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Script Treatment
Bob Garlen

Based on Marvel’s Spider-Man Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Main Title Sequence -- Opening on a battle splintered through the stylistic credits. A

battle to the death: Spider-Man vs The Hobgoblin. The Year is 2010. Hobgoblin

reveals an Incendiary Pumpkin Bomb, before he could throw Peter tackles him in a

tattered spider-man suit. The bomb rolls out of Hobgoblin’s hands vaporizing a Pillar.

The Building begins to collapse. Hobgoblin is Trapped under rubble, Peter is pinned

down by heavy machinery, blood pools and Peter reaches a pretty startling

realization… His leg is either crushed beyond repair or worse… Amputated. Peter

pulls himself out and sadly, his leg is gone. He crawls over to the Hobgoblin, pinned

down and screaming for help. Peter pushes himself up, sitting on his only knee. He

uses what strength he has left to pull the large wall pinning Hobgoblin down off of

him. Peter pulls a piece of Hobgoblin’s cape making a tourniquet. The title sequence

ends here…

Open: 2020. Brooklyn. “Who am I? Sure, you wanna know. Listen my story isn’t the

faint of heart story. If anyone told you I was normal, an average kid just not a care in

the world… He doesn’t know about Power or Responsibility.” CAMERA pushes in

on the outside of a Brooklyn Apartment, on the basketball court is a Kid, playing

basketball and listening to music - This kid is only 17, but he’s something special and

his name is Miles Morales. “That’s me.” the Alarm on his phone goes off ‘7:30A.M.’

His mom and dad are in the apartment above, His Mom, Sweet and strong: Rio, and

his Dad is a Gentle giant: Jefferson “Listen, this is a story worth telling cause it’s the

most important story there is.” Jefferson leans out the window to call out to Miles.

Jefferson: Miles come on. We gotta go sport.

“It’s about Family. And the responsibility behind them.”

Miles: Coming.

Miles grabs his stuff and gets into gear. In the midst of getting ready he gets a phone

call “Ganke Li” Ganke tells him the class is heading to Alchemax Labs. This breaks

into a MONTAGE: Miles parkour through the city, listening to Hip Hop music.

Cut to: Alchemax - Their Teacher (O.S.) Begins doing roll call, Miles arrives dunking

in through the crowd, Catches up to Ganke and Fist bumps. A Bully, Kenny Kong,

speaks up in the roll call --

Kong: C’mon dude. This is already boring!

The camera pans, Revealing the teacher: Peter Parker. Now in his 40’s brandishing a

Beard and a cane.

Peter: Well Mr. Kong, perhaps you’d find Summer School more exciting.

The class laughs and Peter ushers them into the Lab. As they enter a tour guide grabs

them presenting them through their Open Research. They have on display research

tapes and data cards of ‘Spider-Man.’ The Tour Guide begins to explain their

research, even making light that many photos on display were courtesy of Spider-

Man’s Unofficial Publicist, Peter. They explain the details of Spider-Man’s

transformation (or how they believed it occured) and their hopes to replicate such

The class seperates into Groups, Miles and Ganke step over. Ganke points out the ‘2nd

Largest Electron Microscope on the Easter Seaboard.’ and Miles Jokes how boring

that sentence was. Kong pushes through, almost throwing Miles, too look at it --

Kenny: Move it losers.

Kenny bens over and Miles looks back at Ganke, brandishing a cheap ink pen. Ganke

shakes his head ‘No.’ and Miles shakes his head ‘Yes.’ Miles sneaks behind Kong,

Dangles the Pen above Kong’s exposed butt crack. Miles gives a sly smile, drops the

Pen -- It lands and Kong jumps spinning around to see Miles. He grabs Miles and

pushes him into a Case where some of the Spiders are behind housed. Mile’s elbow

crashes through the glass. A Spider slides into his Shirt under the collar. Peter pulls

the two apart. He notices the cuts on Miles’ elbow. The Tour Guide escorts Miles to a

nurses station.

In the Nurses Station Miles sits, the Nurse is putting some light bandages on his

elbow, The spider trickles Down Miles’ arm while the nurse is turned away. Miles

stares at it, almost frozen by shock. It bites and he shakes his hand, It drops and

trickles away. The Nurse turns around and checks his temperature. Looks at it, and

tells him if he feels ill or odd to go to the ER.

Cut to: F.E.A.S.T. HQ - Martin Li, a pillar of the community and Ganke’s father. He

sits in his office going over paperwork. A loud crash is heard, a smaller guy enters

half way-in the door; tell’s Li there’s a disturbance. Li rises, exits the door. He gets in
between two Homeless people fighting each other. Li tells them they’re acting like

Children. They tell him what started it and He tells them to stand down. One of them

leans in and whispers something into his ear. Li backs up. Stares him down, tells him

to come to his office. They enter Li’s office, the Man tells Li he owes them Bodies. Li

tells them to meet later at the Docks. The Man exits the Office, Li is begins to glow,

the lights flicker. He rushes to his desk and pulls a syringe full of a glowing black

formula. He injects himself, the intensity dies out. He relaxes. Another knock at the

door, he composes himself and signals them to come in. He turns and is greeted by his

Wife: Gwen Stacy-Li. She asks what the issue was, Li waves it off as a training issue

between the two, tells her it’s nothing serious.

Cut to: Peter sits at his Desk in the classroom, filtering through papers, grading. He

checks his watch ‘5:45pm’ He puts the papers away. Leaves.

Cut To: Peter, Mary Jane, and J. Jonah Jameson and his Wife eat dinner at a very nice

restaurant. Jameson sits, more docile and less vicious almost a shell of his former self.

Jameson blames himself for Peter losing his leg, but knowing the Truth Peter is

always quick to assure him that He’s not to blame. What we see is a Friendship that

seems to defy logic. Peter and Jameson speak as old friends.

Cut to: Peter lays in bed. Restless next to Mary Jane, sleeping peacefully. He gets up,

sliding a prosthetic leg and steps over to his closet. He opens it looking at the Spider-

Man Suit staring at him. He grasps it, holds it longing it. He puts it back and grabs a

black ensemble. He zips up a hoody and pulls the hood over his head, He slides the

window of his Bedroom up and Leaps out onto the ground. He limps down the alley
behind his apartment, stepping into the night.

Cut to: Miles tosses and turns - his hand throbbing, his body changing Nightmares

flash as we…

Smash Cut to: Docks. Li stands in the light, watching and waiting. Members of the

Chinese Triad step up to him. They speak to each other in Mandarin Chinese. Li

warns them against trying to strong arm them. He will produce what and when he

wants. He refuses to just see their slaves sold back as lackluster soldiers. The Triad

Members tell him he doesn’t have a choice, mentioning that if he doesn’t like the way

things are going, they’ll have to ‘take care of him’. Li shakes his head telling them to

apologize. They laugh and pull guns on him. Li scoffs at them.

Li: You think you little men know power? I’ll show you power.

Li transforms (we don’t see), (From a distance) the Triad begins to unload their guns

on him. He smirks, His hand turns into a glowing waves of energy, He shoots out a

wave of energy!

Cut to: Morning. Miles wakes up, groggy. He goes to stand up but feels light headed.

He rubs his eyes, and the Camera tilts and slowly pulls out to reveal: He’s standing on

the ceiling of his room. His mom calls out to him and the realization hits, he drops

onto the floor, Freaking out. The door opens and Miles presses himself against the

wall turning translucent. Rio enters looking around, Calling out to him. She shrugs it

off, pulling out her phone and begins texting, Closing the door. Miles runs over to his
bed and grabs his phone. He texts his mom.

Cut to: Kitchen - Miles enters, dressed, speeding through. Spots his dad reading a

Paper, the front page displayed: “Spider-Man Sighting in Brooklyn?” Miles stops and

begins reading as an artist of a Man in an All Black Outfit standing on a wall.

Jefferson speaks up about how scared he is at the thought of Spider-Man coming

back. Miles asks his mom how she feels about Spider-Man, she tells him -

Rio: He was good for the neighborhood, but I keep thinking a man like that, he had to

have someone who loved him, and thinking of that person waiting every night to see

him come home… It’s as scary as it is with you’re father, and I don’t wish that on


Miles face drops. She picks his chin up. Tells him he’ll be okay and they hug. She

tells him to get to school.

Cut to: Miles walks to school, headphones in. Trying to relax and move to the music.

Ganke spots him across the street -- Miles continues walking stepping into the street --

His eyes widen a shimmer appears, A truck is running a red light -- Miles senses the

vehicle heading towards him -- He leaps out of the way onto a wall. Miles looks down

freaked out, Some people walk by and notice as he begins crawling up the wall to get

away. Ganke pulls his phone out and begins recording Miles as he scales the building.

Miles eyes, widen moving almost in a panic. He makes it ontop of the building, his

back against the wall, he questions: “What’s happening to me?” His phone ‘Dings’

with a notification. A text from Ganke “DUDE!” and a video attatched: Miles
crawling - His eyes widen. He peeks over seeing Ganke waiving. Miles becomes


Cut to: Miles and Ganke standing in an Alley talking to each other about Miles. Miles

tells Ganke to delete the video and forget everything.

Ganke: Dude are you gonna be the new Spider-Man?

Miles rolls his eyes, Ganke is baffled.

Cut to: Peter’s Class. Miles and Ganke creep in, attempting to be unnoticed - Peter

Spots them immediately:

Peter: Miles, Ganke. Maybe since you’ve decided to join us you can pass out a pop


The class groans.

Time Cut: Class is leaving - Peter opens his phone, revealing a Text Message from

Roderick Kingsley. The message reads: “Dinner Tonight? Need a Friend.”

Cut to: Miles and Ganke eat lunch, Miles raises his hand to rest his hand, feels a slight

pinch only to see the Fork has stuck to his wrist. He pulls it away to see Webbing.

Ganke is in awe. Miles sighs and Ganke begins to question him. Of Ganke’s series of

questions the one that stands out being “Are you Spider-Man now?” Miles very
quickly dismisses the question. Ganke’s face drops. Ganke insists that Miles tells his

parents about the powers. Before Miles can answer Kenny Kong and three other

Midtown Bullies approach him. Miles warns Kenny not too. Miles leans over spitting

right into his lunch, mocking him:

Kong: Gonna eat that? Loser.

Miles stands. Hands up just tired.

Miles: Kenny can we not do this today? Please?

Ganke tells Kenny to leave him alone, one of Kenny’s goons grabs Ganke in an


Miles: Kenny. Stop.

Kenny: What? Got Hood Practice.

Miles: You’re going over the line man.

Kenny shoves Miles. Miles warns him to stop. Kenny does it again. And again. And

again. Miles lightly pushes Kenny back. He laughs at Miles for pushing “like a baby.”

(Extreme close-up Hairs on Mile’s fingers begin to “sharpen” pulsing with a blueish

venom) Miles puts some force into it, shoves Kenny who at the touch begins to

convulse like he’s being hit with a cattle prod, while the force from Miles sends

Kenny flying then sliding backwards across the cafeteria -- Everyone stares amazed.
Cut to: Miles sits in the principles office. Peter knocks on the door, Principal Davis

welcomes him. Peter asks for the room and Davis respectfully exits, allowing Peter

and Miles to talk. Peter waste no time in addressing the incident with Kenny Kong.

Miles deflects saying he barely touched him. Peter smiles.

Peter: You know. Kenny probably deserved that, well he did. But you didn’t have the

right too.

Miles groans and Peter asks Miles to show him his wrist. Miles immediately deflects:

Miles: Mr. Parker, I’m not cutting myself or anything. I’m not depressed.

Peter: I know you’re not. Just let me see…

Miles closes his eyes as if to say a silent prayer. Peter unbuttons his shirt, twisting it

so Miles could see where the opening is for Peter’s web. Peter asks Miles to open his

eyes. Miles does and is shocked, shows Peter his wrist and it’s very similar. Miles

stands up.

Miles: You… You’re Spider-Man?

Peter lets out an awkward smile. Miles goes into an almost Panic. Stands up and

begins backing away. Peter removes a card from his pocket.

Peter: Listen, it’s okay. Breath. This is the number to my cell and my faculty office.

When you’re ready, call me. I might be the only person who can answer a lot of the

questions you’re having now.

Miles shakes his head. Peter exits the office, Whispers to the Principal, walks away.

Miles stares at the card in his hand.

Cut to: Miles. He stands outside in an alley. He stares intently at his hands watching

the hair growing. Looks at his wrist. He pushes on his right hand with his left thumb,

holding his hand. He taps a couple places and hits the right nerve… Web “Thwips!”

out. He looks up at the building. Begins scaling it - slowly but surely. Finally He

stands, balances himself. Thwips two webs and Pulls himself to the very top. He looks

over the edge of the building, expressing a solitary “Whoah!”

Cut to: The Daily Bugle. Peter enters handing Jonah an article, Jonah asks him to sit


Jonah: Why do you keep doing?

Peter: Something to fill the void. Ever since Spider-Man retired or died or whatever…

Feels like something’s missing.

Jonah: I feel the same way. Parker there was another incident. Several Gang members

were shot out by the docks. Just… Be careful.

Peter nods.

Cut to: Martin Li, in his office, a Map of NY pinned up and Martin studies. Ganke

knocks and enters. Martins notices, asks Ganke if he’s done his homework.

Ganke: Couple weeks won’t matter. Summer and all…

Li: It always matters son. You get out of life the work you put into it.

Martin grabs Ganke and they look outside the office, watching the foundation

working itself. Martin waves to Gwen downstairs. She smiles and waves back.

Cut to: OSCORP - CEO’s Corporate Office. Roderick sits toying with an item in his

hand, not a pumpkin bomb, something closer to what Li was using. He gets a buzz

from his secretary, informing him Peter arrived. Peter enters, Roderick tells his

secretary to prepare bring in their meals and head home. Roderick invites Peter to sit

and he does. They begin talking and Roderick expresses concern over beginning to

hear the voices again. Peter assure him “Dr. Kafka’s treatments addressed this” and he

just needs to continue the medicine. Roderick offers Peter a drink, who declines. He

pours himself one and stands, staring out the window. Thanks Peter for everything

and likens himself to an alcoholic, and Peter his sponsor. Peter just mentions he’s

happy to help. Roderick speaks to Peter tells him the world’s changed without him.

Peter says it just went back to normal. Roderick asks if he ever misses it, and Peter

answers honestly: Yes.

Cut to: Ganke is helping out at F.E.A.S.T. Miles enters and approaches him, asking to

talk. The two enter the kitchen where they’re alone. They begin to discuss Miles’

situation. Ganke urges Miles to tell his Parents to which Miles tells him it’s not an

option. Ganke tells him he needs someone qualified to handle this kind of event and

Miles questions Ganke about doing it himself. Ganke tells him he was gonna hide it

from him. Ganke tells Miles he needs to find someone he can be honest with about the

powers. Miles groans. Tells him there is someone but he didn’t want to go to him.

Ganke asks who, Miles answers “Spider-Man.” and leaves.

Cut to: Peter in the bedroom, another sleepless night, MJ walks up to him, hugging

him from behind. They talk:

MJ: You’re up late. Again. What’s wrong?

Peter: It’s not the same. It hasn’t been for so long. I spent years wishing I could just

have a normal life… But now I resent it. I hate myself for not being that anymore. I

resent myself being Spider-Man anymore.

MJ: You can’t let that control you anymore. You spent years out there every night and

I spent every night for years worrying about you. You’ve done Uncle Ben proud but

you can’t let this keep haunting you.

Peter: It’s not that. Someone else was bit, A student in one of my classes.

MJ: You’re worried about him?

Peter: In so many ways. I have to be able to help him.

MJ: Then you do it from home. Where you’re safe. Where you can’t worry me


Peter turns, he and MJ kiss.

MJ: Promise me you’ll be safe. That you won’t make me worry.

Peter: I promise.

MJ looks outside, points out Miles standing outside to Peter…

Peter: I’ll be back.

Peter suits up in his Black attire, he leaps outside, landing on the ground. Miles

approaches him:

Miles: Mr. Parker… Can we talk?

Time Cut: Peter and Miles sit in a 24/7 Diner. Peter comments he’s happy Miles

reached out to him, Miles tells him he needs to be informed of his situation. Peter

begins by telling Miles of his origins, the spider-bite, Uncle Ben, Harry and Norman

and How all of it impacted his life and made him feel. Peter explains that he’s been
afraid of living life without being Spider-Man. Peter makes a point to tell Miles he

doesn’t have to be a Superhero. he has a choice and he can be an ordinary kid if he

wants, but he has to make that choice now because the rest of his life will depend on

it. Miles asks him for advice, Peter explains -

Peter: I can only tell you what my Uncle told me “With Great Power comes Great


Montage: Peter helps Miles with the Powers. Miles displays his Webbing and his

Wall Crawling -- Intercut with: Peter helping Miles Design a Spider-Man outfit they

go through so many versions -- They test Miles’ Strength, Agility, Spider-Sense.

For Spider-Sense they are in an Abandon Building, Peter is Masked in Black and

Miles is Blind folded. They play a hide & seek like game. Miles has to navigate

through the building avoiding Peter, who is looking for Miles, and performing sneak

attacks/Inter Cut with Peter shooting Web Balls at Miles, attempting to dodge/Intercut

with Miles bench pressing a broken down car/The Game of Hide and Seek: Peter

leaps at Miles, who dodges. Peter finds Miles, Who Leaps out of the way, while

becoming invisible, Causing Peter to crash into the floor/Agility: Miles dodges the

web balls with skill and playfully fires a couple back at Peter/Strenght: Miles begins

throwing the car, higher and higher as he pushes up, catching it very carefully…

Peter begins to teach him about combat. Peter asks him about the “Zap” he did to

Kong. Miles tells him he doesn’t know how he did it. Peter tells Miles to zap him with

it. Miles questions it, Peter Assures him it’s alright. Miles taps Peter, nothing. Miles
does it again and Peter tells him to actually try. Miles tells him he really doesn’t want

to -- Peter Slaps him without warning -- Reflexively Miles slaps Peter -- A surge hit’s

him… The Venom Strike -- Peter drops instantly. Miles scrambles to pick him up --

Time Cut: Peter sits on the edge of a building with Miles.

Peter: You’re gonna have an amazing Summer.

Cut to: Ganke, filling out a College admissions slip online. He calls out to his dad,

nothing. He goes searching around their house looking for something. He comes

across his dad’s safe open. He looks through, grabbing his Birth Certificate, he looks

at the name under father and sees “Brian Bendis” Ganke falls back against the wall,

breathless, crying. Li enters:

Li: Ganke, what are you doing?

Ganke: You’re not my dad?

Li: What do you mean? Of course I’m your dad…

Ganke: What about my Father?

Ganke presents the certificate. Li rushes to him.

Li: What were you doing? Why did you get this?
Ganke: Why didn’t you tell me?

Li: Because I didn’t know how. Your was a freedom rebel and died in the Kuran

Korean army and your mother died in Birth. I saw you in the hospital and I couldn’t

leave you there by yourself. I brought you home and Gwen and I became your


Ganke: You should have told me earlier!

Ganke storms out crying, Martin wants to chase him but stops himself. He knows

Ganke needs time. Gwen enters:

Gwen: Martin, what’s wrong?

Li: Ganke. He found his birth certificate.

Martin sits down and Gwen steps over to comfort him.

Gwen: He’ll be alright. You’re a great father, he just needs some time.

Li: I know. He’s a great kid.

Gwen kisses Li on the cheek.

Cut To: Miles and Ganke hang out at F.E.A.S.T. Ganke tells Miles about finding out

his dad isn’t his biological father. Miles explains his dad probably had a reason and

that he still loves him. One of the female Volunteers approaches the two: Barbara

Rodriguez, 17 and very punk rock. She speaks to Miles, telling him she thought it was

cool of him to try to talk Kong out of fighting, calling him mature. Miles smiles and

she chuckles… Miles admits to having had a crush on her since their freshmen year.

She asks for his Cellphone and he hands it over, she bluetooth’s her phone number in

and hands it back. She walks away telling him to text her sometime.

Cut to: Chinatown. Martin Li exits a limousine entering a Chinese Tea Cafe -- No one

addresses him, they turn away, as he moves through the cafe he slowly transforms

into Mister Negative. He enters a secret area: In the area, several Negative Henchmen

surrounding an individual in a chair tied up and bleeding. Li approaches the

individual. Li speaks to him in Mandarin, Li asks the individual why he was spying in

his warehouse. A demon hands Li his badge. Li questions if he’s undercover. The

individual denies it, Li warns him not to lie. The Individual confesses he works for

Eddie Lu. Li grabs his head and burns the individual with his “Negative” Energy. Li

tells his henchmen to get rid of ‘it.’ Li leaves, changing back into Martin, leaving the

establishment in his limousine.

Cut to: Miles and Peter standing on top of a building in Queens. Peter speaks to Miles

about the importance and usefulness of web-swinging. Peter explains to Miles web-

swinging is probably the best and fastest way to travel. Peter tells him to have

confidence in his instincts. Miles shoots a web, stands on the ledge, Peter pats his

back. Miles breathes in…

Miles: Tally ho.

Miles leaps off, swinging across the street, As he’s about to slam into a brick wall he

let’s go slamming into the ground and rolling. Peter calls out to him, telling him he

didn’t do that bad.

Time Cut: Peter and Miles sit in Peter’s living room, MJ hands Miles some Ice, he

puts it on his head. Peter tells him the pain doesn’t last. MJ prods him to give Miles

the “gift” he made. Peter gets up and goes to grabs something, explains to Miles he

knew Miles couldn’t sew, and Peter still had a little skill in it, and had a friend who

offered some material for it. He hands Miles a box, Miles opens it and smiles, Peter

explains “I tried to get it as close to your design as possible. I added micro-earbuds

into the mask cause I know you like to listen to music but also so I can help guide

you.” Miles smiles, thanks Peter.

Cut to: NYPD 88TH Precinct. Jefferson sits at his desk when a family comes in,

they’re greeted by Captain Quaid. Jefferson stands and approaches the office,

listening outside as Captain Quaid tells the family that Detective Mulligan was found

in the Hudson River. The Mother cries and Jefferson walks to his desk somber.

Cut to: Chinatown Penthouse - Inside Gangster Eddie Lu is conducting business

screaming into his cellphone, his henchmen watch carefully - The doors erupt open,

smoke enters and fills the room, the Henchmen stand and begin firing into the smoke.

Each one steps into the smoke, and as they step in swats of energy takes them out
until all the henchmen are dead. In steps Martin Li as Mister Negative, his henchmen

behind him. Li steps over to Eddie Lu, telling him they need to talk...

Time Cut: Li pushes Lu out onto the patio of his penthouse. Li grabs Lu and dangles

him over the edge. Li tells him that he was too dumb to run the triad in New York,

especially since he let an undercover cop into his organization. Lu doesn’t know what

he’s talking about, Li squeezes Lu’s throat. Li calls him a moron, demands to know if

he spoke about their meeting with Drago to anyone else. Lu nods he had. Li calls him

useless and throws him back into the apartment. Two of Li’s henchmen grab Lu and

hold him down. Li enters says they’re gonna have to modify their plans.

Cut to: Davis’ home. Miles, Rio, Jefferson all sit and eat diner. A Family moment,

interrupted by Jefferson just standing up and walking into the other room. Rio follows

him and Miles over hears: Jefferson is upset over Detective Mulligan’s death, the two

were close friends, Jefferson feels like there’s no hope in the city anymore. Rio

comforts Jefferson, telling him there will be something to give the city hope. Miles

whispers to himself that he’ll do his best.

Cut to - Montage: Robberies, Muggings, Car Jackings -- Vicious Criminals, and in the

Shadows Spider-Man strikes. Stopping them with only hints at what he looks like,

Spider-Man isn’t revealed. This goes over the span of days as various citizens in New

York speak about their excitement or dissatisfaction of the ‘return of Spider-Man.’

Cut to: Peter entering the Daily Bugle, approaching Jonah, with a smile. Jonah looks

up at Peter and questions what he’s smiling about Peter explains “Time to ignite the
old flame.” handing Jameson a photo {unseen to the audience.} Jameson looks up at

Peter asks him if it’s real. Peter nods very approving. The Spark returns to Jameson’s

face! Jameson breaks into a full blown rant noting Spider-Man as “A Masked

Menace, A Criminal, A Plague to decency and the entire city and He’s BACK!”

Push in on: The PHOTO full reveal of Miles’ Spider-Man outfit, stunning and

Glorious! A Black bodysuit with Raised Red Webbing and a Red Spider on the chest

and Back. Bursting through this Image is Miles leaping through the air.

Cut to: Miles among the rooftops, Peter talks to him through the headset, urging him

to try web-swinging. Miles says he moves fast enough. Peter tells him to hurry, an

armored car is getting robbed -- Miles leaps through the air, fires a web and pulls

himself down the street, landing on a cop car following the Armored Car. The doors

of the Armored car are wide open, looking like they were kicked in. Standing inside is

Frank Oliver… The Kangaroo. Miles leaps in and they fight. Kangaroo kicks him out

of the armored car, Miles lands on the squad car, the Officers don’t know what to do.

Miles tells them to speed up and leaps back into the Armored car. Miles leaps and

kicks Kangaroo who retaliates with a Jump kick, Miles lands on his back and jumps to

his feet. Miles Venom Punches Kangaroo - sending Kangaroo through the armored


Miles leaps up and out - Webs Kangaroo up and lands picking up the Armored Car,

He looks inside, seeing a masked robber behind the wheel. The robber looks at Miles

in his Spider-Man outfits, lets go of the steering wheel, holding his hands up.

Cut to: Officers haul in the Kangaroo and his accomplice. Jefferson questions what
the hell is going on and one of the booking officers tells him ‘Spider-Man.’ Captain

Quaid calls Jefferson into his office. Jefferson shuts the door. They talk. Quaid

explains they’ve got an opportunity to stop Blackie Drago and a rumored head of the

New York Triad, due to Mulligan’s death Quaid needs someone he can trust and asks

Jefferson to step in. Jefferson agrees and Quaid tells Jefferson to go through

Mulligan’s case work on the matter. Jefferson tells Quaid they need to put a warrant

out, Quaid asks for who and Jefferson tells him ‘Spider-Man.’

Cut to: Miles wakes up. His phone buzzes and he checks, News Notifcations, He

opens one marked from the Daily Bugle reading “NYPD issues an arrest warrant for

Spider-Man.” reflexively Miles cries out “DAD!”

Time Cut: Miles is arguing with Jefferson over it, Jefferson maintains the stance that

Spider-Man acts like a vigilante, no due process or procedure. Miles complains that

Spider-Man just tries to help. Jefferson is rushing himself, tells Miles they’ll talk

about it later. Miles asks where he’s going, he tells him he has to work late.

Jefferson’s phone rings, he answers. Miles listens in hearing the other end say they

need to surveil the docks to get ready for Blackie Drago.

Cut to: Miles banging on Peter’s door. Peter lets him in, asking what he’s doing.

Miles tells Peter, half panicked, that he needs his help that his dad is gonna bring in a

‘mega’ crime boss and he wants to be there to help in case anything happens. Peter

tells him to calms down. Peter tells him the police can handle it, Miles won’t hear it.

Tells him that he needs to prove to his dad that Spider-Man can help. Peter tells he

needs to trust them. Miles begs him, Peter acquiesces to him.

Cut to: Ganke working at F.E.A.S.T. avoiding his father. Li attempts to talk to Ganke,

while dressed in a tux. Ganke is dismissive. Gwen tells Ganke to speak to his father.

Li doesn’t force him. Ganke leaves. Gwen tells Martin he’ll do great. She tells him

she’s proud of him and he tells her it’s not his achievement, it’s F.E.A.S.T.’s and he

just wants to do good.

Cut to: Jefferson is getting his crew ready. They run through a tactical plan with

Captain Quaid, they are being assisted by F.B.I. Agent Stan Carter and a crew. They

detail Blackie Drago, a quick overview of his Rep. Then they move onto Current

Triad Boss Eddie Lu, then discuss how he was found in a dumpster six blocks away

from his apartment. They detail a recent gang that has taken over the triad known as

the ‘Demons’ and their Mysterious Head. They hope to get The Demons, Triad, and

Drago all in one shot.

Cut to: The Humanitarian Gala - Martin Li and Gwen are getting seated, they bump

into Mary Jane and Peter. Gwen introduces Martin to Peter and MJ, they shake hands

Peter and MJ are polite as Martin and Gwen sit down.

Cut to: The Police get into position at the docks. Miles trails behind in uniform,

looking down at his phone and a ‘Find my phone’ app. Miles Mutters “Thanks dad.”

He calls Peter.

Cut to: Humanitarian Gala. Peter checks his phone, sees the call from Miles. He

excuses himself, as MJ sits, and the first speaker is on stage. Miles tells him he’s
ready, Peter advises Miles to sit down and wait and hope nothing happens. Peter says

he’ll call back as soon as they leave the Gala. Peter watches as Martin Li gets on stage

he begins a speech about the responsibility behind helping society, the duty of

vigilance, intercut with the Demons assembling and getting ready. Martin exits the

stage to a round of applause. Martin steps into Gwen’s arms. Gwen gets called by

Ganke, he’s having issues he tells Gwen he doesn’t want his dad to come. Martin is

hurt but understands, He tells her he has to attend some business. They kiss, Gwen

exits as does Li. Peter approaches MJ and asks to leave, they do.

Cut to: Li getting into a Limousine, Transforming into Mister Negative.

Cut to: Miles sits on the rooftop. Waiting. He gets a call from Peter and answers.

Peter asks him how it’s going. Miles tells him he’s been waiting. The Boats arrived

but nothing has happened, the Police haven’t moved in and no one has left the boat.

Mister Negative’s Limousine arrives. Peter warns Miles to remain calm.

Li exits, already powered up, waiting for Blackie to present himself. A thug exits the

Boat approaching Li. Li asks him where his Boss is and the Henchmen tells him he

wasn’t available. Li finds this Insulting, pulls a gun on him. Laughing echoes and

Blackie Steps off the boat in a very fashionable exo-suit. He tells Li he wanted to see

what he was like and steps up to Li. Li tells him the Triad belong to the Demons.

Blackie says he doesn’t give a damn as long as the money is still good. Li’s henchmen

produce a suitcase full of money, Li promises more if the boat carries more of ‘His

people.’ Blackie jokes calling him the ‘Freedom Fighter.’

Jefferson has everything recorded, he tells his team it’s almost time to move in.

Li arrives onto the Boat and Blackie opens a hatch revealing Chinese Immigrants. Li

questions the conditions and Blackie says it’s the standard. Police begin to move in.

Blackie and Li start screaming at each other, Li slams down sending a shockwave of

energy, Blackie runs for cover. Miles leaps in and fights Li. Jefferson tries to move in

for the arrest. Li comments “Didn’t think you really were back.” Miles retorts “Back

again, tell all your friends.” Li tells Spider-Man he could use his help. Miles tells him

“No Dice.”

Blackie pops out with Wings attached to his Exo-Suit. He exclaims ‘Screw this.’ He

attempts to fly away, Miles shoots a web at the wings trying to Catch him, It hits one

of them and he pulls him down, crashing into Li. Li erupts with a blast shocking

Jefferson and igniting the Boat. Li blast open a doorway for the immigrants, Blackie

takes off to the skies. Miles looks to see his father injured with burns. He freaks out

and grabs his dad. Asks Peter what to do, Peter tells him he needs to get him to a


Miles Leaps into the air, Peter tells him he needs to swing, Miles hesitates, Peter

argues it’s now or never. Miles shoots a web, breathes in and… Swings. Miles tells

Peter he has to take him to the Hospital his mom works at, swinging through the city

in a panic.

Cut to: Miles carrying Jefferson into the E.R. screaming for help. Nurses Grab

Jefferson setting him on a gurney, Miles looks through the Hospital, sees his Mom.
Miles points up, then disappears, fleeing the scene.

Time Cut: Rio opens a maintenance door to the Roof of the Hospital, there Miles sits

in the outfit, holding his mask in hand, back to his mom. She asks him what happened

to Jefferson Tears in his eyes he walks up to his mom and mutters “I messed up mom.

I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” Rio holds him.

Cut to: Rio and Miles sit watching Jefferson in the bed, oxygen mask on, comatose.

Doctors enter and tell Rio that Jefferson’s condition is critical, but he’s fighting as

hard as he can. The Doctor leaves.

Cut to: Peter at the docks, press pass on. He looks onto the area, finds a Demon’s

mask that fell off in the conflict. He pulls his phone out calls Kingsley, asks him if he

can come over.

Cut to: Miles sits in the cafeteria, eating by himself. He gets tapped on the shoulder,

Barbara. She gives her condolences, tells Miles she spoke to his Mom, she saw

Spider-Man bring his dad in. Miles jokes that Barbara probably had a crush on him.

She tells him that she actually had a crush on Miles. Miles smiles. She tells him she

has to go, but urges him to text her. Miles says he will.

Cut to: Miles returns to Jefferon’s hospital room. He sees his mom talking to Li. He

looks over inside the room, Li confirms Ganke isn’t with him, commenting they’ve

been going through a disagreement of sorts. Miles confirms he’s heard and he

understands. Martin expresses his condolences, patting Miles on the back, Miles feels
a bit of shock. Martin laughs it off as “static.” Miles is wide eyed and watches Li exit.

Miles waits a beat before following Li out. He sees Li enter his car outside the

Hospital, winking at Miles.

Cut to: Roderick’s Penthouse. Peter has brought the mask to Roderick, discussing the

possible origins of where it came from. Roderick inspects it and does a search on the

style of Mask tracing it back to late 18th century. He notes the colors Black and White.

Says it reminds him of one of the Oscorp Projects a few years back, he’ll need to take

time to find the proper file but if Peter comes with him they might have a lead on the


Cut to: Oscorp. Roderick and Peter enter the compound searching through files.

Roderick finds access to the ‘Test Lab’ Says the Files might be locked in there.

Roderick and Peter wait as the door opens, Peter’s Spider-Sense goes off as the Door

opens revealing… Mister Negative. He back hands Peter before he can do anything.

Li approaches Roderick:

Li: We’ve got somethings to discuss…

Cut to: The Hospital. Rio sits with Jefferson, reading to him. Captain Quaid enters,

hat in hand. He apologizes to Rio for the incident. Says that after hours of

interviewing officers and suspects at the scene and they’ve narrowed the suspect

down to one person, Spider-Man. Rio argues against this, Quaid gets angry and tells

her the warrant is already out, Any Cop that sees Spider-Man is authorized to shoot

and arrest.
Cut to: Miles and Barbara sit in the cafeteria drinking coffee. Their phones go off,

Miles checks. ‘Daily Bugle: N.Y.P.D. Says Spider-Man terrorized Officers in line of

Duty, Officer Jefferson Davis in I.C.U.’ Miles is upset.

Cut to: Peter wakes up. He looks around the trashed Laboratory. He finds Roderick

knocked out. He rushes over to check on him, wakes him up.

Peter: Roderick! Roderick! What happened?

Roderick: Martin Li, was the one that was tested on. Crooked Scientist doing

unsanctioned experiments. I fired them. Peter. I didn’t know about Martin.

Peter: What did he do? What did he want?

Roderick: He wanted something the Hobgoblin made to bypass your Spider-Sense.

When I told him I didn’t have any he knocked me out, must’ve tossed the place.

Peter: Roderick how would he know anything about that. How would he know about

the Hobgoblin?

Roderick: He traced the glider. Some of your old photos, When he was a patient of

Oscorp he saw Norman’s Glider. He must have figured out it was connected

somehow. Peter you have to stop him!

Peter: Roderick I can’t. My leg. But I think I know someone who can.

Roderick: Then who’s Been Spider-Man? Who Peter?

Cut to: Mister Negative, watching Peter from afar. He leaps buildings following Peter

from the rooftops. He tosses a ‘bug’ against the wall -- He listens via earpiece.

Li: You’re stuff had better worked Roddy.

He listens in, Peter calls Miles Leaving a voicemail:

Peter: Miles, lay low. I Mister Negative is Martin Li, you’re gonna need to take this to

the police, he’s far too dangerous to try and handle by ourselves.

Li: Miles?

He changes back to his normal form, checking the Midtown Student Roster, For Each

Class and under Peter’s Class list it includes Ganke and…

Li: Morales.

Cut to: Martin at home. He approaches his Son’s room. Inside Ganke sits. Isolating

himself. Martin tells Ganke he loves him and he’s sorry for everything. Asking for a

chance to get everything out. Ganke tells him he wants to be left alone. Martin shakes

his head, understanding.

Cut to: Miles asleep in his dad’s hospital room. His mom out. His dad rubs his hand

waking him up. Miles hugs his dad, Calls out for his mom. Miles goes out to get a

nurse. He asks where his mom is an calls her. Nothing. He runs into Barbara, asking

her if she’s seen his Mother, she hasn’t. He checks his phone, a Voicemail from Peter.

He listens and the horrific realization hits. He runs to the exit, seeing his Mother enter

the hospital. She questions where Miles is going and he tells her he has to see his

teacher -- He runs off.

As Miles Runs away Two Triad goons step over to his mom. They lead her into a car

with… Mister Negative sitting across from her.

Li: Sorry to do this Ms. Morales, but I seem to have a grievance with your son. May I

see your phone. Please?

Rio refuses. Li sighs.

Li: Hand it over. Please.

She shakes her head. Li rips it out of her hands. Two goons hold her down. Li touches

her cheek.

Li: Sorry dear. But I need you to calm down.

Li looks to his goons, switches dialogue to Mandarin:

Li (Mandarin): The tunnels. Spider-Man won’t be to agile there.

Cut to: Miles calling Ganke, rushing down the street. Ganke answers and Miles urges

him to get far away from his dad. Ganke tells him he already is. His dad is gone and

questions why. Miles tells him his dad is Mister Negative and Ganke calls him crazy.

Miles asks if he knows where his dad went. Ganke tells him he was going to the

hospital to visit his dad. Miles freezes. He leaps into the air and begins swinging

towards the hospital.

Cut to: Miles bursts in his dad’s hospital room. Jefferson lays in his bed eating Jello.

Miles freaks out and leaves, Jefferson yells for Miles. Miles calls his mom… Mister

Negative Answers. He tells Miles where to find him and that if he wants his Mom

alive he better be ready to ‘Pay for his sins.’ Miles exclaims he’ll be there. Negative

hangs up. Miles calls Peter. He tells him he needs to go after Mister Negative, telling

Peter he has his mother. Peter tells him to turn the bluetooth on. Keep him on the


Miles changes into Spider-Man swinging towards Mister Negative.

Cut to: Mister Negative getting in a subway car, connected to four others, in an

abandon tunnel. Rio stands transformed and unmoving. Li turns the lights of the

tunnel on. Light to the Car. He begins moving it.

Li (Sings): Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Does what ever a Spider can. Can he die? Listen
bud, I just spilled radioactive blood.

Cut to: Miles Swinging. Peter tells Miles he’s tracked his Mother’s phone and they’re

moving, fast. Advises Miles he’s going into a restrictive area and he needs to plan his

moves and use the tight space to his advantages.

Miles swings through the city getting closer to the Location. He enters the tunnel, his

swinging alters to small movements. He lands deep in the tunnel. He looks around

seeing a fork on the track. He listens and hears the rumble from the car. He looks

around. He closes his eyes and his Spider-Sense kicks in. He starts running to the left

Fork, running inside the tunnel he feels the rumble He sees the Subway car and chases

after it He shoots two webs connecting it pulls him into the Subway car. Miles busts

through. He searches the car, moves to the next one. Miles burst through the next car.

He sees his Mother in the next car. He runs into straight through, reaching his mom,

he touches her, a shock sends him back into the second car.

Miles runs for his Mom and Li drops down from the Vestibule Kicking Miles in the

chest. Li produces a sword. Miles and Li fight. Li dominates, as a much more skilled


Miles tries to create space, Li closes it fast. Swinging the sword, Miles tries to focus

on dodging the sword. Miles calls out to his Mom. Li laughs him off telling him she

belongs to him now. Miles slips between his feet running for his Mom - Li fires an

energy blast hitting Miles sending him into a fourth car. Li races towards him. Miles

kicks Li, Li elbows Miles. Li grabs Miles throws him through the subway. Miles is
trying and it’s pretty sad. Li keeps closing Space. Miles gets desperate and Hits Li

with the Venom Strike, sending Li back a few cars. Miles runs over to his mom tries

to shake her, crying for her. Li enters back and again laughing at Miles. Li slides

under and catches Miles’ legs. Sweeps him and holds him to the ground. He holds his

sword to Miles’ throat.

Li: Look at your mother. Beg her. Beg her to save you.

Miles, crying, reaches out to his mom. She looks at him, trapped inside. A tear rolls

down her cheek.

Li: Goodbye, Spider-Man.

He raises his sword swinging it down at Miles, Miles, webs the Sword to the side, it

cuts his Mom’s arm, She drops back to normal. Miles kicks Li. He closes in the space,

webbing Li’s arms to different objects, hitting him and doing it again. Miles flips to

the ceiling of the car, punching at him, kicking him. Miles inverts delivering a swing

kick sending Li back a few cars.

Li sends a energy bolt that rocks Miles good. He approaches Miles, climbing on top

of him chocking him while pulsating with energy.

Li: I’m gonna fry every neuron in your brain. You’re going to be a dribbling fool, but

I’ll leave you just aware enough to watch me kill everyone you love right in front of

you. Then, then I’ll kill you.

Rio tackles Martin, holding His Arms. She punches in vain. Li fires an energy blast

that kills the power. The Subway hits a break. Li grabs Rio. Holding his pulsating

hand against her head.

Li: Miles. Miles. Listen to me. Stop.

Miles: Let her go!

Li: No.

Miles: Why are you doing this? To my mom? To Ganke?

Li: There’s people out there that need protection. They have no one to go to Miles and

I provide the protection. They get to bypass these lousy cops and this broken system.

Miles: The system isn’t perfect but it’s the best we got. You want to circumvent that?

You want to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner. It’s wrong.

Li: Maybe you think so. Maybe you just haven’t suffered enough.

Miles: Stop please. Don’t take her. Take me. You want me to suffer? Don’t make it an

innocent person

Li holds his hand out towards Miles.

Li: You’re a brave kid Miles. Mask on? Mask off?

Miles pulls his mask off.

Miles: If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die as me. Not as Spider-Man.

Li: Well then… Goodbye… Miles!

Li goes to fire, Rio elbows Negative, grabbing his Arm, he blast an energy beam,

knocking his head against a rail in the Subway. He grabs his head beginning to

scream, Energy beams begin whipping out wildly from his body. His power is going

off kilter and he can’t stop it. He is in agony. Rio tackles him:

Rio: You’re not going to hurt my baby anymore!

She holds Li down as the energy blast shoot out wildly. She turns to Miles screaming.



Miles runs to her She pushes him back an energy beam pushes Miles back Through

all the cars. He tries to crawl back into the car, he pauses when his mom looks at him.

She screams her last words:


Miles reaches out and Li explodes sending Miles deep into the tunnel. Miles is

crawling away… Police arrive to the scene. Miles swings away… Crying.

Cut to: (Inaudible) Miles approaches his dad, hugging him, they both cry as Jefferson

sits in his hospital bed.

Fade to: Miles and Jefferson stand outside in Greenwood Cemetery, dressed in Black.

Rio’s funeral. So many people from the Hospital, Peter, M.J., Gwen, Ganke, Barbara,

and members of the force including Captain Quaid. Miles streams tears. He

approaches Ganke. Ganke refuses to even look at him.

Gwen: Just give him time. We’re sorry for your loss Miles. Are you gonna be okay?

Miles: Yeah. I just need some time too.

Gwen and Ganke step towards a Limo, getting in and driving off. Peter approaches


Miles: I could have saved her. If I tried harder.

Peter: You can’t save everyone Miles. This happens a lot as Spider-Man. Just so

happens this time she saved you.

Miles: You ever deal with this?

Peter: Yeah.

Miles: How did you deal with it?

Peter: I took the lesson I should have learned, the lesson my Uncle wanted me to learn

and I lived by it.

Peter pats Miles on the back. He and Mary Jane leave Miles to mourn. Finally

Barbara approaches him. Holding his hand. She tells him she’s so sorry. Barbara

kisses him and he kisses her. She hugs him and holds him tight for a beat. Finally she

lets go and looks in his eyes.

Miles: I need some time to myself.

Barbara: I’ll call you later. Okay?

Miles: Please.

Barbara hugs Miles and departs. Miles looks at his Mother’s headstone. He sees the

Epitaph: I am a member of a Society, with special obligations to all my fellow

human beings.
Miles hugs his Dad, walking away…

Mile (v.o.): Whatever my future hold’s I’ll remember my mother’s oath. My gift, My

curse, My special obligation. I’ll never let anything like this happen to anyone again.

Who am I? My name is Miles Morales and I am… Spider-Man.

Cut to: Triumphantly yet emotionally wrecked… Spider-Man Swings through New


The End.