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Some words that I think are important to both a writer or reader would context, ecology, literacy

sponsors, identification, and threshold concepts. Context is important because it’s how people

make meaning of texts in relation to their surroundings and everyday life. Ecology includes all

the elements involved in an interaction such as people, events, circumstances, material objects,

history, time, place and space which form a network where each element influences every other

element. (451) Literacy Sponsors shape and influence us in our literacy journey and how we

think or feel about writing. Identification helps authors to relate with their audience through

common values or ideas. Threshold Concepts are also important because they are the basic rules

that apply to all writing in terms of writing helps people make meaning, it’s dependent on the

readers, writers, situation, technology, and use, and writing always has constraints.(447)


Rhetorical Theory

Threshold Concepts












Rhetorical Situation






Literacy Sponsors


My definition of “good” writing hasn’t changed much at all because writers still have to convey

what they are trying to say competently so their audiences understand what the writers are

saying. Ideas that help me understand writing better is knowing that everyone sees and will

interpret writings differently because no two people have lived the same life with the same

experiences. The idea of ecology is challenging to me because if you are writing a paper, the

questions stands if the audience will know what you are talking about if they don’t know the

history or certain events. Either you explain all the elements that are part of the ecology or target

the audience that knows whatever particular topic the writing is on.

A rhetorical situation I was in was during senior year in high school and we had to write a

sonnet. While I had written about 6 drafts of different sonnets but alas, they never satisfied my

teacher. It was the last assignment for the year and honestly, that assignment was such a pain, but

in the end, we finally got around to the day of having to present to our class. I remember I

needed at least an 87 on that assignment to push my grade up to an A at the time so I wrote a

sonnet on the tragedy of the other six failed sonnets that would never make it to an audience
because of a dragon, a symbol for the teacher. My classmates laughed and giggled because they

knew how I struggled until the point that I wrote about the failures. I got a 100 with extra credit

on the assignment.