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Name Minimal Pairs

Articulating Sounds: Consonants

The underlined words in each sentence contain
consonant sounds that are commonly confused.

DIRECTIONS: Read each sentence aloud, focusing on articulating

the differences between each pair of underlined words.

1. The man in the red jacket led the boys outside.

2. The truck drove the load down the dirt road.

3. When the river froze, the flows of water stopped.

4. The thin man tries hard not to sin.

5. The boy won three free hot dogs.

6. The moth settled on a patch of moss.

7. We thought the boys fought over the books.

8. The file of papers caught on fire.

9. Wear a seat belt so you will arrive alive.

10. The mole has been digging more holes in the yard.

11. I think there is a mouse under the sink.