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Suggestion to prevent covid-19

 Government has to develop a user-friendly APP or they

could use MYGOV APP or NAMO APP in which, all the
details of cases in India and people who were kept in
quarantine were provided

 people post their query if they have any it would create

awareness among citizens and they would be prevented
by rumors that are circulating

 People would able to share your travel history or any

symptoms on that app if they have any.

 The Government has to put real-time data of cases and

all the details of that person like (how he/she affected,
where he/she kept etc..)

 The government also use this platform to aware their

citizen about steps taken by the govt. of India to tackle
covid-19(SARC -COV-2) diseases.

This app spread awareness very fast among people because

they only believe those facts provided by govt. of India I
believe *NAMO and MYGOV App* has used by a large number
of peoples so information & details would spread easily.