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Shin-E tsu D-Donor was developed as 2.Typical quality data

exter nal donor for catalyst system of
polypr opylene polymer ization.
Quality characteristics
Shin-E tsu is one of the leading manu-
factur er s of silane donor s and supplies A ppearance Clear to light straw
to polypr opylene manufactur er s wor ld- transparent liquid
wide. Purity (area-%) 99 min.
Methanol content (area-%) 1 max.
Chloric ion (ppm) 50 max.
Water content(ppm) 200 max.
W hen this product is properly stored in the unopened original packing style at
cool, less than 25 oC, and dark place, we certify that the every charasteric of
1.Typical pr oper ties this product meets the specifications for 6 month after the date of shipment
from our plant.

3.R egulator y status

Si (OC H 3) 2 USA (T SCA ) R egistered

E C (E L INCS) R egistered
Japan R egistered
Molecular Weight 228.4
K orea R egistered
A ppearance Transparent liquid
B oiling point ( oC) 206 at 200 mmHg 4. Packaging
164 at 51 mmHg 16kg in 20L iron drum
118 at 9 mmHg 180kg in 200L iron drum
Specific gravity 0.99 at 25 oC
R eflective index 1.67 at 25 oC
Flash point 122 oC (closed cup) Shin-E tsu C hemical C o., L td.
CA S No. 126990-35-0 Silicone Division
6-1, Ohtemachi 2-chome, C hiyodaku, Tokyo, J apan
Silanes and R esins / Sales and M ar keting Depar tment I I
Phone : +81-(0)3-3246-5131
F ax : +81-(0)3-3246-5361