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1 to be

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb to be.

Are you from Germany?

1 I am not a doctor. I’m a dentist.

2 A: Is your husband English?

B: Yes, he is.

3 Yes, Anna is my sister.

4 We aren´t teachers. We’re students.

5 Paulo isnt´ Spanish. He’s Argentinian.

2 subject pronouns; possessive adjectives

Choose the correct answer.

Laura’s husband is an architect and his name’s Mike.

a his b her c its

1 I’m French and My wife’s from Italy.

a our b their c my

2 Maria’s from Australia and she ’s a chef.

a they b she c we

3 We ’re teachers and my parents are teachers too.

a She b He c We

4 My cousins aren’t in Paris, they ’re in Rome.

a we b they c you

5 So you’re an actor and your wife’s a television

producer? a your b our c their

3 a/an

Put the jobs in the box in the correct column.

actorarchitect assistant chefdoctorengineerfarmersea captainstudentteacherunemployed


a an
sea captain actor

doctor engineer
farmer architect
student assistant

teacher unemployed
4 countries and nationalities

Complete the sentences with the correct nationalities.

Luis is from Brazil. He’s Brazilian.

1 Vaclav is . He’s from the Czech Republic.

2 Magda and Tomas are from Poland. They’re polish.

3 Keiko is .japonish She’s from Japan.

4 A: Are you from France?

B: Yes, I’m frech .

5 Brad is from the USA. He’s american.

5 families

Complete the sentences with family words.

My mother’s father is my grandfather.

1 The daughter of my sister is my nice .

2 My wife’s mother is my mother in law.

3 My aunt’s children are my cousins .

4 The husband of my mother is my father .

5 My uncle’s wife is my aunt in law.

6 start and finish a basic conversation

Put the words in the box in the correct column.

Bye Excuse me Good evening Good night See you soon Hello

Start Finish

Hello __good night

Good evening see ypu soon
Excuse me bay