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Trade Fair’

Observation of Significant Marketing

Activities in Dhaka International Trade
Fair’ 2020
Prepared by I Group 06
Members are:
Ayan Gupta
Md. Shahinur Parvez
Abdullah Mohammad Bayezid
Md Masudur Rahman Masud
1. Introduction

25th Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)-2020, has been kicked off already at Sher-E-Bangla
Nagar in Dhaka, west side of Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC). It is jointly
organized by Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce, Government of
Bangladesh. This event would project quality exportable of Bangladesh to the visitors from
home and abroad.

On the other hand, the overseas participants have opportunity to display their products to the
consumer of Bangladesh where domestic market of consumer goods is expanding. The foreign
participants also have the opportunity to display their state-of-the-art technology to the local
producers and exporters. This fair is the blend of modern marketing display and practices. For
every marketer, this fair is something for which they prepare for long time.

We pay a visit over there to get aware of what marketing activities and tasks are being
showcased. Learning in marketing can be easily justified if one visits here. Trade fairs and
exhibitions is the platforms that your business needs to achieve your goals. Regardless of the
sector and industry, you have decided to operate in, a trade fair marketing can provide you
opportunities that the day-to-day business correspondence usually does not. With the
possibilities of participating as an exhibitor or as a visitor there will be benefits for both types of
attendance. The market trends are constantly changing and being part of such event might be
essential for your future professional plans.

2. What a Trade Fair Delivers to Marketers and Consumers:

a. Meeting with Potential Customers and Future Partners

b. Creating possible sales opportunities
c. Gain know-how to promote a brand
d. Brand awareness
Our Learning and few Observations:

3. Significant Display of Furniture Manufacturers

a. Market Positioning
Furniture manufacturers like Hatil, Akhter, Brothers, Navana made their stalls significantly
different and mesmerizingly pleasant with detailed architectural beauty to prove their
competency over design.
b. Cloning, Imitation and Counterfeit
To our surprise, all three forms of “Hajir Biriyani” is present in this fair; sometimes side by side.

c. Stalls for Branding only, No Products Exist

We found two stalls which are dedicated to creating impression. They were not selling

‘Incepta Pharmaceuticals’ have a stall for providing breastfeeding zone, diaper changing area
and free medical advice.

Banagabandhu Pavilion’ sets up replica of a pair of spectacles, a smoking pipe and an overcoat
resembling his personality; a speech stage resembling 7 th March; a jail referring to his thousand
days of imprisonment.
4. Brand Extension

 Fresh introduces their extension in LP Gas

 Matador Ball Pen introduces “Candy” at DITF.

5. Line Extension

Nestle and MARKS sells various brands of milk powder for children are examples of line

6. Product Extension

Nestle selling coffee, cream, milk are examples of product extension.

7. Thematic Marketing

Ceylon Tea put a large cup on top of their stall and Akij Foods decorated with fruits.

Square foods decorated their pavilion with green color (trees, flowers, printed banners) sending
the message of organic and healthy vibe as well as trying to match with their logo.
Salespersons of Igloo, Akij, MARKS were dressed looking like non-native or from fairy land or
Scandinavian to match with their stall design.

Thai shop designed with Thai architecture

8. Customer Engagement

‘Golden Rose’ made a flora-decorated photo shooting and selfie taking stage outside their
pavilion. People are taking photos and sharing on social sites. In all those photos the brand
name or logo is visible, and it seems to be a very effective marketing.

‘Seylon Tea’ provided seating arrangement on their stall. A lot of people who were tired
roaming around were found to be taking rest.

Nestle and Green Bangladesh usage human cartoon characters to engage customers.
9. Bundle Offers

A lot of shops provided bundle offers. Specially brands like Fresh, Square, Basundhara, Pran
gave bundle offers as they have extended product variation.

10. Promotional Offer

A few stalls provide promotional offers-

 Bkash- Free entry for new accounts, 5% cashback on all payment

 Partex and Navana furniture offer 20% discount
 Samsung provided upto 100% discount on selected sets by scratch card
11. Positioning of few Brands

Only Akij food gave no discount for any bundle offer, trying to project a strong brand image on
customers. Walton is trying to portray themselves as a leader. They made two attractive stalls
for its four line of products to attract high end customers. Stalls are symmetrically placed face
to face immediately after the entrance to reinforce its presence among visitors

RFL had three stalls for RFL, Pran and Vision but not side by side.

12. Unique Products and Services

Igloo introducing home delivery service for ice-cream is an innovative approach.

13. Niche Market

For serving Niche Market, a few Blazer shop and ornament shops were doing great business.

14. Questionable Branding Strategy

Design of ‘Minister’ pavilion was not sending any message to us about its product or brand
whereas ‘Karupanyo’ stall using bamboo product was clearly communicating with their brand,

‘MARKS young star’ sets up a stall designed with Viking vibes for children and young people.
The association is not clear and had lesser visitors as well.
15. Conclusion

Companies from all different types of industries are taking advantage of the many benefits of
trade show marketing. And there’s no shortage of ways to make an impact. When starting out,
it’s important to define all of your goals and objectives clearly. This is what will guide every
decision that you make throughout the event marketing process. You need to give trade show
goers a reason to interact with your brand. If you don’t stand out, you won’t reach the full
potential of your network.

If you’re building a campaign to increase engagement among your audience, trade fair is the
ultimate place. How brands work, their positioning and awareness strategies, direct approach
and timely executions- everything blend over here. Experiences we gather by visiting Dhaka
International Trade Fair 2020 was really a great thing to get the real flavor of marketing as a
content and as a real life executory event.