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Extra benefits of retreading A long tradition of reliable service

Brought to you through the Bandag franchisee network With an equally solid partner: Truck Point

new tyre
new tyre retread
retread 70%
less oil On average, it takes only 26 litres
of oil to produce a retread,
60 compared to 83 litres for a new tyre

83 L 26 L

Over 2.400 truck tyre

dealers in 29 countries
20kg lower CO2
Retread tyre production
results in 30% lower CO2
emissions compared
Truck Point is an extensive pan-European network of
professional truck tyre dealers, the largest independent
service network in Europe.
less steel Up to 20kg of steel to new tyre production
per tyre is re-used Truck Point is built around customer needs, whether local,
Quality products and great services are what set Bridgestone national or pan-European, and gives added value by:
apart. Through Truck Point, Bridgestone offers a complete • reducing operating costs
range of services to cover all your needs: • improving efficiency
• tyre selection and performance • increasing fleet productivity
• fleet monitoring • reducing administration costs
• full tyre maintenance • improving safety
• casing management
• 24/7 pan-European breakdown service Truck Point dealers are ready for your business.

Bandag’s Retreading process,

most trusted in the world
Our retreads are the result of Bridgestone and Bandag’s combined know-how in compound and tread The importance
design development which has been continually refined over more than 50 years of retreading experience. of tyre pressure 10

Fuel consumption in %
Air pressure in bar
8 115
The consistent quality and safety of Bridgestone and Bandag retreads is the result of each dealer’s expert
7 110
use of the Bandag System, a combination of:
• Bridgestone and Bandag tread products and cushion gum A tyre inflated to 9 bar deflates
5 105
• Bandag equipment to 7 bar on average after 16
• the Bandag retreading process weeks, resulting in a 5% increase 100
in fuel consumption. Regularly
2 95
Bandag is part of the Bridgestone Group. checking tyre pressure reduces
Your guarantee of maximum quality, fuel consumption. 90
performance and efficiency. Start 8 weeks 16 weeks 32 weeks 48 weeks

Air pressure Fuel consumption BRIDGESTONE EUROPE NV/SA

Kleine Kloosterstraat 10 - 1932 Zaventem - Belgium

Casings that are built to last Superb new tyres Bandag’s retreading process, A longer total life for your tyres
Using the most advanced technologies Durable and fuel-efficient for steer, drive and trailer axles most trusted in the world and reduced costs per kilometre
Similar performance to new, at 30% lower cost

How can we help you to obtain the lowest possible Total Combine these long-lasting casings with superb new After many, many miles, it’s time to retread these premium
Tyre Life cost? It’s all about maximizing the life of a tyre, tyres, and you begin with a very long first life. casings with the outstanding retreading process, from
and thus minimizing the costs. And that basically starts with Bridgestone delivers durable and fuel-efficient tyres, for Bandag. Which, yet again, gives extended mileage... A long
ingeniously built casings. steer, drive and trailer axles. With no compromise on second life.
performance or safety. A cost per kilometre that is, on average, 30% lower than
Waved Belt™ and Turn-in-Ply are two of Bridgestone’s new tyres: that’s what Bridgestone and Bandag retreads
long-lasting outstanding world-class reduced cost
highly advanced technologies which increase the stability, stand for.
casings + new tyres + retreading process = per kilometre
the durability and the retreadability of the casings.



The more times a
casing can be retreaded,
the lower the
Total Tyre Life cost.
Turn-in-Ply With total savings
Improves bead durability of up to 19% if you
by moving the cord end have a second retread.
out of the sidewall’s high
stress area

Waved Belt™
The wrapped steel cords
on the first and second Calculate your savings at
belt layer increase
durability and allow for
heavier loads