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Welcome JETT Mystery Shopper!

About Us 关于我们
JETT is the leading brand in China delivering assessment, motivation and training for the ongoing development
of service industry, retail and hospitality professionals. Our mission is to instill confidence and inspire leadership
in the new generation of service specialists across China – ensuring they can deliver the perfect customer
experience every time.
作为中国业内的领先品牌,JETT 专门为中国的零售、酒店及餐饮等社会服务性行业的可持续发展提供度身定



Our Clients 我们的客户

We work with brands who understand the crucial role service plays in ensuring their long-term success. Our
clients are truly committed to constant improvement and understand the fundamental need to work at this
tirelessly. They pride themselves on valuing its customers by providing consistent quality service. This is made
possible by Mystery Shoppers as it gives our clients the information they need to monitor service performance
and identify training requirements for the purposes of continuous improvement.

What is a Mystery Shopper? 什么是神秘顾客

Mystery shopping is a well-established research method for measuring levels of service and customer
experience. Our database of experienced mystery shoppers is spread widely across mainland China and Hong
Kong and we conduct studies in cities all over China as required.

Different mystery shopper roles include 不同角色的神秘顾客:

• Mystery Diner (for F&B / restaurants)
• Mystery Shopping (for retail stores)
• Mystery Guest (for hotels)
• Mystery Customer (for retail banks)
• Mystery Massage (for spa / health / beauty)
• Mystery Driver (for car rental businesses)

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What is required of you as a JETT Mystery Shopper? 成为 JETT 神秘顾客的要求?
Your participation is valuable to us. You will be joining our database of mystery shoppers who not only
contribute, but take pride in the roles evaluating the quality of customer service in China. We ask that you bring
the same passion towards customer service with every report to write.

Next Steps

1) Please fill out our application form.


2) We will enter your information into our database and then cross-reference
your information with our clients’ needs and schedule accordingly.
This process may take time!

3) A person from the JETT Assessment Team will give you a call once there is a Mystery Shopping visit that
matches your Shopper Profile. He/She will give you all the details and instructions you need to carry out
that visit.
若有任何适合的神秘访问活动,JETT 评估小组其中一个成员将会致电并告知您详情和访问细节
 If you are unavailable, we will rotate to another mystery shopper and recycle your information back
into the database. You are not required to undertake every assignment; however, we may delete your
information from the database if you have not been active for more than 6 months.
将会返回我们的数据库。您不需要参加每一次的活动,但是如果您在 6 个月内没有参加过任何活

4) Do the Mystery Shopping Visit!


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5) After your visit, you need to fill out the report form given to you and return it back to the JETT assessment
member who scheduled you. If information needs to be clarified, you may receive a call to ask for more
details. When the report information is confirmed, we will arrange reimbursement.
在访问结束之后,您需要将表格填写完毕并发送到安排您该项目的 JETT 工作人员。如果报告的信息

Thank you so much again for being a part of our JETT Mystery Shopping Programme. We look forward to having
you as one of our Mystery Shoppers as your participation will be an indispensible step towards helping our
clients in delivering the perfect customer experience.

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