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How eating healthy
gets even better.



Enzymes play a vital role in converting food into energy. Unfortunately, when foods are cooked and processed,
natural plant enzymes are typically destroyed. New Roots Herbal’s PLANT DIGESTIVE ENZYMES helps to digest
proteins, sugars, fibers, carbs and lipids and converts food into energy rapidly. PLANT DIGESTIVE ENZYMES prevents
heartburn, gas and indigestion and is perfect for vegetarian diets.

Enzymes are destroyed by temperatures above 118°F. That means cooking, pasteurization, canning
and microwaving destroy essential digestive enzymes naturally supplied by foods.

w w w. n e w r o o t s h e r b a l . c o m PREVENTION & CURE




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by Anne Sherrod
The journey of an environmental champion
that one gave up things to share with ity to marshal timber supply figures put a $40,000 in debt. This became known
those in need. firm foundation under the Society’s work. and one day a private funder tracked her
Colleen and her siblings grew up sur- Grant Copeland and Ave Eweson provid- down and pressed a cheque for $20,000
rounded by mountains, forest and wild- ed visionary park design information. in her hands. I still remember another
life that included grizzly bears. They During the Valhalla Park campaign, funder sitting us down and explaining
would follow their older brother Wayne Richard’s multimedia presentation The that other groups raised funds to do
on long hikes in the wilderness, some- Valhalla Experience was shown on these kinds of things.
times with scant, hand-me-down cloth- public TV twice and to audiences all Not long afterward, in 1991, Col-
ing and only worn-out running shoes for over the province. It set the tone for all leen learned that $14 billion worth of
wading swollen mountain streams and the years to come. It thrilled Colleen pulp development was planned in the
surviving summer storms. Wayne would because it gave expression to the ideals Boreal forest, threatening the way of
often have to piggy-back his younger of wholeness in nature, reverence and life of many small aboriginal and farm-
Photo by Craig Pettitt

brothers and sisters across fast-moving respect for the public and the principles ing communities. She bought an arctic
mountain streams so they could explore of government that she had innately felt parka and blithely announced to the
the deepest wild areas, often following all her life. I saw it clap wings on her directors of the Society that she was
old mine trails and routes passed along work. She soon proved that she would headed off across Canada (in the middle
of winter) to warn these communities.

n July 1, one of Canada’s great- A friend from Calgary donated a rusty,
est environmental champi- While still a young housewife with three small children, she stood old van and writer-journalist Doug Cow-
ons, Colleen McCrory, passed ell agreed to be Colleen’s side-kick and
away. She died at 57-years-old follow- up to a public tongue-lashing by Jack Webster on TV, and Webster raise media awareness.
ing a brief two-week illness. Colleen was never happier than when
Messages of condolence and tribute came out the worse for wear. It took eight years of battles to she was travelling back roads meet-
to Colleen have inundated her fam- ing aboriginal people. She left a trail of
ily and the Valhalla Wilderness Society, save Valhalla Park, and Colleen was always at the forefront. organizing all the way across northern
which she headed for over 30 years. Canada. The result was Canada’s Future
Even Premier Campbell issued a state- Forest Alliance. The Alliance, now num-
ment honouring Colleen. from old prospector friends. One day fight fiercely to defend what she loved. bering nearly 300,000 members, is a net-
Prominent environmental activists Colleen and Wayne would be key in pro- While still a young housewife with work of environmental, native, labour
Paul George, Vicky Husband, David tecting those areas as parks. three small children, she stood up to a and community groups and individuals
Suzuki, Elizabeth May and Adrienne Carr Colleen was 18-years-old when she public tongue-lashing by Jack Webster interested in reform of forest policy and
(the latter two being leaders in the Green met another person who would play a on TV, and Webster came out the worse practice, chiefly in the Boreal forest.
Party) shared an important part of Col- critical role in protecting those parks for wear. It took eight years of battles Along the way, she won the Governor
leen’s life journey. She felt close to them – artist and writer Richard Caniell. In to save Valhalla Park, and Colleen was General of Canada’s Award for Conserva-
and they have stories about her that only 1974, when the slopes of the Valhalla always at the forefront. When the park tion, the IUCN’s Fred M. Packard Inter-
they can tell. But no matter which other Mountains across the lake were threat- was created, some of us thought that national Parks Merit Award, the Equinox
organizations she founded or worked ened by logging, Colleen, Wayne and was the end of our work, only to discov- Award for Environmental Achievement,
with, she always came home to the Val- Richard joined forestry technician Craig er that she had already dived in to help the UN Global 500 Award, the Vancouver
halla Wilderness Society in the tiny vil- Pettitt, planner Grant Copeland, Ave people trying to save South Moresby Island Human Rights Award and finally,
lage of New Denver, BC. The Society Eweson and a few others to form the Island. She helped to organize a huge the Goldman Environmental Prize,
was the home of her principles, her ide- Valhalla Wilderness Society. international campaign and once again regarded as the Nobel Prize of the envi-
als, her way of working and her support I came along four years later, as an became the leading spokesperson. She ronment. This brought a large monetary
team for that work. The story that her Val- occasional volunteer, in the middle of and Richard often worked into the wee reward that was used to pay off her debts,
halla friends can tell is the story of what the campaign to save Valhalla Park. hours of the morning on strategy. incurred fighting for the environment. It
went on behind the scenes of her public What I saw then was not something I Logging interests on South Moresby also brought her international attention
life and the inner values that inspired her. could describe as Colleen’s small town put out a newsletter attacking the leading and meetings with the head of the UN in
I worked with Colleen for 25 years, and environmental group. What I saw were environmentalists who were trying to New York and the US President.
this is the story of what I saw. soul-mates who were waging a battle of save the park. It was circulated all over The awards didn’t change Colleen
Colleen was a very down-to-earth burning intensity. Yet the tone of their the province. Colleen was ridiculed and and she didn’t pause to enjoy her suc-
person, as ordinary as any one of us, it work was always one of service. attacked with terrible, false accusations. cess. She threw herself into saving the
would seem at first glance. But while Wayne became a bear biologist and Because of it, she endured hate on the Goat Range Provincial Park and help-
many of us want to protect nature, what because of him the work was always streets of her own home town. People ing Wayne preserve the Khutzeymateen
distinguished her was that she put her rooted in credible science. His extensive regularly spat on her car. She had a rock Grizzly Sanctuary and the new Spirit
actions behind her beliefs. work in the field across the province thrown through her window and lost so Bear Conservancy. Today, the Valhalla
She was born in 1950 in New Den- allowed him to discover areas of out- much business in her store that she had Wilderness Society has led successful
ver, on Slocan Lake in the Kootenays. standing wildlife habitat that needed pro- to close down. Yet she never once con- campaigns to protect 1.25 million acres
She was one of nine children in a mining tection. Colleen started out as the secre- sidered quitting. of BC’s wilderness.
family. They were poor, yet Colleen’s tary, but quickly emerged as the leading During the 13 years of the Valhalla It wasn’t all success stories. One of
mother Mabel opened her kitchen to public spokesperson and activist. Park and South Moresby campaigns, Valhalla’s biggest battles was for the
many lonely and destitute people, espe- Richard Caniell and Colleen collabo- the Valhalla Wilderness Society had no Slocan Valley watersheds. We threw
cially old-timers from the mines. Mabel rated constantly on strategy. Craig was funding other than what it earned from everything we had into it in the way of
passed onto her children a sense of com- one of those rare people who worked in community bake sales, small donations scientific studies, court battles and media
munity and responsibility that encom- the bush for the Ministry of Forests, but and the intermittent sale of posters and work. By that time, Colleen was deeply
passed the whole town. It was just a wasn’t afraid to expose the logging abus- t-shirts. Having lost her store, by the exhausted, but she pounded the streets of
natural matter of course in that family es he saw. His field knowledge and abil- time the parks were created Colleen was big cities for five years raising funds to
6 . . AUGUST 2007
Institute of Shamanic Medicine
September 14-16, 2007

Colleen and her son Shea in Valhalla Park. Photo courtesy of Valhalla Wilderness Society.
support that campaign. I still remember knew that Colleen was a dedicated care- ������������������������������������������������
her anguished, tear-tracked face when giver for many sick and elderly people
Slocan Forest Products, aided by a whole in our villages. �����������������������������������������������
troop of RCMP officers, drove its bull-
dozers through a blockade of 400 people
The incredible outpouring of recogni-
tion, grief, love and tribute for Colleen
by the bridge at New Denver. Across has at last brought out, for all to see, ��������������������������������������������
the road, a small crowd of industry sup- how many people supported her. By the
porters was chanting, “Get Colleen! Get time she died, Colleen was beloved in
Colleen!” But times had changed. The the Slocan communities, admired even ����������������������������������������������
great majority of valley residents were by some loggers.
standing with her that summer. However much the majority of us ������������������������������������������������
She had already experienced intimi- might fear and avoid confronting injus-
dation for speaking out many times, but tice, in our hearts we admire someone
she had also confronted the truth of a like Colleen who has the courage to Phone 1 877 329 8668
vastly more frightening threat: What overcome that fear and take action in info@shamanicmedicine.ca
was going to happen to the prospects non-violent, principled ways. Let the www.shamanicmedicine.ca
for life on this planet if people like her recognition that we have lost a great
backed down? defender of living things, and of our Check out our new website!
She deplored the fact that govern- children’s future, stir us to make a stron-
ments today require the public to negoti- ger defence ourselves.
ate with logging companies for permis- Today, her life is a star that shines
sion to save some forest. That made the down on a path through that deep wil-
logging companies the ultimate author- derness up ahead, leading us onward to
ity over our forests. The practice quickly help save the wilds and the animals of
degraded to the point where a few envi- our beautiful planet before it is too late.
ronmental groups and logging compa- Her last vision was to protect the old-
nies were deciding the fate of public growth inland rainforest and the endan-
resources behind closed doors, with no gered mountain caribou. That vision
means for public scrutiny. gave birth to the Central Selkirk Moun-
Colleen confronted that and other tain Caribou Park Proposal.
poor practices within the environmen- Creating this park would save for-
tal community, with no less determi- ests of huge old trees that we need to
nation than in her confrontations with store carbon to offset global warming.
the logging industry. She fought many It would offer a sanctuary to hundreds
battles for accountability in the move- of species and give the Central Selkirk
ment. What disheartened her most was mountain caribou herd the best chance
not that a few environmentalists lacked of survival. If you want to do one single
principles in their work, but that the action in Colleen’s honour, consider sup-
majority who did have integrity inadver- porting that park proposal. You can find
tently sanctioned the abuses. She was out more about it at www.vws.org.
marginalized as an extremist by some I heard young environmentalists ask
and accused of petty nitpicking by oth- Colleen, “How can I get empowered
ers, but at all times her sight was fixed to be an environmentalist?” But that’s
on the critical values sacrificed by those a question Colleen never asked. It was
who were willing to accept a quick and always, “How can I help?”
cheap success.
She was a real-life tree shepherd. She Anne Sherrod has been a director of
carried much pain about the destruction the Valhalla Wilderness Society for 22
of our forests. She knew that people in years and is presently Chair.
the future are going suffer terribly for The public is invited to a memorial for
this, just as they have in Africa, South Colleen on August 25 and 26 in Silver-
America and Asia where forests have ton, BC. Family and community gather
been destroyed. Her concern about peo- on August 25 and members of the envi-
ple also had many other outlets. Few, if ronmental movement on August 26. For
anyone, in the environmental movement more information visit www.vws.org
AUGUST 2007 . .7
Ian Hunter

Photos by davidplakke.com
by Geoff Olson

the truth, the whole truth, nuthin’ but the truth

an Hunter Patterson has seen cal establishment, but dozing reviewers and a reporter for a local paper. He age; by 1969 he was a family man in his
some strange days. After Doors and radio programmers preferred to hit always kept his hand in music, playing 30s, older than Bob Dylan or any of the
singer-songwriter Jim Morrison the snooze button. in a mutating series of bands with friends Beatles. With a decade on his Mott the
expired in a Paris bathtub, the Yet, the singer-songwriter’s wheel from Northampton. Hunter recalled to Hoople band mates, he was, in relative
band offered Hunter the Lizard has taken another turn with his new biographer Campbell Devine his onstage terms, close to rock ‘n’ roll fossilization.
King’s job. He turned it down. Perhaps album, Shrunken Heads. Released in habit of leaping around like a maniac: Never impressed with his own voice
if he had accepted, he’d now be a house- May by Yep Roc records, the album has “Music affected me so much. The rest of – he used to “feel sick” when he listened
hold name. For decades, the British rock received glowing reviews in The New them just stood there. It was funny; I had to British singer Cliff Richards – Hunter
veteran has strummed away on the half- York Observer, Village Voice and Roll- kids who came just to watch me do this opted for Dylanesque phrasing, and sheer
lit margins of the critical and commer- ing Stone. Even that East Coast arbiter and I can’t imagine what it looked like.” volume. While most early 70s’ singer-
cial spotlight, even while inspiring and of taste and style, The New Yorker, sat In 1968, when British producer Guy songwriters were still trading on the era’s
influencing several generations of rock up and took notice. Stevens went looking for a lead singer fading flower power, Mott the Hoople’s
bands, including The Clash, Wilco, Born in Oswestry, England, to a for a hard-rock, 60s band he was pro- lead singer was penning and performing
Oasis and REM. working class family, Ian Hunter Patter- ducing, Hunter’s name came up. After sturm und drang ditties like Death May
Whatever the reason he’s been denied son hardly seemed destined for rock and one audition, Stevens had his frontman. Be Your Santa Claus. With its symphon-
mega-stardom, Hunter himself has never roll royalty, or any other kind of crown. Stevens changed the name of the ic hard rock sound and onstage bluster,
cared much for the fame game. His rela- But when he first heard Jerry Lee Lewis band from Silence to Mott the Hoople, Mott the Hoople came across like a tour
tively low profile in the music industry sing Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, his after the novel by Willard Manus. He bus collision between The Stooges and
may have actually allowed him more rebellious nature found its musical com- then set out to reform the lead singer’s The Electric Light Orchestra. Reputedly
creative room to manoeuvre than big- pass. Bounced from one school to anoth- fashion crimes. “I was fat, had short hair one of the wildest rock acts of the time,
ger names. While many other artists er, Hunter was the classic problem child. and a two-piece corduroy suit,” Hunter Mott the Hoople’s aggressive enthusiasm
from the 60s and 70s have descended At one point, his parents wanted to have recalled in a film documentary on Mott could be a bit too infectious. After sev-
into musical self-parody and bloated him committed, he told The Indepen- the Hoople’s early years. He and his pro- eral concerts ended in riots, the band was
overproduction, Ian Hunter slowly dent. “My dad was a cop. He became an ducer settled on what turned out to be his banned from venues across England. “It
laboured away, adding to his impressive NCO at Sandhurst and ended up in MI5. trademark look: a corona of curly hair might sound glorious but it’s not,” says
catalogue. Every half-decade or so, he’d I was a slob, the complete opposite. He framing a chiselled, poker face, half-hid- Hunter. “These were venues in which
release another album filled with sly was an army boxing champion who’d den behind sunglasses. A hankering for you could make good money.”
lyrics, superb arrangements and more think nothing of taking you in the back disguise might come naturally to the son By 1972, nonstop touring, debt and
hooks than a tackle box. The clunkers room and giving you one in the guts.” of a spy, but the singer/songwriter claims disinterested management had blown the
were relatively few. You’d think that Hunter found employment over these he took to shades to conceal his white band apart. Longtime fan David Bowie,
would be enough to wake up the musi- years as a road digger, factory labourer eyebrows. Another factor may have been hearing that Mott the Hoople had called
8 . . AUGUST 2007
for the album. But Hunter’s expectations put me in the Nobel Peace Prize suite at is a wounded rejection of ageism and
of big music corporations have always the Grand Hotel in Oslo. Unbelievable. aging; Now Is the Time is a prayer to a
been low. He recently told Mark Mitch- Chandeliers – the works. The balcony dying friend, Freddy Mercury of Queen.
ell of BCB Radio that aspiring musicians is the most famous balcony in Norway. One of Hunter’s most moving ballads,
should avoid a “… scumbag business It’s where all the recipients stand after Michael Picasso, concerns coming to
run by thugs.” they received their prize. My kids were terms with the loss of his fellow artist
I was lucky enough to see the Hunter/ throwing snowballs off it at people to and “brother,” Mick Ronson. With its
Ronson band perform during this period my undying shame!” naked lyrics, the song narrowly skirts
in a small venue. He and his partner Hunter’s musical oeuvre, then and pop-music schmaltz before ascending to
launched into a blistering, note-perfect now, could be described as chiaroscuro, a the rock n’ roll Empyrean.
performance of their co-authored works, $50 word referring to the bold contrast of On his new album, Shrunken Heads,
it quits, pleaded with them to reconsider. with a band so tight the players seemed light and shadow. There’s plenty of dark- the singer takes loss to another level,
“He offered us Suffragette City, which I psychically spot-welded. Ronson wove ness in his catalogue, yet even his most melding the personal with the political.
didn’t think was good enough,” Hunter baroque chord progressions around the melancholy ballads and most bitter rock- As Hunter says, “There are two languag-
recalled to a Norwegian interviewer in howling Hunter, who performed like a ers contain subversive shards of light. es in America: English and bullshit.”
2004. “And then he sat down on the floor man possessed. (In 2002, the bemused Loss and longing have always been The lies of his adopted homeland have
– it was in a publisher’s office on Regent performer told a Norwegian interview- Hunter’s greatest creative spur. Irene certainly supplied plenty of fuel for his
Street – and plays All the Young Dudes er, “I once walked onstage and felt Ian Wilde concerns a boyhood love affair muse. Obviously a man who loves the
on an acoustic guitar.” Thanks to Bowie, Hunter entering my body.”) that fails to ignite, spurring a decision to US – the lyrics to the song Soul of Amer-
Mott the Hoople had a new lease on life, Throughout much of the 80s and 90s, “… be somebody someday.” Sons and ica name-check Thomas Paine, John
and what would become their concert the former Mott the Hoople frontman Daughters laments the effect of divorce Adams and Geronimo – Hunter feels the
encore anthem and biggest hit single. was busy with family life, while Ronson on children; Rollerball addresses the appalled bewilderment of his fellow citi-
Hunter kept a journal during this drifted into session duties and obscure destruction of music and art through zens as keenly as they do.
period, which was released in paperback ethnomusicological adventures, like pro- corporate control; Dead Man Walking continued on p. 34
in 1974 as Diary of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star. ducing Hawaiian music. Astoundingly,
Annotating the band’s mundane strug- one of rock music’s finest guitarists
gles with hotels and laundry, the plain-
spoken author deconstructed the glamour
almost abandoned music altogether, to
find work as a cook. A classically-trained

Everybody lies ‘n’ we’re stuck in the middle

I think I liked it better when the world was round

There’s too much information but not enough to go on

I think I liked it better when the world was round

~ When the World Was Round from Ian Hunter’s new album Shrunken Heads

of rock tours, while training a gimlet eye

on the surreal quality of American cul-
ture. (“The Americans have an uncanny
musician who was also a superb arranger,
Ronson died of liver cancer in 1993.
In keeping with the strange course of
Orpheum Theatre
knack of making all adult things exten-
sions of children’s toys.”)
his life, Hunter’s record royalties were
buoyed during this time by cover ver-
September 30
In spite of a rabid following in Britain,
Mott the Hoople eventually collapsed,
sions from the likes of Great White and
Barry Manilow. Another unexpected
reserved seating
or more specifically, Hunter collapsed, source of credit materialized from ABC
hospitalized for nervous exhaustion. He when The Drew Carey Show enlisted
returned in 1975 with an eponymous solo a cover version of his song Cleveland
album, showcasing the incendiary guitar Rocks for the show’s opening titles.
work of Bowie sideman Mick Ronson. The start of the new millennium
Two solo albums later, the self-described marked Hunter’s musical resurgence. He
“slimmer twins” collaborated on 1979’s began work on a new album, Rant, and
You’re Never Alone With a Schizophren- posted his flag on the Internet at ian-
ic. By then, the artist had his green card, hunter.com. Hunter maintains a column
and had made his move stateside, resid- on the site, Horse’s Mouth, in which he
ing in the New York area. answers email, offering sage advice to
Hunter says the pair “lost the thread” struggling musicians, and thanking fans
in the 80s, wandering around in a top- from all over the world for their frequent
40 wilderness dominated by droning compliments.
keyboard riffs, electric drums and manic For some reason, Hunter has a par-
guitar fretwork. By the late 80s, the two ticularly zealous fan base in Scandi-
friends were collaborating again, cutting navia. His two albums from the 90s,
a live album for the BBC, and working Dirty Laundry and The Artful Dodger
on the studio album YUI Orta, a title were produced in Norway, as was the
inspired by the Three Stooges and their 2002 DVD live performance, Strings
signature line, “Why You, I Oughtta…” Attached. At last, one record outfit, Uni-
To the commercial music world, they versal Europe, did things up right. Hunt-
were yesterday’s men – a self-fulfilling er posted the following on his website
prophecy given the half-assed promotion during the filming for the DVD: “They
AUGUST 2007 . .9
Your timeless
THE POWER OF NOW Eckhart Tolle

wareness of the inner body has immune system is greatly enhanced as
benefits in the physical realm. well. The latter protects you from the
One of them is a significant negative mental-emotional force fields
slowing of the aging of the physical of others, which are highly contagious.
body. Whereas the outer body normally Inhabiting the body protects you by
appears to grow old and wither fairly raising the frequency vibration of your
quickly, the inner body does not change total energy field, so that anything that
with time, except that you may feel it vibrates at a lower frequency – fear,
more deeply and become it more fully. anger, depression – now exists in what
If you are 20-years-old now, the energy is virtually a different order of reality.
field of your inner body will feel just There is a simple but powerful self-
the same when you are 80. It will be just healing meditation you can do whenever
as vibrantly alive. you feel the need to boost your immune
As soon as your habitual state system. It is particularly effective when
changes from being out of the body you feel the first symptoms of an illness,
and trapped in your mind to being in but it also works with entrenched illness-

If you inhabit the inner body, the outer body will grow old

at a much slower rate, and even when it does, your timeless

essence will shine through the outer form and you will not

give the appearance of an old person.

the body and present in the Now, your es if you use it at frequent intervals and
physical body will feel lighter, clearer, with an intense focus. However, it is not
more alive. As there is more conscious- a substitute for the moment-to-moment
ness in the body, its molecular structure practice of being in the body; otherwise,
actually becomes less dense. its effect will only be temporary.
When you become identified more Here it is. When you are unoccupied
with the timeless inner body than with the for a few minutes, especially last thing
outer body and when presence becomes at night before falling asleep and first
your normal mode of consciousness and thing in the morning before getting up,
past and future no longer dominate your “flood” your body with consciousness.
attention, you do not accumulate time Close your eyes. Lie flat on your back.
anymore in your psyche and in the cells Choose different parts of your body to
of the body. The accumulation of time focus your attention on briefly at first:
as the psychological burden of past and hands, feet, arms, legs, abdomen, chest,
future greatly impairs the cells’ capac- head, and so on. Feel the life energy
ity for self-renewal. So if you inhabit the inside those parts as intensely as you can.
inner body, the outer body will grow old Stay with each part for 15 seconds or so.
at a much slower rate, and even when Then let your attention run through the
it does, your timeless essence will shine body like a wave a few times, from feet
through the outer form and you will not to head and back again. This need only
give the appearance of an old person. take a minute or so. After that, feel the
������������������������������������ Another benefit of this practice is a inner body in its totality, as a single field
great strengthening of the immune sys- of energy. Hold that feeling for a few
��������������������������������� tem. The more consciousness you bring minutes. Be intensely present during that
��������������������������� into the body, the stronger the immune time in every cell of your body. Don’t be
������������������������������������ system becomes. It is as if every cell concerned if the mind occasionally suc-
������������������������������������ awakens and rejoices. The body loves ceeds in drawing your attention out of
������������������������������� your attention. It is also a potent form the body and you lose yourself in some
������������ of self-healing. Most illnesses creep in thought. As soon as you notice that this
��������������������������������� when you are not present in the body. has happened, just return your attention
����������������������������� If the master is not present in the house, to the inner body.
��������������������� all kinds of shady characters will take
up residence there. When you inhabit Adapted from The Power of Now,
your body, it will be hard for unwanted copyright 1999 by Eckhart Tolle.
���������������������� guests to enter. Reprinted with permission of New World
��������������������� ������������ Not only your physical immune sys- Library, Novato, CA, 800-972-6657 (ext.
tem becomes strengthened; your psychic 52). Visit www.eckharttolle.com
10 . . AUGUST 2007
of SOUND 2007
your judgments Display Ad for Common Ground


Gwen Information:
The Sufi Movement In Canada
If you judge people, you have no time Jelaluddin Gary Sill
to love them. – Mother Teresa
455 East 17 Avenue
Vancouver, BC

o much harm is done in our body, which in turn weaken the immune
world by standing in judgment of V5V
system. It is simply not 1B2
others, yet that behaviour seems We do, however, have the option of
to be ubiquitous when it comes to the evolving beyond the struggles of ego, THE CONFERENCE
human ego. As a small child I remem- Phone:
frequently 604.437.6514
created by self. We do not
ber one set of relatives always speak- Cell: 778.328.1199
have to continue to identify with, and be October 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28, 2007
ing negatively of another branch of the directed by, the more primitive aspects
eMail: sill@telusplanet.net Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre
family. I never met any of the people of our humanness. Soulfulness is also
being criticized, but in my child’s mind 2007.06.22
part of being human, but ego and soul Lectures on mysticism • Teaching & Practice of Sacred
I knew they were the “bad” ones. cannot both perform on the same stage. Chant • Breath & Concentration Practices
I also recall my siblings and me If ego has the floor, there is no room for
criticizing each another and seeming the gentle, wise voice of soul. Soul has
• Sufi Choir • Sama, Music and Meditation
to enjoy tattling on the others. Once in no cause or reason to judge. From the • Universal Worship Service
• All Concerts free for Participants
We do not have to continue to identify with, and be directed
by, the more primitive aspects of our humanness. If ego has THE MYSTICISM OF SOUND CONCERT
the floor, there is no room for the gentle, wise voice of soul. Friday, October 26, 2007, 8:00PM
North Shore Centennial Theatre
perspective of soul, we are all one, all
school, someone was always gossiping
about someone else. There was a kind of part of the same human family.
Visit: www.MysticismOfSound.com/concert.html
“group-think” when it came to who was To diminish another is to diminish Hidayat Inayat-Khan’s orchestral
okay and who was not okay. ourselves, and ultimately the collective.
No one consistently taught us to A judgment is primarily a statement music, performed by The Vancouver
behave otherwise. Yes, we learned the about the judge. It is ego saying, “I rep- Opera Orchestra and conducted by
golden rule, but it seemed a lofty ideal resent what is ideal and am much better
that did not really apply to survival in than you. I know the truth and my way Andreas Pascal Heinzmann
daily life. Oh, we could pull it out when is the right way. Your way is unaccept-
we were commenting on someone else’s able and wrong.”
Hidayat Inayat-Khan’s compositions have
behaviour, but in truth, our lived rule Interestingly, this is the way extrem- the atmosphere of Eastern music, but the
was more like do unto others before they ists talk. If the microcosm is reflected in structure of western symphonic forms is Hidayat Inayat-Khan
do unto you, or do unto others because the macrocosm, it is not surprising that
they did unto you first! we live in a world that is so divided, ter- very clearly heard in his music.
The reason the “love thy neighbour” ritorial and adversarial.
What is happening at the cellular
Tickets: $30 - $40.00 from the
sentiments did not “take” was because it
was not what we saw happening around level of the body affects the overall Centennial Theatre Box Office or Bayen Books
us. We were more likely to hear mom health of the entire being. If we are each
and Mrs. A over coffee trashing Mrs. B. a cell in the global body, then each time EVENING SESSION CONCERTS
who lived up the street. And perhaps, we judge another we are adding more
without his having to say anything, we polarizing toxicity to an already danger- October 24 & 27. 2007
knew dad thought the guy who lived on ously polarized world, as well as pol-
luting our own physical, emotional and
the corner was an idiot.
Life can be such a battleground for spiritual environment.
Talia Marcus
ego. First, it polarizes everything into me “… Lest ye be judged” is no lon- & Conference
and not me, then with me or against me, ger reason enough to stop judging. We
must stop judging not out of fear, but
then good/bad, right/wrong, and so on.
While this may be an extension of the out of love. (See below for informa- The Inner Call
ego-centric nature of the child – where tion on obtaining my CD A World of
all that brings pleasure is good and that Kindness: Experiencing Personal and
which does not serve me is not – some Global Harmony.) Tickets:
never get past this kind of polarizing.
That seems to me to be a hard way to Gwen Randall-Young is a psychother- Amir O’Loughlin
live, for there will always be something apist in private practice and the author at the door
to judge, someone not to like and some- of Growing Into Soul: The Next Step Universal Kirtan
body to exclude. All these are negative in Human Evolution. For articles and
processes which put the body/mind into information about her books and per- Sponsored by The Sufi Movement
In Canada in Partnership with The
a state of contraction and separation. sonal growth/hypnosis CDs, visit www. Roundhouse Arts & Recreation Centre
This creates stress and tension in the gwen.ca See display ad this issue.
AUGUST 2007 . . 11
25 Augusts SUMMER 1991 SUMMER 1992 SUMMER 1993





12 . . AUGUST 2007
The clock is ticking

he setup of Patrice Leconte’s delivers, albeit in a formulaic way.
Mon Meilleur Ami (My Best To anyone who has been paying
Friend), showing at the Ridge attention, the idea that the planet is at
(first week in August) is a promis- its “eleventh hour” is not a new one.
ing one. François (Daniel Auteuil), an When a wave of eco-awareness hit the
antiques dealer, is having a birthday developed world in the early ‘90s, it was
dinner celebration when his business frequently pointed out that if the life of
partner Catherine coolly suggests that our planet was measured in hours on a
he has no friends. Francois fobs off the clock then the first inkling of man on
comment saying that his days are full of the planet would be in the last minute of
meetings, phone calls and interactions the eleventh hour. By the same measure-

If the life of our planet was measured in hours on a clock then

the first inkling of man on the planet would be in the last

minute of the eleventh hour.

with people he calls friends. When the ment, in only the few seconds that have
other guests candidly agree that they passed since the Industrial Revolution,
certainly would not call themselves his we’ve succeeded in clearing massive
“friend,” Catherine makes a bet that, in amounts of the Earth’s forest cover, driv-
the next 10 days, his best friend will not ing untold numbers of species of animal
vouch for him; he has no friends. Rath- and sea life to extinction, extending des-
er than feel stung, Francois accepts the erts, poisoning water supplies and caus-
challenge. And so begins a journey of ing the planet to heat to a level where it
self-discovery that is both painful and is in danger of spiralling out of control Leonardo DiCaprio while filming The 11th Hour.
amusing to watch. and killing off life on Earth. Photo credit: Chuck Castleberry © 2007 Eleventeen Productions, LLC
In his desperate quest for the per- Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-documen-
fect friend, Francois enlists the help of tary The 11th Hour (out August 31) together interviews with many promi- being 17 hours. From those 17 hours, we
Bruno, a gregarious cab driver (played spends much time laying out the dam- nent thinkers on the environment: David edited the film down to 91 minutes. The
well by Dany Boom), who has a head age and the source of the problems, but Suzuki, scientist Stephen Hawking, Paul result is a single narrative that is told by
for trivia. This gives rise to sketch-type those who saw it at the Cannes Film Hawken, Ray Anderson, Soviet Prime 54 people.”
episodes as François tries to learn how Festival say that it also spends a good Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, former head In last year’s An Inconvenient Truth,
to win friends but messes up, usually by part of the film offering solutions. The of the CIA R. James Woolsey and sustain- Gore said that we probably have 10
getting out his cheque book. One of the film suggests as much as 90 percent of able design experts William McDonough years to fix our ways before reaching
strengths of the film is the first-rate cast, the human footprint could be eliminat- and Bruce Mau. “We interviewed about the tipping point. It seems like people
particularly the lead. Auteuil, surely ed right now, if the political will were 71 people and from those interviews, we listened and have started taking action.
one of the most recognizable faces in there. The 11th Hour says this is our last got over 150 hours of interview footage,” Hopefully, The 11th Hour will provide
French cinema, brings depth and pathos chance for governments to act. says Leila Conners Petersen, who made another necessary spur for change.
to what is a shallow and aloof character. Thematically, there are clear paral- the film with her sister Nadia Conners
François’s behaviour still requires that lels with Al Gore’s highly effective An and Leonardo DiCaprio. “We then select- Robert Alstead’s eco-documentary
you must sometimes suspend disbelief, Inconvenient Truth. The difference is ed the best statements from all those You Never Bike Alone about Vancou-
but ultimately Mon Meilleur Ami (My that where Gore gave a solo lecture, the interviews and put them into a script that, ver’s Critical Masses is out on DVD at
Best Friend) is a dark, little comedy that hour-and-a-half long 11th Hour weaves when assembled and dubbed, ended up www.youneverbikealone.com

Inner Peace Scientific Healing Affirmations Metaphysical Meditations

How to Be Calmly Active Understanding and using Universal Prayers, Affirmations,
and Actively Calm the healing power within you and Visualizations
Hardcover CDN $17.00 Pocket-size Paperback CDN $14.50 Pocket-size Paperback CDN $14.50
Hardcover CDN $6.00 Hardcover CDN $6.00


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How a healthy prostate can
lead to a healthy night’s sleep.


Worrying about your prostate shouldn’t keep you up at night - and neither should frequent urination. That’s
why we formulated PROSTATE PERFORM, to act on prostate problems. Taking advantage of the power of plant
extracts, PROSTATE PERFORM eliminates frequent urination, increases urine flow and relieves Benign Prostatic
Hyperplasia. And, with a 98% success rate, it’s a natural approach that actually works better than drugs – with
results in 3 days! Get PROSTATE PERFORM and get back to a good night’s sleep.

At the age of 40, normal healthy active men produce an increase in the amount of dihydrotestosterone, a
very potent, dangerous form of testosterone within the prostate. This causes overproduction of prostate cells
which results in prostate growth and increased cancer risks. Men of African-American heritage have the
highest incidence of prostate cancer.

w w w. n e w r o o t s h e r b a l . c o m PREVENTION & CURE

14 . . AUGUST 2007
plant protein
NUTRISPEAK Vesanto Melina MS, RD

hatever our dietary choice,
get t i ng enoug h protei n
throughout the day makes a
big difference. The good protein sources, and lentils contribute 60 percent of the
especially beans, peas and lentils, help day’s protein and the other 40 percent
us to level out our blood sugar and keep comes from foods that you might not
our energy up throughout the day. These have thought of as sources of protein.
protein-rich foods also provide essential By the way, don’t believe all the anti-
minerals, such as iron and zinc. soy hype put out by competitive food
When people switch to a diet that industries. At the same time, a vegetar- Keep on top of your kidneys’ health.
is more plant-centred, they often ask, ian menu that exceeds the daily recom-
“Where will I get my protein?” In fact, mended protein intake can easily be cre-
it’s easy to meet recommended intakes ated without any soy at all.
with plant protein. For example, a cup of
cooked lentils or beans – black, garbanzo, Vesanto Melina is a registered dieti-
lima, navy, kidney, pinto, or white – pro- tian and co-author of nutrition classics.
vides 14 to 18 grams of protein. A half- For more information about protein and
cup of peanuts or a quarter-cup of peanut nutrients, see Becoming Vegetarian,
butter provides 16 to 17 grams. For com- Raising Vegetarian Children, Becoming
parison, note that a quarter-pound ham- Vegan and the Food Allergy Survival
burger patty provides 19 grams. Guide. She is based in Langley, BC, and
Most of the calories in meat actually regularly consults for people who wish
come from fat, rather than from protein. to improve their health or who are in
In contrast, only two to four percent of dietary transition. www.nutrispeak.com,
the calories in the aforementioned len- vesanto@nutrispeak.com, 604-882-6782
tils and beans is derived from fat. The
veggie “meats” that are available in a
myriad of forms, and found in the pro-
duce section of major supermarkets, can Meat-free eats
easily provide as much protein as the Protein (grams)
biggest burger or chicken breast you can Breakfast
find. Plus, these products have little or Orange juice, 1 cup ........................... 1.7
no saturated fat and are cholesterol free. Oatmeal, 1 cup ...................................... 6
This is not to say that everyone man- Soy milk, 1 cup ................................... 7.7
ages brilliantly upon shifting to a diet that Whole wheat toast, 1 slice ............... 2.7 CLEAN FLOW
is more plant-centred. We’ve all heard of Almond butter, 1 tbsp ......................... 2.4
the people who end up thinking they must Breakfast total: ............... 20.5g (580 cal) IT CAN TAKE UP TO AN 80% LOSS OF
be the wrong blood type to be vegetarian.
In fact, the problem was not their blood Lunch KIDNEY FUNCTION BEFORE SYMPTOMS
type at all. It’s just that they never learned Marinated tofu (3 oz) in sandwich 13.1 START TO APPEAR.
how to make something quick, easy and Whole wheat bread, 2 slices ............ 5.4
delicious from lentils. They didn’t keep Carrot sticks from a 7” carrot .............. 1
their fridge stocked with tasty, marinated One apple ............................................. 0.3
Kidney cleansing and detoxification
tofu slices from the deli, or try out the Lunch total: .................... 19.8 g (377 cal)
various veggie burgers. They also never is essential for good health.
tried a fruit shake made with a banana, Supper New Roots Herbal’s CLEAN FLOW
soymilk and strawberries (providing up Curried lentils, 1 cup ........................ 17.9
to nine grams of protein). Brown rice, 1 cup ............................... 4.5 improves kidney function, promotes
How much protein do we need in Broccoli, steamed .............................. 2.9 tissue healing and strengthens your
a day? To meet our everyday needs for Supper total .................... 25.3g (474 cal)
immune system. It also expels toxins,
building new cells and enzymes, and for
ongoing maintenance, we should aim for Snack/dessert shake bacteria and small kidney deposits,
0.8 grams of protein per kilogram body Soymilk ................................................ 7.7 fights infections and coats the urinary
weight. Thus, the recommended protein Banana, strawberries (1/2 cup) ........1.7
intake for a person weighing 139 pounds Snack/dessert total: ........ 9.4g (288 cal) lining. Trust CLEAN FLOW to keep
(63 kilograms) is 50 grams of protein, your kidneys functioning at their best.
and for a person weighing 175 pounds Total protein: ........ 75 g (1,719 cal)
(79 kilograms), the amount is 63 grams.
If we aim for a little more than that, our Someone who is building muscle might
goal might be about one gram of protein add a slice of toast with almond butter
per kilogram body weight. at breakfast, another half-sandwich at
What does a typical, daily menu look lunch and an extra half-cup each of
www.newrootsherbal.com PREVENTION & CURE
like when the protein comes from plant rice and lentils.
foods? In the example below, soy foods
AUGUST 2007 . . 15
Prescription HEALTH

for a drug disaster DRUG BUST Alan Cassels

It is a very problematic informa- new millennium when Vioxx and her 10th most prescribed drug in Canada, and saga is that nobody, including the regu-
tion environment.” Those are the sister Celebrex were arriving on the with worldwide sales in the multiple bil- lators, the doctors and the arthritis advo-
words of a UN spokesman in Afghani- market. The media breathlessly dubbed lions, Celebrex and Vioxx had redefined cates sending postcards to their MLAs,
stan, recently commenting on the prog- these two new Cox-2 inhibitors “Super pharma’s idea of the super blockbuster. knew exactly what would happen when
ress on the war there and the incredible Aspirin” as medical symposia around And then, of course, disaster struck. a drug tested on a few thousand select
difficultly officials had in accurately the world promoted them as less likely Vioxx was withdrawn in disgrace in people is then used by millions.
counting the deaths of civilians. to cause gastrointestinal bleeding, a September of 2004 and thousands of law- Post-Vioxx, everyone asked how
Very applicable words, I thought, common side effect of non-steroidal, suits were launched against Merck amid this could be prevented from happen-
given my world. Whether you are swal- anti-inflammatory drugs. estimates that its drug may have caused ing again and we’ve heard many calls
lowing a war or a prescription drug, The manufacturers were spending up to 120,000 cases of cardiovascular for restricting drug advertising, stopping
there’s much that’s “problematic” about money like it was 1999 because, well, it disease and left 40,000 to 60,000 people drug companies from wining and din-
the information we are able to access. was 1999. Thousands of sponsored med- dead in the US alone. (The Vietnam War, ing our doctors and better post-market
Do we ever really know what’s happen- ical dinners with “thought leader” rheu- by comparison, lasted three times as long surveillance systems (i.e. monitoring a
as Vioxx and killed 58,000. How many drug’s behaviour once it enters the mar-
died on the Vietnamese side is still open ket). These measures don’t, however,
Whether you are swallowing a war or a prescription drug, to question as that war, as you might have address the real problem: uncertainty.
guessed, also presented a very “problem- The best approach to uncertainty
there’s much that’s “problematic” about the information we atic” information environment.) when billions of dollars and thousands
The sister Cox-2 drugs didn’t fare of lives are at stake is to collect more
are able to access. Do we know how many people suffer injury much better. Bextra was yanked from data. As the case of Vioxx soundly illus-
the market shortly afterward and Cele- trated, what we need is what a group
or death due to the use of new prescription drugs? brex, the sole Cox-2 remaining, wears a of Canadian academics have labelled
“black box,” the most serious warning “Real World Safety and Effectiveness”
placed on a marketed drug product. What research (RWS&E). There are a number
ing on the ground? Do we know how matologists bedazzled our physicians is problematic in the whole sordid Cox-2 of ways to get this data before putting
many people suffer injury or death due with the magical properties of these
to the use of new prescription drugs? Not drugs. The intense competition between Vioxx manufacturer, Merck, is a classic example of how savvy drug companies use aggressive
really, and while you could describe the the two rival drug makers, Merck and advertising to push “wonder drugs” on a vulnerable audience. Vioxx may have caused up to
regulation and marketing of prescription Pfizer, created a situation where you 120,000 cases of cardiovascular disease and left 40,000 to 60,000 people dead in the US alone.
drugs as problematic, I think “shock and could barely find a doctor that hadn’t
awe” are more applicable. been wined and dined by those pitching
One key problem is that as a new their brand.
chemical entity travels from laboratory But what did the consumers know
bench to your mouth, the information about these new drugs? Well, if you
consumers need to use it safely often remember, Vioxx skated into our lives on
isn’t available, is biased or is actively one of the slickest and most expensive
kept secret. prescription drug ad campaigns every
For starters, the evidence a com- mounted, featuring figure skater Dorothy
pany presents to regulators like Health Hamel who helped expand and reshape
Canada or the US FDA, in order to get an arthritis market which, up to that time,
approved, is drawn from a relatively had been the preserve of little, old ladies.
small and select sample of patients. We At the same time, arthritis patient
don’t know the actual benefit/harm ratio groups in Canada, lubricated with pharma
from the data used to approve the drug largesse, were actively lobbying for pub-
because that information is secret and lic coverage of the drugs because, after
considered “proprietary.” And Health all, provincial health plans are the biggest
Canada only releases “summary” infor- buyers around and if they weren’t going
mation often leaving more questions to pay for them, it would severely limit
than answers. Even with several rigor- the drugs’ markets. In BC, the Arthritis
ous and well-controlled trials behind a Society used its website to ask visitors to
new drug, your physician really has no fill out postcards to their MLA, demand-
way of knowing how those data apply in ing public coverage of the new drugs, so
real situations with the kinds of patients thoroughly smitten they were.
he will see in the “real world.” And Seems like the patient advocates
that’s a huge problem. either weren’t apprised of the bad news
Many people I talk to ask, quite or didn’t care. In 2000, the widely pub-
earnestly, what’s not to trust about the licized VIGOR study suggested Vioxx
safety of a new drug? After all, it was may increase risk of heart attacks; the
studied in big trials, approved by a regu- company’s response was to spend $160
lator, prescribed by a competent medi- million on drug ads to skate around this
cal doctor and dispensed by a helpful uncomfortable bit of news. The millions
pharmacist. How could we question the the manufacturers invested in drug ads,
safety of it? rheumatologists, physician education
A good question, with a simple, suc- and arthritis patient groups, an enormous
cinct answer: Vioxx. investment by any standards, provided
Think back to 1999 at the eve of a a good return. By 2003, Vioxx was the
16 . . AUGUST 2007
new drugs on the market, but one way
is to involve drug insurers to make sure
that RWS&E data are being collected
and analyzed. ����������������������������������������
I remember the hullabaloo when the ���������������������
Cox-2s came to BC; some research- �����������������������������������������������������������
ers proposed that Pharmacare conduct ��������������������������������������������������
a policy trial to determine the “real ��������������������������������
world” effects of Celebrex and Vioxx. �������������������������������
The specialists, doctors and especially ��������������������������������������������������������
the arthritis advocates in Canada were ���������������������
so overwhelmingly infatuated with the
Cox-2s, they wouldn’t want another
pesky “study” to find what would hap-
pen to these drugs in the real world. The
researchers’ wishes to gather additional
Over 20 Years of Excellence ATTENTION
in TCM Education ALL WOMEN!
At the end of the day, when
Diploma programs towards:
you look in the mirror and aDoctor of TCM Do you have any of
the following symptoms?
aLicensed TCMP • PMS
aLicensed Acupuncturist
These are only a few of the symptoms
take your drug out of the • Anxiety related to hormonal imbalance.

medicine cabinet, you want

aLicensed TCM Herbalist • Irritability
• Mood swings
Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy or
Birth Control Pills are not the answer.
1 Year Certificate Program • Insomnia
• “Foggy” thinking Alternative Hormone Solutions is a clinic of
to know two things: will it aChinese Tui-Na Massage • Heavy periods Registered Nurses specialized in treating
• Breast tenderness premenstrual, perimenopausal and meno-
work and is it safe? • Cyclic Headaches pausal hormonal imbalances naturally. If you
September 3, 2007 • Fatigue are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,
• Decreased Libido book your appointment now. It is time to
• Weight gain start enjoying life!
data were dismissed. And that’s a pity. A
properly controlled trial in the real pop- (abdomen, hips,
thighs) Call 604-738-3999
ulation in the province could have dis- info@alternativehormonesolutions.ca
covered in a year what it took the com- www.alternativehormonesolutions.ca
pany four years to admit: that for many
patients, the harm of these widely-used
drugs exceeded their benefits.
Like many, the industry-funded,
patient arthritis advocates in Canada
wanted access, access, access, and they
pushed every provincial government in
the country to pay for the drugs, with • PMS • Breast tenderness
varying degrees of success, but that’s • Anxiety • Cyclic Headaches
• Irritability • Fatigue
another story. In Canada, the “access” • Mood swings • Decreased Libido
mantra comes loudest from a group that • Insomnia • Weight gain (abdomen, hips, thighs
calls itself the Best Medicines Coalition, • “Foggy” thinking
• Heavy periods
an umbrella group largely consisting of
pharma-funded advocacy groups. Check
out the coalition’s website at www.best-
medicines.org and see if you can see how
and where safety and “real world” drug
information fits in its list of priorities. ��������������������
At the end of the day, when you look
in the mirror and take your drug out of ����������������
the medicine cabinet, you want to know
two things: will it work and is it safe?
Despite our confidence in the regulator,
the Vioxx debacle has rudely reminded �������������������������������������������������������������������
us that good data from Real World Safe- �������������������������������������������������������������
ty and Effectiveness research is about April 13 & 27, 2006 ������������������������������������������������������������
the most important safeguard we con-
sumers need when new drugs arrive, all
breathless and full of promise.
August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2007 ��������������������������
If the Canadian government needs
more proof before it puts serious money
behind Real World Safety and Effective- ����������������������������������������������������������
ness, it can look further into the past, ������������������������������������������������������������
before Vioxx, and recall other drug
disasters: Tambocor, Baycol, Rezulin ��������������������������������
and Prepulsid all looked good out of the ���������������������������������������������
research pipeline. �����������������������������
continued on p. 34
AUGUST 2007 . . 17
18 . . AUGUST 2007
AUGUST 2007 . . 19
A million years
of sustainability
& ...? EARTHFUTURE Guy Dauncey

Come celebrate have a two-part question I’m ask-
ing people these days. The first
our 25th Anniversary part is: “Do you think humans will
with our Special Guest be around in 500 years?” since we become what we dream, what
on November 30, 2007 Almost everyone stops to think. No we visualize for ourselves. This is equal-
Look for more info one has an immediate answer and that ly true for ourselves and for the planet.
alone says a lot for our state of mind. For those who answer “Yes,” I ask a
in our September issue
Most then say “no.” second question: “Do you think humans
This speaks terribly to our self-con- will be around in a million years?” That
fidence as a culture, with the nay-say- really gets them thinking. So far, no one
ers thinking like members of a losing has replied with a straight “Yes.” Some
baseball team who believe their glory say “No,” while others say, “Well, not in
days are over. How can we be expected our present form.”
to tackle our many challenges with this Let me put this into context. Our
attitude? How can we be successful in human ancestors have walked this
restoring our Earth and making the tran- planet for three million years. Our pri-
sition to a world powered by sustainable mate ancestors, with whom we share 98
energy? How can we succeed in protect- to 99 percent of our genes, have lived
ing and restoring the beleaguered marine in Earth’s forests for 55 million years.
life in Earth’s oceans if we cannot visu- The fact that you are alive today is liv-
alize that success and hold it firmly in ing proof that every single one of your
our minds until it is complete? ancestors had successful sex, right back

You are the amazing inhabitant of an unbroken chain of being

that has lasted for a quarter of all time since the origins of

our Universe.

In the summer of 1940, Hitler occu- to the first bacteria, 3.8 billion years ago.
pied most of Europe and Britain stood You are the amazing inhabitant of an
alone against a sea of Nazi uniforms. unbroken chain of being that has lasted
All seemed hopeless. Yet if a British for a quarter of all time since the origins
man or woman had been asked, “Do of our Universe. Your body, mind and
you think Hitler will win this war?” the soul encapsulate every advantage that
answer would have been a resolute “No the process of evolution has allowed
bleeding way!” them to gather.
On a physical level, all that Churchill Yes, it is also true that 99 percent
offered the British was “blood, toil, tears of all species that have existed at some
and sweat,” but he also offered something point in the past have become extinct, so
else: “Victory at all costs. Victory in spite maybe there is rational justification for
of all terrors. Victory, however long and biological cynicism. From my observa-
hard the road may be, for without victory tions of life, however, I doubt that any of
there is no survival. Let that be realized. those myriad creatures went gently into
No survival for the British Empire, no the night. The urge to live, to breathe
survival for all that the British Empire once more the glorious scent of day, is
��������������������������� has stood for, no survival for the urge, the far too strong.
impulse of the ages, that mankind shall Clearly, there is risk. That was also
����������������������������������������������������������������������������� move forward toward his goal.” true in 1940. But once we learn to live
������� �������� ��������� �������������� ������ ������������ �������� Why then, today, when we face an sustainably, cooperatively and lovingly,
equally massive menace, do we doubt? I see no reason why we humans should
��������������������������������������������������������������������������� Why do we look forlornly into our latté not be around in a million years, inhabit-
grandés and accept that humans will ing bodies genetically identical to those
soon be extinct? we have today. As for our souls, our
Cynicism is a luxury we cannot afford. evolving consciousness and our spirit,
It is a choice to blame some other amor- that may be a whole other story.
phous force or factor, rather than pulling
our will power out the cupboard and get- Guy Dauncey is founder of The Solu-
ting to work. It is a miserable surrender tions Project, publisher of EcoNews and
������������������������ ���������������������������� to the indulgence of pretending to be president of the BC Sustainable Energy
���������������� ���������������������� powerless. It is a self-fulfilling prescrip- Association (www.bcsea.org). Visit www.
tion for misery, depression and failure, earthfuture.com
20 . . AUGUST 2007
Put a price
on pollution

ention the concept of a new that, regardless of which mechanism we
tax to politicians and most choose, the longer we wait to put a price
will run screaming out of the on carbon, the more costly it will be.
room to vacuum their cars or mow their The report said that, because businesses
lawns – anything to avoid talking about and investors make long-term decisions
an issue that they think could cause
them to lose votes, no matter how sen-
about capital costs, like buildings, tech-
nologies and equipment, they need a Madeson
sible or reasonable the concept may be.
That’s going to have to change soon
clear idea where the government is head-
ing: “In essence, inadequate and delayed
because we need to have a serious communication by the government of a • Dentistry for the love and care of patients
and open discussion about initiating a [greenhouse gas] ‘price’ could lead to • Alternative and complementary approaches 305 – 2083 Alma Street
mechanism for pricing pollution, spe- substantial long-term economic costs.” • Western Canada’s first and most experienced Vancouver, B.C.
holistic / biological dentist (20 years)
cifically carbon. Politicians have a knee-jerk reac- • We recognize dentistry’s impact on 604.222.8292 / 604.222.8297 fax
By now, everyone’s aware of the tion to taxation, as do many Canadians. the human mind, body, and spirit. drbasie@shawlink.ca
mounting challenges we face from However, I don’t think Canadians feel
global warming. The science, while taxes are necessarily bad, so much as Wellness Centered Dentistry
still ongoing, is very clear: The heat- they think wasting tax dollars is bad and
trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide, unfair taxation is bad. By its very nature,
that we’re pumping into our atmosphere a carbon tax should be reasonably fair
from our homes, cars and industries because it directly taxes the product that
are warming the planet and disrupting causes the harm and expense to society
the climate. If left unchecked the con- as a whole. The more you pollute, the

Wasting tax dollars is bad and unfair taxation is bad. By its ������
very nature, a carbon tax should be reasonably fair because it

directly taxes the product that causes the harm and expense

to society as a whole. The more you pollute, the more you pay.

That seems pretty fair.

sequences will be severe, to both our more you pay. That seems pretty fair.
environment and our economy. But Canadians would also revolt
So it’s in everyone’s best interest to if they felt their tax money was being
start curbing our carbon output. There wasted. That’s why it would be essen-
are many ways to do this, but most tial to dedicate the money gained from a
experts agree that market-based solu- carbon tax to developing and promoting
tions can play a critical role. Two such more sustainable alternatives. Proceeds
solutions are a cap-and-trade system from a carbon tax could be put toward
and a carbon tax. Under a cap-and-trade providing better public transit, for exam-
system, governments put a limit on the ple, thus improving the service or reduc-
amount of carbon that can be released ing the cost of a more sustainable trans-
into the atmosphere. Industries have to portation option. For electricity produc-
stay within their limits. Innovators who tion, proceeds from a carbon tax on coal,
go below their limits can sell their left- say, could go towards cleaner, renewable
over emissions as credits to those who energy sources like wind.
go over the set amount. Global warming has really changed
Under a carbon tax, the more you pol- the environmental discussion in Cana-
lute, the more you pay. Such a tax could da and throughout much of the world. For more titles and
to order, go to

be applied to all products or activities Suddenly, people are much more aware
that have a substantial carbon footprint of our environmental challenges and
– producing and burning gasoline, coal eager to get moving on sustainable
and other fossil fuels, for example. This alternatives.
would encourage industries to become Government plays a key role in this 25 including:
more efficient and reduce costs, while movement and if our federal government
encouraging consumers to save money isn’t already seriously looking into a car-
by being more environmentally friendly. bon-pricing mechanism, it should be.
Recently, a report by the government-
commissioned National Round Table on Take the Nature Challenge and learn
the Environment and the Economy found more at www.davidsuzuki.org
AUGUST 2007 . . 21
Kimberly Baker at Emily Carr Insitiute Graduation Exhibition 2007.

22 . . AUGUST 2007
Creative licence vs copyright law by Kimberly Baker

first heard about Canada’s new Bill world’s social and political struggles, ciation of goodwill” is wrongly equated The result was increased literacy, much
C-47 when I was printing off my while the shifting social realities of our with lack of respect shown to a trade- to the horror of the traditional knowl-
artwork for this year’s graduation time have led to questions regarding the mark. But apart from being very costly, edge holders, who felt threatened and
exhibition at the Emily Carr Institute. definition of art and about art’s place in it would take years and the verdict was consequently imposed the Licensing Act
My artwork, the Transit Shelter Project, the world and the artist’s role within it. certain to be appealed if lost at trial. One of 1662. The Act established new legis-
focuses on the current debates around The artist’s practice of accessing popu- lawyer suggested that on a more practi- lation in Britain that required books to
the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and lar culture through the appropriation of cal level, I might contact the president be registered and a copy deposited to the
homelessness. As my artwork ran off media’s symbols and tools, including of VANOC directly and arrange a 10- Stationer’s Company. Prior to this date,
the printer, the technician asked, “You advertising, has become an important minute, personal meeting to determine the consequence of reproducing a liter-
know that these are illegal?” I replied method of making statements about a VANOC’s position and find out if it ary work was that one could sometimes
that I had used different pantone colours wide range of contemporary political would take legal action to prevent my find an author’s or archivist’s inscription
and computer fonts so I wasn’t infring- and social issues. proposed distribution of the posters. I in a book, threatening a “book curse” if
ing upon any copyright laws. Canadian artists such as Carl Beam decided to follow the advice. the manuscript was duplicated.
“What I mean is VANOC has copy- combine painting with found objects like After weeks of leaving messages and The first real copyright law came
righted the number 2010,” he added. I newspaper articles and advertisements, being passed from person to person, I into effect in 1710. The Statue of Anne
was completely floored and asked how as a way of incorporating the symbols arranged an appointment with Colin Jar- accorded exclusive rights to creators and
anyone could copyright a number. of contemporary culture. In Vancouver, vis, manager of Commercial Rights Man- authors, as well as determining exclusive
“I don’t know,” he retorted, “but emerging artists, such as Sonny Assu, agement. My intention was to understand rights to a fixed period of expiration of
they have. Didn’t you see the article appropriate pop culture symbols and the complexities of the issues surround- 28 years. In 1887, copyright protection
in the front page of the Vancouver Sun reconfigure them into political symbols. ing the new Bill C-47 and to glean how amplified internationally with the Berne
that listed everything that you are not In this way, the relevant issues become it applied to me and other artists. When I Convention, which continued to license
allowed to do? I suggest you look it up visible to a broader, public audience, met with Mr. Jarvis, he was very accom- intellectual property. A huge problem
on the Internet.” challenging the notions of political modating and open to answering all my occurred in the 1730s when these reg-
Sure enough, an investigation showed authority, as a result. questions. He assured me that VANOC’s istered copyrights began to expire and a
that Canada had passed Bill C-47, the For a socio-political artist such as position is that they are not interested in great debate erupted over which rights,
Olympic and Paralympics Marks Act, myself, Bill C-47 presents significant litigation with artists and that artists have if any, were still valid. This created the
legislation that provides the Vancouver “natural rights debate.” The Mansfield
Olympic organizers with extreme power ruling established that publishers had
over the symbols and language linked Throughout history, artists have played an important role, the right to publish works for which they
with the Olympics. I had been so careful had already acquired the rights. These
designing these posters; it was too late turning their art into a political tool that questions and early rulings formed the basis of the dis-
to redo them in time for the show, so I tinctions made today between “original
decided to hang them, regardless. Quite confronts existing power structures. works of art” and “industrial design.”
honestly, I didn’t think anyone would These laws also stipulated that if more
notice my work hung amongst all the than 100 pieces of any particular artwork
rest. Nevertheless, on the night of the challenges. I decided that more in-depth a right to critique. He gave a number of were produced, it was no longer consid-
grad show, crowds gathered in front of research was required to see just how examples where VANOC would consid- ered art, having moved into the realm
my poster. far this new bill extended. An online er that an artist was infringing upon its of industrial design. As a consequence,
The following week, the Vancouver search of the Canadian Intellectual copyright. One such example is if an art- “street art,” which refers to signs, post-
Sun reviewed the work of four artists Property database revealed that many ist created a single mug that depicted the ers and banners, is considered to be part
from the grad show, my poster being one of the “Vancouver 2010”-type marks Olympics in some way. That would be of the commercial advertising sector and
of them. And though photos of each of and logo designs had been registered in fine, as it would be considered art. If the is susceptible to copyright restrictions.
my colleagues’ artwork appeared in the the name of VANOC, under Sec. 9(1) artist produced 1,000 mugs and sold a Although VANOC may have no
article, mine had been excluded. Had (n) (iii), and they constitute an “offi- hundred a week for profit, however, that intention of shutting down artists who
the Vancouver Sun been so intimidated cial” mark, which gives the registrant would be not OK, as it would be seen as criticize the Olympics, artists who work
about liability issues pertaining to any an even wider amount of protection “ambush marketing.” in the area of appropriation art are being
formation of “Vancouver 2010” that than the usual trademark. During this When discussing my posters, Jar- limited by Bill-C 47, and the placement
they wouldn’t print the image? I won- process, I consulted with three lawyers, vis said that VANOC would not have of their art will be limited to the institu-
dered if VANOC would actually sue the all specialists in copyright law, and the a problem with them. However, if put tionalized gallery system. On the other
newspaper and I began to think about main issue appeared to be one of trade- them up on bill boards across the Down- hand, I don’t see VANOC as the villain
the larger issues at stake. What hap- mark infringement. Because “Vancou- town Eastside, there would be a problem in this scenario; rather, it is the larger
pens when the organizers of a cultural ver 2010” was covered as a trademark, because that action would be considered problem of our legal system prioritiz-
event such as the Olympics are given so it didn’t matter whether I spelled out the more in the light of my creating a “cam- ing corporatism over creativity. I have
much power that they overrule our civil number “2010” or converted in some paign,” as opposed to my displaying a learned from this experience that copy-
liberties? In my opinion, Bill C-47 was other way; I was still exposing myself to work of art. So how do I know where the right legislation being put in place today
a direct infringement of our freedom of a potential lawsuit. threshold is before I cross the boundary has not kept up with the changes that
expression under the Canadian Charter I was advised that if money were into creating allegedly illegal art? have occurred in the modern art world.
of Rights and Freedoms. no object, I might be able to defend a It is important to remember that Artwork being produced today has
Throughout history, artists have claim on the basis of freedom of expres- trends in public authority have been completely changed since the 1700s
played an important role, turning their sion under the Canadian Charter of marked by the power structures in place when the Statue of Anne was first estab-
art into a political tool that questions Rights and Freedoms, as well as upon at any given time throughout history. lished. Art is not static. Art is a reflection
and confronts existing power structures. the more technical argument that I was For example, the origin of copyright law of our contemporary culture and needs to
Social commentary and political protest not “using” the trademark in such terms can be traced back to when Gutenberg’s be given space within the public sphere
in art reach back to the French Revolu- as is commonly understood in the case printing press hit the world stage around to do its job of creating a crucial forum
tion and the birth of modernity when art law surrounding trademarks. Namely, I 1440. Before then, the church and the for public discussion, which ultimately
became a moral force in society. Today, wasn’t selling any good or services and crown controlled knowledge. With the reflects our time and place in history.
a substantial number of artists main- I was distributing my posters free of advent of the printing press, knowledge
tain the tradition of communicating the charge. I might also argue that “depre- was diffused throughout communities. More info at www.kimberlybaker.ca
AUGUST 2007 . . 23
Pick a peck of
up close and personal and regularly pick and roasting.
a peck of perfect peppers. Ancho (2) (also called Poblano): dark
green, tapered fruits with slightly hot,

perfect peppers Tip: Foliar feeding with liquid sea-

weed throughout the season encourages
greater fruit set. Blossom end rot results
distinctive flavour in Mexican cuisine
for stuffing and sauces.
Hungarian Black (3): extremely early,
from irregular watering, so consistent small, pointy black fruits, good for eat-
ON THE GARDEN PATH Carolyn Herriot
daily watering is very important. ing fresh, drying and roasting.
Early Jalapeno (3): medium-hot pep-

he greenhouse in August is full They grow best in moist warm soils, Garden Path favourites pers, ideal for salsas and pickling.
of dazzling rows of ripening between 65-80°F (18-26°C), in a neu- (Heat scale sweet to hot 1-5) Starburst (4): smaller, tapered multico-
peppers, a multicoloured spec- tral pH around 6.5. Kelp meal and a Pimiento (1): thick-walled, very sweet, loured ornamental peppers for hot eating
tacle of colour changing to red, orange, handful of rock phosphate in the plant- juicy slicer for salads, sandwiches, stuff- and drying.
yellow or brown, depending on the vari- ing hole will provide the high levels of ing and baking. Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Serrano
ety. Normally grown as annuals on the phosphorus and potash needed for fruit Italian Sweet and Red Bull’s Horn (1): (5): smaller peppers hot enough to blow
West Coast, peppers are actually tender production. A handful of dolomite lime thin-walled, slightly tapered, sweet red your head off!
perennials, needing maximum sunshine will prevent calcium deficiency, which peppers good for roasting and stuffing.
and warm sheltered sites to thrive. causes blossom end rot, a common prob- California Wonder (1): thick-walled, Take the heat out of peppers
For the best yields, it’s advisable to lem for peppers. blocky green bell peppers, good for sal- The seeds and placenta contain cap-
get an early start on the season. Start ads, dips and baking. saicinoids that give hot peppers their
pepper seeds in late February, under Tip: Create a mini-greenhouse around Dainty Sweet and Jingle Bells (1): mouth-searing pungency. Use hot pep-
grow-lights indoors or on bottom heat your pepper plants. Hammer a cedar smaller, multicoloured ornamental pep- pers with extreme caution. If your head
in a greenhouse. They germinate best stake into each corner of the pepper pers for sweet eating. is about to “blow off,” eat dairy products
around 75°F (23°C) and can take any- patch; wrap 6 ml plastic around the out- Gypsy (1): high yields of slightly or starchy foods, such as bread or rice.
where from one to four weeks to ger- side of the stakes, stapling it onto each tapered, yellow peppers which grow Do not drink cold water, which will actu-
minate. They grow best at 70°F (21°C) stake to hold it tightly in place. A light- well in cooler conditions, good for fresh ally increase the heat. Handle the seeds
during the day, and no lower than 60°F weight plastic roof can also be framed eating and stuffing. of hot peppers with respect. Don’t rub
(15°C) at night. up and used for extra protection during Klari Baby Cheese (1): bell peppers, your eyes or inhale too deeply around
Peppers don’t like warm days fol- cold nights. the shape of a baby Gouda cheese, great them or you’ll be sorry.
lowed by cool nights, so it’s best to wait Try growing peppers in black, plas- for fresh eating, roasting and stuffing.
until the soil has really warmed up in tic, two-gallon pots, one pepper plant in Chocolate Bell (1): thick-walled, juicy From A Year on the Garden Path: A
early June before setting them out. Pep- each pot. A length of sturdy bamboo or dark bell peppers, good for eating fresh 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide by
pers belong to the Solanaceae family, so a tomato cage is enough to support the or for dips and stuffing. Carolyn Herriot. Second edition $24.95.
avoid blight by not planting them where bushy plants. The pots can be placed in Tequila Sunrise (2): orange, carrot- Available from your favourite bookstore
tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and pota- a greenhouse, or on a hot deck or patio, shaped, thin-walled peppers with a or order online at www.earthfuture.com/
toes have grown before. so you can enjoy your colourful peppers slight kick, good for pickling, drying gardenpath

Teach English
around the world Café &
TESOL Diploma Pie Shop

Vancouver’s First Truly Organic Café.

Eat In or Take Home
NEW: Veggie Pot Pie, Turkey Pot Pie
. Yummy vegetarian soup . Brewed chai hot or iced & 100%
& farm fresh salad Organic Fair Trade coffee & tea
. Authentic thin crust Italian
TESL Canada LEVEL 2 = better job Call Inessa: Pizza: wheat & spelt crust
• Brunches on weekends 11-4
• Open 11-9 Mon-Sat • 11-8 Sun
Job placement assistance 604.682.3812 . Organic fruit pies & desserts
Three month program or 604.682.3880 N
Student Loans available & EI eligible 560 Granville St, 3rd Floor 3598 West 4th Avenue

*Building est.1927

W.4th Ave. Aphrodite’s
W W W . G R E Y S T O N E C O L L E G E . C O M
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Pie Shop Next to Banyen Books

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Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt I sell the finest used cars in B.C.
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Face, Ear & Body, Chakras on the Feet & College class - 3 weekends: Sept 22, 23, 29. Yvette@touchpointreflexology.com

CRYSTAL NATURAL Authentic Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage: Erickson College has been a full tiered NLP
HEALTH STORE & Level 1 Certification (4 Modules): Module I Training School since 1979, featuring NLP
MASSAGE CLINIC Aug 24-26. Module II Sept 28-30. Modules Practitioner Certificate Program, Master
A Place of run Friday evenings & Sat/Sun 10-5pm. 4 NLP Practitioner Certificate Program and
ICBC & WCB NLP Trainer’s Training.
Healing claims accepted modules earn 65 hrs CE/PD for RMT. Intro:
Aug 1 (Wed) 7-9pm $10. Call 604-431-7474, 1-604-879-5600
604 431 7474 1215 Madison Ave
www.lomi4life.com Burnaby, BC www.lomi4life.com info@erickson.edu


DISCOVER THE MAGIC WITHIN YOUR a career or as an addition to existing skills.
OWN MIND. The College of Core Belief Fall Part-Time program begins Sept 8-9.
Engineering offers a career program as well Sept Full-Time program begins Sept 3.
as a gentle, powerful process that helps you Jerry Kein Metaphysical and Ultra Heights
Founder, Elly Roselle to accomplish exactly what you want in your Workshop Oct 27-28. Email the registrar at
PCTIA Accredited life. E-mail eroselle-cbe@msn.com • Get Elly’s coastalacademy@shaw.ca, 604-542-1914,
(604) 536-7402 book at www.uglyducklingeditions.info www.coastalacademy.ca

Practical This hands-on course offers a practical,

Bowen Technique is an incredible full-
confident, working knowledge of herbs.
body therapy ideal for treating pain and
You will see and experience the herbs direct-
inflammation by simply stimulating the
ly. Includes Ayurveda, Dreambody and
body to reset its stuck patterns of reaction
with Don Ollsin Shamanism. One weekend each month for
whilst addressing chronic and acute pain,
UBC Botanical Gardens nine months:
posture and alignment.
Info: 1-866-592-7523 Victoria: September 22, 2007
Vancouver Class Begins October 12, 2007
www.herbalhealingpathway.com Vancouver: September 29, 2007

Samya Therapies Ayurvedic Spa Technician

Certification. Study Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda in Acupuncture or Spa Therapy at PCU
your own home! Required courses for FREE INFORMATION SESSIONS: College of Holistic Medicine and public
Samya Therapies Ayurvedic Spa Technician
Suite 509, 5th Floor TCM clinic. PCU offers professional clini-
Certification program are available by corre-
5021 Kingsway, Burnaby cal training in holistic medicine at its new,
spondence: DVDs and note packages included.
Hands-on training: www.saltspringspa.com Tel: 604.433.1299 state-of-the-art campus near Metrotown.
www.samya.ca 250-537-6987 www.pcu-chm.com English and Chinese classes available.

26 . . AUGUST 2007

Everyone Says You’re Great with People?

Turn that Gift into a New Career
2 Diploma Programs Available
Sabai Thai Spa Have you heard the benefits of Traditional
Thai Massage?
- Relaxfast! Chair Massage
Canadian Acupressure College - Five Elements Acupressure 604-985-8896 For authentic and Professional Thai Treatments
PCTIA Accredited • AMTWP Recognized Out of town? Study using an ideal visit us.
www.acupressureshiatsuschool.com mix of distance learning, classroom training www.thaispa.ca 987 Marine Drive, North Vancouver.
1-877-909-2244 and hands-on experience.

Summer/Fall Courses: Thai Touch for

We are dedicated to providing a learning Yoga Teachers 12hrs; Thai Massage for
environment which embraces traditional & Couples 4hrs; Techniques Refresher Class
203-45744 Gaetz St. contemporary methods of therapy to pro- 24hrs; (classes by request only - minimum
Chilliwack, BC V2R 3P1 duce skilled, caring practitioners. Holistic 4 participants). Professional Practitioner
bcihs@telus.net Practitioner program includes aromatherapy, Training 160hrs - November 1-30, Whistler,
www.bcihs.ca reflexology, spa, hot rock and chair massage. BC (accommodations are available)
1-888-826-4722 Accredited with PCTIA. ~Outreach instruction around BC~

BECOME A SHIATSUPRACTOR® Become an Aromatherapist!

We specialize in home study courses for
2200-hour Shiatsupractor® Diploma
everyone from enthusiast to professional.
A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have Shiatsu Foundation Evening – 150 hours
Aromatherapy 101 - 170 hours
Spa-Shiatsu Certificate – 850 hours
that people are still thinking. Chair-Shiatsu Certificate – 63 hours
Aromatherapy 201 - 375 hours (require 101)
Aromatherapy 301 - 120 hours (require 201)
~ Norman Vincent Peale ~ Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Ph: 604-904-4187, info@shiatsu.vc www.westcoastaromatherapy.com
www.shiatsu.vc 640-943-7476 wcia@telus.net


Holly Fairchild Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? Lana Pimentel During your Feng Shui consultation,
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner Feng Shui works in a similar manner. Proper Classical Feng Shui practitioner I will analyze the quality and flow of energy
arrangement of your furniture, art, and Flying Stars in your space and make adjustments so
Simply Feng Shui that your living environment is supportive
other objects helps attract what you desire ~ Eight Mansions
604.626.6244 wealth, relationships, career. Visit our web- Ba Zi (Destiny Charts) to your health, finances and general well-
www.SimplyFengShui.ca site today for more information and rates. being. Info and pricing on my website.
604-828-7546 www.lanafengshui.com


Enjoy Deep Blissful Relaxation! yourself you deserve it, sessions only $18. Books, charts and self help tools available.
PACIFIC Reflexology is taught and practiced as a potent,
safe way to free stress and tension, relieve pain,
Guide” DVD or video. Enjoy pleasurable,
Enquire about franchise opportunities.
Pacific Institute of Reflexology
Institute of improve circulation, and facilitate the body’s
healing process. Gentle, soothing stimulation
quality time with your family and friends fol-
lowing expert step-by- step guidance. $22.95
535 West 10th Avenue / Cambie
Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1K9
REFLEXOLOGY of foot, hand or ear reflexes revitalizes your
whole body. Private Sessions $50.
Training: Certificate courses prepare you to
practice reflexology competently. $295 (See
Phone: (604) 875-8818 Fax: (604) 875-8868
PCTIA registered. Most courses tax deductible
Student Clinic: Tuesday evenings. Revitalize Education and Certification Listing). email: chrisshirley@pacificreflexology.com

Wellspring Vision Wellspring Vision Improvement Program beneficial for patients with conditions such as: For appointment, please call 604-737-7876
Improvement Program (WVIP) is developed in 1999 by Dr. Weidong Dr. Weidong Yu, Dr.TCM
Yu, a world renowned Doctor of Traditional * Retinitis Pigmentosa * Red eyes, Dry eyes Wellspring Clinic
Making a positive difference
Chinese Medicine. WVIP is a comprehensive * Macular degeneration * Eye fatigue 916 West King Edward Ave. (south east corner
Dr. Weidong Yu Holistic health program based on Chinese * Glaucoma * Far sightedness of King Edward Mall at Oak & King Edward)
herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Acupressure, * Eye Bleeding * Blurry Vision Vancouver, BC
www.TCMRP.com Qigong, Food and Nutrition. WVIP may be

������ Dr. Andy Zhou, PhD, Doctor of TCM, • Psoriasis • Eczemas (& infantile) Dr. Andy Zhou

�� �
�� Registered Acupuncturist holds PhD TCM • Cosmetics side effects • Acne


from China. Ongoing post-doctoral clinical • Hives (Urticarias) • Herpes & Shingles Skin Disease Centre


research in China for treatments of psoriasis • Itching (Prurigo) • Vitiligo & Yellow Spot of Traditional Chinese Medicine
DISEASE and eczema with internal herbal remedies. • Sunlight skin disorders • Lupus & Scleroderma Regent Medical Building


Expert diagnosis of a wide range of skin • Rashes & Allergies • Neurodermatitis 330-2184 West Broadway (@ Arbutus)


conditions. Over 20 years experience in • Contact dermatitis • Mouth ulcers Vancouver, BC, V6K 2E1

� �
�� ��
� ������
TCM (herbs & acupuncture). • Hair loss (Alopecia) • Rosacea Tel: 604-736-6060

����������� Special Package for Deep tissue release results in an expanded,
���������������Stopping Smoking and Weight Loss
• Back pain • Arthritis • Insomnia • Fatigue
Jenny Lou Linley lighter, more alive state of being. Interactive
���������� • Digestive disorders • Respiratory disorders ���������
dialogue connects mind, body, spirit. Movement
awareness supports postural changes. Good for
��������������������� • Gynecological issues • Skin disorders
���������������� Low-Cost Acupuncture Package ����������������������� injuries, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, chronic
������������������������ back pain, joint problems, stress, tension,
������������������������ Free initial consultation for August!
������������ Chinatown Centre Medical Clinic 733-0339 personal growth. A profound experience!
FREE 1/2 hour consultation.
����������������������������� #165 - 288 East Georgia Street, Vancouver
AUGUST 2007 . . 27

Universal Energy Reiki Master, Reconnection™, GeoTran™,

Techniques Pure Awareness™, Sound/Toning, Intuitive The Alexander Technique is a method of
Rod Coleman Massage. In a safe, relaxed environment mental and physical re-education which
The Healing Way together we will open your energy pathways, teaches how to use our body to its best
3869 Canada Way, Burnaby clearing physical and emotional blockages advantage. Private lessons, workshops,
604-451-0781 Extension #2 which encourages your body into self healing and CANSTAT certified, PPSEC registered
604-220-6042 and greater tranquility. Workshops available teacher training.
Visa/MC/Cash on request. #110-809 W 41st Ave. Vancouver


The EPFX-SCIO system, like a virus scan, Get a powerful insight into your own body
detects your body’s biological, emotional and regarding: pH imbalance – allergies –
parasites – candida – digestive difficulties
mental stressors and imbalances. BIO-ENER-
• LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS – inflammation – anemia – heavy metal
GETIC feedback unblocks and rebalances your – immune disorders – toxic stress – nutri-
bio-energy field, boosts your healing power & • BIOLOGICAL TERRAIN tional deficiencies – hormone imbalance –
restores vitality and harmony. More info on ASSESSMENT cholesterol – circulation ….and many more
www.qwest4health.ca website or for appointment: 604-531-3480 www.qwest4health.ca Office: 604-531-3480 qwest4health@telus.net

Reconnective Healing: a no-touch modality Dr. David Song Both of them have 12 years of professional
that uses new frequencies to raise your body’s (R. DTCM, R. Ac) TCM experience. Specialize in: Muscular-
vibration for continuing healing and rejuve- TCM orthopedist in China skeletal disorders and cancer. Also treat:
nation. The Reconnection reconnects your Pain, Allergy, Women’s diseases, Skin dis-
Dr. Kathryn Tian
meridians to those of the earth and thus of eases. Special package for: Weight loss and
(R. TCMP, R.Ac)
Paul Fast PhD the Universe. TCM oncologist in China
facial rejuvenation. Free initial consultation.
(604) 947-9052 Profoundly relaxing, pain relief. Address: 5238 Irmin St. (Metrotown area, free
paulfast@shaw.ca www.thereconnection.com parking) Tel: 604-432-7209

SKIN DISEASES! Dr. Peter Zhou, a qualified MD & former

director of a hospital in China, specializes Erica Foulkes BSc, MA STRESSED? TRY SHIATSU OR REIKI
Registered Doctor of TCM Registered Shiatsu Therapist A gentle way to balance and heal body,
Former Instructor of TCM in: Skin Diseases: eczema, skin rash, acne,
psoriasis, rosacea, shingles, herpes, Registered Reiki Practitioner mind and spirit, and to increase self-aware-
at Langara College Etznab Natural Healing Clinic ness. May alleviate tension and pain, diges-
25 Years Clinic Experience vitiligo, warts, yellow spots, hives, allergic
contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis. 1717 Grant St. at Commercial tive problems, headaches, fatigue, anxiety.
Extended Health Care Accepted
He also treats all kinds of pain problems. 604-255-9945 Promotes general wellness.
Vancouver: 604-876-8618
#116 - 828 West 8th Ave www.etznabnaturalhealing.net

Hypnotherapy – Self Improvement

I offer healing sessions blending Reiki,
LOVE crystals & gemstones, channelling, sacred
Specializing In:
Chronic food pain, sciatica
Eliminate bad habits, stress, fears, phobias.
Past life regression, Psychic Consultancy, Tarot
HEALS sound, aromatherapy and colour healing. and other pain conditions. Reading, Healing (Reiki, Karuna Ki, Golden
Past Life Regressions and deep trance work Effective treatment plan and Quick relief. Triangle), Massage Therapy & Lymphatic
also offered. Ongoing workshops offered Integrated TCM massage and Acupuncture. Drainage. To book an appointment, please call:
Anne McMurtry, Ph.D. in Reiki I, II & III, Crystal and Gemstone Dr. Liao (R.TCMP, R. Ac, MD China). 604-803-2334.
Or E-mail: Paradise.healing@shaw.ca
Reiki Master Training. Please call 604-734-8219 Tel: 604-928-8899. Clinic: 2955 Kingsway.


Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness an organic juicing and detoxification
program designed to reverse cancer and other
causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate. degenerative diseases. Travel to Canada/USA.
GLADYS HILLS, BA, Home Set Up Coordinator/
~ Albert Schweitzer ~ Caregiver, Wellness Life Coach
gladiolahills@yahoo.ca www.gerson.org

HOME TO VANCOUVER’S BEST Helping individuals over many years to find

PSYCHICS. Since 1996, walk-ins are their true path in life, Cassandra’s following
welcome 7/7, 11 to 5. Ask for Chanel spans the globe. Hundreds of repeat cli-
“the Clairvoyant other psychics consult.” ents are a testament to incredibly accurate
Across from The KEG restaurant, 1526 readings -- her gifts are astonishing.
Duranleau St. 604-734-3354 info & map Telephone reading available at:
@ www.psychicstudio.ca 604-732-9226 or 1-800-450-7337


CONSULTATIONS. ANNE McMURTRY. ANNE’S ABILITY Readings on past and present life karmic
Spiritual Clairvoyant and Certified Angel opens a line of communication between constellations with crystal healing to clear Only knowledge that is used
Therapy Practitioner® Leanda Duncan offers you and your Spiritual Guides, allowing negative karmic blocks. In these sessions
private sessions in-person or by telephone. them to speak directly to you. To inquire there is a unique opportunity for deeper sticks in your mind.
Guidance and clarity from your angels and call Dr. Anne McMurtry at 604-734-8219, truths to be revealed. Since 1977.
guides assists you in transforming your life to VANCOUVER. See ad in Health, Healing ~ Dale Carnegie ~
Ross Andaloro, 604.224.1749
happiness. 778-388-5477. www.spiritsay.com section. Kitsilano, www.sourcequest.ca

28 . . AUGUST 2007

Nutrition Treat yourself to a consultation with

Registered Dietitian Vesanto Melina.
ences. Ensure that you meet your nutri-
tional needs by booking a personalized
Becoming Vegan, Healthy Eating for Life
to Prevent and Treat Cancer and the new
Expert Weight management, health concerns,
food sensitivities, practical tips for preg-
consultation: includes dietary analysis,
recipes, menu planning, nutrition for busy
Food Allergy Survival Guide.

Vesanto Melina MS, RD nancy, children, family members, answers people, practical, easy food tips. Vesanto Phone 604-882-6782
www.nutrispeak.com to your questions. Create the diet to best is co-author of best-selling Becoming
Call 604-882-6782 serve you and fit your lifestyle and prefer- Vegetarian, Raising Vegetarian Children, Email Vesanto@nutrispeak.com


Beyond organic... our livestock forages on

Grassfed meats luscious pastures in the beautiful Chilcotin
High quality, fresh organic teas and exotic
valley, ensuring optimum animal and human
Certified Organic herbs. We use less packaging to reduce our
health. We use biodynamic land management
footprint and to save you money. Increased
Demeter certified practices to support biodiversity. In partner-
value, lower price. Turtle Island Organic
in conversion “3” ship with TLC (The Land Conservancy).
Teas and Herbs is 100% Canadian & based
(604) 254-6782
in Vancouver 778-737-3456.


Discover your personal strength - it lies in the In a safe environment, learn to value your power, • Relationship (from romantic to roommates)
coping style that has gotten you this far; shift and your vulnerability; change learned patterns; I have 20+ years experience as a therapist
depression to hope. Free yourself from fears of allow wishes, hopes, and dreams to surface. with adults, adolescents, and couples. Clinical
unfamiliar feelings that block growth toward CALL ME FOR INFO ON EMDR Supervision Available.
creativity and intimacy. Deepen and enrich • Creative/Career Blocks • Addictive Behaviours For free initial consultation or information call:
your connection with others. Create the life • Trauma/Abuse: Physical, Sexual, Emotional 604-802-4126, VANCOUVER
you deserve. • Depression • Anxiety • Grief/Loss www.jaminiehilton-counselling.ca

ARE YOU READY You can overcome your limiting beliefs and Lorraine Milardo Bennington, success them to connect with their higher selves and
FOR A CHANGE? open up to your joy! coach, psychologist and hypnotherapist, has to reclaim joy and personal power in their
Success Coaching been practising hypnosis for over 30 years lives. Lorraine has returned to Vancouver
Lorraine Milardo Hypnotherapy - Weight Loss/Stop Smoking, and skillfully integrates intuition and hyp- after 10 years living, studying and working
Bennington Athletic performance, Blocks to Success/Fear notherapy into her coaching and counsel- on Kauai and Maui.
M.Ed. (Counselling) of failure, Age regression, Anxiety, Phobias ling practice. Lorraine gently guides people 604-871-4342
Reg. Psychologist #815 Couples Counselling in the process of transformation, assisting transformance@mac.com

��������������� Only by Working With the Whole Person it is because you have not gotten to the are uncovered and resolved. If you are
������������ Can You Achieve Truly Permanent and root causes. Completion of any problem fed up and want to do something radical
Effective Change. comes only when you have resolved your about your predicament, give me a call
����������������� issues physically, emotionally, mentally 604-261-2788 or visit my web page at
����������� If problems and issues keep popping up in and spiritually and the underlying rea- www.members.shaw.ca/johnarnoldphd/
�������������������� your life and you are STILL STUCK, sons for repetitive patterns of behavior

Midlife? Are you dreaming about a life that is passion-

ate and full, a life that is richly purpose-driv-
Michael Talbot-Kelly, BPE, MH, MA, RCC
A Registered Holistic Psychotherapist &
Michael Talbot Kelly’s work stands second
to none... through knowing Michael, I have
Feeling Purpose-less, en, abundant in success, joyful, and genuinely Destiny Coach with 25 years of experience given myself permission to have great abun-
depressed, empty? grounded in making a meaningful contribu- healing the body, mind and soul. dance in my life.
tion to humanity? Everyone’s dream is par- – MK, Doctor, Vancouver, Canada
ticular and unique. And the Golden Threads Call Michael at 604-317-1613 to set up a
Free of this Great Dream for your life are in the FREE 15 minute phone consultation or sign michael@mtkhealing.com
midlife workbook entanglements of your midlife symptoms. up for a FREE MIDLIFE WORKBOOK! www.mtkhealing.com

What Is Freedom from the beliefs, feelings and

behaviours that result in emotional pain and
• Joy, ease and pleasure in life itself
• Aliveness and authenticity
About Toni Pieroni: Along with my profes-
sional training and skill, I bring over 20 years
Possible? repetitive, reactive patterns that keep you Some issues dealt with: of personal development experience. I offer
stuck. Life’s options open up as you learn to • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse individual and couple therapy. For further
respond rather than react, resulting in: • Addictive and obsessional behaviour information or for a free introductory session,
Toni Pieroni, M.A. • Healthy, intimate, satisfying relationships • Relationship issues and co-dependency phone 604-737-0168. Or visit our web address:
������������������������������ • More success in work and career • Anxiety and depression • Self-expression www.counsellingbc.com/listings/tpieroni.htm

������������������������������� Problems with sexual functioning, inhibitions,

Barbara Madani Eaton If you want to recover the real self, reconnect with
desire discrepancies, affairs, or communica- Registered Psychologist #335 your energy and creativity, refine skills to realize
������������� tion conflicts? We provide sex therapy, mar- your goals and reinstate your personal power -
����������������� riage counselling, clinical hypnosis. Extended Transform Curses request an appointment. We will transform curses
health coverage. #400 - 601 West Broadway Into Blessings into blessings using: • EMDR • Power Therapies
��������������������� Vancouver. Bianca Rucker, PhD 604-731-4466 • exploration of feelings and reframing beliefs
������� www.biancarucker.com Vancouver 604 876-4313 • goal setting and decision making

AUGUST 2007 . . 29

Reach and expand your potential in all areas Past-Life Therapy

of your life. Since 1985 this gentle method
YOUR Di Cherry is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
has proven exceptionally effective in chang- GATEWAY Member Canadian Hypnotherapy Assn.
ing automatic, self-limiting patterns and TO THE www.dicherry.com
Founder, Elly Roselle enhancing Conscious Choice. Elly Roselle PAST 2678 W 11th Ave, Vancouver.
PCTIA Accredited offers private sessions and classes. For information or appointments:
Past-Life Therapy
(604) 536-7402 (604) 536-7402. Email: eroselle-cbe@msn.com 604-731-2646 or dicherry@telus.net

“Life Between Lives” “For those of us who have had the opportunity
to actually see our immortality, a new depth of
Past Lives & self understanding and empowerment emerges.” BRENNA tional baggage of the past & to come into
Spiritual Regressions 30 years
- from “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael deeper connection with your Source, Vitality
Rifa Hodgson, CCHT. Newton, LBL Founder. Holistic Health Educator & Purpose. A 3-hour session includes: coun-
The first certified LBL 1718 Marine Drive, West Vancouver Mediator selling, rebirthing, Psychology of Vision™
therapist in Western Canada Rifa@lifebetweenlives.ca Master Rebirther reprogramming with an infusion of Light and
1-888-606-TIME (8463) www.lifebetweenlives.ca 604.221.0787 Spiritual Guidance.

John Morrier Edge Therapy... the EASY way!
Registered Professional “Life is all about choices!” One choice is tak- 97% of my clients become non-smokers in
Counsellor (can) ing control of your life and making it matter. ONE session. You too, can achieve dramatic
Vancouver results as quickly.
Counselling for individuals & couples; rela- When will YOU be Tobacco FREE?
604-731-9262 tionship, anger, loss & grief, childhood, co- I Can Help!
John.morrier@telus.net Call Right Now - 604 551 4986
dependency issues. Communication skills.

Voice Dialogue An integral, psycho/spiritual approach

Raphaelite Work™ to healing & transformation. Manifesting
The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement Awareness, we become a conductor in the
of everyday thinking. Dave Waugh (Wali) RPC symphony of our inner selves & gradu-
604-738-5728 ally co-create a meaningful & fulfilling
~ Deepak Chopra ~ 4 - 3630 W. Broadway life. Certified Raphaelite PractitionerTM &
www.davewaugh.net Registered Professional Counsellor.


We specialize in cuisine created for such Vegetarian Restaurant Serving traditional Buddhist style vegetarian
food since 1960. Come sample over 200 vegetarian
personalities as Bryan Adams who asked 3932 Fraser dishes. Operated by Chef Ho formerly of Bodai.
owner Santokh Singh Suri to replicate a & 23rd Ave.
spicy Tandoori Gobi. Also recommended Open 6 days a week from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm,
are Mumbai Kharmas, Tofu Scramble, Vancouver closed Tuesday. Rated Best Vegetarian Restaurant
Smokin’ Samosas and Mango Tango Salad. (604) 873-3848 in Vancouver Magazine’s 9th Annual Restaurant
Yogi’s, 1408 Commercial Dr., 604-251-9644 Awards.
Call for reservations. 604-873-3848.

Healthy people! Healthy planet! T h e The Naam Vegetarian Restaurant

Save the earth one bite at a time. For years voted “Best Vegetarian” in the
Join us at the Taste of Health Food Festival Georgia Straight and in Vancouver Magazine’s
end of September. “Readers’ Choice”. Open seven days a week,
Volunteer! Meet others into healthy eating. 24 hours, licensed, wood fireplace, heated
Want updates? patio, live music at dinner.
www.earthsave.ca 604-731-5885 2724 West 4th Ave. 604-738-7151.


“East Is East is a place where you are encour- Savour an Indian culinary experience while
aged to talk to your neighbours. This is defi- enveloped in the mysterious ragas of clas-
nitely not the Ritz, but it certainly is Kits. sical Indian music. Winner of West Ender’s
EXPERIENCE THE EAST From plumbers to publishers, hippies to Silver Medal for Best Indian Restaurant
WITH YOUR TASTE BUDS generation whatever, this place has special 2004-2005. Delicious selection of vegetarian
3243 West Broadway 604-734-5881 appeal.” - Owen Williams, Common Ground and vegan specialties. Open 7 days a week
Chai Tea House Upstairs & 2nd location Visit our new location for lunch & dinner. 2313 Main St., Vancouver
4413 Main Street @ 28th 604-879-2020 4413 Main Street @ 28th 879-2020 604.872.8779 www.nirvanarestaurant.ca

Where Original Food Meets Original Art

Superb restaurant, home made gelato, coffee
EAST IS EAST The new East Is East, the same as its Kits

juice bar, international cuisine and showcasing location, is a place where you are encouraged
B.C. artists in European design space.This new EXPERIENCE THE EAST to talk to your neighbours. Eastern cuisine
restaurant is in an upcoming vibrant neigh-
borhood. Chef Alfred Fan, previously of Wild WITH YOUR TASTE BUDS like you will have trouble finding anywhere
Art Gallery & Eatery Garlic and Bridges restaurants, concocts a deli- 4413 Main Street @ 28th else in Vancouver, attracts a regular friendly
crowd. – Owen Williams, Common Ground
cious array of culinary dishes that complement 604.879.2020
6555 Fraser St. near 49th, Vancouver the vast exotic salad offerings. 604-677-8204.

30 . . AUGUST 2007

Science of Spirituality is a multi-faith inter- All SOS programs are FREE.

SANT national organization dedicated to love,
RAJINDER SINGH unity and peace under the direction of Sant Every Sunday - 11011 Shell Rd, Richmond “Love turns life into a blooming paradise.”
Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Sant Rajinder (SW corner Steveston Hwy & Shell Road) Sant Rajinder Singh
Singh is a world-renowned spiritual Master, 10 AM Meditation
who teaches a simple yet transformative med- 11 AM Spiritual Discourse (Satsang)
itation technique for all. Judy: 604-530-0589 www.sos.org

Sahaja Yoga Meditation “Sahaja Yoga is different from other Are you a seeker? Have you been searching (Chinatown) - info: 604-726-8149
Yogas because it begins with SELF for that subtle source of peace & content- New Westminster - info: 604-524-9371
REALIZATION. It is important for every- ment within? Do you want to lead a happy Surrey & White Rock - info: 604-597-8311
one to have that knowledge of the roots & balanced lifestyle? If so, please join our www.freemeditation.ca
within ourselves. Sahaja Yoga allows the indi- FREE Ongoing Meditation Classes in BC For classes in Greater Toronto Area please
vidual to become his own Spiritual Guide.” and Ontario. Various BC classes are held call 1-866-850-YOGA or visit
– H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Vancouver, Burnaby and Strathcona www.sahajayoga.ca

Unitarian A joyful, musical, justice seeking religious Beacon Unitarian (TriCity): 604-460-8948 South Fraser Unitarian Congregation
community, welcoming independent or www.BeaconUnitarian.org (Surrey): 604-512-9032 or www.sfuc.bc.ca
Congregations truthseekers regardless of their faith
of Greater or origin. Come as you are! Religious North Shore Unitarian Church: 604-926- Unitarian Church of Vancouver:
Vancouver Exploration for children and adults. 1621 or www.nsuc.ca 604-261-7204 or

INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUALIST ALLIANCE The International Spiritualist Alliance Make life a celebration. The Art of Living
#201 - 317 Columbia Street, New Westminster offers Sunday services; mediumship demonstrations;
courses improve health and give greater
604-521-6336 circles; spiritual healing; hospital & hospice visits;
counselling; marriages & unions; namings; happiness by eliminating stress through a
funerals & memorials. powerful breathing technique that purifies
Reverend Joyce Tarvin 604-433-6663
e-mail: theisacanada@yahoo.ca
Reverend Lyn Wells 604-945-5110 and rejuvenates the mind and body. Teacher
WEDNESDAY EVENTS 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm • HEALING 7 pm Wednesday programs take a summer vacation for trained by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
SUNDAY SERVICES 11:00 am – See DATEBOOK: Sundays July and August, and will resume in September. Contact: 604.228.8728
We thank you for your support!

Raja Yoga is at the core of what we teach. It

is an ancient spiritual discipline that can be
used for relaxing, refreshing, and clearing the The soul is characterized by these capacities:
mind and heart, leading to deeper experience
of peace and positivity. It provides us with the self-nutrition, sensation, thinking and movement.
spiritual knowledge and practice needed to
strengthen ourselves from the inside out.
~ Aristotle ~
For free classes call 604-436-4795


Available for meditation, yoga, retreats, Full spectrum - balanced natural light. Beautiful park with trees 1⁄2 block away.
The most beautiful workshops, lectures, and seminars. Sound system, piano and stage. Full kitchen Grass side yard with patio and flowers.
seminar room Available days, evenings, and weekends.
Seats up to 50 people. Comfortable chairs.
facilities. Fully carpeted ... nicely decorated.
Colours chosen by a colour therapist.
Free parking. Centrally located.
23rd and Oak area, Vancouver.
in the world Newly repainted. Very quiet and peaceful environment. Call to view 604-264-0714.

Be wise. Advertise. �����������������

Call 604.733.2215 �������������������������

AUGUST 2007 . . 31
The non-toxic alternative
to drycleaning
No perchloroethylene with AUG 2-6 AUG 12 course. Intro: $10, Course $295. Pacific Healing, Inner Harmonizing, Commuity
water-based cleaning from: Salt Spring Centre of Yoga Fam- Alan Cohen, author of Relaxing Institute of Reflexology, (604) 875- Building. Information 604-913-8477.
ily Yoga Retreat: With guest Baba into Wealth and Handle With Prayer 8818, www.pacificreflexology.com. Location TBA, www.damanhur.info
Hari Dass. Classical teachings of hatha at the Centre for Spiritual Living, 11am
and ashtanga yoga. Weekend Yoga service and 1:15pm - 4:15pm work- AUG 25 OCT 24-28
getaways in July, Sept, & Oct. Info & shop. www.cslvancouver.com “A Mid Summer’s Night Dance” The Mysticism of Sound 2007: The
registration, 250-537-2326 – Vancouver’s first Yoga Dance Party! music and teachings of Sufi Hidayat
www.saltspringcentre.com AUG 12 Dancing, meditation, spiritual film- Inayat-Khan. Conference: Roundhouse
Under The Volcano Festival of Art clips, slides, 8pm, Trinity - St. Mark’s Community Arts & Recreation Centre.
AUG 3-12 & Social Change: Performers, Spo- Church, 1805 Larch @West 2nd, $10/ Concert: Oct. 26, 8pm, North Shore
Harmony Arts Festival: 10-day ken Word, Dragonfly Kidz Fest, Work- door. www.shivashakti.ca Centennial Theatre. Visit www.mysti-
604-876-5399 arts festival for all ages, morning till
evening, West Vancouver. Free concert
shops, Artisans Market & more. Starts
at noon, Cates Park, North Vancouver. AUG 29
cismofsound.com for info about con-
ference & concert.
4050 Cambie Street, Vancouver every evening 7:30pm in John Lawson Tickets $10-$20 (sliding scale) What is important in your life?
www.helpinghandcleaners.com Park. For more info, call 604-925-7266 www.volcano.resist.ca Introducing The Master Teaching Foun- SATURDAYS
or Jodi Smith at 604-736-4939, dation by The Brotherhood of Human-
www.harmonyarts.ca AUG 16-OCT 4 ity, 7:30pm, Firehall Library meeting Holistic Healing Fair: Third
Writing & Ritual with Michelle room, 1455 West 10th Ave., Saturday of every month.
AUG 9-19 Benjamin – Sing Sound Pray Write (604) 430-1882. A W A K E N I N G H E A RT- 1 5 1 7 7
Rites of Passage Theatre Project: – To register contact Stillpoint Gallery Russell Ave-White Rock. 10-4pm. Free
Wellness Equipment Inlet Theatre, Port Moody, 8:15pm. All-
ages, theatrical spectacle of youth vol-
& Healing Centre, 604-224-6857,
4419 W. 10th Ave.
SEP 7-9
Join David Allen Jones, creator &
Admission. 604-535-6603 or
������������������������������������� unteers journeying to the underworld founder of Free the Heart for a 3-day
����������������������������������������� & back. Free or donation. No show AUG 17-19 workshop – a journey to self-discovery Unity Kirtan All welcome. Interspiri-
Mondays. www.dreamridertheatre. The Big Time Out Music festival, and healing. (See display ad pg 35.) tual group chanting. Second Satur-
� ��������������������������������� com, dreamrider@shaw.ca Cumberland BC: Featuring Sarah day of each month 7:30 PM, at Yoga
����������������������������������������� Harmer, Corb Lund, Michael Franti and SEP 14-16 on 7th 156 E. 7th Ave. David Solest
AUG 10-12 Sly & Robbie, Xavier Rudd & many Self-Governance Workshop hosted david@bluelotusmusic.com
������������������������������� Advanced Reflexology Profes- more performers, by the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. 604-685-0551
�������������������������������������������� sional Skills Course: Available to www.cumberlandvillageworks.com/ Deeply transformative journey of creat-
graduates of a basic foot, hand or ear festival/ (See display ad pg 7). ing your own Medicine Wheel of inner SUNDAYS
������������������������������������ reflexology course. $295, Pacific Insti- balance. Info & registration: 1-877-
����������������������� tute of Reflexology, (604) 875-8818, AUG 17-20 329-8668, www.shamanicmedicine.ca The Centre for Spiritual Living
www.pacificreflexology.com Get started on that creative uniting the world in love. Inspired by
project you’ve been putting off. SEP 29 the teachings of Deepak Chopra and
AUG 10-13 Retreat on Galiano Island. Led by: Carla World Peace Forum Society and Louise Hay. You’ll love our Sunday ser-
Australian Bush Flower Essences Rieger, www.artistryofchange.com/ US - United for Peace and Justice for vices, 11 AM. Children welcome. 1495
Workshops - Astrology and Bush retreat2007 Email: carla@carlarieger. Peace Without Borders –Building the W. 8th Ave.,Vancouver, 604-321-1225,
Essences 10th ~ Level 1: 11 & 12th ~ com. Tel: 604-726-7294. Movement, Peace Arch State Park, www.cslvancouver.com
Women’s Wellbeing and Bush Essences Strategic discussions 10am-1pm re
13th. Facilitator - Linn Wiggins Vancou- AUG 18 Northwest Regional Peace Forum International Spiritualist Alli-
ver. Contact Lori - www.ausangels.com African Market: Live Music, 2008. Concert featuring David Rovics, ance: #201-317 Columbia Street,
or 1-866-477-6779. African Goods, Food and NGO’s 2-5pm, www.whatcompjc.org New West, 604-521-6336. Sunday
Apt 10am- 8pm hosted by The Canadian Network for www.worldpeaceforum.ca services, 11am. Rev. Joyce Tarvin, 604-
AUG 10-19 International Surgery, 10AM-5PM, 433-6663, www.isacanada.ca. See
“Silent Power” a 10-day ceremo- 1985 Broadway @Maple. Contact SEP 29-30 Resource Directory ad.
nial intensive in nature to heal the office@cnis.ca or 604-739-4708 Taste of Health 2007 Vancouver’s
past, develop discipline, reclaim your www.cnis.ca vegetarian food & lifestyle festival: Mountaintop Unity Find a posi-
power & regain energy. Presented by Sat/Sun Exhibits, workshops, speak- tive New Thought approach to life at
the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. AUG 20 ers, bookfair, veggie court. Commercial Unity! Sundays 10:30am, John Braith-
Authentic Traditional Thai massage & Gabriola Island, BC. George Bush comes to Canada Drive. Croatian Cultural Centre waite Community Centre, 145 West
Thai Aromatherapy Oil massage 1-877-329-8668 August 20 to negotiate with Stephen www.earthsave.ca 1st, North Vancouver. 604-787-1477,
info@shamanicmedicine.ca Harper. Join Stopwar.ca and the Coun- www.unitymountaintop.ca
Herbal Foot Spa & Reflexology cil of Canadians to protest the secret SEP 30
AUG 11 negotiations of the Security and Pros- An Evening With Loreena McKen- Kitsilano Farmer’s Market. New!
New Location at The Hudson Shamanic Drumming & Dream- perity Partnership (SPP), and call for nitt: An ancient muse tour. Orpheum Every Sunday beginning July 15 to Oct.
610 Granville St, Vancouver ing Circle: 7pm. Learn to experience Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Theatre, reserved seating. 14, 10am-2pm @ Kits Community Cen-
insight/healing from your Nature Aug. 20 5:30pm, Art Gallery, Robson www.ticketmaster.ca, 604-280-4444. tre parking lot. Come and enjoy. Inter-
Austin Sakchai Spirit guardians. Vancouver Multi- St. side. ested in volunteering? Please e-mail
trained & certified in Thailand Cultural Centre, 1254, W. 7th. By OCT 3-7 Mel@mel_lehan22@hotmail.com
donation. Earthsong Healing Circles. AUG 24-26 Spiritual city of Damanhur pres-
604 729 9741 604.418.9636, Foot Reflexology Introduction ents an introductory evening, $20. SOS (Science of Spirituality) Eco
SmileThaiMassage .com www.shamanichealing.info commences certificate weekend Other workshops Astral Travel, Selfic Centre: Enjoy free silent meditation,

�������������� �������������
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������������������������������ ������������������������
������������������������������������������ ������������������������
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� ���������������������������������������� ��������
� ������������������������������������
����������������������� ������������������������������������������
��������������������� �������������������������������������

������������������������������ ����������������������������
������������������������������ ��������������������������������������

32 . . AUGUST 2007
spiritual discourse & lunch. 10am FRIDAYS BUSINESS SERVICES IONIC DETOX FOOT SPA
Meditation, 11am Discourse. 604-277-
1247, 11011 Shell Road @ Steveston “Destiny Dialogues” Free Talks EDITOR: MANUSCRIPT EVALUTIONS HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT - $5/1
Hwy (between #5 & #4 Road) Rich- (7-9 pm). First Friday of each month, AND COPYEDITING for Mind, Body, pound, $9/2 pounds, $20/5 pounds,
mond. All Welcome. www.sos.org experiential evening that explores the Spirit books. (www.urbanmysticbooks. 604.839.0154, www.purehimalayan-
inter-connections between destiny com) ›› editing services. 604.780.7468. crystalsalt.com ionic Detox Machine:
and: suffering, relationships, vocations, Chris Dube, DLitt et Phil. www.ionicdetoxcanada.com Massage:
MONDAYS joy, teachers, character, nature, family, www.earthmagicenterprises.com/
dreams. Call Michael 604-317-1613 PROFESSIONAL EDITING, tutoring, and massage.htm
Free, anonymous, telephone sup- to RSVP. publishing, print & web. John William,
port line offering guided meditations (johnwilliam@shaw.ca) 604-739-7538. LOSE INCHES INSTANTLY
for people suffering from chronic pain. Interspiritual Ananda Mantra
Non-religious. Counselors have com- (I AM) choir Simple chants/harmo- FIRST TRIAL ONLY $10. Used by medi-
munity crisis line training. Mondays nies. New choir members may join in EDUCATION cal clinics in Europe and NASA. Great
7pm-11pm, 604-936-5683. September. No audition. Fridays 7:30 results. JMJ Lotus Fit @ Body Clinic,
PM at Yoga on 7th, 156 E. 7th Ave. ACADEMY OF HANDWRITING SCI- 1502 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver,
david@bluelotusmusic.com ENCES: Classes: Groups/Individuals, 604-715-9494.
TUESDAYS 604-685-0551 correspondence. Basic $250, Practi-
tioner $465. International Graphology MASSAGE CLASSES
Reflexology Student Clinic ses- ONGOING Certification. Personal or professional
sions, only $18. Evenings only. By application, signature validation. Dis- CERTIFICATION IN THAI, BALINESE
appointment. Pacific Institute of
Reflexology. 604-875-8818
Free Meditation Workshop: Expe-
rience Kundalini awakening through
cover what handwriting expresses,
and Swedish or one month intensive-
everyone welcome. R.mt.s receive full bliss
www.pacificreflexology.com Sahaja Yoga, as taught by Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi & enjoy your Powers at ACADEMY OF REIKI SCIENCES: Train-
credits. 250-537-1219,
www.academyofmassage.ca is your
Prize-winning Scottish choir
seeks new members: Non-Gaelic
speakers welcome. No audition
our Weekly classes, always free and
open to all. 604-597-8440,
ing, Support. Intensives, Individual,
Distant. Reiki 1 $150, Practitioner
$250, Advanced $350, Master: $750,
required. Scottish & Gaelic traditional Seichim Reiki Mastership $750. Manu- DARE TO RELAX... At Kw’o:kw’e:hala
songs. Practice 7:45pm, Scottish Cul- Anxiety? Depression? FREE Men- als/Diploma. Call for personal treat- eco-retreat – Private, earthfriendly, Remarkable teachings of
tural Centre, 70th & Hudson. tal Wellness Self-Help Support Group ments. Registered Teacher CRA. organic, all-inclusive, riverside retreat enlightened mystic, Nithyananda.
Info: Sandra 604-913-8477 in Kitsilano area. Held Saturdays bi- (604) 739-0042. 1.5 hours from Vancouver, www.eco- FREE Evening Events
weekly, 10:30am-12:30pm. Limited retreat.com, 1-877-eco-retreat. Weekend Course
WEDNESDAYS Seating. Call 604-630-6865. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Aug. 18 and 19: Life Bliss Program
ROOMS FOR RENT Weekly Session of Nithya Yoga
Speaking Circles: Learn to speak ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT - Centre For more information:
naturally in front of groups, transform- August is the eighth month for Spiritual Living. Working knowledge CENTRAL SEMINAR ROOM/OFFICE: www.Lifebliss.org
ing anxiety into the excitement of of Pagemaker, Word, Excel, basic data- Cozy, carpeted room, seats 40. Avail-
creative expression through relational
of the year in the Gregorian cal-
base and phone skills. Call Rev. Mary able 24 hours, seven days/week. Natu-
604 628 4479
endar and one of seven Gregorian
presence. 7:30-10pm, Kay Ducey, 604-321-1225. ral/dimmer lighting, parking, beverage
Dave 604-738-5728. months with the length of 31 days. www.cslvancouver.com facilities, good energies. 535 West 10th
Astronomically speaking, the sun Avenue (at Cambie) (604) 875-8818.
Hawaiian Medicine Circle: 7 pm. begins in the constellation of VANCOUVER COMMERCIAL REAL-
Hawaiian guided meditation, Sharing Cancer and ends in the constella- TOR requires licensed associ- SUBLET NEWLY RENOVATED CLINC/
the Aloha, tea and snacks afterwards tion of Leo. ate. Must possess positive atti- OFFICE SPACE, West Van, great loca-
with like-minded people. $10 donation. tude and be open to learn. Email tion, 1-2 rooms, peaceful, ground floor,
At Hale Ola, a place of Healing, 1215 resume to vanrealtor@hotmail.com own entrance and washroom. Karen
August 6 Hiroshima Day
Madison Ave., Burnaby. 604-431-7474. 604-512-5165.
Call Kumu Kaimana. August 9 Nagasaki Day HERBAL MEDICINE
August 9 International Day of the OFFICE FOR RENT NEAR CAMBIE AND
Children of War fundraiser: Chai World’s Indigenous People EARTH MAGIC EARTH MEDICINE: Art 5TH Avenue. Great room for consulta-
Gallery at East is East hosts a fundrais- August 12 International Youth Day and science of herbal medicine with tion, planning, coaching and therapy.
er for Children of War, featuring local Chanchal Cabrera and Sarah Seminar Room Available for classes.
August 12 New Moon
musicians & traditional dancers. Every Orlowski. 5 weekend workshops. www. 604-879-5600 ext 26.
Wed. evening, 7:30pm – 1:30am, 3243 August 28 Full Moon earthmagicearthmedicine.com,
W. Broadway. $25/door or call 778- 1-604-898-1464. TAROT
837-1862, www.thechildrenofwar.org.
Info session on the health ben- SEPTEMBER Medical Herbalist/Clinical Aromathera- INSTITUTE: Spiritual theory, practical
efits of the Mangosteen fruit. advertising deadline pist/Horticulture Therapist. 21 years of training/supervised practice. Learn
7:30pm, Unit 1-12320, Trites Rd., Rich- clinical practice. Now accepting new to empower clients. P/T or F/T career
mond, 604-687-4791, August 15 clients at Finlandia Pharmacy. Call (certificate provided). Classes/individ-
www.todaysmangosteen.biz 604-838-4372. ual/correspondence/intuitive personal

Yoga Teacher Training Session* ������������������������������ CERTIFIED TEACHER TRAINING

Yoga Alliance Registered ������������������������
Info session Aug. 18th 10am
Next Level One - October 5
Please call or email to register

175 East 15th Ave @ Main ������������������������������
and 604 682 3569
1111 Commercial Dr. (near Venables)
new location now open
778.371.8179 ���������������������������������������������� 888 burrard st. suite 202
www.opendooryoga.bc.ca www.flowyogavancouver.com

$99 for 9 weeks unlimited* �������������������������������������������������

30 Classes Weekly
Drop Ins Welcome
*new students only

AUGUST 2007 . . 33
On Track Zodiac Adrien Dilon is a clairvoyant consultant and author with 32 years of experience in astrology,
multi-media art and healing. adrien.dilon@gmail.com, www.HeartLightCentre.com

AUGUST 2007 Adrien Dilon

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19) CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul 22) LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22) CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
There will be much activity Some seriously good times are Address all your concerns You could be spellbound by
this month with many plan- being had by the Moon child. with honesty and in a timely some new enterprise and it
etary influences of a Martian nature, Family and friends gather for celebration manner. The clarity you seek comes as if would be prudent of you to get more
Mars being the ruler of your sun sign. and to break bread with new acquain- celestially poised to deliver wisdom and facts and investigate thoroughly before
How do you conciliate a competitor who tances. The familiar ways of loved ones give you what you need. Juggling is a you sign on the dotted line. Unifying
tries to usurp your position in the work will fill your heart with tenderness and Libran attribute and never was this more your thoughts will bring agreement and
force? Use your energy to combat your self-confidence will fill these days of real. Don’t be afraid to tumble before the capacity to connect clearly before
fears, not for the power struggle game. wine and roses. you succeed. It’s all part of the fun. you are irrevocably bound to something.

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 21) LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22) SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21) AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 19)
Much will challenge your The planet of communication A good thing about a “slow It’s time to reassess how you
business and financial flow. enters Leo with just enough period” is that it gives you lose yourself around others.
Possible investments will hit a high time to pique your interest for new an opportunity to deliberate and pon- Working alongside a partner will help
note, but remember the ebb and flow experiences. The new moon in Leo der your past. Use this time to be more you progress, even with your need for
of life. Learn the secret to riding the also boosts your appetite for sourcing forgiving of yourself. Perhaps set sail high-level awareness and productivity.
middle road, if possible. No one can fresh ideas. Venus, as well, delights in or take that trip you’ve dreamed about. The strengthening of your character and
stay on top forever and much is learned the lionesses or lions embracing their Once the autumn leaves start to change, values will cement your ideals while you
through risk, acceptance and the retir- dramatic and sultry nature. How very you will notice a lift in your spirit and in learn flexibility. Stay true to your con-
ing tide. romantic. your ambitions. victions so you don’t surrender all.

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 20) VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22) SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21) PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20)
Arms are meant to hold, Your writing style and the Step off the precipice and Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces,
embrace and follow the lead way you communicate have into the unknown. The way moves directly, assisting your
of the body. Gemini rules the arms and undergone a transformation. It’s as if to know yourself now is to jump head- walk in its good graces. However, the
upper body and, with that, finding a way a funnel tipped open in your head and on into your fears. You may be shak- lunar eclipses in Pisces will suggest it is
to encompass and encircle all kinds of divine inspiration poured in. Mercury ing in your boots, but chances are not a time for travel or starting a new
possibilities. Reach for and accept what rides through Virgo giving you just better than not that you will discover project. Be mindful of your health and
you bring in. This is not a time to brace enough time to take your vision and your mind was stronger than the fear remember your vows to treat your body
yourself from or push away connections make it real. itself. It’s like a rebirth for the centaur. like a god/goddess.
of a favourable nature.

Prescription cont. from p. 17 Ian Hunter cont. from p. 9 There’s also warmth and wit on
Shrunken Heads. Words has the singer
They were promoted with great fan- On Fuss About Nuthin,’ the singer falling over himself apologizing to his
fare, pushed by the advocates and used by effects the voice of a glad-handing socio- partner for unthoughtful remarks, blam-
millions of people, then withdrawn in dis- path, who warns, “… that bee in your ing himself, too many drinks and finally
grace when the body count got too high. bonnet’s got liberal on it,” and to stop language itself, with its “… cruel little
Will we see those patient advocates making a fuss about market decisions. clusters” and “grammatical bacteria.” I
who proclaim to be providing consum- “This World is a ball with a map on/We am What I Hated When I Was Young is
ers with a voice, promoting Real World conquer, we buy and we sell/This world is an alt-country romp, made endearing by
Safety and Effectiveness Research? a tank with a tap on/Business as usual.” Hunter’s self-effacing senescence.
Don’t count on it; the pharmaceutical How’s Your House? is a tragicomic Now in his late 60s and married three
companies aren’t in the charity business. retelling of Katrina from a new immi- decades to his second wife Trudi, Hunter
They fund groups to pump govern- grant’s point of view – “I’m runnin’ lives a relaxed life in rural Connecticut.
ments to open access to every new drug outta water, there’s nothing left to eat/ He still tours across the US and Europe,
coming out of the pipeline. Real World The kids are in the car ‘n’ it’s floating rocking more convincingly than most
Safety and Effectiveness research sounds down the street” – with the storm victim of his younger contemporaries from
like a speed bump to the market. falling back on faith-based optimism. “If the 60s. It also helps that he’s found a
Dear reader, when your doctor offers FEMA won’t help me, I know the good good manager and a reliable, responsible
you a free sample for the newest drug book will.” record label, Yep Roc records.
on the block, ask yourself if you want When the World Was Round bemoans “There ain’t no deaths, just destina-
to be part of an uncontrolled experi- the flat-earth mentality of our rulers, tions,” he insisted in the song Keep On
ment, for which the “data” on how the while offering the hope we can reshape Burning. And there’s no career death
drug actually works for you may never Alan Cassels is co-author of Sell- the world into a better, fuller place. On in sight for Ian Hunter, who says he is
be collected? ing Sickness: How the World’s Biggest the soaring title track, the “… rich get experiencing another welcome burst of
Until “real world” data on the effects Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning richer and the poor get sorer.” “We’re at songwriting after the release of Shrunk-
of drugs are required, and systematically Us All Into Patients and a drug policy the mercy of shrunken heads,” he sings, en Heads.
collected, like Afghanistan, the infor- researcher at the University of Victoria. in a metaphor for both short-term politi- Here’s hoping the British expat keeps
mation environment will continue to be His new book, The ABC’s of Disease cal thinking and the profiles of dead the fire in his belly for years to come.
“problematic.” Mongering: A Guide to Drugs and Dis- leaders stamped on currencies. With this Keep on burning, Mr. Hunter.
Sadly, we will only be able to venture orders (Emdash Book Publishing), will one song, Hunter arguably out-Dylans
a guess at the body count. launch in October. Dylan in the lyrics game. mwiseguise@yahoo.com
34 . . AUGUST 2007



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� ���������������������������������������������������������
�������� ������������������������� � ��������������������������������������������������
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������� ��������
���������������� ����� ���������
�������� � ��������������
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