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O22 Buddy Checklist

Job Title: Food & Beverage Assistant Department: Food & Beverage
Name of the Employee: Trainer:
Joining Date: Task list completion Date:

Trainee’ Trainer’
s s
Signatu Signatur
re e
Knowledge about Trident Bandra Kurla
a. Location.
b. Architect and Interior designers, Landscape.
c. Number of rooms, categories and their location.
d. Number of restaurants, their timings, cuisine specialty,
types of menu, location, extension numbers, any
promotions/ festivals
e. Spa and Fitness center facilities, their timings
f. Sandouk,timings, type of items for sale
g. Concierge, Trident meetings and Laundry facilities.
h. Trident privilege program and its benefits
i. Who’s who of the company
Knowledge about ADD
a. Location, timings and extension number of the Restaurant
b. Concept and Features of the restaurant and food stage.
c. Type of cuisine, number of covers, seating plan, table
numbers, and non-smoking tables.
d. Reservation policy and how to take a table booking.
Food Menu Knowledge –
a. Lunch and Dinner Buffet timings, menu and prices.
b. Promotion nights, special cuisine, buffet menu and prices.
c. A la carte Menu
d. Menu specifications of Appetizers, Soups, Pizza, Pastas,
Main course, Sushi, Desserts
e. Knowledge of accompaniments and their service
f. Knowledge of Menu prices
g. Knowledge of low calorie items, vegetarian items
h. Knowledge of highest selling items
i. Menu specification
4. a. Basic phraseology used in service
b. How to use guest name in all guest interactions

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O22 Buddy Checklist
c. How to ascertain room numbers of resident guests
Beverage Menu knowledge -
a. Knowledge of Wine list, wine and food recommendation
b. Cocktails, highest selling/ popular cocktails
c. Beer, Whisky, Gin, Vodka – Brands on the menu and their
d. Liqueurs, grappa, dessert and liqueur combinations
e. Beverage menu prices

Knowledge about
Cuisine concept
Service concept for:
Crew lounge
Pool bar
Club lounge
Handling Telephone Calls
a. Know the standard phraseology and procedure for
7. answering an incoming call, transferring a call, putting a
. call on hold, taking a call from hold.
b. How to make local calls for guests.
c. How to receive call/ message for a dinning guest.
Greeting and seating a guest
a. How to escort guest to a table, seating the guest
b. How to offer cold/ hot towels to the guest
8. c. How to introduce the buffet to the guest
. d. How to present the beverage/ food menu to the guest
e. How to take beverage/ food order
f. How to recommend items to the guest for an excellent
Service of different types of tea/ coffee
a. How to operate the Coffee machine
b. How to clean the coffee machine
c. How to prepare a pot of tea using muslin tea bags
d. How to serve herbal tea
e. How to serve milk and tea.
Comprehensive knowledge about the concept and service of
the wine wall.
11. Beverage service
a. How to take beverage orders

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O22 Buddy Checklist
b. Knowledge about wine and food matching
c. How to pick-up a beverage order
d. How to prepare a wine cooler
e. How to present and open a bottle of wine
f. How to serve other alcoholic beverages, with a mixer, on
the rocks
g. How to serve non-alcoholic beverages
h. How to clean spillages on a guest table
Breakfast service
a. How to explain the breakfast to the guest and introduce
the buffet items
b. Service sequence of buffet breakfast/ a la carte breakfast

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O22 Buddy Checklist

Sequence of service (Lunch/ Dinner)

a. How to open the napkin for the guest
b. How to remove extra covers from the table
c. How to adjust a cover to the food order
d. How to serve bread basket and butter
13. e. How to pick-up food orders
f. Announcing and serving the correct order to the guest
without asking.
g. How to serve food items using ‘silver service’.
h. How to do clearance after main course
i. How to present a check to a guest
a. How to present a newspaper/ magazine to a guest
b. How to do a flambé service
a. How to stack a side station
b. How to set a breakfast, Lunch, Dinner cover at ADD.
c. How to set table appointments for breakfast/ lunch/
d. How to read/ write a KOT
e. How to stack and carry a tray using a tray jack
Micros Training
a. How to change the serving period on Micros
b. How to open a check under a table number in Micros
c. How to punch an order in Micros
16. d. How to modify an order in Micros
e. How to print a check in Micros
f. How to settle a check signed to a guest room.
g. How to settle a check paid by cash
h. How to settle a check paid credit card.
a. How to requisition and pick-up store items
16. b. How to exchange linen
c. Breakage procedure
Knowledge about other restaurants –
a. Indian and Italian timings, menu, promotions, highest
17. selling items
b. Bar timings, snacks menu
c. Pool bar timings, menu

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O22 Buddy Checklist


Buddy’s evaluation of Trainee’s progress during Training:-

Manager’s evaluation of Trainee’s progress during Training:-

Has the employee met the Training Plan criteria of target learning dates? YES/

This certifies that ________________________ has successfully completed Orientation

Training course at All Day Dining.

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O22 Buddy Checklist
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