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9500 Series Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve Sizing Program

To use the Mercer Valve sizing program, the information on "DATA ENTRY" sheet must be comp
changing the "DATA ENTRY" sheet, notice the red arrows thoughout the sheet. Point on these
more infomation about the program. This information may help entering correct data into the
Enter data into the shaded boxes and use the pull down menu boxes to choice different option
information is entered and correct, the program will solve for required area and choose a valve
given conditions. The pull down menus at the bottom of the screen will allow you to select the
accessories. After your selection process is complete the data entry sheet can be printed. In
using the "Printout" a data sheet for the Pilot Operated Valve can be viewed and printed. . This
is important for the proper selection, quoting, and ordering of the valve. Thank you for using M
Company, Inc.

Pilot Sizing version 5.1-CUST

December 10, 2008
City Home Office
T., OKLA. CITY, OK 73127
6533 (F): (405) 495-8728
e 1-800-833-6402

ort Branch Office

R., HOUSTON, TX 77087
9002 (F): (940) 683-9004
e 1-866-683-9002

o Branch Office
Relations Department
e 1-866-855-5460

ve Sizing Program

RY" sheet must be completed. While

he sheet. Point on these arrows for
ring correct data into the program.
o choice different options. When all
area and choose a valve size to meet
ll allow you to select the appropriate
y sheet can be printed. In addition
ewed and printed. . This information
e. Thank you for using Mercer Valve
v5.1-CUST as of 10-DEC-2008 04/19/2020

4/19/2020 16:56


1) Select information from boxes below.

Sizing Method: ASME, Section VIII Required flow units: SCFM

Temperature units: Fahrenheit Pressure units: psig

Select 9500 Series Type: API Sizes "D" to "T" Mercer 9500 Series Snap Pilot is a Gas/Vapor Valve ONLY.

2) Sizing Conditions 3) Media Name: Natural Gas

Atmospheric Pressure: 14.7 psia Molecular Weight 17.4

Allowable Over Pressure: 10%

10.0% C Gas Constant 344
Compressor Service Compressiblity Factor: 1

4) Pressure 5) Temperature

Operating Pressure: 70 psig Operating Temperature: 60.0 Fahrenheit

Valve Set Pressure: 100.00 psig Relieving Temperature: 100.0 Fahrenheit

6) Back Pressure 7) Capacity & Calculations

Superimposed Back Pressure Required Flow 100.0 SCFM

Variable: 0 psig Required Orifice Area: 0.042 in²

Constant: 0 psig
9500 Series Size: "D" Orifice
Built-Up Back Pressure Selected Orifice Area: 0.151 in²
Variable: 0 psig Selected Orifice Flow: 361.165 SCFM

Main Valve Options

Main Body Material: Carbon Steel Inlet Flange Type: RF x RF
Inlet Size: 1x2 Flange Ratings: 150 lb x 150 lb
Pilot Valve Options
Pilot Type: Snap Pilot Body Material: Carbon Steel
Options: (0) No Options Sour Gas Service: No

Field Test Connection: NONE Sensing: Direct

Test Accessories: (0) None Quantity: 1

System Blowdown: (0) None-Standard Sizing Performed By:


v5.1-CUST as of 10-DEC-2008 04/19/2020

Note: This sizing program does not take material compatibility or pressure and temperature limitations into account for
choosing materials. Please verify all material choices with Mercer Valve Company, Inc.
v5.1-CUST as of 10-DEC-2008 04/19/2020
Pilot Operated Valve Data Sheet Oklahoma City Home Office
April 19, 2020 9609 NW 4TH ST., OKLA. CITY, OK 73127
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Houston Branch Office

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Customer Name: houston@mercervalve.net
Location: Bridgeport Branch Office
Phone: 6218 LONG DR., HOUSTON, TX 77087
Fax: (P): (940) 683-9002 (F): (940) 683-9004
Email: Toll Free 1-866-683-9002
Reference #: bridgeport@mercervalve.net
Valve Tag Number
System Information
System Type Non-Compressor Application
Fluid Fluid State Natural Gas Gas
Molecular Weight Specific Gravity 17.400 0.600
Fluid Data
Ratio of Specific Heats Gas Constant 1.268 344
Compressibility Factor 1.000
Required Capacity 100.000 SCFM
Superimposed Const BP Superimposed Variable 0.000 psig 0.00 psig
Built-up Back Pressure Total Back Pressure 0.000 psig 0.00 psig
Operating Temperature Relieving Temperature 60.000 °F 100.000 °F
Sizing Information
Operating Pressure Atmospheric Pressure 70.00 psig 14.70 psia
Set Pressure Flowing Pressure 100.00 psig 124.7 psia
Allowable Over Pressure 10% 10.00 psig
Sizing Method ASME, Section VIII
Required Area 0.042 in²
Selected Orifice Flow Coefficient "D" Orifice 0.870
Sizing Results
Selected Orifice Area 0.151 in2
Maximum Valve Capacity 361.165 SCFM
Main Valve Seat Material Teflon
Main Valve Body Material Carbon Steel
Pilot Valve Upper Seat/Lower Seat Materials Viton/Viton
Materials Pilot Valve Body Material Carbon Steel
Valve Internals Stainless Steel
Spring Material 17-7 Stainless Steel
O-Rings Viton O-Rings and Buna-N Back-Up O-Rings
Backflow Preventer NO
Pressure Snubber NO
Additional Inlet Supply Filter NO
Test Gag NO
Options Pulsation Test Port NO
Field Test Connnection NONE
System Blowdown NONE-STANDARD
Pressure Sensing DIRECT
Sour Gas Service NO
Valve Type Snap Action

Main Valve P/N: 95- 27 D 1 3 0 7 S

Pilot Valve P/N: S- 1 1 0 0 0 07

Valve Information Inlet Size Outlet Size 1 in. 2 in.

Inlet Flange Outlet Flange 150 lb RF 150 lb RF

Main Valve Repair Kit P/N: Pilot Valve Repair Kit P/N: 95- 2 D 7 0 95- S 1 0

Quantity 1

Disclaimer #N/A