit containers, tanks for
outstanding quality at the lowest water transportation and a lot more.
price possible. There is, indeed, a
whole bunch of good reasons why 3 CONSTRUCTION MACHINES
many reputable enterprises have Water tanks, top cover devices,
their containers produced by wings, hydraulic oil tanks and more.
Speidel. The overview of compo-
nents on the following page shows 4 WATER AND
how diversified the requirements WASTEWATER TECHNOLOGY
in the field of technology dedicated Tanks for small filter plants,
to beverages, food and municipal rain water reservoirs, ground
services nowadays are. heat plenums, supply containers,
fat separators etc.

Containers and tanks for wine trans­-
portation and wine storage, electric
food warmers, fruit mills etc.

Water filled buffer tanks, fresh
water / waste water tanks for
cleaning machines, cases for
Without stable Speidel containers,
snow clearing services won’t get that far. precipitators, feed hoppers etc.
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» Our competitors might
be boiling – with anger
When it comes to our highly specialised production
methods we should probably rather abandon our
Swabian modesty. Foam rotation, logo-inmould
and sandwich rotation are not every manufacturer’s
cup of tea. They are definitely ours though.
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This way, your cask will last

» The specialist for special tasks

No question: nowadays almost You see: as for new technologies we
any advertising brochure uses the are usually ahead by a nose. In ad-
term »tradition and innovation«. vertising, this is often called »lead-
The example of Speidel, however, ership in innovation«. Yet, we do not
shows that real experience and the think it is set phrases that count.
tradition of 100 years in container Nor will we sing the praises of our
construction do count. As regards »highly motivated team«, though
the latest manufacturing methods, we would have good reasons to do
we are indeed hard to beat. so. We would, however, be pleased
to show you our plant in case you
Our fermentation egg with double- wanted to meet us in person. Yet,
wall layer, for example, is manu- what we wish and work even more
factured in only one work step by for is for our products to bear wit-
means of the so-called sandwich ness to our excellence. What we are
rotation method. Thanks to its par- is what we produce. Therefore, we
ticularly smooth surface, the inner would love to be challenged by you
layer is ideally suited for the fer- with a particular task.
mentation process of wine and beer.
The logo and labels were moulded
directly onto the egg by means of
the logo-inmould-method.
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This pome granulator’s single-walled, two coloured feed hopper is manufactured by means of the sandwich rotation method.

The so-called foam rotation unites two manufacturing steps The use of the inmould-method allows for a logo or any other motif
in one work process. First, the solid PE-sheath is produced and to be affixed to the exterior wall of the container while maintaining
then a layer of insulating foam is applied on the inner surface. a completely uniform surface.
» And yet:
size does matter!
Our machinery in operation deserves serious
attention: with a rotation diameter of 3,6 metres
we are able to manufacture containers up
to about 3 metres in length and with a capacity
of 10.000 litres. Smaller parts are produced
on our other three devices.
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We rotate
by profession

» Speidel’s proverbial quality

Production Materials
Since the 1990s we have been Predominantly, we use polyethylene
using the rotation method for the with varying melt flow indexes and
construction of PE-containers and different flow properties. The ma-
individual technical components terial can be coloured individually.
for agriculture, for the utilisation of Polyethylene is particularly impact-
rainwater, for municipal services resistant as well as resis­tant to
and for industrial enterprises. In many substances and chemicals.
the meantime we are producing In order to obtain higher stiffness
individual parts of all sizes up to and temperature resistance, we
10.000 litres on our four rotation increasingly use poly­propylene.
devices. Our production possibilities Yet, as regards rotation, there are
also include a PU foam system and other special materials at hand too.
a machining robot.
Container construction The rotation shapes are made of
Our long-time expertise has be- steel plate or cast aluminium. The
come second nature to us. Whether answer to the question which one is
it is about water, brine, UAN, food to be used depends on the surface
or beverages, we know exactly what quality of the individual compo-
matters in container construction. nents as well as the preciseness
requested by the client. The invest-
ment costs for this kind of shapes,
compared to blow moulding and
injection die moulding shapes, are
profitable also in case of a rather
low annual requirement of 200 to
2.000 pieces.
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The material of the containers can be coloured individually.

Technical details Lot sizes

Even complex shapes can be The use of the rotation method
produced easily. The installation permits to produce even smaller
of screw sockets or rings as well quantities and lot sizes. In case of
as the moulding of screw sockets, individual components and contain-
hinges and handles are common ers up to 1.000 litres, we recom-
construction solutions. They in- mend lot sizes between 50 and 100
crease the product’s efficiency at an annual requirement between
and help avoid subsequent 200 to 2.000 components. If the
installation costs. individual components hold volumes
between 1.000 and 10.000 litres,
lot sizes from 30 to 50 components
at an annual requirement of 100 to
1.000 are possible.

Don’t hesitate to stop by!
We are looking forward
to showing you our plant.

Our four rotation devices produce containers up to 10.000 litres capacity.

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Passionate about containers

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